Saturday, May 14, 2016

Donald Trump identifies his path to victory as including disgruntled supporters of Bernie Sanders.

Courtesy of Newsweek:  

Donald Trump says that he does not need to unify the Republican Party to win in November. “Does the party have to be together? Does it have to be unified? I’m very different than everybody else—perhaps that’s ever run for office. I actually don’t think so.” 

So where is he going to get the voters to put him over the top? From supporters of self-described socialist Bernie Sanders. 

Trump makes no secret of his strategy. “I think I’m gonna go out and I’m gonna get millions of people from the Democrats,” Trump said last weekend, adding, “I’m gonna get Bernie people to vote, because they like me on trade.” 

It’s not just trade. From economic policy, to foreign policy, Trump has been tacking to the left in a strategy intentionally designed to appeal to Sanders supporters. 

In the days since he secured the GOP nomination, Trump has repudiated conservative positions he took during the primaries on the minimum wage and taxes. In the fall, Trump declared that “we have to leave [the minimum wage] the way it is,” but this week Trump changed course and said, “I would like to see an increase of some magnitude.” Asked whether he was changing positions, Trump said, “Sure, it’s a change. I’m allowed to change. You need flexibility.” 

That’s music to Democratic ears.

That would only be music to a Democrat with a tin ear.

The Newsweek article goes on to list a number of other positions that Trump has that are similar to Sanders' positions, such as his anti-war stance, wanting to rebuild America's infrastructure, and of course taking up his attacks against Hillary Clinton.

Here is another tidbit from the article: A McClatchy/Marist poll last month found that “One out of four Sanders supporters—25 percent—say they would not back Clinton in a general election if she became the Democratic nominee for president, while just 69 percent say they would support her.” So clearly there is a significant number of gettable Sanders voters.

To be clear if you are Sanders supporter thinking of casting your vote for Donald Trump, you are neither a Democrat or a Liberal, you are an anarchist who just wants to watch the world burn.

Which is now making me carefully consider just what it was about the Sanders campaign that made it so attractive to so many young people in the first place.  


  1. Anonymous11:36 AM

    It's been a bunch of Ron Paul/Rand Paul folks mixed in with a few hard core lefties. That's really who the Sanders campaign is, in a nutshell - far left and libertarians.

    1. Anonymous2:32 PM

      Wrong. I have been a lifelong Democrat and I caucused (sp?) for Bernie because it was the first time in my 50+ years that I could honestly say that there was someone far enough to the left for me. However, that by no means says that I would ever vote for the orange sphincter mouth. I read here almost every day and the bashing of Bernie supporters is not doing Hillary any favors. The same things can be said of Republicans who have stated that they would vote for Hillary over Trump. There are many democrats who intensely dislike Hillary and always have. I am not sure why but many say that she is too entrenched in the established status quo. She has ties with the .01%. That makes her suspect in the minds of people who are unemployed or underemployed.Other people state that she has hurt people in her buainess dealings. Her problem is that she has been in the game for a long time. This can also be a strength because she knows her way around politics. Some just cannot handle the fact that she is a strong woman. Right or wrong, we as democrats should be encouraging everyone possible into the fold (enthusiastic or not)because the alternative is unthinkable. I do not know how you define far left these days but I would be careful because this country has slid so far to the right that moderates are Reaganites. Please stop the bashing and promote unity. We are not all Berniebros.

    2. 11:363:22 PM

      OMG. You just wrote that Bernie was the only candidate who was "far enough left" for you. So I was not wrong at all. You "far enough lefties" have aligned on a political axis with the Paulites/libertarians on the Sanders. I am not bashing you but that is a demographic fact.

  2. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Screw Donald Trump's
    Vote for Socialist Bernie Sanders

    $15.00 minimum wage is great for the economy right Bernie?

    That kid is making $15.00 to flip burgers. Which means other skilled jobs can demand more money.

    Good thing I can weld and my brother can paint. We can demand higher union wages and can't be replaced at FORD or TOYOTA or those other car factories.

    What do you mean you're not hiring car painters and car welders?

    What is a car welding robot kiosk and a car painting robot kiosk?

    What do you mean they don't go on vacations, call in sick, go to the bathroom every couple of hours, take cigarette breaks?

    Well I'll go get a job flipping burgers.

    What do you mean I'm over qualified? What do you mean I have to take a $20.00 pay cut and only make $15.00 an hour? What $15.00 an hour, 4 hours a day because you don't want to pay for benefits?

    I'm 38 years old, what do you mean that 17 old high school student is my supervisor because he's been there longer and has seniority?

    That's okay, life will be FREE under SOCIALIST President Bernie Sanders administration

    Right Bernie?

    1. Anonymous12:54 PM

      You sound like a Trumpster are you voting for him?

    2. Anonymous2:57 PM

      I read this same crap at Right Scoop the other day. Let's pay top tier management 200 times what the average worker makes, but bitch about raising the minimum wage.

  3. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Bernie is Donald Trump's paying you and your "$200,000 Get The Fuck Out Of Here Wife" to destroy the Democratic Party by prepping your followers to vote for Trump?

