Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Daily Mail reports on Dakota Meyer filing to change his daughter's name.

Let's label this photo "awkward."
Courtesy of the Daily Mail: 

Dakota Meyer has headed back to court and demanding his baby with Bristol Palin, Sailor Grace, legally have her last name changed from Palin to Meyer. 

The judge in the case has set a hearing for next month when he will decide whether or not to approves the name change.

According to court records obtained exclusively by Daily Mail Online, Dakota filed a change of name petition in Alaska Court on May 5. 

The records show that Bristol named their daughter Sailor Grace Palin on the birth certificate. Dakota is demanding that his newborn's name be legally changed to Sailor Grace Palin Meyer.

Now before that ridiculous troll shows up declaring how responsible Bristol and Dakota are acting as co-parents and how they are getting along so well it should be noted that if Bristol was on board with this Dakota would not have to file for it in court.

They would simply agree to the name change, skip going to court over it, and file the papers privately.

It should also be noted that Bristol has demanded that Tripp's school refer to him as "Johnson-Palin" despite the fact that his last name is legally "Johnston."

Yeah Bristol's not getting along with ANYBODY despite what the Palin fairy tale trolls might want us to believe.

By the way I understand that Dakota showed up at Tripp's soccer game this weekend.

Reports are that he was a little uncomfortable looking, and that Bristol spent the whole time with her eyes glued to her phone.


  1. TwoBlueJays8:34 AM

    What the hell kind of stupid pants did she put on that poor baby??! Are those RIPPED baby jeans??! Just when you think you can't even, you really can't even...

    1. Anonymous8:55 AM

      So stupid. And dangerous. Sailor could pull threads from the jeans and choke on them. Bristol's such an ass.

    2. Anonymous9:01 AM

      Better than Bristol posing the poor kid with pants full of visible shit.
      What kind of person does that? Bristol must like shit, she did it twice.


    3. Anonymous9:31 AM

      Lol. Maybe you concerned souls should kidnap the baby for it's own safety, and dress it in fashion styles that meet your safety criteria.

      I mean good gosh, how many known cases just in this last year have been document of babies choking on jean threads? Isn't it somewhere around 3.5 million babies a year? She should certainly know better.

    4. Anonymous9:55 AM

      @ anon 9:31 am
      Well there was a case a few months ago of a simple thread in a sock that almost caused a baby to lose one of it's toes.

    5. Anonymous9:56 AM


      How about changing the babies diapers when she poos? None of the Bristol suckers seem to care about the child. Her butt could be so red and cracked from stewing in the crap it can make her sick. Who cares about cleanliness? Kids just props to the Palins.

    6. Anonymous10:27 AM

      9:31 LOL!

    7. Anonymous10:38 AM

      Wow...Sarah sure looks old in those pictures.

    8. Anonymous10:46 AM

      Bristol has to make a fashion statement with that 6 month old baby. Let her choke or whatever from the threads. The kid looks cool, what else matters?

      Yeah, I have heard of some serious conditions that come from what happens with dirty diapers. Bristol is a busy mother and I doubt she has time to think about that. She was having a brunch and fixing and serving all that food. She didn't want to change the baby until later when Piper would get around to doing it.

    9. TwoBlueJays11:01 AM

      My point was that dressing an infant as your mini-me in ripped jeans is tasteless. Why stop there? How about some baby tattoos? Baby Laboutins? Maybe a tiny baby Louis Vuitton bag. There are hundreds of perfectly appropriate outfits for babies. It's not a safety issue for me - it's that it just looks stupid to dress your baby like yourself.

    10. Anonymous11:27 AM


      Bristol is stupid and will do stupid things. Wait until she has Dr. Jack Meoff start cutting on the child so mini-me baby will look more like Bristol's plastic surgery. She is that sad and if she can sneak and get by with it, she will. It already looks like she has had the child altered to be more toned to look more Meyer. Too bad she also looks Junker.

    11. Anonymous12:05 PM

      Stewing in those shitty diapers also is asking for UTI, Urinary Tract Infection, for the baby.
      Incredible how clueless this bunch of hillbilly wanna-bes are!
      Torn jeans on an infant... Yeah, that is the perfect way to dress a crawler. NOT!!!

      Talking about awkward picture above - her head turned away from both baby as well as baby-daddy. FUUUUGLY feet! Just skin and bones. I definitely would not dare to wear those kind of sandals if I had such ugly feet!

    12. Anonymous12:38 PM

      Bristle is so insecure that her only hope is to fill her life with things she sees as trendy to establish any sort of self-identity. She's as much a fraud as the stylish fads she favors.

    13. Anonymous12:42 PM

      You could see the shit stains on the inside leg of the outfit she wore on mothers day. Babies get staff infections from diaper rash very easily.

    14. Anonymous12:46 PM

      9:31. You're an idiot. As Most mothers know,everything goes into a babies mouth. Be it strings,buttons,batteries,toys. You name it.

    15. Anonymous12:58 PM

      Lol 12:46, okaaaaaaay crazy lady, lol.

    16. Anonymous1:28 PM

      12:58 must have swallowed batteries as a child.

    17. Anonymous2:49 PM

      No 1:28, but as a child my liberal mother dressed me in jeans without any breather vent openings at the knees. The lack of proper leg ventilation and air relief resulted in severe leg overheating and leg exhaustion. I couldn't crawl right for several months, lucky I didn't lose my infant legs.

      Glad to see that Bristol is correctly providing the appropriate leg ventilation for Sailor, so that she doesn't suffer the same fate that thousands of infants do daily simply because their liberal mothers were more concerned with vanity over safety.

    18. Anonymous3:07 PM

      12;58 Couldn't care less about a baby's safety.

    19. Anonymous3:37 PM

      2:49 That's quite the story. :) I'm sure barstool's Only concern is for her kids. Snort.

    20. Anonymous4:48 PM

      Lol okaaaay another crazy lady at 3:07. When Bristol's baby dies from choking on her jeans, I will be sure to come back and give you due props lol.

