Saturday, April 02, 2016

Bristol Palin, famous for constantly claiming that somebody is abusing her, tells the female reporter who was roughed up by Donald Trump's campaign manager to "toughen up."

Over on the blog that Bristol actually has virtually nothing to do with, Nancy French posted this tweet from Piers Morgan, and then followed it up with these mean girl remarks:  

Did you watch the video? 

An assault charge against this guy??? 


I bet Michelle Fields feels like an idiot after this video was released. 

This was NOT an assault. 

As Piers Morgan wrote, “A man would have been condemned as a laughing stock for complaining” about that slight event. 

He’s right. Toughen up.

The video that Brancy is referring to is this one which clearly shows Corey Lewandowski grabbing Michelle Fields by the arm and jerking her back.
Of course that is by now actually old news since we have all moved on to the ignorant things that Donald Trump said about punishing women for having abortions, but perhaps Nancy/Bristol/Sarah is just a little slow on the uptake.

Of course the irony of Bristol "They took my $300 sunglasses" Palin telling anybody to toughen up is mind numbing.

Let's not forget that this is a woman who once claimed to have been raped in Juneau, wrote in a book that the father of her child got her drunk and raped her in a tent, testified in a court of law that she was terrified of crank calls because "We live in the middle of nowhere in Alaska," and then hit Korey Klingenmeyer in the face multiple times, without making a dent, after which her father and brother attacked him and got their asses handed to them as well.

However even more pathetic than that is the fact that Nancy French, who is vocally supporting the #NeverTrump campaign,  is still selling her "skills" to Sarah Palin for some SarahPAC crumbs.

I keep wanting to use the word pathetic to describe these people, but honestly it just does not seem pathetic enough.


  1. Anonymous2:05 PM

    You should use that photo every time you post about her. Sums it all up.

    1. Anonymous3:23 PM

      Seems too many chromosomes run in that family.

    2. Anonymous5:29 PM

      3:23 If you were a Palin chromosome you'd run, too, and as fast as you can.

    3. Anonymous5:39 PM

      2:05 funny you say that. I have often thought pictures prior to her many surgeries should always be used for posts!

    4. Anonymous5:51 PM

      Dakota hit that?


    5. Anonymous8:21 PM

      No. She was on him like....haha

  2. Anonymous2:09 PM

    That girl has some serious buyers over the new chin. Since the 'beauty surgery' has she ever posed for a close-up without an exaggerated silly face?

    1. Anonymous3:04 PM

      Yes actually a while back she posed for a close-up selfie bragging that this is what her face looks like with no makeup on. The vain little liar clearly had on eye-liner and more.

    2. She may have been stupid enough to get eyeliner tattooed on.

    3. Anonymous3:42 PM

      She is a mess.

    4. Anonymous3:59 PM

      So true, ivyfree. On her butt cheeks.

    5. Anonymous5:13 PM

      3:42 you can see the outline of her device lol!!

  3. Anonymous2:17 PM

    She is most definitely her mother's daughter, right down to sexual obsession and wonky eyeball. I feel for her kids; they're in for a life of hell. All because she couldn't, and still can't, keep her legs togther.

    "Looking for love in all the wrong places."
    Leave your "god" out of it, Brissy, you are the furthest from a role model for anyone, and that goes for your whole family. Sheesh.

    1. Anonymous4:53 PM

      Just like her Mommie Dearest.

    2. Couldn't keep her legs together, or be bright enough to take one pill per day... or just have a depo shot every three months... or an IUD placed... or a Norplant, which is good for five years. She's not only a bimbo, she's a dumb bimbo, who evidently feels it's easier to get pregnant and live off child support than actually work for a living. Child support an an allowance from Mom for... what reason, exactly? Keeping quiet?

  4. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Ex C4P fans have moved over the therightscoop and are catching on to Sarah's fake BristolBlog.

    Watchman74 • 7 hours ago
    From Bristol Palin's Blog: Toughen up! The footage of Trump’s campaign manager ‘assaulting’ a female reporter is laughable. Apparently grabbing a women hard enough to bruise her is okay, but recall she got in a fight over someone for just shoving her sister.

Aaron Herald Watchman74 • 7 hours ago 
And smearing and slandering Fields with a stream of lies and insults from Trump and Lewandowski, is that laughable too, Bristol?

