Sunday, May 29, 2016

Bernie Sanders just continues to make friends. Update!

Perhaps his aides neglected to tell Bernie that the Democrats are typically pro-LGBT.

In other news it appears that Sanders is still trying to stack the deck in his favor at the convention.

Courtesy of HuffPo: 

Sanders’ campaign requested that Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy and former Rep. Barney Frank (Mass.) be removed from their respective positions on the Platform Committee and the Rules Committee. Both have endorsed Clinton. 

“Both Governor Malloy and Mr. Frank (the “Chairs”) have been harsh, vocal critics of Senator Sanders, and equally active supporters of his challenger, Hillary Clinton,” Brad Deutsch, a Sanders campaign lawyer, wrote to the DNC’s rules and bylaws committee in a letter obtained by Politico. “Governor Malloy and Mr. Frank have both been aggressive attack surrogates for the Clinton campaign. Their criticisms of Senator Sanders have gone beyond dispassionate ideological disagreement and have exposed a deeper professional, political and personal hostility toward the Senator and his Campaign.” 

“The Chairs therefore cannot be relied upon to perform their Convention duties fairly and capably while laboring under such deeply held bias,” the letter says.

Yes let's remove any Democrat who might support the Democratic candidate with the most votes going into the convention, because that might be unfair to the guy losing the nomination.

Of course the point of this is to preemptively cast doubt in the minds of Bernie Bros that the system is rigged so that when Sanders fails to win the nomination they can cry foul and then stream into the streets of Philadelphia angry and pissed off at the "establishment."

What a great idea THAT is.

You know when I first heard Sanders talking about a revolution I simply thought he wanted to alter the political landscape a little, but now it appears that he means a full on, turning over cop cars in the street, storm the Bastille, off with their heads, revolution.

And that is just fucked up.

Update: So now Bernie Sanders is warning Hillary who she can and can't name as her running mate.

Purity tests for Democrats, so now the Sanders' movement evolving into the liberal tea party movement is finally complete.

I guess Sanders did not pay attention to what the Teabaggers did to the Republican party.


  1. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Between Sanders acting like an idiot, Hillary looking more and more like she's going to be indicted and Trump being a goddamn dumpster fire of a human being, I'm pretty confident in saying:
    We. Are. FUCKED.

    Vote Vermin Supreme!! At least you might get a pony.

    1. Anonymous8:57 AM

      Hillary won't be indicted.

      If the Bernie Bros keep attacking LGDT supporters, Bernie will have a tough time carrying California, especially San Francisco.

    2. Anonymous9:00 AM

      All over an irreplaceable Black man.....

    3. Anonymous9:10 AM

      NO, it doesn't look more and more like Clinton is going to be indited, but coming up on June 2 we can see all of the files in all the drumpf fraud upcoming trials

    4. Anonymous9:24 AM

      Sure she won't, how's the view with your head in the sand?
      Do some research people, she's going to be indicated, sticking your fingers in your ears and screeching LALALA isn't going to make it go away.

    5. Anonymous10:04 AM

      Setting up a unsecured server in your basement to circumvent the FOIA is a felony. If the administrator of that server has no clearance, that's a felony.
      If you have a better explanation of WHY she would have a private server, please enlighten me.
      Her hands are filthy, and you low-information voters are tge reason we're going to end up with Trump.

    6. Anonymous10:07 AM

      Indicated?! Alrighty then.

    7. Anonymous10:11 AM

      9:24 - are you the one who writes the same thing here each and every day about the e-mails? The same one that never reads any articles refuting your never-changing rightwing smears? Yawn. No indictment.

    8. Anonymous10:15 AM

      I think the LGBT people of CA and SF are probably aware Peter Staley is not a completely selfless activist. Big Pharma companies are sponsors of his website. And he and his organization oppose the CA Fair Drug Price Act which Sanders supports.

    9. Straight Female11:10 AM

      Gay or straight, personally I am not interested in the cries of stupid white claiming to be oppressed.

    10. Anonymous11:19 AM

      9:24 isn't the only one by far. An they aren;t just right wing smears from right wing sources. Hillary is about to get bitch smacked.

    11. Anonymous12:17 PM

      11:19 - by Reddit lawyers? LOL!

    12. Anonymous12:23 PM

      Attack the poster, not the post? WHY? One good reason why she had a private server in her basement. You can't come up with one, because there is NO explanation for it.
      Well, not a legal one.
      Because she's a criminal and you're all about to find that out. Be pretty hard to deny it when she's in handcuffs.
      Your Empress has no clothes.

    13. Anonymous12:54 PM

      12:23 - as SoS, Colin Powell used a private server & an AOL account. Why did he do it? If you read the entire OIG report, you'd know.

      Your info has no clothes. Your Reddit echo chamber is pretty useless. LOLOL!

    14. Anonymous1:26 PM

      Wrong. He used a private email address. Not a private server, there is a HUGE difference.
      Seems your reading comprehension isn't very good.
      Shocking for another low-information voter.

    15. Anonymous1:52 PM

      No. 1:26. That's from March. I'll post another link from this week that details his use of a private server. Did you read the OIG report or not?

    16. Anonymous1:58 PM

      1:26 - Newsweek, this past week- "Why the Clinton e-mail scandal is fake."