    21. Anonymous5:08 PM

      What is it that people like Bristol and her partners in crime have against health and safety? They must deeply relish wallowing in crappy poo. Gawd forbid they can prevent a choking incident. It is too
      high tech to prevent cutting off circulation?

      Seriously, being clean and caring does not hurt and is nothing to fear.

    22. Anonymous5:34 PM

      Congratulations. Dumbest. Comment. Ever.
      Staph infection, you moron.

    23. Anonymous5:42 PM

      2:49: yeah, suuuuure!
      You must be Piper.

    24. Anonymous6:13 PM

      Apparently parenting is way over palin heads. Hi piper! Tramps for Trump

    25. Anonymous6:33 PM

      Palin Parenting 101. Who taught trig to eat? Nobody. Who potty trained trig? Nobody. Who taught trig to care for his teeth? Nobody. Who taught trig to speak? Nobody. Who stressed the importance of an education? Nobody . Who taught barstool to keep her legs closed?? ?????????

    26. Anonymous6:56 PM

      5:34 isn't it time for you to change trig's pull up? Its probably been on him all day.Either that smell is coming from him,or you.

    27. Anonymous7:18 PM

      Changing trig's diapers must be too much work too and also. That's why he gets raging staph infections from diaper rash.

  2. I saw on Sunny's FB page Tripp spent the weekend with Levi. So Bristol didn't have Tripp and Sailor on mother's day. Good.

    1. Anonymous8:56 AM

      And yet she made it look as if she did spend the day with both kids and even Dakota. Everything she does is tainted with some degree of lying.

    2. Anonymous12:56 PM

      Lies are all Bristol has. She lives in a make believe world.

    3. Interesting.

      What do single Mom's usually do when they've managed to foist their kids on others for an entire day?

      Wonder if she'll be "blessed" again in about 10 months. Third baby with third daddy.

    4. "Third baby with third daddy..."

      At least.

    5. Anonymous9:37 AM


  3. Anonymous8:45 AM

    I can't see Dakota going through all of these obstacles if he is not Sailor's father. Tripp is neing called Johnston-Palin, not Johnson, btw.

    1. Anonymous9:28 AM

      I can see Dakota going through more obstacles if he knows he is not Sailor's father. I have known men like that. They can be more serious and dedicated to another man's baby that they want. Since it is not their baby, they have more to prove. Men who take on other men's children to raise are not that unusual.

    2. Anonymous9:53 AM

      "Men who take on other men's children to raise are not that unusual" in the Palin clan

    3. Anonymous11:20 AM

      Think of the fun he an have when he asks Bristle and Sarah to pay back, with interest, all the travel money, lost revenue and pain and suffering when he proves she ain't his.

    4. Anonymous1:11 PM

      @9:28 Dakota IS the father. He has proof. He's not stupid.

    5. Anonymous1:50 PM

      @1:11 Dakota is not that bright, he has a good lawyer. Next to a Palin he may not look so stupid.

      He is also manipulative and a liar. Anyone can say 'He has proof', fact is there is no known proof.

      That means no proof.

      If he has it he can get things cleared up for the child with the public.

      Dumb to believe liars, even the ones that are not a Palin.

      He can keep the lies secret. It just ads to his bad character matters. I can't think of a more hideous way to treat any child whether it would be your child or another man's child.

      I give him more time to do right with this, it may all be in process and he will eventually look like a decent father figure. Whether or not the proof shows he is not Sailor's blood father.

    6. Anonymous3:08 PM

      Guys, please. The court ordered a DNA test. It requires certain standards be followed to ensure the integrity of the test. The court would not be giving Meyer joint custody if the test had not conclusively established his paternity to the court's stringent standards.

      The fact that you have not personally reviewed the test results is irrelevant. The fact that the test results were not publicly reported (why the hell would they be?) is irrelevant.

      Feel free to note that Bristol pretty obviously wasn't sure he was the father until the test results came back. Yes, she is a fool and a ho, so have at her for that. But stop with the cray-cray paternity conspiracy theories.

    7. Anonymous3:49 PM

      His adoptive father is no relation to Dakota.

    8. Anonymous4:42 PM

      ___ The court would not be giving Meyer joint custody if the test had not conclusively established his paternity to the court's stringent standards. ___

      Link to where the court ordered DNA test was carried out, please. The case went to Alaska and not Kentucky.

      @ 3:08,
      What you said is not how it works. This is not a paternity case, it is a custody matter. The court does not need DNA unless biological paternity becomes the matter at hand. If that is the case, links, please.

    9. Anonymous6:45 PM

      More idiocy, 4:42. The first thing the court did upon Meyer's filing for custody was order a DNA test to definitively establish paternity before the case could proceed. Time went by, as it does when test results are being processed. Those results don't get publicly posted -- I know you wish they did, but really, this isn't how it's done despite your burning need to see everything with your own eyes.

      The next information to which the public was made privy was the court allowing the custody case to proceed. Eventually, joint custody was awarded. With us so far? The court needed item A in order to proceed with the case, item A was ordered, the case proceeded. You can assume from this that item A met the requirements of the court.

      Again, the fact that random bystanders like you didn't get a public posting of the test results is freaking irrelevant. Somehow the court system struggles on, resolving parties' disputes without your personal involvement or buy-in.

    10. Anonymous7:02 PM

      6:45 PM You are wrong. Wrong. It has nothing to do with you or anyone being an idiot. You are just wrong.

    11. Anonymous8:29 PM

      The courts in Kentucky ordered the DNA be done. No such thing has happened in Alaaa$ka, where the custody procedings are being fought.
      Don't know why DumkotAh filed the first suit in Kentucky, but never followed up on it.

    12. Anonymous3:57 AM

      Agree with 8:29 PM !!

      AK does not require a DNA test only a signed affidavit for paternity/custody.

