Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Popular California Governor Jerry Brown endorses Hillary Clinton days before primary.

Courtesy of Jerry Brown.org: 

On Tuesday, June 7, I have decided to cast my vote for Hillary Clinton because I believe this is the only path forward to win the presidency and stop the dangerous candidacy of Donald Trump. 

I have closely watched the primaries and am deeply impressed with how well Bernie Sanders has done. He has driven home the message that the top one percent has unfairly captured way too much of America’s wealth, leaving the majority of people far behind. In 1992, I attempted a similar campaign. 

For her part, Hillary Clinton has convincingly made the case that she knows how to get things done and has the tenacity and skill to advance the Democratic agenda. Voters have responded by giving her approximately 3 million more votes – and hundreds more delegates – than Sanders. If Clinton were to win only 10 percent of the remaining delegates – wildly improbable – she would still exceed the number needed for the nomination. In other words, Clinton’s lead is insurmountable and Democrats have shown – by millions of votes – that they want her as their nominee. 

But there is more at stake than mere numbers. The Republican nominee, Donald Trump, has called climate change a “hoax” and said he will tear up the Paris Climate Agreement. He has promised to deport millions of immigrants and ominously suggested that other countries may need the nuclear bomb. He has also pledged to pack the Supreme Court with only those who please the extreme right. 

The stakes couldn’t be higher. Our country faces an existential threat from climate change and the spread of nuclear weapons. A new cold war is on the horizon. This is no time for Democrats to keep fighting each other. The general election has already begun. Hillary Clinton, with her long experience, especially as Secretary of State, has a firm grasp of the issues and will be prepared to lead our country on day one. 

Next January, I want to be sure that it is Hillary Clinton who takes the oath of office, not Donald Trump. 

With respect, 

Jerry Brown

And that folks is the benefit of being an actual Democrat running in a Democratic primary.

Jerry Brown is a superstar on the political stage, and much beloved by California voters for all of the hard work he did to fix their state, so this is an endorsement with some real oomph behind it.


  1. Anonymous11:45 AM

    He is a progressive hero. Anyone who knows the longtime history between Brown & Bill Clinton also knows what a huge deal this endorsement is.

    1. Anonymous12:08 PM

      Endorsements are never a huge deal, they carry no weight, and serve little purpose. Anyone who voted based on an endorsement should be embarrassed to call themselves American.

      Regardless, of course he endorsed her. All the old school establishment democrats will endorse Hillary, duh. They are all part of the same old glad hand club.

    2. Well you enjoy those sour grapes 12:08.

    3. Anonymous12:42 PM

      Enjoy your sour wine when the FBI comes down on your queen.

    4. Anonymous1:00 PM

      Read it and weep, 12:42. From Jonathan Capeheart's WaPo piece today: “FBI investigators have so far found little evidence that Clinton maliciously flouted classification rules."

    5. Anonymous1:05 PM

      Calling Jerry Brown an "old school, establishment Democrat" accomplishes two things: 1) demonstrates that you've never paid attention to politics until now and don't even know enough to avoid publicly humiliating yourself, and 2) gives those of us who've been working -- it's a cool verb, look it up -- for progressive goals all these years the laugh of the week.

    6. 12:08 - Just two days ago, the NY Times profiled Jerry Brown as one of the most important and influential Democrats in office today. He has 55 percent approval in CA right now - huge: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/05/30/us/politics/california-jerry-brown-democrats-primary-hillary-clinton-bernie-sanders.html

    7. Anonymous1:09 PM

      Lol. Get your news from social media, much?

    8. Anonymous1:09 PM

      12:42 - Enjoy the crow.

    9. Anonymous1:21 PM

      I can hardly wait for the day, and it is coming, when I can lol all day long at the blind Hillary lovers.

      Social media Georgia Peach? Hardly, this is mainstream, and the Clinton camp is trying to spin and cover as fast as they can. The proverbial ship has taken on too much water. The proverbial crows have started circling.

