Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Donald Trump urges Bernie Sanders to run as an Independent. Well of course he does.

Obviously this would be the best possible scenario for Donald Trump and the Republicans.

IF Sanders took Trump's advice, and to be fair there is no indication that he would, it might well hurt the Democrats enough for Trump to win the election.

Of course there is no real good reason for Sanders to go this route as he would have absolutely NO chance of winning, and it would literally destroy his credibility and reputation as a progressive. (After all any politician who handed Donald Trump the keys to the White House could hardly call themselves a liberal.)

So no I don't think that Sanders would go this route despite the Donald's urging.

However I also hope that Sanders does not actually take this thing all the way to the convention, because every penny that Hillary spends in this primary is one more penny she cannot spend fighting against Donald Trump for the future of this country.


  1. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Donald strings two sentences together today and everyone is genuflecting. This election will be brutal.

  2. Anonymous2:28 PM

    1. Anonymous3:24 PM

      Hahaha - that guy who wrote that is an Ayn Rand nut job and this article has launched a #BlockSalon movement on social media. Even Joan Walsh said she's taking Salon off her resume.

    2. I agree. I read that and found it to be one the the most desperately pathetic, fact free articles I have read in some time.

    3. Anonymous5:21 PM

  3. Anonymous2:28 PM

    So Trump wants Socialist Sanders to run on the Independent ticket. Is anybody really surprised? Would anybody be surprised if the Socialist does it? How many parties has Bernie been in?

    Bernie just became a Democrat just in time to run for president. Since he fell flat with Democrats who actually vote, there's always another party.

    1. Anonymous3:25 PM

      Stop with the socialist label. It has nothing to do with being or not being a Democrat. I am a socialist and a Democrat and I still support Clinton for one reason - she is the most qualified for the job.

  4. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Trump is a brainless pile of shit that allows his dick to make his decisions in life.

  5. Anonymous2:30 PM

    I couldn't disagree more with your premise Gryphen. Bernie should stay in until ever one gets their vote. Even if he doesn't have the delegates, he's got a huge swath of the electorate involved and active with the political process and the more people get on board the progressive train, the better. Hillary won't have any problem with money in the general. And Bernie absolutely won't run third party, so that's off the table. BUT, there's more chance of progressive ideas to be built into the DNC platform if there enough voices demanding it be done. So, though I am not a Bernie supporter, I believe his voice is important in this and I encourage him to keep going getting out the message in the venues forward. Stop seeing things from the point of view of LACK, instead see them in terms of abundance for our general election candidate. Trump will self annihilate in the general. He's all pumped up because of his sweeps in the GOP primaries, but wait until people REALLY get engaged in the general, you'll see DROVES of people heading our candidate's way, even those on the GOP side, because the majority of America finds Trump abhorrent. Mark my words.

    1. Anonymous2:45 PM

      I disagree with both you and Gryphen but on different topics. He can chose to stay in, but for every day he does he is losing delegates left and right at this point. I want him to lose those delegates and have Hillary get a resounding victory at the DNC. I am very involved and am a delegate to the convention, I was actually fairly undecided until the last month or so and there are many like me that Bernie's statements have turned us toward Hillary.
      And as far as money for Hillary after she gets the nomination, I really don't think it will be a problem. Many of us never donate until after the convention.
      But my prediction is that Bernie will have a few more pushes for $$$ and then drop out, because he is going to take the money and run.

    2. Anonymous4:04 PM

      Bernie is great for two things:
      --Testing response to new ideas on a national level without penalty; an
      -Protecting Hillary.

      They ran a nice campaign of ideas.

    3. Anonymous4:07 PM

      Just read on red about Trump Internatioal Escorts. So much in common with the Palins.

  6. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Bernie Sanders to Cut Hundreds of Staff Members and Turn to California

    1. Anonymous3:25 PM

      At last!

