Sunday, May 15, 2016

Blind Gossip site reveals the name of the former reality "star" who had to submit to a paternity test in order to prove who fathered her baby. Update!We never had a doubt.

Back in January this blind gossip item was posted on the Crazy Days and Nights website: 

This former A list celebrity who took a turn through several forms of reality television before heading back to her hometown and her celebrity family is worried . 

Apparently she is so worried that her family has been trying to reach a settlement that would keep her former lover from taking a paternity test.

Apparently after that another blind gossip site posted this: 

First of all, the mom – who is part of a famous family – is telling the truth about when and where the baby was born. So the conspiracy theorists need to chill on this one. Secondly, she is 95% confident that the baby’s father is who she says it is. 

Yes, that’s 95% (with a margin of error of plus or minus 5%), not 100%. There was another guy in the mix for a very brief time, but she swears that he was allegedly using protection.

It took all of us like a nanosecond to determine that it had to be Bristol Palin, and sure enough it was:  
When Bristol Palin found out she was pregnant with her second out-of-wedlock baby with a second baby daddy, things did not go smoothly!

Palin and fiance Dakota Meyer – a Naval officer and Medal of Honor recipient – had already broken up when she found out she was pregnant. 

Why had they broken up? Well, just days before their wedding, Palin found out that Meyer had been concealing a previous marriage. Yikes. 

Then she discovered that she was pregnant. Things were complicated by the fact that Bristol had had a brief fling with another guy around the time of the conception. Yikes again. 

Meyer had to take Palin to court to get a DNA test. During the course of that legal battle, Palin had to make the embarrassing admission that she had not been faithful to Meyer at the time the baby was conceived.

I know that a lot of us remain not entirely convinced that Dakota is the father, however apparently she has convinced Dakota that he is, so that is that.

However I did find it interesting that this gossip site also seemed confident that the reason that engagement fell apart is due to Meyer's secret marriage, and NOT because he caught her banging another guy as some on this blog have been assuming.

Personally I have always believed it was Dakota's previous marriage, due to the timing, so it is nice to have that confirmed to some degree.

And now I am getting information that Bristol is really working Dakota, and trying to convince him to make another go of it.

Except this time she cannot move to Kentucky with Tripp and set up house with her newest baby daddy because her custody case with Levi prevents that from happening.

Gee, what a pickle.

Update: By the way has anybody else noticed that the fake Bristol Palin blog has not been updated for the last ten days? 

That's a little unusual don't you think?

I wonder if Nancy French finally found the courage to break the ties, or if it is simply related to the drying up of the SarahPAC slush fund?


  1. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Bristol was never an "A list" celebrity; maybe she was a "Y" list celebrity but nothing higher. With regard to everything else in the article, Bristol better not get uppity about her fake moral religious persona.

    1. Anonymous11:23 AM

      I also thought that "A list" comment was greatly embellished. Even "Y" is beyond Bristol's celebrity status.

    2. Anonymous11:33 AM

      Knocked-up daughter of a failed politician? Mmmm, maybe S list.

    3. Anonymous12:39 PM

      The thing about the prior marriage stood out to me also and too. This is just another case Bristol of feeding the media. Perhaps Bristols home test results are "doctored". There's surely more to the story.

    4. Anonymous1:55 PM

      Gryphen has numerous posts insinuating who Sailor's father is and birth date conspiracies, yet now he insists that he knew all along Dakota is the father? I don't think so, I don't care who/where he is "getting information ".

    5. Anonymous1:59 PM

      11:08 AM - Given that Bristol had 2 out-of-wedlock children and presumably has admitted to an another affair around the time of conception, the "Y-list" seems appropriate.

    6. Reading comprehension not your strong suit 1:55?

    7. Anonymous2:19 PM

      Scarlet A list celebrity.
      There, I fixed it for you.

    8. Anonymous2:24 PM

      Gryphen thinks he is so "in the know" about Bristol because of WHO his sources are. Bristol IS dumb but she also reads here and knows that it is best to keep CERTAIN PEOPLE in the dark about things. Gryphen is the one being played.

    9. Anonymous2:56 PM

      No doubt, 2:24 PM, that she reads here. It's one of the few places that discuss her other than a tabloid that she calls.

    10. Anonymous3:21 PM

      Joey Junker was the one concerned about Bristol's alcohol consumption during the time she and Marina were lurking and posing in Vegas toilets.

      Joey learned he was not the only one and he deleted her from his social media after she went for other dudes.

  2. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Well, if Blind Gossip says so it must be true. Your sources. Seriously?

    1. Anonymous11:32 AM


      Not to mention, Who T F cares about these nobodies and their comings and goings? You need a hobby, or get laid or something Gryph.

    2. Anonymous11:39 AM

      I can't wait to see VP candidate Palin introduce her family at the RNC.

    3. Anonymous11:48 AM

      Your sources. Seriously?

      Because that's another kid for Barstool and she hasn't even been married once.

      So DM didn't want to see a paternity test?

      All righty then. He is from Kentucky!

    4. Anonymous11:51 AM

      Neither can I, 11:39 AM, imagine the surgery it's going to take to hold "that" head up proud as a shining of example of all we should aspire to be!

    5. Anonymous12:10 PM

      11:39, not going to happen, no matter what tripe Gryph has served up for you to believe at the IM. Honestly the fact that you put any credence in the ridiculous assertion that she would be considered as VP says more about you than even Gryph.

    6. Anonymous12:40 PM

      Sources? Bristol.

    7. Anonymous3:02 PM

      So 11:32 you're here because...?

    8. Anonymous3:29 PM

      Anon 11:32: What do you mean referring to the Palin's as "nobodies?"

      Don't you know you are talking about the NEXT Vice-President of the USofA???

    9. Anonymous3:44 PM

      12:10 You'll have to contact Mental Ben about the $P-Veep rumor to properly lob your breezy character assessment of poor Uncle G.

      You must have missed doc Carson's recent announcement that he was on trumpf's VP selection committee and further obvious that you didn't hear his even more recent announcement that palin was high on the list.

    10. Anonymous3:56 PM

      12:10, I guess I need to resort to /s or do you just automatically take everything you read at face value?

    11. Anonymous7:14 PM

      Trump has tweeted out that the VP prospect names given in the Washington Post were wrong.

  3. Anonymous11:19 AM

    fiance Dakota Meyer – a Naval officer
    So now he is a naval officer. He is no officer and certainly not a gentleman. I think this whole thing has been one giant publicity stunt to sell stories and photos.

    Now they are going to sell the second engagement story blah blah.

    At least he was married and divorced. Bristol just has trial husbands, out of wedlock children and supports herself on child support-What a scam.

    1. Anonymous11:26 AM

      In order to believe "Blind Gossip," they would have to get all of their facts right. Dakota said, in his biography, that it was the Marines. He was not an officer.

    2. Anonymous11:30 AM

      It's hard to believe that Bristol would run out on the marriage knowing that she was pregnant. Her first comment on her blog was to call having another baby out of wedlock a huge disappointment to her friends and family.

      How about her own self esteem? How immature do you have to be to be to walk out on the marriage because Dakota was married before but never told anyone about it. Bristol was pregnant. She needed a baby daddy for that kid. The possibility of Bristol having had sex with someone else while she was with Dakota should have only sweetened the deal to stay. She could always have gotten a divorce, like the first wife did.

    3. Anonymous11:33 AM

      Boggles the mind, doesn't it? NAVAL?!?
      Next thing you know, he took out Bin Laden.