    17. Anonymous2:10 PM

      Here's the exact concluding paragraph from the May 2016 OIG report. There is nothing about Clinton in it, but instead, a recognition that they've had a cyber security problem that well pre-dates Clinton as SoS. New measures were put in place in 2014, after she left.

      "Longstanding, systemic weaknesses related to electronic records and communications have existed within the Office of the Secretary that go well beyond the tenure of any one Secretary of State. OIG recognizes that technology and Department policy have evolved considerably since Secretary Albright’s tenure began in 1997. Nevertheless, the Department generally and the Office of the Secretary in particular have been slow to recognize and to manage effectively the legal requirements and cybersecurity risks associated with electronic data communications, particularly as those risks pertain to its most senior leadership. OIG expects that its recommendations will move the Department steps closer to meaningfully addressing these risks."

    18. Anonymous2:43 PM

      Powell used a private server when he accessed AOL from his home using a phone modem. He may not have owned a server but he used a private server when not at work. And the SoS travels a lot.

    19. Anonymous2:50 PM

      You're really not very bright are you?
      Powell did NOT use a private server.

      Good Goddess man, learn to read!!

    20. Anonymous2:51 PM

      But the IG report said the comparison to Powell — who did not use a private server — only goes so far. It said during Clinton’s tenure, the rules governing personal email and the use of nongovernment systems were “considerably more detailed and more sophisticated,” citing specific memos that warned department employees about the security risks of not using the government system.


    21. Anonymous3:29 PM

      Diane Feinstein says the e-mails are a nothingburger:

    22. Anonymous6:32 PM

      Bern is effed up. His wifey is no leadership.

  2. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Bernie has become like blight. Letting him in on the convention plan at all has become so destructive.

    I am so sick of him. And his wife.

    1. Anonymous10:11 AM

      Bernie = Nixon

    2. Anonymous11:10 AM

      @anon 10:11am
      That is exactly who he acts like, Nixon, You nailed it!

  3. Anonymous8:40 AM

    All I see is an ungracious loser.
    To think I used to like him.

    1. Anonymous9:57 AM

      He was the one senator I always wanted to see on MSNBC. HE made so much sense. I think he is getting bad advice, burning too many bridges

    2. Anonymous10:36 AM

      I remember his appearance on the "Real Time With Bill Maher" panel. Female next to him, "get your hands out of my face."

    3. Anonymous11:14 AM

      He IS getting bad advice -- Jeff Weaver ain't the brightest star in the firmament -- but most of this is on Sanders himself. The last few weeks have clearly demonstrated how thin-skinned, controlling, vicious and impulsive he is without any help from his incompetent staff.

  4. O/T:

    If this article is for real ("Trump’s campaign privately admitted that they have no money and will not be able to run television ads until after the GOP convention in July"), the campaign should be told, NOT A PENNY until he releases his tax returns!

    Self-funded, indeed… Does the line, "And I'll make them pay for it" ring a bell?

    1. 66gardeners9:55 AM

      Amish PAC was started by people aligned with Ben Carson and Newt Gingrich in addition to an ex-Amish republican donor.

      The group is planning to mount an old-fashioned, billboards-and-newspaper ads effort this summer, designed to encourage Amish people in Pennsylvania and Ohio to turn out for Trump in November. The group concedes it faces an uphill task.

      There’s a lot of aspects about Trump that are antithetical to Amish values and Amish beliefs.

    2. Anonymous9:26 PM

      Has he run any ads? Done any mailing?

      I don't recall seeing any material about Trump.

      I think he's run his entire campaign for free piggybanking off of the news reporting all of the outrageous things he says. Which I think is why he says them. They report his speeches and his twitters and that is free publicity for him.

      He hasn't really staffed much until lately so he hasn't had that many expenses other than travel and salary. I imagine he even makes a tidy profit from those hats and other stuff he sells.

      If he's bankrupt it isn't from the campaign. It's because he didn't have money to begin with and has inflated his personal worth for decades. (As I'm sure his tax records would show which is why he hasn't released them.)

  5. Anonymous8:58 AM

    "... now it appears that he means a full on, turning over cop cars in the street, storm the Bastille, off with their heads, revolution."
    Oh puh-le-e-eze.
    That sounds a bit histrionic.
    I thought they only threw chairs!

  6. Anonymous9:03 AM

    How many more groups of Americans can Bernie Sanders' campaign alienate?

    1. Anonymous10:06 AM

      Let's see...

      All Minorities
      The LGBT community

      Hmmm....seems like Bernie only cares about white straight men, too bad for him they are no longer the voting majority.

    2. Have you noticed we don't see Jane Sanders anymore? At least I haven't. She used to be on all the news shows piously knocking Hillary instead of answering questions asked. Maybe she's in hiding since she doesn't want to talk about their taxes, or maybe her malfeasance in her former job. Has anyone seen her around lately?

    3. Anonymous11:16 AM

      Would YOU come out in public now that the whole nation knows you drove a college into the ground with gross incompetence and perhaps fraud?

    4. Anonymous3:28 PM

      Jane Sanders is the atheist Sarah Palin on steroids.

  7. Anonymous9:06 AM

    1. Sanders knows he will not be the Democratic presidential nominee

    2. Sanders is blowing his dog whistle to his his followers that if Hillary wants his followers, she better do his bidding.