    10. Anonymous1:26 PM

      lol. Johnathon Capeheart? The 'journalist' who lied and smeared Sanders, claiming he was never at the civil rights sit-in as photographed. The same Capeheart who never recanted his story after being proven wrong with additional photographic evidence as well as being refuted by the photographer?

      That Jonathon Capeheart?

    11. Anonymous1:29 PM

      @ 12:08

      I guess the 30 yrs Bernie spent in congress makes him a new rising star and not a career politician in your eyes too.

    12. 1:21 - You must be a Trump supporter; you only post fearful rightwing talking points. That means you're against all the things that Democrats stand for.

      But if you're not (& sorry if I've misjudged your prolific comments here): like progressive hero Gov. Jerry Brown, you should be concerned about beating Trump now.

      If you care about Climate Change, women's rights, equality, vets, healthcare, financial institutional reform, LGBTQ, voting rights, gun control, national security, foreign policy, diplomacy, the Supreme Court, and the nuclear codes, I humbly suggest you think seriously about turning to HRC, as I did.

    13. Anonymous1:34 PM

      Oh, 1:21 PM! You are going to be the one eating crow and I only wish I had your 'real' name so that I could shovel 'it' at you when Hillary Clinton wins POTUS!

      You Republicans are going down AGAIN just as you did BOTH times President Obama was elected! You never learn!

    14. Anonymous1:46 PM

      Oh, so sorry 1:29, did you make the rookie mistake that you are dealing with a Sanders supporter, simply because I am bringing you the reality of Hillary's impending problems?

    15. 1:26 - You impugn Capehart at your own risk, for various reasons. You DO realize that there was a fake identification of Sanders on social media earlier this year, claiming he was marching at Selma, right?

      But perhaps these WaPo reporters will mean more to you in terms of the FBI: "Officials have told The Washington Post that FBI investigators have so far found little evidence that Clinton maliciously flouted classification rules." https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/state-dept-inspector-general-report-sharply-criticizes-clintons-email-practices/2016/05/25/fc6f8ebc-2275-11e6-aa84-42391ba52c91_story.html

    16. Anonymous1:53 PM

      .."much beloved by California voters for all of the hard work he did to fix their state"...after a Republican trashed. Driving home the point that political experience counts for something in getting things done and celebrity and personality are not enough.

    17. Anonymous2:09 PM

      Hilarious 1:49.

      And exactly who are these nameless and faceless "Officials" that keep getting quoted with damage control for Hillary?

      Go ahead, let us know who these "officials" are.

    18. 2:09 - So now, the WaPo reporters are not good enough for you as sources on the FBI? The jokes on you, Trump supporter! Hey! Have you heard they're running David French against Trump? You'd better get on that (Gryph's newest thread), & stop worrying about e-mails sent in 2009. (Hugs)

    19. Anonymous2:35 PM

      @Gryphen 12:28 PM

      '''Well you enjoy those sour grapes 12:08.'''

    20. Anonymous2:49 PM

      lol "former Sanders supporter" 2:27.

      French will not be on the general ticket no matter what Gryph and Bill Kristoll would have you believe. You aren't much of a thinker are you?

      BTW, not being a Clinton or Sanders supporter, does not make one a Trump supporter. (again, not much of a thinker are you?)

      So, still waiting to find out who the "officials" are lol. Can you name them, and in what capacity they are involved with the FBI investigation?

    21. Anonymous3:03 PM

      "The general ticket"? First election, son?

    22. Former Sanders Supporter3:09 PM

      2:49 - Sweetie, if you're for Johnson/Weld, or the acidic crazy lady Jill Stein, it matters not to me. Vote your heart; the election is in November.

      But I do know that my responses to you are now finished for the year, because I cannot waste any more of my time with your hilarious ad hominem attacks, and your posts are very easy to spot. (Say, aren't you "Palin Brigade" from January here in the comments? "lol" back, and a wave goodbye.)

    23. Anonymous3:21 PM

      Oh sorry old douchebag, how about, French will not be a candidate for any party or as an independent for the general election (president). I'm sure the earlier post was so confusing to your age addled brain that you couldn't grasp the concept.

