Saturday, March 26, 2016

Due to his recent arrest for domestic abuse Track Palin's ex-wife severely restricts the time he spends with his daughter.

Courtesy of Radar Online:  

Sarah Palin’s son, Track, is having a bad year! Two months after his domestic violence arrest, has exclusively learned that his ex-wife took him to court to cut down on his custody away of their daughter.

Britta Hanson, who married the former Governor’s son in 2011 and divorced him a year later, filed documents for custody modification in Alaska on February 6, 2016, just days after his January 18 arrest. She requested that her husband have no overnight visits and only see their daughter, Kyla Grace, 4, four days a month, according to court documents obtained exclusively by Radar.

Apparently before Track demonstrated his machismo by treating his girlfriend like a punching bag he had no set schedule supposedly to accommodate his work schedule, though for the life of me I can't think of one mention that he was even employed.

However those days are no more as the schedule Britta demanded in court, and Track signed off on back in February, essentially gives him almost no time with his child.

The first week, he has their daughter on Saturday, from 9am to 6pm, and Sunday, from 9am to 3pm. The second week, Track has Kyla Grace on Friday, from 7:30am to 7pm, and on Saturday, from 9am to 6pm. 

“Weeks three and four Father will have no visitation,” the documents state. “Father will have no overnight visitation.”

Well good for Britta.

I mean it's always unfortunate to keep a child from seeing their father, but in this case Track has proven to be an unpredictable and possibly dangerous person for Kyla to be around.

Okay let's take stock shall we?

Bristol just failed to get the custody agreement she wanted with Levi, and adding insult to injury will also not be paid the support that she demanded from the man who she once labeled a "deadbeat dad."

As if that wasn't bad enough she still has another pending custody case with Dakota that's guaranteed not to go her way either.

Track is facing jail time for punching and kicking his girlfriend, and waving around a firearm, while under the influence of alcohol.

Todd is still recovering from an almost fatal snowmachine accident, that quite likely happened while he was impaired as well.

Sarah Palin's plans to hitch her wagon to Donald Trump's star was severely hampered by the aforementioned incidents, and now it looks as if he is sabotaging his own campaign anyhow.

Really if it wasn't for Palin's upcoming Judge Judy ripoff reality show she would have not one thing going her way.

Which of course means that the show will likely NEVER happen, because let's face it the universe is not yet done punishing Sarah Palin. Nor should it be.


  1. Anonymous6:06 AM

    Track is employed... Picking up his dad's wrecked snow machines and used wash rags. Some overtime may be necessary.

    1. Anonymous7:56 AM

      Track and the punched pharm tech were at the cabin with Sailor, Tripp and Trig? Track once posed with Todd's snowmachine, is that how he is employed?

    2. Anonymous8:10 AM

      7:56.. You do know I was joking?

    3. Anonymous9:35 AM

      For a family who phtographs EVERYTHING, seems strange there is not one photo of this alleged snowmachine. Seeing a crumpled piece of metal would legitimiaze their claims. I think he was beaten to a pulp by someone, either Track or someone else.

    4. Anonymous9:38 AM

      Better late than never!
      You would of thunk she would of done this after the Brawl! But at least she finally did it.
      As for the "judge judy rippoff show" I think that was planted to gin up interest, she has done that before for shit and we all know people is on her and bitchols speed dial.
      I think its fake. How come no one is reporting that the terd is home? Funny isn't it?

    5. Anonymous10:00 AM

      These palins and their "non-existing jobs" They should be made to show proof of a job! Everyone knows the payme's don't work.
      Track is luky Britta didn't mention all the GUNS laying around the palin compound!
      That would be my reason to restrict this mofo!
      The kids always caught in the palin crosshairs unfortunately....And used as bargaining chips, truly disgusting family...

    6. Anonymous10:28 AM

      9:35 AM - I've thought the same from the outset.

    7. Anonymous10:37 AM

      @ 9:35 am
      Also too, no photos of "Iron Dog" Todd either. Hmmm, I would think a photo with him giving a thumbs up would alleviate any fears for his recovery that the Palinbots have.

    8. Anonymous10:54 AM

      9:35, great point. They would have totally used pics of that to show how "tough" the Toad is. It's their MO. So there must be a police report out there. That is in the public domain. Anyone up there able to get a copy of the accident report?

    9. Anonymous11:25 AM

      No photos as he has black eyes and missing teeth from the face punches.