    BearNJ Jamie Len Caudill • 5 hours ago
    I can't watch it either. Palin went off the rails when she endorsed the liberal Democrat for Governor over her own former LT Gov showed her colors. When she chose Trump over Cruz her daughter Bristol had a prepared E-mail that Cruz was "mean to her Mom" all ready to go when a former Cruz campaign operative Rick Tyler questioned why Trump over a real conservative like Cruz.

    1. Anonymous2:49 PM

      Never thought I'd see the day when TheresaAK and PBP left.

      You kowtow to all things Palin or you're gone.

    2. Anonymous3:22 PM

      c4p sodahic showed up on therightscoop and got beat up by the ex-c4p'ers. Seems they troll each other's hangouts and duke it out. lol

    3. Anonymous4:04 PM

      Not a good fight until "Miss January" inserts herself into the mix. I GIGGLE.

    4. Anonymous6:18 PM

      Sarah Palin says Trump only serious candidate on foreign policy, crowd LAUGHS at GOP dinner

    5. Anonymous7:11 PM

      Pat • 4 hours ago

      I see a lot of people here saying how Sarah is the one that changed. I understand how some feel that way because she's hurt a lot of former supporters. Some can not bring themselves to admit they've been snookered all along. I'm so glad it didn't take me 7-8 years of donations to realize that Sarah Palin herself has NEVER changed and has always been a non-blinking opportunist since her days as mayor. She has only changed what has come out of her mouth to benefit herself financially. Her thirst for the dollar bill and spotlight is behind her every smart-like-a-fox move. And THAT is why she's riding Trump's coat tails. That's also why she and ghost-writers tag team with "Bristol's" Blog to pimp her book and have Bristol "write" what she doesn't dare write on her on Facebook. The Sarah Palin we thought we knew just simply didn't exist and yes it's upsetting and extremely disappointing now that the mask is off. Just my opinion!

    6. I suppose the young girl who was groped and then pepper sprayed should just suck it up too.

      I can't stand the hypocrisy of the right anymore. Now they are the only ones allowed to be victims?

    7. Anonymous7:02 AM

      Those x-C4Pers must be dumb... they seem to think Palin used to be authentic, but went off the rails at some point. Still clinging a bit to their Palin alter, I see.

  5. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Poor special needs Bristol. Wonder who's sitting her this weekend with Mommy out of town and Todd laid up? A weekend without a minder could certainly lead to another unwanted pregnancy.

    This weekend is Dakota's second visitation with Sailor so little Ms. Special Needs needs some attention because her little play toy is with her Daddy.

    1. SallyinMI2:31 PM

      So who's paying all of MOH's airfare? It can't be cheap to fly from KY to Alaska, rent a hotel room for the weekend, as well as a car. Who's footing the bills?

    2. Anonymous2:57 PM

      2.31 pm--as a MOH holder, Mr Meyer is entitled to fly on military space available flights. I don't know if he is using this option, but it's his prerogative to do so. And as a taxpayer in the United States, you (as a taxpayer) would be helping pay for it.

    3. Anonymous5:54 PM

      also too

      "Each Medal of Honor recipient's child, if they qualify, can go to a military academy without having to worry about the quota for his or her state."

    4. Anonymous6:46 PM

      Can a dependent with FAS go to a military academy?

    5. Anonymous10:39 PM

      While it is true he can fly space available, that is very unpredictable, so I think we can say that Dakota is footing the bill.

      As mentioned before, he's keeping his receipts and Bristol's selfishness will backfire when it comes time to settle child support.

    6. Anonymous5:11 AM

      And fraud payback when it is revealed she ain't even his spawn.

    7. Anonymous7:39 AM

      In his court docs he claims an income of $100K per year. He isn't supporting a family. in KY $100K goes a LONG way.

  6. Anonymous2:39 PM

    She's right. It is pathetic. Why, look at her performance at the drunken brawl.

    Hey Corey--THAT'S how to really clock somebody.

    1. Anonymous3:26 PM

      Slime Family

    2. Anonymous4:01 PM

      How long until Daily Mail promotes the fake Nancy blog as saint Bristol's next amazing lesson for her brain dead suckers?