    24. Anonymous3:24 PM

      From Libertarian candidate Bill Weld today - Hillary won't be indicted - not enough evidence. http://lawnewz.com/uncategorized/bill-weld-im-not-buying-that-clinton-will-be-indicted-not-enough-evidence/

    25. Anonymous3:30 PM

      A "Former Sanders Supporter"...

      is now concerned with "wasting time".

      LOL. The irony. Stupid irony is still irony.

    26. Anonymous9:20 PM

      Hey 'lol' troll, jacking off is clouding your thought process. Are you still in Middle School? Do you enjoy being outed as an imbecile by everyone here?

    27. Anonymous9:24 PM

      12:08 You must really believe your bullshit.

    28. Anonymous10:25 PM

      9:20 good one man, you really got me man!

      Now I gotta go off in the desert and think for a while, deep deep stuff you layed on me man.

    29. Anonymous10:54 PM

      Well, if it weren't for Gryphen's insistence on avoiding accountability by insisting on allowing the trolls to hide behind "Anonymous" no one would have to guess who was who.

      Notice how few regular posters use their names any more? It's because they've become targets and driven away.

      And this once courteous board has degenerated into a cesspool of personal attacks and political bile.

      It's like everyone from the pee pond came over here and took over. And hiding behind "Anonymous" allowed them to get away with it.

      No accountability.

  2. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Yes Jerry Brown! Love me some Governor Moonbeam! I cast one of my first votes for him at 21!

    1. Anonymous2:45 PM

      @Anonymous 11:59 AM

      Yes, we love our Jerry(Moonbeam), who brought our state back into the black, after the Arnold Schwarzenegger total disaster.

      We loved Jerry's father too, Gov. Pat Brown, who served as our Attorney General for two terms, and served as our governor for two terms.

    2. Anonymous9:45 PM

      I've voted for him every time. I like what the man stands for. He is one of the few actual public servants.

  3. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Jerry Brown (and his late father Pat) have been great governors of California. Democrats and progressives can learn from him. The man is very skilled at getting things accomplished.

  4. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Well said Gov. Brown. You captured my thoughts exactly.

    1. Superb endorsement. I'm copying Brown's remarks for when I GOTV for Clinton!

  5. Anonymous12:26 PM

    " Anyone who knows the longtime history between Brown & Bill Clinton also knows what a huge deal this endorsement is."
    This kinda history?
    "You're not worth being on the same platform as my wife," Bill Clinton told Jerry Brown in a 1992 ...

    1. Anonymous1:02 PM

      Exactly, 12:26. Thank you for making my point! Imagine how much Brown must admire Hillary to overcome his feud with her husband from the '90s!

      Gov. Jerry Brown is a progressive hero. Both he and Tom Hayden, another hero, have endorsed HRC.

    2. Anonymous1:07 PM

      Exactly. The Clintons and Brown despise each other. And Brown STILL endorses her over your guy. Embarrassing for you!

    3. Anonymous2:57 PM

      "Imagine how much Brown must admire Hillary to overcome his feud with her husband from the '90s! "

      My god you people are sickeningly naive.

    4. Anonymous4:31 PM


    5. Anonymous4:47 PM

      2:57 /4:31 - losing hurts. Been there before. (Hugs)

  6. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Q: "Do you know why Secretary Clinton was cc'ing her AT&T.BlackBerry.net account?"
    A: "I do not."
    pp. 55-56
    Released today:

    1. Anonymous1:02 PM

      Read it & weep. From Jonathan Capeheart's WaPo piece today: “FBI investigators have so far found little evidence that Clinton maliciously flouted classification rules."

      Oh, and Judicial Watch has been after the Clintons since the 90's Impeachment fiasco!

    2. Anonymous2:13 PM

      Oh really?
      This piece of shit?
      He's always having to apologize or walk back stories.
      Google is your friend.
      Read it & weep indeed!

    3. 2:13 - Impugn him at your own risk, Starman. Please see the other link with the same quote from WaPo reporters on 5/25 that I left for you above at 1:49. (Hugs)

    4. Anonymous4:19 PM

      "Impugn" Jonathan Capehart?
      Not hard to do since he is douche level hack "journalist".

