Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Well it appears that Donald Trump's base, the white supremacists, are still firmly on board.

Courtesy of the Daily Beast: 

A Donald Trump rally in Harrisburg, Pa. last week brought out a large and varied crowd: teens in business suits, Republican members of Congress, and racist skinheads. 

Almost a dozen white men decked out in the regalia of a white supremacist group hung out toward the back of the Trump-loving crowd, cheering heartily at the mogul’s calls for stricter immigration enforcement and eyeing police as they dispatched protesters. 

The group is called Keystone United -- also known as the Keystone State Skinheads -- and it’s one of the better-organized state-level white supremacist franchises in the country. 

Its members sport tattoos of Norse symbols and shiny black jackets with patches displaying their logo, a white pit bull, and the letters KSS. They have a lot of trouble with the law. 

And they love Trump.

And why wouldn't they love Trump?

He is everything they could hope for in a leader, sans the Michael Jordan mustache of course.

Remember folks, if you are not going to turn out and vote for Hillary Clinton in November, these are the people whose leader you are helping to elect.


  1. Anonymous2:04 PM

    We are seeing more and more occurrences in America when 'freedom of speech' goes entirely too far!

    The group pictured above scares the heck out of me and even more so because they support Donald Trump for POTUS.

    What is wrong w/our country?

    1. Anonymous5:07 PM

      Uhm no. freedom of speech goes right up to - yelling fire in a crowded theater and inciting to riot. Otherwise, you really won't like the results you get. SO, people can shout "white power" all day long, as long as others are able to shout "black, brown, red and purple power." The minute they land a hand on soemone or threaten to do so - then arrest them.

      As far as the guy with the megaphone - T.Rump - he has a bit more responsibility - so teh minute he says laying a hand on a protester is OK (and he'll pay the court costs) - arrest him for incitement to riot or maintaining a private army.

  2. Anonymous2:12 PM

    And Donald Trump has the cojones to say that he doesn't know anything about the KKK and white supremacists groups, yet they are showing up at his rallies.

    1. Anonymous2:18 PM

      He obviously had no problem with them being there. He just keeps remaining silent. Everything about Trump is so incredibly ugly.

    2. Anonymous3:18 PM

      He's saying absolutely nothing because he wants their vote against Hillary Clinton.

      Trump is an asshole and would be a frightening POTUS! Heaven help us!

    3. Anonymous5:07 PM

      Since there is no heaven, get off your couch and vote and drag others with you.

  3. Anonymous2:15 PM

    And the GOP wonders why they can't win the minority vote.

  4. Anonymous2:25 PM

    If Clinton wins the nomination and loses to Trump or Cruz or Kasich in the general, it's all on Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

    1. No. It's on you.

    2. Anonymous2:52 PM

      Oh please. She can't vote for herself more than once, you nine. It will be on US, who see what another GOP power grabber in the WH will mean for us and the world. All Hillary can do is clobber him in debates and state her case calmly and rationally.

  5. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Trump and Palin love these guys.

  6. Anonymous 2:25 PM wrote: … it's all on Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

    In that unlikely event, there will be fingers pointing at those who—sincerely or otherwise—registered as Democrats, but failed to turn out and vote for the Democratic nominee. If they withhold their votes, they are putting the other candidate that many votes closer than he would otherwise have been. That's slightly (well, 50%) better than actually voting for the other party's candidate, but still calls into question their support for the Democratic platform.

    1. Anonymous4:10 PM

      If Clinton wins the nomination and loses the general, it's no one's fault but hers and the DNC's. If she or the DNC doesn't accept responsibility if she loses and tries to blame Sanders or his supporters, it will be proof she's not fit and didn't deserve to be president.

    2. Leland5:06 PM


      Do you really believe she and the DNC can win this? Without any votes from the population? Because that's basically what you are seemingly saying.

      NOBODY wins without voters going to the polls and VOTING. It's in the numbers, not the committees or anything else.