  7. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Hey, Brissy! Did you say the same to Jordan when your brother cold cocked her and kicked her when she was on the ground? Did you coax her to come out from under the bed when she was sobbing in fear?

    Well DID YA???

  8. Anonymous3:01 PM

    Remember when Barstool claimed Levi raped her when he didn't? Gifu, stool!

    1. Anonymous3:16 PM

      A compulsive liar is someone who lies with ease and finds comfort in it. The person may even continue to lie when presented with the truth in cold, hard facts. Getting a compulsive liar to admit he or she lied can be nearly impossible.

    2. Anonymous3:48 PM

      May be the Judge told her to ‘Stop Acting Like You’re Trash’

  9. Anonymous3:02 PM

    All that family knows is violence.

  10. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Bitch like a Palin

    1. Anonymous3:13 PM

      I distinctly remember LMAOing when she debuted the Leno chin.

      What a fool.

    2. Anonymous10:21 PM

      3:13 I distinctly remember not being able to find Bristol standing next to Sara when a photo of her new chin was posted.

      It was the post event party and Sara's shoes were too big and she had a stain on her dress.

      The photo credit mentioned the two of them and I could not for the life of me figure out why they mentioned Bristol when she wasn't in the photo.

      Did. Not. Recognize. Her. Even when the photo credit said she was there.

      And I am an Alaskan who is familiar with lots of Palin photos so it's not like I didn't recognize someone I never heard of.

    3. Anonymous10:31 PM

      LOL. And wouldn't you know it. When I Googled for the after event photo of Bristol's chin I found it in an article about the Big Palin Brawl.

      Did. Not. Recognize. That. Person. As. Bristol.

      Here's another I found. Before/after.

      This one shows DWTS pregnancy.

      What a weird and sad life. To be known best for failed abstinence, baby bumps and failed chin surgery.

  11. Anonymous3:15 PM

    What a pity those poor kids she keeps popping out are subjected to such a violent family of liars.

    She must be more like Track than we want to know.

    Who in their right mind would have their kids living in the insanity?

    Who goes to court next?

    1. Cold enough in that room that Track's wearing a sweatshirt, but the two boys are just in shorts. How brainless are these people?

  12. Anonymous3:32 PM

    The Blogger (Nancy French) wrote about how it was not an "assault" LOL ...maybe that's why the guy isn't charged with assault, but "battery" There is a difference.

    1. Anonymous3:59 PM

      Right. Let anyone come close to doing the same to them. "I feared for my life!"

    2. Anonymous4:53 PM

      Remember the hand over the heart pic in DC "march" with Cruz, Tawd, and her?

      The last one was Tawd and her across the street bailing out looking over their shoulder at protesters like the cockroaches they are. "Don't hurt me!" Such cowards, I lmaoed and they haven't changed one bit.

    3. Anonymous6:43 PM

      Right, 4:53 PM, Sarah and Todd Palin were running from the Veterans that they claim to support. Toughen up, Palins. BWAHAHAHAHA.

  13. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Bristles, next time we want an opinion, we'll give it to you.
    You are on no position to speak for anyone.
    You and you mother and twad are pathetic grifter's and your are not any good at it.
    You are a dipstick.Live with it.

  14. Anonymous3:38 PM


    i don't think things are going well for palin brand

    bristol palin denied the drunken brawl

    6 must-reads from Palin family brawl police report

  15. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Gryphen - Your 3rd paragraph/sentence is masterful.

  16. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Ms Fields should go to a birthday party and punch a docile host in his face several times? Ms Fields would show her toughness if she was punched in her face and kicked by a drunk suicidal coward, right, Nancy/Bristol? You Palins are psychopathic assholes.

  17. Anonymous3:46 PM

    This was Lewandowski's 2nd known episode of battery against a reporter. He wasn't held accountable for the 1st-- grabbing a reporter by the shirt collar, an incident which Trump also denied in spite of the video evidence.

    I guess the battered reporters are supposed to be thankful that it was only Corey, and not Trump's brass-knuckle wearing staff, that were nearby.

  18. Anonymous3:53 PM

    I'm guessing if the same guy grabbed Bristol in the very same way and left the same kind of bruising, Nancy French's tone and language would be quite different.

