Monday, April 25, 2016

On Meet the Press Chuck Todd wonders out loud if he just conducted the Bernie Sanders exit interview.

Wait, poor people don't vote? And why does Sanders automatically assume that if there were more poor people voting that they would vote for him?

But it was that last bit that really interests me.

Here it is courtesy of the Meet the Press transcript:

CHUCK TODD: Let me wrap up the question this way. Do you feel as if Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee and you're not, but Donald Trump is the opponent, do you have a responsibility to do what it takes to get your voters to support Hillary Clinton? 

SEN. BERNIE SANDERS: I will do everything that I can to make certain that Donald Trump is not elected president. But if that scenario plays out, the major responsibility will be on Secretary Clinton to convince all people, not just my supporters, that she is the kind of president this country needs to represent working people in this country, to take on the big money interests who have so much power, to fight for what the American people want. 

CHUCK TODD: Your supporters are, for the most part, very skeptical of Hillary Clinton. Very, very skeptical. Tougher on her, frankly, than you ever are. You know, people talk about all this back and forth. What do you think she-- what's your advice to her on winning your voters over? 

SEN. BERNIE SANDERS: Well, I think she's going to have to be very explicit about supporting a program, which stands up for the needs of the middle class and working families, which, most importantly, makes it clear that she is prepared to take on Wall Street in a very clear way, take on the billionaire class, come up with a program that makes health care for all in this country a right within the next several years. I think those are some of the issues she's going to have to bring forth. 


CHUCK TODD: So did we just hear, intentionally or not, the Bernie Sanders exit interview? We'll get to that later in the show.

I do not like the fact that Sanders lays out a laundry list of items that he suggests that Hillary MUST do in order to win over his supporters. I would think that for real progressives simply stopping Donald Trump would be more than enough.

I am also not convinced that this will be Sanders' last interview on MTP or that he is preparing to close up shop anytime soon.

Personally I think he should but obviously the Sanders' campaign is not soliciting my advice.

(H/T to Raw Story.)


  1. Interesting that there have been no comments on this post for over 40 minutes.

    Not sure if everybody agrees with my points or are too enraged to type properly.

    1. fromthediagonal7:20 AM

      Gryphen, you know it's all about the ratings. The media's lifeblood is confrontation and this whole drawn-out primary stuff is fodder for the voracious news cycles. It's the same for the internet, as you know quite well. I am all for Sanders continuing for the rest of the primaries and then I hope he will throw all of his efforts into supporting Clinton in the final run to the election by convincing his own followers to unite for the good of all. I also wonder if some of those strident "Bernie Bros" aren't bought and paid for by opposition money, just as I am curious about the reason for the Koch interview in which he speaks of Clinton. My personal opinion is that he will do his very best to keep the convention at the turmoil point so that he and his fellow moneybags can put Paul "Ayn Rand" Ryan into the nomination after stirring the pot against Trump and Cruz. Remember Ryan is an avowed "Atlas Shrugged" devotee of unbridled greed of the wealthy and punishment for the poor. We'll see.

    2. Anonymous7:49 AM

      @ FTD 7:20am
      Oh I don't think so, I have one BernieHo in my family and she isn't getting paid ( though I wish she was so she would quit asking me for $$$ I will never send her). And I should say I might help her out like I have in the past if her husband would consider working or if she'd start buying groceries for her kids before she buys dope with her check.

    3. Anonymous8:24 AM

      I agree with you, G, but I am trying to let others voice thoughts. After this, I hope to only comment on general election threads. Sanders is over. We need to pivot to beat the GOP. Everywhere.

    4. Anonymous9:43 AM

      I almost commented on the stupidity of stereotyping poor people, but decided Bernie is not going to win, so why bother? I agree with you. Maybe our resident BernieBros aren't commenting because they're beginning to accept reality? (Not talking about normal, rational Bernie supporters, just the disgusting ones).

    5. Well, I only just saw it this minute (11:07 AM PDT). But if you want my opinion, I don't think even promising 2 pints of blood for their votes will get Hillary Clinton to sway SOME Bernie supporters.

