Sunday, May 29, 2016

Trump dump: Trump campaign is broke, judge to release documents about Trump University, Marco Rubio apologized for pointing out Trump has a small penis.

You heard him folks, the only person whose words matter are Donald Trump's.

And here we go.

Courtesy of the Washington Examiner:  

Donald Trump's campaign has alerted Senate Republicans that he won't have much money to spend fending off attacks from Hillary Clinton over the next couple months. 

The notice came when Paul Manafort, Trump's senior advisor, met with a group of Senate Republican chiefs of staff for lunch last week, sources familiar with the meeting told the Washington Examiner. The admission suggests that Trump will be far more dependent on the GOP brass for money than he has led voters to believe, but it's consistent with his reliance on the Republican National Committee to provide a ground game in battleground states. 

"They know that they're not going to have enough money to be on TV in June and probably most of July, until they actually accept the nomination and get RNC funds, so they plan to just use earned media to compete on the airwaves," one GOP source familiar with Manafort's comments told the Examiner.

Well so much for "I'm self funding my own campaign."

Actually money, or the lack thereof, is playing a big part in revealing who Donald Trump is in real life.

Did you know that he accepted $150,000 from the Federal governemtn after 9-11 by claiming he was a "small business?" Well he did.

That of course follows the news that he received a tax break given to married couples who make $500,000 or less in a year. That's made more interesting by the fact that Trump's financial report claims he made $362 million in 2014.

Just where are those tax returns Donald?

As if all of that were not troubling enough for Donald Trump the judge overseeing the class action lawsuits being brought against Trump University for fraud is now going to release the "playbooks" which among other things directed sales people to rank students based on their liquid assets in order to sell the wealthier ones more courses.

That might have been in response to these comments from Trump on Friday: 

“I have a judge who is a hater of Donald Trump, a hater. He’s a hater. His name is Gonzalo Curiel ... I think Judge Curiel should be ashamed of himself,” Mr. Trump said at Friday's rally, echoing many of the same points he made in speeches a few months ago. “I’m telling you, this court system, judges in this court system, federal court, they ought to look into Judge Curiel. Because what Judge Curiel is doing is a total disgrace, OK?" 

Seriously could you even begin to imagine this arrogant buffoon negotiating with other countries on our behalf?

And finally we learn that Marco Rubio apparently apologized to Donald Trump in private for those remarks about his tiny hands: 

“I actually told Donald — one of the debates, I forget which one — I apologized to him for that.”

Please is there anybody ANYWHERE who does not already realize that Donald Trump has a tiny, possibly ingrown, Trump stump for a penis? 

I mean that does kind of explain almost everything about him, don't you think?


  1. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Have you seen the fat, flapping belly he tries to hide? No matter what size his penis is, I doubt it can be found behind all that blubber.

    1. Anonymous1:09 PM

      EEEEEWWWWW, but hahahahahahaha!

    2. It's the middle of the night. Now I'm afraid to go to sleep.

      The nightmares will be yuuuuge.

  2. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Yes, right on.

    1. 66gardeners1:50 PM

      Rick Wiley was fired last week because he was hired as for a temporary position which involved hiring field staffers for the battleground states. Don't need those....nope.

      If Trump succeeds in blowing up the GOP, this all will have been worth it.

  3. Anonymous11:42 AM

    "The only quote that matters is a quote from me!"
    hahahahaha Looser!

    1. Anonymous12:44 PM

      One of his quotes is 'I always hire the best people.' Too bad his 'best people' are good enough to trust to speak to the media.

    2. Anonymous1:05 PM

      Bet his campaign staff was really energized by bein called biased and phony media quoting people

    3. Anonymous1:06 PM

      "Looser" meant for his followers who cannot spell.

    4. Anonymous3:57 PM

      He enjoys pitting staff against one another. He is sick.

  4. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Somehow I thought I read somewhere that his first or second wife said he was 'less than well-endowed' in his nether regions.

