Thursday, April 14, 2016

Our friend Walt Monegan gets a do over.

Courtesy of ADN: 

Gov. Bill Walker’s public safety commissioner is retiring and will be replaced by Walt Monegan, the former Anchorage police chief and public safety commissioner who was ousted in former Gov. Sarah Palin’s Troopergate scandal. 

Gary Folger, appointed commissioner in 2014 by Sean Parnell and kept on by Gov. Bill Walker, said he’s retiring at the end of May because of health problems — he has multiple myeloma. 

Monegan will be the replacement, according to Walker’s office. He’ll oversee a department with a $195 million budget and 900 employees, including the Alaska State Troopers. 

It will be Monegan’s second time as public safety commissioner, following his firing by Palin in 2008. A legislative report subsequently found that Monegan’s dismissal was partly because he wouldn’t fire a state trooper who was an enemy of Palin’s husband.

Of all of the people wronged by Sarah Palin that I have talked to over the years, and there have been many, Walt Monegan remains one of my favorites.

The guy is extremely humble and simply bursting with integrity. 

Governor Walker and Alaska are lucky to have him.

By the way for those who want to know more about Walt I sat down with him back in 2009, when he was running for Mayor of Anchorage, for a lengthy, and I hope interesting, interview which you can read here.


  1. Anonymous2:21 PM

    This is fantastic news. I'm in CA and remember reading a lot back then about Troopergate when I was learning about who the Palins really are. This man has been hired because of his abilities and because ethically he'll represent the state well. On the other hand, look at how the Palins have sunk down and down and down over the years.

  2. abbafan2:25 PM

    Mr. Monegan is a man of tremendous dignity and courage to have gone through that hateful period when the fuckin' half-baked, half-term quitter asshole unleashed the hounds of hell on him. It is great to see that Governor Walker sees these excellent attributes in him and places Mr. Monegan in a position in which he is well-qualified for! As for the quitter and her "shadow governor", aka the Pimp Toad, their day of reckoning is near! It would be poetic, sweet justice to see Mr. Monegan oversee those two criminals when they do the perp walk!!

    1. Anonymous8:37 PM

      Poetic justice indeed. It will happen.

  3. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Great news. - SJP

  4. Anonymous2:41 PM

    I love how this will rehash the Branchflower report--without the self-serving whitewash by Palin. LOL

  5. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Definitely great news.
    Now here's to hoping, that he can clean up the Alaska Mafia Kkklan, the PayMe fandamily, and put them in striped clothing behind extra steel-reinforced bars and throw away the keys to their cells!

  6. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Screw Sarah and Todd Palin for the way they treated Mr. Monegan!

    Absolutely love seeing Mr. Monegan being treated in such a positive way. He deserves it and more! Thank you, Governor Walker.

    And, then we see - on the other side - the Palins having fallen horribly (to the bottom of the pile) currently receiving exactly what they deserve! The majority of Alaskans find the couple and their offspring disgusting and vile!

  7. Anonymous3:00 PM

    He can stop idiots from shooting the neighbor's dog. Only because he barked a few times.

    1. I don't know what this means, 3:00.

    2. Anonymous3:45 PM

      Did they kick out of c4pee again?

    3. beth0214 3:30 PM wrote: I don't know what this means, 3:00.

      Well, Beth, rather than just confessing ignorance, I tried googling "alaska idiot shooting neighbor's dog for barking" and got this as the first hit: This may not be the exact story that Anonymous 3:00 PM had in mind, but it does seem to fit.

      heidiMT please note: I did not refer to either individual as being “fucking lazy”—I just did the search and posted the clickable link. Have another nice day.

    4. Anonymous7:44 PM

      LOL, brilliant. Keep it up Mr. Powell

    5. Anonymous8:39 AM

      Good work Mr. Powell.

      My 90 year old mother sometimes visits here and she doesn't google.

  8. Anonymous3:33 PM

    What a wonderful human being!

