Saturday, May 07, 2016

Just a reminder.

We are actually making progress.

However there is still much progress to be made.


  1. Unlike, "BTW, I'm a Christian," I never hear, "BTW I'm an atheist." That there has been and still are laws about atheism tells you all need to know about Christianity as means of control.

  2. Anonymous3:32 AM

    Became an atheist at a young age when education and experience indoctrinated me in man's cruelty to man.

    Why would a benevolent God sit by silently watching people and animals cruelly suffer at the hands of others?

    There is no God.

    1. A woman I know got mauled in the face by her own dog, almost losing her eyes, but somehow didn't, about which her mother said to me, "She was being looked after from above..." I said, "If there was anyone up there, he wouldn't have let her dog go mad & bite her in the first place." She said, "I have my beliefs and you have yours."

      A lot of people have very odd beliefs and (for me) there is no understanding their irrational adherence.

      Recently an older woman (stranger) told me, "If that son-of-a-bitch Trump wins, he won't tell ME what the fuck to do. I'm a Catholic!"

    2. Anonymous12:03 PM

      The son of an acquaintance got ill and almost died. Said acquaintance claimed that god was looking after him and saved his life, I said no his doctors did. Needless to say that didn't go over well. How arrogant and stupid do you have to be to believe that god would save your child and let millions die? And what about all the children abused, starving and neglected all over the world? Man, don't get me started..

  3. Randall4:57 AM

    Just Google "priest molest" and see how many hits you get. (hundreds of thousands where members of the clergy HAVE molested children)
    Now try "atheist molest" and you'll see speculation about atheists potentially molesting children.
    Just try it yourself...
    Now try "church molest " and ANY major city in the United States and see what you get...
    Belief in nonsense,Faith with a capital "F", protects children?
    Not so much it seems...

    1. Anonymous12:13 PM

      Randall, how sadly true! Pedophile rings thrive in a church setting (gawd will 'forgive' the most disgusting, violent, horrific acts of willful cruelty no matter how often you repeat them).
      How many times have we ever heard of a ring of atheist pedophiles?
      As an atheist, I sometimes am jealous of this untroubled brow these xtians display.
      Almost every shitty thing I've done or said, I remember and I don't forgive myself. I shouldn't have done/said the shite. I'm pretty hard on myself.

  4. I recently read a study that suggested that religious people are uncomfortable around us because we cause them to think about death and I've found that to be the case in my own interactions. We threaten their comforting idea that they're going to live forever.

    1. Anonymous5:29 AM

      Great post, Gryph. Ya heathen ya.

  5. Anonymous5:34 AM


    Obama at the WHCD: "Even reporters have left me. Savannah Guthrie, she has left the White House press corps to host the Today show. Norah O’Donnell left the briefing room to host CBS This Morning. Jake Tapper left journalism to join CNN."

    State of the Union Verified account @CNNSotu

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  6. Being LGBT in the South is dangerous but now they have laws. Being Atheist in the South can be just as dangerous. I know more closeted Atheists than closeted LGBT in my area in MS. Of course that's just anecdotal but I've seen what happens when an atheist is outed here. It's "bless his heart" when a gay guy comes out, and when an atheist is outed he loses his job, his family, and his community.

  7. My daughter and my niece think that it's so strange that I won't just tell anybody that I'm an atheist. They say that "nobody has a problem with it these days". They are 25 and younger, and they have no concept what it was like 30 years ago, when we atheists were all totally in the closet because it was considered such an abomination. The world is changing!

  8. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Wasn't world hunger solved by renaming it 'food-challenged'?

    Would calling ourselves 'Humanists' instead of athiests solve the public relations problem? Humanism sounds more like a strange religion, but a religion non the less demanding at least the respect awarded the Pastafarians, eh?

  9. Anita Winecooler5:14 PM

    I've gotten everything but the kitchen sink tossed my way when certain people find out and feel this overwhelming response that "You can't be Atheist, dear, everyone's gotta believe in something" This includes family and strangers. We raised out kids without formal religion, and all three grew up, went to school and got married. Two of the three married atheists, the other married a Catholic, which sent my mom on cloud nine, until she realized he's a non practicing Catholic. I have no regrets whatsoever, and would be fine no matter what spritual/non spiritual path they chose. I just consider myself fortunate.


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