Friday, May 20, 2016

Elizabeth Warren unleashes another Twitter barrage at The Donald and of course it's awesome.

Currently Trump is a little busy throwing rocks at Hillary over the fact that he called him unqualified to be President.

But I'm sure when he finishes that tantrum he will again focus on Warren and once again fail to make a dent.

So looking forward to Elizabeth Warren joining the Democratic ticket in 2016. (Okay just don't bother saying anything to ruin it for me.)

P.S. Warren has already said she will work to bring all sides together after these last primaries, what better way to do that than to run alongside Hillary?


  1. Anonymous2:12 PM

    VP would be a step down for Warren.

    1. Anonymous10:07 PM

      Yes, but it's time for her to think of the greater good. We all have to make sacrifices.

    2. Anonymous12:39 PM

      10:07, it would be a sacrifice to gag, bind, and shackle her if she were the VP.

  2. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Elizabeth, Joe Biden and both of the Obama's will unload on Trump after the convention chooses Hillary. Hopefully Bernie will join them, too.

    1. Don't forget Bill! The best American speakers we have to offer, all lined up against Hair Drumpf!

      Of course, I said that bracingly to myself to keep from curling up behind the couch and howling.

  3. Anonymous2:20 PM

    You’re Gonna Want To Hear Trump Saying He Wanted Blacks Vs. Whites On ‘The Apprentice’ (AUDIO)

    ...For instance, back in 2005 while on Howard Stern’s radio program, Trump brought up the fact that he put thought into doing a season of The Apprentice that would feature black people versus white people. Fortunately, NBC knew that idea wasn’t going to fly.

    Trump told Stern and his co-host Robin Quivers:

    “On ‘The Apprentice’ there was a concept, okay, thrown out by some person, nine blacks against nine whites. And it would be nine blacks against nine whites, all highly educated, very smart, strong, beautiful. Do you like it? Do you like it, Robin?”

    Quivers responded:

    “I think you’re gonna have a riot.”

    But Trump being Trump, said:

    “It would be the highest-rated show on television.”

    Then when Stern asked:

    “Very dark blacks, or light-skinned blacks?”

    Trump responded with, “assortment… against whites.”

    Donald Trump Humiliates Chris Christie AGAIN And It’s Worse Than Ever Before (VIDEO)

    ...Trump had gone on a rant about Nabisco moving factories to Mexico, and mentioned that he was done eating Oreos. Desperately searching for a punchline, Trump looked at Christie, pointed his little index finger at him and said:

    “Neither is Chris! You’re not eating Oreos anymore!”

    The crowd erupted into awkward laughter and Trump tried to ‘soften the blow’ by repeating the joke and bringing himself into the equation.

    “No more Oreos, for either of us, Chris! Don’t feel bad! For either of us!”

    You can watch this embarrassing moment unfold moment below:

    1. Anonymous2:53 PM

      Ever since Gov. Chris Christie dropped out of the Republican presidential race and backed Donald Trump, he has taken quite a beating while helping the man he calls “Mr. Trump” try to win the White House.

      Now, after months of kowtowing to Trump, the roles were reversed — if only for a few hours.

    2. Anonymous4:53 PM

      Does everyone else notice how people only call Donald Trump, 'Mr.' Trump? I have a hunch he expects and demands it.

      I never see him called or referred to by his first name which is what the ordinary folks in America prefer.

      He is too fucking uppity for me...feeds in w/his ego though, doesn't it? Cannot imagine having to walk in his shoes OR be someone that is in his company each day! I'd be ready for the nut house within an hour, I'm sure!

  4. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Hillary’s Message To Former Miss Universe Called ‘Miss Piggy’ By Trump Is PERFECT (TWEET)

    Miss Universe 1996 Alicia Machado is now an American citizen and will be voting for the first time this November, and it’s become apparent who she’ll likely be voting for, and it’s not Donald Trump.

    You see, after Machado won her crown she gained a little bit of weight, which apparently did not please Trump, who is the man behind the pageant. He even called her “Miss Piggy” and said that she must be “somebody that likes to eat.” He then forced her to work out and try to lose weight.

    When asked if she’d vote for Trump this fall, all Machado could do was laugh.

    When Hillary Clinton heard about the insults and the response to if Machado would vote for Trump, she tweeted out:

    “Congratulations on becoming a U.S. citizen, Alicia. Enjoy casting that vote.”

