Saturday, May 14, 2016

MSNBC host suggests to Bernie Sanders campaign manager that they are being dishonest to supporters by saying that he still has a shot at the nomination.

Jeff Weaver
Courtesy of TPM: 

When (Thomas) Roberts pressed top aide Jeff Weaver about the campaign’s April fundraising reportedly being down by about 50 percent from strong showings in February and March, Weaver argued that Sanders being on the June 7 ballot in California would help down-ballot Democrats. 

The MSNBC anchor interrupted: “But, Jeff—when we look at the math, is it intellectually dishonest to tell these supporters that you can actually win when there are only a little over 1,000 delegates left? Bernie Sanders needs to win almost 100 percent of them. Hillary Clinton only needs to win 10 percent of them before the convention.” 

“I mean, there’s one thing to say you want to take it all the way to the end, but telling supporters that you can win is factually incorrect,” Roberts continued.

In response Weaver said that they could still win the nomination with, and get this, super delegates.

To be clear the Sander's campaign is now justifying the continued acceptance of campaign donations on the premise that the democratic system, which they have labeled "corrupt" due to the utilization of super delegates, will now salvage THEIR chances for winning by giving them the opportunity to utilize those self same super delegates.

In other words the argument Jeff Weaver is making is that the very folks Bernie Sanders has referred to as "the Establishment" or as "corrupt" are suddenly going to be convinced that HE is the future of the same party that he has been attacking for over a year now.

Just how strong is the weed these people are smoking?


  1. Anonymous6:21 AM

    "Just how strong is the weed these people are smoking?"
    Same weed as this person...
    "We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California," Clinton told the editorial board of a South Dakota newspaper. " I don't understand it"

    1. Anonymous7:46 AM

      Gryph, take a look at this cult-like footage of Bernie supporters in Portland this week:

    2. Anonymous8:29 AM

      7:46."Be the Bern. Be the Bern. Be the Bern."

      Bern Cannabis!!!

    3. Anonymous8:57 AM

      8:29 - I know. Isn't it incredible footage? It's from an LA Times reporter's story! I felt sorry for the dog!

    4. Anonymous5:57 PM

      looks like a cult, a very small one, but a cult nonetheless. Do they have cartoons on TV in Califoria?

  2. Anonymous6:34 AM

    Told ya. It's all about the money.

    What superdelegate isn't going to be completely fed up and disgusted with the behavior of Sanders and his million-dollar advisers by convention time? Does Sanders think they don't know that he's getting the votes of Trump supporters?

    He's is getting on my last nerve but at his Twitter troll army is gone (sacked) and Twitter is civil again.

    1. Anonymous7:49 AM

      Bernie and Jane are loving the money and flying all over the place being "someone". He's as bad as Trump as far as I am concerned.

    2. Anonymous8:09 AM

      His rabid voters want Bernie or Trump. That says a lot. What they want is too create chaos. When I talk to young Bernie or Trump supporters, they are passionately for their candidate, but they know absolutely nothing of substance about them. They simply want to be part of a revolution.

    3. Anonymous8:38 AM

      Loving what money 7:49? If you're saying they're enriching themselves, prove it.

      They are "flying all over the place" to campaign. How glamorous could it be to be to give rallies in NJ, NY and Sacramento,CA the same day? Then go from Stockton, to Portland, to Montana the next? Then 3 stops in South Dakota the next? The 3 stops in North Dakota? Standing out in the hot sun in Stockton, traveling in the snow in North Dakota. Speaking at college gyms and auditoriums, state fairgrounds.

      You need to put down the crystal meth if you think they're living the high life.

    4. Anonymous9:00 AM

      Tad Devine, Bernie's campaign manager, has made over 4 million dollars working for Bernie in one year. FOUR MILLION!

    5. Anonymous9:09 AM


      More like CorruptTheRecord in Hellary's case...

    6. Anonymous9:48 AM

      Anon at 8:38 AM read the post following yours. If you don't think the Sanders' are cashing in like their pals you would be needing a brain transplant...

    7. Anonymous10:06 AM

      @ anon 8:38am
      Well Jane is getting a huge salary to go to those places and the Vatican, but apparently you also don't understand the "Ron Pul" retirement plan, which means the candidates get to keep their presidential ampaign funds and do whatever they want with them. But send Jane some more money because she didn't rape that college for enough, she wants to live in style.
      Oh, and BTW there is nothing wrong with any of those places listed and I've been to them all.