    3. Sanders is not suggesting or asking Hillary who should consider being her running mate.

    4. Sanders is demanding and is adamant that Hillary better pick who Sanders approve of

    MAY 28 2016, 6:23 PM ET

    Bernie Sanders Warns Hillary Clinton on Running Mate Pick

    Senator Bernie Sanders doubled down on his warning to democratic rival Hillary Clinton that her pick for running mate will be critical to winning over his supporters going into the general election during an interview to air Sunday on "Meet the Press."....

    The Vermont senator was adamant that Clinton pick a hardline progressive for vice president if she successfully secures the Democratic nomination for president. This could help her appeal to the supporters who have flocked to Sanders' campaign during the primary....

    1. Anonymous9:56 AM

      I chose Barney Frank for VP. suck on that bernout

    2. Anonymous10:06 AM

      Fuck Bernie and his tiny, tiny flailing fingers.

    3. Anonymous11:38 AM

      @Anonymous 10:06 AM

      '''Fuck Bernie and his tiny, tiny flailing fingers.'''
      Stop making up stuff. Trump is the one with the short fingers, NOT Sanders.

    4. Anonymous7:08 PM

      @11:38amBetter take another look at Bernie and his small, tiny fingers.

  8. Anonymous9:09 AM

    So, he wants to get rid of two he thinks are biased against him. Who do you think he would want to replace them? Anyone biased in favor of him would probably be his requirement.

    If they let him get rid of people you can be sure he won't stop short of demanding control over who the replacements are and they will have to be people who love HIM and only HIM. He disgusts me more every day.

    1. Anonymous9:42 AM

      The agreeement was DWS would pick 4 neutral parties. Instead she picked 2 that are actively anti-Sanders. Do you think it's OK for people not to keep agreements when it favors your candidate? Are you afraid Clinton won't win if the DNC takes its thumb off the scale?

    2. Anonymous10:07 AM

      DWS picked those who earned the spots and are pro Democratic work horses, unlike Commie Bernie.

    3. Anonymous10:09 AM

      BTW If Bernie thinks either Keith or Dorothy are going to just do his bidding he sure knows NOTHING about either of them.

      BTW Bernie does not get to control the whole Democratic party, now or ever. The DNC is not a commie organization and will not tolerate being co-opted by a commie dictator.

    4. Anonymous10:16 AM

      At this point almost all real democrats are actively anti-Sanders. The man is an embarrassment.

    5. Anonymous11:11 AM

      I can't help but feel that Bernie doesn't think women are smart enough to handle the heavy lifting. I hope he gets a hernia to go along with the hemorrhoids he must have to be so cranky.

    6. Anonymous3:32 PM

      Hillary Clinton's hands are too small and you know what that means.

      Clinton - Trump debate will be show me yours, I will show you mine.

  9. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Bernie and his people are working my last nerve. Look folks, if you chose to run in the Democratic Primaries despite not being a Democrat you should recognize that you will play by the rules. If you don't like our rules you should have run as a Republican or a Third Party. Hillary got her picks, Bernie got his. You know what, one of Bernie's picks is Cornell West. Mr. West has spent the last 7 1/2 years saying the nastiest things he can think of about President Obama. Should Hillary be able to have West removed from the committee because he's been a jerk to the President?

    Nope,that's not the way it works. I join others as one who had a great deal of respect for Senator Sanders before this campaign. Not now. He is on his way to being an embarrassing footnote in history. Every time I hear him speak now all I hear is "Get off my lawn!"

    A Fan From Chicago

    1. Anonymous9:18 AM

      Agree with you wholeheartedly! Who the hell does he think he is? It still fries me that he thinks he should have a say in whom Hillary picks for her cabinet. Talk about balls, as shriveled as they may be!

    2. Anonymous9:40 AM

      Oh do some homework. DWS, Clinton and Sanders agreed that for the 15-member Platform Committee, Clinton would pick 6, Sanders would pick and DWS - who is supposed to be and remain neutral - would pick 4. By picking Malloy and Frank, who have not just supported Clinton, they've been actively and vocally anti-Sanders, DWS is giving Clinton at least 7. Sanders is just trying to make DWS do what she agreed - take the thumb off the scale for Clinton on the Platform Committee. Or is fairness only for other people because Sanders won't roll over for the coronation?

    3. It's not a coronation when you win the nomination.

      Did Hillary accuse the DNC of a coronation when Obama beat her in 2008?

      Besides since Sanders picked freaking Cornel West I would not blame Hillary or the DWS for choosing Bill Clinton to offset that choice.

    4. Anonymous10:08 AM

      Clinton supporters indeed accused the DNC of a coronation in 2008:

      Just days after Sen. Barack Obama reached out to former President Bill Clinton in the latest post-primary season attempt to unify the Democratic Party, a group of Hillary Clinton supporters ran another ad Monday in an influential Capitol Hill publication that warned against turning the upcoming Democratic convention into what they called a ‘coronation’ of Obama.

      Warns the ad, “If Democratic processes and principles are not respected, then the party will have a much bigger problem – a genuine revolt of more than 18 million voters.”

      Clinton can pick anyone she wants for her 6 picks for the Platform Committee. DWS, however, agreed to pick 4 neutral parties and instead picked anti-Sanders Malloy and Frank.

