Tuesday, April 12, 2016

It looks like Levi and Sunny Johnston have found a cause worth supporting.

Courtesy of Sunny Johnston's Facebook page:  

Sunny Johnston 

Thank you for the T-shirts! 

Levi and I support The Fathers Rights Movement 110%

Neither Sunny nor Levi are particularity political people, but clearly this is a cause that they feel strongly about.

And considering how long and hard Levi fought to get joint custody of his son that is not hard to understand.


  1. Anonymous8:41 AM

    I wish them the very best out of life. They've both been through enough.
    Their girls are just darling, and so chubby-cute(this is what authentic breast-feeding can accomplish, not the Bristol style of b.feeding), so healthy-looking! Levi and Sunny seem to be great parents. I'm impressed with this VERY young lady who took on her man's son and loved him like he was her own, and stayed gracious thru the awful palindrama. She's the best mom that little boy has!
    Sunny's had 2 children and she looks fabulous! Because she exercises and eats healthily.
    No wonder bristol's jealous as hell of her. Well, the fact that Sunny's a fox AND that Tripp loves her, too.
    Thanks Sunny and Levi for sharing your pictures of a loving, lovely normal family. I hope you've blocked the palintrolls.

    1. Anonymous9:29 AM

      Rah rah rah! Sunny's a fox. Rah rah rah.

      Looks ain't everything.

    2. Anonymous9:49 AM

      9:29am, good things she's loving, kind and warm as well.

    3. Anonymous9:50 AM

      They aren't, and that is what op wrote numbnuts.
      She is healthy, grounded, smart, hard working, etc etc etc

    4. Anonymous9:55 AM

      It's true, bristol, that looks aint everything. That's why there's some mention of her being a great mom. THAT IS EVERYTHING, you sorry excuse for a human

    5. Anonymous10:11 AM

      In addition to being gorgeous she's kind, smart, and a great mom!

    6. Anonymous10:33 AM

      Right, 9:29 AM, take a look at this blob. Bristol has never admitted that she was pregnant then.


    7. Anonymous11:29 AM

      @9:29 Rah Rah Rah, who is this fox with an obvious dancer's body Oct. 8, 2010? Sunny Johnston would never attempt to compete on DWTS while pregnant like Bristol Palin did.


    8. Anon 9;29: Her looks are real, and not implanted or plastic.

    9. Anonymous12:41 PM

      11:29 AM So that is why DWTS had to outfit Bristol in a Gorilla suit. She was obviously pregnant. Did she forget to wear her scarf that day? Did she bust out of her spanx?

    10. Anonymous1:41 PM

      I hate to beat a dead horse but damn that girl is pert!

      @ the chin "pert" is the opposite of you.

    11. Anonymous2:48 PM

      You're not supposed to criticize Sunny cuz she's purdy.

    12. Anonymous3:44 PM

      She's drop dead gorgeous and looks do take you places, at least for a while. I should know ha, ha. Meanwhile, I'd bet most women on here were never pretty,I said were cause you are all in your sixties and beyond, just like the hags at the pee pond. LMAO!

    13. Anonymous4:16 PM

      That authentic breast feeding sure has made her tits get big.

    14. Anonymous8:02 PM

      3:44 and 4:16
      1. You are just such a loser we need to come up with a new word for what a loser you are

      2. "Tits" ? You are either a palin or a guy who needs to get off the couch, get a job, get a good haircut and then maybe -MAYBE you can get a girl to actually teach you respect for women.

      Oh and 3:44 no some of us are half that age and would NEVER, EVER, EVER give you even a glance.

  2. Anonymous8:43 AM

    You said it perfectly... Neither is particularly political. But like the Republicans that they are, they support a cause when it affects THEM.

    1. Anonymous9:22 AM

      Hown do you know?

    2. Anonymous9:42 AM

      Hardly unique to Republicans, 8:43. Most of us get involved in causes that affect us or ours.

    3. Anonymous9:48 AM

      @Anonymous 8:43 AM

      ''You said it perfectly... Neither is particularly political. But like the Republicans that they are, they support a cause when it affects THEM.''
      You are spot on. Thank you for saying it.

    4. Anonymous9:51 AM

      Like most people do.
      Numbnuts, do you get a bonus for rapid responses?