    1. Anonymous2:58 PM

      Wow. You are like the Trumpeters at c4p.

  4. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Since the repukes, demos and independents have been bamboozled by Trojan condooms, I will be jumping ship from indpendent party to the Green Party. I will no longer belong to such a septic system of liars and backward walking cons.

    1. Anonymous12:18 PM

      Great. Vote for wacko Jill Stein who has been running for President longer than Hillary (and with less results), who is cruel on Mother's Day, and claims she was kept at "dark sites" by "16 guards" during the 2012 Presidential debate. She's a mean nut job! Just like Trump, actually.

  5. Anonymous11:56 AM

    How about the 1% money bags pay off the debt that "THEY" created. NO election donations until they pay off their debt to America. Lousy 1% must pay back society. END CITIZEN UNITED END CITIZEN UNITED END CITIZEN UNITED.

  6. Anonymous11:58 AM

    O/T but once again, our president stands up for what is right and honorable.

    Republican In Uproar Over Prohibition On Giving Native American Land To Foreign Corporations

    1. Anonymous12:29 PM

      Thanks, 11:58. So often I hear "What has Obama done for Indian Country?" Well, this is a good example of something important.

  7. Anonymous12:02 PM

    This is what I have to say about Trump!

  8. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Inside the GOP effort to draft an independent candidate to derail Trump

    A band of exasperated Republicans — including 2012 presidential nominee Mitt Romney, a handful of veteran consultants and members of the conservative intelligentsia — is actively plotting to draft an independent presidential candidate who could keep Donald Trump from the White House.

    These GOP figures are commissioning private polling, lining up major funding sources and courting potential contenders, according to interviews with more than a dozen Republicans involved in the discussions. The effort has been sporadic all spring but has intensified significantly in the 10 days since Trump effectively locked up the Republican nomination.

    Those involved concede that an independent campaign at this late stage is probably futile, and they think they have only a couple of weeks to launch a credible bid. But these Republicans — including commentators William Kristol and Erick Erickson and strategists Mike Murphy, Stuart Stevens and Rick Wilson — are so repulsed by the prospect of Trump as commander in chief that they are desperate to take action.

  9. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Crossing the Line: How Donald Trump
    Behaved With Women in Private

    Interviews reveal unwelcome advances, a shrewd reliance on ambition, and unsettling workplace conduct over decades.

    1. Anonymous2:15 PM

      "Interviews reveal unwelcome advances, a shrewd reliance on ambition, and unsettling workplace conduct over decades.'
      Dang,sounds like Bill Clinton...

    2. Anonymous7:03 PM

      2:15, Bill Clinton isn't running for president.

  10. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Polls: Sanders has more potential to beat Trump

    RealClearPolitics showed on Tuesday that Sanders had a 13 percent advantage over Trump, while Clinton had five more points more than Trump.

    How Donald Trump convinced the Republican Party to revolve around him

    1. Anonymous1:21 PM

      Oh my goodness. You must like playing Fantasy Games. Bernie lost, so none of these imaginary polls matter.

    2. Anonymous1:27 PM

      Who cares if he can't beat HRC?

      He sounds like a real nitwit quoting GE polls before the GOP has had a chance to swiftboat him on his whacko early and current positions.

  11. Anonymous12:08 PM

    I can answer your question Gryphen because I'm parent to 3 Bernie supporters. Their student debt will be paid off when they are in their 50s. The ACA has made insurance unaffordable for self-employed young people, with premiums more than mortgage payments and with deductibles >$10K. But at least my millennials say they'll "be voting for Hilz" come November.

  12. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Reporter Who Interviewed 'John Miller': Donald Trump Leaked The Tape

    1. Anonymous1:29 PM

      Trump really is one sick puppy and sounds as though he really does need mental help. His ego is so fragile.

      And, he thinks women adore him! That takes the cake! His money would NEVER have brought me to his bed, even as a younger man. He wasn't and isn't physically attractive!

      I feel for his ex wives, current wife, sons, daughters and grandchildren!

      I'm sure they are learning more about him today than they ever wanted to know. He'd be so embarrassing to have as a family member!

      He is a very pathetic man with small fingers! Poor baby!

  13. Anonymous12:11 PM

    I think those 25% who say they won't back Clinton if she wins the nomination would:

    - Write in Sanders
    - Leave the vote for President blank and vote for down ticket candidates.
    - Stay Home

    Very few Sanders supporters would vote for Trump. Trump is division, hate for anyone who's other. Sanders is love for all, "Us", standing up together.

    1. Except that writing in Sanders or not voting IS voting for Trump.

    2. Anonymous1:22 PM

      Wow that is a dumb statement Liz (expected however from you).

      Writing in Sanders, is a vote for Sanders.

      Not voting, is a choice to not vote for any of the candidates because they don't represent ones politics.

      Trump is nowhere in those choices.

      Get it straight Liz.

    3. Anonymous1:22 PM

      Agree. But then, it takes someone with an triple digit IQ to realize it...

    4. Anonymous1:35 PM

      Wrong- there have been 2 articles lately about the number of Bernie supporters who would vote for Trump- one was 40% in one of the recent primaries.