    8. Anonymous10:28 AM

      9:48 - the article you point to does not support the claim by 7:49 that Bernie and Jane Sanders are enriching themselves.

      10:06 - The Sanders 2016 campaign has not paid Jane Sanders a penny. This is easily learned at debunked your claim that candidates can keep the balance of campaign funds. There's this little thing called the 1989 Ethics Reform Act: No Personal Use. So come into the new millenium.

    9. Anonymous11:21 AM

      10:28 - Bernie has a pattern of paying his wife, step-daughter and friends for his campaign runs. If he would ever release his full taxes OR his full campaign financial records, we could find out for sure. Here's what we know so far:

    10. Anonymous8:49 PM

      7:49 AM-
      ...and Italy too..

  3. Anonymous6:35 AM

    LOL if an old fart like Bernie Sanders is the future of your party then you have 99 problems.

    1. Anonymous7:19 AM

      Lol, if a pig like tRump is the future if your party you have 1000 problems.

    2. Anonymous10:07 AM

      That's why I'm sticking with the Democratic Party and sticking with the ONLY Democrat running, Hillary Clinton!

    3. Anonymous12:43 PM

      Hillary who? Do you mean inmate#13,064?

    4. Anonymous1:18 PM

      12:43 - You're insane if you think a former First Lady would ever be locked up in this country for a crime (Mary Todd had mental issues, but was no criminal). Seriously, what planet do you live on?

    5. Anonymous2:54 PM

      Oh looky, it is 1:18, the poster who keeps brining up the 'former first lady' mantra againm as if being a former first lady provides some kind of immunity.

      Praytell 1:18, would you finally explain after all your idiotic postings, why a former fist lady can't be charged with a crime?

  4. Anonymous7:19 AM


  5. Anonymous7:31 AM

    just like alaska , Bernie won 81% of the vote yet shillery gets the delegates? the reason i will never vote Hillary.

    1. Anonymous7:47 AM

      Don't worry. We'll win it without you & save America from crazy Trump. You can thank us later.

    2. Anonymous8:11 AM

      That's pretty flakey thinking. She didn't design the system. Get into the fray and help change the system instead of bitching on the sidelines. Believe me, if Bernie were in her position, he would be happy as hell and so would his supporters.

    3. Anonymous8:18 AM

      7:47 Did Trump release the 1999 tape himself? Reporter says yes!

    4. Anonymous8:37 AM

      7:47> "PUNKING US" or should that be?

    5. Anonymous9:01 AM

      Trump is absolutely insane. INSANE!

    6. Anonymous10:08 AM

      Yes, just like Hillary stomped Bernie i NY yet he got a good share of the delegates.
      Maybe you should read up on how our political system works and all this wouldn't be such a shock to you.

      BTW , How did Bernie get named as a super delegate when he has been in the party less than a yr? Sounds like he got special treatment.

  6. Anonymous7:31 AM

    I was a Bernie supporter and recognized he was not going to get the nomination 3 months ago. For him to stay in the race after that point wasted resources and undermined the focus of the actual Democratic nominee. He has an underlying motivation that had had not put the party and winning the general election first. Maybe it's his advisors and maybe it's ego, who knows?
    However, it's so critical that the Democrats do well in the upcoming elections. The future of our freedoms depend on it.

    1. Anonymous7:50 AM

      He wants to destroy the DEM party and always has. If he did not, he would have run as an independent and not sucked up assets he has no business using.

    2. Anonymous8:14 AM

      I think it is his was of trying to usurp the party and make it more like his party. Pretty asinine to run as a candidate of another party and criticize it the whole time. That's the turn-off for me. He could have probably brought many Democrats to his party. He is a cranky, whiney old opportunist. That's when I moved to Hillary.

    3. Anonymous8:31 AM

      7:50 what Dem party "assets" do you think Sanders is using that he's not paying for? The DNC hasn't given his campaign any money. His campaign pays to access and use the voter database servers.

      He's doing exactly what the DNC said liberal 3rd party candidates should do after the 2000 election: run in the Democratic primary as Dems so as not to hurt the Dems in the general. He's helping the party by running in the Dem primary instead of being a general candidate and people like you slander him for doing what the DNC said it wanted.

    4. Anonymous9:02 AM

      Bernie's moment has passed. Fortunately, his rhetoric is toning down. FINALLY.