    Hey Nancy, Hey Bristol.... toughen UP for gawds sake. Track might be drunk enough to be comin to beat YOUR asses. Get tough and don't complain when a ~man~ roughs you up. We clear? HIPPOCRITES.

    1. Anonymous8:01 PM

      No need to guess. We know how the Palins responded to a situation they described as an 'older women' pushing Willow out of the way and the family being asked to leave a party.

  19. Anita Winecooler3:55 PM

    In a way, I feel a mountain of pity for the three faces of Duh. Granny's footing the bill for a writer on the dump trump bandwagon, yet runs at the chance to be his surrogate, chalking it up as a win by saying "At least I didn't get booed", she's throwing good money after bad to make Todd's firstborn come off as the rhodes scholar of social media. Brissy took her son and family to crash someone's party, complaining about the three hundred dollar sunglasses, thong dress, and shoes. If I recall, she squealed for days about bruises and pain from "the assault", but the difference here is a woman was doing her job and got taken down by the Trump squad of thugs. Why does he get secret service protection when he's "self funding"? Shouldn't he be paying for his own henchmen, thugs and ex convicts?

    O.T. Old Gawker piece on when Donald took Moola AND Ivana on vacation in Aspen, bought them the same ski outfits and hilarity ensues. Part is an interview with Babawa Wawa with hat tips to People Magazine and other sources.

    1. Thanks Anita! Here's the link...the comments are hilarious!


    2. Trumped5:50 PM


      When Ivana Trump and Marla Maples encountered each other on Aspen Mountain during the Christmas holidays of 1990, the story went around the world in at least three or four different versions, one of which made the front page of the next day’s New York Post. What is known for sure is that both women were in Aspen, with The Donald, at the same time. And only one of them, Ivana, was married to him. The rest of the details varied considerably.

      Some claim Ivana approached Marla in Bonnie’s restaurant and demanded, “You bitch, leave my husband alone!” Others say the confrontation occurred on the ski slope at the bottom of Little Nell, where they threw snowballs and hissed at each other. Ivana has said, "She came to me on the mountain and told me she was in love with my husband and they were having an affair. It was extremely painful.” Still others insist that the real source of the contretemps was that both were wearing identical expensive ski suits, possibly purchased by Trump for each of them. Whatever really happened, the result was divorce court.

  20. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Well, we know the blog isn't ghostwritten by Willow Palin or it would read something like:

    Willow: She didn’t…she didn’t hit him in the fucking face. She missed. She missed every fucking time. Okay, before that. Fuck you! Fuck you! You’re a fucking slut! What about that part? What about…is that on fucking video?

    1. Anonymous5:09 PM


    2. Anonymous5:31 PM

      men at the party at family friend Korey Klingenmeyer's house allegedly badmouthed the Palin daughters, leading to father Todd and son Track punching their friend Steve. "He's like a little pussy you know what I'm saying?" Track told the officer. "Like he's not gonna fight nobody. Most innocent, basically a gay guy, but he's not."

      More men then apparently became involved. Track took his shirt off.

      "I just bought this brand new shirt, so I took it off. I don't want to rip it," Track tells the officer. "Let's fucking fight. Four guys came on me, I hit one. One picked me up, tackled me, I hit one."

      He insists, however, that had it been a fair, one-on-one fight, he'd have won.

      "If it was one-on-one, I'd beat the shit out of them," he said. "One-on-one, like I'll beat their ass. I'm not trying to be gay or nothing. But they're four guys, man, like come on. I've done jujitsu my whole life, wrestled forever. Like let's fucking roll."

      And when the officer of apparently saintly patience asks Track to describe the men he fought, he simply explained, "They're all like little bitches."

    3. Anonymous6:35 PM

      I don't know why or what is wrong with me but I can't read the family brawl quotes without smiling.

    4. Anonymous6:36 PM

      Track Palin thinks that he won when he punched Jordan in her face. Now who is the pussy, Track?

    5. Anonymous8:29 AM

      I'm not trying to be gay or nothing.

      Why not?

      Like there's anything wrong with that?

      How about a gay snowmachine club?

  21. Anonymous4:14 PM

    So now Bristol is an attorney?

