Tuesday, March 01, 2016

John Oliver tears Donald Trump into tiny bite size pieces.

Courtesy of Mediaite:  

“Our main story tonight — and I can not believe I’m saying this — is Donald Trump, and I say that knowing that every time his name gets said out loud, he has a shattering orgasm,” said Oliver. 

The comedian examined the most frequent talking points that voters give when they admit that they support a Trump candidacy: he self-funds his campaign, he tells it like it is, he means what he says, etc. Then, in only a way that John Oliver can, the host proceeded to tear apart every rationale for supporting the man who “gives the appearance of wealth, but is actually a cheap tool.”

Now see this is how John Oliver fills the void left by the retirement of Jon Stewart.

And he does so brilliantly. 


  1. I'd like to see every Trump supporter somehow made to watch this. Would even this change their minds? If not this, what?

    1. Anonymous6:06 AM

      Barbara, nothing will change their minds. The comments I've read about his KKK blooper completely believe he had an "ear piece malfunction". It's really unbelievable how stupid so many are.


    2. Megan Kelly responds to that lame excuse.


  2. Drumpf has definitely had a change of grey-covering hair dye to one not monkey orange.

    He is SO sensitive to ridicule. Perhaps that is the way to achieve future Drumpf behavior modification.

  3. Anonymous4:16 AM

    John Oliver: a true American national treasure with an admittedly suspicious sounding East Oregonian accent.

    Don Drumpf: the first American presidential candidate created in the lab by our nation's top professional wrestling researchers.

  4. Anonymous4:49 AM

    If you can get past Rex Murphy's east coast twang--he nails it about Trump and what concerns Canadians most: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljEYoa9xzS4&feature=youtu.be


    1. Anonymous6:42 AM

      Excellent analysis.

    2. Anonymous1:57 PM

      The Comments on this excellent You Tube post show many American's can't take criticism or do any critical thinking (they can't spell or even make coherent sentences either). Too much Kardashian crap clogging the brain cells. The country needs a detox -- fast!

  5. Anonymous4:54 AM

    At a White House Correspondents dinner a few years ago, President Obama (I think it was he) noted that possible Presidential candidate Donald Trump was in the audience.

    "That just proves that Orange is the new Black."

  6. Anonymous5:09 AM

    And the John Oliver clip has gone viral. My conservative leaning (but not RWNJ) very nice brother posted it on FB.

    1. Anonymous6:43 AM

      There is still hope. Thank you.

  7. Anonymous5:27 AM

    Best take down since THIS one...

  8. Anonymous5:28 AM

    As predicted, NASCAR head honch Brian France and several drivers have enforced Trump. Now, before all of you that dismiss it as nothing news, NASCAR is yuuuuge in the South. But the South is solidly red anyway. But its enforcement of Trump sends a chilling message: NASCAR has tried to be 'inclusive' even going so far as having a driver diversity program. It flopped. With its enforcement of a race baiter like Trump, I expect folks like myself to quit watching and supporting iNASCAR altogether. I'm done with it. No more Jr. coozies for me! And nothing Chase Elliott related!

    1. Anonymous11:11 AM

      ;-0 YES! Roundyround bye bye..

  9. Anonymous5:57 AM

    Check Out CREEPY Announcement Made Before Trump Rallies For Dealing With Protesters (VIDEO)


  10. Anonymous5:57 AM

    Trump Has Quiet Black Students Removed From Rally At School That Was Segregated (VIDEO)


  11. Anonymous6:02 AM

    As usual, she nails it!

    'If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and hates immigrants, gays and people of color then what you have is a Republican duck.

    ...The Republican leadership can wish all it wants that Donald Trump isn’t their front runner, but in reality they can put wishes in their right hand and shit in their left hand and I promise you that the left one will always fill up first. If they thought Donald Trump was electable the GOP would be blaming CNN for a faulty earpiece.

    In truth, for the first time in my life I have enjoyed watching a few minutes of Fox News. Those folks are so bent out of shape over this they could kiss their own behind while enjoying the sunshine on their face. If Bill O’Reilly and company were to be totally honest, they aren’t quite sure what to do right now considering the KKK is probably a ratings point or two for the network.

    I have no problem saying what the journalists seem unwilling to say. Until GOP voters demand that the party change its platform, to be a Republican today means you have more in common with the KKK than you probably care to admit.

    Donald Trump was endorsed by a legitimate portion of the Republican base and the party leaders are upset that their little secret got out. I mean it. Really.'


  12. Anonymous6:09 AM

    Trump lawsuit threat in 3...2...1..


  13. Anonymous6:12 AM

    Why You Should be Terrified When Rafael Cruz Says Ted is a New King Josiah

    ...Again it is critical Americans understand the context of Rafael’s use of Josiah, who executed priests, psychics and entire cities to obtain mercy. It will be like cauterizing a wound to save the patient and in this scheme, it is “the other” (Muslims, gays, atheists, etc) who will burn so that a “Godly” America might live.


  14. Anonymous6:21 AM

    Super Tuesday: Five things to remember on Trump’s big night


    Here are the 10 best ‘Drumpf’ memes inspired by John Oliver’s Trump episode (Tweets)


  15. Anonymous6:25 AM

    Donald Trump should enjoy his Super Tuesday win because he’s going to be crushed

    ...Trump’s angry-guy persona is playing well in the Republican primary contest, but when he comes under serious attacks for the first time – attacks that call into question his competence and business success — he’s likely to lash out like… like a narcissist whose endless boasts are suddenly being challenged for the first time. It’s not going to be pretty, and in the end a lot of voters are going to be terrified at the prospect of having someone like Trump anywhere near the nuclear launch codes.