      I know of two in my Twitterstream who hate her so much they might vote for Trump instead.

    6. Anonymous2:47 PM

      I'm not sure if it was an exit interview. I'm behind Hillary all the way. My family and I vote together. I have a large family of voters & we actually have meetings and come to a concesuous. We are all professional minorities--Mexican-Americans. We were torn between Hillary & Barack & voted for Barack twice. We are watchful. 😀

    7. Anonymous10:56 PM

      "We are all professional minorities--Mexican-Americans"

      Why not just be "Americans"?

  2. Anonymous7:03 AM

    Sanders exit interview?
    I'm all for it.
    He needs to stop.
    I don't think anyone's 'enraged', he's just a bother.

  3. Anonymous7:30 AM

    Bernie has the money to stay until through the California primary and he should. Supporters to his campaign should be given the opportunity to cast their vote. While I have been concerned about Bernie's recent attacks on Hillary, I believe he has been exactly what has been needed to push Hillary into progressive territory and makes her a better candidate. Here's a short but better article on Sanders thoughts about his candidacy and supporting Hillary.

    As a Bernie supporter I will have no problem transitioning my support to Hillary knowing that his run has made a positive difference in how Hillary moves forward.


    1. Anonymous7:41 AM

      I hope he stays in until after the CA primary as well. I did notice a general "quieting," for lack of a better word, by is supporters on my Facebook feed after he lost NY.

    2. Anonymous8:21 AM

      Hillary has pushed Bernie to the left on gun control and even aspects of reproductive rights, so it's a two-way street.

    3. Anonymous9:08 AM

      I agree 8:21! It is a two way street and Bernie lost some of my respect the last couple of months. Too bad because he didn't have to go negative on Hillary. I think he got caught up in "winning" at all costs plus listening too much to some "new" establishment staffers.

    4. Anonymous9:50 AM

      Still humored that people fool themselves into believing Hillary is 'pushed' in any direction.

      Campaign Hillary puts a finger in the air every morning before determining her daily bold stances on the issues. None of that matters after the election. None of it.

    5. Anonymous10:36 AM

      9:50 - Keep watching. You're going to be surprised. We've never had a female president before.

  4. Anonymous7:44 AM

    Bernie won't exit as long as the money is pouring in. But, when it slows down he will exit. I do think he is smart enough not to exit with a debt that he will be responsible for and plus I think he wants a retirement slush fund.
    After NY he had 17 Mil left out of 60+ mil, I really think it will depend on how much he spent between NY and tomorrow.

  5. Anonymous7:50 AM

    I think it is time for him to bow out.
    He doesn't need to disappear. There are
    plenty of college groups that would invite him to speak. He can keep tabs on
    the next President's policy's and voice his opinion. Hillary is strong,
    and smart enough to take on anything
    Trump or Cruz throw at her. They haven't seen anything yet! She has a spine of steel!

    1. Anonymous8:27 AM

      Lol. Hillary fan clubbers always sound just like Palin fan clubbers. Same big descriptive adjectives and glowing praise.

    2. Anonymous8:33 AM

      Yeah, because calling someone "strong" and "smart" are big descriptive adjectives. [eyeroll]

    3. Anonymous8:42 AM

      He doesn't have to bow out, he just needs to stop trash talking Hillary. Makes him an asshole.

    4. Anonymous9:10 AM

      8:42, yes, and like not condemning one surrogate's new comment about Monica Lewinsky and bullying. That was such a stretch, so embarrassingly obvious when she brought ML into things, and then Bernie just would not say something against such tactics. I have long admired Bernie and at first it was painful for me to think of him losing even though I was for Hillary. But he has changed too much, for me, in the way he's handling the trashy side of things. He just doesn't seem like the same guy who said that the American public was sick of hearing about Hillary's taxes. A # of times he's made use of trash talk. It's sad to see it from him.

    5. Anonymous12:48 PM

      9:10 - Finally, someone on Sanders' side spoke out against Dawson's comments as: "Not Helpful."

    6. Anita Winecooler4:14 PM

      Where's Bernie's rebuke? crickets chirping.....

