Saturday, May 14, 2016

After failed presidential bid Ted Cruz returns to the Senate to a resounding "Meh."

Ted Cruz even parks like a dick.
Courtesy of AOL: 

Ted Cruz is back on Capitol Hill, and no one seems all that pleased to see the senator from Texas. 

Then on Thursday, "He came and he spoke at that lunch, and he said, 'I didn't really want to come back to the Senate.' And John McCain stood up and said, 'Well, we didn't really want you back, either,'" Manu Raju reported on CNN.
You know there are a lot of reasons to dislike John McCain (Sarah Palin.) but you gotta hand it to the guy for his zingers.

Cruz also said that he will be running for reelection, so sadly for the country the guy just can't take a hint. 

As much as the idea of a President Trump terrifies me, I have to say that for the "Oh crap I just wet myself" factor it runs neck in neck with a President Cruz.


  1. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Well, which candidate WAS McCain behind before recently capitulating to Trump. Maybe he meant the comment in the sense that (since Cruz lost) they were left with ONLY Trump and that had to be an especially bitter experience for McCain to endorse the man who had called him a loser for being a POW.

    1. Anonymous9:08 AM

      A New York Times investigation into how Donald Trump has treated women over his life was full of disturbing and alarming behavior, but perhaps nothing is as unsettling as Trump asking strangers if his then 16-year-old daughter Ivanka was hot.

      ... Mr. Trump frequently sought assurances — at times from strangers — that the women in his life were beautiful. During the 1997 Miss Teen USA pageant, he sat in the audience as his teenage daughter, Ivanka, helped to host the event from onstage. He turned to Brook Antoinette Mahealani Lee, Miss Universe at the time, and asked for her opinion of his daughter’s body.

      “ ‘Don’t you think my daughter’s hot? She’s hot, right?’ ” Ms. Lee recalled him saying. ‘I was like, ‘Really?’ That’s just weird. She was 16. That’s creepy.”

    2. Anonymous9:13 AM

      In a little more than 24 hours Trump has refused to release his tax returns, been busted for being his own fake PR guy, thrown a fit when asked what his tax rate is, and been outed as a creepy misogynist who views his daughter in a sexual way.

      Any normal person would look at the list above and see a lot of fires that need to be put out. Donald Trump’s biggest concern is that CNN reported the truth about him, so they are “unprofessional” and have bad ratings. Trump is supposed to be running for president, but judging from his Twitter stream, he spends most of his time watching cable news and hurling childish insults at people on social media.

    3. Anonymous9:29 AM

      Maher: Fake ‘maverick’ John McCain should oppose Trump if only to make up for Sarah Palin

    4. Anonymous9:37 AM

      Donald Trump finds out his past isn't over. It isn't even past.

      The full text of ‘John Miller’ interview about Donald Trump with People reporter

    5. Anonymous9:41 AM

      You’re Hired! How NBC Spent 11 Years Making Trump a Household Name, Building Foundation for His Campaign

      In promoting Trump, which in turn helped NBC's bottom line during their relationship, the network produced an overwhelming number of positive news stories about the real estate tycoon.

      From 2004-2015, the network produced 320 positive stories about Trump and just 15 considered negative.

      "NBC lionized Trump with 21 times more positive than negative stories. The network also severely underreported his failures as a businessman, which included Trump Network, Trump Mortgage, Trump Magazine, and many others. From 2004 through the beginning of 2015, NBC promoted Trump's business and his success with 320 stories, but only covered his failures 15 times. In 13 of the 15 stories on Trump's flops, the network failed to disclose its business partnerships with him," said the report written by Sam Dorman.

    6. Anonymous10:52 AM

      NBC, MSNBC AND CNN are the main ones constantly covering Donald Trump w/non ending, positive coverage.

      Where the same outlets do nothing but provide negative coverage (and much less coverage) about Hillary Clinton!

      Remember, they are corporate owned and corporations throughout our country are pro Donald Trump. Dumbed down Americans are their targets to vote for the jerk!

      Hopefully, the Democratic party and Independents will work to counter Trump and the majority vote will elected Hillary Clinton as our next POTUS!

