Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Elizabeth Warren takes Donald Trump's favorite media platform, Twitter, and kneecaps him with it.

Believe me when I say there is more. Much more.

Here was Trump's rather weak response:  

“Who is that, the Indian? You mean the Indian?” Trump asked, referring to Warren, who has said she has Native American ancestry.

That's all he has? 

Look I know a lot of you are against the idea, but I still say that Elizabeth Warren as Hillary's VP would make her path to the White House inevitable.


  1. Anonymous4:30 AM

    What a despicable @sshole he is.

  2. Anonymous4:31 AM

    Elizabeth Warren is needed in the Senate. She would be muzzled as Hillary's VP. I can't see her accepting the #2 slot to a Wall Street enabling warmonger like Clinton anyway.

    1. Anonymous6:48 AM

      Yeah, it would be a great move for Hillary, lover of Wall Street. For Elizabeth? Not so much. I hope Warren stays strong. She's needed in the Senate.

  3. Anonymous4:52 AM

    Did B Clinton really talk about deregulation and not mention how it began before Bush took over?

    Now, the 90s were a good time for me financially but Bush's entire admin were just as good. And many I know. That's not to say each admin term didn't have people who lost a lot.

    But my personal slight downturn happened in 2012. It's rising again but barely.

    From people I talk to (MN, Chitown, Anch, San Fran) while on work trips, I am not alone in this. Things aren't as peachy as liberals would have us believe. People are having to look to their own talents to make supplemental income, something that used to be a fun luxury - not a necessity.

    I miss 99-09 especially. I bought my first non-starter house in 04. Those 10 years were exceptional. Cmon government. Stop pushing HRC on us and let a caring leader level the field a little. We don't want successful people punished by unfair taxes. And no one should be forced into being told how to run a business. But shit needs to be amended regarding tax shelters and the like.

    1. Anonymous5:39 AM

      You thought that 2009, with the economy imploding as a result of GWB's leadership, was a good year? The only thing good about it was that President Obama was inaugurated and the Congress was Democratic, barely so, but Democratic none the less.

    2. Anonymous5:41 AM

      You thought that 2009, with the economy imploding as a result of GWB's leadership, was a good year? You thought the GWB invasion of Iraq for no reason and put on the US credit card was good for the country and for the world? The only thing good about it was that President Obama was inaugurated and the Congress was Democratic, although the GOP's seditious obstruction made progress extremely difficult.

    3. A J Billings6:09 AM

      @4:52 a.m
      you can spew nonsense about how great it was under Bush from 99 to 2009, but Bush lied us into the biggest mistake since Vietnam, and wasted over 1 TRILLION Dollars, and killed many thousands of people in the process.

      It was on Bush's watch that he and his team of Wall st buddies let the housing bubble implode by not regulating the banks and securities markets.

      It's a god damn lie that quote
      "no one should be forced into being told how to run a business"

      It took the EPA from 1970 onwards to force big business to clean up our water and air.

      It took the Glass Steagall act to stop big banks from raping the consumer by investing their assets in "credit default swaps", and all the other shit that hedge fund assholes do to rob investors.

      Regulation is absolutely needed in human governments, because people like Trump are greedy, lying, criminally inclined assholes, who will do anything for money, and kill, pollute, rob, and destroy anything for their pile of money.

    4. Anonymous6:32 AM

      Forced into being told how to run a business? So you want no regulations? You plan to have salmonella every time you eat out? How about your teen takes a job, and since there are no regulations, she has to work until midnight on weekends and six hours on school days for $5 an hour? Or your wife decides to run a day care, and since there are no regulations, she gets kids with measles and mumps and gets sick herself. But since the hospitals now have no regulations, she gets pneumonia there and dies. And since the funeral industry has no regulations, she is not embalmed properly, and her funeral is a smelly mess. Please proceed with your ludicrous argument.

    5. Anonymous6:56 AM

      This sounds like Alicia to me, lying about her business and her "first non-starter home."

      Even if it isn't Alicia, it's someone just as deluded.

    6. Anonymous7:53 AM

      You are the Biggest Liar,or in need of Mental Help.During Bush'Debacle I personally lost over $200,000 in my 401K,over 300,000 on my Ct.home,and no Bonuses for 4 years.The Economy was loosing almost 800,000 jobs per Month,the Stock Market Crashed,Unemployment at 10%,Bankruptcies and Foreclosures at all time high, and Gas at over 4.00 a Gallon.I suggest you crawl back under that Rock with your stupid lies and Fantasies.

  4. Anonymous4:58 AM

    We've got to stop party blaming. What was started decades and decades ago is finally affecting us. The 80s are finally affecting us. Presidents deserves no credit or blame.