    10. Anonymous11:45 AM


      There is no police report. Todd was critically injured and being that #1 he was the only one involved the #2 ambulance arrived on the scene before the Troopers there were no Troopers dispatched.

    11. Anonymous1:33 PM

      My theory is that Drumpf sent his goons to beat Todd up and toss him in the woods along with his broken snow machine all as a ploy to make $arah stay in Alaska.

      $he apparently got the message.

    12. Anonymous4:26 PM

      1:33 That is a funny scenario (except for serious injuries).

  2. Anonymous6:15 AM

    If this was my kid I would not let him anywhere near Track until he completed a legitimate rehab/anger management program and also his girlfriend. I would also demand regular testing.

    As it is now, he doesn't seem to offer much in the way of being a father.

    1. Anonymous10:38 AM

      He may very well have these 4 days under supervised visitation. But all I can say is that I am very glad Britta did what she could to protect Kayla.

  3. Randall6:17 AM

    From Governor and VP candidate to "Judge Punchline"
    ...lo, how the mighty have fallen.

    1. Anonymous6:56 AM

      "Judge Punchline"

      Great title for a show hosted by an international laughingstock and arctic never-was.

      lo, indeed. very, very lo

    2. Anonymous7:31 AM

      You might want to copyright that name because being the but of her own show's jokes is the ONLY way that show might be viable.
      And we all know there's the stench of desperation hanging all over the Palin clan. Sarah might be forced by her economic situation into accepting just such a format.
      Oh, the inhumanity of it all, LOL.

    3. Anonymous7:45 AM

      Oh, and then maybe they can do a special episode where Judge Judy comes to show Judge Punchline the ropes. It would be the "Punch and Judy Show" LOL

    4. Anonymous9:13 AM

      Can you imagine $arah working five days a week plus all the other time demands of a tv show? Bwahahahahah

      If she gets a taker, people will tune in only to laugh at her and the phony show. Won't happen, I predict, for the simple reason that $he can't sustain it.

    5. Anonymous9:41 AM

      "Judge Punchline and her Hoedown Whack Pack" (tm)

      "Judge Punchline and Her Beatdown Bozos" (tm)

      "Judge Punchlie" (tm)

    6. Anonymous10:39 AM

      Actually, 9:13 a lot of these type of shows are filmed in blocks, so she wouldn't have to work all that much. Game shows often film an entire weeks worth in a day.

  4. Anonymous6:24 AM

    Good luck shopping that judge show, $arah.
    Face it, no one cares anymore except to watch
    you make an absolute fool out of yourself.
    Yet again.

  5. Leland6:31 AM

    The ONLY show I want to see involving SP is when a judge is hearing a trial for all the crap SP's pulled. Until then I don't want to hear a word about her. She is beneath the news and the media spotlights are just egging her on.

  6. Anonymous6:35 AM

    Since Track goes on vacations as often as Bristles, he will spend very little time with his daughter. Good for Britta, now she only has to worry a few days each month. I bet she has plenty of poop on this entire family of grifters. Dakota would do well to limit the time "his" daughter spends with sloppy drunk pissy Brissy.

  7. Anonymous6:40 AM

    I would be willing to bet that Track ends up not even availing himself of 4 days a month. He'll probably just see her once or twice monthly, if that often.

  8. Anonymous6:54 AM

    Karma does not like mean people. Maybe Track's ex is scared that he will start marketing baby pics on line, like Bristol.

    Why would you name your son "Track" considering the relationship with dirty underwear? Didn't see any names in the Bible that you liked?

    1. Anonymous8:44 AM

      Should have named him "skidders".

    2. Anonymous8:52 AM

      Track's ex sounds like a smart cookie - plus, she has the influence of her religious parents. She's handling everything through the Court system which is smart. Dakota is doing the same thing.

      Everyone knows the Palins are nasty folks and will operate outside of the law until they can no longer get away with it. Didn't Sarah or Todd actually say that years ago?

    3. Anonymous8:54 AM

      She's never read the Bible. In fact, she hasn't read anything in her life except for maybe People and Cosmo.

    4. Anonymous10:53 AM

      Smart? She worked for $arah for years.

    5. Anonymous11:27 AM

      If Britta was seriously smart she would write a tell all. She worked for Sarah for 4 long years. She knows it all.

    6. Anonymous11:32 AM

      Britta is not that smart. She has been used and manipulated by Sarah since high school. She is a clinger and needy. She still needs to be bff with the Palin kids.