    Also, too: just HOW THE .... does he get away with claiming to be a 'small business' as well as making less than $500K/year, and then claiming all the other things he does?

    TIME FOR THE IRS TO CLEAN UP THEIR ACT and GO AFTER THESE CROOKS ( tRump as well as the PayMes)!!!

    1. Anonymous12:38 PM

      He needs to drop his drawers.

    2. Anonymous1:18 PM

      The GOP has hamstrung the IRS. If they were to investigate him beyond 'auditing' his returns (which I doubt) he'd be all over Fox screaming about the unfair IRS targeting him because he's rich and religious...certainly not because he a blatant liar and cheat. I do hope Hillary has some good psychologists on her debate staff; there has to be a way to get him to throw himself out of the race.

    3. Anonymous1:53 PM

      Shit, I could actually see him dropping his panties to show us the size of his penis! The guy IS that sick and ego driven!

    4. Anonymous2:42 PM


      True. He will never show his taxes before first Tues in Nov first Tuesday following the first Mon in November
      deadline whatever.

    5. Anonymous9:49 PM

      In 2008, Marla Maples threatened to spill a lot of stuff on Trump if he ran. Instead of running he muzzled her with his lawyers.

      Notice she's had very little to say this year.

      I hope, now that she's remarried, that she sticks it to Chicken Donald and spills it all. I hope she's writing a book. An e-book so that he can't threaten the publisher. If she went vanity press she could pay to have tons of copies printed and she'd make millions.

  5. From the article: Just where are those tax returns Donald?

    As I wrote in an O/T comment on the previous article, "[T]he campaign should be told, NOT A PENNY until he releases his tax returns!"

  6. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Where have I heard this before?! "Don't believe that man behind the curtain! I am Trump the great and powerful!" (Apologies to The Wizard of Oz.)

  7. Anonymous12:10 PM

    Don't know why anyone in their right mind would donate to Trump's campaign. After all he says he's worth more than $10 billion and would self fund. So just do it - wouldn't want us to think you're a liar would ya LOL

    1. Anonymous12:48 PM

      No one in their right mind would donate to this.

      This is not how things would be with a billionairs who is self funding.

      You don't suppose that was a con job and he is a fraud? Like the company he keeps and his supporters.

    2. Anonymous1:19 PM

      He's taken in quite a bit of cash already from a couple of PACS.

    3. Anonymous3:03 PM

      PACS are part of corrupt system. Big established crooks don't count for anything but more flim flam and deceptions.

    4. Anonymous3:10 PM

      About 12 million at the outset and then over a billion of free air time from our money hungry media faux journalist reporters stations.

      Is his campaign where some of the vet fundraiser money went so Drumpf can't talk about it yet? Got to "find" some cash?

  8. Anonymous12:16 PM

    My thoughts on all of this: tRump is not nearly as wealthy as he claims to be so he can't afford to self fund his campaign. That is why he says so many outrageous things - it gives him free air time since the media continuous to fall for it.
    Regarding Trump University, you can bet that tRump already has his lawyers working on keeping the documents secret.
    Regarding little Marco, he tRump to get a position in tRump's cabinet so Marco won't have to find another job after his senate job ends.

    All in all, I think tRump should be referred to as "rug rat" trump throughout the general election campaign. He acts like a toddler and that rug on his head is pretty ugly.

    1. Anonymous12:36 PM

      Ronald Reagan's son does not believe the hype about Trump wealth. Like not even close to the billions. One billion? Possibly in the millions?

    2. How about Donald Duck? He ducks fiscal responsibility (to begin with).

    3. Once his many fiscal shenanigans become public record
      & his tax returns
      & federal grants for small business/income
      (if Fox will touch it...but it IS "astonishing" news for ratings)
      plus the "campaign is broke" statement
      plus whatever the Dems have in mind to sink him with,
      that his current supporting mob will turn on him. Fickle things, mobs: so let's sit back and watch, shall we?