    2. And that goes to my point about money.

      Sanders can trim his staff and go all in on these last few races, knowing full well that he will not get the nomination, while Hillary has to spend money fighting him and then raise even more truckloads of money to fight Trump in the general.

      And all of this while people attack her for holding lavish fundraisers and for taking money from special interests.

      What choice does she have?

    3. Anonymous4:01 PM

      Quit for the good of the country. Then turn herself into the justice dept for fingerprinting. That is a choice.

    4. Anonymous4:42 PM

      4:01 - only in BERNIE WORLD is that a "choice."

    5. Anonymous4:48 PM

      4:01PM, seriously, go fuck yourself.

    6. Anonymous6:10 PM

      Recalling this serene end to the bitter and extended 2008 Democratic primary battle, I'm not inclined to join in all the hand-wringing about the damage Bernie Sanders is doing to Clinton's chances in November by remaining in the race.

    7. Anonymous6:13 PM

      It doesn't matter if Sanders continues his candidacy until the last votes are cast in June. What matters is that he quits gracefully, and there should be every expectation that he will, for a simple reason: Sanders is not a fool.

      Sanders showed no sign of retreat Tuesday night, even as Clinton extended her lead by winning the night's biggest prize, Pennsylvania, as well as Maryland, Delaware and Connecticut; Sanders won only Rhode Island. He gave a defiant, hour-long speech in which he said he was “taking on the most powerful political organization in America.” The reference to Clinton drew boos.

      Sanders sounded like an extortionist Monday night when he said Clinton, if she won the nomination, would have to earn his supporters' votes by embracing single-payer health care, free college tuition and a carbon tax — all things Clinton rejected in her (successful) campaign against Sanders. But seconds later, Sanders, prodded by the moderator, MSNBC's Chris Hayes, added a qualifier: “I will do everything in my power to make sure that no Republican gets into the White House in this election cycle.”

      That's the crucial part. Sanders wants to exert maximum leverage to move Clinton toward his populist policies. But he is a practical man, and he certainly doesn't wish to see a President Donald Trump or President Ted Cruz. This is why there's no cause for all the fuss over him remaining in the race until he is mathematically eliminated.

    8. Anonymous6:15 PM

      “What’s shaping up is a battle for the ages,” said David Brock, a Clinton confidant who heads the pro-Clinton super PAC Correct the Record.

      “You’ve got one candidate who is vying to be the first woman president and is embracing the historic nature of her own candidacy, and on the other hand, you’ve got Trump, who represents a kind of retrograde social structure of the past” that is blatantly sexist, Brock said. “There’s no better foil for Hillary.”

      Clinton allies and the campaign itself have been startled by what some call Trump’s unsubtle line of attack, which stands in dramatic contrast with the more subtle presence of race in President Obama’s historic election eight years ago.

      But most Clinton allies consider the newly escalated gender wars of 2016 a helpful point of comparison that she can use to rally women’s support and show how each candidate might behave as president.

      “They might make flashy headlines, but Trump’s comments aren’t a joke,” the campaign wrote Wednesday. “Hillary can handle these attacks. Millions of women shouldn’t have to.”

    9. Anonymous10:33 PM

      4:01 Brilliant! Yes, if Hillary really cared about defeating the Republicans, SHE would bow out because all the surveys show Bernie does better in the general election than she does.

      Here is the link if you don't believe me:

  7. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Independents doesn't want that loser traitor. What's is left is for Bernie Sanders to join the:

    Communist Party of Cuba (Partido Comunista de Cuba)

    Cuban Liberal Movement (Partido Liberal Nacional de Cuba)

    Cuban Liberal Union (Unión Liberal Cubana, member LI)

    Christian Democratic Party of Cuba (Partido Demócrata Cristiano de Cuba)

    Cuban Democratic Socialist Current (Corriente Socialista Democratica Cubana)

    Democratic Social-Revolutionary Party of Cuba (Partido Social-Revolucionario Democrático de Cuba)

    Democratic Solidarity Party (Partido Solidaridad Democrática, member LI)

    Social Democratic Co-ordination of Cuba (Coordinadora Social Demócrata de Cuba)

    Or the
    Orthodox Renovation Party (Partido de la Renovación Ortodoxa)

    1. Anonymous2:58 PM

      Where do I sign up?