      She is attractive and could have been smart was she not trapped and still needing to be liked by the loser family.

      A smart woman would have wised up long ago. Smart would know, there will be more people that Track will punch and play guns with. He could kill or harm someones kid, just not hers. Britta doesn't care about others. look what it took before she cared about her own child?

      Britta keeps the lies and secrets and she is complicit with all the family trash, crimes and child abuse. Smart would wake up and know to do right.

      Alleged her father is a pastor. If he is not another charlatan, it might reach Britta to do unto others. Is she able to do right one day before more of these incidents and 'accidents'? Before an innocent is more severely harmed?

      Smart would be to purge of all things Palin and do right by children, women and the public.

      As it is drunk Palins on the road could kill anyone young or old. Track is not going to be under control (it can happen for brief times but he will fall over and over).

      Track can work for Sarah as the gun keeper. Someone has to over look all those weapons and make sure the bad guys don't steal any.

    7. Anonymous12:31 PM

      Understand too that these are small tight communities. Her father's job at the church could be affected. Palin and Trump rule by threats, tacit or otherwise.

    8. Anonymous1:44 PM

      12:31 has it right about small tight knit communities.

      Britta lived with Bristol prior to marrying Track.

      That and other details like the Governor personally wiring Britta's employment by the state (see the emails)- this type of chit seems like it is always all in the family.

      She was to a significant degree placed in an arranged marriage by her propinquity to Track.

      She is in on the dill to some degree.

      She does appear more competent than Bristol in many ways so that's a plus. Hopefully it will help offset the other minuses and zeros her daughter has been blessed with in her life.

    9. Anonymous4:29 PM

      Wasn't Britta with Sarah every working day when Sarah was 'pregnant'? How could Britta have thought the different costumes, pillows, empathy bellies were a baby?

      Yep, she did live with Bristol and one time was when there was Ben Barber (he thought he could have impregnated Bristol) and Levi were around.

      Britta not only knew she and Track were having un-Christian sex, she knew how abstinent Bristol was not.

      Britta knows all about the indiscretions and crimes. She is no better than a Palin. More pleasant to look at and seems more intelligent and capable. But in that tiny little place, she is right in the middle of the worst of the corruption and lies.

      She had to know Track was not a combat vet when that was one of the lies people were to believe.

      Her crimes are many and she should do a lot of time in a hardcore prison. Not that she will, but she is disgusting and a traitor.

  9. Anonymous6:58 AM

    Seriously, back in Hawaii?

    1. Anonymous7:24 AM


      Flashback Friday

    2. That is one bad photo! What 'brand' is she building with it?

    3. Anonymous7:46 AM

      that pic was taken at their AZ home

    4. Anonymous8:52 AM

      Very unattractive, both of them. They might find the faces and poses funny, but they are not the Kardashians and it makes them look desperate and ugly. It is too bad because they are both attractive girls despite Bristols cosmetic procedures.

    5. Anonymous8:59 AM

      Bristol is mending her relationship with Dakota.

      Dakota and Bristol agree on a few things. He is cool with all the guns and the machines the kids ride.

    6. Anonymous10:40 AM

      Snooki knows the Palins?

      That's Snooki and Piper isn't it?

    7. Anonymous10:58 AM

      Huh? THat was long before INFANT. And granddaddy's almost fatal crash.

    8. Anonymous5:12 PM

      While the Palin girls are not unattractive,I think "pretty" needs something more.Willow is the only one who seems to have the little something extra that brings her above ordinary.

  10. Anonymous7:04 AM

    I hope at this very moment sarah palin is waking from her sleep to the smell of a shitty diaper that she needs to change. And I'm not talking about Trigg.

    1. Anonymous8:48 AM

      How nice of you.

    2. Anonymous11:30 AM

      That is nice. The your vile cow of a mother deserves much worse.

  11. Anonymous7:20 AM

    Karma never strikes on our time, but it never misses it's target when it eventually acts.

  12. Anonymous7:25 AM

    Looks like the drama isn't over yet between Bristol and Dakota. She just posted a meme on Instagram that reads: today's inspirational quote... Don't be a dick.
    That has to be a dig at Dakota as he is always posting inspirational quotes on his Instagram.
    I bet he PR guy doesn't let her keep that up for too long.

    1. Anonymous7:44 AM

      Dakota's attorney probably put a stop to Bristol posting off his Instagtam, etc. He just gave her a warning and she is pissed. Do not post anything, pictures, etc. that are not yours.....

