Wednesday, May 11, 2016

CNN essentially destroys Donald Trump's argument that he does not need party unity to win the election only independents and crossover Democrats.

This is why Trump is throwing everything he can think of at Hillary right now.

Because if he cannot strip away some of her support before November she is going to quite literally destroy him.

Gee wouldn't THAT be a shame?


  1. Anonymous4:37 PM

    How the hell did we, as a party, end up with all these ancient dinosaurs? Martin O'Malley, Jim Webb, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders - really? That was the best we could do? And every single one of them white to boot?! I'm not voting for Hillary. Y'all just go ahead without me.

    1. Anonymous4:50 PM

      Bernie we know you're not voting for Hillary.

    2. Anonymous4:57 PM

      Per usual, the first one out of the gate...lies in wait with Hillary hate...troll.

    3. Anonymous5:04 PM

      4:37 PM Keep your mouth shut when the election is over, dummy.

    4. Anonymous5:08 PM

      Oh we will. We will save you from yourself. I suppose you think a 40 year old like Rubio, who is 'bored' in the Senate, should be running? Frankly, the world is a complicated place, and I think Hillary Clinton understands it better than anyone on Earth, including you. So please, just stay home and let the adults take care of you.

    5. Anonymous5:14 PM

      Ageism - not cool.

    6. Anonymous5:27 PM

      All these people who complain about HRC - yes, we have the Obama Coalition and we will win! We've got 6 months to take back the Senate & House! Let's do it!

    7. Anonymous10:49 PM

      I've never been prouder to carry my WOMAN card.

    8. Anonymous3:11 AM

      Because to run a country you need a wealth of experience and brains, some things which you will never possess.

    9. Well, running for president of a country of 330,000,000 people encompassing a wide and complex range of cultures, which is also a major player on the world stage, requires a significant amount of worldly knowledge and experience, which isn't likely to be acquired at an early age.

      There are many disqualifiers for the presidency. Age is not one of them.

    10. Raz Lemons5:40 AM

      4:37 asks a very good and pertinent question and is immediately tagged and berated as a Hillary hater, This shows the absolute desperation and vindictiveness of Hillary's Horde of flying monkeys. They and the media have completely dismissed Bernie Sanders and they have done so at their own candidates peril, Lets just put it this way, Hillary won't ever have to worry about The Donald, Its already been shown that Bernie will beat him hands down in the general : ) Bahahahahaha Let the attacks begin losers Bahahahahaha

    11. Anonymous8:20 AM

      5:40-- Are you The Donald himself? Because the elementary writing level and the extensive use of insults as "arguments" suggests a relationship...

      his crazy old aunt or uncle, perhaps?

    12. Raz Lemons12:18 PM

      Bahahahaha the first loser aka 8:20 has struck out............ Batter up

      Wall Street Journal Thursday ( today ) " Sanders can win "

  2. Anonymous4:41 PM

    He isn't going to know what hit him and it's going to be so much fun watching the bloviated asshole crawl, on all fours, back to wherever he can hide!

  3. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Don't count Trump out.

    Trump has help taking down Hillary.

    Trump is counting on Bernie Sanders to take down Hillary by creating hate between Bernie's followers and Hillary.

    1. Anonymous5:09 PM

      Won't work. They tried it last time with Obama and Hillary, remember? There was a lot of animosity, but there was no way we were voting for POW and the Bimbo.

    2. Anonymous5:15 PM

      And you know this how?

    3. Anonymous3:13 AM

      Sorry 5:09, Bernie is not nearly as smart nor does he play the long game like Hillary did. He knows this is his ONE shot at power and he is not going to give it upwith out a nasty fight. He will not go graciously back to Vermont, not a chance. He will be as nasty as he can for as long as he can because he isn't a Democrat, he hates the Democratic party, and he wants to destroy it from within. I would not trust this man with my garbage let alone my country.

  4. Anonymous4:49 PM

    How much is Trump paying the Sanders to stay in the race?


    Oh wait, $200,000 is what Burlington College paid Jane Sanders when she left.

    Jane why did Burlington College pay you $200,000 when you left them financially in trouble?

    Jane why did you take the $200,000 when the students and college needed that money to keep their chins above the bills you left them with?

    That must be what Socialist Democrats do?