    2. Anonymous3:27 PM


  8. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Bernie is turning out to me more egotistical than I thought but not enough to go third party. I do worry that he'll try and exert power or threaten Hillary with what he perceives as his mandate from the "revolution". Might not be such a bad thing if the stakes weren't so high. He needs to bow out graciously and work from the senate with his new national platform.

  9. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Bernie Sanders to Cut Hundreds of Staff Members and Turn to California..

    1. Anonymous3:28 PM

      I vote in CA. Cannot wait to vote for HRC. The CA Democratic machine is all in for Hillary: Gov. Brown, Lt. Gov. Newsom, Kamala Harris, etc.

  10. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Sarah Palin should run for the Independent Party. Sarah Palin has been thoroughly vetted by John McCain and America.

    What about Sarah putting together a team to run her campaign so late in the game?

    Don't forget the team she put together to run her successful SarahPac Foundation and the team Sarah Palin built to run the state of Alaska.

    Team building is Sarah Palin's forte.

    Together We Can Do This!

  11. Anonymous3:00 PM


    1. Anonymous3:09 PM

      That should relieve Toad

    2. Anonymous3:13 PM

      What about camping in a canvas tent and drinking wine coolers in Wasilla? Do the boys in Wasilla have a case against the person who got them drunk and took away their virginity?

  12. Anonymous3:07 PM

    What happened to creating jobs?
    Bernie Sanders is just like Wallstreet. Fire the staff while still getting paid by college students and America.

    Sanders to lay off staff after Tuesday primary losses
    04/27/16 05:32 PM

    A day after Bernie Sanders won only one of five northeastern primary contests against rival Hillary Clinton, his campaign will lay off more than two hundred staffers in the effort to concentrate its remaining resources on upcoming contests, particularly the June 7 California primary.


    1. Anonymous3:16 PM

      Don't forget it is expensive to charter a Boeing 767 to fly his wife, children and grandchildren to places across the ocean.

    2. Anonymous5:19 PM

      Bernie picked the Rome weekend with a chartered private plane for ten in his family ($1,000,000+ ?) over paying his national staff in May? Good to know. Can't wait for the eventual tell-alls from the fired Sanders campaign.

    3. Anonymous7:48 PM

      Yes, but is is ok to charter a private plane to fly to Rome(there are commercial flights only every day) because he didn't use big money from Wall St.

      He used big money from poor disenfranchised people.

  13. Anonymous3:13 PM

    I wouldn't put anything past Bernie, he has already demanded a laundry list of items for Clinton to back, if he doesn't get the nomination. Who ever heard of the loser making demands?

    I think the new Trump 2.0 is the same old Trump on Xanax or some other drug to "calm" him down.

  14. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Treated terribly by Democrats = a lot more of them voted for the other candidate.

  15. Anonymous3:27 PM

    Bernie should drop out with 15 states left to save Clinton money?! It's not Bernie's fault if Clinton didn't prepare to run a complete primary. I think that's the main reason why DWS, the DNC and the rest of the "cocktail weenie circuit" as Jane Hamsher used to call them, have fought so hard against Bernie: they know Clinton didn't prepare for running a full primary - financially or physicallyShe's having to take two days off while Sanders campaigns on at the same pace. Not Sanders' problem. It's like telling Serena Williams' opponent in the Wimbledon semi-final she should default to let Serena save her energy for the final. What a load of bull.

    1. Anonymous3:51 PM

      Preach it!

    2. Anonymous3:52 PM

      HE LOST! She's pivoting to the General Election. She could take a week off now. She's won!

    3. A Superfan In Atlanta4:56 PM

      I, personally, think Bernie should continue to run til the end. Even though Clinton will win the nomination, how thrilling it was for me to cast my vote for Bernie this election.