    1. Anonymous2:30 PM

      I remember when that happened and I swear back then she said she had gained 15 pounds. She looked fine.

      Trump, on the other hand...yikes. he has gained weight this year. I remember when he said a while back that he had lost 15 pounds. He never looked it then and he doesn't look it now. How, placing so much importance on weight, can he not just put in the minimum of effort to lose some weight?

    2. Anonymous4:48 PM

      I have always found Trump to be very unattractive physically. He's obese now - looks as though he never works out, has double chins, etc.

      And, he has the 'tiny' balls to call out women on their weight? He needs one healthy punch in his fat face by any one of these women!

      Too bad he hasn't realized that there can be outstanding women that are not sex kittens! His emphasis has always been on the physical attractiveness of a woman! He wants 'sex' on his arm - as in coming down the escalator w/his current wife that we see run on cable TV constantly!

      I feel for the women he's had in his life throughout the years, to include his ex wives and the current one.

      Let's include his daughters too. It's so apparent he has a 'trophy' daughter - Ivanka! He seems to have more interest in and affection for her than any of his other offspring. It's not natural and viewing him w/her makes me sick to my stomach!

    3. Anonymous7:33 PM

      I don't feel for his wives. They married him for one reason, and God knows it wasn't his physical attractiveness.

      Or intellect either, although having listened to them, an intellectual companion is NOT on their list for a mate.

  5. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Bernie Sanders Out Fundraises Hillary Clinton As Donations Keep Pouring In

    Sen. Bernie Sanders has changed campaign fundraising forever by raising more money than former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton for the fourth consecutive month.

    1. 66gardeners3:07 PM

      This election is about message, not how much $$$ you can raise. Democrats have chosen their nominee. Hillary!

    2. Anonymous5:08 PM

      Well, look who's gleeful about money in politics. I thought you were against that.

    3. Anonymous8:27 PM

      Really? Because I read today that his cash was really dwindling.

    4. Anonymous8:46 PM

      Sanders now has less than $6 million in cash. He's spent $160 million and has lost, by every metric.

    5. Anonymous9:10 PM

      That's a lot of money.

  6. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Hillary's general election mobilization challenge is much broader than Bernie voters

    Democrats are currently panicking over whether Hillary Clinton will be able to reach out and appeal to Bernie Sanders's supporters in the general election or whether Sanders will be "willing to harm" Clinton's prospects in order to advance his own agenda.

    History suggests there's probably no need to worry about this. Candidates always fight hard until they stop fighting — look at what Clinton herself was doing in mid-May 2008 — and when Sanders does stop fighting he'll have strong incentives to do everything possible to get Democrats to vote and capture the Senate.

    The real problem for Clinton is that capturing the votes of people who bother to become passionately invested in a presidential primary campaign is actually an incredibly low bar. She probably can't get the vote of literally every single person who cast a ballot for Sanders this primary season, and even if she could, that wouldn't be nearly enough people. To win, she needs to mobilize not just Sanders's supporters but the much larger universe of people with left-of-center views who didn't vote in the primaries at all.

    1. Anonymous2:55 PM

      Liberal pundits blame Debbie Wasserman Schultz, not Bernie Sanders, for Democrats’ division

    2. 66gardeners3:08 PM

      someone needs to tell Bernie, this election is not about him.

    3. Anonymous4:02 PM

      -duh, @2:29 or he article you're quoting. Hardly. I'm a very keft if center voter. Considered nor voting at all in primary, because I was A-OK with either Hillary or Bernie just like I was A-OK with Barack or Hillary in 2008. BTE, I voted Sanders. I would have to be incarcerated and unable to lost bail, or comatose not to vote Hillary in this general election.

  7. Anonymous2:32 PM

    "she will work to bring all sides together after these last primaries, what better way to do that than to run alongside Hillary?"
    The "run alongside Hillary" ain't happenin'.
    More like get Hillary and Bernie in the same room
    and lay it DOWN.
    "Hillary,tell DWS and Rendell to STFU and SIT THE FUCK DOWN.
    "Bernie,rally your 45% and let's get this job DONE"
    "I'll handle Trump and KICK HIS ASS with tweets.
    You two kiss and make up and let's take this country forward.Got it?"

