Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Chris Christie's wife cannot control her disdain as Donald Trump claims that the only thing Hillary Clinton has going for her is that she's a woman.

I have never been a fan of Mary Pat Christie but her reaction was perfect and undoubtedly spoke for millions of women across the country.

Here is the entire quote:  

“Frankly, if Hillary Clinton were a man, I don’t think she’d get five percent of the vote. The only thing she’s got going is the woman’s card. And the beautiful thing is women don’t like her, OK?” 

That is so deeply misogynistic that you can almost hear women across the country gasping in frustration and rolling their wrists and stretching their fingers so that they can even vote harder for Hillary Clinton in November.

In fact, just to drive that point home, this is what one of Trump's female advisers said about women voting in 2016:

Tana Goertz, senior adviser to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, argued Wednesday that the average woman who isn't keeping up with politics or "really using her own brain" will vote for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. 

“The average woman who isn’t really involved in politics or isn’t really using her own brain to go, 'let me see you know what does, what has this woman done for our country' — they’re just going in and saying 'I guess I should vote for her because she’s a woman,'" Goertz said in a panel discussion on CNN.

Oh yeah, I'm limbering up my wrists and fingers as well. I can hardly wait to shut this POS down in November.


  1. Anita Winecooler4:40 PM

    I never liked Mary Pat either, but don't blame her for her obvious disdain. Just look at Donald's record with women in general. Fox, smelling blood in the water, is having a one on one interview exclusive with Megyn Kelly and this asshat. She'll kiss his ass and let him off the hook, but it shows how low Fox will go for ratings.

    1. Anonymous6:00 PM

      Chris Christie will be punished by the short-fingered vulgarian for not 'controlling' his wife's non-adoring photo op.

      Dum, da, dum dum; look out Chris!


  2. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Just saw Dakota Bristol legal stuff on Radar.

    Do the Palin's sell everything? Absolute Bottomfeeders.

    Read interesting article,

    if republicans vote for trump,conservatism and republican values will change as this guy put it, taken out into the cornfield and beaten to death. And, they can't object because trump takes great offense to criticism.

    If they vote for Hillary, status quo remains, and everyone can happily complain about Hillary 24x7. We know that the republicans have turned complaining into an industry.

    1. Anonymous5:58 PM

      Who cares about Dakota Bristol crap.
      They made their bed. Screw 'em.

    2. Anonymous8:18 PM

      Two fucking breeder idiots who deserve each other, and that stupid baby that they made. I love it that DUH is spending over 5000 per month to come up and visit his little love monkey.

      I guess that's a pretty strong message to "wrap that wiener up" with his next bitch!

  3. SallyinMI4:53 PM

    Good grief. Trump is itching for a fight, isn't he? "It's true," he blabbers. No Donny, the woman has millions more votes than you do because she is a fabulous person, not because she is Mrs. Clinton. By the way, dunce, Mr. Clinton would wipe the floor with you as well, but ti does my heart good to watch Hillary do it! Go Hill!!

    1. Anonymous5:47 PM

      I am looking forward to Hillary paddling that bad boy.

      I hope she goes after his brand so that he will be humiliated. I think the world wants a hand on this action.

    2. Anonymous6:18 PM

      "Frankly, if Trump were a rude woman who looked like Carly Fiorina, I don’t think he’d get five percent of the vote."

    3. @ 6:18. :D
      As he is, possibly demented, he has received 10 million (!) votes but what percentage is that of all GOP voters possible?

  4. Anonymous4:59 PM

    He's right. Sad as it is. There isn't a more duplicitous, problematic candidate. She is everything that is wrong with our system.

    Thanks to the fucked up D party and changes over 4 decades. No problems started within the last 15 years. It all started in the 60s. Fuck you baby boomers. #truth. Time to fix shit.

    1. Anonymous5:06 PM

      “Frankly, if Donald Trump were a woman, I don’t think he’d get five percent of the vote. The only thing he’s got going is the man’s card. And the beautiful thing is men don’t like him, OK?”

      Pot meet kettle.

    2. Anonymous5:14 PM

      What a shitload of complete nonsense. You are a fool.

    3. Anonymous5:20 PM

      FU_K YOU, you ignorant prick.