    5. I meant I agree with Liz!

    6. Anonymous4:25 PM

      Since Bernie's proposals will add $30 trillion to the debt in 10 years, I doubt even one would get passed, just like all his years in Congress. Why are you supporting him?

  14. Anonymous12:12 PM

    I'm all for President Trump building his wall to keep out the illegal Mexicans. Now I can find a job picking lettuce because nobody is hiring any $15 an hour workers.

    There was a time in the early 70's when a fully loaded 8 cylinder gas guzzling luxury beast with all the bells and whistles cost around $5,000 with a 4 year loan.

    Today a 4 cylinder stripped down car costs around $18,000 with a six year loan

    If a donut maker employee makes $15 an hour, how much will that $18,000 car cost tomorrow after everybody gets a $10 an hour raise to offset the $15 an hour donut maker?

    What do you mean that job is automated?

    1. Anonymous1:22 PM

      A wall? Really? Do you want to see walls on our borders that remind one and all of the Berlin Wall in Germany?

      Fits right in with a ruler the likes of a dictator, or a Hitler II, in the form of Donald Trump! He is the worst thing that could occur to our country.

      Hopefully, Republicans are smart enough so as not to continue ruining their party by putting him up against Hillary Clinton!

      They will lose!

    2. Anonymous4:27 PM

      #1, the wages do not magically go from $10 to $15-it will go up gradually over six years. #2-raising the minimum wage creates jobs, because
      people have more disposable income and the BUY things, meaning we have to make more things and hire more people to sell them.
      #3 Donald Trump is an idiot. He was handed his fortune, squandered it four times at a cost to US, not him, and he hires illegals, has goods with his brand made in Mexico and China, so no way is he going to impose tariffs or 'get tough' with either country. Anyone supporting him is delusional.

    3. Anonymous7:05 PM

      In the early 70s making $25K/year was an amazing starting salary for a young engineer. Now it's more like $70K and up.

  15. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Gryphen, you have to listen to this!

    Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.), who is known for his colorful personality, gave a memorable speech on May 13 about the growing controversy over North Carolina's transgender "bathroom law." Here are the highlights.

  16. Caroll Thompson12:17 PM

    After Clinton picks Warren for VP, everybody going to go Bernie who?

    Clinton/Warren 2016.

    1. Anonymous1:11 PM

      They would be one dynamic team and would go on to win the presidency!

      What a ticket! Very smart and experienced women - with Republicans having no one of equal talent to put up against them!

      They'd have my vote in a heartbeat!

    2. Anonymous6:03 PM

      1:11 how many years ago did your husband leave your annoying ass?

  17. Anonymous12:17 PM

    mPm Trump, Bernie and Baby Jane

  18. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Don't worry G, HRC isn't. She's already triangulated Bernie supporters out of the picture. She always hated the Left-ward push because it made her backers nervous. Not anymore:

    Democratic frontrunner has seen a surge in financial sector donations since business-friendly Republican candidates have dropped out of the race.

    She knows where her bread is buttered. Bought/paid for and promised more to come.

    1. Anonymous12:52 PM

      Now you're abbreviating "bought and paid for?" How clever. It doesn't make it any less trite of hyperbolic.

    2. Anonymous1:13 PM

      I repeated that phrase so 'you' would know it was me. I put in the dash '/' to say that the two essentially mean the same thing - as you were kind enough to point out yesterday. I'm not surprised that you didn't even note the "promised more to come" because there's no grammatical error. Lotsa truth though.

      Should I ask what "any less trite of hyperbolic" means or should I just take it as a typo while you were trying to look smart?


      Hillary forces target Bush donors

      Their message to moderate Republicans: She represents your values better than Trump.

    3. Anonymous1:20 PM

      12:52 - So you're basically saying, "I can't counter your point so I'll try to distract with a criticism of your style." Ad hominem. Weak sauce.

    4. Anonymous1:26 PM

      If some of the people who post here and who bully others on Twitter are examples of the alleged "lefty" voters not being courted at the moment, I say: "Are you really surprised?"

      Having been bullied here and elsewhere because I support HRC, I am not sympathetic to your feeling left out.

      I am a lifelong Democrat, but if there are Republicans who want to help us defeat Trump, I welcome them! It's going to take a village! We have a chance to clean House and Senate, too! Down ballot, baby!

    5. Anonymous1:42 PM

      Sorry 12:52 / 1:20 talk about weak. YOU never countered MY point, you just corrected my grammar(lame). Which by the way (bought and paid for) is an English idiom meaning:

      Corrupted by money from special interests; bribed

      Swing and a miss. Wanna try again?

    6. Anonymous2:59 PM

      1:42 - You just showed you don't understand what ad hominem is or why it's a chicken shit way to respond to someone.

    7. Anonymous3:41 PM

      OK 2:59...let's hash this out. I went back to my comment from yesterday to try and figure out which Anonymous I'm replying to. I just took it for granted you were the Grammar Nazi...

      Anonymous 12:52 PM: Now you're abbreviating "bought and paid for?" How clever. It doesn't make it any less trite of hyperbolic.