    5. Anonymous10:10 AM

      I'm talking about her cabinet once she assumes the presidency. Maybe I misunderstood what he said; wouldn't be the first time.

    6. Anonymous10:11 AM

      9:40 am
      Apparently you don't realize what Malloy or Barney Frank have done for the Democratic Party, they are both wonderful Democrats.

    7. Anonymous10:56 AM

      Love Malloy! Bernie goes after Malloy on behalf of the NRA.

      Love Frank! Bernie goes after him because he's a real progressive who called Bernie another "McCarthy."

    8. Anonymous11:23 AM

      I'm glad Sanders picked Cornel West. It clears up any lingering misconceptions anyone might have about what Sanders thinks of black voters, who overwhelmingly hate West for his nonstop attacks on Obama. I'll do Sanders the courtesy of concluding he just has no idea what black people think, want or say they need, rather than assuming he's a flat-out racist. ("Oh, but he marched for civil rights 50-plus years ago!" Give me a break.)

    9. Anonymous11:49 AM

      @Anonymous 11:23 AM

      ''I'm glad Sanders picked Cornel West. It clears up any lingering misconceptions anyone might have about what Sanders thinks of black voters, who overwhelmingly hate West for his nonstop attacks on Obama.''

      I'm one of those Black voters who can't stand Cornell West because of his endless attacks on President Obama.. He started on President Obama before the president even took the oath of office, and never let up, to this day.
      This is one reason I would never even consider voting for Bernie Sanders, now or ever.

    10. Anonymous11:51 AM

      @Anonymous 11:23 AM

      P.S. I believe Cornell West is pathologically jealous of President Obama. That is his problem.

    11. Anonymous11:56 AM

      @Anonymous 9:40 AM

      We don't have coronations. That's for countries with royalty. So please stop talking nonsense.
      We have elections, and Sanders is losing the election.

      If Sanders was winning would you call it a coronation? I didn't think so.

    12. Anonymous12:23 PM

      Bernie went after Frank because he is gay, 10:56 AM. Bernie is on record as being anti gays!

    13. Anonymous12:25 PM

      I would absolutely love it if Hillary Clinton picked Bill Clinton has her running mate!

      It would be outstanding to have both of them in the White House again with both working for the benefit of America and Americans.

    14. Anonymous12:56 PM

      Hillary would never pick Bill. Hey, maybe Biden is available, though? Does anyone know if John Kerry will remain as SoS when Clinton wins? Hoping so!

    15. Anonymous12:56 PM

      The vice president must be eligible to serve if the president cannot. With two full terms under his belt, Bill Clinton can't serve again.

    16. Anonymous3:38 PM

      Since Hillary could have a 'coronation' at another time, why would she accuse those who coronate?

    17. After RFK served as JFK's Attorney General (oh, how I miss Bobby), they passed a legislation where relatives of POTUS cannot serve in a cabinet position. Also, POTUS & VPOTUS cannot be from the same state, so that eliminates Bill as Hillary's VP.

  10. Anonymous9:18 AM

    This presidential election is not about who the Democratic voters wants to win the presidential general election.

    This presidential general election is about who Sanders wants to be in Clinton's administrative cabinet, who Sanders wants Clinton's Supreme Court Justice nominees will be and who will be on the Democratic National Convention committees.

    This presidential election is about an angry old Socialist man demanding and getting his way or else.

    1. Anonymous10:02 AM

      The Democratic primaries aren't about who the Democratic voters want.

      If that were true, there wouldn't be super-delegates who by design and the number of votes allocated to them are the ultimate deciders of who's the nominee.

      If that were true, the Democratic parties in many states wouldn't allow unaffiliated voters to vote in their primaries. Some even allow Repugs to crossover.

    2. Anonymous10:38 AM

      Each state gets to design it's own primary or caucus or both, like Washington where Clinton overwhelmingly won the primary but only Bernie got delegates. I don't see him griping about that and saying the contest was rigged. Yes, the democratic primaries are about who the democratic voters want. The rules were in place, re super delegates before bernie decided to become a democrat last year. He is hurting his adopted party, he has done well, he can't win, he should back off and start aiming at Trump instead of Clinton. If he really is a democrat, that is.

    3. Anonymous11:59 AM

      Of course in WA only one could count and the WA Dem Party picked the caucus. The rules are that superdelegate votes aren't cast until the convention and until then superdelegates are free to endorse or change their endorsement. Sanders isn't trying to change the rules on superdelegates. He's trying to build a case to convince delegates who've endorsed Clinton, but who can't actually vote until the convention, to vote for him. No rule change needed. The guy has the right to dig in and fight until the end. You wouldn't have an argument against it unless you were concerned he might actually pull it off and turn superdelegates to him. If Clintonites weren't worried he might actually pull it off and convince enough superdelegates to change their minds by the time they vote in July, you'd be laughing it off as Crazy Ol' Bernie. The fact that Clintonites continue to try to smear him 20 ways to Sunday even though nothing seems to stick is you're afraid when you look at the poles and look at tens of thousands of people still filling his CA rallies that he might get it done.

    4. Anonymous1:50 PM

      I never smear Sanders, 11:59. I donated to him last year, but I regret it deeply, especially when I see him use campaign donations to sue my state and nullify the ballot I've already cast!