      Sheesh, lies do take on their own life when a dysfunctional media won't do the damned jobs that they were hired to and just "report."

    4. Anonymous11:39 AM

      If I remember correctly Dakota couldn't marry Bristol because he was still married to the first wife. Who knows if that was true...
      I would bet that the 2 of them have been told to play nice because when Granny gets picked for Trump's VP we can have a MOH up on stage this time! (Need that veteran vote!)

    5. Anonymous11:45 AM

      No, he was long divorced.

    6. Anonymous12:09 PM

      Does anyone know why Dakota lied about the wife, Cassandra Wain?

      I never knew of any verification about a divorce. I take nothing Dakota says as factual or truth. Cassandra appeared to be a puppet for him, she doesn't talk or truth tell. I don't know why and what all he is manipulating.

      He should never be vetted for dog catcher if he can't get real about all his lies.

      The military cursed the American public and tax payers to pitch in to support this nut case and all his bastards.

      He could have taken 20 more men's kids to raise until they are 18.

      Won't we be able to pay for all their college or skin school? Whether they ever get a legit job or not?

    7. Anonymous12:10 PM

      IF Brissy really "loved" Dohkota, a previous marriage wouldn't matter. I don't believe she left him. He told her to leave and she dissed him in social media.

    8. Anonymous12:26 PM

      12:10 PM

      If I remember, she said he told her about Cassie and that was not what broke them up. Of course, she lies and that may not be true.

      There is nothing reliable in the Crazy blind spot either.

    9. Anonymous12:40 PM

      It was such a quickie arrangement in the first place, who believes anything they say? I sure don't, but Lord knows they'll spin it 'til the cows come home!

      Poor Gracie.

    10. Anonymous2:07 PM

      I can believe Dwight Meyer was damn sickened by Bristol and I believe that part of the story.

      Most of the others are bullshit.

      So what got to Dwight? He is now deceased. Jean is elderly, she wants to please her grandson and now Bristol so Dakota can see the baby.

      Who knows what that is really about now?

      She may believe lies or be maneuvered into taking the last position she stated.

      We know it was a big Fuc_ You to Jean when it came to mother's day.

      Now why would they all do that to her? Especially Dakota?

      He showed up in Bristol's potty looking like he was selling his whiskey and holding a prop.

      Not any fathers I know would look like that and post where they do their advertising and publicity for whatever current story they are working on.

    11. Anonymous3:18 PM

      Hmmm, does anyone else think it a little unusual fro a Palin, that if there had really been an intent on Bristol's part to really wed, that she would have been all about her dress, her shoes, her hair, the venue, her party favors (or $carah would have) - c'mon, she's got bridezilla (and $arah, Momzilla) written all over her. But not a peep, no pinterest wedding page, no hint of selfies in white dresses, Trip in a camo tux, zip, zilch, nada. So we all sort of didn't but it, I seem to remember.

    12. Anonymous3:55 PM

      3:18 You be correct! The whole thing was too weird.

      Not a peep along the way about any wedding stuff. Dress, shoes, trip in tux, worthless party before and after.

      A lot of people have said the We're all family and don't need a holiday bar-b-que was to use the things that were already paid for.

      My sense was that nothing was arranged ahead of time for this bogus wedding of the century.

      I think they just threw the non-wedding event together because Sara needed to save face.

      It's all so twisted and has Sara's logic all over it. Like someone else's nightmare that no one else can understand why things were they way they were.

    13. Anonymous3:56 PM

      And you know, 3:18 that she would have been thrilled about the chance to spend lots and lots of money on new clothes, dresses, signing up for wedding registries, and on and on and posting constantly about it.

      Something was off from the get go.

    14. Anonymous4:05 PM

      Dakota lied in his biography.

      He does not owe the public the truth. He is a Medal of Honor man. You must believe all he says and all his lies. He must have honor?

      Lies of omission are among the biggest of all lies. Let Dakota be private and lie by omission. Don't ask yourself, why would a man do such a thing?

      Isn't he a person that would consider that getting out one day? It would have been so simple to say 'we were young and in love' type of brief story. That would have been that.

      No he has that weird arrangement habit, why? Later he does the weird Sarah Bristol arrangement.

      You really have to question his weird arrangements. It looks like there may be another one soon. Bristol wants to repeat the weird thing she did with Levi and Dakota wants more proof he is among the dumbest morons in Alaska.

    15. Anonymous4:42 PM

      3:18 PM, 3:55 PM

      I never bought it.

      They sucked at the game they were playing. The next one may be worse or they may have learned Photoshop or something more devilish when they conspire to deceive.

  4. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Still not buying that the birth date is true, and I don't take blind gossip for gospel truth.

    Gossip is gossip. For the sake of everyone, I wish they'd both take their accounts private and live "vibrantly" as Brissy claims she wants to. Yeah, RIGHT, like that's going to happen.

    Besides, if he was divorced in 2010, so what? She's got so much baggage of past flings, she is hardly one to point a finger; they deserve each other. Poor Gracie, who didn't ask for any of it.

    1. Anonymous3:19 PM

      'xactly, she shows up with a kid and she's gonna get pissed about a past over and done, no strings left marriage?

    2. Anonymous4:45 PM

      11:25, is someone forcing you to view and comment upon her social media posts?

    3. Anonymous6:51 PM

      445, Some peeps study psychology, criminal behavior, psychiatry and so on. Bristol Meyer Fakebooks and media are a study.

  5. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Bristol the half wit morality police.

  6. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Hmmm, what to do, what to do...
    You know she can't be alone in a room with a male without fucking him and she is trying to get back together with the idiot, so we can expect another pregnancy announcement in 1...2...3...

  7. Anonymous11:32 AM

    I don't wanna brag, but...oh, hell, yes, I do. This is exactly as I've been saying it is. He turned out to be the father, but she was uncertain that he would be because she'd slept with at least one other guy during the critical period. THIS is why she never publicly trashed him during the pregnancy, in direct contradiction of every Palin's habit of airing every single perceived grievance.

    1. Anonymous12:30 PM

      Are you bragging for believing Bristol Palin is an A list celeb? That would be certifiably insane, nothing to brag about.

    2. Anonymous12:39 PM

      If you're able to read through a couple of sentences, you can see exactly what I said I was right about. Keep going if the words are too big for you. Challenges are good!

    3. Anonymous12:48 PM

      'Ignorance is not a virtue'

      That includes anyone foolish enough to believe anything in that publicity stunt at the Crazy Days and Nights website.

    4. Anonymous8:18 PM

      11:32 brag away because you're absolutely right. Some people here will attack your comment because they're not any smarter than the c4peers, the only difference is political party.

  8. I call bull on the reason they didn't get married. I swear
    everyone knew about his previous marriage--why didn't Bristol? She knew she was pregnant when they broke up and the possibility it was someone else's kid.

    She freaked. He freaked. And like a Palin---she quit.

    1. Anonymous11:57 AM

      To take that a step further, whether or not she even knew she was pregnant, it's likely the Meyer previous marriage bombshell was leaked by the Palins themselves to make Meyer seem culpable for the breakup. Which, if true, would only piss him off more.

    2. Anonymous1:18 PM

      Bristol told the judge in the DNA custody child support case that when she left Dakota she didn't even think about the baby that she was carrying. She knew that she was pregnant. And, if they were having sex and Dakota didn't wear a condom, what did he expect would happen?