  9. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Will be happy when one of Walt's officers writes up Track for DUI.

    Payback is coming Sarah.

    1. Anonymous6:02 PM

      Or, DUI's for Bristol and Todd!

      I seriously doubt Mr. Monegan to be vindictive, but I would suggest that the Palins stay out of his way and don't do anything illegal or nasty to him.

      Many Alaskans have cameras they carry and would be more than happy to take videos of anything illegal or nasty they might do to him!

    2. Anonymous6:29 PM

      The Alaska State Troopers already have Palins in their sights. They kind of look for those assholes and don't let them get away with anything, hence the Stool getting a ticket for her broken headlight.

      Hell, I'd have been able to talk my way out of a broken headlight ticket in about two seconds, but the Stool, well her last name is Palin and the Troopers don't forget.

      They've never been in the Palin pocket, actually NO ONE up here is in the Palin pocket any longer except a bunch of drunken thugs that Track and Todd hang with.

  10. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Am very happy to hear this. I was always impressed with him. The harassment he received from the Palin clan had to be horrible.

    What a horrible chicken shit family.

  11. Anonymous3:44 PM

    I know Walt doesn't hang on the internet so he won't see this. I was his #1 campaign volunteer. I can't tell you how mad I was every time I saw Dirty Dan Sullivan's smug face for years and years and years after that election. His election put me right off Anchorage.

    1. Anonymous7:46 PM

      The Dan Sullivans of Alaska sure are smug.

    2. Anonymous11:26 AM

      Sullivan, former Mayor of Anchorage, is one of the most disliked politicians in Alaska! I'd put him up there in the same category as Sarah Palin!

      Remember, he ran on the ticket w/Parnell and they lost!!! Don't know which one of them had the most pull in bringing them the loss, but recall being very happy seeing it occur!

  12. Anonymous3:50 PM

    Hey Gryph - from @SopanDeb 's twitter: Sarah Palin, who was supposed to represent Trump at WY state convention, has canceled her appearance -sjp

    1. Anonymous4:20 PM

      The 'Media Advisory' that Palin wouldn't speak as Trump's surrogate came from the Wyoming GOP.

    2. Anonymous5:54 PM

      I'll wager that Trump's new advisors stopped her speaking engagement in Wyoming.

      Trump has been an idiot in involving her gobbly goop in support of him! She is the kiss of death! And, hopefully has assisted - in a negative way - as to his non election as POTUS!

    3. Anonymous6:26 PM

      He finally got some "people" who know what they are doing and they are cleaning up his campaign, and Sarah doesn't fit the new paradigm.

      Thank goodness because the Trump campaign was a mess, and not just because of Sarah.

    4. frank flashback7:44 PM

      Funny Palin email-Mt Redoubt was erupting and she didn't think she could navigate her broomstick to the Governor's Prayer breakfast.

    5. Anonymous9:14 PM

      Some of Trump's people formerly worked with Palin.

      My best is she used Vegas as an excuse to back out. She's trying to sell herself to tv execs snd didn't want to face the probable rejection of the WY crowd and resulting bad press.

  13. Anonymous3:59 PM

    KIDS not old enough to vote are SCARED!

    1. Anonymous6:25 PM


  14. Anonymous4:02 PM

    Monegan as public safety commissioner is good news for the state troopers and for all AKns.

    As for his former boss, Sarah Palin, who broke her gubernatorial oath and quit on the people of AK to pursue an entertainment career, her firing of Monegan is all the evidence needed to disqualify her from every holding any public office or position of trust.

  15. Anonymous4:19 PM

    Congratulations Mr. Monegan! You are a good man .Thank you standing up against the evil Palin's, when it was not a popular thing to do.
    You have friends.
    You have integrity .
    You are my hero.

  16. Anonymous4:33 PM


  17. Anita Winecooler5:03 PM

    Great News for everyone except one family in Alaska who's last name rhymes with "Palin".

    In charge of the state troopers, eh?