    2. Anonymous8:26 AM

      I think 7:44's got it.

    3. Anonymous8:32 AM

      Maybe the instagram is Bristol's EAster message.

    4. Anonymous9:03 AM

      "Don't Be A Dick". Isn't that from TWO CORINTHIANS? Pretty sure it is.

    5. Anonymous9:06 AM

      Did Bristol just receive a cease and desist letter from the lawyer? lol

    6. Anonymous10:42 AM

      Thanks for the info 9:03.

      It will saves me the trouble of asking the pastor tomorrow. I had looked and did not find it.

    7. Anonymous10:46 AM

      "Don't Be A Dick"

    8. Anonymous4:53 PM

      Are Sarah and Bristol getting ready for Sailor's first Easter?

      I can't wait to see what Sailor will be wearing for church with the family. Too bad Todd can't make it.

      I love the little birdie nests. So easy and delicious!!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/gallery_1200/kris-jenner.jpg

  13. Anonymous7:30 AM

    I actually hope that Sara makes and sells the pilot. I also hope it is a huge flop and is cancelled mid-season.
    Because the c4pers steadfastly believe that there is/was no Judge Sara show ever considered by Sara and that the whole press release was a fake story to further damage her credibility. They think the timing was meant to hurt her value when stumping for Trump or being considered for a position in his cabinet.
    Like us, they knew that if Sara is considering the show, she really doesn't want anything but fame and money and they simply can not believe that their chosen one is not who they imagined her to be.
    So, go Sara! Make that pilot. Here's to hoping it gets a brief run and you can chalk up yet another failure!

    1. A. J. Billings8:07 AM

      And every year that $tupid $arah doesn't have a real job, or isn't holding policital office is another indictment of what a useless grifting whore she really is.

      Even the Palinbot delusional faithful like VG won't give her money unless she actually runs for office.

      Of course she's way too brilliant, talented, attractive, accomplished to run for anything but President.

      Also too, she's the chosen one, the North Star, Queen Esther, the hope of all mankind, and the anointed one, according to Mary Glazier and the Alaska prayer group.

      So must be that old $atan ruined $arah's destiny, right?


  14. Anonymous7:36 AM

    With all the money-making schemes that Bristol has entertained since McCain stumbled upon her mother: various reality tv shows, dancing with stars, magazine spreads, book tours, Candies abstinence, real estate speculation, and even a cushy proper job...why does she still manage to need money?

    1. Anonymous8:21 AM

      Bri$$y 'manages to need money'... because $he does not know how to MANAGE money. Spends it all as soon as $he gets it: pontoon boat, Low Bootin Shoes (sic), one house after another, one big-ass truck after another, designer dresses, designer purses, designer everything. For herself as well as for her crotchfruits, as evidenced in her picss of them.

    2. Anonymous8:31 AM

      Those designer purses and shoes are expensive. Kim Kardashian may get to keep the stuff that she models but no one is giving that stuff to Bristol. She has to buy it herself. It is very easy to lose a pair of $300. sunglasses.

    3. Anonymous10:03 AM

      I don't understand why neither guy requests a financial audit. Her expensive purchases could put her children at risk for safe care.

    4. Anonymous10:07 AM

      Bristol gets free nutrition shake mix ;-)

  15. Anonymous7:38 AM

    "However those days are no more as the schedule Britta demanded in court, and Track signed off on back in February, essentially gives me almost no time with his child."
    what? Me?

    1. Anonymous9:18 AM

      Does it make you feel better to point out an obvious mistake?

      Petty people are so tiresome.


    2. Anonymous9:35 AM

      Petty? Aren't we here to read? 7:38 asked about something that was confusing. Why not?

    3. Anonymous9:47 AM

      There are frequent, daily "obvious mistakes", Heidi. Gryphen's to dumb and/or lazy to proofread 1-2 short paragraphs.

    4. Anonymous10:06 AM

      All bloggers make mistakes and I'm pretty sure that Gryphen would welcome a courteous, "hey there is a misspelling" or hey "grammatical error".

      Over at Stonekettle Station the first few comments on any of Jim's posts are from people assisting him in cleaning up any errors he has missed and he's always appreciative, as I'm sure Gryphen would be.

      We're all human and human's make mistakes.

    5. Anonymous10:43 AM

      Geez, half the comments I make have mistakes and I proof myself! I tend to see what I meant, not what I wrote!

