Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Kind of what we knew all along.

Let's face it Trump will never get the chance to go after Sanders, but if he ever did there is mountains of as yet unused opposition research to use against the Vermont Senator.

Not that Donald Trump is not awash in vulnerabilities.

For instance he is now saying he will not release his tax returns until November:

Despite pressure, the billionaire also doesn't expect to release his tax returns before November, citing an ongoing audit of his finances. He said he will release them after the audit ends. But he said that he wouldn't overrule his lawyers and instruct them to release his returns if the audit hasn't concluded by November. 

"There's nothing to learn from them," Trump told The Associated Press in an interview Tuesday. He also has said he doesn't believe voters are interested.

You know i seriously doubt there have ever been any tax returns the voters have been MORE interested in seeing.

I actually doubt he will ever release them, but if he did you can bet they will show he is not worth anywhere near the amount of money that he claims to be worth.

The Trump campaign also recently put a white nationalist on their delegate list.

Sure he's off now, but do we seriously think he is the only one?

And all of this while Republican strategists continue to plan for a third party challenge.

So no Donald Trump will not be going after Bernie Sanders, because right now he is throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Hillary and Sanders keeps her too distracted to effectively defend herself.

Well you know what they say, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."


  1. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Well, Sanders has his own campaign issues - his CA campaign manager just quit. Not good one month out!

  2. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Enough already. The Bernie bashing is getting very old.

    1. Anonymous2:52 PM

      Bernie bashing Hillary is also getting old.

    2. Anonymous2:56 PM

      So is the school yard name calling, but I don't see an end in sight.

    3. Anonymous2:56 PM

      Then go away.

    4. Anonymous2:58 PM


    5. But apparently the Hillary bashing is okay.
      I want Bernie to stay in til the end, but saying what he is FOR, not whom he is against. He can state his case without giving Trump sound bites to use against the democrats.

    6. Anonymous3:10 PM


    7. Carli3:30 PM

      How about both the Hillary and Bernie bashing are getting old, you asshats?! Neither is doing any of us any good, so state your case in a respectful manner or STFU!

    8. Anonymous3:39 PM

      For forty years, liberals have accepted defeat and called it “incremental progress.” Bernie Sanders offers a different way forward.

    9. Anonymous3:53 PM

      I heard on CNN last night a theory - that Bernie was going to a major force attacking Trump for HRC, starting in the fall. It was only speculation, but quite a few liberals on the panel seemed to think it was a real possibility.

    10. Anonymous5:38 PM

      Bernie will do okay even with all the bashing people are doing. Many of us are going to write him in out of respect for his running, whether he could win or not. Big movement afoot.

    11. Anonymous6:35 PM

      Thank you, 2:14!

    12. Anonymous6:40 PM

      5:38, well that's just plain dumb. Remember Ross Perot? Hell, remember Sarah Palin? She would've never won the Gov office in a two-man race.

    13. Anonymous7:03 PM

      Anonymous3:39 PM,
      Sure he does /s. Most progressives couldn't even be bothered to turn out for the midterms and just handed congress over to the republicans. Why didn't you all help Obama? Do you only support white men? Is it only when a white man is leading that it is a "movement"?

    14. Anonymous7:07 PM

      5:38 - he doesn't want you to do that; read the new story in Politico about the new post-CA plan for Bernie to launch an independent drive to stop Trump this fall, as he stumps for HRC. It's already linked on this page below.

    15. Anonymous9:00 PM

      Sorry 7:07pm, I'm not a politico reader. I and my allied political friends will do what we're going to do. Thanks for sharing though.

  3. Anonymous2:28 PM

    1. Anonymous4:02 PM

      Next Stop, The Twilight Zone: Romney Says Trump Disqualified For Not Releasing Tax Returns

      Mitt Romney of all people is claiming that Donald Trump has disqualified himself from the presidency by refusing to release his tax returns.