    5. Anonymous10:00 AM

      @Anonymous 9:42 AM

      ''Hardly unique to Republicans, 8:43. Most of us get involved in causes that affect us or ours. ''
      But Democrats get involved with causes that affect others, like the whites who marched for civil rights for Blacks in the 50s and to this day.
      Repubs only get involved in causes that affect THEM PERSONALLY.

    6. Anonymous10:47 AM

      They may be republican in belief, but neither has ever registered to vote. So if they're GOP, they're limited in the damage they can do.

    7. Anonymous11:07 AM

      8:43 Why must idiots like you make EVERYTHING, EVERY CAUSE into right or left?

      Do you go around labeling people involved in other causes as such?

      Supporting father's rights and equal parenting cuts across ALL lines.

    8. Anonymous11:11 AM

      What, do you people live in a Democratic bubble? No wonder this country is in trouble.

    9. Anonymous11:25 AM

      How interesting that neither is registered to vote. With all their talk of blessings & God, etc you do make a good point 10:47am.

    10. Anonymous6:27 PM

      10:00 am and others. I am a Republican and I get involved personally, time wise and financially in a lot of causes that don't directly affect me.

      I'm surprised that so many so-called enlightened Democrats as many here almost fight to express are so narrow minded in their view of ANY person and their beliefs.

      Most people are not This or That, Black or White (in views), but are a broad range of ideas and feelings and associations.

      Please, I'm sure you wouldn't want to be lumped in with EVERY Democrat, so why lump Republicans in with EVERY Republican?

      Each person and their views and perspectives and values is unique to them.

      Even I a Republican know and live my life based on that, so why can't you Democrats? (See how I used your narrow-minded viewpoint to poke fun at you! Ha. LOL! A Republican with a sense of humor! So there!)

  3. Anonymous8:48 AM

    Has anyone ever considered a gift fund to help pay off some of thier legal debts? That is a cause I might donate to although I suspect that those two like to stand on thier own two feet.

    1. Anonymous9:51 AM

      @Anonymous 8:48 AM

      ''Has anyone ever considered a gift fund to help pay off some of thier legal debts? That is a cause I might donate to although I suspect that those two like to stand on thier own two feet.''
      Are you freakin' kidding? You gotta be kidding!

      I would not give a penny to a Republican.

    2. Anonymous10:20 AM

      9:51am, your trolling needs work.

    3. Anonymous10:42 AM

      @Anonymous 10:20 AM

      I'm Anonymous 9:51 AM. It is childish to call a person who does not agree with you a troll. It's childrens nonsense.

      I repeat. I WOULD NEVER give a penny, a red cent to a Republican.

    4. Anonymous11:09 AM

      10:42 If you've ever donated to a food bank or put money in a collection plate then you have without knowing it.

    5. Anonymous11:10 AM

      Your partisan anguish is so funny! I know plenty of kind and caring Republicans, my parents in fact are lifelong Republicans and my mother donates her time and a sizable amount of money to her local no-kill shelter. Grow up and realize that Dems aren't the only decent people in this country.

    6. Anonymous11:16 AM

      Just look at specific Republicans in Alaska that should NEVER be reelected! A good start would be the Alaska Legislature as Republicans have been in the majority for way too long!

      I give you the names of:

      Lisa Murkowski (U.S. Congress - voted the worst or 'do nothing' Congress EVER)

      Anna MacKinnon (Eagle River) Legislature/Senate Finance Committee Head - Alaska Legislature.

      She has led purchasing the building in downtown Anchorage for the Alaska Legislature! Plus, rumor has it she wants to run for Governor of Alaska. Oh my goodness!

      Charlie Huggins - Wasilla - Alaska Legislature

      Mike Dunleavy - Wasilla - Alaska Legislature

      He has a bad habit of mixing religion and government which is against the rules! Social issues are the main topic of his style of governing. He has no right in women's private parts!

      Mike Chenault, Nikiski , House Speaker (too long!) - has a great sense of humor, but is sly as a fox.

      Example: He's canceled votes on the oil tax legislation with the session soon to run out. We sorely need to tax the oil industry is my take.

      Alaska needs to move away from the Republican majority within the state - on ALL levels of government. They are responsible for putting us in this financial mess and not taking responsibility for it!