    6. Anonymous10:48 AM

      Well send your corrections to Radar online also too. The docket entries are all from March 6 2016, I doubt that there was a signed agreement on Feb 6 and that it wasn't filed for month.

      Bonus: Wonder which of these requirements Bristol has completed? If any. I know what Track's docket says on this, but I haven't spotted it yet on either of Bristol's dockets.

  16. Anonymous7:49 AM

    And I cannot believe over 4 million people follow/like/whatever your FB rants. You still buying' those clicks?

    1. Anonymous8:02 AM

      Of course she is. When she endorsed Trump, they were dropping like crazy. Suddenly they shot back up, almost like thousands of people showed up enmass.

    2. Anonymous8:22 AM

      Those are clicks she literally buys by the thousands...

  17. Anonymous7:53 AM

    Willow and Piper are really not contributing at the level of the rest of the family. They need to up their game.

    1. Anonymous8:25 AM

      Piper's only getting started

  18. I have a minor superstition about even-numbered years being my unlucky ones. If this list was going on in my own family in only the first three months, I think I'd be looking for ways to keep indoors for the coming nine.

  19. Anonymous8:21 AM

    And Sarah's Trumpster is a laughingstock overseas.

    Britons Can't Stop Laughing After Watching Trump Interview With Piers Morgan

    1. Anonymous10:26 AM

      Thanks for posting that url 're Britain's... I read it immediately.

      I wonder if this pilot is her compensation from trump.

  20. Anonymous8:30 AM

    About Sarah Palin's new gig pretending to be Judge Judy-- All that the press release said was that a production company in Montana has a deal with Sarah for a Judge Judy look alike show. The sponsor is the NRA. Now Sarah has to make a pilot and then find a network to air it.

    The last show that she did,, which was heavily sponsored by the NRA, was that mess on the Sportsman Channel. It didn't get very good ratings. In fact, looking at every single reality TV show that the Palins have been in, Life's a Tripp, Sarah Palin's Alaska, even the famous Sarah Palin Channel or her week's appearance on a little know news network, none of them ever made it to the top 100 most watched cable shows for that day of the week. Reruns of Seinfeld and Sponge Bob Square Pants did rate in the top 100 shows, meaning the Sponge Bob was more popular than Sarah.

    What network would want to hire someone with no legal experience to act as a judge? What people with a real law case would want their case settled by Sarah? Fox gave Sarah several "auditions" where she could have ended up on the couch with the other Fox Folks, and she didn't make it there, either, and once upon a time, Sarah did have friends at Fox.

    Sarah will look very selfish going out to make a pilot and shopping it around while Todd is still recovering. Or else, they must really need the money. You'd think that the Pee People would realize that Sarah is never ever going to run for anything and maybe it's time to stop donating to that PAC Slush Fund.

    1. Anonymous8:50 AM

      NRA Uses Fairy Tales to Get Kids Guns

    2. Anonymous10:03 AM

      Funnily enough most of the P's stopped donated to SarahPAC long ago and often state that they donate directly to candidates.

    3. Anonymous10:06 AM

      It will fail but not without large bank loans and bankruptcy. A Trump con.

    4. Anonymous10:49 AM

      Wingnut Welfare. It's a thing.

    5. Anonymous11:06 AM

      Oh that pee puddle has been hysterical lately. They are soooo in for tRump, and a "little g" guest has been driving them nuts with making valid points that they don't like.

      Especially that stlouisix dude that touts his catholicism, yet was on a potty mouth tear earlier this morning. I guess because Jesus doesnlt rise until tomorrow, he has a free day today?

      I'd love to see tRump crash and burn just to watch them all cry over there. They think they're all so smart, yet have some the worst grammar and spelling I've ever seen.

  21. Anonymous8:47 AM

    The Palins are in one fucking mess!!! And, it's been all brought on by sista Sarah, Todd, Bristol and Track! Too bad that few feel sorry for any of them!

    And, now she is burdened w/Todd!!! How karma has surrounded them - in every facet of their lives.

    Sarah needs to look back on the evilness she has done to others throughout her life - the laws she and Todd have broken in Alaska, etc. They are getting caught with fewer and fewer 'opening' doors for her!