    I know she spends a lot of time in court but she must have skipped the lecture on the difference between assault (punching the party host in the face) and battery (grabbing a reporter by the arm).

    Bristol should stick with selling diet shakes and leave the political/legal discussions to the adults.

  22. Anonymous4:19 PM

    O/T but the Belmonts are BAAAACK BABY, RACINE!

    1. Anonymous4:29 PM

      I saw that! LMAO

  23. A J Billings4:30 PM

    Pat • an hour ago ... on rightscoop

    I see a lot of people here saying how Sarah is the one that changed. I understand how some feel that way because she's hurt a lot of former supporters.

    Some can not bring themselves to admit they've been snookered all along. I'm so glad it didn't take me 7-8 years of donations to realize that Sarah Palin herself has NEVER changed and has always been a non-blinking opportunist since her days as mayor.

    She has only changed what has come out of her mouth to benefit herself financially. Her thirst for the dollar bill and spotlight is behind her every smart-like-a-fox move.

    And THAT is why she's riding Trump's coat tails. That's also why she and ghost-writers tag team with "Bristol's" Blog to pimp her book and have Bristol "write" what she doesn't dare write on her on Facebook.

    The Sarah Palin we thought we knew just simply didn't exist and yes it's upsetting and extremely disappointing now that the mask is off. Just my opinion!

    Another Palinbot finally realizes what a hideous fool $arah really is.

    Sentinel • 2 hours ago
    I won't listen to her or even look at her. Many of us went to the mat for her over the years. When I returned home to my parents house, we had heated discussions over her with siblings and parents... it got very bad. I realize it's wrong based on my beliefs, but I have a bit of grim satisfaction over the lukewarm (at best) response. She betrayed all her beliefs and sullied her reputation with this idiotic alliance. Live and learn Sarah.

    Barbara TheresaAK • 3 hours ago
    The ISSUE is that she spoke for almost 17 minutes and made no sense. Her inability to focus and to clearly express a coherent message is stunning for someone with a degree in Communications. She can't successfully string together two paragraphs that make sense. If she paid for this "education", she needs to get her money back.

    TheresaAK Barbara • 3 hours ago
    She isn't a stupid woman, she is however deceived. I agree, she is incoherent ...but it wasn't always that way with her.

    Golly $arah, you've actually lost Theresa AK who cried when you didn't run in 2012, and predicted that the QUeen Esther myth was god's will

    Loser, quitter, failed, defeated, lost, terrible parent, and DrumpF worshiper.

    Can't think of much that worse than that


    1. Anonymous4:44 PM

      Yeah, and that renalin dude that they constantly disparaged. It was funny when pbp came back on, and the "amazed one" lit into him for even trying.

      Abnormal psychology has a field day!

    2. Anonymous6:22 PM

      I thought ThereseAK would stand by her forever since ThereseAK was given her cushy state job by Governor Sarah.

    3. Anonymous7:34 PM

      slhancock • 9 hours ago

      Yeah, the Palin candle glow is flickering out. I had hoped she'd run in 2012, and like many others,defended her. What a sorry mess now. So glad, now, that she didn't endorse Cruz. She has changed so much, which was evident in the endorsements for 2014, that it almost doesn't seem real. But she had her 15 minutes of fame and it's over now. She has "evolved from a real conservative to a GOPe, but even she doesn't realize it!

    4. Anonymous8:25 PM

      @ anon 6:22pm
      I went over to rightscoop to laugh at the comments and ThereseAK even called the C4Pees cult members, I had to laugh because she was a cult member a few short months ago also too.

    5. Anonymous8:30 PM

      The Tedinator • 10 hours ago

      When folks here were talking about her speech last night (I didn't see it), I thought maybe they were overstating how bad it was for effect. Boy, was I wrong! That was so terrible, and the audience was so unmoved by her. I saw one old dude turn his head to the side, and heave a YUGE sigh. He was definitely bored out of his mind.

      I did see Cruz's speech last night, and the difference between the crowd's reaction to each speaker was simply incredible. Night and day.

    6. Anonymous11:03 PM

      'Undefeated, the movie'


  24. If she wrote one word of that, I'd tell her what an ignorant, nasty little bitch she is. But since she didn't, I'll tell her what an ignorant, nasty little bitch she is some other time.