      ...Mitt Romney, who stalled, made up excuses, and refused to release a full disclosure of his tax returns is running around claiming that Trump can’t be president because he won’t release his tax returns. Birthers, like Donald Trump, attempted to demand Obama’s college transcripts in exchange for Romney’s tax returns. As the presumptive Republican nominee, Romney blamed Obama for his refusal to release his tax returns. Romney refused to release even five years of tax returns.

      Mitt Romney is not the person to be making the argument that Donald Trump is disqualified from the presidency because he won’t release his tax returns. In fact, Romney is one of the last people in the world who should be discussing releasing tax returns.

      The Republicans have dragged the American people into some kind of bizarre Twilight Zone where Mitt Romney is the moral compass of the GOP. The last thing that Republicans needed was their former tax dodging nominee telling their current tax dodging nominee that he has disqualified himself by not releasing his tax returns.

      Every single day, the Republican Party manages to find a new way to make things worse for themselves.

  4. Anonymous2:41 PM

  5. From the third party candidate crowd;

    “Trump is such an asshole, and the people who surround him and his troll army and all this other stuff, they are aggressively dickish to all other forms of human life. So that’s clearly in some people’s head spaces.”

    I've gotta say that that is the best quote from a Republican that I have ever read in my life!

    1. Anonymous3:13 PM

      I would not be surprised if tRump files for bankruptcy right after the election, leaving venuues and small businessess hanging. It is his way of doing business. He is a total ass. He already got the judge to delay his tRump University laws until AFTER the Election.

    2. Anonymous3:19 PM


    3. Anonymous9:14 PM

      Dumpster has already spent all he can and is soliciting for donations for presidential run. Billionare?? More like Bullshitter.

  6. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Don't whine that Sanders can control anything Trump does. You sound like Andrea Mitchell whining to Sanders that Clinton has to fight on two fronts: him and Trump. Sanders basically told her to talk to the hand.

    Today when asked about the Clinton email investigation, FBI director James Comey said he's "not familiar with the term security inquiry." And said he considers what they're doing is an investigation. "It's in our name."
    So there's the official debunk of the "it's not an investigation, it's a security inquiry" talking point, which has always been silly. Obviously a Yale-educated lawyer out to know better.

    1. Anonymous3:16 PM

      I just heard on Mark Halperin's Bloomberg show that no one linked to the FBI probe thinks that Hillary or her staff will be charged. And that everyone is ready for it to end and provide complete transparency--especially the Democrats.

    2. Anonymous3:20 PM

      "Don't whine that Sanders can control anything Trump does."
      Hillary and her bots have painted themselves into a corner with all the word games concerning the FBI "investigation".
      Comey is flat out stating it's an investigation, and she will be treated like "anybody else under an FBI investigation".
      With the known facts, it seems that at minimum she is in violation of several Federal Records Acts, that specifically include email communication:
      Criminal or civil penalties, fines and/or imprisonment for:
      The unlawful removal or destruction of federal records (18 U.S.C. 2071)
      The unlawful disclosure of national security information (18 U.S.C. 793,794,& 798)
      The improper handling of records containing other information exempt under the Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C.552), the Privacy Act (5 U.S.C. 552a), and other information to which access is restricted by law.
      And now Bryan Pagliano's(the IT guy who set up server and has been granted immunity) State Dept emails have "disappeared"? He was also on the payroll of the Clinton Foundation at the same time as his employment at the State Dept!
      Are you fuckin' shittin' me?!?
      C'mon Hilbots,this shit STINKS!

    3. Anonymous3:44 PM

      O-T odds favor Gingrich for Trump's VP

    4. Anonymous3:50 PM

      LOTS of other gov't departments use non-gov emails, too. Not just Hillary.

    5. Anonymous3:51 PM

      3:44>FUCK GINGRICH! He HAS BEEN behind (little brain) most of this SHIT ALL ALONG!

    6. Anonymous4:04 PM

      "No one involved thinks anyone will be charged"

      A clever choice of words by Halperin: Involved. Let's see, who's "involved" in the matter that might be talking to Mark Halperin. Not anyone from the FBI. They're investigating, not "involved". I can tell you who's "involved": Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, Bryan Pagliano.

      "no one...thinks" "Thinks". Not knows. Just thinks.