    5. Anonymous9:38 AM


      A dictionary could explain the meaning of "slander " to you.

    6. Anonymous10:03 AM

      No one's answering the question about where these "assets" are coming from that could be used by Clinton but for Sanders still being in the race. Funny how folks will buy a talking point they can't substantiate then try to distract with petty grammar or usage corrections: it's called "ad hominem" - attacking the person rather than their argument. It's what you do when you've got nothing. You fool no one.

  7. Anonymous7:53 AM

    Billary netter hope there aren't any videos out there!

    1. Anonymous8:16 AM

      Bill's a total pussy hound. Why Hillary puts up with it I'll never understand. Allowing herself to be victimized again and again shows extreme weakness. How can a woman who campaigns on being so strong be too weak to kick her cheating asshole of a husband to the curb?

    2. Anonymous8:18 AM

      This is an old smear--from 2008, even.

    3. Anonymous8:37 AM

      Hell she enabled him 8:16. She helped feed the beast because she needed, and needs him.

    4. Anonymous9:03 AM

      This is an old smear--from 2008, even.

      Interesting claim.

      Epstein didn't plead out until 2008.

      Gawker first reported on the flight logs in January of 2015.

      Here is the link to the flight logs.

      So which part of this is a smear from 2008? Big dog hanging with Epstein? Or the flight records?

    5. Anonymous9:05 AM

      I guess no one who has commented on this little thread is married and or has experienced any infidelity in a relationship. Right? Or has children? Right? Or has ever needed to struggle to keep your family together? Am I right?

    6. Anonymous9:26 AM

      "old smear"?

      "More questions arose over the relationship between Epstein and the Clintons, leading him to plead the fifth when asked if he knew the former president personally during a separate case in 2010 and 2011 when he was sued by some of his alleged victims."

    7. Anonymous9:37 AM

      You should do better research on Bernie and Donnie.

    8. Anonymous9:40 AM

      "Why Hillary puts up with it I'll never understand."

      They have an "arrangement"
      Gennifer Flowers,whom Bill had an affair with for twelve(12) years told her...
      “He said Hillary had eaten more pussy than he had.”

    9. Anonymous9:56 AM

      What happened to the Bill Clinton that was loved around the world before this primary crap against Hillary Clinton started? He was noted to being one of the most loved and respected past POTUS!

      Now, all the media outlets are tearing him apart trying to keep Hillary Clinton from being elected! And, we are only in the preliminary stages of all this bullshit!

      I'm an older senior citizen, having been around for eons, and have never seen or experienced anything that compares to what the media is currently doing!

      It's non stop positive coverage about Donald Trump and a sliver of constant negative against Hillary Clinton! All on the cable outlets!

      It's awful! The Clintons have helped folks around the world through their foundation since he left the White House!

      The media is owned by Corporate America and they want Donald Trump as their next POTUS!

      Can you image what the liar and fraud would bring to the White House? He appears to me to be the second coming of Hitler and he scares me to death!

      Trump would be nothing more than a Dictator!! And, many Americans are falling for it! God, are we a stupid nation!

    10. Anonymous10:12 AM

      Bernie was a deadbeat Dad and cheated on his first wife.
      Hillary has not had any affairs, what her husband has done is his private life and infidelity does not necessarily end any marriage.
      But you go ahead and vote for tRump who is a true pussyhound and just like Bernie he knocked up his gf while still married.

    11. Anonymous10:32 AM

      Clinton is still a pussy hound: a woman who visited the house so frequently in the last few years she got a Secret Service nickname: Energizer. She timed her visits when Mrs. Clinton was not at home. Once a horndog, always a horndog.

    12. Anonymous10:36 AM

      Who gives a flying freek about the sex lives of public figures. If Bill and Hillary (and Bernie and Jane) are happy with their arrangements so what?

      What policies are they proposing? How do they plan to deal with the problems facing the planet- climate change, wealth inequality, refugees ..... you know, the important stuff.

    13. Anonymous10:42 AM

      Yep, another old smear. That's actually a good description of the current GOP: Grand Old Smear Party.

    14. Anonymous11:25 AM

      I give a flying freak that Bill Clinton can't stay away from the strange. He's susceptible to blackmail which makes him a national security risk if he's married to the president.

    15. Anonymous11:29 AM

      I can't believe how stupid some Americans are and some of the commentary I read on this great blog site!