    1. Anonymous5:35 PM

      You just made me laugh out loud! Thanks.

  25. Anonymous4:46 PM

    Nancy French will write anything for anyone for a buck.

    Pathetic hack of a writer with no ethics

    1. Anonymous5:17 AM

      And Sarah and Bristol will say or ost anything for a buck.

  26. Anonymous5:04 PM

    It's hard to find who's the biggest prostitute in all of this.

    But who cares?

    A drunken Bristol Palin claimed SHE was the one assaulted when Korey Klingenmeyer pushed her off of him- then wept over her "fucking stuff" like the spoiled materialistic loser she really is.

    1. Anonymous5:41 PM

      Spot on.

    2. Anonymous5:46 PM

      Spot on.

    3. Anonymous8:46 PM

      Nancy French may be the biggest prostitute in all of this.

  27. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Earth to Bristol:
    Concentrate on raising decent children.
    They have everything against them, but you can.
    It's not about you, baby.

  28. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Off topic.

    Open carrying wingnut anti muslim protesters show up at South Dallas TX mosque. That's a Notion Of Islam Mosque to be exact.

    Wingnut anti muslims were met by open carrying Huey P. Newton Gun Club and the New Black Panther Party. Wingnuts decide to leave.

    1. Anonymous5:34 PM

      Power of the People

    2. Anonymous5:38 PM

      Dallas police stood guard on a funeral home’s roof as black counterprotesters swarmed the parking lot of Eva’s House of Bar-B-Q, vowing to defend their streets and chanting “black power.”

      “This is what they fear — the black man,” said activist Olinka Green. “This is what America fears.”

    3. Anonymous5:44 PM

      Power of the 2nd amendment and the masses mainlining the nra, fauxnews, and limpball with a side of 'i wanna' be somebody' coulter and palin.

    4. Anonymous6:00 PM

      It's looking like summer of 68 again and that's not a good thing.

    5. Anonymous6:02 PM

      "Down the street, in the barbecue restaurant’s parking lot, anger at Saturday’s anti-Islamic outsiders quickly bubbled into shouts about racism and classism in America.

      A chorus of voices cried out in support of “black power.”

      They bellowed to shield their home from white infiltration: “Whose streets? Our streets?”

      One man swore at a white TV reporter and later shouted, to no one in particular, that “we got the right to shoot back” if tensions escalated.

      Robert Greaves, who lives in South Dallas, said his community owed no explanation for its anger and frustration.

      “This is the black America that white America made,” he said."

    6. jkarov7:33 PM

      What? You mean guns are legal to own for other than white anglo Christian Sovereign Citizen males?

      Wonder how the local ammosexuals protesting the mosque like their 2nd amendment when it applies to ALL CITIZENS?

    7. Anonymous8:21 AM

      Waiting to see what Sarah Palin has to say about all this.

  29. Anonymous6:04 PM

    Trump is not going to be POTUS Bristol. You can forget about being invited to a sleep over in the WH. You and your mom backed the wrong horse. But, I guess Trump made a better offer. Enjoy your little bit of relevance because once this is election is over you and Trump will be history.

    1. Anonymous6:31 PM

      I personally enjoy watching Mommie whore herself out in the name of a god she does not follow. Like mother, like daughter!

  30. Anonymous6:28 PM

    This is Bristol when she toughens up:

  31. Anonymous6:57 PM

    Hey Bristol, should Michelle Fields 'toughen up' like you did in this video of you crying because somebody called your Mama a whore?

    1. Anonymous7:19 PM

      Or when she was crying on the sofa in CA in Life's a Tripp begging Willow to stay in CA and help her because she couldn't care for her second little bastard alone.

      Bristol's a wimp, a pussy and an all around whiner and hypocrite.

  32. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Bitch, please! In life's a trap, you cried like the useless spoiled slut you are because Pillow wouldn't babysit your foul mouthed brat. You wouldn't last a day in the shoes of a real struggling single mom. Fuck you.

    1. Anonymous7:51 PM

      No problem, she signed up the Diaper.
      Lord help her if she ever had to do anything herself.

  33. Anonymous7:08 PM

    If the same thing had happened between Bristol and Levi or Dakota, she'd have run to the trash magazines in no time with a story for money about how her ex had beat her.