      All of your reasons for why he should drop out are disingenuous at best. If SHE went all the way in 2008 and lost to President Obama, all Clinton-supporters should extend that same courtesy to Sanders-supporters.

      For those of us who have to bow out graciously with our candidate (if he so chooses), let us vote in peace. It is all of our right as American citizens to do so. Otherwise, it makes Clinton-supporters no different than voter-suppressing Republicans. It's not your call to tell us collectively that our vote and our voice is unimportant.

      Just sayin'

      Bill Maher pointed out in his last show...the difference between Clinton and the Republican party is absolutely nothing. I happen to agree with his assessment and do not look forward to her lackluster, mechanical appeal to convince me otherwise. I don't give two shits that she's a woman. Voting for her will definitely be a hardship and a contest that I do not believe she deserved, earned or won fairly.

    4. Anonymous5:27 PM

      Superfan, sure, everyone who's registered by party can vote in the primary, but we need to turn all main resources now towards beating Trump. That's the point. Maybe you don't care about that, but most of us do. Bernie needs to stop hurting the cause and pivot to the more solid "issue only" approach he showed in 2015--not his negative rants to be quoted by Trump, as happened this week.

      Maher is no expert on anything. Bernie and Hillary voted 93% the same in the Senate. Fact.

    5. Anonymous5:50 PM

      93% stat is from this article:

    6. Anonymous10:28 PM

      I would have a hard time ethically doing anything that would put a morally bankrupt person in power in the White House.

      I pray every day for Bernie, and am so thankful that we have an ethical civil servant who is willing to better the people of America, not just the family slush fund!!

  16. Anonymous3:36 PM

    He should stay in since Hillary will be indicted.

    1. Anonymous3:45 PM

      Right after Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Palin. :)

    2. Anonymous3:48 PM

      Bernie is that you?

    3. Anonymous3:53 PM

      Better run over to the Trump team, because that's not going to happen.

    4. Anonymous3:59 PM

      Palin isn't in the same league Georgia Peach. But Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Hillary, absolutely indict them all. Unfortunately for you Hills is the only one running for office.

    5. Anonymous4:00 PM

      Bull, troll.

    6. Anonymous4:31 PM

      True, Palin isn't in the same league, and yes, Hillary is the only one running. But she'll never be indicted for anything that she's done (or not done) up to this point. If the truth comes out about Benghazi, the only one holding the bag will be the former and now deceased Ambassador Stevens.

  17. Anonymous3:47 PM


    "Then there was her role as the president of a small, financially struggling nonprofit college, where she reportedly funneled $500,000 to her daughter and may have made false statements on bank loan papers."

    The National Memo:
    Tax Transparency: Jane Sanders Goes Back On Disclosure Promise
    April 27, 2016

    • Jane Sanders, wife of Bernie, backtracked Tuesday on promises both she and the senator made to release the couple’s complete tax returns for the years 2006 through 2013, making a red-herring excuse....

    • In comments to Wolf Blitzer on CNN midday Tuesday, Jane Sanders revealed that she and her husband either lack an understanding of the historic reasons it is crucial that presidential candidates release many years of complete tax returns, that they lack a broad regard for integrity in government, or that they have something to hide....

    • The latter concern grows from Jane Sanders’ own conduct. First, she falsely asserted that the couple had repeatedly released tax returns, an assertion with no basis in fact as my April 13 National Memo column showed....

    • Then there was her role as the president of a small, financially struggling nonprofit college, where she reportedly funneled $500,000 to her daughter and may have made false statements on bank loan papers....

    • If a white hat politician like Sanders will not follow a tradition dating to the corrupt, tax-cheating presidency of Richard Nixon and his first vice president, Spiro Agnew, it gives aid and comfort to those who want to hide their black hat conduct...

    • If Sanders will not walk his talk he cannot credibly challenge those whom he says, with good reason, are rigging the economy for their benefit....