      Vote them out of office when each comes up for reelection (should they actually have the nerve to run again!).

    7. Anonymous11:23 AM

      They are not grifters like the PayMe family. I actually have asked Sunny why they do not put up a gofundme or similar site, and she said they did not want to look like they were out for money.
      Kudos to both Levi and Sunny for working their issues and money woes out by themselves.

    8. Anonymous11:28 AM

      If a person is truly kind and caring, they would be a Democrat. You cannot support a party that suppresses women and minorities and claim to be kind or caring. It just doesn't work that way. And I agree with the OP. I wouldn't never give a penny to a Republican.

    9. Anonymous11:53 AM

      @Anonymous 11:09 AM

      10:42 If you've ever donated to a food bank or put money in a collection plate then you have without knowing it.
      I would not put a penny into the hands of or fund a Repub. That is my stance.

    10. Anonymous12:05 PM

      @Anonymous 11:10 A M

      HAHAHAHAHA...If they were kind and caring they would NOT BE A REPUBLICAN.
      They are Repubs for a reason.
      Some people are Repubs because they think the Democratic party is too good to minorities.
      Some are Repubs because they think the Democratic party takes too much of their taxes for the needy.
      So people have their own selfish reason(s) for being a Repub.

      BTW, I have no anguish. I just don't give to Repubs. But you are darn straight that I am partisan, because the Repub party does TOO much damage to this nation.

    11. Anonymous12:14 PM

      @Anonymous 11:28 AM

      '''If a person is truly kind and caring, they would be a Democrat. You cannot support a party that suppresses women and minorities and claim to be kind or caring. It just doesn't work that way. And I agree with the OP. I wouldn't never give a penny to a Republican. '''
      Thank you. What you said is exactly how I feel.
      If a person is kind and caring they WOULD NOT be a Republican. Repubs are self-serving people. They are Repubs because they don't want the government to help anyone but THEMSELVES.

    12. Anonymous11:11 AM

      Wow! You both must share the same brain cell. In fact, most if the people commenting on here seem pretty ignorant. Giving kudos to someone because they are pretty, is just dumb. Praising Sunny for publically bashing her step sons mother by supporting Fathers Rights Movement is also right up the with idiotic. Her message speaks loud and clear and hopefully her step son one day will forgive her. Yeah, not very smart. It is disgusting( all parties involved) that they make their personal issues so public. Maybe none if them deserve to be parents. PS:the political rants on here are so irrelevant to the point to where you look like an idiot for implying that their child custody issues have anything to do with how they vote politically. Just dumb!

    13. Anonymous8:09 PM

      11:11 you obviously are lacking the brain cells required to form complete sentences. You also seem incapable of actual thoughts, indicated by your insult filled rant.

      I imagine her stepson is thankful now he has a stepmother and father who engage him activities other than posing for pictures, cuddling his pathetic mother and putting the lid back on the bottle of Smirnoff when she passes out each night.

      11:11 you may well be drunk ass bristol now that I look at your comment again so you go girl with your low IQ attempts at typing out a paragraph. Bless your challenged little heart.

  4. Levi is a lucky man to have found a partner like Sunny.

  5. Anonymous8:59 AM

    If Bristol had any integrity(which we know she doesn't)she should be mortified that she made them spend $100,000 and seven years when all Levi wanted was a chance to parent his son.

    1. Anonymous9:15 AM

      I'm sure the only thing she is mortified at is that the $100,000 didn't go directly into her pocket.

    2. Anonymous9:43 AM

      @Anonymous 8:59 AM

      Bristol is just like her mother, nasty and mean-spirited, so why you expect her to be humane or kind to anyone?

    3. Anonymous10:43 AM

      I've said this many times, but I really believe Hell awaits Sarah, Todd, Track and Bristol Palin. They do not live Christian beliefs and have lived in sin continually! Satan awaits them!

    4. Anonymous10:55 AM

      @Anonymous 10:43 AM

      I've said this many times, but I really believe Hell awaits Sarah, Todd, Track and Bristol Palin. They do not live Christian beliefs and have lived in sin continually! Satan awaits them!
      They are some nasty, mean-spirited, hateful folks.

  6. Anonymous9:05 AM

    That post may come back to haunt someone in any future divorce or custody proceedings. Jus sayin...

