Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Former strategist says that Donald Trump does not really want to be President.

Courtesy of Americans Against the Tea Party:

A former Trump strategist penned a scathing open letter blasting the GOP front-runner, while addressing the hotel magnate’s supporters, too. 

“I don’t think even Trump thought he would get this far,” Stephanie Cegielski wrote in a post which was published on XOJane. “And I don’t even know that he wanted to, which is perhaps the scariest prospect of all.” 

‘Trump never intended to be the candidate, but his pride is too out of control to stop him now,” she writes. 

“In fact, many people are not aware of the Trump campaign’s internal slogan, but I will tell you. It is stolen from a make-believe television presidency on The West Wing where Martin Sheen portrayed President Bartlet,” the post continues. “The slogan on the show amongst the idealistic group of Bartlet’s staff was “Let Bartlet Be Bartlet.” 

“Inside the Trump camp, the slogan became “Let Trump Be Trump,” she adds. 

“He doesn’t want the White House. He just wants to be able to say that he could have run the White House. He’s achieved that already and then some. If there is any question, take it from someone who was recruited to help the candidate succeed, and initially very much wanted him to do so,” Cegielski wrote of Trump.

I am not sure which is the more terrifying, that Trump never wanted to win and yet got this far, or that now he has changed his mind and really wants the job.

You know this was my theory in the very beginning of Trump's campaign, but after he kept winning and started to destroy his opponents one by one, I became less sure.

This cannot help but remind me of Sarah Palin who also seemed to run for office because she enjoyed the attention as well as the winning, but then did not really want to do the job once she had it.

So now the question is will Trump's ego force him to stick this thing out to the end, or will he sabotage himself so that he cannot possibly win and then blame it on the media or some shenanigans by the RNC or one of the other candidates?


  1. The assumption was likely true, that Trump did all this to enhance his brand, elevate his celebrity even more, and just because his ego got off on the notion it would be fun. His brand, instead, became irreparably tarnished as he's revealed himself to be a childish brat with no interest or grasp in the real world and its complex problems. The danger, of course, is that his loony fans toting guns and hatred might set loose what can't be contained.

    1. I still say he started all this as a revenge campaign. And probably thinks he has accomplished that bit.

      Maybe his revenge is taking down the whole GOP and will leave them high and dry come the RNC convention.

      He now owns his supporters' hatred of The Other -- and he MAY realize they will turn on him if he backs out, however he connives doing it.
      Oh, Donnie Trumpsie (he hates, above all, to look small) what hath thou wrought?

    2. Anonymous1:26 PM

      If he takes down the GOP, it would all be worth it.

    3. Anonymous4:27 AM

      Will his ego Trump his brand or will his brand Trump his ego? Stay tuned tomorrow for As The Stomach Turns.

    4. Anonymous4:45 AM

      His only out now is to go independant. I hope Bernie goes independent also. That would leave Hillary as the only viable candidate and we would finally the beginnings of a multi-party system.

  2. Anonymous11:55 AM

    I'm glad this article came out. Trump was never in it for the long haul, but then of course he got off on his ego.

    OT. Weird, that Sarah's PAC is looking to raise money and there's mention of Cruz and not Trump. It's pry an oversight because of ineptness, but maybe she feels miffed:


    1. It could explain the outrageous things he says that are only getting worse.

      He's trying to shoot himself in the foot but every time he says something simply awful, instead of losing it gains him more supporters.

      He is a victim of his own hate and fascism. I think at this point he could grow a little mustache and click his heels with raising his straightened right arm and his followers would just love him all the more.

  3. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Donald Trump is a mental case. He may not want to be president and he may want to be president. Both.

    Don't tell Sarah Palin he doesn't want to be president! Or does she know? Someone is pushing that tv judge dill as if Sarah is going to have a reality show.

    Despite Endorsing Trump, Sarah Palin's PAC Fundraises Off Ted Cruz


    Of Course a Reality TV Star Couldn't Be President of These United States
    A flashback to a simpler time.​

    "With all due candour, appearing on your own reality show on the Discovery Channel, I am not certain how that fits in the American calculus of 'that helps me see you in the Oval Office,'" Mr. Rove told The Daily Telegraph in an interview. He added that the promotional clip for Sarah Palin's Alaska could be especially detrimental to any political campaign. It features the mother of five in the great outdoors saying: "I would rather be doing this than in some stuffy old political office."


  4. Anonymous12:00 PM

    That's an easy answer
    1. He can't stop himself so he'll keep going
    2. When he loses, he'll blame the media, the corrupt politicos, the stupid people, etc. and then tell everyone how much better he would have done if they had elected him.