      Then there's "charged". Clever how he skipped the word "indictment" which follows an investigation and precedes a charge.

      $200 says Brian Fallon fed that talking point to Halperin and of course none of the Clinton camp believe they're going to be charged. And Halperin parroted it.

      Just remember, the last interview by law enforcement after they've gathered all their evidence is the subject of the investigation. Clinton's last. She's the subject.

    7. Anonymous4:14 PM

      @3:16 PM
      "I just heard on Mark Halperin's Bloomberg show that no one linked to the FBI probe thinks that Hillary or her staff will be charged. And that everyone is ready for it to end and provide complete transparency--especially the Democrats."

      Fantasy Island ain't on tv no mo'.

    8. Anonymous4:38 PM

      Fuck the NYT.
      They are in the bag for Hellary.
      Today they printed this:
      F.B.I. Director Says He Won’t Rush Inquiry on Hillary Clinton Emails
      A few sentences into the article,
      "While Mrs. Clinton has characterized the investigation as a “security inquiry,” Mr. Comey said he was “not familiar with the term.” The F.B.I.’s case began as a security referral from the inspectors general of the State Department and the nation’s intelligence agencies, who were concerned that classified information might have been stored outside a secure government network. But multiple law enforcement officials said the matter quickly became an investigation into whether anyone had committed a crime in handling classified information."
      Fuck that shit.
      I get the NYT every Sunday 'cuz it's a great read.

    9. Anonymous4:56 PM

      "Just remember, the last interview by law enforcement after they've gathered all their evidence is the subject of the investigation. Clinton's last. She's the subject."

      I may be wrong,but I think Yogi Berra was the one that said:
      "It ain't over until the fat lady sings"

    10. Anonymous5:19 PM

      I think Obama & Biden know more than any of us about all the emails. I trust their collective judgement.

    11. Anonymous5:58 PM

      Anonymous3:20 PM

      "Hillary and her bots have painted......". You must be one of the people whining to stop bashing Sanders and his supporters. But it doesn't seem to apply to Hillary and her supporters.

  7. Anonymous2:57 PM

    "please do not moan to me about Hillary Clinton's problems," Sanders replied brusquely to Andrea Mitchell's assertion that Clinton has faced attacks from both his campaign and Trump's as she looks ahead to the general election.

    Sanders has gender bias

    1. Anonymous3:39 PM

    2. Anonymous3:48 PM

      Oh for godsake stop claiming "gender bias" every time a man pushes back on pro-Hillary Clinton claptrap. Andrea Mitchell was blaming Sanders for Clinton "having to fight two fights" at the same time. Bullshit. It's Clinton's problem she's trying to skip to the final without finishing the semi-final. Mitchell looked like a fool as she sat there stuttering.

    3. SallyinMI4:14 PM

      And Bernie is such a team player, isn't he? "No, I won;t run a negative campaign," he insisted, until it looked like he was losing. Now he is no better than Trump.

    4. Anonymous4:28 PM

      Boy ,Bernie supporters seem so unhinged.

    5. Anonymous4:29 PM

      KUDOS on your post!
      Sometimes ya just gotta spell it out for the slow ones....

    6. Anonymous5:00 PM

      4:14 running for President is not a team sport. When Serena and her sister Venus are in the same tournament and end up facing each other in a semi-final, does one layup and default so the other can rest up for the final? No!

      The problem is Clinton didn't prepare financially or physically to run a full primary. She didn't train to play a full tournament. Now she and her pals, including the media like Andrea Mitchell are trying to persuade the public it's Sanders' fault. It's not Sanders' problem Clinton didn't prepare. Just like Venus wouldn't layup for Serena, Sanders has no obligation to layup for Clinton simply because they're both running as Dems.

    7. Anonymous5:20 PM

      5:00 has obviously never been part of any campaign. It's all teamwork. LOL

    8. Anonymous6:01 PM

      Anonymous4:29 PM,

      You are the slow one. It's about Sanders going negative and providing ammunition for Trump, not about him staying in the race. Dumbass.