      Unless you are trying to say something in particular? If so, you're doing a bad job of expressing it.

    3. Anonymous5:09 PM

      That's just silly 4:10. If someone is determined to be a self-harming asshat, there is little one can do about it - you have every right to cut your own nose off to spite your face.

  7. Anonymous3:12 PM

    There is an unfortunate amount of racists in mainly rural PA. I live near the end of suburban Philadelphia and the beginning of rural Pennsylvania Dutch country. The good news is when I went to vote today the poll worker told me of a very large turnout and mostly for the Democratic Primary.

  8. Anonymous3:12 PM

    The Most Important Poll You Didn't See


  9. Anonymous4:15 PM

    Bottom line, Trump is one. A Leopard
    cannot change it's spots! He was a
    supremacist from the start, and still is.
    If Hillary gets the nomination, she must
    keep putting forth, over and over again
    the "supremacist labels" he called
    every minority. Do TV AD after TV AD!
    Remember women and girls, if you are not
    beautiful and shapely, plus young,
    you are taking up space on this planet,
    and will be treated as such!
    Are you listening Sarah?
    An old" Show Biz" saying...".Smile pretty dear. because there is always one more
    younger ,prettier and more talented waiting in the wings."
    Sarah, I think you have already been 86ed out of the Trump Camp. Forget
    the big smile, oh, and the wink!
    Put on your comfortable sweats , stay home
    and reconnect with your family!

  10. Anonymous5:03 PM

    With the exception of - well yeah, they are both on the upper lip, and both have black hair - uhm, no. And don't drag Jordan into it - m'k?

  11. Anonymous5:27 PM

    *The data theft, the falsely implied endorsements.

    *The lies about Secretary Clinton's record and unfair, fact-less innuendos about her integrity.

    *His praise of leaders of communist countries.

    *His pro-NRA votes

    *His "NO" vote to bail out the auto industry

    *His"YES" vote to deregulate "Shadow Banks" that caused the 2008 financial meltdown.

    *His environmentally racist bill to dump VT's nuclear waste on a low-income Latino town in Texas on top of an earthquake fault and dismissal of their pleas.

    *The vow to never run as a Democrat.

    *The blaming of President Clinton and Obama for every problem in America instead of the 8 years of GW Bush.

    One does not simply fact check Bernie and continue to support him. He has more beef with the Democrats than the Republicans do. I just don't trust him.

    Flip the Senate. Flip the House. Vote for Hillary. There's your revolution!


  12. Many people are watching what's going on in Europe and don't want that to happen here. The EU can't seem to get a handle on the problem because they are so "politically correct."

    If millions of economic migrants from the Middle East and Africa swarm their continent again, this summer, in even greater numbers, I think that will affect who our next president will be. They say there are millions of Africans in Libya waiting to get on boats to get to Italy.

    A lot of voters who are supporting Trump are doing so, not only because they are tired of politicians, but because they are tired of our immigration laws not being enforced.

    I'm as surprised as anyone at Trump's popularity. For years, I have laughed at him running for president. I'm not laughing anymore.

  13. Anonymous6:26 PM

    I think we ought to urge Cruz and Kasich to run as independents, since the RNC has treated them so unfairly and the media is against them, and they really do have support and could lead this nation...I mean, why not?

  14. Anonymous6:55 PM

    Are those Bristol's lumbersexuals in the photo?

  15. Didn't you forget "And you're a fucking child" at the end of that last sentence?

  16. Anonymous8:41 PM

    Wonder which party all the racist Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter terrorists are voting for....

  17. Anonymous9:33 PM

    @8:41 PM Your Mama's party. She works undercover. I thought that you knew.

    1. Anonymous10:45 PM

      And by that you mean the democratic party, right 9:33?

  18. Anonymous6:20 AM

    "Norse tattoos"? WTF, did you mean "Nazi"? I'm of Norwegian heritage and have never heard that skinheads are partial to these so-called Norse tattoos. During WW2 no one fought the Nazis harder than Norway.


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