      I'm willing to bet anyone that there is no way Bill Clinton is having sex these days. He's undergone major heart surgeries, is on major medication due to it and is very unlikely he is able to gain an erection any longer.

      I know this from experience!

      If you look at current photos of President Clinton, he doesn't look well. And, he is very, very thin.

      I'm sure that he and Hillary are enjoying these final years together and care for each other deeply.

      Yes, they have gone through struggles w/their marriage, but who hasn't? They've worked things out and I'm very happy for them!

    16. Anonymous1:19 PM

      @anon 10:32 am
      So I guess that means Bernie and tRump are cheating on their present wives if we go by your once a pussyhound always a pussyhound, so it seems Hillary is the ONLY one running for office that has any values.

    17. Anonymous4:01 PM

      "I'm sure that he and Hillary are enjoying these final years together and care for each other deeply."

      Bill has Julie McMahon aka "Energizer Bunny"(Secret Service name for her)
      And Hillary has Huma.

    18. Anonymous9:35 PM

      9:56 AM-
      As another senior citizen and this one going on 76, I totally agree with what you said. It's very sad that our politics have now come to this kind of disgrace!

  8. Anonymous7:54 AM

    Last night on social media (on Twitter, for example), Bernie supporters were putting out very negative "home-made" ads telling followers not to vote for some great down-ballot Democratic CA candidates because those candidates have supported Hillary.

    So: Bernie has already lost but you want to punish the smart CA people in Congress (all Democrats!) who could see the reality about his campaign? That is so childish--just awful! Not helpful to the Democratic Party here, either.

  9. Anonymous8:06 AM

    THIS was in my email this morning from the NYTimes, a scathing article about #DouchebagDonnie's treatment of women. 60 women were interviewed.

  10. Anonymous8:08 AM

    Well, I don't think that it is fair that so many super delegates jumped on the Hillary bandwagon so early in the process. I support him staying in the race and I think that the super delegates should keep an open mind until the convention. If you think Hillary beats
    Trump any day of the week, then what is there to worry about? Oh yeah, using a private email server and mishandling government documents (they don't need to be "classified"; she signed an agreement saying she wouldn't put government documents on private devices). Oh, and the Clinton Foundation paying $2 million to Bill's current mistress. Oh, and the fact that so many people don't trust or like her, possibly even to the point of voting for Trump. That's why you want Bernie to drop out. Now it makes sense.

    1. Anonymous9:10 AM

      The reason that HRC had so many supporters in 2014/15 was that she earned her presidential run, unlike Bernie. HRC came up through the Democratic party ranks; she ran previously so she knows how it's done! None of the fake smears/charges against the Clintons ever stick. If things are so bad, why is she cleared of every bogus smear that's ever been hurled her way? Your own content is on this list of all the rightwing smears for the past 25 years.

    2. Anonymous9:35 AM

      My grand kids think things are unfair too.

      Berniebabies need to grow up.

    3. Anonymous10:14 AM

      Do you think it would have been fair if they had supported your candidate?
      Or do you just think the world is unfair when people don't always agree with you?
      Try holding your breathe and stomping your feet, that may work.

    4. Anonymous10:17 AM

      Clinton was promised 2016 would be her "turn" in return for conceding before the convention in 2008. That's why in the last 8 years no young Dems have emerged as potential candidates: they were told to back off, 2016 was Clinton's.

    5. Anonymous10:35 AM

      Funny how the Bernienbots complain that "Hillary had all those delegates bought and paid for before he even got in the race." Well. duh. You mean when he was still an independent Senator? Who were they going to support-Trump? Maybe if the man were a true Democrat, some of those Supers would switch. He is not.

    6. Anonymous10:38 AM

      When we were kids we weren't allowed to use that 4-letter F-word: FAIR. Life's not fair, kids, would be the response. Do something about it or shut up.

    7. Anonymous10:41 AM

      10:17 - Link? And even if true, SO WHAT? The woman has been AR First Lady, USA First Lady, US Senator and US Sec. of State! She's worked her way to the top! Thank God the Democratic Party has the foresight to reward a female candidate for a presidential run! #equality

    8. Anonymous11:19 AM

      10:41 - claiming being 1st lady of a state or first lady of this country is "working your way up in the Dem Party" is farcical. She was in those roles because of who she was married to, not because of any personal merit. Being married to a governor or a president isn't a qualification.