    9. Anonymous6:03 PM

      Anonymous5:00 PM,

      The problem is that Sanders is taking DNC money (money that Clinton brought in) and bashing the DNC.

    10. Anonymous6:28 PM

      5:30 In what world are primary candidates a "team"?

      6:03 Sanders has gotten $0 from the DNC or Hillary. Easily checked at

    11. Anonymous8:05 PM

      6:28 - they are teammates repping the Democratic Party. Hillary & Bernie are the national faces of the Democratic Party in the election right now.

  8. Anonymous3:24 PM

    He won't with a rigged voting system and cheating D opponent.

    1. Anonymous3:45 PM

      How is losing a primary rigged? There are 3 million more voters who prefer HRC to BS.

    2. SallyinMI4:13 PM

      Hillary is not cheating. Good grief. If Bernie didn't manage to learnt eh rules of the DNC beforehand, he is not nearly as smart as you presume he is. Calling foul because he is losing is pretty juvenile, don't you think? Of course Hillary had super delegates: Bernie was NOT a Democrat and NOT in the race yet. Poor Bernie. Rigged system. Can't possibly be that people think Hillary is the better Democratic candidate, can it?

    3. Anonymous5:13 PM

      Bernie is playing by the rules.

      Superdelegates are unpledged until they vote at the convention. Recruiting and publicizing their endorsement and counting their vote as "in the bag" before the convention is putting a thumb on the scale. The DNC rules say the DNC is to remain neutral through the primary and support all candidates. DWS, the DNC, the supers who publicly endorsed are all flouting the rules.

    4. Anonymous5:50 PM

      Bernie to withdraw after CA and form independent org to attack Trump?

    5. Anonymous5:58 PM

      Thank you fer explainin' that to the short bus ridin' Hilbots.
      Truth and reality doesn't seem to be part of the parade leading to the Coronation of Queen Hellary.
      Karma and the law of averages are a helluva combo platter,and Hellary is gettin' a big ass serving these days.
      CorrectTheRecord indeed!

    6. Anonymous6:05 PM

      So sick of this "rigged system" whining crap. As 5:00 said in response to Hillary, "running for President is not a team sport. " If Sanders didn't understand the Democratic primary process he should have run as an independent.

    7. Anonymous8:57 PM

      Thank you for saying it for me. There will be no coronation. Hills will not be POTUS. We had Obama in 2008 but now we only have a Bernie write-in or Trump.

      Anyone but HER.

    8. Anonymous3:42 AM

      I agree with you, Anon at 6:05 pm. And, Anon at 8:57 pm, your attitude is liable to give us Donald Trump at the helm for four years. Imagine the White House trump-ified.

    9. Anonymous5:36 AM

      There is no reasoning with Berniebots, Beaglemom. 5:58 and 8:57 are either insane or trolling.

  9. Anonymous3:25 PM

    I read on CBS news late last night, that they couldn't replace the guy, William Johnson, because of California laws. Trump's team asked to have him replaced on Tuesday, and Monday was the deadline. That means that the Trumpster's are left with one White Supremacist on their delegate roster.

    1. Anonymous4:10 PM

      One that we know about. You can bet there are many many more.

  10. ON ANOTHER THREAD, SOMEONE HAD A 1 WORD ANSWER TO THE ARTICLE ABOVE. MY RESPONSE IS WHAT FOLLOWS !!!!!!!!!!! Phuk "Good" !! What did he expect, open arms? Like it or not, whether it's right or not, it does not make a goddamned bit of difference, when it comes to politics. When you rail against the machine (And the Democratic Party is a political machine), what in phuk do you expect???? If anybody is playing the pity card, it's Statler, here. He makes my ass ache with all his convoluted statements, like saying he can't tell his followers who to vote for, in the event he does not get the nomination. Since he was only a Democrat by convenience, it is no wonder he dodged the question. He is a fraud in my mind, if for no other reason than that, if he thought his ideas were any good at all, WHY THE PHUK DID HE NOT DECLARE AS INDEPENDANT !!!! he';s been Independent for 40 fuckin' years, now all of a sudden he drops the banner, and goes Blue !! That proves he's a coward, and a divisive son-of-a-bitch, that's why. By declaring with the party he most resembles, he gets to start out, on at least, second base while declaring he hit a home run. Would he have had as much impact as an Independent? We'll never know, will we, but it's damned sure didn't hurt him coming out the gate as a Democrat, did it He got name recognition like he never would have, had he not been pitted against Hillary (Goddamned) Clinton. Nobody knew who the fuck Chuck Wepner was, until he fought Ali !! Same, same !! Now his followers want to hold the system hostage, saying they'll vote for Trump, if the Democratic Party doesn't agree to some concessions; to which I say; GO FUCK YOURSELF, BROWN.