    1. Anonymous8:28 PM

      No, and no one reading your post would get it either.

    2. Anonymous8:44 PM

      It's only 43%

  8. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Whoever Wins The Democratic Primary Is Responsible For Party Unity

    ...And if you’ve gotten so drunk on this primary’s rancor that you believe something unprecedented is unfurling, Vox’s Matt Yglesias will sober you up very quickly. As he points out at length, this Democratic primary has been tame, when compared with others — and really, the 2008 primary between Clinton and Barack Obama really was a full-on pit of snakes with flamethrower-hot WTFery coming from all directions when held up against the current one.

    But the secondary issue is this: Ever since the fooferaw in Nevada, the media’s focus seems to have fixated on whether Sanders will do enough to heal whatever rifts have been opened, whether he’ll summon up the grace to join Clinton in unity at the party convention, and the extent to which he’ll have to endeavor to talk his supporters down from the tree. The assumption that underlies all of this chatter is that Sanders is going to lose the primary. That’s a well-founded assumption: He is going to lose the primary.

    But this overlooks the fact that the responsibility of unifying the party falls to the winner of the primary, not the loser.

    1. Anonymous3:09 PM

      opinions are like assholes

    2. No. Anyone who is a position to help to unify the Democratic Party and chooses not to bears responsibility for the outcome.

    3. Anonymous8:30 PM

      Opinions are like assholes? What an odd silly comment. What does that even mean?

    4. Anonymous8:49 PM

      Anonymous8:30 PM

      everyone's got one

    5. Anonymous7:57 AM

      @2:38, exactly. In 1968 it was the party leaders and machine that divided the party when they ran a pro-war candidate over the desires of millions of Americans who wanted the Vietnam war to end. Chicago party boss Richard Daley ordered Chicago police into the streets where unarmed anti-war protestors had gathered along with the media outside the convention--they were violently assaulted by the police. The result was the party divided and lost many liberals and the anti-war vote--many of them young. Republicans captured the White House for over twenty following years --except for a one term Carter.

      In the late 1980s, the Clintons and New Democrats moved the party substantially to the right in an attempt to regain the WH by attracting Republican not disaffected Democats' votes. That's still the Clinton machine’s ploy—demonizing Sanders' and his voters while trying to get the vote of moderate Republicans. To win she needs Sanders' voters. The Democratic leadership is hidebound, playing the old “boss and machine” politics that divided the party in 1968. The party’s current leaders are the ones who can unify the party by acknowledging the reality of and respecting voters who want Sanders' policies not business as usual, which includes getting big money out of politics. To do that party leaders will have to stop paying lip-service to liberal and left policies and share power with those outside the DLC and DNC who want the party to return to its roots as the party of the people not big business.

  9. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump in Latest New York Times/CBS Poll

  10. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Hillary Clinton Forces Joe Scarborough To Correct A Massive Donald Trump Lie

    The Hillary Clinton campaign stopped a Trump lie and a Trump enabler dead in their tracks by forcing Joe Scarborough to correct a lie that Trump uttered during a Morning Joe interview on the air.

    1. Good for her team! It is time that all of us send messages to the press when they support Trump's lies by not calling him on it.

    2. Anonymous4:57 PM

      Speaking of lies,should we call out this blog and others for lying about what happened at the NV convention?
      Or do we do that selective amnesia thingee so it fits the narrative for the coronation of the queen?

    3. Anonymous8:31 PM

      Post the facts 4:47. And no need to be such a jerk in your comment.

    4. Anonymous8:54 PM

      Anonymous4:57 PM

      As long as we post ALL the facts (including the fact that Hillary had previously WON THE STATE and the Sanderistas were dead set on overturning the win).

    5. Anonymous9:07 PM

      That's right. The Sanders delegates tried to flip the vote and undermine democracy. That's why they were so pissed off at the State convention. They thought they'd gotten away with it.

  11. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Make No Mistake, Sandersism Has Defeated Clintonism

    ...Clintonism supports all of the above structural flaws only because they, in turn, support the election of Clintons to national office.

    And that, in a nutshell, is Clintonism: a feedback loop whose motive engine is money and influence and the continued political success of Clintons. In the 90s it was geared toward Bill; in the aughts and tens, Hillary; and we can expect that the same forces will soon be brought to bear for Chelsea, if she desires it.