    3. Anonymous2:10 PM

      when she left Dakota she didn't even think about the baby that she was carrying.

      That wounds like a woman that knows she was not carrying Dakota's baby.

      She may have been thinking of the baby's father.

    4. Anonymous4:09 PM

      She may have been thinking about Joey Junker.

      Right after she left Kentucky she posted an old picture of Tripp driving a boat on a lake with Joey Junker.

      Bristol was thinking about Junker. She was not thinking about the baby she was carrying.

    5. Anonymous5:57 PM

      Bristol is a mommy's girl. The KY lifestyle living with the Meyer family who actually are practicing Christians was not for her. KY scenery is alien. She got homesick. PERIOD.

  9. Anonymous11:52 AM

    So, which one of Duhkota's friends or family members did he catch Brissie shtooping? This whole storyline is even worse than the Sara gave birth to Tri-G fallacy.

    Bristol (and Sara) would not care one bit about his prior marriage, unless he was still married and not available for a marriage of convenience.

    1. Anonymous1:15 PM

      There was going to be a moment of truth when Dakota and Bristol applied for their license to get married in Kentucky. That particular form, issued by the county, asked if either had been married before or if it was the first marriage. Since Dakota married Cassie in the same county, he could not lie on the license or that would be considered perjury. He married Cassie in the same county.

      So what if Dakota was married before. Bristol had been with other guys before she met Dakota. These aren't the days when the virgin bride has to prove her virginity with the blood stained sheet. What might be a little suspicious is that Dakota, with his Medal of Honor, didn't have a string of girl friends.

    2. Anonymous4:01 PM

      Besides, Bristol came out in the gossip magazines saying she KNEW about the previous marriage and they had already talked about it.

      So, she can't claim now to not know. Oh, she can, and would if it met her need. But, the point is, IF it was the previous marriage that broke it up, she should have said so at the time. Not said it was all OK with her.

      I agree with earlier poster. Sara "leaked" the previous marriage thing after the break up as a way to save face and make Dakota look like the bad guy.

      Only, you never hear them say his previous marriage was the reason--to this day, not a word about it.

      I'd think they would put the blame on him if they thought they could get away with it.

    3. Anonymous5:59 PM

      4:01 You are correct X 1000. Barstool knew about his brief prior marriage and said they had discussed it and she was okay with it.

      Why people keep forgetting this and acting like Cassie had anything to do with it is beyond me.

    4. I have a difficult time accepting a blind gossip citation for a DNA test; OTOH, I was sure that Dakota's lawyers would have insisted on it.

      Okay, so IF a DNA test was done and showed Dakota as the father, then I think the wedding broke up because Bristol some how spilled the beans about having sex with somebody else and Dakota, naturally, was pissed off. Bristol had to come up with some kind of a story for breaking it up and she came up with "he's demanding [that she be faithful] and I'd have to live in Kentucky." And then she had to move all her stuff back to Alaska because... what... she moved all her stuff to Kentucky despite the fact that she didn't know she would have to live there? Okay, stupid excuse. Instead of decently calling off the party Sarah insisted on the family going ahead with it, which they, being basically nice people and not having believed all the stories about Sarah before, did... which gave Sarah a chance to raise hell with Dakota. (Remember the picture of her shaking her finger at him?) At some point, somebody realized that the excuse about living in Kentucky was lame and came up with the "she didn't know he'd been married before." I don't know why that would be thought to upset anyone. There were no children involved.

      Incidentally, I did a search for marriage license requirements in Kentucky. The form does not ask if the applicant has been previously married.

  10. Anonymous11:56 AM

    I really hope they aren't getting back together for the baby's sake. Observation from the photo...He's picking up Sailor with someone with him. Bristol and Sarah are trying to "work" him so they suggest a photo of the "co-parenting" couple. Dakota is looking at his someone and Bristol is looking at Sarah or relative. Happens all the time when there are two photographers. I think it was just a photo, nothing more and Bristol used it to her advantage.

  11. Anonymous11:56 AM

    If Crazy Days and Nights is calling her 'former A list celebrity', how can you believe anything they say?

    1. Anonymous12:17 PM

      Meh, old gossip rag trick to build up interest in the item. Very much doubt they believe it themselves.

    2. Anonymous12:33 PM

      They don't have to believe any of it. They just write it. Suckers believe it.

    3. Anonymous12:36 PM

      Well, Lou Sarah did contact them for the PR.

    4. Anonymous1:40 PM

      Absolutely!!!!! @ 12:36

  12. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Now it appears that Sarah would plant the story with Blind Gossip. Who in their right mind is going to believe any of this?

  13. Anonymous12:20 PM

    some young gal should have kept that aspirin between her knees.

  14. Anonymous12:41 PM

    A previous marriage wouldn't devastate Bristol-- she's a Palin ff's sake!

    But I'd love to know WHO told the tabloid about there being another guy at the time of conception! Wooo, this could get fun!


    1. Anonymous4:07 PM

      I have never mentioned this before, but will now since it seems "proof" is out there.

      A long while back, when they were first talking about the pregnancy, there was a story on Daily Mail and the first or second paragraph said something like this:

      "Palin admits there was another person in her life early in their relationship."

      And that is why she wasn't sure Dakota was the father.

      I went back later that day figuring I'd better screen grab it, because it seemed so UN-Palineqse to have such a comment in public.

      It was gone, that paragraph, the story was still there, but no admission on Bristol's part of possibly another guy.

      I figured I'd get attacked for mentioning it then, but now it seems safe since there is a second version of this same story out there.

      This also, then explains, as someone earlier said, why Bristol did NOT bash Dakota as baby-daddy (not much, anyway).

      And, as we all guessed, she had no idea (and may still not know) who the real baby daddy is.

    2. Anonymous4:47 PM

      I don't know what other man was meant in that Daily Mail article. Joey Junker was another man. He was not a secret.

      Who else cares about Bristol drinking the wine? Joey cares because she was not pregnant? Joey cares because she was knocked up with another man's baby?

    3. Anonymous9:34 PM

      4:47 Joey may not have been a secret to us. But the Palins probably wanted to keep him a secret.

      Bristol being with Joey didn't fit well with the been in love a year bride and groom to be.

  15. Anonymous12:43 PM

    You should stick to gossip, you are an idiot at politics.

    1. Anonymous2:43 PM

      Gryphen is better at politics than he is gossip. His sources are people who will always have much to gain by trashing the Palins and are using Gryphen to further their own agenda. But, he's far too stupid to realize something that is plain as day to other people.

    2. Anonymous3:13 PM

      @2:43 PM What is your source of information, an ouija board? The Palins trash themselves without help. Maybe you need to get off of the Palin bandwagon of bullshit. Have you attacked your spouse lately? Have you attended a drunken brawl lately? Have you given birth to 4 bastard children lately? Are you an Alaskan Pimp?
      Did your fake Christian ass tell anyone to "Go Fuck Yourself" lately? Again, the Palins don't need help in trashing themselves.

    3. 12:43, 2:43PM, do you assholes want to get a room?

  16. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Sarah Palin, as quitter governor of Alaska, was known to place positive things about her own reign in the Juneau Empire - either under her pen or via others who allowed her to use their names!

    It is not beneath the woman to do or say anything that might provide her coverage of some sort - somewhere - anywhere! (Who else might that remind you?)

    The fact that she has terrible children (as well as a pimp husband) who constantly provide her with nothing but bad press - seem never to truly bother her.

