Saturday, April 02, 2016

I think Jimmy Kimmel's April Fool's day prank was the best one of all.

Courtesy of Raw Story:

“April Fools, America!” declares ‘Trump. “I’m not really running for president. It was a joke! You’re so stupid, it’s mind-boggling. It really is. Now go vote for my friend Hillary Clinton, and Make America Great Again.” 

“I can’t believe you bought these crappy hats.”

I think the reason that this works so well is that a lot of people have hoped all along that Trump would do exactly this. And who knows, he might.

I wonder if there are any Trump supporters who were fooled by this and really think Trump pulled a fast one?

After all these are not smart people.


  1. Anita Winecooler5:09 PM

    Something tells me Donald just dropped his burrito. but no problem, it fell on his toupee so it's edible. He can't take a joke, even a good one like this. And Melania? Forgettabouttit. That wooshing sound is the rush of air as she tries to figure what this fool of april is and why her husband wasted all their money.

    1. Anonymous5:23 PM

      I'm howling over your last sentence, Anita! You nailed her!


  2. Anonymous5:20 PM

    Hilarious, maybe this will be his acceptance speech at the convention.

  3. Anonymous5:41 PM

    What say you, Bristol Patheos/Brancy? Are you pregnant again? How's your Dad? You don't know? Weren't you there when he had his phantom accident?

    1. Anonymous8:12 PM

      SO how did that headlight on your truck get broken - the one you got a ticket for? the same day your dad had his "accident"... hmmmmmmm?

    2. Anonymous5:50 AM

      you're on the wrong post.

  4. Anonymous5:55 PM

    I was just sick to learn this joke was not real.

    I still think Trump's campaign is a way out of some show-stopper money troubles he has. If he becomes POTUS, he will survive them. If he does not, his finances will implode.

    So he will keep going until the last dog is hung. Too bad for the U.S. of A.

  5. Anonymous6:12 PM

    The Trump campaign is a joke the video is disturbingly real. Not funny!

  6. O/T...I don't think Ted Cruz's daughter likes him! LOL! Check out how fast she lets go of his hand! He looks like he has sweaty palms!

    Ooowee to the look on his face...I'm sure if the cameras weren't rolling he would have smacked that little girl good!


    1. Anonymous7:04 PM

      Kids know who's real and who's not.
      Especially family.

  7. Anonymous6:25 PM

    1. Anonymous7:45 PM

      I think Alexander is worth listening to for the thought-provoking history lesson. I'm unconvinced by her politics. I think it would have been relevant to discuss that Bernie Sanders voted for the 1994 Crime Bill. I was frustrated they didn't expand on Alexander's statement that it might be good for Bernie's revolution to develop a third party.

  8. I keep seeing posts on Facebook by previous Trump campaign workers, revealing that they were all AWARE it was a big scam, from the start.

    But that, given the joke got such legs, Trump's ego made him start to think he SHOULD be the top banana, so after awhile, he took it all seriously.

    I recall back to the Herman Cain "performance piece" and how many people STILL don't realize it was a sham.

    When people began to compare Trump to Hitler, the next thing he did was ask his crazed followers to start giving him the straight arm salute!

    At that point, I figured for SURE it was all a giant put on...and he's making this shit up as he goes along.


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