Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Christian website claims that sex toys can open a demonic portal. Who knew?

Too many Christian women are losing their salvation because they masturbate. Dildos and all of those other sex toys have...
Posted by Eden Decoded on Saturday, April 9, 2016
According to the blog which you can visit here, marital aids or sex toys are capable of opening up a "portal between the demonic realm and your own life."

That of course is superstitious hogwash.

The real reason that Christians freak out about female masturbation, is that they do not like the idea of women having control over their own pleasure.

Fundamentalists especially want women to believe that without a man in their lives they will forever remain unfulfilled, emotionally, spiritually, and yes, sexually.

The idea that women are autonomous individuals who may or may not choose to love or be loved by a man shakes the very foundations of the patriarchal society that the Bible so aggressively tries to establish.

Remember nothing frightens an insecure man as much as an independent woman.


  1. Anonymous4:10 AM

    I must say Gryphen, I don't often see eye to eye with your commentary even if I do agree with the main principle. But with this article you are completely spot on. Bravo, my friend!

  2. Anonymous4:11 AM

    Yep. Knew right away a man wrote this $hit.

  3. I don't understand why they think sex toys open up a demonic portal when they cause so many people to call out to God.

  4. Anonymous4:19 AM

    So I can masturbate without sex toys, as I have been doing since I was about 4 or 5?
    Thank you Jeebus!

    1. fromthediagonal4:51 AM

      My sentiment entirely! A widow for a quarter of a century, I remember that I was asked in a phone conversation a bare six months (!) later when I would be looking for someone. I politely told him "No. I am quite self-satisfied". There was a long pause from the other side of the line, and then he said: "But it is nice with the right person". My simple reply: "Yes, and that one is dead." End of story. I leading a wonderful, fulfilling, celibate life and would not have it any other way. Damn these Christianists and their obsessions with sexual control.

  5. Anonymous5:02 AM

    4:19 4 or 5? Are you blind yet? Possessed by scary demons? No? Well bate away!
    With toys=masturbate

    1. Anonymous6:35 AM

      No, not blind, possessed or perverted. Very well adjusted and calm lol I'm married also, too. But sometimes, to quote an old SNL skit, you can "make love alone." Takes about 90 seconds to get the job done and then on with my day. Talk about knowing what your "partner" needs.....lol

  6. Anonymous5:04 AM

    Because I must rely on a man for every pleasure in life. Bullshit.

  7. Anonymous5:09 AM

    A little o/t... I read yesterday that one of the porn biggies blackballed North Carolina from their porn sight.

    I laughed my ass off. Oh lordy, anything but mah porn. Hurts so good!

    1. Anonymous10:38 AM


    2. Anonymous11:09 AM

      North Carolina Prepares For Jizz-Pocalypse After Being Cockblocked By Mean Porn Site

      North Carolina has really done it this time with its new anti-LGBT law, HB 2. It was one thing when it was just Paypal canceling expansion plans in North Carolina. It was another when Bruce Springsteen decided to cancel his Greensboro concert, causing a North Carolina wingnut congressman to denounce The Boss and immediately declare his deep, quivering love for Justin Bieber.

      But imagine the scene in “family values” homes in North Carolina Monday night, when mommy and the kids fell asleep and Daddy locked himself in his office to “do the taxes,” pulled his pants down, logged on to his favorite free porn site XHamster.com to jerk off into a pool of his own regret for a few hours and found …


  8. Boscoe5:20 AM

    Another stunning example of weird shit Christians believe that isn't even in the bible. Something so dangerous and demon-conjuring that Jesus never even bothered to mention it.

  9. Anonymous5:58 AM

    If some of these guys are going to get it on, it will need to be with one of those inflatable sex dolls with the multiple orifices. Or knotty pine perhaps?

  10. Anonymous7:04 AM

    Sex toys for Bristol Palin = population control.

  11. Randall7:09 AM

    If anyone, anywhere, anytime is doing anything that they enjoy
    ...it makes the baby Jesus cry.

    God wants us to work hard and send our money to Kenneth Copeland.

  12. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Here's a great blog I've been reading that addresses the Christian patriarchy issue in detail. The now much-enlightened (though still Christian) blog author was partially raised and educated in the Gothard (the Duggars' religious idol) milieu, so he writes with knowledge and insight. His continuing Christian belief system (which he seems too intellectually honest to not eventually discard altogether, IMO) does not hinder in any way his searing examination of the dangers, mostly to women, of the patriarchy form of Christianity.

    I urge anyone interested in these issues to visit Diary of an Autodidact.

  13. Well Hell..I am so going to Hell!!

    1. Anita Winecooler3:40 PM

      I'll keep a spot open for you. I got box seats.

  14. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Ahhh, now we know what the Tundra Turd has been doing!

    THIS is why the un-witching/de-deomonizing done by Muthee was unsuccessful.

  15. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Good Christian Girls Riding Dildos Straight To Hell

    Listen, sisters in Christ, we need to talk. Have you thought about, if you were to die right this second, where you would spend eternity? Will you get to sit in Jesus’s lap while He tells you all the hilarious secret stories from the 30 or so years of His life that are missing from the Bible? We bet he got in some T-R-O-U-B-L-E. Well, Jesus regrets that you are not going to get to do that, because of the bedazzled love dildo you have sticking out of your lady front hole right now.

    What? You didn’t know? Pfffft, sounds like somebody’s been spending too much time lighting candles, turning on Sade’s greatest hits, and bone-zoning her own clam in the privacy of her boudoir, instead of on her knees in front of Jesus. No, not like that, you perverts!

    Fuck, we’ll just let Mack Major, some sort of Christian author and publisher or something, explain the things on Facebook:


  16. This goes way beyond women. It's about the control of people period. As if a website or anyone knows about salvation. I was never a regular church goer, but I damn sure shouldered my share of guilt for all sorts of things. I feel fortunate I was never emotionally crippled by this shit. My hope is more and more people call out this crap. I know there are plenty of exceptions, but I think most of us try to live good lives, with or without religion.

  17. This is where the damage of the Puritans comes home to roost.

    So, these so called Christians think they know more than God? God made sex pleasurable. Are they saying God was WRONG and that they know better than God?

    In this instance there are plenty of other religions that got it right. They celebrate the differences between men and women and the pleasure of the natural acts.

    Christianity is all about repression, suppression, misery, suffering, self loathing, self flagellation. If a psychologist studied it Christians would be sick, sick, sick. This sort of belief would be a mental disorder.

    Jesus never preached any of this shit.

    It was all that misogynist masochist Saul and his lies, personal agenda and ambition.

  18. Anita Winecooler3:49 PM

    Instead of celebrating the mystery and beauty of love and all it's expressions, it's used for fear, shame, and control. They're wrong, of course, about dildos and the devil, when all that's needed is an active imagination, knowing your own body, and some finger action.
    OT Saw a wonderful bumper sticker, would love one for my car. "My Boss is a Singer from New Jersey"

  19. Anonymous4:33 PM

    That must be why they don't care for the lady homos either, cuz they're having a good time without no man around. That ain't right fer sure.

  20. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Are those uncircumcised penises?

  21. Anonymous6:35 PM

    Molly Ivins in The Dildo Diaries. A must hear. I miss Ms. Molly.


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