    4. Anonymous5:23 PM

      Go eat shit and die. Non one wants to read your lies and bull shit, dumb ass.

    5. Anonymous5:50 PM

      Gen-X or Millenial BernieBro in the house. You are unbelievably ignorant and made the strongest argument against your own argument. If none of the problems started in the past 15 years....then, hell, she must have been a great Secretary of State....and she will carry forth many if the issues that are current president brought forth...that must be great because no current problems started under him, either. Has it occurred to you that many things have actually improved for the average person in the past 8 years?

    6. Anonymous5:53 PM

      You, 4:59 PM are everything that is wrong with our country. Incests produce imbeciles like you.

    7. Anonymous7:08 PM

      Preach it 4:59!

      You are correct!

    8. Anonymous7:34 PM

      Let me tell you that i have a real problem with a candidate that has a slogan of "Make America Great Again".

      America has never lost it's greatness, never. There is never a time ever when anyone who serves in the military should have to hear these words. Only a loser who has his clothing line made in China but says he will bring jobs back to America could say something that is so anti American.

      Trump may has lost his faith in America but he is spitting on it by saying so. Never, never as an American would i doubt the resolve of our military and it's resolve as he has done.We are not wimps, never have been, never will be. The world of warfare has changed significantly since Vietnam we now rely on pinpoint strikes and special ops ground troops play their part but who took out Osama Ben Laden.Special forces and intelligence information shared by our allies.

      It was the US that got him asshole Trump and how many nukes does it take to wipe out a Country? I don't need a President who does not already believe our Country is strong. Make no mistake asshole Trump the world is a complicated thing, war is a complicated thing and when one of your kids joins the military talk to me.So far you rich asshole none of your family has had a stake in real war including you.The truly great avoid war if it can be helped and the the truly naive are war mongers like you. And I say once again that never ever would i want a President that thinks this Country is not now great! America will stand now and forever because we are the mutts, we have been built on one common goal that we accept rebels and rejects who are willing to fight for freedom from oppression. if history has taught us anything it is that the most loyal were the welcombed looking for a better life.

      Fuck Trump.

    9. Anonymous7:35 PM

      Better run along before someone steals your place in the finger-painting room at c4p.

    10. Anonymous8:36 PM


      Bull, troll.

    11. Anonymous10:19 PM


      People only serve in the military if they can't find another job or if they didn't graduate.

      Where I went to school the guidance councilors called it "your last chance for a paycheck but it might cost you your life".

    12. 10:19. Fuck you. Ask Pat Tillman if he couldn't find a job.

    13. "Fuck you baby boomers."
      Right back at you, you ignorant snot.

  5. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Woman's card, gay card, black card, veterans card...

    1. Anonymous5:57 PM

      Trump plays the rich white guy, young wife card. Pathetic.

      We could have a drinking game, like "hi Bob," for trump's use of words, "they love me" or just "me". Because it's all about trump.

      I do hope Sara is wishin and hope'n, and prayin that this turd will anoint her.

    2. Anonymous9:15 PM

      @4:59 PM Domestic violence card, PTSD card, victims' card, fake snow machine accident card,4 times single mom card, Sarah is a judge card....

  6. SallyinMI5:08 PM

    So she thinks they should really pay attention to the debates, right. THEN they will go in and vote for the person who has ideas, who doesn't denigrate men or women, who has more experience and intelligence than Trump's entire clan, and it will truly be a landslide. I can hardly wait!
    And Tana, you're as full of crap as your boss.

  7. Anonymous5:10 PM

    I live in an ocean of misogyny so one more blast from the likes of Trump doesn't rile me. It's only when the speaker has pretensions of being an intelligent human being that I even bother with an eye roll or (more fun) a retort that incinerates.

  8. Anonymous5:11 PM

    I wouldn't characterize looking slightly amused and throwing Chris Christie a side glance a "perfect" reaction to Trump saying that the only thing Hillary Clinton--former five-term First Lady of Arkansas, former two-term First Lady of the United States, former two-term United States Senator for New York, former Secretary of State of the United States (not to mention Yale Law School graduate, attorney for the Congressional Watergate Committee, and law firm partner)--has going "is the women's vote."

    Mary Pat Christie should have walked off that stage. She's a tool, just like her disgusting unindicted crook of a husband.