    3. I don't think he has a plan for "if he wins."

    1. Anonymous12:55 PM

      3. I don't think he has a plan for "if he wins."
      I agree, I guess he plans on his VP doing all the work?

      One would like to think he has been trying to sabotage his own campaign with all the idiotic remarks, but who can tell at this point.

      At the beginning he kept saying how much fun he was having, wonder if the thrill is starting to wear off.

    2. Anonymous4:30 AM

      Oh, please let this be performance art trolling the GOP. Andy Kauffman is that you in the Donald Trump suit?

  5. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Of course he doesn't!

    Stuck in the WH with cabin fever, surrounded by Secret Service agents, without being able to boast about his business acumen or take care of his vast empire, having to hassle with Mitch McConnell, having to deal with reporters and foreign politicians, having endless policy meetings with all the homework involved, foreign trips etc. etc. etc. for four interminable years at a pay cut?

    Of course not! His best way out is to go out in a blaze of glory as the most successful third party candidate ever.

    1. Anonymous1:02 PM

      No, he was going to use his power to leverage business for the Trump org.

  6. Anonymous12:03 PM

    I do not support trump in any way shape or form.
    However, I do appreciate that he came on the scene and may have in some way, opened the eyes of some folks.Relative to how Ignorant and disgusting the Republican party and the other Republican candidates have become and are! Of course I could go on and on, but I won't.
    All I can say is vote. Whom ever, nonetheless vote!
    Go Hillary!

  7. He tries to sabotage himself every day. Whining, name calling, refusing to show up, courting racists, knowing absolutely nothing about foreign or domestic policy, promising insane things.

    Never underestimate the stupidity of the American public. I think Trump did. He figured he'd get a lot of stupid people fawning all over him---but he never figured he'd get millions.

    If he quits he is a loser of epic proportions. If he wins he is a complete incompetent running the country and will be laughed at and found out. If he fucks up his campaign---well, people do that. But that isn't going to happen 'cause he has touched the crazy dumb vein of many people.

    1. Anonymous12:41 PM

      I agree, it's as if he had no idea how easy it would be to get the backing of so many people, hell, I'm pretty sure he underestimated the number of "these types of people" in this country, just as so many of us have.

    2. Well, Trump's incompetence would make Dubya look like a genius!

    3. Anonymous3:38 PM

      I'm of the Gryoh opinion that someone is going to end up dead before this is all over.

      When you think of how long we have left to travel this sorry road....

    4. Anonymous5:53 PM

      I agree, Angela. That's why he is so unprepared.

      His ego won't let him just quit. His ego won't let him lose on purpose. He is between a rock and a hard place, but I'm sure he is calculating right now how he can pull it off.


  8. Anonymous12:33 PM

    It's funny that Palin is shilling for donations for supporting republicans such as Cruz. See Weekly Standard. They find it humorous too. I would like to see Cruz take the Romney approach to Sarah.

  9. Anonymous12:40 PM

    He certainly fucked up his brand worldwide. Particularly now that it's apparent the Trump brand is a house of cards financially.

  10. Anonymous12:49 PM

    I wonder if we aren't seeing the same phenomenon at play with both Trump and Sanders. I.e., in the beginning it was all about making a statement, etc, but as the campaigns started to gain momentum at some point both of them realized, waitaminnit, I could actually win this thing. In Sanders case I think this is when he went from being a reasonable and nice guy ("nobody cares about your damn emails") to being a less reasonable and nice guy (the emails are a "very serious issue"). In Trump's case, god only knows what he's thinking now.

    1. Anonymous1:04 PM

      Sanders is Trump in Dem clothing.

  11. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Why did Trump create the photos of his wife for his previous candidacy. GQ reran them this year.

  12. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Republican front-runner Donald Trump couldn’t defend his campaign manger Corey Lewandowski after tape revealed that he had indeed assaulted Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields, so he resorted to the typical abuser defense: He’s a victim, too.

    The man with the Little Fingers is scared of Michelle Fields and her pen/stylus:


  13. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Breaking News Oops.

    Remember when Rick Perry endorsed Ted Cruz?

    Yeah, he endorsed Ted but that didn’t include voting for him.

    Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry may have stumped for Ted Cruz for president but there’s no record he voted in this year’s Republican primary in Texas. A spokesman for Perry suggested his ballot may have been lost in the mail.

    Perry is registered to vote in Fayette county, south of Austin. The county clerk insists that Perry requested a mail ballot and came in to pick it up in person. Yeah, in freekin’ person.

    Fayette County Elections Administrator Dina Bell confirmed by email on Tuesday that Perry requested a mail-in ballot for the March 1 Republican primary and one was given to him on Feb. 1. Bell recalled that Perry showed up in person to get it but her office never received the completed ballot.