    1. Your ass sure is talkative.

    2. Anonymous9:28 AM

      HUH? Since when.

    3. 1. That isn't going to happen.
      2. If they did divorce Sunny would never punish her children by denying their access to their father. She is to kind and smart of a person to do that!

    4. Anonymous9:32 AM

      Because all people who divorce want to deny the other parent their rights? Mental midget.

    5. Anonymous9:52 AM

      Doubtful. They are both smart enough to realize that the key to happy, healthy, grounded children is to work things out with their exes.

    6. Anonymous9:55 AM

      @Anonymous 9:05 AM

      ''That post may come back to haunt someone in any future divorce or custody proceedings. Jus sayin...''
      How in the hell could her comment hurt her ever in life when she has already said she believes in father's rights?
      FYI there ARE many women (me being one) who believe fathers have the same rights as mothers.

    7. Anonymous10:28 AM

      @9:05 AM Your sorry experiences don't affect Sunny and Levi. Just sayin', troll.

    8. Anonymous11:27 AM

      They have had their share of marital ups and downs, and so far, they have been able to work through it all.
      That said: Sunny is all for fathers being involved. IF she and Levi would ever get a divorce, she definitely is not one who is vindictive like Bri$$le is, and she would want her kids to be part of his fater's life, because she knows how much they love him and are loved by him.

  7. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Love this sweet couple! They have survived the horrible Palin klan and have absolutely moved in the right direction!

    Tripp is so very lucky to have Sunny in his life and is benefiting by it! Love the fact Sunny and Levi will finally be legally able to provide constant and consistent parenting vs what he has experienced (prior to this) via the Palins!

    Karma is finally getting back at the Palins and it's more than a pleasure to watch. They've been such hateful people (Sarah, Todd, Track and Bristol!)for so many years - who have done horrible things to others as well as each other! They are one sick family!! Most specifically Sarah, Todd, Track and Bristol!

  8. Anonymous10:27 AM

    What Father's Movement T-Shirts?

    I was checking out the blonde model? That Levi got lucky and traded up. They always look happy, especially with Tripp.

  9. Anonymous10:29 AM

    How come that young lady is not doing a fish face? I thought everybody in Wasilla does that retarded fish face look like Bristol, Willow and Piper does.

    1. Anonymous11:19 AM

      Thank you. No fish or duck lips, wonk eye, or gang signs to get attention.

  10. Anonymous10:32 AM

    I thought Sunny is Tripp's birth mother? They sure do look alike.

    1. Anonymous11:15 AM

      One thing is for sure...now that Barstool has had a head transplant her children will never look like her.

    2. Anonymous8:56 PM

      They stuck a Dollar store Barbie's head on her.

  11. Anonymous11:19 AM

    I did not realize how tiny Sunny is.

    They definitely have their hearts in the right places, and it is no wonder that they do support the father group! I mean, who in their right mind would think that a screwed-up mother like Bar$tool could keep a father away from his son! (Exception to me: if the child was conceived by rape, and the mother was forced to carry the fetus to term. Then, the father should have absolutely NO rights to the child. Except, maybe, be forced to pay child support.)

  12. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Levi has benefitted from his Palin connection and Sunny has benefitted from her Levi connection. Just because they are often at odds with Bristol does not magically make them worthy of undue praise.

    1. Anonymous12:00 PM

      fuck you

    2. Anonymous12:36 PM

      11:33 AM How is a Palin connection a benefit? Drugs, alcohol, domestic violence, abstinent pregnant unwed Moms, Drunken brawls, and pimping are not good connections?

    3. Anonymous12:43 PM

      @11:33 Get back over to C4urine.
      Take some more Adderal.
      Stick your head in the toilet, you're an idiot

    4. Anonymous12:49 PM

      What are you smoking?

      IN THE FIRST PLACE: NO ONE benefits from being associated with the Palin's. No one.

      IN THE SECOND PLACE: Exactly how did Sunny benefit by having Bristol cost Levi $100,000 by throwing up legal maneuvers in their custody case?

    5. Anonymous1:42 PM

      They are worthy of praise for living like a loving family, providing for their 3 kids, working hard, giving their daughters & son a normal life. A comparison of their family pics vs Bristol's staged ones clearly shows the difference between their lifestyle & hers.