  22. Anonymous9:04 AM

    I think the Judge Show Sarah is trying to do was one of Donald Trump's empty promises to her and the dummy brought into it. He probably said, "Sarah, in exchange for you endorsing me, I have some connections that can help you launch your own show. Alls you have to do is do a pilot and sell it to a network." Of course Donald knew that there was no "real" show for her. So he had his people contact Sarah to propose the Judge Show to her, all the time snickering in the background. I bet they were saying, "Yep, dumb dumb is going for it, she thinks we're gonna make it happen for her, hehehe." Of course she will have to pay her own way to travel to the studio and film the pilot, which they will quickly put on a shelf and Sarah will be waiting and waiting for someone to call her to say that the pilot has been sold. Of course that phone call will never come... Yes Sarah, you got played by the player. Choke on it bitch.

    1. Anonymous10:58 AM

      Trump isn't finding tv show opportunities for Sarah. She has Robert Barnett, the best media person there is. Trump was only a hired actor for the Apprentice shows which were produced by Mark Burnett who also produced SPA. So Sarah already has that contact. The most Trump can do is offer her a job hosting Miss USA.

  23. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Bristol's child care.

    Papa's cabin before the alleged 'accident'

    1. Anonymous4:08 PM

      The 1st photo with "Uncle Track" looks so.....child-molester like. The 2nd one with Grandpa and Bristol's kids, T&T, looks like more normal Grandpa pose. Track looks downright scary with the 2 kids, especially with Trig in his underpants. At least Tripp is in longer shorts. Just looks OFF to me.

  24. Anonymous9:23 AM

    "What network would want to hire someone with no legal experience to act as a judge?"

    According to one of the women on The Talk, someone put this question to the production company. Their response was that she'd be a 'judge of common sense.' Much laughter ensued.

  25. Anonymous9:29 AM

    My sense of the new sarah show is that it is still very much just a "development deal" and this is a trial balloon. Is sarah popular enough to carry another show? My guess is that this stinker will never make it out of "development hell" which is right where it belongs. Sarah will probably get a few development bucks and that's about it - this won't replace the rapidly depleting PAC money.

    1. Anonymous9:53 AM


      Good luck.

    2. Anonymous11:00 AM

      They float the crap like Sarah Judy show to sucker the suckers. They do not want anyone reading about a Palin and actual judges. Obey the Palins, spend your time on the reality tv show fantasy. Do not look at anything else. Only discuss the lies they put out to trick you.

    3. Anonymous1:18 PM

      The "Wendy" audience emphatically said they will not watch it. Wendy felt it was an affront to her queen, Judge Judy.

      Yes, i am camping out with a relative in the hospital. Days of our Lives, Steve Harvey, Wendy, Judge Judy, each for an hour and in that order :)

  26. WA Skeptic9:39 AM

    Looks like the Curse of the Tundra Twat is spreading to her offspring.

    I (kind of) feel sorry for the kids. They didn't ask to be put into this mess.

    1. Anonymous10:07 AM

      Although I don't feel sorry for them, WA, it is certainly textbook behavior for growing up under a narcissist. Kids will act out; that is a fact. Delinquency, booze and drugs, promiscuity, you name it. All because Mommie Dearest was all about herself, her personal ambitions, and didn't care enough to even see to it that they got a decent education.

      It was all avoidable; the "common sense judge" is now reaping what she's sown.

  27. Anonymous9:51 AM

    All this is a reflection on Palin's abysmal mothering. Children do not fall far from the tree.

  28. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Suspect palin tv show is con from The Producers.

    1. Anonymous11:38 AM

      Springtime for Ms. Hitler?

  29. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Besides getting drunk, beating up women while walking around with a weapon, is it true Track has a problem driving which could have also played in Britta's mind to restrict visitations? Was he drunk when he crashed?

    "And apparently track drove my uncles truck into the gate this week and scratched up the front real bad so everyone is pissed about everything."

    1. Anonymous11:38 AM

      Track drove his uncle's truck into a gate? When was that? I guess Chuck Jr was dumb enough to let him use his vehicle?

    2. Anonymous12:39 PM

      Track drives and does whatever he pleases. The whole family are enablers and dumb as rocks. They would not even get it about how sick he is if he shot up all of Wasilla or crashed all their toys and vehicles.

      Track can drive and shoot everyone on private property.

    3. Anonymous5:12 PM

      That driving the truck into the gate was a week after his arrest.
      He was drunk again.

  30. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Did Track agree to give up Kayla Grace because Britta threatened to reveal something about Track? Maybe he was a chauffeur in Iraq in the green zone? Did he beat up or threatened Britta? Was he ever in rehab for drugs? What does Britta have on Track?