    4. Anonymous1:17 PM

      Trump is worth an estimated $250 million. That's it. Why he claims to be a billionaire is baffling. I've left links here before that show this to be true, from tax info filed by Trump for various reasons through the years. (Personally, $250 million sounds like a fortune to me so why he's ashamed of it, I have no idea.)

    5. Anonymous1:46 PM

      Another thing I read in the last few days is that, at least in Toronto, bookings are down almost 60% at Trump hotels. This is all since he threw his hat in the ring to run for president. He is damaging his brand big time and I think his brand is a big part of how Trump calculates his financial worth.

    6. Anonymous2:20 PM

      @1:17 He claims that his name, the brand "Trump" is worth 3 billion dollars. He also finances real estate property by putting up a little money and bringing in a bunch of investors. Still, he claims the total value of the property even when he owns just 10%. Forbes has been questioning how much Trump is really worth for years.

    7. Anonymous2:26 PM

      Trump's 'feeling' about his brand is exactly how he calculates his worth. He doesn't own real estate as much as he licenses his name to attach to buildings others own.

      Trump: "Yes, even my own feelings, as to where the world is, where the world is going, and that can change rapidly from day to day. Then you have a September 11th, and you don't feel so good about yourself and you don't feel so good about the world and you don't feel so good about New York City. Then you have a year later, and the city is as hot as a pistol. Even months after that it was a different feeling. So yeah, even my own feelings affect my value to myself."

    8. Anonymous2:43 PM

      #donald ducks

    9. Anonymous4:43 PM

      Don the Con may stick.


    10. Anonymous6:24 PM

      Nope, the documents were previously released by Politico. Judge Curiel pointed that out when he re-released them.

  9. Anonymous12:18 PM


  10. Anonymous12:19 PM

    And just think, Chump is STILL an asshole !!

  11. Anonymous12:29 PM

    I cannot be the only one that remembers the interview outside a Palin book signing event. The reporter asked about policies, what they liked about her, they were deer in the headlights answering. "She's just like me!"

    "I love low-information people!" -- Donald Trump

    And there's Trump/Palin 2016

  12. Anonymous12:35 PM

    I don't care how small his penis is, he's a dick.

    1. Anonymous7:40 PM

      LOL, GeorgiaPeach! In that sense, Trump is a yuuuuuuuuuge dick.

  13. Anonymous12:37 PM

    The best and only way to take Trump down is by Trump taking himself down. No accusations from the media, no secret plan by the GOP, and obviously nothing he says can do it so well as his actions.

    And that way his cult followers will see him for what he is. Even if he were to lose the election, he would still be in our faces, like someone else we know, and I would love nothing better than seeing this emperor without clothes bring himself down hard.


    1. Anonymous1:13 PM

      Hey, Mildred, waving at ya, good to see you here.

      His cult followers will not change their minds just like the pee pond. They were all for Cruz, until Queen Esther endorsed, and now they're all for him when they used to hate him.

      "There are none so blind as those who will not see."

    2. Anonymous3:45 PM

      Waving back, 1:13!


  14. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Lewandowski: If Mitt Romney Runs, ‘Say Goodbye to the 2nd Amendment’

    Donald Trump is the best candidate for the military and militias. Look at those that support him and their records.

    Trump also has Sarah Palin and her family who are the best the GOP has to represent women bearing arms. How many times have we seen Bristol the Pistol showing off her skills? She starred in a televison show and shot things. Like awesome!

    Hell, I bet Sgt Track Palin will break his silence and speak out for Trump and the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. No one says Carry Concealed better. Didn't the best patriot band, Missing Stateside write a song about Sgt Track's concealing?

    Sgt Track has a few little things to clean up and he and his family will be out campaigning for Mr 2nd Amendment, Trump.

    Don't forget 'Meet the Trumps' and look forward to the new prototyped model 'Meet the Palins'. Including Sgt Track.

    It could not be a more important time for the family to show unity, as Trump can benefit and be a winner.

    #Don't Dump Trump!!!! Sgt Track

    1. Anonymous9:54 PM

      Wait a minute.