    ...Sanders has pulled Clinton to the left on every issue of consequence. Now Clinton opposes all or nearly all of the recent international trade deals; supports a $15 minimum wage; wants a single-payer healthcare option for all Americans over 50; is willing to ban fracking as part of the Democratic Party platform (per reports); opposes the death penalty in all but vanishingly rare circumstances; is committed to breaking up too-big-to-fail banks; and so on.

    1. Anonymous4:04 PM

      You forgot an "has always been pro-choice and single payer health care" stance.

    2. Anonymous4:36 PM

      Seth Abramson is a libertarian poetry professor. He's such a lousy writer.

    3. Anonymous8:56 PM

      You forgot...
      - Sanders doesn't care about women's rights or gun control

    4. Anonymous8:57 PM

      You also forgot:
      He has absolutely no idea how to accomplish all he promises

  12. Anonymous3:13 PM

    I want to know when Trump actually joined the NRA. He's saying he's a "lifetime member" as if he's long been a member, but their Life" level is all about how much a person donates. He also has a concealed carry permit and made a little speech about concealment in fall of 2015. I want to know of he made sure to get the membership and permit in very recent times (because of his run for prez) or long ago.

    1. Anonymous8:32 PM

      A few years ago, he was all for a ban on assault weapons. He is a liar.

  13. Anonymous3:55 PM

    Right, Elizabeth Warren is the new political messiah, just as Obama was in 2008. How gullible are you?

    1. Anonymous4:28 PM

      Gryph is allowed to promote who he wants; it's his blog. Your poo-pooing may make you feel better, but you come across as a moron. Only your beliefs are correct? Yeah, right.

    2. Anonymous4:36 PM

      She works (as does Obama) to do good things for those who aren't the 1%. No one said she(or Obama) is a messiah. If you are not the 1%, you are a fool. Are you a brain addled Fox entertainment watcher?

    3. Anonymous4:52 PM

      It is his blog and the mission statement is:
      "This blog is dedicated to finding the truth, exposing the lies, and holding our politicians and leaders accountable when they fall far short of the promises that they have made to both my fellow Alaskans and the American people."

    4. Anonymous6:07 PM

      The point is G seems to think Warren would be the answer to all our problems. I call that delusional. As far as his blog statement, he doesn't follow it at all, so I guess he is just a liar.

    5. Anonymous6:41 PM

      When has he ever said "the answer to all our problems?" Not once and for the record, as much as things are covered up in the political world (records sealed, etc.), it's next to impossible to hold any politician accountable for anything.

      Your personal vendetta against him holds no water, but you keep thinking so if it makes you feel superior. It only reflects back on you.

    6. Anonymous8:33 PM

      How nasty and cynical are you? Jerk.

    7. Anonymous8:59 PM

      Oh, you're right. It's Bernie Sanders who all of a sudden is a political messiah at the age of 74 and after being in the senate for 20 years doing nothing. /s

    8. Anonymous5:51 AM

      Well, Sanders certainly isn't the Messiah. What has he gotten done in the Senate after 20 years? Absolutely nothing!! Big plans but absolutely no ability to get anything done!

    9. Anonymous9:58 AM

      G drools all over Warren every time he writes about her, he thinks she's the answer, a political messiah.
      There is no such thing as a political messiah, Sanders is not and neither is Clinton, but you wouldn't know that reading this biased blog. Funny how you idiots jump to the lie that I think Sanders is a political messiah, but that goes along with your brainwashed idea that Clinton is.

  14. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Elizabeth Warren as a VP candidate would be just as wonderful as Barack Obama was when he ran for POTUS BOTH times!

    And, we have seen how wonderfully he's done his job as POTUS for TWO terms which drives the Republicans and 3:55 PM friggin' nuts!

  15. Anita Winecooler5:31 PM

    She's excellent at going for the jugular, Trump's a bit slow on the uptake. When will he find the time to run a country? He spends all day on twitter reiterating the depth of his stupidity.

  16. Anonymous8:38 PM

    what it says in the end is that whatever differences we have, in the end they will be resolved by force. Not by persuasion. And that is a core violation of a basic democratic norm. And that’s the basis of our civilization."

    1. Anonymous8:42 PM

      So sick of Debbie Downer Andrew Sullivan.

  17. Anonymous10:33 AM

    When has Andrew Sullivan been right?


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