      ...since that's how you started out attacking me here/today. No mention of the Republican donors coming to Billary. Talk about ad hominem.

      From yesterday, Would you be...

      Anonymous 8:17 AM: "Bought and paid for" is such a slimy, bullshit phrase.


      Anonymous 8:38 AM: They aren't necessarily "bought and paid for" by Hillary but they are part and parcel of the same machine...establishment Dems stick together, no big surprise there.


      Anonymous 9:07 AM: Why do you just assume that everyone prefers Bernie and the only reason they don't support him is because they've been paid off?


      Anonymous 12:02 PM: "bought and paid for" is redundant, unless there is a way to purchase without paying anything.

      If you would kindly identify yourself, I'd be glad to re-state my argument (with links) directly to you and your 'opinion'.

    8. Anonymous4:24 PM

      Wow, you're very defensive.

      The person you think you're responding to is at least two people (I'm one of them, but not the other). Why would it matter anyway? And why the scare quotes around "opinion?"

      "Bought and paid for" is a trite and hyperbolic phrase. It's also slimy bullshit. But go ahead and keep doubling down.

      Clinton will be the nominee and the next POTUS whether you like it or not. She earned millions more votes than your preferred candidate. That's how elections work.

      And you will be secretly grateful the rest of us are voting for Clinton to save you from the likes of Donald Trump...just like the PUMAs were saved from McCain-Palin. Just like Democrats who refused to vote for Kennedy because he was Irish Catholic were saved from Nixon.

    9. Anonymous7:34 PM

      OK 4:24, I was hoping for the other Anonymous from above but it doesn't matter so I'll clarify my comment for you.

      You: Wow, you're very defensive.

      I would actually call it confident in my position/argument. Everything I write has a link explaining what I'm talking about, although I suspect they were all just glazed over because they don't fit the HRC Uber Alles mantra.

      You: "Bought and paid for" is a trite and hyperbolic phrase. It's also slimy bullshit. But go ahead and keep doubling down.

      Here's the crux of the argument: instead of addressing the subject, you (general you) decided to object to my choice of words. The quotes around 'opinion' is my way of pointing to the fact that nobody refuted my links and decided to attack my grammar instead.

      BTW, it's only "trite" if you want to belittle the meaning behind those words and only "hyperbolic" and "slimy" if you don't realize (or don't want to admit) the actual size/scope of the DWS/DNC/Hillary Victory Fund money laundering/pay-for-play/bribery operation. You would call it "down-ballot campaigning".

      You: "Clinton will be the nominee and the next POTUS whether you like it or not."

      I seem to remember that being chanted by everyone (Dems/MSM) even before this whole thing got started. HRC would be the Prez and nothing was gonna stop her. Especially not an unknown socialist from Vermont. He was considered a bug about to be splattered on the windshield of the Billary Express. Yet Here We Are and someone is getting run over and it ain't Bernie.

      She earned millions more votes than your preferred candidate. That's how elections work.

      Funny thing about that statement is; that's how closed primaries work. She's earned millions more Democratic votes. But when everyone else gets a vote, open primaries and the general election, it doesn't seem to work out that way for her. Bernie is drawing everybody else who isn't Trump/Clinton lemming. Hillary might be able to seduce Republican donors...but it's Bernie that'll get Republican voters.

      And you will be secretly grateful the rest of us are voting for Clinton to save you from the likes of Donald Trump...

      Remember you said that. Here we have the GOP... strangled into putting up the weakest and most disliked candidate their party could possibly find. On the other side... the DNC, HRC and her SuperDelegates are fighting them for that (dis)honor. So, IF Hillary is the Democratic nominee and she loses, you will only have yourselves to blame for putting Billary & Company before democracy and country.

  19. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Who Will Be Trump's, Clinton's Vice President?

    Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are turning their attention to the general election, and to one of the most important decisions they will make —choosing a vice president.

    Picking a vice president is the first "presidential level" decision any candidate makes. Although vice presidential candidates have rarely, perhaps never, determined the outcome of an election, the choice tells voters a lot about the candidate.

    The two most important criteria are always the same:

    1. Pick someone who's would ready to be president, if necessary, and
    2. DO NO HARM

    Here's a look at the potential VP short lists for Clinton and Trump.

    See list at

    How come their talking about Clinton and Trump? Where's Sanders possible picks?

  20. In refrence to the byline," Good luck with that, Donald."

  21. Anonymous12:43 PM

    Sarah Palin says who needs college when you can get a GED and make enough money to fly multiple times to Hawaii, ride horses bareback on beaches and travel around in the lower 48 on a hair washer salary.

    1. Anonymous1:07 PM

      Who is even discussing Sarah Palin? Go somewhere else to chat her up! She's a done deal in Alaska!!!

  22. Anonymous12:54 PM

    Internal strife rocked the Alaska Democratic Party on Friday as it headed into its three-day state convention, with some members of the party that heavily favor Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton protesting the convention by planning an alternative event Saturday night.

    “Alaska voters are an independent people and they don’t want to be told what to do,” said Ed Cullinane, a member of the state central committee from an Anchorage House district.