    Detroit was killed in the same way AK will die if it doesn't bring in industry unrelated to oil.

    Tea partiers aren't bad people. They are self-sufficient minded and rely on themselves when things prove to be unreliable.

    Trump has a big mouth, yes. But his policies are laid out clear as day.

    The ridicule needs to end. Attacking people then crying foul when we're attacked isn't good on us. Liberals need to stop looking for fights. Without malicious infiltrators at rallies, there would be ZERO violence at Trump stops.

    1. Your entire foolish comment is just pathetic.

    2. Anonymous5:37 AM

      Every level of government that is now dominated by the GOP's "Tea Party" has come unravelled. We see it everywhere: local school boards, governments, small city and county administrations, states and even the US Congress. Don't tell me that the "Tea Party" created by and for the Koch brothers is not bad. i remember when the two party system worked pretty well. Even Republicans cared about the welfare of the country. Not any more. Now the GOP cares only about the billionaires and their sycophants, the millionaires. I read recently that the Koch brothers' next target is the public library system in this country. How dare they!

    3. Anonymous6:08 AM

      Anonymous 4:58, I know that it's always 5 o'clock somewhere, but it is wayyy too early for you to be turned loose on the Internet drunk as a skunk.

    4. A J Billings6:13 AM

      100% utter BULLSHIT.

      Reagan's insane tax policies started us on a downward spiral of huge tax cuts for the wealthy, while middle and working class income groups bear the brunt of the fallout.

      Our country is a total mess BECAUSE of stupid Presidents like Reagan with his voodoo economics, Clinton deregulating banks and NAFTA, and W BUSH with his horrific wars of choice on the national credit card.

      You sound as stupid and delusional as Ben Carson, and are obviously uneducated and uninformed

    5. Anonymous6:20 AM

      "Trump has a big mouth, yes. But his policies are laid out clear as day.

      The ridicule needs to end. Attacking people then crying foul when we're attacked isn't good on us. Liberals need to stop looking for fights."
      Your statement is complete hypocrisy. I haven't heard a word on Trump's policies. All HE does at his rallies is ridicule and attack. or cite his poll numbers. Same with his tweets. HE is always looking for fights.

      Sorry, good luck convincing anyone here that Trump is nothing more than a blowhard liar. Completely incompetent and not ready to lead a country.


    6. Anonymous6:21 AM

      4:58 sounds a lot like Bristol' s stalker, hey crazy don't you have damage control duty at the various gossip sites? shoo.

    7. Anonymous6:29 AM

      Tea partiers are not 'self-sufficient.' They still rely on public roads, public water systems, public safety to protect their right to carry all those loaded guns (except into a Trump rally) and on and on. We are all intertwined, and government is there for us. You really want to shovel out your own roadway next storm? And the one down the street so you can get to the grocery? You want to be responsible for your own electrical grid? How about everyone buying their own medical care? Yeah, that works well...for the very rich. I am tired of the Tea Party denigrating our government and way of life. Maybe they should take a hike somewhere else.

    8. Anonymous6:58 AM

      Yep, this is Alicia as was the comment above. Alicia doesn't own anything except maybe a condo her mommy and daddy bought for her, she hasn't done anything but not being able to make it in NYC. She should be happy that disability will take care of her forever because she's incapable of getting a job.

    9. Anonymous7:59 AM

      Whatever 6:58. You "Alicia Detection Trolls" are as annoying - no, MORE annoying than the poster(s) themselves. Do everyone a big favor and STFU.

    10. Anonymous8:38 AM

      Yes, and starting a post with "whatever" isn't annoying at all.

  5. Anonymous4:59 AM

    Who's accusing me of being a racist? The Injun?

    1. Anonymous7:30 AM

      I remember well the "Racist" Donald Chump calling the Pequot Tribe "Michael Jordan" Indians,implying they were Black,not Indian, when he couldn't get a piece of the Foxwood,Mohegan Sun Casino "Pie" because it was set aside for the Tribe in Connecticut.He is a disgusting Racist Pig!

  6. Anonymous4:59 AM

    Of course his comeback is racist.

  7. Anonymous5:03 AM

    Gotta disagree with you. Warren needs to stay right where she is & take Yertle the Turtle's job as Senate Majority Leader. Think of all that Hilary could get done if that were the case.

    1. Anonymous6:26 AM

      Oh my! I LOVE that scenario!!

  8. Anonymous5:10 AM

    I detest the 2 party system we have evolved. Severely weakened what was s'posed to be a democracy. If we had only 2 things to choose between for ANYTHING in life, be it bacon or buying a car (or choosing a spouse), what the hell kind of life would that be?
    Damnitohell, Elizabeth Warren for President!! Take on Jimmy Dore for VP! These 2, I'd trust with my lifesavings more than the other jokers.