    1. Anonymous5:26 PM


  5. Brent Lloyd Rideout4:50 PM

    I just can't wait for this election to be over. My mother has always been a raving bitch, but this year, she has really exceeded all expectations. My father is withering away to nothing while that crazy tw@t mutters between puffs on her cigarettes, "Hillary is a 4 or 5 planet Scorpio. She'll destroy Trump." Does anyone else have a mother as crazy a mine? Astrological signs and tarot cards, really?

    1. Anonymous5:29 PM

      Sorry but most of us love our moms!

    2. Anonymous5:47 PM

      Uh, no. I love my mother.

    3. Anonymous5:56 PM

      My dad, who is a UAW man and Irish and has Kennedy memorabilia scattered throughout the house and whose mantra all my life has been "No Republican has ever done a g-d thing for the little guy," temporarily lost his mind and said he just might vote for Trump. That was when Trump first started running and my dad thought, like others, that he was for the people. Then he snapped out of that madness and he's back to the dad I've always known.

    4. Anonymous6:24 PM

      Even if she is your mother you should ignore he merely for the fact that she believes in astrology.

    5. Anonymous6:25 PM

      What a poor woman to have such a nasty son.

    6. Anonymous6:35 PM

      My 77 yr old mom, who's voted Democratic since forever, and who's hated Reagan and GWBush with a white hot fury, and has had pictures of the Clintons and Obamas on her walls, including 8x10s of Bo, the dog, now announces she voting for Trump. smdh

    7. Anonymous6:43 PM

      Beats the hell outta my mother who was a raving wingnut.

    8. Anonymous7:26 PM

      Do you believe everything you read?

    9. Anonymous8:58 PM

      My folks were the result of the dumbing down of Faux news. Spoon fed stupid til the end. Like ostriches with their heads buried in the sand. Hillary 2016. Get out and Vote!!!

    10. Anonymous10:52 PM

      Whoa, Brent. I think Bristol Palin could've written something very similar. That is, if she knew how to write. Sorry for you miserable fambly life.

  6. Anonymous4:53 PM

    Hillary I didn't mean all those terrible things I said about you. By the way, is the vice president job still open?

    1. Anonymous5:39 PM

      Bernie has become as much a jerk as is Donald Trump.

      And, he even joined the Democratic party and isn't even a Democrat!

      I have lost all respect for him and he needs to bow out soon!

    2. Anonymous9:11 AM

      Bernie needs to stay in the race. He needs to tear down the walls of the corrupt DNC establishment. Hillary and Debbie Wasserman deserve the walk of shame!

  7. Anonymous4:58 PM

    Hates Hillary Clinton
    Loves Bernie Sanders

    Bernie can you figure out why or do you need help?

  8. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Hillary is fighting on two fronts, Trump and Bernie

    Bernie is fighting on one front, Hillary

    Trump is just waiting for Bernie to do Trump's dirty work

  9. Anonymous5:04 PM

    More news from CNN...

    1. Anonymous11:49 PM

      Shouldn't attach too much weight to any "news" offered up by a crap outfit like CNN.

    2. Anonymous7:42 PM

      You sufferin' from selective amnesia?
      When it fits the Crown Hillary narrative,this blog and all the Hellary bots here are lappin' that shit up.
      "According to CNN correspondent Pamela Brown, the FBI is close to wrapping up the “investigation,” and thus far have found “no criminal wrongdoing”.
      If it wasn't so pathetic,it'd be laughable...

  10. Anita Winecooler5:06 PM




    His own party, ex presidents, have already said they're not going if he wins.

    1. Anonymous7:37 PM

      That will work to his advantage. Many people have been looking for a major change from the status quo, a changing of the guard in the republican party and politics in general.

      Hillary is nothing but staus quo.

      I find it hard to believe so many are blind to what is about to happen.

    2. Anonymous9:04 PM

      Yes. Many have already bowed out. Be it the excuse they're doing their laundry that day or whatever. I wouldn't sit thru a Dump shit show either.

    3. Anonymous10:56 PM

      Me too 7:37.

  11. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Bernie you don't like the Democratic Party establishment? Get the fuc_ out of there. Why did you switch parties right before announcing your presidential candidacy in the first place?

    1. Anonymous6:22 PM

      Oh look, a Bernie hater on a Trump thread. You're just as bad as all the OT Palin stuff that shows up on non-Palin threads.

      Get over it. You're absolute pathological hate for Bernie is driving many of us into the arms of Trump. You can blame yourself when he's inaugurated.

    2. Anonymous9:22 PM

      Anonymous6:22 PM,

      Well, you give Trump a big smooch when you are in his arms. When he's inaugurated you can bend over and kiss your ass good bye.