      I thought if Obama was elected you'd say goodbye to the 2nd amendment.

      Wait. No. It's Hillary. If she's elected the 2nd amendment is toast.

  15. Anonymous12:44 PM

    If Rubio were anything more than a political parasite, he would have stuck to his statements about Trump. The truth about Marco Rubio is that he is only out for himself. Rubio definitely wants a future in politics and his sickening Trump suck up suggests that he is trying to position himself for a potential run against Hillary Clinton in 2020.

    Rubio wants to speak at the Republican convention because he is trying to follow the path of Barack Obama. Now President Obama stole the show at the 2004 Democratic convention and showed himself to be a president in the making with an electrifying keynote speech.

    Sen. Rubio wants to use Trump’s convention to launch his next presidential bid. Voters rejected Marco Rubio because he is an empty suit. Rubio just confirmed this perception of him with his shameless embrace of Donald Trump.

  16. Anonymous12:50 PM

    I see you have adopted Palin's penis envy too Gryph.

    1. Anonymous1:07 PM

      How did you ever deduce that from what Gryph posted? What the hell do you mean? Oh, snark, I get it!

    2. Anonymous2:13 PM

      12:50 You are here spouting off about penises, don't you get enough at home?

    3. Anonymous2:41 PM

      1:07 and 2:13 and Palin and Gryph all share the same penis envy.

    4. Anonymous9:57 PM

      No one envies Palin's penis.

      Not even Toad.

  17. Anonymous12:51 PM

    President Trump.

    Thank you DNC and Hillary Clinton.

    Could be worse. Hillary actually would be worse. So there is that.

    1. Anonymous1:17 PM

      Hillary Clinton will be a superb president.

    2. Anonymous1:18 PM

      No. There will be no President Trump. Smarter folks will prevail.

    3. Anonymous1:22 PM

      If you believe that, you also believe in fairies and unicorns. Donald Trump will destroy this nation, the same way he destroyed his businesses and casinos. Difference is, he made money off those, and once the good name of the US is gone, there will be nothing left for any of us.

    4. Anonymous1:43 PM

      1:22 Fear-mongering does not work here. Sorry! Cooler and smarter heads will prevail!

    5. Anonymous2:12 PM

      12:51 PM Is that you, Sarah Palin? Are you still on your knees begging Trump for a job/BJ? Did Todd dope up before the San Diego trip?

    6. Anonymous2:58 PM

      Crooked Hillary is going to jail for a multitude of federal crimes Beaglemom. It will be funny when that headline surprise slaps you in the ass. Maybe you will learn to pay attention to reality a bit more when that happens. Sad you are never going to get your big Hillary President dream.

    7. Anonymous4:04 PM

      He referred to changing the republican party into the workers party.

      We have been told to fear communism. Now the Republican is bringing it back like soft serve ice cream.

    8. Anonymous4:06 PM

      2:58 - stop being rude to women, please.

  18. Anonymous12:51 PM

    Trump sycophants show their colors:

  19. Anonymous12:52 PM

    WATCH: RNC Platform Leader Refuses To Say How Much GOP Hates Muslims (VIDEO)

    It appears that Republicans aren’t quite sure if they are on board with Donald Trump’s plan to ban all Muslims from entering the United States. During an interview with Jonathan Karl on ABC’s This Week, Karl questioned Republican Senator John Barrasso about Trump’s proposed Muslim ban.

    Barasso, who is going to serve as the chair of Republican national convention’s platform committee dodged the answer multiple times during the interview.

    Here’s a transcript of the exchange:

  20. Anonymous12:54 PM

    This Expert Just Shut Down Every Claim That Trump Is Not A Racist (VIDEO)

    There should be no doubt that racism is very much at least part of what is fueling Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Tim Wise, a major figure in the study of racism, is more than qualified to dissect and explain how Trump is exploiting racism in the United States to further his political ambitions.

