Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Jimmy Kimmel tells Sarah Palin and other global warming deniers that climate scientists are not "f*cking with you."

Courtesy of Raw Story: 

Sarah Palin has a new gig promoting a new climate-denial film called Climate Hustle. This is a perfect project for the former half-term governor of Alaska and failed vice-presidential candidate, because it combines her expertise in absolutely nothing with losing jobs. This was simply too much for late-night host Jimmy Kimmel to handle, crushing her so perfectly it’s impossible to think she could ever respond. 

Kimmel ran two clips of incoherent Palin ramblings using the “think of the children” angle about science she isn’t educated enough to understand. The problem is that her word-salad perpetuates the questioning of something 97 percent of all scientists believe. If she, and other dangerous climate deniers, continue to ramble on the proverbial street corner with a sign, it generates more and more doubt and we destroy the Earth.

“We’ve had 15 of the 16 hottest years ever since 2001. That’s not an opinion. It’s a fact,” Kimmel continued as the audience applauded. “For some reason whether or not humans are contributing to this has become a left versus right issue. The politicians debate it. Our scientists don’t. A huge majority of climate scientists say climate change is happening. They say we’re causing it and we need to do something about it before it has a terrible effect on all of us. There’s no debate about the greenhouse effect, just like there’s no debate about gravity. It someone throws a piano off the roof, I don’t care what Sarah Palin tells you — get out of the way. It’s coming down on your head.”

Remember how I once predicted back in like 2009 that someday Sarah Palin would be relegated to a running joke for late night comedians?

And they say you can't predict the future.


  1. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Yes, who is she to question the consensus of more than 97 percent of scientists? She who seems unable to raise children who have any sense to pursue academic degrees? Who obviously avoids and is terrified by actual expertise? Palin is an entirely vile, self-important and desperate person trying to cling to her ill-begot 15-minutes of fame. And, as usual, the facts don’t matter in her sick little world.

    1. Anonymous1:33 PM

      And who thinks you can fake a pregnancy with a square pillow and then present the world with a full-term sized baby after "showing" (via pillows, etc.) for only six weeks.

    2. Anonymous3:31 PM

      She's so tryin to make this right vs left. Then why didn't she do that with her effing offspring. Right do not, I repeat do not open their legs or those of others. Stupid imbecile. Stinky old hag.

  2. Anonymous11:44 AM

    She (and McCain) got hit hard, to the audience's delight, on Larry Wilmore's show last night by one of his guests during a panel discussion about politicians playing the 'woman card.'

    1. Anonymous12:11 PM

      Larry who? (you don't have to answer, it is sarcasm).

      But really, Larry who?

    2. Anonymous2:12 PM

      That should be Larry Nomore. He doesn't doesn't do it for me, my ni@@a'.

  3. Anonymous11:45 AM

    The movie played last night to complete silence on her part.

    1. Anonymous12:01 PM

      I think Trump's campaign told her to sit down and STFU.

    2. Anonymous1:42 PM

      Oh I think you are right about the STFU...especially after Trump's "tough guy" remark about being endorsed by Tyson and Bristol and Sarah
      bringing up history with the guy...Your not helping the cause Sarah...And I don't care how much you or your dad like basketball you are not allowed to come to Indiana!
      I can already see the target on Jimmy Kimmel's back.

  4. Anonymous11:46 AM

    The truly scary thing is, her "sick world" really isn't so little anymore.

    Thanks, Trump!

    1. Over 10,000,000 Americans have voted for Trump.
      Ten MILLION!!

    2. Anonymous2:49 PM

      BFD, Barbara, That's less than 3% of the fucking population of the US! If he is the nominee he'll get less than 35% of the total vote in the general election. Take a GD chill pill!

    3. Over 10 million have voted for Trump.

      Roughly 127 MILLION votes were cast in the 2012 Presidential election between Obama and Romney.