    • The only one of the Final Five who has fully disclosed is Hillary Clinton. Her and Bill’s complete tax returns dating back to 1992 are posted at, as are many other partial and complete presidential and candidate tax returns dating back to the Franklin D. Roosevelt administrations....

    • Plenty of people who want to exercise power over us from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue will want to keep their tax returns out of public record now and for as long as the United States of America endures. Many of them who have something to hide will cite Sanders as their model. Some because their tax returns will show they paid little or no income tax for many years ....

    • What does it tell us that Sanders and his wife, who knew full well a year ago that they would be asked for their complete tax returns at least since 2007, have played a game of “hide the documents”?...

    • What does it tell us that a man who rightfully demands transparency from others will not hold himself to the same standards?

    And if there is something the Sanders need to hide – and I sure hope not — we need to know that, too. Why? Because even if Sanders fails to get the Democratic Party nomination for president, we want integrity in the Senate just as much as in the Oval Office...

    Read entire article at:

    1. Anonymous4:03 PM

      Baby Jane will have Bernie drop out soon, she wants the cash. No way will Baby Jane let him waste all those millions on a failing campaign.

  18. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Clinton’s Next Campaign Is Bringing Sanders’ Voters Into Her Coalition

  19. Anonymous4:19 PM

    Saw picture of basketball playing Sara in a Gawker article where she was mocking Ted Cruz.

    Does Sara ever stop mocking people if she thinks she has the edge? Type in "Sarah Palin mocks."

    Sara would mock Jesus for a Taco Bell burrito.

    Sara looks very pale, unlike her present tanned leather look. Q

    1. Anonymous4:33 PM

      Look at her so close. look at toad, probably hittin both. She even looks like she is seething with jealousy because of the other girl.

    2. Anonymous5:21 PM

      I think in Wasilla,her father as the grand puhba of substitute teachers, allowed miss heath to behave like a little shit. I don't think Chuck was full time. He probably didn't have a degree.

  20. Anonymous4:19 PM

    Oh sneaky, Donald! very sneaky. I'm sure no one will catch on to that little scheme!


    1. Dullard must think Sanders is stupid.

      Then again, most narcissist believe other people would do exactly what they would do.

      If the brokered RNC convention results in anyone else being the nominee, you watch how fast Dullard Drumpf will scream and whine and then declare he is running an independent campaign all on his own money because he was robbed and he deserves to be president.

  21. Anonymous4:19 PM

    Bernie can't run as an independent. Most states wouldn't let him be on the ballot. Called lucky loser laws.

    Once again, trump is showing that he doesn't understand how election laws work.

  22. Anonymous4:24 PM


    Are you and your college friends voting for Bernie Sanders because Bernie and his wife will be the educational First Family. Will you and college students everywhere fund Mr. Sanders all the way to the DNC?

    What happened at Sanders U.
    When Bernie Sanders' wife was in charge of small, private Burlington College in Vermont, it sank into debt.

    • Many students took out tens of thousands of dollars in loans to attend, but their investment was questionable: Only a third of former Burlington College students earn more than the average person with a high school diploma....

    Jane Sanders’ husband, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, has offered a higher-education plan that would make tuition at public colleges free....

    • However, 76 percent of Burlington students failed to graduate in six years or less. But 73 percent are paying down their student loans, a rate that is higher than the national average....

    • “When we need the best-educated workforce in the world, yes, we are going to make public colleges and universities tuition-free....

    • Sanders resigned in 2011 after months of debate about the college with its board, but neither Sanders nor the college gave a specific reason for her departure....

    • Sanders reportedly took a $200,000 severance package, and the college was attempting to attract students with new master’s degree programs — a signal to analysts that it was desperate for revenue.

    • Burlington College had $300,000 in unpaid bills — many of them more than 90 days old — and wasn’t in a position to meet the payments on its debt for the year ...