    6. Anonymous1:49 PM

      Old Redneck, I'm with you. I am sure Levi regrets ever being involved with Bristol. She and her family have caused him nothing but grief and lots o money, money that could have been a down payment on a new house, or any other of the necessities of family life. Nobody benefits from associating with a Palin. Nobody!

    7. Anonymous11:15 AM

      Amen! Who was Levi before the Palins? Just a kid from Wasilla, no big deal. Who was Sunny before Levi? Yeah, still don't know or care. Best of all who was Bristol before she spread her legs to Levi? A virgin maybe? Why are these peop,e even relavant?

  13. Anonymous11:54 AM

    The Fathers' Rights Movement sounds good but it's not just about getting the courts to treat men and women equally in custody disputes. I hope Levi and Sunny thoroughly check out the group that sent the t-shirts.

    "even the more moderate groups within the fathers’ rights movement engage in a backlash against feminism when they attempt to discredit the experiences of female victims of intimate partner violence and roll back legal protections for all victims of domestic and sexual violence."


    1. Anonymous1:35 PM

      I knew a guy that was into one of these groups, he turned out to bat-sh*t crazy. No wonder the court didn't give that guy custody.

      But Levi deserved more that he got. Think of all of the college money he could have saved for his kids instead of it going into crooked lawyers pockets.

    2. Anonymous1:56 PM

      Thank you, 11:54. The father's rights movement looks good on its face but does have people that definitely are promoting a backlash against feminism and the strides that the women's rights movements have fought so hard for. I only hope Levi & Sunny have enough foresight to look at things like this with a degree of healthy skepticism, and not simply because their opposition to Bristol.

    3. CorningNY3:29 PM

      If you go to The Father's Rights Movement page on Facebook, the vast majority of men on there just want equal time with their kids. Hell a lot of them just want ANY time with their kids because the mom is withholding them. They want a presumption of 50/50 shared custody when both parents are fit. They want freedom from unreasonable child support that leaves then flat broke. They just want what mom's already have. Yes, there are a few bad apples, as there are in any cause, but generally they're quite reasonable. And they have about half FEMALE members.

  14. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Maybe they can start a chapter in Wasilla? Just involving all of Barstool's baby daddies would fill up a room.

  15. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Wow, Sunny is absolutely gorgeous! And look, no plastic parts inserted under the skin on her face like Bristle, Levi really moved up.

  16. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Do you all still think Dakota is not Sailor's father?? We haven't heard peep. Has anyone seen info about his custody suit or visits up to AK??

    1. Anonymous1:45 PM

      Yeah, I've been wondering about the silence also. Surely Gryphen has heard rumors from out of Wasilla, but he's been strangely quiet about anything concerning this issue.

    2. Anonymous2:58 PM

      Gryphen is strangely quiet about all things unless he can link to another news source, which most of us have already seen. I'm starting to think he's competing with the Queen of Grift herself. New day, same shit.

    3. Anonymous3:47 PM

      You may be on to something 2:58. Very good observation.

    4. Anonymous8:00 PM

      2:58 and 3:47pm

      Most blogs are "news aggregation" websites, meaning the they tend to gather together stories from other media that have an interest to the people that visit the blog, so that all of the blog visitors don't have to run around seeking stories of interest.

      It's a really handy tool for those of us that don't have time to look at but a few websites daily to get the news that we might find useful.

      Sometimes I only have an hour a day to read pertinent news and I'm thankful that Gryphen ties it all together for me so that I can just glance and know what's going on.

    5. Anonymous7:00 AM

      2:58 and 3:47 are the same poster. It sucks to have so few collaborators.

  17. Anonymous12:50 PM

    I don't want to rain on this parade, but -- Is today the day for Track's hearing, or, is this one of these days when he and his lawyer just phone it in?

    1. Anonymous2:42 PM

      Track's pre-trial conference today was continued to May 10 and the 'Trial Call' (whatever than means) was reset to May 22.

      I don't know if this link will work or if it will take you to a search page where you'll have an option to search by name or Case No.. Track Palin case 3PA-16-00145CR.


    2. Anonymous3:04 PM

      I believe today is just a phone-in day. The next date is where he has to appear in person. Don't remember when that will be, but sometime this month.