      It was the KY court that required a DNA test to be done in order to proceed with custody, that case is no longer posted on KY court files, therefore it must have been dropped by Dakota or the results came in and didn't proceed because he is not the father.

      6:45 is wrong!!!!!

    13. Anonymous5:18 AM

      Sigh. He filed the case in both Kentucky and Alaska. It wasn't "dropped" in Kentucky for mysterious reasons that make you tingle. Jurisdiction was simply assigned to Alaska.

    14. Elliegrl7:34 AM

      OK guys, so www.blindgossip.com is *always* correct. They predicted Prince's death several days before, for one example. I read there regularly. They had one that had a pic of a baby in a sailor suit, and the pix always contain clues. It said this person in a famous family was only "95%" sure who the daddy was, bc she'd slept w/ someone other than her SO at the time. I think if I'm remembering correctly she had used a condom w/the non-SO. They only "solve" blinds when they have proof, probably so they won't get sued. (For instance, read their latest solved post called "Bump Lie" about Eva Mendes & "hey girl" Ryan Gosling. Well, I was shocked a few days ago to see they'd solved the Sailor/Bristol Palin post. Now however, I can't find it in their recent posts, so I assume the Palin's had them take it down. But it proves Bristol wasn't sure who the father was at first, which is sad.

      I'm aware of what a jerk she was to both Levi & Dakota since I've been reading her since 2008, but I feel badly for her & pity her. The dysfunction just keeps going through the Palin generations. :-(

  4. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Who is your daddy?


    1. Anonymous10:00 AM

      Go Daddy!

    2. Anonymous12:12 PM

      When is Bristol going to post a picture that looks more like Dakota? Is she doing what Sarah did? Using different babies?

    3. Anonymous12:58 PM

      Scrawny baby. Looks starved.

    4. Anonymous6:45 PM

      12:58 If she's dependent on Bristol's breastfeeding, then for sure she's starved.

    5. Anonymous7:19 PM

      It would also explain the diarrhea problem but Bristol does not breastfeed.

      Saylor is getting poor care and she may have contacted a disease with her bad immune system.

      Didn't someone talk about out Bristol and the runny diarrhea at a previous time?

      It may be chronic and that is why Bristol looks like it is so normal and she is totally use to having a baby and going around as if she doesn't notice the problem.

    6. Anonymous8:31 PM

      Yes, several people reported on the tiny baby at Thanksgiving that had runny diarrhea.

  5. Anonymous8:56 AM

    My sister just became is a 33-year-old grandma and looks 28 TOPS. Bristol looks older than my sister--What did she do to the cheeks, lips and chin. Those "enhancements" only make her look older. And those eyebrows make her look hard and mean. She basically looks like a witch.

    1. Anonymous10:18 AM

      A 33 year old grandma? Uh... speechless..
      Where do you live? Wasilla? Kentucky?

    2. Anonymous10:32 AM

      I'm speechless also. Thirty three years old?! Holy crap, there should be mandatory abortion if someone gets pregnant that young.

    3. I've seen it often, and everywhere I've lived (3 different states). 16 year old has baby. The baby has a baby at 16. Voila - 32 year old granny. Meanwhile I'm 64 and my "more than old enough" kids can't manage to have 1 child among the 6 of them. LOL!! I'm glad they didn't start in high school though.

    4. Anonymous12:31 PM

      My sister is a young grandma because her daughter got in "trouble," and of course she has been brainwashed into thinking that ALL babies are a blessing. Now the mother will miss her normal youth. :(

    5. Anonymous12:52 PM

      Linda, I sympathize with you. Ungrateful children achieving goals and enjoying life tend to forget their responsibility to would-be grandmothers. I had to wait 42 years from motherhood to grandmotherhood.

    6. Anonymous3:10 PM

      Adult children have zero "responsibility" to would-be grandmothers. Live your own life and stop trying to control others.

    7. Anonymous5:38 PM

      Thanks you, @3:10. " Responsibility"?! What a freakin joke!

    8. Anonymous6:48 PM

      3:10 and 5:38 I believe the original comments were meant as a joke. One of those grandma jokes. Chill out.

  6. Anonymous8:58 AM

    The records show that Bristol named their daughter Sailor Grace Palin on the birth certificate.

    That sounds like bullshit. Anyone can say the 'records show' when you don't have proof of what the records are to show.

    Is there a verified birth certificate? No one has seen it.

    1. Anonymous10:19 AM

      I am sure the lawyers and the court have seen it.

    2. Anonymous10:37 AM

      Yep, people have seen it. That does nothing to vindicate what Bristol is saying. Bristol is a chronic liar and a fraud. No one much is going to believe her.

      It is more certain that Sailor Grace was born in early November. The birth certificate can change the father to Dakota, that does not make him the DNA father.

      Some parents care about authenticity and giving their children a true and apparent honest start in life.

      If my child was a public figure I would hate to live a lie and have them born and stuck with the lie I gave them for their entire life.

      The parents can't change the part where Sailor Grace was born a bastard, like her brother. That is a Christian curse she must live to her death.

    3. Is it possible the name change is part of viewing the original birth certificate to check the date of birth?

    4. Anonymous4:31 PM

      mlaiuppa2:29 PM How true.

  7. Anonymous8:59 AM

    When I saw the "co-parenting" claim with the pic, I had to wonder if this was Brissy's attempt to get ahead of Dakota's wish to have the baby have his last name. Brissy always tries to color things to her advantage, and to me it seems she wanted it to seem like all was hunky dory and so the "Palin Meyer" name issue was no biggie.

  8. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Gryphen----it's great when you share tidbits of things that you've heard from your sources in Wasilla. I wish you would do that more often since it comes from people in the know rather than from media/tabloids with their own spin on things. Please keep us informed. Are there any pics of Dakota at Tripp's game? Were Levi & Sunny there?

    1. Anonymous9:28 AM

      Why don't you just move up there so you can stalk these relatively boring and uninteresting people that you don't know in person?

    2. Anonymous9:55 AM

      You need to understand a lot of Palin's personal enemies post here as do you.