    Cullinane helped organize the protest to the convention, where Democrats on Saturday will choose delegates to cast votes at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia in July.

    Yes, Bernie Sanders Will Win the Contested Democratic Convention

    Bernie Sanders is ready for a contested Democratic convention, especially with the 1,430 pledged delegates that nobody at FiveThirtyEight, The Washington Post, or The New York Times imagined he’d have at this point. The same people who predicted Sanders would be done by March, are also the same people telling you Vermont’s Senator can’t win on July 25, 2016. While Bernie has defeated Clinton in 10 of the past 16 contests, and has the political momentum to force a contested convention, few progressive writers dare to address the biggest story of this election.

    It’s the ongoing FBI investigation of Clinton’s emails, and not merely delegate count, that will hand Bernie Sanders the Democratic nomination.

    1. Anonymous1:06 PM

      I hope Hillary Clinton is the winner at the Alaska Democratic Convention!

    2. Anonymous1:23 PM

      Bernie Sanders supporters proclaim #NeverHillary

    3. Anonymous1:28 PM

      Oh my God, 12:54! You're citing H.A. Goodman, the biggest libertarian hack in the biz! LOLOL. Talk about math-challenged....

    4. Anonymous1:31 PM

      HRC has more votes and more delegates. But by golly, Bernie started at 0% and lost by a bigger margin than Obama.

      Congrats on that, but please learn to lose more gracefully

    5. Anonymous2:13 PM

      I'm an Alaskan and too hope the Democratic Convention folks (currently going on) select d Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders.

      She will have my vote in November and I can hardly wait to cast it!

    6. Anonymous6:02 PM

      Hillary will have to drop ut of the race before November 2:13. Sorry you won't get to cast your big fan praise vote.

  23. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Bill Maher and Michael Moore pledge to take down Donald Trump

    1. Anonymous1:28 PM

      I'm so glad that MM said he will vote for HRC. He learned his lesson with Nader.

    2. Anonymous2:10 PM

      Love both Michael Moore and Bill Maher. Never miss Maher's show on cable on Friday nights. He has the best humor and is so up on all this political stuff.

      Trump went after Maher once, but I notice it doesn't seem to have made an impact on Bill's words or show! If anything, he goes after Trump more - as he does Sarah Palin!

      Trump can't stop him and it probably drives him nuts! Ya know - freedom of speech kind of thing! Poor boy/man Trump!

  24. Anonymous12:56 PM

    "...what it was about the Sanders campaign that made it so attractive to so many young people in the first place?"

    It is not "was" but "is", Gryph. He is still sent money and his rallies are still bigger than Hillary's. When was the last time you saw a rally for Hillary bursting with life?

    Sanders knows that America is not a democracy anymore, but an oligarchy that would never allow Bernie to win and challenge or change that. So do his supporters, who know that Hillary is owned by that oligarchy with their sense of entitlement: she exudes that, in the way she laughs, treats her staff, her infamous covey of loyal insiders who shield her, her lack of transparency...her inability to inspire passion in young people is because they know she is corrupted.

    I don't think that 1/4 of Bernie supporters will vote for Trump: they just won't vote -- and another generation will grow up disillusioned that anything can be done to restore democracy, fight inequality. Will it be the last generation to care?

    Okay -- lay it on me, Hillary Bros... :D

    1. Anonymous1:30 PM

      It's over. Here in reality, there are currently two choices: Trump and Clinton. If Bernie goes third party, then you can try to waste your votes there. If he does, he will look like a bigger ass than he already is. Good luck.

    2. Anonymous1:32 PM

      So Bernie's been a disaster in 2016 -- if the net result is young people staying home.

      They'll LOVE POTUS Trump.

    3. Anonymous2:12 PM

      Thank you.

    4. Anonymous3:45 PM

      @ 2:12 -- We are in a minority, now, on this site and I, for one?, grieve that Hillary and the strong status-quo (if we are lucky) forces behind her have conned another group of seemingly progressive people into loving oligarchy.

    5. Anonymous4:07 PM

      You're just so, so very smart 3:45. Thank you for honoring us with your presence.

    6. Anonymous4:42 PM

      3:45 - If you're as smart as 4:07 says, you'll realize that you are in the minority everywhere else, too. It's not just this site. Hillary as 3 million more voters than Bernie so far, and the primary is not over yet. Maybe we can get it to 4 million after CA and DC. We're going to try!

  25. Anonymous12:58 PM


  26. Anonymous1:02 PM

    Let's All Pretend Trump Hasn't Bulldozed the Sad Remnants of the Republican Establishment

    The big noise in Washington Thursday was that He, Trump was going to meet with Speaker Paul Ryan, the zombie-eyed granny starver from the state of Wisconsin and first runner-up in our most recent vice presidential pageant. This is supposed to be the first sign of détente between He, Trump and what we laughingly refer to as The Republican Establishment these days. Everyone's going to get together and pretend that He, Trump hasn't completely bulldozed the sad remnants of the institutional Republican Party. He, Trump has condescended to play along with this farce, largely because some of the dimmer bulbs in the majority chandelier have thrown themselves body and soul into a remarkable public display of Stockholm Syndrome, at least according to CNN:

  27. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Ted Cruz Wants You to Know That the U.S. Will Get Nuked Soon

    You probably missed it, but the 2020 presidential campaign has begun, and Tailgunner Ted Cruz is already running hard. He has taken to the liberally biased, anti-Jesus editorial pages of The New York Times to present more of his foreign policy to a nation that had heard enough of that—and of him—almost a month ago.