    1. Anonymous2:13 AM

      Great response! But I think she's abused, and wouldn't dare stand up for herself. Or women. Or her kids. Compare her to Jill Biden. And Carly to Joe. Oh my. Oh my. What are there-four or five divorces going on with the GOP frontrunners? So very into family values, aren't they?

  9. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Donald must really hate me because I've got a woman card, a minority card, a veteran's card, an education card, and an I have been politically active since before I could vote at age 21.
    Dear Donald Trump FU_K YOU!

    Hillary 2016!

    1. Anonymous8:16 PM

      I don't know what a "woman card" is. I've been lucky, been paid the same as the men in my field and never been seen as a "lesser" person because I'm female.

      I've also never taken time off work to have children, or done anything that would make men consider me "the weaker sex" so that might be the difference between me and many other women that set aside their careers to "raise families".

      That just wasn't something that was going to work in my field and I and my partner didn't want children so it was a win/win for us. However, I do know a lot of women who lost prime positions in their careers due to them "stepping out" for a few years to make and raise babies.

      My partner and I know that there are far too many people in this world, many more than our resources can support and we made the decision 35 years ago to not be part of the over population problem, and it worked out well for us, both mentally, physically and most importantly financially.

    2. Anonymous9:07 PM

      8:16 PM Where would you be if your parents thought the same as you? Hopefully you never have the opportunity to mistreat children.

    3. Anonymous10:17 PM

      My mother birthed two of us, a boy and a girl, we are 18 months apart. We both went to school in another state from grades 5-12 and came home on holidays, so I don't really even know my parents very well.

      Then we went to college and grad school and both of us live on the west coast now and mother and dad are on the east and really, neither of us have seen them for a few years.

      My brother and I travel with our partners frequently but rarely ever communicate or travel with any of our family except for a few cousins.

      I thank mother and dad for life and my education but really, I don't even know them, nor do I care to.

      Mother and dad taught me that I'm probably not capable of being a caretaker, my brother either, so we've never had kids, and as I said earlier, the world is too crowded anyway.

    4. Anonymous2:11 AM

      That's pretty sad. Of course you can't be a caregiver: their idea of caregiving was to send you off to be raised by boarding schools. So they are no doubt thrilled there were never any grandkids, who are the light of my life. As I said, sad.

    5. Anonymous11:22 AM

      Bravo, 8:16!

      And for 2:11, who is convinced that a person must have children or grandchildren to be fulfilled or have "light" in their lives, fuck you. You are the one who is sad. My pets and my job are the lights of my life and I do not meed nor want your pity.

  10. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Where does Mary Pat shop? "Straight Jackets R'Us"?

    1. Anonymous2:09 AM

      Doesn't she remind you of the Duggar women? I bet she's abused. Christie is a bully and crude and has to assert his power over everyone-just like Trump.

  11. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Yeah, no one likes watching their husband being emasculated.

  12. Anonymous5:33 PM

    This is the same weenie that valued Sarah Palin's endorsement so much that he kept putting her up on the stage to speak for him until they made him stop.

    Maybe he knows she has a penis.

  13. Anonymous5:53 PM

    I know what Hillary has done for women and what she has stated that she will do for women if she is elected President. What has Donald done for women besides lusting after his daughter and wondering what size his baby daughter's breasts would be when she grew up?

  14. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Vote for Hillary. I don't wish to see Melania Trump as the First Lady.

    1. Anonymous9:03 PM

      What? you mean you don't want the Queen of Great Britain to see Melania Trumps nude pics? She could be the First Lady and Putin could make a pass at her and we could have a Melania Trump trader cards set and somehow I think that Trump would be proud of it.Every one want's the First Lady to be a self centered sell yourself woman!

      Crap. Trump would be the first one to say " Have you seen the pic's of my wife?" . Personally I think she has gotten a free ride so far but not for long.

    2. Anonymous9:04 PM

      A first lady with step-children her age.

    3. Anonymous9:25 PM

      Me too. Ick factor malaria as in whitehouse. Ick to the nth. Wait she could be for immigrants. Hahaha trump will put her nudes in one of the rooms. Gross!!

    4. Anonymous9:42 PM

      No one has even started in on the fact that she was born and raised a Communist.Her father used his pull in the Communist party to get her into modeling.