      So far, then, Trump has about 8% of the votes cast in the 2012 Presidential election. Give him a few more and Hillary wins 90-10.

  5. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Palin is only interested in ingratiating herself with men thinking they'll fall for her jezebel act. That's why she's such a suck-up for the oil industry filled with selfish climate-change denying oafs.

    Women and children can go to hell for all she cares and especially if they are vulnerable. Hell, she didn't even seem to care about her own kids letting them practically raise themselves with little supervision as she was too busy clawing her way to the top of fantasy mountain.

  6. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Can't find the box office totals on how well it did. I predict it bombed.

  7. Anonymous12:15 PM

    So the tundra twat is still babbling , trying to get anyone to pay attention to her dumb ass. Shut the fuck up $ara you ignorant cunt.

  8. Anonymous12:17 PM

    I said to my husband last night how great
    it has been not to hear granny screechy
    blabbing away these last weeks. Like we
    had opened all of the windows in the house and were enveloped in fresh air.
    We didn't know she was screeching again,
    plus, about what she knows nothing about
    as usual!

  9. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Tiny Sarah cares not a whit about the truth or about anyone except herself. She is an ignorant, dimwitted, vindictive, and vicious narcissist. As another person mentioned it is all about climbing fantasy mountain where she is a queen and Dog's chosen one. She is evil.

    1. Anonymous2:09 PM

      Sara "lies" with dogs. his, hers, all ..


  10. Anonymous12:32 PM

    "Sarah Palin gas a new gig..." That sums it up pretty nicely - Sarah Palin will say anything for a buck.

  11. I like how Kimmel starts this bit by saying "I want to talk about Sarah Palin, do you remember her? Former Governor of Alaska, big hair?"

    I think it illustrates that even late night comics are not sure audiences remember jokes from eight years ago.

    1. Anonymous2:12 PM

      The audience didn't respond to his intro so maybe they didn't remember her. It takes playing clips of her being moronic for the memory to kick in.

      This was a great segment from Kimmel. Thanks for sharing it! Imagine what it would be like if news programs interviewed scientists rather than giving megaphones to poo-pooing politicians.

    2. Anonymous4:01 PM

      She's our Baby Jane Hudson and her sister Blanch (Todd). Have you seen Todd?

  12. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Can't wait to hear the reviews of the Climate movie. You know it will be a bomb.

    Anything to tell on $arah's 'judge' teevee show? It was scheduled to be pitched to big wig producers in Vegas a few weeks ago. Anything???? The silence is deafening - time to contact the idiots who were pitching the show, with all the accompanying media hoopla, and say Whassup!!? lol

    1. RE: Sarah's "Judge Judy" teevee show. I Google for it every few days. The only results are articles dated from late March when it was reported she was shopping around a pilot. Nothing since.

      Reports were she was at the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Vegas 2-3 weeks ago trying to sell the show. Seems as though we would hear something if anyone was dumb enough to pick it up.

  13. Anonymous12:47 PM

    Ahhhh ... back to some $arah slammin'!

    We can find all the political stuff about Hillary, Trump, Sanders, etc. and other current events on other blog/news sites --- but nobody does the goods on $creech and all things PayMe like Gryph and IMers.

    1. Anonymous2:13 PM


  14. Anonymous1:53 PM

    I can't believe that I am about to say something that I consider slightly heretical...

    I am actually relieved that we haven't been subjected lately to anything $arah. That mordacious, puss-filled, hateful boil has been an unrelenting pain on our collective American ass for far too long. Time to lance, drain, patch and heal.

    You know she has reached the bottom when even the watchdog sites have become to bored to be bothered with her.

  15. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Do we REALLY want to convince a bunch of ignorant, short-tempered gun slingers with prepper tendencies that the landmass is going to get smaller, and with our population as it is now we will not be able to produce enough food? And that we will have more extreme weather and less landmass as the years go on?