  28. Anonymous1:04 PM

    Bernie Sanders intent has ALWAYS been to divide the Democratic party! He's a socialist and grabbed on to the Democratic Party to create havoc! Was it his idea or that of his wife, Janet?

    He should be hung from the rafters!! I detest the man and his wife!

    If Donald Trump wins (should he be nominated) it will be the fault of the Sanders as well as stupid Americans!

    Vote for Hillary Clinton!

    1. Anonymous1:31 PM

      I don't wish him (or Jane) any harm at all. But I do hope they will do the right thing and concede after CA.

  29. Anonymous1:06 PM

    I wonder too Gryph!...right after I heard one of his surrogates say if Hillary wins the nomination they'll vote for Trump. Reason: the revolution will come sooner.

    1. Anonymous1:32 PM

      Yeah, that was that idiot Susan Sarandon. She was for Nader (2000), and then Kerry (2004), and then John Edwards (2008). Funny thing: both Kerry and Edwards voted for the same war authorization that HRC did, but Sarandon only blames the woman!

  30. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Wow Salon nails it on describing the Clinton supporters who post here:

    "Many Democrats are having difficulty accepting the fact that Clinton, despite her résumé, is a weak politician. In this state of denial, their defense of Clinton becomes aggressive, as they lash out at Bernie Sanders for staying in the race, implying that Clinton has earned the right to glide to the finish line unopposed."

    1. Anonymous1:29 PM

      She has a bigger lead over Bernie than Barack had over her in 2008. I know, I know. Whatever. Math. Ugh. Reality. Boo.

      What's annoying about some of you Bernie people is that you seem to think that your vote counts for 8 million and everyone else's counts for nothing. A lot of people voted for Bernie, but a lot more people voted for Hillary, a lot of them minorities, and what you're trying to do is disenfranchise them. You're basically the Republican party and racist white southerners in the 1950's. Good job.

      Hillary's not good at running for office, but she's good at her job when she does win. Which is really all that matters.

      The same probably can't be said of Bernie.

      You people are delusional and it used to be cute but it's not anymore.

      Hillary 2016!

      Live it, love it!

    2. Anonymous1:33 PM

      She's winning big time, dude

      She is much further ahead than Obama ever was. Why are Sander's supporters so thick in the head? Never took math? Or passed it?

    3. Anonymous1:35 PM

      I don't want resources or time wasted on discussing Bernie. His time has passed. I'm fine with everyone getting to vote for him who wants to, as part of the Democratic Party's primary. But after CA, he should concede. He will lose the last race for sure, D.C., and it will be clear going into the convention (after she has more than a few more wins) that it's hopeless for him on the convention floor. He's just going to look like an old geezer sore loser, out of touch with reality. Seriously, if I were in his inner circle, I would tell him to concede after CA, and start the convention on a good note of unity, in exchange for letting him make a speech at the July Demo convention in Philly during prime time.

    4. Anonymous1:44 PM

      Has anyone else been following the shenanigans at the NV caucus today with angry Bernie supporters? Doesn't bode well for their behavior in Philly.

    5. Anonymous2:04 PM

      "Reality. Boo."

      > FBI investigation.
      > Pagliano given full immunity.
      > Pagliano's State Dept. emails missing.
      > Pagliano drew a paycheck from the Clinton Foundation at the same time he was employed at State Dept.
      >Before starting in her role as Secretary of State, Hillary had to read and sign this agreement NDA Agreement
      Intending to be legally bound, I hereby accept the obligations contained in this Agreement in consideration of my being granted access to classified information. As used in this Agreement, classified information is marked or unmarked classified information, including oral communications, that is classified under the standards of Executive Order 12958, or under any other Executive order or statute that prohibits the unauthorized disclosure of information in the interest of national security; and unclassified information that meets the standards for classification and is in the process of a classification determination as provided in Sections 1.1. 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4(e) of Executive Order 12958, or under any other Executive order or statute that requires protection for such information in the interest of national security. I understand and accept that by being granted access to classified information, special confidence and trust shall be placed in me by the United States Government.
      ...I understand that if I am uncertain about the classification status of information, I am required to confirm from an authorized official that the information is unclassified before I may disclose it...
      ...4. I have been advised that any breach of this Agreement may result in the termination of any security clearances.

      "Live it, love it!"

    6. Anonymous2:29 PM

      You Hillary supporters may just be the reason why people who back Sen. Sanders may just not vote for her come election time. You do not seem to be good people.

    7. Anonymous3:26 PM

      2:29 - and seriously, I question your motive in dividing progressives with such an asinine statement. I suspect you are a Trump supporter.

    8. Anonymous4:05 PM

      Get over yourself, 2:29. There are millions of Hillary supporters. Nobody is going to come running to pat you on the back and say "there, there."