      I'm a Hillary voter who had some respect for Bernie and how he's conducted himself, but Dawson's comment was beyond the pale, and as his surrogate, it's on him to apologize or make it right. I guess he agrees because he's said nothing. ML and Bill has been litigated in the public arena, and has nothing to do with his wife, who happens to be the one running against Sanders.

    7. Anonymous6:36 PM

      Bill Clinton has had at least a dozen mistresses since Lewinsky. Why mention her at all? Why not the current one?

    8. Anonymous7:35 PM

      It's none of our business, 6:36. Are you a Rightwinger who cares that much about what other people do inside and outside their marriages with consenting adults?

    9. Anonymous11:01 PM

      Well golly gee 7:35, Trump's personal life and relationships sure have been the talk of the town around Immoral Minority 7:35. Haven't you heard the term what is good for the goose is good for the IM Hillary lovers?

    10. Anonymous4:45 AM

      I don't give a shit about Trump's personal life unless he is denigrating other people's personal lives. He's the one running for the party of "family values."

      You don't seem to get it.

  6. Anonymous8:11 AM

    I took his answers as frankly responding to the questions asked. Sanders will likely say what he believes when he decides to end his campaign which will be the same and more.

  7. Anonymous8:21 AM

    Bernie is losing but as long as they keep funding his ego, he's all in. He's not paying for it.

  8. Anonymous8:27 AM

    I think we're just tired of this. The Trump coverage alone is getting really boring (not here, just generally) and Bernie is not helping the party by telling his supporters that if Hillary does not go far enough left, there will be hell to pay. Please. Hillary is Hillary. She's been in this game even longer than St. Bernie. She has ideas, but unless we pull together and get Congress back for her, I'm sure that Grover will be up to his nefarious, traitorous tricks again come Inauguration Day 2017. It is not enough to elect a Democratic POTUS. Bernie's supporters see him as some magic man who will wave his hands and give them everything they want. Fix every inequity. Boring. Ain't gonna happen. Maybe they should talk to their parents who voted for Barack. He has done miraculous things with ZERO Congressional support since 2010. In the same situation, I suspect Hillary might have gotten the same response. Bernie? He can't even coalesce Congress on one of his ideas.

    1. Anonymous9:38 AM

      Pres. Obama has accomplished much given the obstruction from the GOP Congress. But take a look at the number of judicial and administrative vacancies that he's been unable to fill because the Senate won't process them.

    2. Upvoting your comment, Anonymous @8:27 AM.

    3. Anonymous10:52 AM

      @ anon 9:38am
      And that is EXACTLY why all the top candidates in the Democratic Party need to support those down the ticket with helping them fund raise and by campaigning for them.

  9. Anonymous8:38 AM

    The first thing I thought when I saw that Bernie had said "if poor people voted" comment was Welcome to being a Democrat. And the next was it's not a given they would vote for you.

  10. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Bernie is not giving up. Somebody needs to pay for his chartered 767 jets for Bernie, Jane, his children and grandchildren to travel to other countries.

  11. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Poor people don't vote? Bernie do you have a problem cashing their welfare checks they signed over to your campaign?

    1. Anonymous10:54 AM

      Bernie is exactly correct. According to the census bureau only 25% of those on the lowest income group voted.

    2. Anonymous11:07 AM

      They don't vote as a whole, but he used it as an excuse as to why he's losing. There's no way to know that and, in fact, the evidence (based on the people of low income who are voting) is to the contrary.

    3. Anonymous11:14 AM

      10:54 only 38.5% of the TOTAL population even voted. What's your point?

      If it's everyone should vote in the general elections, I agree - especially the midterms.

    4. I live in a low income neighborhood. By choice as it was the only area where I could afford to buy a home. There are some homes but a lot of apartment buildings and even the homes are rented, not owner occupied.

      I go to the polls and ask them about the turnout. Compared to other, more affluent areas, our voter turnout is ALWAYS low.

      So its not that poor people don't vote. A few do. But not enough. And not as much as more affluent people.