    5. Former Sanders Supporter4:52 PM

      4:19 - Have you never heard of the verb "impugn" before? Look it up. And this is my last response to you this year, now that your rightwing politics have been made evident by your anti-Capehart comments. Have a good rest of the year! Remember to vote in November!

    6. Anonymous10:23 PM

      Anti Capeheart hahaha.

      So striving for a higher standard and calling out bs hack 'journalists' is now termed anti-Capeheart?

  7. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Gov. Brown took CA from a $29billion deficit to a budget surplus. Pretty sure Bernie would include him in the corrupt category since he hasn't completely distanced himself from big oil, etc.. I'm happy with Gov. Brown but wish he'd get on the marijuana legalization train.

    1. Bernie, campaigning in CA, has nothing to say about the horrible CA drought - "hasn't studied the issue." https://twitter.com/davidsiders/status/737703419633238017

    2. Anonymous1:51 PM

      Bernie better include himself in the corrupt category since he was hugging big dirty coal in WV.

    3. Anonymous4:24 AM

      At this point, Bernie Sanders should have some idea of what the persistent CA drought and the reach of climate change issues are about. He's old enough and has been in Congress long enough to have read or heard discussed some aspects of "the issue." Climate affects economics, especially in an agricultural state, and it will dominate world economics if politicians continue to not "[study] the issue."

  8. Anonymous1:05 PM

    CA also has a wonderful Lt. Gov, Gavin Newsom, who supports Hillary. And then there's our equally wonderful AG, Kamala Harris, running for Senate and Hillary Clinton supporter.

  9. Anonymous1:32 PM

    O/T Ha! No wonder Nancy French hasn't been writing for the Palin clan of late!!

    1. Anonymous1:38 PM

      Gawd, I hope they run him 3rd party. That will ensure an HRC win.

    2. Anonymous1:38 PM

      Just on my way to post this.... Holy nut balls this could finally be the undoing of Palin... She knows all the secrets. Donald trump will attack French not caring that nacey is holding on to Palins short hairs.

    3. Anonymous2:57 PM

      "She knows all the secrets."

      Doubtful. Sarah is paranoid and, we've been told, doesn't trust anyone, not even Todd. The only ones who may know the secrets are the ones, if any, who were directly involved in whatever it was. And, no, Bristol didn't tell her because Bristol probably doesn't know the secrets either.

  10. Anonymous2:25 PM

    She will say anything.
    Clinton: ‘I have done 300 interviews just in 2016’

    1. Former Sanders Supporter2:44 PM

      The Numbers Favor Hillary Clinton Over Trump - Cook Political. http://cookpolitical.com/story/9599

    2. Anonymous8:07 PM

      You promise us you were going away until after the June 7 primaries, FSS. But you're hooked on telling people off who disagree with you. Can't stop checking here. But really, defending Capehart? LOL.

    3. Former Sanders Supporter11:07 PM

      8:07 - who have I told off? I just my opinion, and use facts with links. Okay. I'll go away for the rest of June. You've convinced me. Bye.

  11. Anita Winecooler6:01 PM

    I've always liked Jerry Brown. Considering his past interactions when Hillary ran against Obama, he takes what's in front of him, analyzes it, and takes the high road. We need more like him in politics.

  12. Anonymous6:59 PM

    I lived in So. California most of my adult life and loved the Browns very much. Wonderful family.

  13. Anonymous9:46 PM

    That is my beloved governor!! Thank you Sir! this endorsement meant so much not only for Hillary but for us her supporters.

  14. Anonymous9:49 PM

    Gee. And he was able to make it with grace and without Bernie Bashing.

    Hillary's bootlickers could use a few lessons from Hillary and Jerry.

    You don't have to blow someone else's candle out to make yours grow brighter.

    I might add that Jerry's values are a lot closer to Bernie's than they are to Hillary's.

  15. emrysa8:34 PM

    kind of a tepid endorsement, dontcha think? lol that's what you call "doing what you have to do."


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