    9. Anonymous6:00 PM

      And there are millions of supporters of Hillary for jail 4:05.

      Can't wait for the hammer to drop on that fraud.

    10. Anonymous7:13 PM

      1:29, your comment reminded me of family meetings back in the 60s. O/T I know but 6 kids and 2 parents would gather to make important decisions like where to go on vacation. Trouble was, kids got 1 vote and parents got 6 each.

  31. Anonymous1:26 PM

    This is tooooo good not to share:

    Video ~ Is "John Miller" actually Donald Trump? A forensic audio expert and the journalist with the tapes offer analysis.

    1. Anonymous3:14 PM

      Follow up:

      Stephen Colbert ~ A Chat With Donald Trump's Publicist

  32. Anonymous1:49 PM

    I don't think that Trump is anti-war. He's been threatening everybody and anybody with nuclear weapons. And he's all for huge increases in military spending. How does that makes him anti-war?

    1. Anonymous4:02 PM

      I think Trump would love to declare war. It would be a highlight of his entire life.

    2. Anonymous4:16 PM

      Cause he SAYS he is-today. Tomorrow on the fifteen news show he calls into, who knows?

    3. Anonymous4:42 PM

      Hitler II coming at you, Americans, in the form of The Donald!

      Wise up and don't vote for the boy/man IF the Republicans put him up as their nominee!

      If they do - down goes their nominee and their party! It's going to fun to watch!

      And, all due to a liar and fraud, the likes of a Donald Trump being their candidate!

      Boy, do they have a slow learning process! Remember McCain and Palin? This will be much worse for them!

  33. Anonymous1:57 PM

    It's simple. The fact is, if Sanders were the nominee, virtually ALL of Clinton's supporters will vote for him, in addition to all of his own supporters. Plus, many disgruntled repubs that can't stand Trump will vote Sanders. If Clinton is the nominee...we run the risk of Sanders supporters NOT voting, or switching to Trump. As disturbing as that might be, it's a fact.
    Sanders will probably net more votes in the general than Clinton, and is probably the safer bet against Trump. And yes...Trump will unleash all sorts of crap, but most dems won't allow that to sway their vote.

    1. Anonymous2:22 PM

      1:57 - I agree. It's simple. Bernie has lost. HRC only needs 10% of remaining delegates to win; Bernie needs 100%. Because Democratic primaries are split proportionally, it is impossible for Bernie to receive 100% of the vote. That's why Sanders supporters with half a brain are now saying they will vote for Hillary in the general election: Sarah Silverman, Michael Moore, David Crosby--just to name a few I've read in the past few weeks on Twitter.

    2. Anonymous4:15 PM

      Right. There's no way the KOCHS and Trump won;t be calling Bernie a communist by day two, is there? I'm already hearing it. As much baggage as Clinton may have, it's OLD baggage. Bernie is fresh red meat, and the fear-mongering war loving GOP will unleash the vultures. And how will he fight back? His $27/donors, most of whom are maxed out already and having their money refunded? I mean, pure old St. Bernie would never ask the DNC for cash, would he? Choose Bernie; we lose.

    3. Anonymous6:40 PM

      "As much baggage as Clinton may have, it's OLD baggage."
      What does that even mean?
      She has new "baggage" in the form of piss poor judgement with the whole server debacle.
      Pair that with "old baggage",and what we have is a systemic problem,no?

  34. Anonymous1:58 PM

    So Bernie Sanders who has been in several political parties has recently switched from the Independent Party to the Democratic Party (on paper).

    As the newly Democratic Party member Bernie Sanders runs for president and spreads his words of Socialism, this is the damage he has done to the Democratic Party.

    Looks like Bernie and his wife has created their own political party, the Democratic Socialism Party. When Bernie loses, these fanatics have sworn not to vote for Hillary and will write in Sanders name.

    NY Post-
    “However, Sanders has already said it’s up to Clinton to come over to his supporters,” Greer said.

    “I just want the party to embody my values,” said Staten Islander Gena Mimozo, 33, who plans to vote for whoever Sanders endorses come November.

    “Democratic Socialism is something I did not even know about before Bernie Sanders. And now the Democratic Party has to give me a reason to stay.”


    I believe the Democratic Socialism Party is what the TEA Party is to the Republicans.

  35. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Trump appears to me to be a war monger! He's even said he wants all countries to have nuclear weapons where President Obama is in the midst of trying to stop nations in making them!

    Mr. John Miller and The Barron whatever a/k/a Donald Trump is an egomaniac and has no clue about what he says when it comes to foreign matters concerning the USA!!

  36. Anonymous2:12 PM

    What is happening to the Democratic Party? Hillary's voters are the true devoted Democratic Party voters who will vote for Sanders in the general election if Hillary loses in the Democratic Party primary election.

    Where as Sanders voters are Sanders voters and will not vote for the true Democratic Party presidential nominee in the general election if Sanders loses the Democratic Party primary election.

    1. Anonymous2:30 PM

      Well FUC_ Bernie Sanders

    2. Anonymous2:56 PM

      Then they can cease and desist with the whining when they get exactly what they deserve!

