Sunday, May 29, 2016

Senator Dianne Feinstein on Clinton e-mail controversy: "Enough is enough!"

Courtesy of Mediaite:

In an interview with ABC’s This Week that aired Sunday, Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein dismissed the controversy over Hillary Clinton‘s use of a private email server, saying, “enough is enough,” and encouraging voters to deal with more pressing issues facing the country. 

HC broke no law. I read all 42 pages of the report. The conclusion of the report does not say that. What it does say is that the [State] Department does not handle these electronic platform operations well.” 

She continued: “I mean, what do people want? This goes on and on and on. We’re reaching the final stages of a primary. Hillary Clinton is going to win this primary. I say enough is enough. Let’s get to the major problems facing this nation.”

Finally somebody said this out loud.

This thing has gone on for far too long and when all is said and done it is all going to be a huge disappointment for the Bernie Bros and the Right Wing conspiracy fanatics who have been masturbating themselves to sleep over the possibility of a Clinton going to prison for over three decades now.

First it was Whitewater, which nobody even understands.

Then the Clintons supposedly killed Vince Foster.

Then we heard Hillary allowed four Americans to be killed in Benghazi while she refused to save them.

Then there are the allegations that Hillary is owned by Wall Street because they paid to hear her speak.

And now we have the e-mail "scandal."

In every case there is just enough unanswered questions, or troubling details, to keep it going sometimes for year. But in the end.....nothing.

None of this garbage shouted from the rooftops by the Right Wing has ever panned out, and yet every single time there is a new "scandal" we are told "Sure the rest of those were all bullshit, but THIS one, this one is going to finally destroy Bill Obama Hillary completely." 

And don't even bother bringing up the FBI investigation.

Do you REALLY think that if the White House had any fear that Hillary would be indicted that they would not have intervened to derail her campaign by convincing Joe Biden to run, or pressured more Democratic politicians behind the scenes to endorse Bernie Sanders, or simply taken Bill and Hillary aside and said that for the good of the country she needed to drop out of the race?

Of course they would.

Look I get it Hillary Clinton has made some stupid mistakes in the past, and sometimes she plays a little fast and loose with the facts. Which politician doesn't?

But none of that really matter because this contest is now between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and of the two she is by FAR the more qualified, honest, and competent person running for this office.

Hillary Clinton IS going to be the next President of the United States.

So y'all better get used to it.


  1. O/T: Ah, the things that one comes across simply by googling: trump broke

    Like this:
    by Doug Litowitz

    He begins: I’ve just slogged through all ninety-two pages of Donald Trump’s financial disclosure submission to the Federal Election Commission, and I can’t make heads or tails of it.

    I cannot tell how much Trump is worth, if anything. His empire, if he has one, is as mysterious as his haircut, and as impervious as his skyscraper in Chicago - a gigantic phallic mirror named after himself.

    After addressing the ninety-two-page snow job in more detail, he arrives at: ou will never figure out Trump’s worth by looking at numbers. He’s far too slick for that, he can hide the ball forever.

    So let’s put aside the numbers. Instead, let’s look at his FEC submission as a psychological document, a testament, a confession.

    Here we are faced with a paradox: Trump does not speak, act, or behave like a normal billionaire, nor even like a renegade or eccentric billionaire. He behaves like someone who is desperately broke.

    I know that sounds odd. Improbable. Counterintuitive. And I don’t – I can’t – I won’t - say for certain whether he is broke. But I think it is a very distinct possibility.

    I base this judgment on many years of working closely with very rich people. I’ve had the pleasure – though that is not quite the right word – of spending a lot of time around people who are extremely wealthy, and none of them behaves remotely like Trump.

    For one thing, true billionaires hate seeing their name in the papers or being discussed in public. …

    he truly wealthy seek to be known in the right circles and not to the general public. …

    Second, the truly wealthy do not brand themselves. …

    Third, billionaires do not announce how much money they have. It’s déclassé. And they don’t want to boast because it gives the Internal Revenue Service, the SEC, and regulators another bite at the apple. …

    Fourth, consider how Trump reacts with vituperative indignation when anyone has the temerity to question his supposed wealth. …

    Methinks he doth protest too much.

    Why threaten to sue someone for underestimating your wealth . . . unless . . . unless . . . unless the sole valuable asset that you have is the general belief that you are worth $10 billion? Unless, that is, if you are really much poorer, and you have nothing to fall back on besides your reputation, and your main asset is the impression you convey. In that case, you might consider doing precisely what Trump does.

    … My suspicion is that Trump has nothing other than himself. He invented himself. He is his own brand, and that is all he is. Any crack in the mask will cause the whole thing to crumble down.

    It is fitting that he gets a pension from the Screen Actors Guild.

    He is an actor who plays a man worth $10 billion.

    1. Anonymous4:54 PM

      He's a blowhard who somehow ran the table on the GOP.
      It's surreal..

    2. Anonymous5:20 PM

      And $arah is going to kiss the biggest @ss there is to remain relevant.