      I also express my opinion about him, usually with fact-based links. I am entitled to express an opinion, and as a former Sanders' supporter, that is my right to do.

      Perhaps I should sign in here as "A Former Sanders Supporter" from now on. Hmmm. Maybe I will.

  11. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Ironic that he wants to oust Barney Frank.

    1. Anonymous9:58 AM

      Really? After Frank wrote this?

      Folks here are surprisingly uninformed.

    2. Anonymous10:11 AM

      Of course he does, he is anti-gay.

    3. Anonymous10:14 AM

      Of course he wants Frank out, he's gay and Senile Sanders is anti gay.

    4. Anonymous11:15 AM

      @anon 9:58am
      Bernie had his picks, he doesn't get to pick everyone else's. BTW a couple of Bernie's own picks will not be voting for Bernie either lol.

    5. Anonymous11:27 AM

      You know, Barney Franks has been a liberal Democrat for many, many years. When he was in Congress he actually did a lot - unlike Bernie Sanders. Barney Franks has a right to support or not support whomever he wishes. It's not up to Bernie Sanders, Democrat since 2015, to interfere with him. The DNC can have whomever it wishes on its committees.

      Nothing should be up to Bernie Sanders who has been making himself more and more unpalatable to us very patient Democrats by the minute. We started this journey with open minds, thinking that whichever person got the nomination would garner our real support through to the November election because we realize how important this election is. Many of us commented here that we would support whichever candidate won the Democratic nomination, although many of us knew that his "pie in the sky" promises would be torn to shreds by the GOP once it and the media got started. And then Bernie Sanders and his staff and his followers just went off the rails and he's been careening farther and farther from the tracks for months now. He's really in la-la land now. I hope someone he trusts will tell him so. He's annoyed, alienated and angered many good, loyal Democrats. And he needs us much more than we need him, especially since he's running again as an Independent in Vermont.

  12. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Hate to say it and a bunch of you including Gryphen will disagree with me.

    I hope and pray the Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton, the Democratic National Convention, the Democratic Party and the Democratic voters will not bow down to the demands of a Socialist man who just recently joined the Democratic Party after being a nobody in the Independent Party and other parties for 25 years.

    If the Democratic Party presidential nominee loses to Trump because Socialist Bernie Sanders doesn't get his demands, so be it.

    1. Anonymous10:14 AM

      I agree with you completely. Except Hillary won't lose, Hillary has the minority vote which no candidate can win without.

    2. 66gardeners10:20 AM


      respect is earned
      Bernie lost my respect

    3. Anonymous10:20 AM

      Absolutely, and "No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public." -- H L Menken (b. 1880)

    4. Anonymous10:57 AM

      Agree with you @9:44

    5. Anonymous11:10 AM

      Hillary is going to jail.

    6. Anonymous11:18 AM

      I agree with you. Some Sanders voters may be as damaging to the Democratic Party and governing processes as the white nationalists and Christian extremists are for the GOP. Mainstreaming the fringe on the right or the left is not good for the country.

    7. Anonymous11:59 AM

      @anon 11:10 am

      No she isn't, but Baby Jane Sanders may well be on her way.

    8. Anonymous12:09 PM

      @Anonymous 11:18 AM

      '''I agree with you. Some Sanders voters may be as damaging to the Democratic Party and governing processes as the white nationalists and Christian extremists are for the GOP.'''

      This is how Hillary's supporters acted in 2008.

    9. Anonymous12:10 PM

      Hillary isn't going to jail, 11:10 AM! It's all total baloney and part of the constant 'anti Hillary' being put out there by the media!

      She will be out next POTUS and is totally ready, and qualified, to take the position!

      Can hardly wait to cast my vote for her!

    10. Anonymous12:13 PM

      I think Bernie Sanders should be kicked out of the Democratic Party! He included himself and was never invited!

      The old man is nothing more than a divider and trouble maker.

      Vote for Hillary folks and get this mess over with in November! I never want to hear the names of Trump and Sanders uttered ever again!

    11. Anonymous12:14 PM

      11:10 is Jane going to jail?

    12. Anonymous12:47 PM

      12:14, maybe, who cares, she isn't running for office.

      Hillary is going to jail.

    13. Anonymous12:48 PM

      12:10 can hardly wait to cast her menopausal vote for Hillary at least 20 times a day.

    14. Anonymous1:05 PM

      Um, 12:47 - Bernie is implicated in Jane's fraud charges. Did you read the letters from the lawsuit?
      12:48 - you are sexist and gross. You are not helping Bernie Trump or is it Ron Paul) with your misogyny. In fact, the more you insult women, the more those who love women move towards Hillary, because they see the indecency of your rabid attacks.

    15. Anonymous2:04 PM

      12:48, be grateful for the menopausal votes in your life. Your comment tells me you don't have all the sex you want, and you have no respect for your mother or other people's mothers, or the great leaders of the world who happened to be women lucky enough to not have periods any more.

    16. Anonymous3:47 PM

      Yes 12:14 PM, she is an atheist.

  13. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Ignore the old fool. He is in it for the grift.