      You can call it racist or bigoted or anything you want. But the truth is, that poor people don't vote to the same degree young people don't vote.

      It's not about voting for Bernie.

      If we could get the youth vote, the "poor" vote, the minorities to vote, imagine the kind of laws we could pass (and block) and the kinds of people we could elect (and defeat)?

    5. Anonymous4:41 AM

      Of course, Mailuppa. Everything you write is true.

      But Bernie is the one making it about voting for Bernie.

  12. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Lets see what BERNIE thinks poor people do or don't: 1.they don't vote (that's why I'm losing)?? 2. Poor people drink soda (in reference to the soda tax) & 3. Poor people smoke cigarettes (cigarette tax). These were BERNIE's comments & im still trying to figure just what the hell he meant! I think he might have issues with poor people...

    1. Anonymous9:29 AM

      You forgot early in his campaign when he said ALL black people are poor and live in ghettos.

    2. Anonymous10:53 AM

      Well, no, he did not say that. At an event he said " people who live in ghettos..." and the Bernie-bashers tried to turn it into a smear.

    3. Anonymous11:12 AM

      No, 10:53. What he said, word-for-word was:

      "When you are white, you don’t know what it’s like to be living in a ghetto, you don’t know what it’s like to be poor you don’t know what it’s like to be hassled when you are walking down a street or dragged out of a car."

      While it's true that Black people are more likely to be poor and to live in a ghetto and to be hassled by the police, to say that none of this happens to White people is ridiculous and insulting all around.

    4. Anonymous11:30 AM

      So you admit Bernie did not say "ALL black people are poor and live in ghettos".

    5. Anonymous11:47 AM

      I'm sick to death of Bernie Sanders - turn him off now when he's on TV!

      I find him too old, angry, grumpy, reactive, constantly ranting and raving, shaking his arms and hands, pointing his fingers (in other's faces!) and a man that appears to be trying to divide the Democratic party (which he glommed onto when he really should show himself as being either Independent or Non Partisan!).

      Plus, I find him over the top in his 'wants' (as are his followers) because those 'wants' would do nothing more than increase taxes on each and every America were they ever be approved by members of the U.S. Congress!

      Thank God we have Hillary Clinton! I can hardly wait for her to gain the Democratic nomination and have voting day arrive!

      It will be a pleasure seeing her win and watch her take the oath to become our next POTUS!

    6. Anonymous2:02 PM

      I'm not the OP. I just gave you Sanders' exact quote.

  13. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Chuck Todd, being the great talking head that he is, turned to his crystal ball, ignored what Sanders said, and focused on Sanders merely answering his question rather than pivoting quickly away. Sanders clearly said he was staying in the race.

    It's what Sanders didn't say that's concerning.
    He said he wanted to defeat Trump rather than saying he wanted to defeat the GOP. Makes me wonder if his stump speech ever includes the importance of elections on the Supreme Court.

  14. Crystal Sage10:13 AM

    I thought that Samantha Bee nailed it when she interviewed some staunch Bernie supporters, one of whom had a tattoo of Sanders. Despite being faced with the numbers and the real situation, they still maintained their support for Bernie and they did not hesitate to trash Hillary. This is what really bothers me. In the past, I have supported Democrats who eventually did not receive the party nomination. I still don't remember any personal barbs against others in the field. We were positive in our support of our candidate. When our guy had to pull out of the campaign, we then supported the winning candidate. Some were not our first choice but we supported the Democrat regardless because the alternative was much worse.

    Some Bernie supporters do not see the big picture: the point/alternative is all about defeating Donald Trump. It happened in 1968 and in 1972 when voters turned their backs on the Democrats and voted for Nixon.

    1. Anonymous11:49 AM

      "the point is all about defeating Donald Trump"
      That is the saddest reason I've ever read for voting for Clinton. The point is to vote for the candidate you believe is best to lead the country. At this point, I believe that's Bernie Sanders. I'm not going to vote for Clinton just to block Trump. If that's all she's got to offer, I'll vote for Jill Stein or write in Bernie. If she loses, it's not on me, it's on her for being such a poor candidate that even her most fervent supporters can't give a better reason to vote for her than to block Trump.

