Monday, April 25, 2016

Canadians are so lucky.


  1. Anonymous3:17 AM

    The GOTP klown kar is up in flames?


  2. Anonymous3:40 AM

    I'm astonished at the incredible length of time the electoral process takes in the United States. Other countries elect their leaders in a fraction of the time and, it seems, far more efficiently as well. Admittedly, the circus atmosphere can be entertaining for us onlookers, however, we can only sympathize with those of you who have to suffer through the interminable political turmoil of the American election cycle.

  3. Anonymous4:19 AM

    I'm sure they'd be even more amused if they didn't have to live right next to us. Heck, I'd be much more amused if I didn't have to live with the potential consequences. :(

    1. As a dual citizen, I'm watching with grief as my birth country is tearing itself apart, more polarized by the day. Mocking "the other side" is useless and only makes it worse. It is even happening on this blog. It's infecting every part of American life: and now kids. Unsurprisingly, playground bullying has increased: Trump is showing them the way.

      And American voters are rightfully angry their votes are being suppressed or count for nothing in the arcane electoral process.

      Canadians have strong opinions about the candidates: One Spanish immigrant said, "Dump [sic] is strong and rich." That's all he knew. Another said if Trump wins he'll be telling the whole world what to do.

      Another said of voter suppression and gerrymandering, "Oh, that's just what they do down there." Resigned to it. When did outrage turn to apathy?

      And when did the possibility of progressive change give way to passionless pragmatism, a status quo?

  4. Anonymous5:20 AM

    We are amused in a horrifying kind of way. It's a mix of do we cry or do we laugh. Saw Trump at a rally showing his followers "presidential". Trump doesn't know the difference between "acting" presidential and BEING presidential. The latter he is not.

    In the meantime up here in the "north" our prime minister is explaining quantum computing and shows enormous compassion, empathy and intelligence in all he says and does. That's BEING not "acting".

    Lots o' luck America. Trump or Cruz - like I said we watch with amused horror.

  5. Anonymous5:24 AM

    This would be funny if not true. I saw a brief clip of an interview with John Kerry where he basically stated that we are a laughing stock around the world. Very sad.

    1. Anonymous7:33 AM

      My husband works for a German-owned software company and frequently travels in Europe. "Laughingstock" is too mild.

      They hated G.W. Bush, like Obama, and regard Trump as an utter horrorshow. Some of the European companies are even formulating contingency plans.

      Utter incredulity, more than laughter.

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  8. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Agree, with a chuckle.

    But the momma moose knows that whatever happens to her south of the border kin will eventually effect her, so she's keeping a close eye.

  9. Just returned from a holiday in one of those lovely islands just to the southeast of Florida. Didn't meet one single American guest who didn't express either embarrassment or outright horror at the thought of Trump as president. And most of them thought Cruz would be equally as bad. Even the native taxi drivers expressed incredulity at Trump as even a "possible" President. "What is wrong with those Americans?" was their frequent question. And the same up here in the Great White North.

  10. Anita Winecooler3:54 PM

    Canada will always have my gratitude and respect. On 911, when all flights were grounded, Canadians opened their homes, hotels, and schools to help house passengers. I got a phone call from my husband with a family's number where he was staying, the man worked for the phone company and got calls through somehow. We've written and exchange holiday cards and we've sent house presents like fruit baskets and flowers.
    With all the chaos and uncertainty that day, just hearing his voice was reassuring.
    I keep up with the Italian media, and at least they lay the blame on the GOP, but I wonder how the rest of the world really thinks of this election.


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