    3. Anonymous10:16 AM

      9:28am, you sure weigh in a lot about people you don't find interesting...

    4. Anonymous10:20 AM

      Why don't you go F yourself 9:28. Or take some valium for God's sake. You have serious anger and psychological issues.

    5. Anonymous10:56 AM

      10:16, I'm not weighing in on the Palins, I'm weighing in on you, and the other Palin obsessed souls. You guys are a social phenomenon and a somewhat interesting study.

      9:55, does it sound like 9:02 knows, or is a personal enemy of Bristol? I think not. They are pleading for any inside info... Why they want info on people they know nothing of, uninteresting people that have zero impact on their lives, is anyone's guess. Well, unnaturally obsessed with the Palins seems to be the most likely reason. I doubt very many people who actually know the Palins one way or another bother visiting this site.

      10:20, where is the anger? There is no anger here. I actually enjoy this. You sure do get angry when your hypocrisy is pointed out though, don't you?

    6. Anonymous11:35 AM

      10:56 AM The criminal mind is interesting and can be even when it is an extremely ignorant and dumb person or group.

      Some people study profiling and observe the likes of the Palins. Cults are also interesting even when it is a nut case like say that Jeff guy, the Druggards and others.

    7. Anonymous12:25 PM

      9:28 AM

      Perhaps your 'Why don't you just move up there' comes off a little too much like 'send them back' attitude. Just saying.
      You may enjoy this but just not connect with your own anger, hence you have no clue.

      You are free to just have your fun with it, as it is for everyone else.

    8. Anonymous1:08 PM

      Its like going to the zoo. Palins constantly post every detail of their lives. We,like visiters to the zoo,are here to watch their antics and comment. The only difference between the animals at the zoo and palins is sometimes palins walk upright,and other times,like the brawl,they drop on all fours. More popcorn! Please,don't feed the animals..

    9. Anonymous1:39 PM

      Sure 1:09 lol.

      Nice try on the 'cover', but it is obviously much more akin to very unhealthy obsessions about the Palins.

    10. Anonymous4:01 PM

      10:56 Then WHY the hell do YOU care? What are YOU doing here? Damage control? Trying to stop bloggers? How much is tacky Sarah paying you?

    11. Anonymous6:55 PM

      Ha. Or should I say LOL!?

      I love reading here. I learn so much. Like trending words, good cuss words, the meaning of good cuss words.

      It's interesting to see what the crazy Palin family does next.

      If they'd admit they are just crazy and lie about everything it would be no fun. It's the hypocritical aspect and that they behave in ways that is so totally NOT what they claim to be that is so juicy. Oh, there's one of those sex words again!!! I learned the meaning here.


    12. Anonymous6:53 AM

      6:55 I couldn't agree more!! Full hypocrisy on display. Fake christians and lousy parents. Its like an online soap opera. Or,GOING TO THE ZOO.

    13. Anonymous6:55 AM

      Just a family of uneducated sperm burpers.

    14. Anonymous9:28 AM

      O,trolls! There is no 1:09.

  9. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Her poor attempt to hide the fact that they have different baby daddies. Go Dakota!

  10. Anonymous9:11 AM

    I wonder why Bristles was not flauting her DWTS baby like she is doing with this one? Are they filming for a TV reality show I wonder? Surely no producers are ready for ANOTHER PayMe flop of a show. Bristles is so proud of herself, but I fail to see why birthing illigitimate babies is so wonderful. Wait until these kids are older and blame her for being fatherless.

    1. Anonymous9:40 AM

      It was probably a marketing decision why she doesn't flaunt her other babies. Her business management goes with the best props to promote the Palin myths.

    2. Anonymous10:54 AM

      Apart from the fact that Tristan is not supposed to exist, she might also be FAS.

  11. Anonymous9:15 AM

    History proves if Sailor keeps her last name Palin, she will be a liquored up spermbank by the time she reaches 16. If Sailor's last name becomes Meyer, she will be a liquored up Pillsbury dough boy.

  12. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Bristol Palin
    Tripp Johnston
    Sailor Meyer

    Dylan, Ben, Gino and Joey sure did dodge a bullet.

  13. Anonymous9:23 AM

    PT was right... another sucker is born every minute. Bristol has found the one for her.

    In other Palin baby news... Another Palin Baby to Bring to the Brawl! LOL!!

  14. Anonymous9:25 AM

    The online court record shows:

    05/05/2016 Parental Consent
    Bristol Palin (Parent);

    It looks like Bristol isn't opposing this. I wonder if the custody trial included having the birth certificate reissued to show Dakota as the father but they missed taking care of the name.

    It's very confusing.

  15. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Does Bristol's family unity performance have anything to do with Track-Jordan?

  16. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Looking at that couple with the baby, all healthy-looking and attractive, and they can't put their differences aside and be a family, is the question of the century. Why can't Bristol and Dakota just be together and parent this child together?

    What is so desperately wrong that Bristol can't live with another person? It's crazy that she left Dakota in the first place, all for what? They both need to grow up.

    All the cutesy endearing photos Bristol tries to put up won't ever replace the fact that she neglects her children by not trying to get along with their dads. A visit here and a visit there won't replace a real marriage and family.

    Not to diss those whose marriages have broken up, but just to show how the family values narrative that the Palins push is nothing more than lip service.

    1. Anonymous11:02 AM

      I don't think either parent are all that mature. It is not about the baby with them, not entirely or for the right reasons. This baby is more an object. Both people want control.

      Bristol has deep seated psychological problems. She will never be able to grow up and have an independent life. She must stay close to Wasilla Palins. To leave that security would be like death to her.

      She could have men move in her place. It would not last but at least she could have more trials. She can never be a woman and live with a man in a home they would make away from Wasilla Palin.

    2. What's wrong with Bristol? Why can't she marry Dakota and settle down?

      Because -- Bristol is immature and low-intelligence. She was thrust into the limelight at age 17 and pregnant, surrounded by the McCain's and their money.