    More at -

    1. Anonymous4:49 PM

      CORRECTION: An earlier version misstated the outcomes for former Burlington College students. Only a third who attended, whether or not they completed a degree, earn more than the average person with a high school diploma.

      Great Job Baby Jane

    2. Anonymous5:25 PM

      Yep, the college was left bankrupt but Baby Jane walked away with fists full of dollars.

  23. Anita Winecooler4:34 PM

    Anyone taking advice from this guy doesn't belong in politics.

    OT Dennis Hastert got a new outfit, serial child molester.

  24. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Wayne Anderson
    No wonder Sanders is promising college kids that they won't have to pay their education. LOL When the Sanders family ran the college it went past broke and into ruinous debt.

    All you need to know. Lots of promises but Sanders just can't DELIVER.

    Hillary 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Anonymous4:52 PM

    James Clarity
    A perfect match.... her husband wishes to provide free college that you can be sure will be worth as much as degree from Burlington...w debt so high we'll, stop counting.

    1. Anonymous7:20 PM

      I don't agree with the free college thing. My parents spent over 30 grand annually for 6 years for my college career.

      I don't think it should come for free, if it does then you get what you get when people allow their kids to attend public school; it's free, but really your children aren't in the best educational situation.

      Free college would be just like public K-12, only people who can't afford to truly educated their children would send them there and really, they'd only be prepared to be baristas at Starbucks even after a "4-year free public college education". A lot of kids graduating from public High Schools can't find any job that pays better than a military career, which is sad because our public school graduates are often just used for target practice.

      Therein lies the problem. Private education will always trump public education and with so many people in the world now a primo private educational experience will always be worth more in the job market than some free schooling.

  26. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Gunter Dyer
    Works at Author/ Writer
    Does this explain why Burnie wants free college education for all so the taxpayer will fund his wife's ex-college? That explains a lot.

  27. Anonymous4:53 PM

    Carl Skornik
    SO you have a socialist's wife who spent millions, for squat, the story is what? She can't run, wears an xxx large tee shirt, hair worse than an horse's mane, uses the english dental plan?

    1. Anonymous6:50 PM

      Please don't denigrate the woman's looks. Deal with what she says and how she behaves. I don't have a favorable opinion of Jane Sanders based on some of the crap she's said during this primary. It has nothing to do with how she looks. She could be the most beautiful woman in the entire world, and I still wouldn't like her very much.

    2. Anonymous7:13 PM

      Oh, and Hillary is so hot that her husband has had over 2 dozen publicly recognized fuck buddies, fuck buddies that are actually thin, beautiful and don't possess the biggest cankles in America?

    3. Anonymous7:27 PM

      Vote blue, no matter who, says George Takei -

  28. Anonymous5:00 PM

    Free? Nothing is free. Someone has to pay for it whether it be you or me.

    That includes Sanders's free Boeing 767 round-trip boondoggle to meet the Pope for 5 minutes. Somebody paid for it. Who?

    1. Anonymous5:11 PM

      Stop complaining it wasn't just slick Bernie who went to Rome on his chartered 767.

      Slick took his wife, children and grandchildren.

    2. Anonymous5:23 PM

      The Bernie Bros that sent him part of their weed money. But I doubt his donations will keep on coming in at a high rate since everyone knows he is toast.

    3. Anonymous5:28 PM

      Reminds me of Sarah Palin and her SarahPac sponsored Palin / Heath Family Vacation to the east coast

    4. Anonymous5:28 PM

      Fired staff.

    5. Anonymous7:11 PM

      Stupid people who donate to political campaigns paid for it, duh.

      I hope you complainers are smart enough to never, ever give one red cent to this broken political process.

      If you do, well, you have ZERO reason to complain about how they spend it.

      Don't be part of the problem, rise above it.

  29. Anonymous5:06 PM

    What did Jane Sanders do with Burlington college's $200,000?

    Mrs. Sanders #2 should have paid Sarah Palin's children Willow and Bristol for a makeover.

