Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Just a picture of President Obama eating with Anthony Bourdain in Vietnam for a segment of the show "Parts Unknown."

Okay why does everything this man does look so damn cool?

Apparently in between bites the President also lifted the decades old arms ban in Vietnam as well.


  1. Anonymous2:28 AM

    Like both of thee guys!
    Anthony Bourdain (sp?) book is very good.

    I have to comment that I come to your site motly for Palin news, and it has been very boring for a bit.
    When do you think she will be out of the fetal position and recovered from her latest chemical peel??

    1. Virginiagentleman16:24 AM

      Even the pee ponders openly admit that $cratch has gone underground. They seem to believe that is her strategy before the convention when Trump announces her as his VP.

      No I am not kidding. Did you see yesterday they set me up for another whack at the gofundme grift.

    2. Anonymous8:29 AM

      Haha, the Palin obsessed can't let her go, even though that was the promise if she were to disappear.

    3. Anonymous9:04 AM

      She's back....

    4. Anonymous12:14 PM

      @8:39 ~ Stop it.

      If you don't want to play the $arah Paylin game, then skip over this type of post.

      There are some of us having a lot of fun and blowing off steam by directing $arah's plastic surgery endeavors.

      Your pettiness and inability to understand that points you out to be a political troll, and not here for the beer.

    5. Anonymous12:26 PM

      *12:14 berator, here:

      'post' should be 'comment'

  2. SallyinMI3:03 AM

    Gosh. Save the US auto industry. Check
    Fix the US economy. Check
    Pass universal healthcare. Check
    End two unfunded wars. Check
    Pay for those wars while slashing the deficit. Check
    Normalize relations with Cuba after 50 years. Check
    Help workers with pay. Check
    Get bin Laden. Check
    Work for equal rights for women. Check
    Normalize relations with Vietnam after 50 years. Check
    Love his family. CHECK
    Love his country. CHECK
    Be the official Baby Whisperer. Check

    Is there anything this man cannot do? And doesn't that just piss off the RW?

    1. Anonymous6:18 AM

      Great list! I'm going to miss him. A gentleman, a scholar, and a really cool guy. He's done an heroic job in the face of unprecedented disrespect, obstructionism, and shameless shit-throwing -- may he go out with his numbers rising and live the rest of his life in peace. I just hope he lives to see his legacy acknowledged...

  3. Anonymous3:09 AM

    We bombed the living daylight out of the poor, hapless Vietnamese worrying they might be in cahoots with Communist China. Now that China is an economic threat to our big business interests, we'll sell Vietnam tons of arms so they can stand up to China.

    Way to clear up our trade deficits!

  4. Anonymous3:37 AM

    There goes the argument about Obama being Muslim.. Drinking a beer. Dumbass Teabaggers

  5. Randall5:07 AM

    To answer your question, "Why does this man look so cool?"

    ...he is what he is.

    1. Maple5:55 AM

      That's exactly right, Randall -- he IS cool. The opposite of cool is pretension. Has Obama ever seemed, looked, acted pretentious? Nope, he is what he is -- COOL!

    2. Anonymous6:00 AM

      Perfect comnent Randall!

    3. 66gardeners6:27 AM

      Obama said it best, "it is not cool to not know what you are talking about".

      What do Dubya, $arah$aysPayme and tRump all have in common. Clue: Ask them what do they read.

    4. Anonymous1:52 PM

      That kind of cool can't be just is.

  6. Great Pic. I'm just shocked the other patrons are so cool with him. Maybe they don't know who he is?

    1. Anonymous8:27 AM

      Lol. Absolutely everything that occurs around the president (any President) is highly coordinated by secret service and staff. It makes for good photo ops. Every single person there knows exactly who he is and has been thoroughly padded down and given explicit instructions.

    2. Anonymous8:31 AM

      'patted' down, sorry.

  7. Anonymous6:22 AM

    Obama looks really cool eviscerating Donald Dump. Looking forward to the sequels.

  8. Anonymous7:58 AM

    Obama is a class act and a true Gentleman.He has been the best President of my lifetime. Imagine what things he could have accomplished if he didn't have to work with an obstructionist Congress who did everything they could to thwart his agenda for helping the American people.

  9. Just another day in the life of a GREAT man.

  10. Anonymous2:10 PM

    President Obama Holds a YSEALI Town Hall

  11. Anita Winecooler3:58 PM

    I don't see him as just the President of the United States, I like to think of him as the world's President. Where ever he goes, he doesn't just "visit", he immerses himself in the people's cultures and traditions. When you stop and think of it, we all may not speak the same language, but we all laugh and cry in a universal tongue. He's going to leave some large shoes to fill, and I'll miss him dearly.


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