      Remember her comment about the McCain's: "I never saw so much Louis Vutton luggage and so many people running around with cell phones doing things for them." She equated Louis Vutton luggage and a troop of handlers with success -- not realizing all that came after years of serious effort.

      She moved from there to Dancing With The Stars and a stint with the scan "Candies' Foundation."

      The experiences with the campaign, DWTS, and the $250K a year from the foundation convinced her that she was a wealthy socialite when, in fact, she was a small-town, backwoods dullard.

      Did you notice her Instagram page when she moved to Kentucky before her marriage to Dakota? What did she post? Pics of his family and her soon-to-be home? NO. She posted a photo of HER SHOES ALL LINED UP ON A SHELF.

      Later there were pics of Bristol, Dakota, and Tripp our firing a rifle, and, photos of Dakota and Bristol at the dirt track where he was driving a race car. I suspect Dakota recognized Bristol had no interest in his hobbies or his family and Bristol likely was turned off by Dakota's lifestyle.

      She's now 25 going on 13 emotionally, two kids, no education.

    3. Anonymous11:47 AM

      Track is older and he can't leave the womb or security blanket the Palins use to keep everyone where they can be controlled and never ever leave home to be independent.

      Track is not even worthy for Sarah to hire a ghost writer that can create the illusion that he is an independent person that can write his own opinions.

    4. Anonymous1:12 PM

      Why? They don't want to be with her. Shes only in it for the $.

    5. Well, they're not married.

      One lives in Alaska and the other in Kentucky.

      One is a compulsive liar who already has two acknowledged out of wedlock children with two different Fathers....that we know of.

      I'd say given Bristle's track record on co-parenting with Levi you should have been answer your own question.

  17. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Dysfunction permeates from those people

  18. Anonymous10:02 AM

    I love reading this blog, but if there was never another Bristol Palin post I would be fine. Unsurprisingly, it brings out the crazies.

    1. Anonymous10:27 AM

      Skip the posts you don't care about.

    2. You don't have to click on every story.

    3. Anonymous9:22 AM

      10:03 the defense trolls are fun to wind up and watch their heads spin round and round.

  19. Anonymous10:05 AM

    I don't see a name change to be a problem. Dakota most likely has the goods on the Palins and he could expose the actual birth date and much more.

    Bristol is stuck playing the role as happy co-parenting and giving Dakota what he wants with little fuss. It is the role of her life and she has 17.5 more years of this act.

    1. Anonymous12:21 PM

      And, the kids are the ones growing up with ALL the lies surrounding them of the Palins! And, it's a certain there will be a LOT of answers required of Sarah, Todd, Track and Bristol. What a friggin' mess!

    2. Anonymous1:12 PM

      Lies, lies, lies. This is why I do not think Dakota is Sailor's bio-dad.

      It is core to a solid foundation to base a life on honesty, integrity and truth.

      As a parent, if you know a child was delivered by another sick parent and the very beginning of their world is a lie, a decent human being parent would not stand for that.

      A decent human being parent would not allow their child to have the burden of being born to a public that will always question the child's birth and see their family as that sick and disturbed.

      You can't change how sick that family is, but Dakota can stand up to it and not go along with twisting and screwing up the child.

      I don't know what Dakota will do in time. He may get to a place where he can and will make sure the questions and mystery that surround the child are not a dark place to the public.

      Sailor Grace will always be a public person and her public life and public need the facts.

      If an adult loves that child they will get them out of all the darkness.

      Meaning they will not leave the public with questions of the basic reality and truth about the child's parents.

      I believe if Dakota is Sailor's father he will make certain that mess is cleared up and she will no longer be dark and a living lie. A child to be pitied at best.
      If she inherits her maternal side, she will turn out to be another abuser, a liar and as lowlife as her grandmother and mother.

      A decent human father will bring out the verified and unquestionable facts of who Sailor Grace is. Not the prop or bastard thing Bristol put in the world for her mother's donors and the family myth.

      Not Dakota looking like he has weird and strange motives.

      Truth is basic foundation. No decent parent builds a child's life on questions and lies.

    3. Anonymous4:05 PM

      Uhm no. Bristol has little of Sarah's cunning, and her mother's rep precedes her. By Sailor's teen years it's likely Sarah will be little more than an asterisk for her VP run, Bristol a fat, multiple baby daddy single mom,working some service industry job.

  20. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Yes, someone needs to rescue both those poor little children from bearing the last name of 'Palin'. $P ruined the name for all connected and I'm pretty sure some of Todd's family aren't that thrilled to have their name drug thru the mud all the time because of her. Might be a few decent people left in the Palin family while the Heath family gets a pass and they seem to be the mental disability carriers.

    1. Anonymous1:17 PM

      Inbred on one side and creepy chuckles/girls keep losing their panties on the other. Poor kids being brought into that world.

  21. Anonymous10:49 AM

    Does Dakota pay child support? Was Levi's reduced as co parents? Why didn't Levi have the courts change his last name to Johnston?

    1. Anonymous12:18 PM

      Tripp's last name IS Johnston. It is Bar$tool that insists he use the PayMe name in school, even though his legal name is NOT Palin!
      Tripp is very much torn apart by his mother. He has to call Sunny, who he loves dearly, a 'bitch' when he talks about her in front of his mom. He is not allowed to say anything positive about Sunny or Levi or his two half sisters by his daddy.
      Sad, and, IMHO, child abuse.

    2. Anonymous12:52 PM

      That is child abuse @1218. How do you know is that is true? If it is, too bad no one is getting a recording.

      Something is wrong with the people that observe these things and don't care enough about the kids to record the facts.

    3. Anonymous8:34 PM

      12:52: Ask Sunny or anyone that comes in contact with Bri$$le and Tripp. (Besides the Grifters, that is.)

  22. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Is Bristol still breastfeeding Sailor Grace?