    9. Anonymous12:11 PM

      11:19 - clearly, you have never been part of a power couple. You think Bill got into power all on his own? How naive.

  11. Anonymous8:21 AM

    Give it a rest Gryph.

    Somtimes the unexpected happens.

    Methinks you are worried about the unexpected.

    1. Whatever you need to tell yourself.

    2. Anonymous10:13 AM

      I think the renewed calls by the Dem elites for Sanders to drop out and Clinton scheduling campaign events last minute in Kentucky for Sunday and Monday tell us something is happening: Clinton's internal polling is showing her behind in Kentucky, Oregon and California.

      Sanders was interviewed by KTVU Oakland yesterday from North Dakota. When the reporter asked about a poll that said Clinton was leading by 15 points in CA, Sanders grinned from ear to ear and said "Our numbers show something just a little diffferent." He looked like the cat that ate the canary.

    3. Anonymous10:15 AM

      I'll bet you $1,000 that if the voting for the Democratic nominee goes past the first round that Bernie's votes will sink in the second round.

    4. Anonymous10:21 AM

      The last poll I saw in Oregon showed her winning it by 15 points, AND more than that: the voting demos in OR have trended OLDER VOTERS. That = HRC voters.

    5. Anonymous10:33 AM

      Of course he did-he has to be positive or his funding will dry up. He can't say 'well, I know, but we're hoping for a miracle" now can he?

    6. Anonymous11:14 AM

      10:15 - If Clinton can't win on the first vote, Bernie will win the nomination on the second vote. That's why Clinton's elites need him to concede before the convention so Clinton doesn't get handed an embarrassing loss.

    7. Anonymous12:13 PM

      11:14 - Bernie is going to be humiliated in front of the nation on any first vote! He's going to go down big time. There won't be any second vote, and if Bernie has any sense, he'll place HRC's name in nomination like she did, and call off the roll call. Otherwise, he's going to look like an ass. Oh, wait. He already does. All the Supers are going to her. End of story.

    8. Anonymous3:02 PM

      Too bad all of Hillary's supers can't help her in the general.

  12. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Clinton's getting a taste of her own 2008 medicine and doesn't like it.

    Sanders is doing exactly what the DNC called for after 2000: 3rd party candidates should run as Dems in the primary so as not to hurt the Party in the general.

    Clinton, the Dem elite are a bunch of hypocrites. Clinton supporters need to shut the fuck up about unity being required now, stop cluthcing your pearls about wasting resources, dig in, and finish the primary.

    On May 18, 2008, Clinton told a rally, "You don't tell some states that they can't vote and other states that have already had the opportunity that they're somehow more important, I don't believe that. I want everybody to vote and everybody to help pick our next president."

    1. Anonymous9:11 AM

      He has lost; he's helping Trump now. Any "points" he made digested by the populace about six months ago. At this point, he's just running a loop of the same points over and over again. We need to move to the General to beat a madman.

    2. Anonymous9:26 AM

      I haven't heard Hillary suggest Sanders should get out.

    3. Anonymous9:34 AM

      Grow up.You seem to be foaming at the mouth.

  13. Anonymous8:29 AM

    If there are any open primaries left, you can bet your first born that Sanders will win. Trump supporters will vote for Sanders because the Republican Party wants Sanders to win the Democratic Party nomination.

    1. Anonymous9:51 AM

      DING DING DING< ladies and gentlemen we have a WINNER!!!!

    2. Anonymous10:39 AM

      That's exactly what happened in MI.

  14. Anonymous8:49 AM

    The Donors Who Love Bernie Sanders A Little Too Much
    The FEC has notified the campaign that thousands of its 2.4 million contributors may be violating federal limits.

    Bernie Sanders has become known for his legions of diehard supporters, millions of whom have flooded his campaign with small-donor contributions. Yet many of those fans, it turns out, have become a little too supportive of the Vermont senator’s presidential bid.

    For months, the Federal Election Commission has been writing to the Sanders campaign with warnings that hundreds of his donors have exceeded the $2,700 contribution limit and that hundreds more may be foreign nationals illegally giving Sanders money.

    .... They contain warnings that Sanders could face enforcement actions if the campaign doesn’t respond and file amended reports documenting that it has given back excessive or illegal contributions.

    .... For months, the Federal Election Commission has been writing to the Sanders campaign with warnings that hundreds of his donors have exceeded the $2,700 contribution limit and that hundreds more may be foreign nationals illegally giving Sanders money....