    You can’t do that. That’s called voter fraud. The ballot must be mailed to you.


  14. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Marco Rubio trying to claw his way back to relevance amid Republican chaos


    Rubio has sent letters to Republican officials in states where he has won delegates, charging he wants to keep his delegates, even though he's no longer an active candidate.

    Representatives from Rubio's network said the former candidate wants to retain his delegates in order to keep his options open in the coming months. Campaigns are preparing for the possibility of a contested national convention in July that could feature an intense fight for every available delegate.


  15. Anonymous1:44 PM

    A window into the abyss of prideful idiocy...

    ...When asked by Sykes to explain his abhorrent remarks directed at women, Trump replied that “I never thought I would run for office,” implying that it’s acceptable to malign women so long as you’re a just a businessman or a television personality or in any profession other than politics. Even worse, Trump’s reply to Sykes’ inquiry about his contradictory stances on issues like single-payer healthcare, abortion rights, and gun control, was that “As a businessman, I never even thought of many of the things you’re talking about.”

    Let’s just set aside the fact that any responsible citizen would have given thought to issues. Considering that Trump was a businessman a mere nine months ago, this comment ought to be troubling to anyone considering supporting him. He is saying that matters of war, terrorism, public safety, economics, abortion, immigration, education, civil rights, etc., had not crossed his mind until less than a year ago. In light of that total lack of preparation for the job he’s seeking, it isn’t surprising that he has proven to be a world-class idiot.


  16. Anonymous1:48 PM

    PPP: Hillary has a resounding lead in the Dem Nomination race, 54-36%


  17. Anonymous2:07 PM

    He's gonna sue. Story of his life.

  18. I think he'll stick it out and pray that he loses. He sees how dangerous Cruz is. I'm actually more afraid of Cruz and his Domionist Christian Taliban. Trump loves, loves, loves the attention.

  19. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Extended Susan Sarandon interview - Hear her words in context


  20. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Trump's popularity nosedives in critical stretch



  21. Anonymous2:52 PM

    WA Post: Hillary's tone-policing 'ridiculous', Sanders "never even mentioned Clinton in an ad"


    1. Anonymous4:42 AM

      It wasn't Hillary who said it. What's wrong with people?

  22. Anonymous3:17 PM

    The tweets from Lewandowki from Mar. 10-11 show he plays the same illogical, crybaby denial/attack games as Trump.

    Corey Lewandowski ‏@CLewandowski_ Mar 10
    Michelle Fields is an attention seeker who once claimed Allen West groped her but later went silent. http://gotnews.com/breaking-exclusive-allen-west-has-sexually-harassed-at-least-two-women/ …

    Corey Lewandowski ‏@CLewandowski_ Mar 10
    @MichelleFields you are totally delusional. I never touched you. As a matter of fact, I have never even met you.
    1,780 retweets 2,117 likes

    Corey Lewandowski ‏@CLewandowski_ Mar 11
    The Scrum: Video Emerges to Suggest WaPo Reporter Ben Terris Misidentifies Lewandowski in Fields Incident Breitbart http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/03/11/trump-presser-ben-terris-misidentified/ …

  23. Anonymous3:47 PM

    In the beginning, I also thought it was just an ego game he was playing. Then he became worried and started to get more outlandish with his statements - IMO, he was trying to sabotage his own campaign. But that did not work - on the contrary, the worse his statements became, the more he succeeded. What he did not realize, though, was that with all those outlandish statements, he has actually now destroyed his businesses worldwide. Nobody wants anything to do with his businesses, and they are starting to be boycotted more and more.
    He is finished, has no future in business anymore.

    1. Anonymous4:28 PM

      You have proof of that?

  24. Anonymous5:22 PM

    I interpreted his statement "I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose voters." as sounding surprised at his own popularity. I didn't really think he meant it as a dog whistle to his supporters, though I'm sure there were some whose ears perked up when hearing it.

    I find it easy to believe that he never thought he'd get this far, but the power has gone to his head. I'm sure he thinks he can delegate out 99% of the duties and rely heavily on others to steer him. Palinitis.


  25. Anita Winecooler5:41 PM

    I honestly didn't think he'd last this long when he first announced, but he wields a lot of power that could hurt the GOP immensely, he could go solo and kill the GOP as we know it. He doesn't have the smarts nor the temperament to be president. How in hell will he reunite the country after the election?

  26. Anonymous3:23 AM

    I guess Trump is going to have to sue her, since he made all of his volunteers sign documents that they were not speak badly of the Donald and his family for the rest of the Donald's life.


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