    1. Anonymous3:22 AM


  11. Anonymous3:51 PM

    He won't release them before the election and after win or lose, he will say it doesn't matter... He refuses either way.

  12. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Donald Trump on Muslim Ban: ‘Sure I’d Back Off On It’

  13. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Well, there goes any hope we had that Meghan McCain had grown a brain and matured, but this ended any thought of that. Dipstick.

    Meghan McCain: ‘Millennial Women Are Gonna Flock’ to Donald Trump

    1. Anita Winecooler3:28 PM

      OMG! It's the end of the world! The price of a Louis Voitton purse is gonna double, and I'll have to ask Daddy for a raise in my allowance!

      Hey, "Meggie", millenial women don't flock to stupid, look at daddy dearest's former running mate, take a chill pill and eat some chocolate or something.

  14. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Trump and Sanders keeping their financial history a secret.

    But trust them with the world's biggest economy.

    Shysters both.

    1. Anonymous4:55 PM


    2. Anonymous5:21 PM

      Yep, exactly!

    3. Anonymous6:08 PM

      And yet it's Hillary they go after and say she has something to hide. The hypocrisy and double standard is sickening.

  15. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Come on Bernie, stop! You and your wife are taking down the Democratic Party

    Daily Beast:
    Bernie Sanders Goes Off On MSNBC’s Mitchell: ‘Don’t Moan To Me About Hillary’s Problems’

    On the heels of winning the Democratic presidential primary in West Virginia, a week after a triumph in Indiana, Bernie Sanders attempted to take a victory lap early Wednesday afternoon on MSNBC. But while host Andrea Mitchell did begin with acknowledgement of the senator’s wins, she was quick to throw cold water on any progress the distant underdog candidate might have made.
    For one, Mitchell noted that Sanders came out of West Virginia with the same number of delegates as Hillary Clinton, once you consider the superdelegates, meaning the state did nothing to help him catch up. And secondly, she challenged his notion that he would be the better general election candidate by pointing to exit poll data in West Virginia that claims a third of his supporters there would actually vote for Donald Trump in the fall....

    “Isn't the bottom line between you and Hillary Clinton and who would be the stronger candidate, that she is now fighting a war on two fronts, getting beaten up by Donald Trump on a daily basis?” Mitchell asked. She noted that despite the fact that Trump has now introduced a new “Crazy Bernie” nickname for the Vermont senator, “he has been embracing you, building you up, he likes the fact that you’re taking her down.”

    .... The delegate math may be entirely in Clinton’s favor, but as Sanders continues to make clear, he’s not going anywhere soon. As as Andrea Mitchell learned today, suggesting that he is helping Donald Trump is not going to convince him otherwise.

    Complete post at

    1. Anonymous4:54 PM

      Andrea Mitchel git your dinosaur ass off my lawn.

    2. Anonymous3:24 AM

      That was his plan all along, don't you know that. Other wise he would have run on his principles as an independent. he's a sham and a shyster. No better than Trump.

  16. Anita Winecooler5:03 PM

    He's like one of those Macy Parade balloons. Liz Warren is SOOO under his skin, it isn't even funny, and she's having a grand time. Liz has a huge pin and that balloon is going to be grounded in a flash. How can't it, it's got two release anuses for a reason.

    Show your taxes, idiot. Hillary already put up over thirty years. Come on, Donald, a woman's beating you without even trying.