    I recall she said something about doing it at night only. Since her days are full of selling that shake and driving to Anchorage, taking kids to school and baby sitters, working in a medical office. I don't know how she does it all.

  23. Anonymous11:16 AM

    I wonder what Bristol would think if Jordan gave her baby Loewe or Palin Loewe as the last name instead of Palin or Loewe Palin.

    1. Anonymous12:18 PM

      Those kids/bastards will be running from the Palin name in the future! Cannot imagine being a part of that family and I feel for them and what the future brings them!

    2. Anonymous1:58 PM

      The Palins being so rooted in Christianity, I favor using the word bastard for the bastards. If there is back up that there is a marriage and a child was born in the marriage to a Christian family, kid is fine to use.

    3. Anonymous4:11 PM

      What's poor little Kyla Grace's last name? I suppose Palin since deadbeat trackmarks married poor Britta briefly.

    4. Anonymous4:26 PM

      Wasn't it Bristol's house where drunk Track and Jordan would go? The night of Track's AK-15 assault and terror, I doubt Bristol was a tea teetotaler, she may or may not have been more sober than the others. Bristol is absolutely an enabler. Bristol knew the couple had sex. Probably knew they do not use protection and the possiblities of contacting things like Aids or a baby.

      She may have known that Jordan had plans and there could be a little fetus like the ones Bristol says she adores.

      Bristol does not care about things like drunk driving so she did nothing when Jordan drove off. No taxi service in Wasilla?

      A young girl that could possibly be with fetus is not someone any one should be allowing to drink in their home. They could all be charged with crimes against the fetus.

      Bristol does not care about a fetus or a baby or she would behave as a caring person.

      Jordan can name the baby Drunk Fetus Loewe Paranjpe. Bristol does not care.

  24. Anonymous11:41 AM

    I cannot believe I'm defending (but only a tiny bit) Bristol Fucking Lazy Self-Centered Irresponsible Hater Palin, but what kind of caveman thinks a baby born of two unmarried people has to have his name? This ain't the 1950s. If he wants the kid's name to be "Palin-Meyer," he has a case. Otherwise, he's just being a troglodyte.

    1. Anonymous12:51 PM

      Uh, yeah, it's Palin Meyer.

    2. Anonymous1:33 PM

      Not the same thing. Without a hyphen, "Palin" gets dropped in daily usage. The only equitable choice for both of these idiotic parents is either Palin-Meyer or Meyer-Palin, with both surnames incorporated.

    3. Anonymous2:10 PM

      You are right. Ain't no rules about whose name the baby gets, or what order. The parents just have to agree.

    4. Anonymous9:19 PM

      Yes, let's fight over it because it's a man vs. woman thing. How about how the kid feels when all the other kids ask him why he has two names? You are as selfish and thoughtless as any fecking Palin.

    5. Anonymous5:28 AM

      I don't have a problem with hyphenated names. The baby is young and I don't see that a name change now would effect the child. If the baby has security and stability, learning later the name was changed would just be a footnote. Same with hyphenated. No big deal.

      I doubt there would only be one hyphenated name and it is Palin-Meyer. If that is the only name they grow up with, that will be what they know and what is normal for them.

      The man vs. woman part will come from the child's raising. Whoever and all those that raise the child. It doesn't matter for baby about how others fight about names or man vs. woman.

    6. Anonymous9:22 AM

      Serious question, 9:19. Do you live in an extremely rural area where everyone is extremely old and no one ever travels beyond a five-mile radius?

  25. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Did Sarah have Madame Tussaud make a wax figure of Sally Heath? Sally sure has not wanted to be in a picture with Bristol's most recent baby. Madame Tussaud would be a good way to go.

    How did Kevin Fritzpatrick do in court this morning? Will there be an update on how the delays are going? By now Kevin should be able to have the whole thing tossed out so Sarah can announce Track's wedding or the triplets.

    Babies R Us

  26. Anonymous11:59 AM

    It doesn't matter if the judge rules Sailors last name be Meyers, Bristol will still refer to her as a Palin.

    I recall seeing a picture of Tripp with his hands clasped at the dinner table, Bristol titled the picture, " praying, Tripp Palin style" the kids name has never been Palin! My god, she disgusts me. That's mental abuse on that poor child. How confused he must be.

    1. Anonymous12:57 PM

      Bristol Palin has never put her children first. Poor little Tripp knows more about surveillance and espionage than he should ever know. Bristol doesn't have the love or respect for him to shield him from her nastier behavior.

    2. Anonymous3:33 AM

      I wonder if when she takes Tripp shopping he says "Look, there is Daddy Ben (or Dylan, Gino, Joey) He has had to be around for so many of her temp. "husbands" Wait until he is a teen, and finally lets loose on his REAL feelngs about his skank mother.

    3. Bristol cannot actually love her children, because if she did, she would want what is best for them: a stable home, a decent relationship with their fathers, proper nutrition, etc. She doesn't love them, but she has a strong sense of ownership. Kids are good for manipulating men. And court systems.

      I doubt Bristol will ever actually have a career. She will sponge off men as long as she can.

  27. Anonymous12:16 PM

    It's going to be interesting to see how these Palin generated kids turn out. I truly fear for them!

    They are going to live w/ridicule and will always have to prove themselves!

    And, just wait until they read and digest all the information in the archives about their older family members (Sarah, Toad, Bristol, Track, etc.). They will be god smacked and angry! Sarah, etc. are going to be repaid for their many sins that are (and more will be) proven and factual!

    1. Anonymous12:54 PM

      The fear! The vapors 12:16! The Vapors!

    2. Anonymous1:59 PM

      I clutch my pearls in fear!

    3. Anonymous2:07 PM

      That would be "gobsmacked."

    4. Anonymous3:35 AM

      When ALL of the PayMe grandkids grow up, there will be some helacious family brawls. No money to pay off the authorities, so the TRUTH will be exposed.

    5. Anonymous9:17 AM

      1:59 give it a rest,already.