    1. Anonymous11:33 AM

      Nothing more than what he provided for the public record. She was very smart to do this; who would want their child alone with a person like that? The entire Palin home environment has been publically exposed enough that anyone can see it's not a safe environment for small children'

    2. Anonymous8:40 PM

      Kyla Grace was born August 10, 2011.

      The Anchorage brawl was Sept 6, 2014. Kyla was 3.

      What kind of mother is Brita Hanson? She waits until Kyla is 4.5, after the January 18, 2016 arrest (angry, assault weapon, assault while drunk and who knows what else).

      She has known Track and the family dynamics for years. I can't believe she had a child and is blind.

      The divorce was hideous. Track got the guns and $20,000. He had no interest in Kyla. The Palins would post things like what a great father Track was, all bull shit.

      Something is seriously wrong with a mother that keeps a child 4.5 years around a dangerous drunk addict.

  31. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Does anyone know if Track Menard is actually receiving help at all? Counseling, drug rehab, AA help? I don't wish any ill will upon those children because I think their mother totally screwed them up. Piper is the one to watch now. She's just about to the point where she'll be the next to act out.

    1. Anonymous4:01 PM

      She's already acting like a snotty little bitch. Just like her big sister.

  32. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Track Palin fit right in.

    Washington (CNN)U.S. Army officers often resort to "evasion and deception," and everyone at the Pentagon knows it, according to a new study conducted by the U.S. Army War College.
    "In other words, in the routine performance of their duties as leaders and commanders, U.S. Army officers lie," reads the study, which was conducted by the War College's Strategic Studies Institute.
    The 33-page report, compiled following interviews with officers across the Army, concluded that the Army's culture is rife with "dishonesty and deception" at all levels of the institution -- from the most junior members to senior Army officials.

  33. Anonymous11:24 AM

    I never give the Plin's any benefit of the coubt, but are we sure that Track wasn't given some sinecure on the Slope to aid his image? And Britta had to amend custody to reflect this? Toad may have pulled strings somewhere to make it look like Trackmarks has a slope job.

    1. Anonymous11:59 AM

      The Palins do forge documents. They can also buy people off to say Track is working. It is all part of the long ongoing fraud of the Palin criminal organization.

    2. Anonymous7:09 PM

      Any job for any member of that family is a sinecure (like Bristol's), that's why they're always in trouble, not one of them has the self-discipline to work at a real job.

      The Palins are without a doubt Alaska's laziest wealthy family, probably because everything just fell into their laps overnight.

  34. Anonymous11:29 AM

    I wonder if Track's visitation includes required supervision or if it's simply limiting the number of hours of unsupervised time with Kyla.

    1. Anonymous11:57 AM

      He may not smell of alcohol if he is using oxy again.

      I don't see why he would be allowed visitation unless it is supervised. Not supervised by another addict. Like Jordan Loewe, Sarah and the others.

    2. Anonymous1:45 PM

      Track ought to be made to walk through a metal detector first, just to make sure that he doesn't have a knife or a gun. He is already a loose cannon.

    3. Anonymous5:16 PM

      Sarah was scheming and setting Dakota up here. She was using both Track and Dakota. We know how that worked out for her.

      Sarah threw Track under the bus and it was all about her daughter after the first brawl. Sarah had plans for Bristol the Pistol.

      .... the fight involving Todd and Track Palin was fueled by alcohol.
      ....Track Palin believes they are in Eagle River at a party
      ....“The night goes on, drinks happen, (the Palins’) kids are drunk and they got intermixed with some of my employees, and I think all hell broke loose,” he said of the incident.
      ....A police officer speaks with Track and Todd Palin, who give a convoluted version of events. Track Palin believes they are in Eagle River at a party
      ....“They took my $300 sunglasses, they took my f**king shoes and I’m f**king just left here?” The officer asks where she’s injured. “My f**king knees, my face, where’s my sh*t? I have a 5-year-old in the car,” she replies.
      ....“The night goes on, drinks happen, (the Palins’) kids are drunk and they got intermixed with some of my employees, and I think all hell broke loose,”
      ....The interview with Track Palin continues briefly. He asks if the officer saw his swollen eye. The officer replies, “Yeah I took pictures of it, remember?”

      Police photos, audio released from scene of party brawl involving Palins

    4. Anonymous7:02 PM

      I think that given he will only be seeing his daughter during the day he can behave himself. I suspect he probably was a responsible father or Britta would have done something about it.