    5. Anonymous10:08 PM

      So, all of you liberals that are against Trump's immigration policies have a problem with his immigrant wife sleeping in the Whitehouse? You should be happy for her, finding her way in the Great USA!

      Guess what, a lot of people were horrified by the thought of the first negro woman that wasn't a white house servant, entering the presidential sleeping quarters, much less actually sleeping in the presidential bedroom.

      Get over it.

    6. Anonymous2:08 AM

      Sorry honey, but there is zero comparison between an educated, lovely, loving black American woman and a woman born a Communist, who after years in the USA barely speaks our language (although she's supposed to be fluent in six) and who is nothing more than Trump's arm candy. Think she would not be the laughing stock across the free world? Between Trump being unable to even read a real speech off a prompter, and Melania being unable to conduct an interview on anything...whew. The only happy people would be the comedians.

  15. Anonymous6:09 PM

    Vote for Hillary. I don't want to see an idiot as POTUS.

  16. Crystal Sage6:28 PM

    And now we have a "Fail Mary Pass' with Cruz naming Carly Fiorina as his VP pick before the convention. Good move, Ted. Even the sainted Reagan did that in 1976 and he lost to Gerald Ford at the convention.

    Interesting article in 538 about the similarities between McCain's choice of Palin in 2008 and Mondale's choice of Ferraro as his running mate: a sign of desperation.

  17. Anonymous6:47 PM

    They will try to create a "kinder, gentler" more "presidential" Donald Trump for the general election, but his true nature will always bleed through.

    1. Anonymous8:11 PM

      He's fine. A lot of people find him to be fantastic. He is on track to have more primary votes than any candidate in 36 years.

      We're good, stop worrying, American will finally be great again!

    2. Anonymous9:02 PM

      8:11 PM With stupid voters like you, America will be great without Donald the rapist and serial adulterer Trump. Did you even read what you typed before posting?

    3. Anonymous9:05 PM

      8:11 - he is crazy! Sorry you cannot see it but honestly, there is no sane person left in the GOP if he's your nominee. He's really a throwback to the "no nothing" party of the 19th century.

    4. Won't work. Waaaay too much on videotape.

      Besides, he'd never be able to keep up the pretense until November.

    5. Anonymous9:43 PM

      8:11,you should check your math.Hillary has been getting more votes than Chump.Heck,in his home state,she got 3 times his votes,even Bernie,who came in second to Hillary,got 50% more votes than Chump.

    6. Anonymous9:49 PM

      Hillary has emailgate. Trump does't have any negatives as high as she does. He will be fine she will be toast. She won't go to jail, but she will not be allowed to accept the nomination. You can bank on it.

    7. Anonymous2:04 AM

      9:49. Right. Trump's negatives with women are at 69%. You think women don't vote? He's cheated all on his wives. Hillary has cheated on no one. He hires those 'illegals' he despises to build his shrines-in the USA. Hillary fights for everyone to have health care and a living wage.
      If Trump latches onto Christie for 'his experience' watch his negatives go higher...Christie is corrupt and a bigger bully than Trump. NO women will vote that ticket. Except you and Sarah, of course. The people who think Trump will do anything at all to help anyone but Trump. Wait for the debates.Trump will be annihilated. Bank on that.

    8. @ 9:05 ---


  18. Anonymous7:03 PM

    OT: John McCain's campaign fundraiser just got busted for a Meth Lab.

    1. Breaking Bad in Arizona?

      Maybe he picked up some pointers from Sarah Palin.

  19. Anonymous7:11 PM

    Tana Goertz, senior adviser to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump
    After reading this moron's quote, I believe Tana is the code name for Sarah Palin.

  20. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Vote for Hillary! George Takei says in November, vote blue no matter who!

  21. Anonymous9:26 PM

    I think markie maples daughter and Clinton's daughter look the same.

  22. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Who is the used to be pretty blond with the Michael Jackson nose job?

  23. Anonymous5:15 AM

    Does Donald Trump put cucumber slices over his eyes when he lies under his tanning bed each week? The cucumbers must turn crispy brown and dry while in place.

    1. Unless he stands nude in a spray booth, has his eyes covered with patches, as he is rotated like shawarma.

  24. Anonymous7:21 AM
    NAZI ERA..


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