    She has always 'used' them and still does - all these years later (2008)!

    The Palins comprise one large dysfunctional family that will continue to grow in size as the years move along. And, so many of them will bear the Palin name, from which they'll never be able to hide!

  17. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Can one of the people still insisting that Meyer isn't the father explain the reason for hanging onto this belief like a pitbull?

    It doesn't reflect badly enough on Bristol that she was screwing at least one other guy and didn't know who her baby's father was until her ex-fiancé got DNA tested? That is, by any objective measure, pure trashitude. There is zero way to make that look better for her.

    It's not dishy enough that she has multiple baby daddies she publicly fights with? You need the excitement of believing that Meyer is, for some inexplicable reason, agreeing to raise another man's child at great expense and personal inconvenience? The courts and Meyer are clearly both satisfied by DNA evidence that this is his hapless kid. Ever hear of Occam's Razor?

    It's indisputable that Miss Palin can't keep her legs closed and can't get along with her impregnators. Plenty of drunken, rage-filled redneck shenanigans will still be coming down the pike for years. Why exactly do you need to deny Meyer's paternity when this girl has nothing to recommend her brains, judgment or morality in any case? Not salacious enough for you yet?

    1. Anonymous2:23 PM

      'Can one of the people still insisting that Meyer isn't the father explain the reason for hanging onto this belief like a pitbull?'

      I have not seen anything that says without doubt that Meyer is the father of Sailor.

      Maybe if they were not all chronic liars. If Sarah and Trig parenting was not so questionable. Things that would make the Palins more honorable would help them sell their story about 2nd Bristol bastard. Bristol's life as taking money for abstinance doesn't help plus many other things.

      Dakota is also a fraud and a liar.

      None of them have any behaviors that look honest or real. I could never buy into the short engagement when the pr was to look so sweet and engagement happy.

      To me it is just a continuation of all their fake bull.

      I am not saying he is or isn't the father.

      I am just saying none of them are convincing.

      I have no reason to think Dakota Meyer is the father of Sailor.

    2. Anonymous2:47 PM

      @2:33, the Palins do not owe you nor any of the general public proof of Sailor's paternity. If Dakota is convinced, that is all that matters and it doesn't mean there is some sort of scam or conspiracy.

    3. Anonymous3:20 PM

      Okay, I'm one of those who still doubts the whole story. I'll play.

      For me, it is *not* about dishing on Bristol or hating on her or anything like that. It certainly isn't about the story we are now being told not being damning enough!

      The story, right from the very first dating and engagement photos (taken by Sarah's official photographer, no less!) the silly ring purchased by Sarah, and on and on, has felt manipulative. They have been spinning a tale, and this is clearly NOT the first time the Palins have invented a story for public consumption.

      There are just too many examples along the way where things have not been stated explicitly, but rather left up to the reader/viewer to assume.

      There were those pregnant belly photos and the newborn photos that seemed so carefully staged and published to align with a script regarding the "optimal" due date.

      There were the supposed court papers leaked to the Daily Mail that refer to paternity being confirmed by a DNA test. How easy would it be for those to altered and leaked by the Palins? Or even if not, you don't see the actual test itself?

      And speaking of the Daily Mail, why on earth have they had such an enormous fixation on Bristol and her story? She just doesn't seem interesting enough to account for the dozens of articles written about her over the past six months or so.

      And now, even this blind gossip item feels like it is info coming from the Palins! Sure, if they say something bad about Bristol, that must mean they are not on her side, right? So, they couldn't be reinforcing the story that the birthday is right (how would they know?) and that Dakota is the father, if it weren't true, right? Yeah, right.

      Look, I'm not a fan of the Palins - I am a fan of the truth. And it stinks like someone is playing games with the truth.

    4. Anonymous3:36 PM

      2:47 PM

      No one has said 'owe you nor any of the general public proof of Sailor's paternity.' Where did you get that? Stop making up shit. It makes both Dakota and Bristol look bad.

      That assumption looks more like an excuse or a defense. No one says they owe the public etc.

      There is a baby that deserves an honest open start in life. It is not about the public.

    5. Anonymous3:36 PM

      I'm finding Bristol's lack of public interest in the wedding to be part of the problem, and her mom buying the engagement ring to marry a guy who makes (claims in court documents) to make $100K per year.

    6. Anonymous4:15 PM

      That whole mom buying the engagement ring is sick. Sick. Sick. Sick.

      But not as sick as mom WEARING the engagement ring at a very public event after the wedding was called off.

      Remember, back at the big Navy fundraiser on the ship where Sara flaunted the ring in an interview?

      It was said at the time that she had to pay to get on the ship for the event. Sara never pays for nothin' unless there's something big for her in it.

      I think she made the ship event just so she could wear and flaunt the ring she bought.

      Sick woman that one.

      And you ask, why do we doubt that Dakota is the father?

      Why would you believe ANYTHING these people try to pass off as real or true?

    7. Anonymous4:19 PM

      3:20 PM: 'There were the supposed court papers leaked to the Daily Mail that refer to paternity being confirmed by a DNA test. How easy would it be for those to altered and leaked by the Palins?'

      That was a big one for me. Daily Mail tripe is 97% Palin hype and lies.

      There were no DNA papers or tests for back up on any claims. Frauds need 100% back up for their lies.

    8. Anonymous4:37 PM

      Lol 12:52, looks like all the Palin obsessed haters still aren't getting it, your point... not a huge surprise, they aren;t a very bright crowd.

      Doesn't matter anyways though.

      It has been settled in the courts and by the Bristol and Dakota. They have all agreed Dakota is the dad. The DNA agreed that Dakota is the dad. Dakota is the dad, that is how it is and that is how it will be known.

      Even though the obsessed Palin haters still are clinging on to this 'thing' whatever it is (and it is a different thing every month or two depending on the current Palin storyline), the Palins owe them nothing, they owe the public nothing.

      The matter is settled. Dakota is the biological father. It is the reality, as well as the only logical conclusion based on logic.

      Too bad suckers.

      Maybe you should push your dumb theories at Malia's blog. She loves to run with this crap.

    9. Anonymous4:56 PM

      Anonymous2:47 PM

      This is the question. 'Can one of the people still insisting that Meyer isn't the father explain the reason for hanging onto this belief like a pitbull?'

      That and the answers are not about Dakota or anybocies debts.

      It is not about what is owed.

      It is their actions, behaviors and whatsnots.

      Get some reading comprehension and believe whatever you want. It is still a free country.

    10. Anonymous5:16 PM

      The courts settled like an adoption for a custody request. Not biological father of Sailor. Yes, Bristol and Dakota settled some of their mess and how to go on for grifting schemes.

      We the people get to pay for Dakota, the medal guy that lied to Bing West.
      We pay for his crap and may as well send his bastards to University of Pennsylvania since they will probably have diploma's purchased like it was a skin school in the desert.

      The likes of 437 doesn't need to get it. The lobotomy must have taken.

    11. Anonymous5:20 PM

      au contraire 2:47. Since the heath/palin clan has taken to living off the 'kindness' of others with their little Rill Amerikun BS, it is our duty to keep warning and informing the clueless among us to avoid being taken in by their endless scams.

      If they were honest and just asked the public to support their personal lives it wouldn't be an issue with most of us. Their 'donations' would certainly go down but they wouldn't be accepting what money they pull in under false pretenses.

    12. Anonymous7:27 PM

      Hey 5:16....