  9. Anonymous5:11 AM

    Lots of Americans have some Native American roots, just as lots of them have some African American. Belittling Elizabeth Warren for checking her DNA to explore her origins is ridiculous. (Our grandson also has some Native American blood in his background - on his mother's side, back about four generations. I think that's neat.) This was a ridiculous argument used against Elizabeth Warren by her opponents who did not want to listen to her views on the economy and our banking empire when the non-issue was first used, and it still is. If we all understood how interwoven our population really is, then maybe we wouldn't have so many racist people in our midst. Like Donald Trump.

    1. Anonymous7:11 AM

      Yep. I look Irish as hell, but have more Cherokee than many who live on the nearest res. And I'm proud of my lineage.

      Keep up the divisive talk, Drumpf. You'll keep your base, but you'll cut out each voter who isnt white bread, oh that's about every one of us.

  10. Anonymous5:16 AM

    I agree with you, IM! Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren would make a dynamic team - they'd win for sure!

    Donald Trump is going down and will never be elected POTUS! He's already disliked across Europe!

    1. No, they would not win for sure.

      You vote for VP, not P. The VP needs to be qualified to be VP. Warren certainly is. But that's two women on the ticket. That won't sit well with some men, especially when the VP is more "liberal" than the P. Warren also hasn't been a senator that long and doesn't have the experience for a presidential run. She also is needed much more urgently in the senate than in the powerless roll of VP.

      For the same reasons I am against Hillary choosing Julian Castro. He has no experience and even less name recognition than either Warren or Sanders. He gets her nothing. Plus, he's from Texas.


      If Hillary were gracious (and smart) she'd choose Sanders as her running mate. If he's qualified to be president (and he is getting the votes) then he is qualified to be VP. He would make an outstanding attack dog.

  11. Anonymous5:23 AM

    Gryphon, You seem delusional when you mention a Clinton/Warren ticket. The USA is waging a vicious war against women. The attack ads against TWO WOMEN running for the most powerful jobs in the world write themselves. Not gonna happen. Now a Bernie/ Liz ticket could bring out the young voters by the millions.

    1. Do you think we'd have to pay them to do this?

      Because attacking the two candidates based on the fact that they are women would absolutely be the best response that we could hope for.

      Could you even imagine how that would energize the liberal base?

    2. Anonymous6:14 AM

      Hillary would never pick Warren. Sorry. Their ideology is at odds.

    3. Anonymous6:59 AM

      Their ideology is absolutely not at odds. Ridiculous.

    4. Anonymous8:20 AM

      Ha ha. If two women were running, you know Trump would not be able to resist saying which he saw as the more attractive, and he’d likely just have to make a menage et trois comment. Somehow, he’d just have to comment in an asinine way.

    5. Anonymous3:35 PM

      I think having two women on the ticket would be a brilliant strategy. Trump would blow a gasket and, as Sarah Palin demonstrated, it's very hard for a man to attack or smear or even question the credentials of a female opponent without severe blow back. The dems had to handle Palin very gently, no matter how nasty and viscous she was towards them.

      Since all Trump does is personal attacks, he would have no place to go. He'd be totally humiliated to be defeated by two women. I'd LOVE to see it.

      However, I think if they have 'unleashed' Elizabeth this early, it's because they don't think they'll be facing Trump in the general. Otherwise they'd be saving her. I think the Repubs won't allow Trump to get the nomination, and he'll run as a third party nominee, but won't be taken very seriously. He'll siphon off just enough votes to make sure Clinton has a resounding victory. They are attacking him now with Warren to help make it easier for the Repubs to block his nomination. My two cents.

    6. A Clinton/Sanders ticket would also assuage the Bernie supporters.

  12. Anonymous5:36 AM

    Dear Elizabeth warren. Having failed businesses does not make a person a loser. That comment makes you a worthless person in my eyes and one with no empathy for those who strive to be great and nurture their dreams Instead of supporting another's dream as employer. Is it your decision to make concerning what a person does with his inheritance? If you had one by all means use it how you want. Business is risk. Many like that part. Have YOU tried your hand at it? No? Stfu.
    You can comment on trumps derogatory remarks and potentially unethical business ethics. But not that their ventures in the past have failed. Doing so is attacking millions. Do you want to comment on Donald's good deeds? There are many going back decades. Any comment on liberals inciting hate at his otherwise peaceful rallies?