  37. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Hillary Clinton continued to turn up the heat Saturday on Donald Trump 's refusal to release his tax returns.

    Her campaign released a video online Saturday titled "What's Donald Trump Hiding?" that includes a series of clips over the years of Trump being asked whether he plans to release his returns

    YouTube video:

  38. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Donald Trump Obsesses Over Hillary Clinton’s Past But Considers His Own Off Limits

    The issue that Donald Trump has made the centerpiece of campaign against Hillary Clinton has been the timeworn marital difficulties she and her husband endured in the 1990s. Trump glommed onto this issue in response to Clinton’s advocacy of women’s rights in contrast to his own overt misogyny and his opposition to the reforms that matter most to women.

  39. Anonymous3:07 PM

    I wish the Hillary camp here would stop the hateful anti-Bernie attacks. Your tactics are a big turn off and are not persuading Bernie supporters. Please respect our right to our choose the candidate of our choice. I would never attack Clinton or disrespect her supporters on IM.
    These attacks are a real turn-off and may do harm to your cause.

    1. Anonymous3:29 PM

      Really? Why don't you police your own supporters on here? I've been called Stupid, Dumb, Shill, C#nt, Whore, and other mean, nasty things by alleged Bernie supporters in these very comments since January. And NOT ONCE has a Bernie supporter ever apologized or told one of "their own" to lay off. Why is that? Can you please explain?

    2. Anonymous3:53 PM

      3:07 -- agree 100% -- what separates progressives from the regressives? I used to think it was civility.

    3. Anonymous4:01 PM

      We are all adults and we are all responsible for our own votes. Why would you be "turned off" of Clinton and turned on to the Trump camp (or the Never Clinton camp) because of a blogger or random people on the internet? Vote for Clinton because you like her, or because tolerate her, or because the alternative is terrifying. If you don't vote for her out of spite, you're not acting like an adult.

    4. Anonymous4:17 PM

      " I've been called Stupid, Dumb, Shill, C#nt, Whore, and other mean, nasty things by alleged Bernie supporters in these very comments since January."

      I'm a Bernie backer and don't resort to name calling nor condone it.
      Shit,the facts alone concerning Hillary are enough ammo...

    5. Anonymous4:33 PM

      Jesus Christ, 3:07 PM! Hillary is running AGAINST Bernie - she has to bring out his flaws - as everyone in the world is doing about her!

      Bernie hasn't been vetted and is going to run into big time trouble, I predict! I hope to see both he and Jane scrambling!

      Hillary Clinton has my vote!! She'll make an outstanding POTUS!

    6. Anonymous5:46 PM

      4:33, you missed the point. Hillary and Bernie "attacking" each other is to be expected. But, since most here are Democrats, I see no need to try to bully each other in to our camp. I have yet to say a single negative thing against Clinton (who I will support if she wins the nomination), because I respect the intelligence of my fellow Democrats to vet the candidate of their choice. I don't need or want your Hillary propaganda, any more than I want a Trump or Cruz supporter trying to force feed me their views. Respect.

  40. Anonymous4:11 PM

    I'd be interested to know how many Clinton supporters back in Spring 2008 said they would NOT vote for Obama. Seriously. I had my doubts back then, but the more I heard him, and watched him debate, the more I came around. Hillary will trounce MushMouth if there is an honest, knowledgable moderator out there, and not some paid Koch hack from Fox or CNN or ABC.

  41. Anonymous4:28 PM

    or MSNBC! Hillary WILL trounce him in a debate. But, I see him backing out of debates even though he'll pay Hell for doing so! He is afraid of Hillary's knowledge and experience - no doubt about it!

    1. Anonymous5:58 PM

      Yoy Hillary fan clubbers are so weird the way you write your lavish praise. It is even worse than the way Palin supporters used to be.

      By the way I have no doubt Trump will steamroll Hillary in the debates. Steamroll her. She will not even know what to do.

    2. Anonymous6:21 PM

      By the way I have no doubt Trump will steamroll Hillary in the debates. Steamroll her. She will not even know what to do.

      John Baron, is that you?

    3. Anonymous7:02 PM

      5:58 - Trump will drop out before the General, Wait for it. You heard it here first!

  42. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Fuck this chickenshit woman!
    Roberta Gustave Lange, a Clinton supporter and Chair of the Democratic State Party, changed the rules without a 2/3rds majority quorum, which are listed HERE:
    And because she illegally changed the rules, again, without a legal quorum and thus NO AUTHORITY to do so, Clinton has now won the 3rd tier of the Nevada election.
    This is extraordinarily illegal behavior. It is actually election fraud, by every definition of the term. You do not flout rules like this in these settings; this is literally a violation of basic Democratic procedure.

    1. Anonymous4:46 PM

      Hmmm. The Clinton camp tells a completely different story, though.

  43. Anita Winecooler6:09 PM

    Trump's a Bernie Bro? Who knew?

  44. Anonymous10:12 PM

    Oh yeah, and the Hispanics love him too, and women, and Muslims and they're all going to vote for him.

    I want what he's smoking....


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