    That’s exactly what Wise did during an appearance on CNN’s Reliable Sources on Sunday. The show’s host Brian Stelter began the segment by mentioning the abundance of analysis on Trump’s exploitation of “economic anxiety.” Stelter questioned why there has been so much talk about this economic anxiety and so little about racial anxiety.

    Wise quickly laid it out that economic anxiety is not the only reason Trump is the only one left in the GOP clown car.

    “If the only reason for Trump’s support was economic anxiety then people of color should be flocking to Trump. Because black folks, for instance, are twice as likely to be out of work as white folks, three times as likely to be poor, have 1/15 the net worth, nine years less life expectancy in large part due to economic inequality.”

    Wise just shut down a year’s worth of analysts who have desperately tried to shut down Trump’s use of the racism with an economics answer.

  21. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Here's a picture of Sarah that lets her true soul shine through. Ugly to the core.

    1. Anonymous2:38 PM

      Palin bizarrely labeled Trump the “golden wrecking ball.”
      Only Palin would endorse a candidate that has ruined their own party and that statement says more about her than him.

      She is happy that Donnie has destroyed the GOP, probable because the GOP finally discovered she is a traitor to the GOP and the USA and has ignored her.

      As for the GOP, who nominates a candidate that destroys their own party. What a bunch of wimps!!!

  22. Anonymous12:58 PM

    How Donald Trump steamrolled the GOP establishment

  23. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Marco Rubio is a spineless weasel with zero integrity. Little Marco he is and will always be. Florida voters take note.

  24. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Donny may have had a larger than average penis in his day, but he cannot keep an erection which leaves his women unfulfilled. That is the line that will send him over the edge

  25. Anonymous1:21 PM

    OMG they are going third party for sure! So says Bill Kristol on this tweet!

  26. Anonymous1:22 PM

    From Bill Kristol's tweet today - "Just a heads up over this holiday weekend: There will be an independent candidate--an impressive one, with a strong team and a real chance."

    1. Anonymous1:52 PM

      I think this is why Paul Ryan has not endorsed Trump.

    2. Anonymous2:47 PM

      Great news. Hope it is right on.

    3. Anonymous2:59 PM


    4. Anonymous9:59 PM

      The Libertarians?

  27. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Got no money. Got no organization. Oooops, RNC, looks like he'll just have to use yours instead of the ones that live in his head.

    Drump's a bait-n-switch artist. Big time.

    A real Master-baiter-n-switcher.

    1. Anonymous1:44 PM

      The Obama coalition will defeat Trump & the RNC. The data game & ground game infrastructure is already in place.

    2. I see what you did there 1:25! Haha!

  28. Anonymous1:26 PM

    The "Mexican" judge was born in Indiana and is a graduate of the University of Indiana and Indiana Law School.
    But his name alone makes Trump think he's "one of those."
    That's racism, pure and simple.
    I don't think that Federal judges, or the judiciary, will take these remarks kindly.
    On a happier note, occupancy rates at Trump hotels have fallen to unheard-of lows.

  29. Anonymous1:41 PM

    I thought that Donald Trump was worth billions of dollars. Is he so cheap that he won't spend a couple of million dollars for some advertising? He hasn't spent much so far because he has been campaigning by tweets and phone calls, and those yuuuuge rallies, I mean hate fests.

    1. Anonymous2:58 PM

      People in the know think Trump is worth one quarter of a billion. Not actually close to one billion.

      He doesn't have to own anything to have his name on it. He makes out with assumptions and being legendary with his schemes. He can sell people on other garbage when they think they are fooled into buying a Trump product. I know one sucker that did that and lost half his fortune. He hates Hillary so much he will vote for Trump. Serious about that.

    2. Anonymous10:01 PM

      He's CHEAP.

      Scrooge McTrump.

  30. Anonymous2:22 PM

    I don't know, I heard somewhere, must be true cuz I heard it, Donnie hates veterans!!!

    Remember believe only what Donnie tells us:

    A Bombshell Letter Exposes Donald Trump’s Hated For And War On Disabled Veterans

    1. Anonymous2:49 PM

      Why do you think he loves Sarah Palin?

