Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Donald Trump reneges on his promise to support the eventual GOP nominee. Well of course he did.

Courtesy of Fox News:  

Donald Trump said Tuesday that he would no longer honor his pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee for president, while fellow candidates Ted Cruz and John Kasich refused to say whether they would back the party's pick. 

When asked if he would keep the pledge he signed last September, Trump responded "No, I won’t." The real estate mogul explained that he was taking back the pledge because, "I have been treated very unfairly," and listed the Republican National Committee and party establishment among those he believes have wronged him.

I can't believe anybody ever really thought Trump WOULD back the GOP candidate if he lost the nomination. When has there been ANY evidence that Donald Trump handles losing gracefully?

Of course now one cannot help but reflect back on the claims from Trump's former strategist who stated that Trump really does not want to win this thing, and perhaps this is yet another attempt at self sabotage.

And perhaps the self immolation is finally working as Trump's popularity is taking a significant nosedive as of late.

However having watched these ups and downs for a while now my attitude is that I will believe Trump is over when I see that Trump is over.


  1. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Wait until he is president and thinks the American (or a segment of) people don't treat him well!! He already has plans for those countries that didn't treat him well or where he wants to exert his brand.

    1. Anonymous12:24 PM

      Oh and he just said that any woman having an abortion in America 'will be punished.' I guess the man who impregnated her gets a medal, though. A big brass medal with a Huuugee T on it.

    2. Anonymous12:39 PM

      Not being snarky, but do you have a link to that statement?

      Would it be retroactive, because I imagine there would be a whole hell of a lot of women in the U.S. who would be punished, myself included. Many more than the immigrants he would deport.

    3. Anonymous12:42 PM

      Read the transcript, how he tried to dodge answering the question as usual.
      Donald Trump Crashes And Burns By Demanding Punishment For Women Who Have Abortions

    4. Anonymous12:57 PM

      Ahhh... nevermind. I found his statement all over the internet. SMH.

  2. Anonymous11:44 AM

    The Dirty Don is not going to win anything, so I have a hard time getting excited about his campaign theatrics.

    Sure is nice to see all those Sarah Palin fans at his rallies. They must shut down the local WalMart when Dirty Don comes to town; those people can't be in two places at once, afterall.

    1. Anonymous12:08 PM

      If not for Our Sarah -bless her- many Real Americans wouldn't even know that Walmart had a book department. So there's that.

  3. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Third party run!

    The elite GOP establishment -so hated by the Donald's enraged base- have treated him so unfairly that he'll have had to go it alone. He loves our country so!

    Best of all, he'll get out of ending up in the miserably drab WH.

    1. Anonymous1:08 PM

      I was so looking forward to having my tax dollar used to pay a trump org to build a yuuge gold plated ballroom at the white house.

  4. Anonymous11:57 AM

    He reveals why he asked for Palin's endorsement also too

    1. Anonymous12:58 PM

      Fucking attention-seeking, narcissistic sociopath.

      "You find that when you’re very successful, the people that you will like best are the people that are less successful than you…because when you go to a table you can tell them all these wonderful stories that they’ll sit back and listen. Does that make sense to you? Okay? Always be around unsuccessful people because everybody will respect you. Does you understand that? [long sniff]"

    2. Anonymous1:39 PM

      Maybe because the hugely successful at the WHCD ripped him to shreds and no one but no one makes fun of Donnie?

      Kiss the ring! Just like Palin.

  5. A. J. Billings12:04 PM

    DrumpF is a fat bloated tick, and while he sucks the blood of the Republican host, he's injecting poison into the election process.

    In spite of how despicably nasty and viciously prejudiced DrumpF is, I'd still hope he gets nominated instead of Taliban Ted Cruz.

    Cruz is a true sociopathic lunatic, and I have no doubt he would use the US Military as a weapon for the Christian Dominionists, and start wars with Iran and North Korea.

    1. Anonymous12:31 PM

      Taliban Ted is more obsessed with Israel and the Middle East than Korea or any other non biblical area of the world.