    7. Anonymous10:56 AM

      McCain has NO balls at all. Never has had them.

      Hopefully, he loses his current reelection campaign. He's too old and needs to retire. Plus, he is a part of the 'do nothing' and 'obstructionist' United States Congress for way too long!

      Get rid of him Arizonians! You'll do a great service to America by NOT reelecting him!

  2. Anonymous9:08 AM

    I thought I read that when he first went back to the Senate they stood and applauded him!? Which is it?

    1. Anonymous10:37 PM

      I think that was just his own office staff

  3. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Sheldon Adelson Is Poised to Give Donald Trump a Donation Boost

    This is just so disturbing.

  4. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Congress Is OK With Unrestrained War Powers For Donald Trump

    Even Republicans who are a little worried about Trump are fine letting him take the reins of an undeclared war.

  5. Anonymous9:22 AM

    The map is tough for any Republican. It's completely daunting for Donald Trump.

  6. Anonymous9:29 AM

    One star for McInsane for saying what everyone else was thinking.

    Minus one star for being a wimp and endorsing dRUMPf. That leaves him as total zero.

  7. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Cruz is the "brown pants" candidate.

  8. Anonymous9:40 AM

    McCain will have the chance to work on his stand up routine when after losing his reelection he can do his routine when asking people would they like fries with their hamburger.

  9. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Trump is almost as unsettling a Presidential prospect. The folks who back him are the dumbest and most racist folks in the country. They are the brain addled bottom feeders who don't take responsibility for their lives. For these losers their miserable lives are the fault of someone else. They are nothing more than whiny little low ability crybabies.

    1. Anonymous10:12 AM

      Mr. Trump, If You’re Really Being Audited, Show Us Your IRS Letter!

    2. Anonymous10:23 AM

      Donald Trump is a shameless and compulsive liar. So why isn't he being called out on it?

      ...The problem is not, by itself, Donald Trump. Donald Trump just heaved himself into the gaping logical flaw of a "news" model that rewards celebrity over accuracy and built himself a nest there. The problem is that Handsome is not a substitute for Knowledgable, and Access is not a substitute for Honesty, and that there is absolutely no reward for doing the right thing by the public, because doing the wrong thing will net you better ratings.

      It's a bigger problem than just "why won't the news media call out Donald Trump's compulsive crookedness." The problem is that they can't. It's not built into the system.

    3. Anonymous10:46 AM

      Trump’s Time As Presumptive Nominee Has Been Dominated By Policy Flip-Flops

      In The Art of the Deal, Donald Trump wrote, “I never get too attached to one deal or one approach… I keep a lot of balls in the air.” That everything-is-negotiable strategy may be commonplace in the business world, but it’s unique in the realm of presidential politics, where getting labeled a “flip flopper” is usually problematic.

      Trump is testing the conventional wisdom. In the week since he became the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, he’s flip-flopped on four major policy positions. The shifts suggest Trump believes making “great deals,” even at the cost of inconsistency, will ultimately be a winning strategy this November.

      Here’s a rundown:

    4. Anonymous10:46 AM

      This Letter Exposes The Absurdity Of Donald Trump’s Excuses About His Tax Returns

    5. Anonymous10:47 AM

      Bullshit! Trump is a liar and should be called out every time he spews another one. That is what the media and journalist are paid to do!!! They are suppose to investigage and show ALL sides of a candidate (as to their lives and history) ESPECIALLY for POTUS!

      Trump needs to be brought down to his knees to where he is so embarrassed he runs off and hides.

      The guy makes me was to regurgitate every time I look at his reddish-colored bloated face!

    6. Anonymous10:51 AM

      The Anti-Trump Rant of the Year

  10. AJ billings9:46 AM

    Ted Cruz was, and still is the most dangerous of the hard core Christo-fascists that may run for President again.

    He is worse than Trump, imho, because Cruz firmly believes that the USA should be ruled by the bible and CHristian theocratic principles.

    As viciously nasty, stupid,ignorant, and racist a bastard DrumpF is,Cruz is worse.