    1. Anonymous10:04 PM

      8:49 AM -
      Can that alone disqualify him?

  15. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Sen. Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign wants us bad.

    After all, is there a better place than L.A. to find people angry about student loans, tax breaks for the rich and Wall Street's influence on the political process?

    .... The committee has already been "mobilizing thousands of voters in the area and has been laying the groundwork for a Sanders victory in the state on June 7," the campaign said in a statement last night.

    .... In any case, despite his low chances are in the Golden State, Sanders' backers are psyched about his so-called Southern California push. He certainly has his fans in L.A.

  16. Anonymous9:00 AM

    Every dollar Bernie puts into his losing campaign is one less dollar Hillary can use against Trump.

    1. Anonymous9:54 AM

      Untrue. For your money math to be true, you'd have to assume Sanders would give the rest of his campaign's money to Clinton if he dropped and people who would have donated money to Sanders would give it to Clinton instead. Neither one is going to happen. You do realize Sanders is getting money only from donors, right? You know he's getting nada from the DNC, right?

    2. Anonymous10:19 AM

      How so? I have give to Bernie multiple times, but would not give any other candidates money. So, how is my choice as a voter, to send money to the candidate of my choosing affecting Clinton?

    3. Anonymous10:31 AM

      That may be, but what who is 'the other' that has given him almost 2 million dollars? And he refused help from the DNC, so don't make him out to be a saint. You can bet IF he somehow wins this, he'll be right at DWS's door on his knees. No way can Bernie and his $27/contributors stand up to the Koch Billion.

    4. Anonymous10:39 AM

      Every dollar that is spent refuting Sanders has been a waste of HRC resources, because her true opponent was Trump. Fortunately, no one in the HRC campaign is still focused on Sanders. They've all moved to the General, as the media has done.

  17. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Brutally Honest Bernie Sanders Tells His Supporters That He Is Not Their Savior

    ...In the middle of his rally in North Dakota, Sanders asked what was the truth? A supporter shouted out, “You.” Sanders said, “No. That is exactly not the truth. The truth is you, not me. If there is any person here, any person here that thinks I’m coming to you as some kind of savior, that I’m going to do it all — all myself, you’re wrong. No president, not Bernie Sanders or anybody else, can do it alone. We don’t need a savior. We need a political movement.”

    Two camps developed among those who support Sen. Sanders. The first camp seems to have placed everything on the outcome of the Democratic primary. These are the individuals who think that a Hillary Clinton victory means the end of the universe. They are also the hardcore individuals who have missed the Sanders message, by placing all of their hopes and dreams for the country on the election of one man.

    Since before his presidential campaign kicked off, Sen. Sanders has been talking about the need for a revolution in our political process that would give power back to the people. The political revolution is not something that ends after the Democratic primary campaign is over. Sen. Sanders has been consistent in talking about the need for a political movement. In Sanders’ view that political movement is where people should be placing their hearts and efforts.

    1. Anonymous9:53 AM

      They won't believe it and if he wins the whole thing, his cult will disown him in 2018 and 2020 for not delivering everything they want NOW. Same shit happened to President Obama in 2008 and we all know what that caused... the fucking Teabaggers rise and the loss of congress.

    2. Anonymous10:23 AM

      He's already lost. It is ridiculous to think otherwise. HRC needs only 10% of the remaining vote. Bernie would need 100% of it. With the proportional splits, that's impossible for him to get. IT'S OVER! HRC will definitely win D.C., so the campaign is going to win on a HRC victory, anyway.

  18. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Try checking out what happens to working people in Sweden under a Sanders-like system. The media loves to spread the lie that the Swedes are the happiest on earth. Then why is their suicide rate almost twice ours?

    1. Anonymous11:57 AM

      Don't tell untruths that are so easy to fact check, 9:09.

      The WHO 2012 numbers have Sweden's suicide rate at 11.1 per 100,000, 9% lower than the US suicide rate at 12.1/100,000.

      The World Happiness Report 2016 ranks Sweden as 10th, happier than the US at 13th.

  19. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Welfare does not create happy lives.

    Sen Bernie Sanders (I Vermont) will not be alive to see how his Socialist politics has ruined America.

    Promise the next generation a better life when they grow up.

    Free college, free health care and $15 minimum wage will end up with millions of people losing their jobs and relying on Bernie's Socialist Government for welfare.