    3. Anonymous9:38 PM

      geeze 5:18, you're pretty powerful to be driving the trolls into the arms of.... ewwwww... Donald Trump.

      Perhaps instead you could drive them into the sea?

  12. Anonymous6:21 PM

    You know when you're playing with a kitten and it bites and scratches you and pounces on you? A kitten won't even hurt another kitten, much less a grown woman.

    Juvenile name-calling is all Trump has and it's all he can keep up.

  13. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Trump needs to get back with Sarah Plain. They are the best political duo.

    Reality stars and xenophobes: Trump's California delegates mirror their maker

  14. Anonymous10:31 PM

    FBI Director James Comey told a group of reporters Wednesday that the investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email server is more than a "security inquiry," a phrase the Democratic presidential front-runner and her campaign use instead of "investigation" to describe the FBI's action in the case.

    "I don't even know what that means," Comey said. "I'm not familiar with the term security inquiry."

    1. Anonymous6:23 AM

      It was also said that they have nothing on her - the media (corporation ownership) is keeping this story alive and it's pure garbage!

    2. Anonymous9:09 AM

      It was 'also said' by who 6:23? Unnamed sources lol.

      James Comey is the director of the FBI.... and his statements are a DIRECT QUOTE.

    3. Anonymous12:57 PM

      "It was also said that they have nothing on her"

  15. Anonymous12:17 AM

    GET THEM OUT GET THEM OUT GET THEM OUT. HUGE HUGE HUGE IM GREAT IM GREAT IM GREAT WITH TINY FINGERS. when will the indictments charges and convictions begin on this criminal style election. What a bunch of dopes. Ya all pay attention now, ya hear? VOTE and vote to end the current cycle of chit. NO actors. Only truth and reality Sanders/Warren 2017

  16. Anonymous12:24 AM

    So much crime and mental illness in the gop. Seriouly, the FEC should send memo to the constitutional clown possie of assholes. The charges of extortion, bribe, deframation are real and frump will not bail you out. going down?

  17. Anonymous12:40 AM

    Remember? The same group that placed President Obama in office are Sanders voters+ and they were not D or R's. They are I's. Independent. They sway. They are critical. They are the heartbeat of America. Green Party is growing too. so r and d better listen to the winds of change cause I and G are brewing. And H and T are not in the tea leafs. boo!!

  18. Anonymous4:36 AM

    I guess the Trump people have not learned the lesson of 2008 when McCain thought that a woman, any woman, would lead Democratic women away. Didn't work then, did it? I don't think it will work now, not with Democratic women.

  19. Anonymous4:38 AM

    Hillary made the choice to try to skip ahead to the general election before the primary was finished. She created the problem. It's an unforced judgement error. Trying to lay the blame Sanders for what Clinton has done to herself, expecting him to solve the problem for her shows how Clinton is just not ready for the presidency. She and her followers can't expect Sanders to layup so Clinton can win. Can't you see how weak it makes Clinton look to say she can't solve her own problem? That a man should solve a problem she created?

    This is what really irks me about Clinton. She says she's tough enough for the job but then she insists on playing from the ladies' tees - complains if her competition doesn't layup for her.

  20. Anonymous6:11 AM

    4:38 AM Hillary will be the nominee, 4:38AM - not Bernie! She's far more experienced and has the 'secretary of state' experience which is HUGE! (As The Donald would say!

    She will have my vote!

    1. Anonymous9:07 AM

      You are a post menopausal woman Hillary fan clubber that just thinks she is the bestest, of course she has your vote.

  21. Anonymous6:21 AM

    The taxpayers are currently paying the costs of the Trump visit to D.C. and his visit with various Republicans.

    What a fucking waste of money in 'trying' to make him 'look' and 'act' presidential!

    I'm sure his own party doesn't trust him as far as they can throw him!

    MSNBC is covering the visit, of course! Nonstop and he's inside the building! And, of course, it's MORE free coverage for Trump! They aren't even talking about Hillary Clinton!

    Do we have a clue yet that the big corporations (own cable) want Donald Trump to be the next POTUS and continue giving him hours and hours of free coverage!

    It literally makes me even more determined to get voters out in November for Hillary Clinton.

    1. Anonymous9:05 AM

      lol. Easy chief. You don't get to control the world as if it were yours only. Trump is a legitimate candidate for president. Deal with it.


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