  28. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Pissy Brissy better try to make up with Duhkohta and see if her mommy can arrange another wedding. She may never find a better match. They are both uneducated, uninformed and deep in their selfish tea-party thinking. Love to see the both of them head for the backwoods they love and leave the rest of us sensible folks alone.

    1. Anonymous3:38 AM

      Maybe Duh misses the tabloid stories so he has agreed to be the daddy of her latest "Gift From God"? He has not made the news for anything else lately, so his political career (snort) must have been stalled. This way, he gets paod and gets publicity, even if it IS the worst kind.

  29. Anonymous12:38 PM

    It will be very difficult to keep track of all her children's names:


  30. Anonymous12:40 PM

    If there's an impending name change it should be the first name. WTF is with 'Sailor'. What a moron.

  31. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Bristol looks like a witch in that photo. She sure looks evil and like she's hackling. Like the wicked witch in ANY fairy tale.

  32. Anonymous12:47 PM

    'By the way I understand that Dakota showed up at Tripp's soccer game this weekend.'

    Reports are that he was a little uncomfortable looking, and that Bristol spent the whole time with her eyes glued to her phone.

    Interesting but no surprise Bristol is glued to her phone.

    It would be nice if there are a lot of photos being taken of these co-parents as they are when not posing. No one wants to show casual photos them now, but in time they could make for an interesting capture of how it can be.

    They are aware of being in public, but not so staged as when they are on for the pose.

    Has Dakota met the Johnstons? When can they enjoy some time together with the children?

    If Dakota has to go on with these trips to Alaska, I hope he finds a friend to join him. I would be uncomfortable with Bristol around doing her phone thing. Why wasn't she watching Tripp and the game? I don't know how it goes in Alaska, but there are places where parents watch the game and cheer on the kids.

    1. Anonymous12:59 PM

      Hey Janice!

    2. Anonymous1:14 PM

      Why would Levi want anything to do with Barstool's other baby Daddies?

    3. Anonymous1:22 PM

      Love you Janice!

    4. Anonymous1:49 PM


    5. Anonymous2:04 PM

      I think it is like the ex wives club. Levi has joined a father's group of some sort. I forget the details but it is support and sharing info.

      People say Dakota has bonded with Tripp. If my 7 yr old was bonding with others I would like to know them. Like get to know the influence for myself.

      Dakota may be of no relationship to any of them but he has known Tripp and went to his recent game.

    6. Anonymous2:37 PM

      It is Janice logic 1:14. If you apply Janice logic, it makes perfect sense. Otherwise, notsomuch.

    7. Anonymous5:48 PM

      Seriously, don't youcthink Dakota has better things to do than hang out with the Johnstons? Give me a break!

    8. Anonymous5:50 PM

      Janice logic is high above the norm. Don't expect everyone to be in tune.

      Sarah logic, that's another story.

  33. Anonymous12:55 PM

    It was very nasty of Bristol Palin to register Dakota's child in her name.

    Nothing new.

    1. Anonymous1:35 PM

      Why? Are you living in the stone ages where patriarchy rules in all naming conventions?

    2. Anonymous3:17 PM

      ditto 1:35 - why?

    3. Anonymous6:40 PM

      Considering that she (and he) did not know that he was the father at the time of birth, it would have been nasty for her to register the child with his name.

      I still do not believe that he is the bio-dad. (Yes, I know, troll, they don't have any obligation to convince me, and no, I'm not whining about it, it's just what it is). Why Dakota is playing Dad is likely to be an interesting story. Someday, we might get a hint about that.

    4. Anonymous7:34 PM

      You were fine on the first paragraph. Slutty McSpreadeagle really didn't know who fathered the kid. She certainly would not have failed to name names during the pregnancy if she had. Palins are congenitally incapable of refraining from publicly airing every perceived grievance.

      But oops, you went off the rails again with the second paragraph. Wow, hey, maybe the Alaska court system is in on the big mysterious coverup!

      The most entertaining thing about conspiracy theorists: when there's no evidence available to support the conspiracy, the theorist decides the canal must be even bigger than previously suspected.

      Dunning and Kruger weep.

    5. Anonymous4:47 AM

      7:34 PM

      What is the conspiracy theory you are imagining? At least you can entertain yourself with your imagination. I don't always read all the comments. I must have missed your particular conspiracy theory and would appreciate if you can remember it and lay it out again, thank you.

    6. Anonymous9:33 AM

      LOL at 7:34 PM. Not sure who appointed you the arbiter of all that is good or not in other folks comments? What the hell conspiracy theory are you on about now?

  34. Lindsay Spence1:03 PM

    My heart breaks for Tripp. In the span of a year her was taken out of school, wrenched away from his father and step-mother, moved across the country, encouraged/forced to bond with a new step-father, ripped away from his new step-father, moved back to Alaska, and given a new sibling. That is more drama than I can handle in a year and I am not 7!! If Bristol was dead set on making all of those changes in Tripp's life she should have waited for 1-2 years before she got pregnant---if she really did get pregnant on purpose as she says. Tripp must miss Dakota as the two did bond. He probably is afraid to say that out loud and he probably has to listen to Bristol and the whole family trashing him. Poor kid. Thank god for Levi and Sunny.

    1. Lindsay Spence1:39 PM

      Oh yeah, I forgot.....I cannot fathom how Palin lovers overlook all of this and call Bristol a good mother. They do this simply because she posts pics of her kids beaming at the camera. Susan Smith and Casey Anthony also managed to get some shots of her kids beaming at the camera. That hardly makes someone a good mother!

    2. Anonymous2:05 PM

      +++++ Exactly. Nothing worse than exposing your youngster to a revolving door of adult affection. When the adult and the affection go away, the child wonders what he did wrong. Mom doesn't make things better. In fact, she devotes herself to her image, her "work," and then a new baby. Even in the Johnston household he has to share the attention, but I think he feels special when he's there. The big brother they are all delighted to have.