      Prove otherwise loser!! lol.

      Dakota is the dad!!

      Dakota is the dad!!

      Not a goddamn thing you can do about it!!

      Dakota is the dad. They have all accepted he is the biological father, and that is all that matters!! You HAVE to live with it because YOU cannot change it!


      Dakota is the dad!!

    13. Anonymous7:54 PM

      4:37 PM You wouldn't recognize logic if it slapped you in your stupid trolling face. You criticize IM readers, but you are here more than most of us. Why don't you take a dose of your lol stupidity and fuck off.

    14. Anonymous2:26 AM

      Being the mother of 3, I would have been humiliated had my husband demanded a DNA test from me. Too bad Bristles has a reputation for being "easy" so that any guy who is dumb enough to get involved, needs a DNA test. Sad, really. Maybe this scam is all for a "reality show" Bristles is STILL convinced that she is star material Nothing special to look at, no morals, no self respect, no brains, no talent. What does she have to offer Hollywood? Seems strange to me that Duh's grandma has not made any requests to meet "her" great grand daughter, since the Meyers really DO seem to have family values. Duh obviously got too many of his mother's genes. Maybe Bristles reminds him of his mother?

    15. Anonymous2:37 AM

      I can't wait for Sailor to have Junker's big honking nose lol!!
      We have a few years to wait but....

    16. Anonymous4:44 AM

      Plastic surgery will most likely kick in early (and perhaps illegally) for Sailor Gracie, IMO.


    17. Anonymous9:22 AM

      2:37. Me too. She has his mouth as well. Heavy troll traffic,huh?

    18. Anonymous2:42 PM

      I don't know who the dad is. Dakota may be or he may not be. they are not going to be honest about anything. They will not be honest about when the baby was born or any of it. We all get it that the courts have Dakota as a dad. Like an adoption. Like Mike Meyers adopted him. Mike Meyers is Dakota's dad.

      I am sure it would be more revealing if Jean could speak about why Dwight Meyer was so harsh and final with Bristol. Because he thought she was having Dakota's baby?

      The family could not stand her but they wanted to keep peace so Dakota could work out things with the mother of his baby?

  18. Anonymous12:57 PM

    This month is their one year anniversary from the Kentucky wedding that didn't happen. It was supposed to be on Memorial Day weekend.

    To think Bristol got paid so much money to be an abstinence spokesperson. She is a slut and a phony.

    Two babies from two different men, at least that she has publicly acknowledged. And the way she treated Levi was so disgusting, when she is the one who is always hooking up and he is the married one. NOBODY wants her now. She can only manipulate men to get them. She is living off child support checks because she has no skills or education. She spends all the money on herself (we saw all those jeans in her closet!!!) Such a fraud and a horrible person.

  19. Anonymous1:03 PM

    I thought it was certain that it was a Meyer relation that exposed the marriage to the first wife.

    They may have given the information to the Palins, is that what happened?

    Remember the grandpa (Meyer) said do not say Bristol name in their house.

    It doesn't seem they would be that horrified by what Bristol did, if she learned about what an ass Meyer was and left for that reason.

    1. Anonymous2:30 AM

      Maybe Tripp innocently asked if all his sisters and brothers would be moving to Kentucky after the marriage? THAT would shock the Meyers. Also, if Bristles got drunk, and let her guard down using her usual language full of F's, they would have been shocked.

  20. Anonymous1:11 PM

    BYW: Her insta does not have the religious spewings on top anymore, and her 'PR guy' seems to be gone, too!

    1. Anonymous6:41 PM

      Thanks for catching that . . . Bristol scrubbed her Bible verse and the link to her agent or whatever the guy was.

      Also, there has not been a new item since May 5 on "Bristol's Patheos blog." They must have fired Nancy French because the PAC has run out of money to pay her.

    2. Anonymous2:32 AM

      6:41 Nancy "Bristol" French would not quit, what other paying jobs does she have? No talent hack worked for another even less talented "starlet". Where does Nancy go from THAT? Hardly anything to put on a resume, eh?

  21. Anonymous1:11 PM

    Inre Update: Maybe Nancy got tired of the hypocrisy she was writing? It's obvious to anyone that Bristol wasn't writing it, let alone living it.

    Then again, that would take a shred of conscience.
    You got me, Gryph!

    1. Anonymous6:45 PM

      Don't know if this means anything in terms of Nancy French no longer writing "Bristol's blog" -- but -- here goes.

      According to the March 31 financial report, SarahPAC had $267,576 cash on hand. Over the preceding 12 months, they spent at the rate of $137,000 per month. Thus, in the 1.5 months since March 31, SarahPAC could have spent as much as $205,500, leaving the PAC with $62,000 in the bank (plus, of course, any donations that have come in since March 31).

  22. I'm not sure I believe the "confirmation" of the December birth date. I still think the babe was born in November. I also don't believe they broke up because Bristol "discovered" that Dakota had been married before. In that Alaska-crew, multiple marriages seem to be the norm.

    It would seem that Dakota broke up with Bristol after he discovered she was pregnant and he didn't think he could be the father. If that baby was conceived in January, Bristol HAD to know she was pregnant by March or April - whenever they broke up.

    1. Anonymous2:29 PM

      Yes, it is more likely the birth was November.

      To add to the reasons why November makes sense is Bristol deleting that crazy Photoshop post she made up to prove the wrong date.

      If date was December birth she or Nancy or Sarah or whoever is such a big screw up would have stayed with that crazy post and defended a truth. They had to take it down because it was part of their lies.

    2. Anonymous3:38 PM

      Well, I think that the relationship between Bristol and MOH ended because she could not assure him completely that the expected baby was his. Otherwise, it simply makes no sense that he's now involved in the life of his daughter.

    3. Anonymous4:20 PM

      Beaglemom, I agree. She couldn't say the baby was his and that was the end.

    4. Anonymous4:24 PM

      Beaglemom, I also think she thought it was Junker's baby or someone she knows and likes. Someone she wanted to hook up with.

      The other option is she was afraid the child would be too non-white to pass as Dakota's child.

      Otherwise, why would a pregnant woman give up the chance to give her child a father? She could easily left after the wedding and divorced after the baby came if she didn't like Dakota.

      So unlike a Palin to do the "honorable" thing and leave because she was about to marry someone who "might be" the baby's father because he just might not be.

  23. Anonymous1:19 PM

    He threw her out she was banging. Total loser if dakota falls for the tricks now. Both are total losers. That is why gramma meyer we don't talk about her. Lol. Crappy trashy brusdul and fam.

    1. Anonymous1:54 PM

      Please, go back to school. Learn English.

  24. Anonymous1:22 PM

    nice to have that confirmed to some degree?

    Dwight Meyer must be a real jackass. He should have kept his mouth shut. I feel sorry for Bristol if learning about the wife was why she left and his family piles on her in the way they did.

    Now Bristol would go back to a family that did that to her? Dakota was raised by those people. He must be a jerk too.

    Mean old man rubs salt in wound when Cassy Wain Meyer is revealed.

    1. Anonymous3:22 PM

      It was nothing to do with the ex-wife. Like Bristol says, she knew about that. It was only the media that didn't know.

      Bristol's reason for leaving Kentucky aren't anything to do with Dakota's marriage or with Cassie.

      But Dakota is much, much better off for her leaving, whether he knows it yet or not. Maybe in future he'll be more careful about where he sticks his dick.