    3. Anonymous7:56 PM

      His lawyer is trying to get a settlement in place so there will be no trial. Looks like the Palins are getting their money's worth from their attorney.

    4. Anonymous9:13 PM

      He is in rehab. He will get off on the charges with probation.

  18. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Well he certainly married way way up from Bristol!

  19. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Levi IS the lumbersexual Bristol so longs for. What a handsome man! And petite pretty Sunny, a tiny woman with a big heart. I wish them well with all my heart. I hope all the Palin Drama is now over and done with.

    No one should have to go through that, and for what, bristol? So you can revel in revenge? What did Levi do to you that was so terrible? YOU chose to follow mommy dearest into fame and fortune and a life of celebrity, but that did not make you happy. No, the person you are so mad at is you yourself. Look what you gave up in exchange for empty promises of living life vibrantly. It ain't all it was made out to be, is it?

    1. Anonymous3:12 PM

      Nailed it! She has no one but herself to blame, PLUS Sunny is a natural knockout with a beautiful spirit, AND a nicer rack.

      Bristol looks like she's almost forty.

    2. Anonymous3:49 PM

      Right 3:12. Cuz it's all about the rack.

    3. Anonymous4:30 PM

      Beautiful spirit?! WTF!!!

    4. Anonymous3:37 AM

      349 & 430, Alicia, how many times do you have to be told, it's time for your meds!

    5. Anonymous6:57 AM

      3:49 PM Remember, "Todd got the rifle and I got the rack"? Tell that to the deranged Palins, troll.

  20. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Am I the only person that does not assume that the 100,000 allegedly spent by Levi would have gone toward educating his kids? I'm sorry but I'm just not buying that argument. I see him spending it on hunting, guns , and gas guzzling pickups and snow machines. He seems like a nice guy but I just don't see him embracing he higher education that much.

    1. Anonymous6:40 PM

      2:59 Maybe. But the point is that he didn't get a choice--his choice was to support and fight for his son--and because Bristol put up such a fight, his money went to lawyers.

      If I had an extra $100,000 I'd spend some on a lot of fun things, too. And, I suspect a lot of those fun things at the Johnston household would have directly benefited Tripp.

      He chose his son over the toys, so I think that says a lot about his values.

    2. Anonymous7:11 PM

      Well, for sure both of them value education. After all, Levi went to continuing education and got his GED and a a certificate as electrician, and Sunny started with nursing school until she became pregnant. Once the kids are all in school, my understanding is that she will finish her schooling. They both i sist that Tripp is doing homework, and Levi was shown helping him at one point.
      That is all contrary to what Bri$$y and the rest of the PayMe fandamily has been doing.

  21. Anonymous3:04 PM

    Beware Levi and Sunny!

    Fathers' Rights groups work toward legislation for presumptive equality of custody and visitation rights. Sounds innocuous but it also applies, in most states, to rapists and the child conceived by rape. In some states, a women can't put a child up for adoption without the rapists permission and he can request full custody for himself. There's a quagmire of domestic violence issues involved. At present, men can't sue to prevent abortion (I don't think) but I wonder if that's something the fathers' rights groups are working toward.


    1. Anonymous9:03 AM

      Some of them want to repeal the right of women to vote.

  22. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Best to them.

  23. Anita Winecooler4:09 PM

    I feel badly for the hell Levi's been through at the hands of the wasilla squad of "F Troop". He was young, and wasn't thinking with the right head, but it looks like he's matured, turned his life around and has a wonderful family, especially his stunning wife. (You dodged the bullet, Levi, or you'd be walking around with a wonk eyed fish face drooler, and you've definitely chosen your wife well.
    Wish you luck in your new endeavor. Most single moms would LOVE the baby's father to fight like hell for his kid's rights and his rights to be in his child's life. Tripp's a lucky boy, he knows his dad and extended family loves and wants him.

  24. Anonymous6:56 PM

    You KNOW Sunny and Levi have found true love when they have made it through all the Palin bullshit. They are a genuine loving family, you can't fake that. What's fake? Barstool trying to get Tripp to pose for a picture. Body language speaks volumes. When Tripp is with Levi, Sunny and the girls, he's always so relaxed and happy. A kid that age can't fake that. Tripp loves them dearly. He hates Barstool and the time he's forced to spend with her. Sunny is a natural beauty both inside and out. Barstool is fake both inside and out, a genuine bitch. That will never change

  25. Anonymous7:03 PM

    B just so lost out.