    1. Anonymous6:13 AM

      Dear 5:36 Please educate yourself. He has presented himself to be a big businessman winner and success with no admitted failure. Warren is pointing out the disconnect between what he says and REALITY.

    2. A J Billings6:16 AM

      The hatred, racist, nasty, vicious, ignorant rhetoric is coming from DrumpF himself.

      DrumpF is for violence, and he's on video wishing for the "old day" when people were brought out on a stretcher.

      Take your ignorant, hideously stupid shite and head back to C4pee.

    3. Anonymous6:24 AM

      Oh, that's precious. "Liberals inciting here..." I have yet to see one of 'those liberals' cold cocking someone in handcuffs. Ors tamping on a woman. Or denying people their First Amendment right to assemble and speak. What Trump is doing is attacking millions of us. Anyone not for him is bad. Sound familiar? Same argument Dubya's minions made about the unfunded, unnecessary wars of aggression. Same argument Hitler's brown shirts made. Sorry, but Trump is evil. Your party is sickening.

    4. CorningNY6:24 AM

      I'm pretty certain that she's not taking shots at his failed ventures per se, but at the fact that there are many of them, and especially the hypocrisy of touting himself as a successful businessman when he's had so many failures. And he lies about it, too. There are no more steaks, and his water is only sold at his resorts, despite his loud claims to the contrary.

    5. Anonymous6:40 AM

      I'm really sorry about your brain damage.

    6. Leland7:54 AM

      5:36, you seem to be conveniently "misplacing" certain facts that continue to be revealed. At least one of his deals went bankrupt due to things he specifically said he wouldn't do - and then went and did them anyway, in direct violation of agreements he made.

      Failing in business happens all the time. You're right about that. But it is more and more obvious his failures are entirely - or close enough to make no matter at all - his own fault because of STUPID decisions.

      And then to go and say something so ridiculous it even pisses off one of his biggest backers? Uh huh. The Prince of Saudi Arabia was NOT very happy about the suggestion that NO muslim should be allowed in this country. Now, I ask you: Is that STUPID, or what?

      Add to that, an analysis of his worth and history specifically shows that any decent investor could have made just as much money from the stock market in the same time frame and you destroy ANY semblance of reasonableness in your statement.

      The man DESERVES to be slapped! HARD!

    7. Anonymous11:18 AM

      Troll, you keep giving yourself away with your "liberal" remarks.

      Go back to go, do not collect $200 and try again.

    8. Anonymous12:23 PM

      Is that you, Bristle?

    9. Anita Winecooler4:29 PM

      If you're smart and fail at business, it doesn't necessarily make you a moral or better person. If you learn from your mistakes and eventually build a business that works, then you deserve accolades. Donald screwed a lot of people, took advantage of illegal immigrant labor, lied through his teeth to build his fortune, and most of his wealth was handed to him on a gold coated bed pan.

    10. She is using Drumpf's definition of a loser against him.

      Get a clue.

      Buy one if you have to.

  13. Anonymous5:40 AM

    “Who is that, the Indian? You mean the Indian?”
    Why yes, Donald, the "Indian." You know, the indigenous people that this country has been stomping on for centuries?

    The ones your hoity-toity sidekick, as governor, let freeze and starve to death? Tried to take away their subsistence way of life, tribal sovereignty, and voting rights? Treaties overturned and land taken?

    Perhaps you'd like to ferry your fat @ss out to the island and read the inscription on the Statue Of Liberty.

    Oh, and take your imminent domain and shove it.

    1. Leland8:19 AM

      5:40, I would LOVE to be able to watch him try to explain that crack to Governor Nikki Haley of SC!

    2. Anonymous12:24 PM

      Hasn't he had a fight with a tribe over some land he wanted for a golf course? Well, if he hasn't, I'm sure he'll get around to it.

  14. Anonymous5:41 AM

    Yeah, his only come back is of a racist tone. He is a loser.

    I wonder if all losers have issues with the size of their thingy down there?

    Warren is right = LOSER

    1. Anonymous7:02 AM

      I am so happy they found a word to stick to TRUMP!



      Keep on repeating it everywhere, on every article you comment on. When talking about him, refer to him as Loser Trump.

      I posted the other day, Trump tries to give his opponents short, easy to remember nicknames. Lying Ted, Low Energy Jeb, Little Marco.

      So the Dems are gonna call him Loser Trump.

      I love it!!! Spread it far and wide, people!!

    2. Anonymous7:26 AM

      I don't see how name calling behooves either side.

    3. Anonymous7:49 AM

      Trump's ego is so fragile, calling him a loser will make him explode. And when Trump explodes, he says even dumber, crazier, and more vulgar things. So, while I normally agree that name calling isn't a good strategy, in the case of Trump, I think it's a perfect one.