    2. Anita Winecooler4:09 PM

      It's not being mean, it's telling the truth. They practically raised him, and have a right to put their two cents in. It's called "resetting the boundaries". Was it right of Bristol to not confirm he was the father, if he was the father, before announcing to the world her planned disappointment, or planned parenthood as it's called everyplace else?
      There's a reason people date a long time, get engaged, learn about each other while taking their time before making the biggest life altering decision of their lives? Vanilla cake with chocolate icing or Chocolate cake with buttercreme? Picking bridesmaids, dresses, shoes, lingerie, standing in front of a judge and saying your vows. There's a reason these old fashioned things exist.

    3. Anonymous4:30 PM

      Dwight Meyer was an old man, he knew death was near.

      He did not get that emotional and repelled by Bristol over some little thing from his grandsons doing.

      Bristol did something significant to get an old man to say that and not allow her name in his house.

      Now Dakota is totally disrespecting his grandfather. Why?

      It was not the wife why Bristol left. Yes, Dakota lied about the wife in his biography. He lied to the rich man that wrote the book for him. I think his name was West. Dakota must have had a good reason to lie to a well respected believable conservative writer.

      Dakota has plenty to hide and cover up. The wife part is not the worst of him and his lies.

    4. Anonymous5:24 PM

      You know the latest reports about the Marines?

      There is no such thing as homosexual when it comes to the Marines. They are back in the dark ages. There is no bi-sexual or homosexual. Think of all the Marines that must remain closeted.

      They must go to all kinds of extremes to keep who they are hidden.

    5. Anonymous2:40 AM

      I think somehow the PayMe's have Duh convinced that with him on board, there could be another reality show on the horizon. Easy money, and lots of it. Bristles is not making much and Duh does not seem as successful as he thinks he he should be, so why not? Duh probably is easily convinced that the PayMe family has lots of contacts in Hollywood. Poor SAP, he does not know even now, what a mess he is getting involved with.

  25. Anonymous1:26 PM

    i tried to post this over at the peepond, it did not go over well, hahahahaaaa

    1. Anonymous3:00 PM

      I keep missing your comments on c4p! Ma sure thinks she is the Gestapo.
      Did you tell them about Jordan's little bastard?

  26. Anonymous1:44 PM

    The fraud of a blog of Nancy French pretending to be Bristol Palin isn't fully loading for me or someone's revamping it? There's a big gray blank instead of the photo of the book which shows Nancy French's name as author. The bible reference and PR guy's contact info are gone.

  27. Anonymous1:46 PM

    This would devastate a young ex-fiancé. Bristol has publicity peeps that run her life, they did not allow a response.

    EXCLUSIVE: 'We don't ever discuss Bristol Palin in this family' - Marine's split with ex-fiancé

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    1. Anonymous3:49 PM

      Too bad for Willards, they always mistake her for chinzilla fallopia Palin. If a family member of mine got mixed up with a "planned disappointment", I'd be as ashamed as Duh's Grandfolks are, but my kid wouldn't make excuses nor lie about something this serious. Someday, Sailor will find out what her mom really felt about her conception. "A disappointment, but a planned disappointment" Yeah, that's the ticket, "Planned" parenthood" always softens the blow when mummy and daddy don't tie the knot. Right, Bristol? Wanna make a quarter mill being Planned Parenthood's poster mom???

    2. Anonymous5:37 PM

      Poor Sailor.
      Great grand pappy sure detests her ma.

      Sally Heath could not stomach baby Sailor or her ma when Sailor was born.

      Sally was stiff and posed for the mother's day they all passed on great grand mammy Meyer like she had passed.

      Sailor may never learn to read but she is stewed in piss and shit and all the bad vibes and hate her family (designated in court family) has for her and her ma.

      It is sad about that kid.

  28. Anonymous1:57 PM

    What if Bristol finally stood up for herself and refused to allow her mother and French to continue the fraud?

    1. Anonymous2:38 PM

      Doubtful. She will have to come clean with the public, including the haters. I can't see that happening.

      They are probably working on the next engagement. Track and Bristol will have a double wedding in the WH as soon as Sarah is vp or prez.

      The Donald looks like he might die as soon as he would win win winner anything. So if he got in, Sarah can be prez right away.

      Track and Bristol and shot gun wedding.

  29. Anonymous2:02 PM

    This family is a lot like the game of thrones characters .. Bristol sites many "John snows" (snow name is give to Bastards) while Sarah is cruel and conniving like Cersei the Queen mother. They need to be tarred and feathered morally in public...

  30. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Twitter gives us more weird evidence of Nancy French's fraudulent representation of Bristol and use of her name.

    Bristol PalinVerified account

    This is the Official Twitter account for Bristol's Blog, the @SixSeedsTV blog of NYT best selling author Bristol Palin.

    Family, Faith, Fun

    Culture, parenting, adoption, & good, family, fun - join our Faith And Family channel @Patheos! Edited by @NancyAFrench

    1. Anonymous2:49 PM

      "NYT best selling author" lmao

    2. Anita Winecooler3:57 PM

      Six Seeds? All it takes is one, you know that, nancy, right? Does this mean Nancy gets to let out all her other personalities and imaginary friends out to play?

    3. Anonymous2:45 AM

      So, does this imply that Bristles has had 6 kids? Six seeds, six different daddies? We all know that Sailor is not #2, what a joke to try to pretend that is true.

  31. Anonymous2:17 PM

    I notice she deleted the pic of DM in her bathroom holding the baby by the CROTCH from her IG account.
    hmmmmmmmmmmmm men's underwear, man grabbing baby's crotch... what is wrong here???

    1. Anonymous3:01 PM

      You are what's wrong. Fucking sick pervert.

    2. Anonymous3:25 PM

      Ouch, someone hit a nerve, must be right.

    3. Anonymous3:43 PM

      Oh go away. there's a diaper there, not her crotch and it's easy to make a seat of your hand to hold a kid, especially for guys with their larger hands.

    4. Anonymous3:47 PM

      It was Dakota that was so proud of being in Bristol's john and doing the crotch hold. I don't think Bristol had that picture. Bristol used the pictures with the runny shitty diarrhea that is the same color as her 310 Shake.

      Dakota put that picture on his Facebook and the other sites where he makes money.

      His family and all will see the kind of father he is promoting himself as being.

      Father, whiskey salesman and pervy dude. Who else hangs in exes john like that?

    5. Anonymous5:17 PM

      The photo is on Dakota's facebook page.

  32. Anonymous2:21 PM

    I can see Bristol trying to make things happen again and getting married so that life will be easier on her financially. Plus with him in the family it would add some credibility to the Palins and put them in a more positive light than they've been in. Sarah would love it, of course, and think that Bristol or Dakota should run for office. Bristol will make it clear that if he wants to be with her and the child, he has to live in Alaska. Given the baby as bait, plus sex as bait, plus that he's been traveling to Alaska and getting used to it, I can see him saying okay.

    1. Anonymous2:39 PM

      If she marries Meyer and moves to Kentucky, she can go back to court and screw Levi out of whatever custody arrangement they made for Tripp. What really motivates her is revenging on Levi, a score that will never be settled in her mind.

    2. Anonymous2:48 PM

      Then he's dumber than I thought.
      If that's even possible.

    3. Anonymous5:31 PM

      Levi and Sunny are much smarter now and have good attorneys. Bristol will not get away w/crap anymore and she knows it!