    1. Anonymous11:17 AM

      No he's not. He's relatively poor for senators of such long standing, as is Biden. He's been thinking about the same inequalities for decades, and I agree with him on nearly all the problems. There is no earthly reason for kids to graduate with a so-so undergrad degree and be in debt to 50-100k. Those degrees aren't worth 10% of that, in debt. Undergrad degrees are now roughly equal in learning to a decent high school degree, that's how grade inflation has taken over our nation. But, he goes wrong in saying free undergrad education as he opens himself to criticism, who pays. It should be more along the lines of dividing kids out in HS as to whether or not they want an academic career or an applied science career or a technology career. Then, they won't waste so much time at state U taking electives that are only there to guarantee the salary of some professors trying to ensure the continuation of their department. So he's going about it the wrong way, community colleges should be facilitated, during which kids can choose to become (well paid) plumbers or computer programmers, or get the basics to go on for science or legal degrees. Too many kids go straight to "college" because they have no idea what they want to do, and the HS counseling programs do not seem to be helping kids decide. It's a disgrace to the USA that a young person has to graduate with a loan service larger than the house he should be borrowing money for. And, it takes all that money out of circulation, goes straight to the money lenders and not into the economy, as it would be if these youngsters were actually buying things with their salaries after college. Bernie is not an old fool, he is not in it for the grift (whatever that is), and he should be complimented but he should turn straight to backing the real dem candidate WHO HAS ALREADY WON THE PRIMARY.

    2. Anonymous3:56 PM

      Did Chuck Todd report on the amazing happenings going on in California right now with Bernie?

      Did Trump and Palin trump all the news cycles?

      I have missed most of MSM this week. It is phenomenal what is happening in local news.

      I have never heard talk on the streets like this.

      I doubt it will get out to the public at a national level.

      Everyone agrees they have never seen anything like this. Most expect it to be hushed and to go on the the sos.

  14. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Hey Gryphen, Check this out. So much for the media being "in the tank for Hillary". And so much for Sanders being "pure as the driven snow".

    Maybe that's why yesterday Chuck Todd was a little harder on Sanders than usual. He is trying to show he wasn't bought by the Sanders campaign.

    1. Anonymous10:15 AM

      And then you have this nugget buried in the above twitter feed:

    2. Anonymous10:21 AM

      for those who do not subscribe to twitter, can you post the gist of it here please?

    3. Anonymous11:12 AM

      Way to promote a Right Wing Smear, 10:15!

      Or is it OK when DiGenova and Toensing are going after Sanders, instead Clinton? Or don't you know who Joe DiGenova and Victoria Toensing are? Do some homework before you help promote people who would love to see Clinton behind bars.

    4. Anonymous11:21 AM


      Anti-Hillary MSNBC Chuck Todd's wife, co-founder Maverick Strategies and Mail, got $1,342,293 from Sanders Campaign: …

    5. Anonymous11:55 AM

      Everyone should write and call the heads of MSNBC regarding Chuck Todd and his wife's involvement w/the 'anti Hillary Clinton' information!

      It's been so obvious that Todd has been anti Hillary Clinton. The guy is a fucking jerk!!!

      I thought those folks on the air were suppose to be unbiased in their reporting! He assuredly is not!

      A movement is needed to get him fired!

    6. Anonymous11:58 AM

      @anon 11:12 am
      The truth is never right wing or left wing, it's just the truth.

  15. Anonymous9:59 AM

    Here's something else, Gryphen. maybe this is why Sanders won't release his tax returns:

    1. Anonymous11:04 AM

      I hope everyone reads this. Bernie is implicated for financial ethics violations in this letter in one paragraph. (But it is mainly about Jane & Burlington, fraud charges, etc.)

    2. Anonymous11:13 AM

      Ok when DiGenova and Toensing are after Sanders instead of Clinton? Why are you helping spread a smear for people who would like to see Clinton behind bars?

    3. Anonymous11:19 AM

      Of course, Baby Jane and Senile Sanders don't want people to see how much Jane stole from running that college into the ground. Also, the writer of the letter is correct when he states Sanders broke his oath of ethics for his Senate office by getting involved with that loan.

    4. Anonymous11:46 AM

      "Jane stole"? Go back to the p pond.

    5. Anonymous11:57 AM

      @anon 11:13am
      Toensing's letter is not a smear at all. Just the truth and apparently you Bernie Bros can't handle the truth.

    6. Anonymous7:05 PM

      @ 11:46 am
      You must need a refresher in English, Jane stole is perfectly fine word usage.

  16. "“Both Governor Malloy and Mr. Frank (the “Chairs”) have been harsh, vocal critics of Senator Sanders, and equally active supporters of his challenger, Hillary Clinton,” "

    But by the same token Statler would have no qualms should some of these people were in he tank for him, would he. He makes my ass ache.

  17. Anonymous10:33 AM

    So I guess Bernie would have been okay with the Republicans removing all of the Democrats they didn't like from Congress because they openly supported Obama in the last 2 elections.

    And, of course, the Republicans should have had the right to choose President Obama's Cabinet because they lost.

    For someone who joined the Democratic party solely for the benefits that come with an established party during a presidential campaign, he sure seems to think he runs the place.

    1. Anonymous11:03 AM

      He sure does! Holy crap.

    2. Anonymous11:23 AM

      @Anonymous 10:33 AM

      '''For someone who joined the Democratic party solely for the benefits that come with an established party during a presidential campaign, he sure seems to think he runs the place.''