    2. Anonymous3:16 PM

      Donald Trump's building is to bigly classy, probably the classiest building in history. The disabled veteran vendors weren't so classy so they had to go. If the veterans were classy it would have been different.

      [ publishes really good info but sometimes gets carried away.]

    3. Anonymous3:48 PM

      I just sent my hubby off to a—sorry, Sarah—Memorial Day BBQ. I have to stay home to work, but before the hubby left I had some fun with an item he’s bringing to the BBQ with him. At Marshall’s yesterday they were selling little pails of red-white-blue “Freedom Gummy Bears.” Had to get some and decorate the pail further with Palinisms. On the round lid to the pail I added that pic of a photo-shopped Palin in a red-white-blue bikini and holding a rifle. I added the typed words “Let Freedom Ring.” Underneath the front label to the package, with its “Freedom Gummy Bears,” I added a typed “These Gummy Bears Are True Patriots.” On another part of the pail I added a pic of rally Sarah with her mouth open venting and added typed words about being right-wingin’ and gun clingin’ and also “Gummy-Bear clingin’.” Too fun. Gotta admit I was cracking up while decorating it! If I see the gummy bears at 4th of July time, I’ll have to use Palin’s Paul Revere quote.

    4. 66gardeners5:53 AM

      LOL 3:48

  31. Donnie Duck, you can rant and rave all you want, but your own personality defects will bring you down, not judges or the media.

  32. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Groan. Trump.:

  33. Anonymous3:34 PM

    About Trump's penis. I've looked at many pics of him online from over the years, and not in one picture dis he have some sort of standout package there. There are even pics of him standing up with his arms raised and this causes the front to his pants to pull tightly against his body, and there simply is no shaping of the fabric there to suggest that he has any real wienie action going on.

    1. Anonymous6:49 PM

      Small man syndrome. It explains so much.

  34. Anonymous3:41 PM

    At the Rolling Thunder event in DC today, Trump spoke at a stage set up at the end of the reflecting pool closest to the Lincoln Memorial to a relatively sedate crowd of hundreds of bikers and assorted tourists, who did not entirely fill the space between the pool and the memorial. The businessman said it was not the scene he expected to encounter.

    “I thought this would be like Dr. Martin Luther King, where the people will be lined up from here all the way to the Washington Monument,” said Trump. King delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to a quarter-million supporters in August 1963.

  35. Anonymous4:02 PM

    The hint of what a bully he is, is that he bluffs. He's been a rich kid all his life. Never had to suffer too long about anything. Moved on to the next thing. That fact that there are average and below average Americans rooting and toonin' for him doesn't surprise me. For the longest time this sore in America has been festering. People who believe everything Trump has to say has found their god. They are blind, and like the Germans when they followed Hitler it will take a couple generations afterwards before common sense reigns again. Democrats must not get all weak kneed and call his or Bernie's bluster or we will regret it. I hate to make the comparison again, but if you watch Game of Thrones, you will see Ramsey Bolton boldly taking whatever he wants because people are complicit in what he wants.

    1. Anonymous4:37 PM

      Seig Heil, and they've found him.
      Any wonder why AIP Palin is licking her lips?

  36. Anita Winecooler4:33 PM

    It's absolutely laughable. Rubio steps up to the mic, adjusts it, then takes a huge gulp of water and says "Sorry what I said about your weenie, Mr Trump" And Trump says "That's not the mic, big hands"

  37. Anonymous6:35 PM

    Where are those liberal women who just tell one another about the men they have had. We need those to pop out and tell all.

  38. 66gardeners5:50 AM

    Steve Kornacki of MSNBC did a segment on betting in the swing states

    Clinton wins Florida
    Clinton wins Ohio
    Clinton wins Colorado
    Clinton wins Pennsylvania

  39. Anonymous6:04 AM

    What if Trump declares bankruptcy in order to fund his run for president? It would fit his MO.


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