    2. Anonymous11:57 AM

      11:49 - that's fine. #PurityFirst Guess what? We're going to win it without you. Most Independents voted for Romney in 2014. And the Democrats won then. We'll do it again.

    3. Sorry - oops ^ I meant Romney in 2012.

    4. Anonymous2:06 PM

      We, as her supporters, can give you lots of reasons to vote for her. Most of us aren't voting for her simply to block Trump.

      But, of course, you won't accept any of those reasons.

      So we are trying to find a reason that might actually convince you.

  15. Anonymous10:13 AM

    I'm with Hillary. Bernie and his supporters irritate me now. Didn't used to. Bernie supporters remind me of libertarians, there is no reasoning with them.

  16. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Some data indicates Sanders was wrong to say his losses were because poor people don't vote.

    "his support was actually inversely correlated to income inequality. The less income inequality [in a state], the better he did."

  17. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Like the caveman says, do some research on who votes. Bernie is telling a sad truth: According to the census bureau, only 25% of people in the lowest income group voted in 2014.

    See Table 2 on page 7 of the census bureaus' report "Who Votes"

    1. Anonymous11:10 AM

      Here come the Bernie or Busters with excuses for his tone deaf campaign.

    2. I'm willing to bet that the lowest income group is far more concerned about food and shelter than elections! Survival definitely comes first, not voting.

  18. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Bernie has been riding on the coattails of the democrats from the get-go. What's wrong with him running as an Independent, which is where he has been all his political career? I am not good at supporting fraud.

    Hillary is running as Hillary and her record, personal, political and financial has been exposed for all to see for years. She has been tested again and again and she may not please one in every aspect but I wonder who of you would have survived, excelled and still be as relevant as she is under the pressures she has endured.

    Sometimes it is so important to realize you can't have it all but there is no one in the race who has the background Hillary has and she knows where the traps are.

    No male politician has EVER been vetted to the degree she has been.

    Go Hillary and keep funding those downticket Dems so we can get some work done for the high salaries we are paying all those GOP legislative laggards whose time has come to be ousted.

  19. Anonymous10:56 AM

    "I do not like the fact that Sanders..."

    You've made it crystal clear you don't like Sanders, what he says or what he does. Probably why folks don't comment.

    1. Anonymous11:16 AM

      No, it's because we all have Primary fatigue.

    2. Anonymous11:37 AM

      Aww you're fatigued. Oh Boo Hoo. You Clintonites don't think your queen should have even had to run a primary let alone complete it. You've been trying to give Sanders the bum's rush since last summer and it gravels your ass he keeps raising enough and winning enough to stay in. The cold truth for all y'all Clintonites is even if she won 100% of the delegates in the upcoming primaries, she still won't have enough pledged delegates to win - 2026 - until after the primaries on June 7. You all know it. I think you're afraid she doesn't have the stamina to campaign for 2 more months. It's her fatigue that concerns you not your fatigue.

    3. Anonymous11:55 AM

      11:37 - You make me laugh every time you comment here. Seriously, do you think you are persuading anyone with this kind of obnoxious rhetoric? It's hilarious! Too bad Bernie never taught you all how to campaign!

      President Obama needed SuperDelegates to win, too. It's worked out all right for him. Are you against women winning with SuperDelegates or what?

    4. Anonymous11:56 AM

      That and the upcoming indictment.

    5. Anonymous12:22 PM

      11:56 - Hilarious that you Busters think there's going to be any indictment of a former First Lady and former President sharing a server! Makes me laugh every time you post it. (Never change!) :-)
      You think Hill and Bill are spies? :-) Hahaha.

    6. Anonymous1:06 PM

      @ anon 11:17am
      You must be as fatigued or senile as Bernie. Hillary will have all the delegates she needs long before the convention and BTW it's 2016 put down the joint.

    7. Anonymous1:18 PM

      12:22 you have yet to explain the legal 'cover' or shield you think is provided to Hillary by being a former first lady, married to a former president... even though you keep repeating it.