    4. Anonymous8:23 AM

      I don't normally name call, either, but I just know Trump is going to call Hillary or Bernie a short nick name, and it will stick. I think we have to pin a name on him first. Just look at what he did to the opposition in his party. He knows marketing, and we have to be ready, like it or not.

  15. Randall5:56 AM

    He responds to a charge of racism with a shot at her ethnicity?

    1. Anonymous6:20 AM

      The GOP brain has no knowledge of hypocrisy, honesty, empathy, or much of anything, does it?

    2. Anonymous8:20 AM

      Although Trump has a malignant mind, I think in this case he was not belittling "Indians", as he was trying to a accuse her of lying when she claimed to have Native American blood. Nevertheless, a lame response from the cancer-of-America.

  16. Anonymous7:13 AM

    Rampant Sexism>

  17. Anonymous8:23 AM

    What does Trump's Indian comment has anything to do with Warren's tweets?

    Then Trump would have said?

    “Who is that, the Indian?
    You mean the Indian?”

    “Who is that, the Mexican?
    You mean the Mexican?”

    “Who is that, the Black?
    You mean the Black?”

    I think that Son Of A Bitch Trump wanted white people to know that Elizabeth Warren wasn't one of them. One of them as in not the white superior race like Fuhrer Trump.

  18. Anonymous8:34 AM

    This is too good:


  19. Anonymous10:14 AM


    This Wonkette post gets ☆☆☆☆☆

    Professor Beat-Ass strikes again
    Elizabeth Warren Chops Off Donald Trump’s Manhood, Mounts It Above Fireplace

    .... It’s one thing to call Trump names. It’s a whole ‘nother animal to say directly that Trump acts the way he does because deep down, he knows he fucking sucks. He knows that if he’d been born to another family, maybe the child of a Mexican immigrant who was either a rapist or just lovely, he would be NOTHING ...

    .... According to the New York Times, his poor widdle ego got so bruised at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner when Seth Meyers and Barack Obama said jokes about him that he cried and pooped his underthings and blood came out of his wherevers (metaphorically obviously, the way the riots he’s predicted are “metaphorical,” uh huh) and ran for president just to prove a point.

    Read entire post at

    1. Anonymous12:21 PM

      Wonkette has me laughing out loud all by myself late at night when everybody else in my house is asleep. Have you read the stuff on the Duggars? Priceless.

  20. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Elizabeth Warren has my vote


  21. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Methinks history is repeating itself

    National-Socialism or Nazism is a racist and antisemitic ideology which holds that the Aryan race is superior to all other races, and that the government must actively promote the perfect race. Nazism tends to be fascist, but fascism is not necessarily national-socialist.

  22. Anonymous11:16 AM

    This is great, there is nothing better than ignoring the Dummkoff, bet this will set him off.
    Hillary Clinton Shoots Down CNN And Dumps Trump By Refusing To Play The Insult Game

    Hillary Clinton took a stand against the press’s embarrassing Trump circus by refusing to play the media’s game and respond to Donald Trump’s insults during an interview on CNN.

    On CNN’s ‘Wolf’, Blitzer played a series of insults that Donald Trump spewed at Hillary Clinton on Monday. Blitzer asked Clinton if she wanted to respond to Trump’s insults.
    Former Sec. of State Clinton answered, “No, I really don’t. I don’t want to respond to his constant stream of insults. I find it really at this point absurd. Let me talk about what I will do what I have done, and what kind of commander in chief I will be because I think that’s what’s at stake in this election.


  23. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Elizabeth really managed to get under his thin skin. I loved her tweet: he should have put his inheritance in Index Funds, he would have made more money instead of bankrupting his businesses.

    Financial advice from a woman !!!

  24. I have read the comments on her Facebook post about Donald Trump. A lot of her fans are mad at her for not endorsing Bernie. They are really mad. Idk if she will help Hillary or Bernie at this point. I still respect her and I think she would make a wonderful president if she ever decides to run.

    1. Anonymous3:08 PM

      They are irrationally mad. It should scare Sanders that some of his fans could go from adoring to viscous in the blink of an eye.

    2. Anonymous5:11 PM

      *vicious (but maybe also viscous)

  25. Anonymous12:21 PM

    I love Warren, but that state seat is WAY to valuable to give up. She needs to stay in the senate not become the VP.

  26. Anita Winecooler4:38 PM

    I love when Donald gets his weenie stuck in his zipper, and the best he can come up with is a racist remark. The fact that Ms Warren got under his skin proves who won the argument. Hey, Donald, she consults herself as well, she knows words, lots of words, and she makes sense while using them.


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