  17. Anonymous5:48 PM

    Breitbart News 'documentary' - about Hillary.

  18. Anonymous6:15 PM

    With his little baby hands his 'hits' are like mosquito bites. I'm sure Hillary Clinton laughs every time he tries.

  19. Anonymous7:25 PM

    And i am a Doo Doo head! I don't need to talk about important things i just need to say i am great! So what i act like i am in junoir high again running for class President.

    Vote for me! Make America Great Again. Because like all you Trumpster's out there, all you paranoid chickenshits clinging to your guns sold out to fear. Who the hell runs for President and does not think their Country is already great?

    Fuck Trump. No one is going to tell me the United States Of America is not great. To say that is to question are resolve. Only a traitor is willing to do that.

    1. Anonymous8:56 PM

      We are kind of great now but Trump is going to make America 100% Great Again. Don't you forget it.

  20. Anonymous7:41 PM

    .... That’s led some of the discussions to focus on how best to use Sanders’ vaunted email list to energize his backers against Trump, and whether to help down-ballot candidates who share Sanders’ views.

    "and whether to help down-ballot candidates who share Sanders’ views."

    I thought Bernie is now a Democrat? They're thinking (THINKING?) about helping down ballot Democratic candidates who share Bernie's views and screw the rest of the Democrat down ballot candidates?

    So what they're saying is Bernie is going to lose, so they are not going to help other Democrats get into office and President Hillary Clinton will fail with a Republican Congress. That Bernie is a team player alright.

    1. Anonymous3:27 AM

      He's never been a Democrat, he isn't one now, nor will he ever be one or help one. His main thing is to start some BS "revolution" by hoodwinking sad people into believing his bull shit (like Trump on the other side) in hopes they anoint him as president.
      He's a fruad and a shyster and alwyas has been, Those who support him would be wise to dig far deeper than his campaign rally sloganeering and find out who he really is before they go any further with their support. He is NOT who you think he is.
      Your daughter is included in this research, Gryph, she and others are being led down a very dangerous path.

  21. Anonymous8:27 PM

    Bernie Sanders weakened heading into Golden State

  22. Anonymous9:13 PM

    "So no Donald Trump will not be going after Bernie Sanders, because right now he is throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Hillary and Sanders keeps her too distracted to effectively defend herself."

    Simply, not true.

  23. Anonymous5:40 AM


    MAY 12, 2016
    Jayce Wagner

    The Bernie Sanders campaign saw its California state director leave the campaign just weeks before the crucial California primary.

    Michael Ceraso, formerly the Sanders campaign’s California director, resigned after Ceraso spent the last few weeks pushing for more financial investment on the field in California. The upcoming California primary is absolutely crucial for the Bernie Sanders campaign, according to Politico, and Ceraso reportedly advocated for more digital organizing in the battleground state, where 475 delegates are at stake.

    Bernie Sanders’ California campaign chief resigned, but the campaign itself has yet to comment on the departure. Ceraso led the effort to secure much-needed votes in California, where the Sanders campaign could turn the tide against primary opponent Hillary Clinton. The resignation comes just after the Sanders campaign laid off key campaign staff, including a large number of volunteers who had served the campaign through the early months of the primary season.

    Michael Ceraso, the Sanders campaign’s California director, resigned after serving the Sanders campaign in New Hampshire as deputy state director.

    According to Politico, the Sanders campaign’s strategy in California hasn’t followed in the footsteps of other successful California campaigns, eschewing television ad buys in favor of in-person appearances. Reportedly, primary states had seen much more of a media blitz by Bernie Sanders, with the Sanders campaign outspending the Clinton campaign on TV ads in other battleground states.

    The Los Angeles Times is reporting this most recent departure from the Sanders campaign as a setback for Bernie’s plans to tilt the odds in his favor by winning California, scoring another upset like Michigan. The departing California campaign chief was reportedly in charge of all Bernie Sanders campaign operations in the crucial battleground state of California.

    .... The latest high-profile departure from the Sanders campaign comes amid a significant downturn in fundraising for Bernie Sanders, reports the Los Angeles Times...

    Read more below


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