      Please explain how being married to Bill Clinton, ex-president, affects any legalities relating to her upcoming indictment. He has no power to stop the law, and if he did, he would be breaking the law by interfering with a criminal investigation, which this is.

      Bill would probably prefer Hillary behind bars frankly.

    8. Anonymous1:35 PM

      "Bill would probably prefer Hillary behind bars frankly."

      Wow, that's a new level of stupidity.

    9. Anonymous1:37 PM

      Nobody is saying anything about Bill in the investigation of Hillary, 12:22, only you are. This has nothing to do with Bill.

    10. Anonymous2:09 PM

      My Queen? Are you serious?

      You sound like the tea baggers talking about Pres Obama and his supporters. Congratulations, you have morphed with the right wing.

    11. Anonymous2:16 PM

      1:37 - are you unaware that they shared a server? So yes, it also indirectly involves Bill Clinton.

      Here's a link to an excellent article that debunks the whole indictment myth, by Professor Lembert:

    12. Anonymous2:38 PM

      Hey 1:06 your reading skills need some work. 2026 is the number of pledged delegates a candidate needs to win. Clinton can't get to 2026 before June 7 even if she wins every delegate in every primary before then.

    13. Anonymous4:34 PM

      A complete joke of an 'article' 2:16. A complete joke. Did you even read it?

      The author takes it on himself to assume a generalized list of what violations may have occurred, and then answers each of these possible violations with generalized assumptions as to why she is probably possibly maybe not in violation... He doesn't even do a good job of exonerating her in his own potential violation list... In some he even admits she may be on shaky ground... and even further admits that people around her may be in even worse legal situations lol.

      What a joke. Simply put you are not a smart person.

      BTW, didn't see Bill's name in that article. Whether he shared a server or not is irrelevant to her irresponsible and illegal handling of Government materials. Unless maybe you think he was also engaged in illegal activity and should be indicted with her?

    14. Anonymous6:31 PM

      What's with all the ellipses, smart person?

    15. Anonymous6:33 PM

      Well if they're not going to indict Hillary why are they spending my tax dollars on 12 FBI agents working overtime to scrutinize her emails? Kind of a waste of money if there's "nothing to see here".

    16. Anonymous6:36 PM

      4:34 - Rebut his specific points by the numbers if it's such a joke. (You are the same person who did the "Palin Brigade" stunt here in January, right? )

    17. Anonymous6:49 PM

      The author of an article wades into the argument, using his impressive experience and knowledge to address relevant questions, makes no claim of absolute knowledge, and concludes that, based on what we know at this point, there is no reason to think she will be indicted, and you call the article a "joke."

      Richard Lempert, Distinguished Professor of Law and Sociology emeritus at the University of Michigan.

      "What follows reflects the knowledge and experience I have gained from working at the Department of Homeland Security from 2008 until 2011. While there, I took the lead in drafting a security classification manual for one of the divisions of the DHS science and technology directorate."

      Your own CV must be pretty impressive.

    18. Anonymous6:59 PM

      6:33 - the GOP is trying to stop HRC at the taxpayer's expense. They've been at this for years. Think of how many millions they wasted on Benghazi! (Although, if I had not seen all 11 hours of Hillary's Benghazi hearings in the fall, I would not have supported her so early, so, thanks GOP.)

    19. Anonymous10:15 PM

      Uh... 6:59, the FBI investigation has nothing to do with the GOP, do you understand that? The FBI investigation into Clintons personal server and classified emails (and quite possibly the Clinton foundation) have nothing to do with the GOP.

      Only Hillary is responsible for the money being spent on this FBI investigation for knowingly breaking the law to begin with, as well as hindering and obfusicating the investigation with her Clinton playbook.

    20. Anonymous11:01 PM

      10:15 - if the GOP has nothing to do with it, then why did Grassley threaten to promote leaks from the FBI investigation last week? You cannot have it both ways. It's a GOP ploy.

      If you think she is a spy and deliberately gave away US secrets to someone, you're nuttier than a fruitcake. 1) There was no breach. 2) She did not have any deliberate "intent" to jeopardize the US, and that's why President Obama said he's not concerned. They've already been through 20,000 of her emails and found nothing.