    If he believes in his Socialism views then why didn't he push his agenda 25 years ago?

    Bernie won't be alive to see what he created.

    Rest In Hell Bernie Sanders

  20. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Fuck Bernie Sanders! It is more and more apparent, as each day goes by, that he is trying to divide the Democratic Party!

    His wife continues leading him by the nose! He is too old and it is way past time that he drop out! Plus, doubt he'd be able to win against The Donald (IF he is the nominee?).

    I'll be voting for Hillary Clinton who can walk into the White House and due to her level of experience will immediately be able to take over from President Obama!

    1. Anonymous10:19 AM

      Baby Jane is loving the big money she is collecting for being at her husband's side, my goodness what a greedy woman to have to get paid to do so.

    2. Anonymous11:30 AM

      A basic search at proves Jane Sanders hasn't been paid a penny.

    3. Anonymous12:15 PM

      11:30 - they are hiding their financials. Don't pretend otherwise! They filed for an extension this quarter until after CA, AND they won't release any tax records for Jane and Bernie re: 2015.

    4. Anonymous1:26 PM

      Got two words for ya!
      Clinton Foundation.
      Why do you think the "investigation" is taking so long.
      Little Brian Pagliano(the guy who set up server in Hillary's house) drew a salary from the State Dept. AND Clinton Foundation at the same time.
      And now his emails are "missing".
      And need I remind you the feds gave him immunity?
      Shit fixin' to get real!

    5. Anonymous2:16 PM

      1:26 - that's what you right-wingers have promised for 25 years. Yawn.

    6. Anonymous3:36 PM

      "you right-wingers"
      Hardly,I'm a dyed in the wool liberal.
      Instead of denying the FACTS you resort to name calling.
      Denial ain't a river in Egypt...

  21. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Bernie is enthused by the thousands of people standing in line to see him. These same people will be looking for jobs when employers tell them they are downsizing because Americans are not spending money because they can't find jobs.

    1. Anonymous10:25 AM

      They like to caravan around and see him, like following a rock band. In April, CNN interviewed some of his supporters in NY who traveled around to all of his rallies; many were "repeats."

    2. Anonymous11:13 AM

      What a waste of time following him from rally to rally. Pure bullshit and nothing more. He'll never be elected POTUS!

    3. Anonymous1:15 PM

      He's the Pied Piper.

  22. Anonymous10:17 AM

    The weed is pretty damn good. Hillary has not locked up the nomination yet.

  23. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Go Bernie! Sanders 2016!

    1. Anonymous10:37 AM

      Aw, too bad that ship has sailed. Math, you know. :-(

  24. Anonymous10:36 AM

    When you go to the grocery store, which checkout line do you go to? The one that has a cashier and a bagger or the checkout stand that has a self checkout kiosk, bag it yourself and load it in your grocery cart yourself?


    Multiple grocery stores in my area has self check out kiosks and I hate them. There's always someone in front of me who holds up the line.

  25. Anonymous10:41 AM

    There was a time when you went to a fast food restaurant the cashier would fill up your cup with soda and ice.

    Now you stand in line, give the cashier your money and they give you a cup. Next you stand in line at a soda dispenser kiosk and fill up your own cup. By the way the price of soda went up to compensate for the FREE refills.

  26. Anonymous10:51 AM

    No way will Bernie's $15.00 minimum wage affect your jobs.

    By the way you've been using self-serve kiosks and didn't realize it.

    What happens when you get gas?

    Pull up to a self-service gas pump kiosk.

    Next go to the self-service gas cashier kiosk line that is the self-service cashier kiosk for 6 self-service gas kiosk pumps.

    Pay the self-service gas cashier kiosk.

    Go pump your own gas.

    Go back and stand in line at the self-service gas cashier kiosk and get your own receipt.

    How many jobs are lost because gas stations don't want to pay human wages?

  27. Anonymous10:58 AM

    I'm not going to lose my job to a self-service kiosk. I have a family to feed.

    Family what do you want to eat?


    Okay I'll order it on my smartphone self-order kiosk.

    Another job that doesn't have to pay $15.00 an hour.

  28. Anonymous1:01 PM

    AS much as Hillary supporters would like it to be the Democratic Party primary is not over yet. The more they go off about it the more likely she will lose this primary. Her buddies in the media are not helping her.

    1. Anonymous1:14 PM

      You are living in a fantasy world. It's kind of sad, actually.


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