    3. Anonymous11:46 AM

      Excellent comment!

    4. Anonymous11:51 AM

      I'm sure the Democratic Party isn't going to go along with the asshole. Getting rid of two guys (committee heads) that have been Democratic workers and doers all their adult lives? Give me a friggin' break.

      Bernie's head has gotten almost as big as Trumps!

      Bernie should be hung for all the disservice he is doing to our country! Most assuredly if a 'revolution' begins due to his messed up words/thoughts!

  18. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Pls bow out Bernie, before we get Trump/Palin blowing up the country.

  19. Anonymous11:05 AM

    I am sick of Sanders! At first I liked the issues he was bringing forth into the political debates, but now, it sure looks like Sanders is in for himself at all costs. I am disgusted beyond words at his recent power grabs. He will implode the Democratic Party and does not seem to care about the consequences to our nation.

    Yes, I am greatly disturbed by Sanders at this point. He is a traitor to the Democratic Party (he isn't even a Democrat!) and a threat to the security of our nation. If TRump is elected, it will be Sanders' fault.

    1. Anonymous11:55 AM

      Actually I think Bernie's power grab is backfiring on him big time. He is uniting real Democrats like nothing I have seen before in my lifetime.

    2. Anonymous4:01 PM


      You are obviously not where I am. Very Democratic but not FU_K BERN at all.

      It may be backfiring in your house. Set outside.

    3. Anonymous7:04 PM

      @ 4:01pm
      You should buy your own home and earn a living, in other words move to a better neighborhood where the tax payers are paying their mortgages and not just your rent.

  20. 66gardeners11:09 AM

    Politics is like a road. The left and the right are in the gutter. The middle is where you make progress.

    1. Anonymous1:33 PM

      ^^^^ This!

  21. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Did I miss something?

    I read that someone is being attacked for making a fortune in Big Pharma. I didn't see any homophobic attacks.

    Or that just because this is someone in the Bernie campaign and we all know it's open HATE season on Bernie.

    (Thank you, Bernie supporters, for Chicken Trump and Donald Cluck. You've done something no one else has been able to do. Brand Drumpf better than John Oliver.)

    1. Anonymous12:58 PM

      Didn't you? Maybe you should watch Joy Reid's show from this morning. She covered it on AMJoy - MSNBC.

    2. Anonymous1:54 PM

      What a ridiculoous nothing burger.

      If criticism of a person who's gay is "homophobic", then criticism of Sanders is "anti-semitic".

    3. Former Sanders Supporter2:39 PM

      1:54 - did you watch Joy Reid's show? The Sanders campaign had to delete their accusation. So they thought it was a something burger.

    4. Anonymous4:06 PM

      Criticism of Sanders is "Anti-Atheism". there are words that are verboten. You are must say "anti-semitic".

    5. Anonymous9:33 PM

      That's the point, 1:54.

      If you criticize someone and they happen to be gay, you're accused of being homophobic.

      Bernie criticizes Clinton and the haters pile on that he's a misogynist.

      And yet, no one calls out any of the haters for being Anti-semitic if they bash Bernie. And yes, even though he is an atheist, he is of Jewish heritage, so that would still make them anti-semitic.

      And considering some of the comments ageists too.

  22. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Will California be Bernie Sanders’ golden state?

    1. Anonymous1:45 PM


    2. Anonymous1:58 PM

      No. Unless he manages to change the rules in his favor. Waaaaaahhh! Bernie's the worst loser I've ever seen.

    3. Anonymous4:08 PM

      It depends on who and what you listen to.

  23. Anonymous2:14 PM


    I have gone from being a staunch supporter of your IDEAS, to being a realist who knows you can accomplish NONE of the pie in the sky promises without the full cooperation of the congress.

    I saw you as the one person who would look out for the rights of all. The only rights you seem to be looking out for are yours and Queen Jane's.

    It is beyond time for yout to sit down and STFU!

  24. The ego is only surpassed by the arrogance.

  25. Anonymous2:52 PM

    At this point, I detest Sanders as much as I do Trump!

  26. Anita Winecooler2:55 PM

    Good Job, Bernie! How about you picking your vp and letting the other candidate pick hers? Just in case, you know, votes, delegates, and superdelegates matter when it's all said and done.
    I'll have whatever he's vaping, sounds like good stuff.

  27. Anonymous3:18 PM

    I am always deeply suspicious of anyone who refers to themselves in the third person.

    Bernie has started doing this lately.

    In the past few weeks, he's gone from saying "We" and "I" to saying "Bernie Sanders can beat Trump." He now says "The Sanders campaign" instead of "my campaign."

    I fear he's officially become a narcissist--if he wasn't already one. Very disappointing and a little creepy.

  28. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Why Hillary Clinton’s “Emailgate” Is a Fake Scandal

  29. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Hey Bernie, you're not a Democrat, remember? Get out of my party. And, yeah, a few months ago, I voted for you. Didn't matter in may state, so I'm not totally embarrassed. But now, just shut up and get out. And take you money grubbing fraud of a hausfrau with you.

    1. Anonymous5:44 PM

      I agree with you Dems that don't like him, he is not yours he is ours, Independents. We will give him our votes in November, just to make our point and even if we are disappointed that he got into bed with your broken party.