      But listen, I will meet you back here in May when the results are revealed & we'll see who is right. I'll be very surprised if President Obama and Professor Lempert are wrong! *wink*

    21. Anonymous4:38 AM

      What law did she break? What law did she *knowingly* break?

  20. Anyone who visits this blog regularly knows exactly where you stand. Your blog, your opinion. I've never thought Sanders would win, but I do think it is important to have another voice in the democrat race to stir things up a bit and to offer bold ideas. That seems to be what our nation was founded on--bold ideas. Otherwise the race would have been like that old Monty Python routine: your choices are spam, spam, spam, spam, spam.

    You, Chuck Todd, nor anyone else is going to change minds. Energies will be much better spent by letting the primary play out and then working overtime to get the supporters of the losing candidate to support the nominee. Regardless of how the primary turns out, I for one won't be so pissed off that I will vote against everything I believe in by supporting the GOP.

  21. Anonymous2:33 PM

    This is the absolute best - "Why Bernie Sanders is Actually Winning" by College Humor -

  22. Anita Winecooler4:22 PM

    Why divide and disenfranchise the poor in the first place? There are working poor who have all the same rights everyone else does, and Bernie, of all people, should include everyone.
    If Trump, or god forbid Hillary said the same thing, Bernies arms would be flailing, his pointing fingers would be flying and he'd be stomping his feet.

    1. Anonymous6:30 PM

      Do we really want a bunch of poor, uneducated people voting? I mean, really Bernie, you're acting like this is a bad thing. Most of the poor and uneducated would skew towards Trump so Bernie should just let this sleeping dog lie.

    2. Anonymous7:32 PM

      Everyone should vote.

    3. Anonymous7:32 PM

      What a strange comment from a liberal, 6:30.

  23. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Have you noticed whenever Bernie Sanders answers questions he can't keep his beady shifting eyes on the person interviewing him? The above video really shows that.

    Eyes Body language
    The eyes are often called, with some justification, 'the windows of the soul' as they can send many different non-verbal signals.
    For reading body language this is quite useful as looking at people's eyes are a normal part of communication (whilst gazing at other parts of the body can be seen as rather rude).

    Limited eye contact
    When a person makes very little eye contact, they may be feeling insecure. They may also be lying and not want to be detected.teral movement (look at Bernie's eyes, can't keep eye contact with his interviewer)

    Eyes moving from side-to-side can indicate shiftiness and lying, as if the person is looking for an escape route in case they are found out. (Bernie can't stop his eyes from shifting side to side)

    Lateral movement
    Eyes moving from side-to-side can indicate shiftiness and lying, as if the person is looking for an escape route in case they are found out. (Bernie what are you hiding?)

    1. Is that your list of voting issues?

  24. Anonymous6:08 PM

    Bernie Sanders Condemns Closed Primaries but Facing 4 of Them Next Week

    Bernie Sanders isn't happy about the rules for the next few primaries.

    The Vermont senator has been outspoken in his criticism of closed primaries, which is the requirement for four of the five states set to open their polls on Tuesday morning.

    Closed primaries allow only voters who are registered for a particular party to vote in that party’s primary

    Let's see if I understand this correctly. This is the "DEMOCRATIC PARTY'S PRELIMINARY ELECTION" and whining Bernie Sanders who is losing wants to allow members of another party to determine who is the "DEMOCRATIC PARTY'S PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE".

    Bernie, uhhhhh NO!

    1. Anonymous6:29 PM

      It is unfortunate for those of us who are unaffiliated with either party to be blocked from closed caucuses and primaries, but if neither party wants our vote that is their choice.

      Here in Alaska 54% of us are registered Independent (NonPartisan/Undeclared). That's over half of our state's registered voters that aren't invited to vote in the party caucuses and are not part of that process.

      Many question why caucus turnouts are so low up here, well, that's one of the reasons, over half of the registered voters can't participate!

  25. Anonymous7:36 PM

    Anonymous 6:29, no tickee no voteee


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