    Unless the polls are very wrong, Trump will have a very good Super Tuesday. He’ll give a victory speech, and go to bed with his beleaguered trophy wife holding a commanding delegate lead. But there’s a freight train hurtling down the tracks towards Trump if he becomes the GOP’s nominee, and he can’t even see it coming.


  16. Anonymous6:28 AM

    “Even racists know you have to pretend not to be racist in public,” Meyers said. “Trump lets just enough racism slip that racists can listen to him and think, ‘Oh yeah, he’s our guy.'”

    Meyers said Trump’s campaign had long ago gone from entertaining to scary — sort of like that Samuel L. Jackson movie, “Snakes on a Plane.”

    “Sure, the idea is entertaining — but an actual snake on your actual plane would be terrifying,” Meyers said. “That’s what’s happening now — the plane is American democracy, and the snake is Trump. And right now, all sane people everywhere are saying this: ‘I have had it with these motherf*cking snakes on this motherf*cking plane.'”

    Watch the entire segment posted online by Late Night With Seth Meyers:


    1. Anonymous7:40 AM

      Funny, but I just watched a video that Palin links to on her Facebook page. Trump reading a poem (it pains me to call it a poem, having majored in poetry) about a snake. The snakes are Muslims, yet of course the poem involves a female who fondles and kisses a phallus--so typical, that Trump would be attracted to that and actually recite the whole poem.


    2. Anonymous9:58 AM

      7:40 FUCK, THAT IS LIKE WOW....

  17. Anonymous6:43 AM

    Marco Rubio’s Latest Attacks on Trump are Crude, Beyond the Pale, and Absolutely Genius

    ...How badly is Trump shaken? He’s already publicly signaling that he may not participate in the remainder of the presidential debates, calling them “a waste of time.” Conservative insiders are also hearing whispers that Trump will use his Super Tuesday victories as an excuse to skip the last Republican debates. If true, this would be a massive coup for Rubio, allowing him to plausibly (and accurately) paint Trump as a sore loser who knows he’ll be spanked again if he steps in the ring again, and turning Thursday’s Fox debate into The Marco Rubio Show, with guest appearances by the floundering second-tier candidates.

    So yes, Rubio’s latest line of attack is unworthy and beneath the dignity of the office he’s seeking. It’s also the only way to defeat a man who would lower the dignity of the office and the standing of the United States to all-time lows. If a dick joke is the price the nation must pay to prevent that from happening, that’s one schlonging we can all get behind.


    1. 66gardeners9:34 AM

      How is Rubio saving America exactly? Hillary is going to be POTUS. Rubio has disqualified himself forever with his antics.

  18. Anonymous8:59 AM

    It just hit me that if Trump becomes president, the United States of America would be the only country on this planet that has a president that publicly stated he has a hard on for his daughter's body, makes fun of disabled and handicap people, talk nasty and down to people, downright lie, is a bully, cheated on his marriage, would not denounce the KKK, hire illegal immigrants so he would not have to pay full wages, talks nasty to women and is a racist.

    What kind of animals are you guys?

    1. 66gardeners9:35 AM

      Democrats will not be voting for Trump. There is very little polling about it because when the did polling months ago, the results were horrible. The GOP has made their bed.

    2. Anonymous9:44 AM

      Animals? You must be talking about Sarah Palin...

      Sarah Palin is the one who is in love with that jerk.

  19. Anonymous9:10 AM

    New York Daily News:
    Court says A.G.'s Trump University fraud lawsuit can proceed

    Super Tuesday has gotten off to a not-so-super start for Donald Trump — a New York appeals court has denied his bid to to toss out a lawsuit that charges his Trump University was a fraud.

    In a unanimous ruling, a four-judge panel of the state Appellate Division said the state Attorney General's office is "authorized to bring a cause of action for fraud" — despite the bloviating billionaire's claims to the contrary.


    1. 66gardeners9:36 AM

      Republicans think Trump will run against Hillary's e-mails while she runs against him being a felonious fraud.

  20. A. J. Billings9:30 AM

    Your own children have the best picture on your character as a parent.

    Pretty obvious why O'Reilly's kids hate him, same as Ted Cruz's daughter who shows in this video exactly what she thinks of the Tyrant in the Cruz house:


  21. Anonymous9:46 AM

    CPAC wants to dis tRump>

    1. Anonymous10:40 AM

      This too Go HRC:

  22. Anonymous10:07 AM

    WTF? THIS>

  23. Anita Winecooler4:52 PM

    Thanks for posting this, haven't laughed so hard in a long time! Oliver's timing is perfect.

  24. Just installed the Drumpfinator extension in Chrome. It will automatically change Trump to Drumpf.

    realDonalDrumpf is already on twitter and there is a Facebook page as well as a website. Oliver covered all of the bases. He even beat out Cruz and Rubio.

    Google says that Donald Drumpf is now second in searches only to Donald Trump and it is ahead of Cruz and Rubio who are 3rd and 4th.

    Oliver is a genius.


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