    4. Anonymous4:25 AM

      Tripp is also older. At some point the courts start to pay attention to what the child wants.
      By the time Tripp is a 'tween he might well be living full time with Levi and Sunny.

  33. Anonymous2:25 PM

    I may be wrong, but I have a sneaking hunch that Bristol will be doing her best to get Meyer to move to Alaska, so she will be able to abide by the custody agreement with Levi.

    1. Anonymous3:51 PM

      Bristol does not give a damn about Levi, Tripp and custody.

      Bristol is a cripple. She can't leave Ak for long b/c she has to cling to her sick mother and the sick family.

      She might look healthy if she could leave Alaska and have the Meyers raise her 2 children.

      Yep, I bet Dakota can't wait to take her back to Ky. He travels a great deal. she can spend a lot of time at the Meyer house.

    2. Anonymous5:30 PM

      I'm sure that Levi (via new Court rulings!) would not allow Bristol to just 'take their son' to Kentucky any time she wants!

      The kid is school age now and Levi and his family, I'm sure, don't want to be separated from him for long periods of time.

      There has already been way too much time that has gone by where they've not been involved with him. That has changed and appropriately so!

      Thank God, Levi took Bristol to Court and got things handled as to custody sharing and child support that is fair and equitable!

      Children can be raised well in split homes and hopefully things have changed for Tripp. Less time w/the Palins would be a great change for him!

    3. Anonymous7:37 AM

      The best solution is for Bristles to marry Duh & move to KY with baby Sailor. Tripp can live with his dad and his family throughout the school year. Bristles can have him every other holiday and most of the summer.
      It's time for Tripp to spend the majority of the time with his father and his family simply because it a far more stable environment. He's at an age that he needs to not miss so much school when his mother gets a wild hair and drags him all over the country while she seeks out a potential long term partner.

  34. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Bristol Palin has had too much facial surgeries and is not nearly as attractive/cute as she was just a few short years ago! The younger gals that have facial surgeries all look alike these days. Weird!

    She's too young and immature in having made the many screwed up decisions she has!

    For one thing - it's way past time she got her tubes tied. Her mother did it and admitted it. Follow her lead, Bristol! It's way past time you stop delivering bastards into this world! They are not 'choosing' you as their mother!

    1. Anonymous5:01 PM

      Her face looks plastic now. Just like those before and after bad plastic surgery photos. She wasn't bad looking "before".

    2. Anonymous2:52 AM

      What she REALLY needed was a brain transplant, or personality transplant.Just amazes me that she STILL thinks she is so special. 4 illigitimate children, at least, with no husband in sight. Does she think nobody knows what a whore she is?

  35. Anonymous2:51 PM

    "This former A list celebrity who took a turn through several forms of reality television before heading back to her hometown and her celebrity family is worried."

    Bri$tol Palin was NEVER an "A-List Celebrity."

  36. Anonymous3:10 PM

    It would not surprise me in the slightest if Bristol Palin was planning another tabloid "engagement" scam like the one she pulled on Levi Johnston that she pocketed several hundred thousand dollars for in 2010. How much would the tabloid rags be willing to pay this time round? Probably not much but Bristol is very good at grasping for money.

  37. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Bristol and Track will have a new reality show called, 'STRAIGHT OUT OF CONDOMS'.

  38. Why is this guy referred to as a "naval officer"? He is not a naval officer, he is an enlisted USMC sergeant.

    1. Anonymous4:31 PM

      abirato, It is a mistake. Intended or not.

      I think it could be because uses the phrase non-commissioned officer to describe sargeants and others. A person not familiar with military jargon could think it is OK to say officer.

      But, really, if they don't know what it means they should ask some one.

      Or, it could be a Palin sent them the tip and the Palins purposely lied to make it sound more important.

    2. Anonymous4:33 PM

      Lou Sarah can lie anyway she wants to.

  39. Why is this guy referred to as a "naval officer"? He is not a naval officer, he is an enlisted USMC sergeant.

    1. Amen, and thank you. Most civilians don'the know the difference, huge as it is.

  40. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Stories like this prompt me to watch that little old Oprah interview where Oprah tried like hell to give barstool an out......what was it you said barstool? HAHAHAHA you are so pathetic

  41. Anita Winecooler3:54 PM

    So she had a fling with another guy but swears he used protection? Well let's give her credit, running with McCain drove home the need for SPF, hey Brissy, what strength did he use? Hope he was wearing his sunglasses, also too.

  42. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Bristol knew she was PG when she went to Kentucky. She knows who the baby's daddy is. She knew exactly what she was doing and then, out of the blue, Dakota's first marriage was exposed. So, if we are to believe this story, that's the reason Bristol ran back home to mommy and daddy? Really? More than likely Bristol and Dakota weren't compatible, and Dakota wasn't the lumbersexual Bristol wanted so she flew back home with Tripp for Mothers Day 2015, and stayed, calling off the wedding. Thus, the reason Sarah was wearing the engagement ring the weekend after Mothers Day in San Diego. When will this soap opera end?

    1. Anonymous2:57 AM

      I think Duh discovered her past, and present and dumped her. I think his grandparents did a search on her, or even the marines did it and discovered all her dirty laundry. Used up sluts are not welcomed into families with any values.

    2. Anonymous7:30 AM


      She's back! Nice way to treat his grandparents.

  43. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Okay people, keep in mind that Bristol is really simple, I mean functionally retarded simple. She can't be left to her own devices. A family member, even Piper, has to mind her and keep her accounted for or things go really south.

    I think her being out of her element in Kentucky, and on top of that being pregnant and not really remembering who she had sex with in those critical months means that she freaked the fuck out and grabbed her first bastard and took back off to Alaska to try to figure things out, or she told her parents she was pregnant and didn't know from whom and they told her to come home right now.

    She can't live on her own, hell, obviously she can't even remember to take her birth control.

    Dakota dodged a bullet with that one.

  44. Anonymous5:36 PM

    There has been all of this talk about how and why Bristol would run out of Kentucky a week before she was supposed to get married-- and she knew that she was pregnant.

    No one mentions the obvious. They are both immature individuals. I remember seeing how drunk Bristol was on the police tape when she worried about her $300. sunglasses. Dakota has not been shy about posting photos of him drinking with his buddies. In fact, many of Dakota's posts showed him doing macho stuff with his buddies. I don't recall seeing him out on the town with this girl or that.

    I don't think that it would take very much for Bristol and Dakota to have a few drinks and start mouthing off at each. Bristol was angry when she learned that Dakota had a previous marriage that he forgot to mention. Trading secret for secret, Bristol acknowledged what Dakota must have guessed at any, that she was already pregnant. (Men do notice if there is nothing in the bathroom wastebasket for a while). They began to fight. If Dakota took a swing at Bristol or worse, connected with her, I don't blame her for getting out of there without bothering to pack very much of anything. Just enough time to grab Tripp and get out. A week later, it was Sarah wagging her finger at Dakota at the wedding BBQ, as if it was his fault for the breakup. (Of course we don't know what Bristol told her mother. If Bristol had any part of the fight, she might not share that with Sarah).