  34. Anonymous7:20 PM

    Heidi Cruz covers April Fool's Day British GQ: 'Anything Melania can do, I can do better!'

    1. Anonymous8:58 PM

  35. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Why would anyone listen to a 24 year old dim witted, knocked up twice unmarried idiot? Bristol grew up around violence so she sees nothing wrong with a man grabbing a woman's arm, her solution would be to punch him in the face. In the normal world people don't expect to be grabbed and bruised unless you start a shit storm fight at a private party like Barstool did. If that man she punched in the face at the party hit her back would she say "I toughened up" hell no! She would be crying victim all over the place.. Oh wait she already has done that.

    Her thong dress and her three hundred dollar sunglasses were her priority at the time. Now does it get anymore shallow than that. No Palin can rise above anything they have no class at all, they can't keep their mouths shut and just walk away with dignity.

    If you put your life on public display than expect the ridicule it's that simple.It's just too bad she puts her kids on it too. Dakota, please stop Barstool from publishing photos to the public of Sailor it is the best thing you can do for your daughter at this point Bristol has already made Tripp into a brat! The only thing about her "Lifes A Tripp" reality show that garnered attention was the fact that Tripp was a spoiled brat who was raised with no manners at all.She will do this to Sailor to if Dakota doesn't stop it.

    1. Anonymous10:00 PM

      I wonder if he hasn't already stopped it, she hasn't posted a Sailor pic since Easter.

  36. physicsmom8:18 PM

    The earliest video of the Lewandowski/Fields altercation was shot by a bystander and was much clearer. You could see his hand firmly gripping her upper arm. A lot of chaos followed, blocking much of the camera's view. I think what the Trump people said was that video didn't count because who knows the motives of the photographer. Once the "official" film was available, you could see him lunge forward to grab the reporter, but that's about all. Too bad no one is showing the first video any more, it's much more definitive corroborating her version of events.

    1. Anonymous7:53 AM

      I would bet it's in the court filing.

  37. Anonymous8:32 PM

    I concur with Bristol Palin, the news reporter lady Trump's campaign manager Corey Lewandowski roughed needs to toughen up just like Bristol Palin.

    SARAH PALIN'S unmarried sexual promiscuous daughter who doesn't use condoms is tough and is not afraid of:

    Hepatitis. Hepatitis. ...
    Chancroid. Chancroid. ...
    Trichomoniasis. Trichomoniasis. ...
    Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and Genital Warts. Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and Genital Warts. ...
    Herpes. Herpes. ...
    Gonorrhea. Gonorrhea. ...
    Chlamydia. Chlamydia.
    Etc etc ...

    1. Anonymous5:21 AM

      Syphilis has made a comeback also, too.

  38. Anonymous9:17 PM

    Dakota has Sailor and if Trip is at Levi's she has not kids this weekend; except she has to be home at night to "breastfeed" Sailor. I am sure she will be glad when Sailor starts staying all night with Dakota and Trip is at Levi's and she can drink and party all weekend.

  39. Anonymous10:27 PM

    How fucking stupid do you have to be to post a picture like that, knowing full-well that you are amongst the most reviled people in America? Seriously, how stupid do you have to be?

    1. Anonymous6:12 AM

      Rhetorical question!

  40. Anonymous10:37 PM

    While searching for a chin photo I happened along this one of Bristol which I think shows her being quite attractive.

    Must have been second DWTS as she doesn't look pregnant.

    Anyway, I felt it important to point out nice things once in a while. There are so few nice things in the news about the Palins, for obvious reasons.

    1. Anonymous5:22 AM


    2. Anonymous5:23 AM

      fat fat legs and bad spray tan on lower legs only?

    3. Anonymous8:41 AM

      Her body looks good. Her face looks very weird, like she's a wooden puppet.

  41. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Ha ha, that picture illustrates her personality and intellect perfectly!

  42. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Hey Bristol do you want to get your mom all wee wee'd up? Ask her how to spell Mossack Fonseca.

    1. Anonymous6:17 PM


      wonder if her LLC's are in the accounts exposed!

  43. Anonymous6:18 PM

    Oh here we go with coincidences again...

    Nickleback - Shaking Hands


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