    3. Anonymous2:37 PM

      What do you expect with a mother who's a bum and has the morals of a street walker. And to the whiners who crap their pants over comments here,there's an old saying - if you can't take the heat,stay out of the kitchen.

    4. Anonymous6:01 PM

      1:39 Its because they're Crappy parents,themselves. Even wild dogs are better mothers than the barstool.

  35. Anonymous1:26 PM

    Nobody ever said if there actually WAS a paternity test performed according to legal protocol. Was there?

    Dakota can expect to be in court for the next 18 years for every trivial thing he is entitled to.

    If there is joint custody, why is ANY child support ordered?

    1. Anonymous3:16 PM

      Because joint custody doesn't mean 50/50 time, and 50/50 time doesn't mean no child support anyway.

  36. Anonymous1:32 PM

    It must be my advancing age but I've never understood the "stylishness" of jeans full of holes. That doesn't mean that I don't wear my jeans until they're about to fall apart but I would never wear them publicly like that. And to think that shredded clothing passes as designer style and can get extremely pricey. What a world this 21st century is!

    1. Anita Winecooler6:06 PM

      I agree. Got invited to a Surprise Bridal Shower, they have lists at Mieman Marcus, Macy's, all high end stores, and all designer stuff. It ends with "No outlet gifts, please"
      I RSVP'D I'm not attending, enjoy your 25 dollar Target gift card! I also explained we can't make it to the wedding so mail ours to someone you know better. I have no clue when or where it is, but I think we have plans that day. lol

    2. Anonymous6:26 PM

      Thanks, Beaglemom! I totally agree.

  37. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Good for you, Dakota! You are providing the support for this child, she should have your name.

    Not to mention I thought the Palins were all about family and tradition. For hundreds and hundreds of years, the child has had the fathers last name.

    And this Tripp Johnston-Palin bullshit is embarrassing. It's obviously all about your ego. I have never seen any other child with a name like that.

    I just pray that Tripp spends as much time as possible with Levi and Sunny. The same goes for Sailor and Dakota

    That's the only chance these kids have of not becoming vicious, violent, greedy shameless vipers like every other member of the Palin family.

    I promise you, Bristol, one day your children will despise you for the way you use them for fame and fortune. And you'll deserve it

  38. Anonymous2:13 PM

    I don't think Duh got to have anything to do with naming his daughter Sailor Grace. He has a solid argument for being able to choose her last name.

  39. Anonymous2:32 PM

    Looks like the palin trolls really have their dirty panties in a twist today. ;-)

  40. Anonymous3:15 PM

    What is the legal argument that Sailor should have DM's last name?

    1. Anonymous3:50 PM

      Because he fucked her mother

    2. Anonymous3:52 PM

      There is no legal argument. Meyer and half the people commenting here are being insular, knee-jerk traditionalists. 2:03 in particular really doesn't get out much.

    3. Anonymous3:45 AM

      3:50 Along with numerous others also, too!!

    4. Anonymous9:14 AM

      Did he fuck the dreadful twosome,screech And mini me? Nothing is beneath these feral cats,as we well know.

  41. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Barstool prefers to name all her illegitimates Palin so the public won't see Johnston, Meyer, etc.. Using Palin keeps people from counting sperm donors.

  42. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Spawn of----- fill in the spaces.

  43. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Why should DUHkota get to change anybody's name? They're not and were not married. He was nowhere to be found when the birth cert was filled out. As for showing up at the soccer game apparently uninvited-not surprised. He has NO rights where Tripp is concerned. He's creepy. Not sticking up for Bristle in any way, but this guy is as bad as the Palin bunch.

    1. Anonymous6:12 PM

      He is petitioning the court. That is all, as of now, he doesn't get to change anybody's name.

      He gets to be heard and the court will make final say in the matter.

      Bristol can have her say. She can spew he was nowhere to be found and all she wants to say. Sarah can say he is a dead beat dad. Even if he confesses to being a bank robber or stealing little old ladies purses and he was vacationing in paradise when Bristol was in labor. All that and more, it will be on the court to make final decision with the minor's name.

      I get many bad vibes from him but it is not illegal or it won't effect the custody or a name change to be creepy.

    2. Anonymous7:07 PM

      Plus he wasn't there for the pre-birth because Bristol still didn't know who the father was.

      I suspect she still doesn't.

    3. Anonymous10:47 PM

      He may have signed up to be adoptive dad out of pitty for the kid. His adoptive dad was his mom's ex boyfriend.

  44. Anita Winecooler5:55 PM

    Of course Kim Kardashian wannabe, but can't quite, had her chin glued to her phone the whole time. That poor child (Tripp) has to be seen in public with baby mama and her drama as she shops around for sperm donors. Poor Tripp is going to go to school with lord knows how many half siblings if she keeps up at this rate.
    When you're named after a water vessel and a quality no one in your family has, what difference does it make if it's Palin or Meyer?
    Dah, gonna talk to you like I would my son, the bitch isn't into you, just your money. drop her like a turd, wrap that rascal and find an educated woman.

  45. Anonymous8:55 PM

    Sure this isn't a publicity stunt to be encryptic?
    Did ol Sarah make a pit stop in Spokane on the way?

  46. Anonymous10:27 PM

    Comments about the crazy lady in above comments. What's she up to now? Last I saw of her was the loon was hinting around that she'd already been vetted,ya know..and..well..and.. She had some shoulderless cape thing on that looked like a cross between what might be worn in a graduation picture and the living room drapes. It appears she's no longer wearing her upper dentures and the upper lip is frozen. She looked like the "bargain girl" from a low rent Nevada whorehouse. My,how the mighty have fallen. ;)

    1. Anonymous3:49 AM

      When $carah appears in public, the song "Second Hand Rose" goes through my thoughts. She NEVER looks clean or polished. Rode hard, put up wet also, too.

  47. Anonymous4:53 AM

    How did Fitzgerald delay or have Palin Ak47 assault issue dismissed yesterday? Sarah didn't call the rags and there is a black out?

    Babies R Us


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