      Carry on, as we will. And remember, we won't vote for your establishment gal, no way, no how. But that's Democracy in action so you should be happy about it.

    2. Anonymous10:51 PM

      5:44 - your vote is on you. No one is going to beg you. We will win with the Obama Coalition so you can 'stay pure.' (And rather useless.)

  30. Anonymous4:32 PM

    No, Hillary is NOT Going to be Indicted on Federal Racketeering Charges

  31. Anonymous4:48 PM

    Is XM getting ready to tilt the playing field in U.S. election?

    ...So — if the decision to leave the right-wing political channel on the air in Canada and relegate the lefties to “internet-only” access is not based on Canadian audiences, what is the basis for reducing access to the Progressive channel.

    My guess — given XM’s decision to name the right-wing channel Patriot (as if the lefties aren’t) — is that the changes in Canada are a dry run for a plan to deprive American progressives with an important voice in the home stretch before the American election (while leaving the right-wing voice intact).

    I am speculating — but SiriusXM in Canada has left us no choice other than speculation when they offer no coherent explanation for what appears to be an arbitrary decision to leave the right-wing talkers on-air while pulling off the progressives.

  32. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Wait a sec everyone - you got us Bernie supporters all wrong

  33. Anonymous4:50 PM

    FiveThirtyEight's Deconstruction of the Rigged Primary Myth

  34. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Bernie's phone banking has really slowed down, and they cut their targets in half in May already:

  35. Anonymous6:49 PM

    What garbage G! In the first sentence you say Bernie is trying to stack the deck for himself, and in the second sentence you admit the people in question are biased Hillary supporters. Seems the deck is already stacked against Bernie. And you G will lie about anything to support your candidate. Typical dishonest politics, which we should be getting rid of, but that won't happen with crooked Hillary as president and tabloid writers like you. .

    1. Anonymous9:37 PM

      He won't say anything to support Clinton.

      He will post anything that will bash Bernie.

      And bury his head in the sand regarding any Clinton weaknesses or negatives.

    2. Anonymous10:50 PM

      9:37 - you make no sense.

  36. Anonymous6:54 PM

    Hillary claims she has adopted Sanders’ policies and said she’s "proud of the Sanders’ campaign." The Dems are finally getting the fact that MILLIONS of Democratic and independent voters want Sanders’ policies and not those of the establishment status quo Dems (like the Clintons) who bailed out Wall St. and indebted the country to big business and banks since the Carter administration by enacting neoliberal economic policies that have failed worldwide. Of course, when and if Hillary is elected it remains to be seen if she is sincere and really invested in the changes she is now claiming to back or if this is merely a ploy to gain Sanders' voters.

    According to the latest from Dem. headquarters:

    "Hillary Clinton Reaches Out to Sanders Supporters and Expands Criticism of Trump
    Hillary embraces more of Bernie's ideas in California and makes a strong and provocative critique of Trump."
    By Steven Rosenfeld / AlterNet
    May 27, 2016

    "Hillary Clinton praised Bernie Sanders’ supporters and previewed aggressive attacks against Donald Trump at a Thursday rally in San Jose, Calif., just hours after the Associated Press announced Trump has the 1,237 delegate votes needed for the GOP nomination.

    'I am proud of the campaigns that Senator Sanders and I have run,' she said, speaking in a large exhibition hall at the Tech Museum of Innovation. 'We have run a campaign on issues about the future. We both want universal healthcare coverage. We both want to make college affordable within the reach of every young person who wants to go to a public college or university. We both want to rein in and prevent what happened in the Great Recession with the misdeeds of Wall Street from ever happening again. We are on the same page'....'"

    "Hillary ended her speech by returning to where it began—hoping to win the support of Sanders supporters and presenting the country with a positive agenda for progress and change."

    1. Anonymous9:38 PM

      Sounds like Hillary is a much better adult than her supporters.

      Sorta a little "grow up" speech.

    2. Anonymous5:20 AM

      Yes, 9:38 and she has advisers who finally have taken in the reality that Sanders is only a few points behind her in CA in some polling, and has millions of voters. Not that polls are reliable--still, it's plain a significant number of voters are sick of the current Dem. leadership and insider Washington corruption and are voting against the status quo. Hillary is addressing that reality in this speech.

  37. Anonymous8:53 PM

    I'm so glad I never put the Bernie bumper stickers I ordered on my car. Now they're going in the trash. What an embarrassment that guy turned out to be. And Trump is entirely unsuitable. At the end of the day Hillary is the only competent and reasonable candidate for the office of the presidency. Anybody who doesn't recognize that is just dreaming. I get that people have justified resentments, but neither Trump nor Sanders can deliver.

  38. Anonymous9:29 PM

    Odd? I thought this was a site for truth? Senator Sanders is doing well. Why not cheer on a third party candidate? Yeah its gonna shake it up but hey? Senator Sanders should move on over to the Independent slot in june and let the cards fall. What makes Senator Sanders percent of voters less important?

  39. Anonymous9:46 PM

    Where is the Green Party Candidate? Need the Libertarian dude on stage too. And an Independent, Democrate, Republican, Whig. We need all choices on stage to debate about 10x. Why are all three not on stage debating tonight? It is not decided until close of polls in November. Voters must hear from those applying for the job.

  40. Anonymous1:54 PM

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  41. Anonymous9:13 AM

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