  30. Anonymous6:32 PM

    How Bad Are the Charges Against Trump University? Really Bad

    Like “financial elder abuse” allegations, for instance.

    How many major-party Presidential front-runners have faced trial on “financial elder abuse” charges as they rolled toward the nomination?

    Chock up yet another first for the Teflon-plated real-estate mogul and reality-TV star Donald J. Trump. His now-discontinued Trump University operation has been accused not just of fraud, false advertising, and unfair business practices, but also of having used such tactics against vulnerable seniors in ways that violated special “financial elder abuse” statutes in California and Florida. The civil trial is currently on track to begin in August in federal court in San Diego, just a few weeks after the Republican convention concludes in Cleveland on July 21.


  31. Anonymous7:08 PM

    I couldn't vote for him in our caucus because I'm an Independent (Non-Declared Alaskan). I've always been disappointed that Bernie donned the Dem mantle as I think his strength lies in his Independence.

    A lot of us will make sure he has a write-in showing in November if he is not the nominee, which it looks as if he won't be, but getting in bed with the Dems makes me question his dedication to our cause.

    1. Anonymous10:39 PM

      FYI, you absolutely could have voted for him in the AK caucus. Like many of us, you just needed to change your party affiliation before or on the day of, the caucus.

  32. Anonymous7:52 PM

    And the FBI has yet to vote...Bernie better stay in or we'd for sure be handing it to the Trumpettes.

    1. Did you know that the FBI has zero legal authority to "indict"? Did you know that a Grand Jury would have to be assembled for any indictment? And did you know there is no Grand Jury for this? No? Well, now you do! Please stop with these silly Hillary Email Derangement Syndrome posts! You've got a bad case of HEDS, my friend.

    2. Anonymous10:19 PM

      "As corrupt public officials go, Hillary Clinton is in a league of her own. That’s according to a Washington ethics watchdog that just named the Democratic presidential front-runner as the top ethics violator of 2015.

      The nonpartisan Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT) placed Clinton at the top of its worst ethics violators of 2015 list after finding “overwhelming evidence” she abused her official position as secretary of state."

    3. I feel like you don't know what the word "nonpartisan" means.

  33. Anonymous2:53 AM

    What's really disappointing to me is how the Clinton supporters act like the republicans do towards Sanders supporters. Shame on you all. I thought we were better then those guys.

  34. Anonymous4:13 AM

    6'2" and tiny hands waving about does not make "him" huge. Reading from a teleprompter cross eyed does not make "him" right. This clown and his outhouse full of friends caused the problems we have today in America. He and his ilk are the toxic waste.

  35. "He should show them,"
    Well, that sure show's that idiot Trump's maturity level. Don't think about consequences, morals, ethics, and so on. Just "I'm gonna show you" petty revenge.

  36. Anonymous4:20 AM

    If the Donald wanted to make America great again after he extorted and trashed the place than he can do it on his own dime and time. He is not presidential material. He is simply the FACE of the current republican party. He is simply a functioning narcissist that requires someone to tell him how good he is hourly. A typical medical case of narcissism and untreated bratenza.

  37. Anonymous4:28 AM

    There is only ONE candidate that will overturn citizen united. It is the single most important issue in this election. NO overturn NO country. Please demand the overturn of citizen united. Money must be removed from the elections. America is not for sale. We the people must demand that the supreme court overturn citizen united immediately.

  38. Anonymous4:32 AM

    The Donald has been bribing, extorting and working on his grand stand election scam for years. All enemies have been stifled, extorted and harmed by his paid criminals. His constitutional sheriffs have committed unspeakable actions against innocent Americas all over this country. This must be exposed and stopped. It is gross that we have an election of the most out of touch elite hogs on the planet.

  39. Anonymous4:36 AM

    The rumps of the world are laughing at simple minded americans stirring around the choice of embarrassing candidates. When will We the People hold elected accountable for the direct harm caused by their actions?


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