    3. Anonymous6:18 PM

      'Trump’s FEC document impresses me as the statement of a person who does not have much of anything other than himself – he is his own product. He is the professional wrestler of the financial world – a person who is famous for being famous, the tragic product of a society that produces images instead of actual things.

      Yes, he has built a few golf courses and buildings, but so have others – on a bigger scale; what he has really built is himself, or rather a caricature of himself. My suspicion is that Trump has nothing other than himself. He invented himself. He is his own brand, and that is all he is.'

    4. Anonymous8:07 PM

      Ted Powell, brilliant comment. Every single point, a BINGO.

  2. Anonymous4:41 PM

    "Look I get it Hillary Clinton has made some stupid mistakes in the past, and sometimes she plays a little fast and loose with the facts."
    Understatement of the year!

    It's not only the emails she THOUGHT she erased,but the private server in her house that is a big issue.And lets not forget that Pagliano has been given full immunity for his testimony in this matter.
    Feinstein should call the FBI director out by name and see where that gets her...
    Here's the LAW:
    Title 18 Section 1924
    Whoever, being an officer, employee, contractor, or consultant of the United States, and, by virtue of his office, employment, position, or contract, becomes possessed of documents or materials containing classified information of the United States, knowingly removes such documents or materials without authority and with the intent to retain such documents or materials at an unauthorized location shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for not more than one year, or both.
    Title 18 Section 793
    (f) Whoever, being entrusted with or having lawful possession or control of any document, writing, code book, signal book, sketch, photograph, photographic negative, blueprint, plan, map, model, instrument, appliance, note, or information, relating to the national defense, (1) through gross negligence permits the same to be removed from its proper place of custody or delivered to anyone in violation of his trust, or to be lost, stolen, abstracted, or destroyed, or (2) having knowledge that the same has been illegally removed from its proper place of custody or delivered to anyone in violation of its trust, or lost, or stolen, abstracted, or destroyed, and fails to make prompt report of such loss, theft, abstraction, or destruction to his superior officer— Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.

    1. Anonymous4:50 PM

      You really need to read the OIG report, Bro at 4:41.and tell everyone else at Reddit to do the same, please. Just posting the same thing over and over when it's not relevant is so boring.

    2. Anonymous5:02 PM

      Quoting "the LAW" is so silly (what's with the caps?). She hasn't been indicted for anything and there is no indication she will be. All you have is wishful thinking. You folks are so desperate.

    3. Anonymous5:03 PM

      Give it up. The State Department fucked up. They fucked up with Colin Powell's emails, and Condi Rice's, too. So, indict her. But indict them too.

    4. Anonymous5:14 PM

      Denial ain't a river in Egypt and the law is clear and relevant.

      "No, her self-serving email set-up was not “allowed” under the State Department’s rules. No, she was not “permitted” to use a personal email system exclusively as she did. No, what she did was hardly just a matter of her “personal convenience.” No, there is no evidence that any State Department attorney (other than perhaps Secretary Clinton herself) ever gave “legal approval” to any part of her special email system. No, everything she did was not “fully above board” or in compliance with the “letter and spirit of the rules,” far from it. Yes, she was indeed required by the FRA to maintain all official e-mails in an official system for proper review, delineation, and retention upon her departure. Yes, her private server equipment was in fact the subject of multiple attempted intrusion attempts (i.e., hacks), including by foreign nations. The list goes on and on. (Note that this does not even include Ms. Clinton’s many serious “misstatements” about her handling of classified or potentially classified information.)
      Now, even the general public is left with the unavoidable conclusion that Ms. Clinton either is ignorant of the law (which too many people know is not so) or else feels blithely untethered to reality in a way that necessarily serves her secretive interests regardless of any truth — the technical legal term for which is “pathological lying,” or perhaps merely “psychosis.”

    5. Quoting from Right Wing news sites on a post mocking Right Wing news sites is a special kind of stupid.

    6. Anonymous 4:41 PM wrote: Here's the LAW: [blah … blah …]

      All that stuff that you quote is about classified information.

      As I understand it, Clinton never used email to transmit classified information; no emails sent to her server by other people (their responsibility) were classified at the time they were sent; some emails sent to her were later, retroactively, classified. If those latter messages had been properly evaluated before being sent (sender's responsibility) they would then not have been sent at all, or scrubbed thoroughly on arrival.

      The Clinton server was never intended as a repository for classified documents. She used other means for the conduct of classified discussion.

      Other people sending messages to her server which wound up being retroactively classified were either making innocent mistakes—their innocent mistakes, not hers—or were laying a trap. What was she supposed to do? Have all the messages ever sent to her reassessed on a regular basis to see whether any of them has since been classified? Surely, if/when a previously unclassified message becomes classified, a warning message should be sent to its recipients, notifying them of its new status.

      This whole thing strikes me as a tempest in a teapot. Anything that anyone would/should even consider sending by ordinary email, has got to be so innocuous, so totally unrelated to national security, that any later attempt to classify it should be treated as a rather bad joke.