    DrumpF will compromise with Democrats to get things done.

    Cruz is a bridge burning fanatical Christian Taliban leader, and will never be resonable or compromise on a god damn thing.

    Cruz represents the dark and hidden underbelly of the most extremist wing of the religious right, and if they ever got a person like Cruz into the Presidency, he could to terrible damage to our secular Republic

    1. Anonymous10:13 AM


    2. Anonymous10:35 AM

      Yes, but it should be pointed out that Cruz, himself, has not one true religious belief in his swollen head. It's just a political tool for him to use to scoop up votes from the godless ignorati who think they are too.

    3. Anonymous10:42 AM

      And, Trump is a dictator and would lead our country into further wars and is eager to have all countries build nuclear weapons.

      I fear Trump far more than Cruz!

  11. Anonymous9:49 AM

    Democratic Strategist James Carville:

    Clinton Struggling Against Sanders Because He Is "Promising $18 Trillion In New Spending"

    "There's a lot of things out there they can say. They can weave a better narrative. They've been running against a guy -- Bernie Sanders, who is promising you $18 - $22 trillion in new spending...[inaudible]... He's not going to be the nominee. She's got to -- Her narrative has to really get better."

    1. Anonymous10:17 AM

    2. Anonymous10:40 AM

      And, the give away stuff that Sanders want to provide are going to do nothing more than increase taxes on ALL Americans!

      The man is too old to be POTUS and will not beat Hillary Clinton. He and his overweight wife need to politely pull themselves from their show immediately!

  12. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Second Poll Finds Hillary Clinton Could Turn Georgia Blue For The First Time In 20 Years

    ...The Clinton campaign is targeting Georgia as one of the red states that they hope to flip in November. If Democrats are able to put Republicans in the position of having to defend reliable red states without having a path to expand the map by adding states that President Obama won in 2008 and 2012, they will find themselves in a great situation on election night.

    The reason why Georgia is in play is that changing demographics have made the electorate more diverse than in cycles past. Clinton’s relative strength is Georgia is no fluke as Democrats are gearing up for a Peach State surprise.

  13. Anonymous10:16 AM

    The only good that could come out of a Trump presidency is that he will be such an embarrassment to the office and country (if we survive that is) that we may never see another Republican/conservative president.


    1. Anonymous10:50 AM

      The same was said about W Bush.

  14. Anonymous10:26 AM

    True Life Adventures Of A Democratic Superdelegate

  15. Anonymous10:49 AM

    What is so funny about Cruzer is he was one Palin self induced orgasm from being the 2016 Republican POTUS Nominee if it wasn't for Trumpster running.

  16. Anonymous10:58 AM

    How the media boosted Donald Trump and screwed Bernie Sanders

  17. Crystal Sage11:16 AM

    Cruz up for re-election in 2018. I say run Wendy Davis against Cruz for Texas senator in 2018. I think his latest disgrace will make him easy pickings by then. Hopefully, the country will be used to a female president and, in the tradition of the great Ann Richards, Davis will bring a female to power in Texas. She will also end Cruz's elective career. (Of course, Ted would then get a job as a lobbyist or GOP head if there still is a GOP.)

  18. Anonymous12:23 PM

    I saw rise of latinos and war. I dont have any time reference point.

  19. Anonymous12:24 PM

    No usa. Omg.

  20. Anonymous1:48 PM

    unless he is in the UK, he wasn't the one doing the parking. What a stupid post.

  21. Anonymous3:05 PM

    I've lived in rural Alaska too long.

    A photo of men in nice suits (not the guy on the right!) and green grass with trees with green leaves. !!! Oh, candy to a sugar starved leaf lover.

    Come spring, come.

  22. Anita Winecooler6:08 PM

    Sorry, John, no free passes. You need to take an "I apologize" tour for unleashing the wasilla white trash on the world before anyone pats you on the back for smacking down a drunk driver with a wrinkled suit who takes up two spaces. Whoever wrote that for you was brilliant, I must say. Suspend your job and start your country apology tour. You can take Lindsey and Meggie with you.


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