    Vote dem. Vote sanity. We really don't have time to laugh at idiots like Trump and Cruz. Not funny anymore.


  16. Anonymous2:20 PM

    " fed them" "fed them" wtf! Sarah! You bombastic, superfluous, retarded miscreant!
    I thought that you had a journalism degree.
    I also so happy that you suck at everything ,and everyone knows it. Gosh damn you are ugly!

  17. Anonymous2:27 PM


    "good night John boy"..

  18. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Here's a math question for Sarah. Just what percentage of scientists have to tell you that man is responsible for the climate change we are experiencing? 99%? 100%? 105%?? How many are enough for you?

    1. Anonymous4:24 PM

      She doesn't know math or arithmetic. You can tell because she changes the subject ,when she doesn't know how to respond, when asked any question. Or her standard "all of them"

  19. Anonymous2:31 PM


  20. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Yes, you should listen to Bill Nye instead of Sarah Palin on climate change


    Marc Morano's Climate Hustle Movie "Amateurish" and "Not Very Watchable" Says Filmmaker



    No rating, since it seems no one watched it.

  21. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Climate Hustle" may emerge as a new rally cry of climate change skeptics, validating their cause much like Al Gore's documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" did in 2006 for environmental advocates.


  22. Anonymous3:09 PM


    1. Anonymous4:02 PM

      Complete crap. He takes Palin seriously and comments on how shapely Palin's legs still are. He presents his review as if there is serious scientific skepticism that AGW is even occurring. Blog is a RW site for idiots.

  23. Has anyone heard recent news about:

    1. Jordan Loewe's alleged pregnancy?

    2. Sarah's "Judge Judy" teevee show?


  24. Anonymous3:31 PM


  25. 29005 N 82nd St, Scottsdale, AZ 85266

    Still on the market after 133 days.

    1. Anonymous4:15 PM

      BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Evil laugh here. I live in an area where the houses are put on the market on a Friday night, and by Monday morning, there are five bids on it! (A friend of mine just told me this today. They put their house on the market, and by Monday it was sold. (Trouble is, they did not expect it to sell this fast - they cannot find another house because of this hot market. It seems people do not care in what condition the houses are - they just want to buy. So now, my friend has to scramble and hope to outbid other people on a house that might not even be what they want, but have to get because they have to get out of their old one.)

  26. Anonymous4:07 PM

    I lied to myself for years about who my allies were. No more.


  27. Anonymous4:24 PM

    ‘The Sarah Palin of 2016’: Twitter mercilessly mocks Carly Fiorina after Cruz’s crushing Indiana loss

    Sen. Ted Cruz vowed that naming former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina as his running mate would be a game-changer. Instead, the game for the Tea Party lawmaker appeared to be over after losing another primary to Donald Trump.

    And within minutes of Trump’s projected victory, Twitter pounced on both Cruz and Fiorina — with Fiorina’s business world record being a particular source of humor, as seen below.


  28. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Andrea Mitchell Randomly Presses Hillary Clinton Over Emailgate


  29. Anita Winecooler5:34 PM

    Bernie just won indiana, which caused Cruz to drop out. Thanks, Bernie!!!!!

    Jimmy really hit the nail on the head with malice in blunderland. Love how he had to explain the old Sarah, when she had follicles and some flesh on her bones.

  30. Anonymous6:52 PM

    Sarah, Donald, and Cruz are playing at the Internet Crazed Paranoids. They know who their new base is and it is not going away soon. Average Americans don't want to be fooled by the conspiracy theories they have been indoctrinated by in the last decade by the like of Fox news, Alex Jones, etc. so they are ganging up behind Trump with the mouth and hoping he backs them. But I think in the end, Trump will just back himself. If he wins, in four years he will be another failure like W Bush. But like global climate change the Republicans have hit a threshold to the amount of problems they can't solve so a new messiah is needed. Just hope he doesn't have his storm troopers standing by.


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