    Bristol and Dakota's quick engagement and almost marriage happened much too fast. It looked arranged when it was Sarah's official photographer who just happened to be on hand to capture the moment they held hands (and fell in love) at CPAC. And, Craighead's ID appeared on the engagement photos too, ring included, the ring that Sarah bought and later wore when Bristol came home. It was all too convenient and too fast for a real relationship. Is Dakota is being rewarded for agreeing to be the father and agreeing to the birth date? With that family, everything always seems so fake that it's hard to see the posed photos as realistic candid moments. But I can easily imagine two immature hotheads having too much to drink and saying things that they regret saying. From what we read in the police report from The Brawl, it wouldn't have taken much for Bristol to land the first punch-- or Dakota, from his military training. Maybe they are trying to make up now, but they might have a lot to make up for. Good luck to Sailor and Tripp, growing up in that family.

  45. Anonymous5:57 PM

    This book is a lie.

    Into the Fire: A Firsthand Account of the Most Extraordinary Battle in the Afghan War
    by Dakota Meyer, Bing West

    If that is not bad enough, Dakota Meyer lied to the man who was trying to help him, Bing West.

    And you think Chris Kyle is a nasty piece of work?

    1. Anonymous5:23 AM

      I take it Meyer is not a Ronald Reagan Republican. Lying to a fellow Republican is worse than speaking ill of your fellow.

      Bing is a writer. He was doing a biography for someone who was to deserve an honor. Being mislead by a fake is serious and horrible for a writer of his stature.

      Bing built his reputation as someone with good judgment and accuracy.

      Being connected to Dakota Meyer changed that.

      Bing is fabulously wealthy and old. He may not care at this point. It would be intolerable for someone with high integrity.

  46. Anonymous6:26 PM

    As Gryph observed, "Bristol's blog" has not had an entry for 10 days -- since May 5. Previously, Nancy posted a new item to the blog every 2-3 days. Maybe the PAC stopped paying Nancy.

    I notice, too, she removed the link to Sarah's "devotional book" -- for the longest time, every blog post ended with the statement: "Buy my Mom's book" (with a link to Amazon). The book is now at #108,787 on Amazon where new copies are marked down from $19.99 to $3.01 and used copies are available starting at 16 cents.

    1. Anonymous7:18 PM

      Ole Chickenhawk, keeping up instagram posts of c-list reality stars lol.

    2. Anonymous9:48 PM

      Ole lol asshole stalking I M comments again.

    3. Anonymous9:23 AM

      Redneck isn't the stalker, you are you mentally ill loon. You post way more than anyone else while you try to defend people you don't even know. You are a brain damaged nitwit.

  47. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Nancy quit for Mother's Day? That says a lot. Is she sick of being a liar and a fraud?

    1. Anonymous10:52 PM

      Money? SarahPAC isn't what it used to be.

  48. Anonymous7:23 PM

    "And now I am getting information that Bristol is really working Dakota, and trying to convince him to make another go of it."

    Dakota travels. She knows he would not be around much. He can only make a go of being controlled by the Palins. They just want more access to money and benefits. A set up for 18 years to life.

    She thinks if she marries him for a week or so, the christian Bristol will not be the mother of a bastard.

    Bristol will always have a bastard. Sailor will always be a bastard. Bristol can have more than 2, but she will always be the mother of bastards. It is a religious thing. So they married after the bastard was born.

    Sailor is a bastard. Dwight Meyer's words about Bristol will live forever. Sally and Chuck Heaths atrocious behavior for Sailor's birth is forever. Too late to change any of it.

    Marriage for two immature knuckleheads is not going to work out and change how they curse the baby. They have labeled their 'plan' mistake.

    Dakota could do right by telling the truth, the true story. An honest biographical piece.

    Will he? No. He would do what he did to the Republican writer, Bing West. Dakota will lie and lie and lie.

    Dakota Meyer has no integrity.

  49. Anonymous10:02 PM

    I've posted before about how corny I think the word "co-parenting" is. You parent. You may not live together and may hate each other, but you parent.

    Anyway. I think the reason (one of many?) Bristol keep using co-parenting is that she's trying to shop a Reality Show about co-parenting when you live thousands of miles apart.

    To do such a show she need Dakota to cooperate.

    Surely she realizes that Dakota will demand (and get) 1/2 of all the take, plus demand that Sailor Grace's portion be put aside for her in an account Bristol can't touch. Nah, that's expecting too much of greedy Bristol.

    Now, if Dakota starts using the phrase co-parent, we'll know something's up. That's my prediction.

    1. Anonymous6:32 AM

      I agree. "Co-parent" is the latest deal Palin brand is determined to sell. Number one is a reality show since that is big money and fame, like Trump. They would settle on a book, a dime novelette, pulp fiction or a pamphlet if they must.

      The prize is selling a "Co-parent" gig with a Medal of Honor Marine. There is something in it for Sgt Meyer. Whether or not he is a biological father to anyone remains to be determined by proof positive.

      Sgt Meyer would certainly use a baby from another man for his agenda.

  50. Anonymous10:09 PM

    Hey Dakota, have you seen this:

    or this:

    You can be another sucker and fall into a child support trap.

    1. Anonymous5:02 AM

      Too late for DM. He knows about the entrapment. There is more to his part and why he is going this way.

  51. Not an officer. Low enlisted rank, sergeant, probably no higher than E4 or 5.

    OFFICERS have at minimum a bachelor's degree, and a commensurate level of military education, i.e., officer candidate school.

  52. Anonymous2:21 AM

    Naval Officer?
    I mean if they ca't get a MOH job title right, then I don't russt much else....

  53. Anonymous2:48 AM

    ark Burnett has a new reality teevee show about single people finding their mates...and Bristle isn't on it. That must burn!!

  54. Anonymous3:48 AM

    The saddest part of the "family photo" is that Bristol is smiling at one person and MOH at another and the baby is starring at the ground.

  55. Anonymous6:12 AM

    Donald Trump will not be on the Ky ballot. That does not mean he does not effect Ky. If Meyer has political intentions he will lend his name and support to his people.

    Con Dems in Ky act like Repubs. Ky has a large number of con Dems who act like Repubs. Ky Dems outnumber Repubs in registration.

    Clinton was the last Dem presidential candidate to win, that was the 1990s. They have not had a Dem in Congress since the 1990s. It would be significant for Ky to turn against the Repubs now. Donald Trump is confident he owns Ky for all the office holders in the state. Meyer doesn't care because he is sure his party will be Trump. When the time comes for Meyer, he will be a shoo in. Especially if he is back in the Trump/Palin family. Bristol is a big score for the man.

    The Ky governor is not buying into the Trump pack of lies.

    1. Anonymous8:14 AM

      Gov. Bevin is his own shade of evil.

  56. Anonymous7:17 AM

    Dead Lake yuk.

  57. the other guy, whom i think is joey junker, should also take a paternity test.

    1. Anonymous5:21 PM

      Why? You can't fake a positive test, only a negative one.

  58. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Update: By the way has anybody else noticed that the fake Bristol Palin blog has not been updated for the last ten days?

    Has Nancy come to yet and is she Bristol again? I don't know why the lull.

    Yep, this morning Bristol has gone back to selling the shit colored #310Shake. Her header links to patheos. She did drop the bible thing @ the media store where she sells shit.

    Dakota is double, triple, quadrupling and so on DOWN with other peep's quotes. He has nothing to say. Motherhood is making him brain dead.

    He may be outraged trying to save Sailor Gracy from those loo's that Bristol can't stay out of for her photo memories.

    Poor Sailor.

  59. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Bristol is a former "A list" celebrity?

    Lol. Ludicrous characterization of this talentless and uneducated grifting Woman-baby.

  60. Anonymous1:35 PM

    The woman's latest photo has the most pointed fake chin EVER! how does she think that's attractive?


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