  35. Anonymous11:37 AM

    The next generation of Palins only have a chance if they have limited time with the Palins.

  36. Wow. I actually knew Curt Menard, Sr., quite well and I've seen pictures of Track before that kind of reminded me of him, but this one really looks like him.

  37. Anonymous3:04 PM

    Folks are forgetting that Britta's a nurse who doesn't have regular hours either. It makes sense to have a schedule and it makes sense for Britta to legally formalize the schedule (which she never did before) because these Palins are becoming more feral with every passing day.

  38. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Sarah lunatics would always do that thing where they would pretend Track did not go along with Sarah. Yet if you look at what he did, he was going along with Sarah.

    Just too loaded to make public appearances. He did plenty of photo ops and he was also another Palin to try and become a reality TV star.

  39. Anonymous4:52 PM

    My thoughts about a potential Judge of common sense LOL show is that Sarah will need to speak without a script. Her norm is to go off the rails, sing song, rhyme words, speak in nonsensical loops, to projectile spew of word salads. I sincerely doubt many people would tune in on a regular basis to watch that. We saw her videos posted on her channel of her speaking without a script. To be kind as I can she won't be able to pull it off when she can't give a brief speech as she demonstrated in Iowa. I also once believed she had potential and certainly opportunities. Her need to be "rogue" or whatever she labels her tossing together rhyming and largely nonsensical babble was her downfall. Also her "rogue" outfits LOL

  40. Anonymous4:53 PM

    My thoughts about a potential Judge of common sense LOL show is that Sarah will need to speak without a script. Her norm is to go off the rails, sing song, rhyme words, speak in nonsensical loops, to projectile spew of word salads. I sincerely doubt many people would tune in on a regular basis to watch that. We saw her videos posted on her channel of her speaking without a script. To be kind as I can she won't be able to pull it off when she can't give a brief speech as she demonstrated in Iowa. I also once believed she had potential and certainly opportunities. Her need to be "rogue" or whatever she labels her tossing together rhyming and largely nonsensical babble was her downfall. Also her "rogue" outfits LOL

  41. Anita Winecooler5:34 PM

    I haven't read the comments, so forgive me if this is a repeat.

    I'm thrilled Britta put her child's safety before Manard jr's gun collection, anger issues, assaulting a female while under the influence of, allegedly, alcohol. There's something seriously wrong and in need of some heavy duty REAL intervention for Sarah's first born. Perhaps a full time job may help him realize what a buffoon he is, especially now that step dad's in serious condition, and he's the oldest male in the family.
    All the Palin kids know nothing and do nothing, when they try, they fuck up and mommy covers it like a cat pulling litter over it's crap. I hope Britta keeps vigilant and holds him responsible for child support and alimony. The boy has too much money and too much time on his hands, money better served by paying to raise his child.
    I mean no disrespect, but he has a blank stare that scares the hell out of me, perhaps he has some undiagnosed mental illness, add addiction and guns, and you've got trouble.

    Why do they give their kids "grace" as a middle name? None of the adults show a lick of it.

  42. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Yikes, that a wedding photo of the happy couple.

    I'll never understand why it took so long for them to get married. I'm thinking Britta got pregnant thinking it would serve some purpose but the purpose it served turned out to be to make Track so angry with her that he refused to marry her for a long time, and then only married her under duress but only temporarily until a respectable time had passed.

    Speaking of which, why have we not seen the senior Heaths showing their family pride in their fecund Palin granddaughter?

    1. Anonymous3:54 AM

      Wasn't there supposed to be a "church wedding" at some time in the future?

  43. Anonymous6:54 PM

    'Grace' is the modern handy one-syllable middle name beginning with a consonant.

    My younger sister's middle name is Jane, her second daughter's middle name is Mae, both of which have no significance and were just trendy middle names at the time.

  44. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Am I correct in thinking that, because this is an election year, SarahPAC must file quarterly financial reports with the FEC? If that's the case, a report is due 31 March. Of course, they have 30 days to file, so, we won't see just how close to bankruptcy SarahPAC is until mid/late-April.

    1. Anonymous9:14 PM

      Actually the PAC wouldn't declare bankruptcy, they can't, it would just pay out the remaining funds and shut down.

  45. Anonymous4:04 AM

    You can't put that much hate into the world and then expect it not to come back and bite you in the fanny. It's time the whole family clean up their act or things will get much worse for them all, karma gonna' getcha'.

  46. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Britta Hanson

    Britta Hanson


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