Thursday, April 14, 2016

Two year old girl hit in the face when the gun in her mother's purse goes off after being dropped.

Courtesy of TPM:  

A two-year-old child was struck in the face after a gun concealed inside her mother's purse accidentally fired inside a Jackson, Mississippi hospital, police said. 

The woman was standing next to a vending machine at Merit Health Center when she dropped her purse, causing the gun to fire, WJTV reported. A bullet bounced off the vending machine and grazed the child's face. 

The injury was non-life-threatening.

Apparently the incident is under police investigation because no guns are allowed in the hospital.

Actually it seems to me that hospitals should be the ONLY place where you are allowed to have a gun in your possession. That way when it goes off and shoots somebody, which seems to happen with increasing frequency, they will be right where they need to be.

Though in some cases I guess the best place to be standing would be the morgue.

Just another day in the NRA's America.


  1. Randall2:40 AM

    Perhaps a fitting punishment for those whose carelessness with their firearms cause harm to others would be the GUN OWNER being shot.
    WHERE on the person said gun OWNER would be shot might depend on where the innocent victim was hit.
    Fair enough, responsible gun owners?
    (full disclosure: I am a gun owner.)

    1. Anonymous4:29 AM

      I'd settle for prosecuting them to the fullest extent for reckless endangerment, criminal negligence, manslaughter if someone dies, child neglect, etc. and taking away their right to own a gun.

  2. Anonymous3:00 AM

    It's a national disgrace when people come to the hospital packing.

    There is a hospital I know of in a city not far from me that have metal detectors at the entrances, and you also have to open up your purses and bags for them to look in them. It is a national disgrace that our country has come to this.

    1. Anonymous3:39 AM

      It is a disgrace, and the only thin g that will make it change is when visitors from Europe, who spend lots of money here, refuse to come. Just boycott the good old USA until we come to our senses. Money talks. And if the tourism dollars go away, many of these RW states and those of us who are living under their religious and NRA fanaticism start hurting, watch the roaches scramble for cover.

  3. Anonymous3:53 AM

    @ 3:00 AM - Yes, it is a national disgrace. The zealots and law makers who have misinterpreted the 2nd. Amendment and perpetuate the insane idea that every American has the right to be armed has made the United States not only unsafe within its borders but has given sullied its reputation with other world nations.

  4. Anonymous4:21 AM

    I just hear a hear-wrenching account on the Story Corps podcast ("Eternally Eight") of a man who, when he was 10, accidentally shot his 8-year-old sister. They had been looking for the nintendo games their parents had hidden and found their parents' gun instead.

    This man has had to endure so much pain and suffering, even though he has been told over and over again that it wasn't his fault.

    In the case presented by Gryphen, a terribly irresponsible mom did a very dangerous thing and almost killed her daughter (and maybe someone else). If the little girl had been killed, I'd be hard pressed to call the mom a "victim" or what happened an "accident."

    In cases like the one on Story Corps, the victim was both the little girl who was shot and the little boy who accidentally shot her and he has to live with that for the rest of his life.

  5. Anita Winecooler1:57 PM

    If you need a gun for protection in a hospital, there's something not right with you, and if you're taking a two year old along who gets shot because of your stupidity, you deserve jail time, the child taken away, and mandatory gun safety/child rearing classes. That should take this idiot up to the day the child can emancipate herself and live her life.
    It's not an accident. Putting lipstick in your purse when you wanted eye liner is a mistake, but even that isn't an accident.


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