  26. physicsmom7:06 PM

    I never realized that Sunny is such a tiny little thing. She's a pixie compared to that Palin crowd. Even better, she's a caring mother and step-mother to those three kids. I'm grateful that Tripp has a woman like her in his life. At least one female positive example for him to look for in future partners. I wish them all the best life has to offer.

    (That being said, I don't wish anything bad to happen to Bristol, just that she STFU and gag her mother at the same time).

  27. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Levi and Sunny have faced trials that Barstool has never faced. Barstool has never ever gone without money thanks to Mama.She is a spoiled brat with two kids that she does not want to share like they are dolls and she is playing house.She is really challenged, emotionally and intellectually. That girl is stupid and vapid all she has going for her is her plastic surgery face.

  28. Anonymous9:45 PM

    It is unfortunate that these two are endorsing a group that they have not fully researched. The Father's Rights movement sounds good on its face, but it is all about undermining the rights of women, pushing laws that make 50/50 time share mandatory even in instances of abuse and neglect, give rapists and domestic violence perps equal standing with fit mothers, and promote concepts of parental alienation that works to negate the real testimonies of mothers and children who were abused by the fathers. The Southern Poverty Law Center has identified multiple groups in this movement as hate groups. Bad move. If I were Bristol's attorney, I would link them to these hate groups immediately with this picture and use it in court.

    1. Anonymous8:59 AM

      Use it in court to demonstrate what?

  29. Anonymous6:52 AM

    9:45 PM Maybe Bristol's attorney can explain what happened to Bristol's unannounced pregnancy. Where is that child?


  30. Anonymous8:56 AM

    It's really shocking to go to Alaska Courtview see all of the litigation Levi and Bristol engaged in. I still don't see how Bristol thought she could move Tripp twice without Levi's permission or court approval. The child support order of 3/30/2016 is the latest.

    Sadly, Alaska's child support form doesn't require asset (and debt) information and only considers income and only one year of tax returns. I sure hope Dakota seeks a yearly exchange of tax returns, as Bristol is getting income from posts and interviews, LLCs other investments in the form of dividends and capital gains, and maybe from SarahPac. Maybe in 2015 she reinvested dividends, did not sell any capital assets, maybe didn't do any SarahPac work, but she can't hide her true income if tax returns are exchanged every year.

    At least Alaska does offer child support deviations to facilitate visitation travel. Dakota is spending at least 3k a month, and it won't decrease much once he starts buying two round trip tickets for himself and Sailor to travel back to Kentucky a week per month. He should get a $1500 per month deviation. If Bristol argues that will put her in poverty, then hopefully the court will require more-depth financial accounting of Bristol's assets. Bristol has a history of lying, even about the most innocuous of things.

    Bristol is going to be kinda stuck for a while. She's stuck in Wasilla. Her dating sphere is limited to the Anchorage area and with men who are capable of accommodating two children. If she found a suitor in, say, Arizona, she can't relocate without losing most of her parenting time (and child support) of at least Tripp.

    She's also kinda stuck in not having someone to fight with, as her litigation with Levi is over with. Dakota is making this very clinical and his lawyer knows her stuff. She may be able to pick Internet fights, but gone are the days where she can set up Dads and have a pity party about her or a child being abandoned.

    She's also kinda stuck in that she shows no ambition for broadening her skills with college. Or even being an involved mom such as a PTA, scout, sports, music, or Sunday School mom. Tripp is of the age, and Sailor soon, where involved parents are necessary, especially as coaches, leaders, and teachers. Does Bristol even engage as a parent in any of Tripp's activities?

    Bristol needs some deep reflection, and possibly therapy, to move beyond her drama-filled and footloose past because those days are over.

  31. Anonymous12:22 PM

    I want (and wish my son's) father's to stay engaged. Just know that many father's use this movement to deny payment of child support. My son's father left everything to me. It is a quote from a judge that he is the only father to side with the insurance company to deny medical care to his deathly ill child on record for our state. Most father's love their children. But an unfortunate number love their wallets more. I hope this movement rejects them.

  32. Anonymous8:42 PM

    Wow, cute.


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