  18. As bad as firing Mr Monegan was, then there was the guy she picked to replace him.

    Remember good old right wing Christian Conservative Chuck Kopp? Fired from the acting city manager position by the city of Kenai for sexually harassing an employee?

    Check out the Successors to Monegan section in this link.

  19. Anonymous6:24 PM

    As the Palin KKKlan is hitting rock bottom: Bristol's bastards, Todd's broken body, Sarah scraping the bottom of the entertainment barrel, Track beating his woman, it's so nice to see one who was so mistreated by this KKKlan being resurrected like a Phoenix from the ashes.

    And people say there is no such thing as Karma...

    You just know it chaps her ass that he is on the way back up when the KKKlan is in the way to the bottom. Makes me smile so hard :-)

    1. Anonymous8:17 PM

      I am so enjoying this new development! Yay for Mr. Monegan!

  20. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Didn't notice then but back then, we as Alaskans just watched this play out with no protest whatsoever. There were just a handful of people who were onto this media whore. Even rumors and hints that it was Todd who was governor. Now, how many years later, and everyone is onto her. Thank you Sarah. You made me realize that you are just a lil ole human with no brains and a lotta want for dietyship in your little old body. In fact after you and John Edwards, I may never trust a politician again.

  21. Can the people who were harmed by LEO corruption under Monegan get a do over? Here is a tiny bit of just my story, the result of the AST and Homer police not doing their jobs. They allowed this. The trooper sent to arrest me wrongfully which of course he had no choice due to a warrant issued by the malfeasant officers of the court was promoted, got a DUI and was allowed to continue to work as station commander in Soldotna, Derek Loop. Later he disappeared and now they all claim they have no idea who he is just like they do with me. Here is a tiny bit of just my story, the result of the AST and Homer police not doing their jobs. They allowed this. The trooper sent to arrest me wrongfully which of course he had no choice due to a warrant issued by the malfeasant officers of the court was promoted, got a DUI and was allowed to continue to work as station commander in Soldotna for a while, I believe they were kissing his ass due to the hush hush deal about my case, his name is Derek Loop. Later he disappeared and now they all claim at the Soldotna station they have no idea who he is just like they do with me. Later there was a court order allowing me to go get my property at the lodge where I was set up for the wrongful arrest used by corrupt officials. I had to go with a trooper who had been told not to honor the court order and threatened to have me arrested when I said I was calling my lawyer and waved my arms when I talked. He was also transferred to Soldotna, Trooper Pellapeare. Trooper Loop took pictures of my property when I was arrested because we knew Robin Hume would steal it, they destroyed them. I was threatened with fingerprints which I was glad they had due to knowing they could not be mine and must be Robin Humes. My public records request did not contain the finger prints, poof, nor the pictures, poof, in fact almost nothing was there. The troopers did not protect my cat from that psychopath nor my property and they were asked to several times. Then later the AST did not charge Steve Hume with giving a false police report and perjuring himself in court, they did not charge Robin Hume with animal cruelty for harming my cat, they claimed the theft of my property was a “civil matter.” They also knew someone was cooking meth there and Trooper Loop left a four year old with a man high on meth and drunk stating his supervisor told him he did not have probable cause to go in the room the kid was locked in. I had been threatened multiple times with assault by Steve Hume and others, I had my wallet stolen, they refused to help look for a missing woman. The troopers refused to let me file even one police report. I was lied to, laughed at and said to be crazy all the way up the chain of command to Walt Monegan’s office. This is just my story there are many, many others. I’m just the one with the courage to speak up. What Sarah Palin did was wrong but Walt Monegan should have been fired for this. If action had been taken perhaps he could have said he had no idea the Anchor Point station was so corrupt, but instead they lied about me and covered it up. Having him over DPS again is disgusting. Here is a link to one of the results of them not doing their work along with the Homer Police who when I told this very true story decided to ignore Jeremy Watson's drug dealing harming many people and demonize me. That is what bullies do.


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