    2. Anonymous12:53 PM

      That makes two of us. Both are dangerous, but Cruz is a bit more.

  6. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Did Donald Trump renege on Sarah Palin?

  7. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Trump believes that abortions should be illegal and those having abortions should be punished.

    1. Anonymous12:48 PM

      I can't wait to see that entire Chris Matthews interview. One thing that killed me about that clip that aired was that Matthews started asking him what would be the punishment and asked if ten years--meaning in prison--would be adequate punishment for a woman, and Trump had the chance to immediately say of course ten years in prison would be insane, but he didn't.

      I've read so many times that the asshole won't wear a condom. I believe it. I've also read that he made his first two wives get abortions. I'd love to know if that's true.

    2. Anonymous12:49 PM

      Yup, he thinks he's running for Saudi Arabia prince.

    3. Anonymous12:55 PM

      I just read an article that let out more of the interview. Matthews asked Trump if the man who gets a woman pregnant should also be punished, and Trump said no.

  8. Anonymous12:37 PM

    "I have been treated very unfairly,"
    Whine away Trumpster!!!

    I have been treated unfairly is pretty vague. Is it because he doesn't understand the delegate process, the debate process.

    I would love it if he claims the media has been unfair with all their free air time.

    This guy has mental issues, it is the Trump way or the highway. He wants the GOP to beg him to stay in the race.

    1. Anonymous1:41 PM

      Unfairly, yeah right. He's been given all the free publicity he wants!

  9. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Again, he threatens what will happen if he isn't elected ie riots. You know, like the mcain/palin riots...
    What a shit he is threatening our lives from the repurcussions if he doesn't get his way. How dare he.

  10. Anonymous12:47 PM

    I can't believe I am saying this, but just this once I agree with Mr. Trump. I won't be supporting the Republican nominee either. I too feel I have been treated unfairly by the press as I have had to listen to way, way too much coverage by that blathering idiot. Go Hillary! Or go Bernie! I love my choices.

  11. Anonymous12:49 PM

    What I heard trump say re: abortions. If abortions are illegal, women who have them should be punished. Oh the will be. Those back alley abortions are real killers.

  12. I'm all for punishing women but not without their consent. And I'm pro-choice, so there is that too. Also, too.

  13. Anonymous2:53 PM

    And Trump believes women should be “held accountable" for having abortions? What the hell? Has he never ever heard of Roe v. Wade? It is the law of the land.

  14. Anonymous3:07 PM

    He has already backtracked on his "punish women for abortion" idea.

    Wanna bet as soon as he was off the air, his campaign staff told him he is an idiot and they re-wrote his answer for him.

    This is another sign the Donald is in waaaayyy over his head.

    1. Anonymous3:46 PM

      Yeah, his first post-aired clip comment didn't even address the issue at stake, and then the second statement absolutely was not written by him--you could just picture his people rolling their eyes at what an idiot he is and writing something and insisting that he okay the statement ASAP to get it out to the public.

  15. Anonymous7:00 PM

    The Republicans may actually be hoping that Trump goes third party. An election with three candidates will likely result in no one getting the required 270 electoral votes. Per the 12th Amendment, the House chooses the President with a one vote per state--simple majority wins. With more red than blue states the Republicans could grab the Presidency even if their candidate finished third in the popular vote. Scary shit!

  16. physicsmom8:34 PM

    Trump's version of being treated unfairly means that they said bad things about him. More than likely, true bad things, but no one is supposed to report on that. So telling the truth about him is treating him unfairly. He is such a whiner and is even more thin-skinned than Palin, which I didn't think was possible.

  17. Anonymous10:30 AM

    The other two republican nominees ALSO stated they have changed their pledge to support the Republican nominee.

  18. What? Again?

    Anyone that believed he would support anyone but himself is an idiot.

    Of course he said it because he believed he would be the nominee. Every time it's looked like he might not be he's made threats. They'll be a riot. I'll run as a third party. I'LL SUUUUUUUUE!

    Pay not attention to the five year old holding his breath in the corner. After all, *they* started it.


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