    7. Anonymous5:42 PM

      Just think about this, 4:50 PM, if the State Department email system is so great that no one should be allowed to use a private server instead, why is it necessary for state department staff to: send an email, then print off the email that was just sent and put it in a box for filing; and if an email is received by someone on the State department staff, they then need to print off the received email and put it in the box for filing. That is one unsophisticated system and it is time for congress to approve a budget that includes updating the official email system to something that able to keep track off all the email communications without requiring the additional steps to print off the documents and put them in a box. Besides that, the emails that Hillary, and probably many other state dept staff, sent/received were not classified at the time they were originally handled. This whole topic is more than boring and I think it is more likely that Ted Nugent would be indicted by the FBI for his threats against Hillary or President Obama than for anything that Hillary has done with her private email server.

    8. Anonymous5:47 PM

      4:41 & 5:14pm :

      You are wasting your time. You're tedious. You have nothing except your own ridiculous obsession. You really don't get it.

    9. Anonymous5:58 PM

      I posted the OIG conclusion on today's Sanders thread. There is nothing specific about Clinton in it, and it says what 5:42 put so well.

    10. Anonymous6:11 PM

      Are you disputing the facts the author laid out in the quote I posted?
      You stated:
      "Look I get it Hillary Clinton has made some stupid mistakes in the past, and sometimes she plays a little fast and loose with the facts."
      She has been dancing her ass off over this email/server issue.
      I will posit that it takes "a special kind of stupid" to not recognize and admit that Hillary has a major self inflicted problem with the server/email "scandal".
      And if you don't think Obama is pissed the fuck off about all these emails seeing the light of day:

      Hillary Asked Adviser To Pass Sid Blumenthal Memo To White House
      "The newest batch of Hillary Clinton emails provides more evidence that the former secretary of state did not want government officials to know that she had an intelligence-sharing relationship with Sidney Blumenthal, her longtime friend.
      But while previous releases have included at least two emails showing Clinton asking aides to remove information identifying Blumenthal as the sender of intelligence reports, one released by the State Department on Monday shows that she wanted to conceal the evidence from the White House.
      “This is informative,” Clinton wrote to her foreign policy adviser, Jake Sullivan, along with a memo from Blumenthal about happenings in Libya.
      “Should we pass on (unidentified) to WH +/or other agencies?” she asked.
      The newest batch of Hillary Clinton emails provides more evidence that the former secretary of state did not want government officials to know that she had an intelligence-sharing relationship with Sidney Blumenthal, her longtime friend.
      But while previous releases have included at least two emails showing Clinton asking aides to remove information identifying Blumenthal as the sender of intelligence reports, one released by the State Department on Monday shows that she wanted to conceal the evidence from the White House.
      “This is informative,” Clinton wrote to her foreign policy adviser, Jake Sullivan, along with a memo from Blumenthal about happenings in Libya.
      “Should we pass on (unidentified) to WH +/or other agencies?” she asked.
      Though Clinton’s email does include her rationale for withholding Blumenthal’s identity from the White House, it most likely stems from the icy relationship between the former journalist and President Obama and his close aides.
      In 2009, Obama’s then-chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, infamously blocked Blumenthal from a job at Clinton’s State Department because of his anti-Obama activities during the 2008 presidential campaign. Blumenthal, a former Bill Clinton White House aide, reportedly spread rumors about Obama to his journalism friends.
      Other Clinton emails show the Democratic presidential candidate asking her aides to hide Blumenthal’s identity, but only on printed copies of memos he’d forwarded her way."
      "Can you print for me w/o any identifiers?” she asked her deputy chief of staff, Huma Abedin, of a March 9, 2011 Blumenthal memo about Libya.
      Read more:
      Guess who's aol email account the Romanian hacker had access to?
      Sidney Blumenthal.
      The person that Hillary was told not to hire by Obama.
      And she hid the fact that she was exchanging emails with him.On an insecure server no less...
      Ya think Obama is pissed?

    11. Anonymous6:18 PM

      Daily caller is a right wing rag, 6:11

    12. Anonymous6:20 PM

      "...anything that Hillary has done with her private email server."
      You left out her unsecure Blackberry!

    13. Anonymous6:21 PM

      6:11 - please post this at the Daily Caller & Reddit for me, as I only post comments at IM. Here's the exact concluding paragraph from the May 2016 OIG report. There is nothing about Clinton in it, but instead, a recognition that they've had a cyber security problem that well pre-dates Clinton as SoS. New measures were put in place in 2014, after she left.

      "Longstanding, systemic weaknesses related to electronic records and communications have existed within the Office of the Secretary that go well beyond the tenure of any one Secretary of State. OIG recognizes that technology and Department policy have evolved considerably since Secretary Albright’s tenure began in 1997. Nevertheless, the Department generally and the Office of the Secretary in particular have been slow to recognize and to manage effectively the legal requirements and cybersecurity risks associated with electronic data communications, particularly as those risks pertain to its most senior leadership. OIG expects that its recommendations will move the Department steps closer to meaningfully addressing these risks."

    14. Anonymous6:35 PM

      Daily Caller? LOL. Our anti Hillary poster is probably a brain dead right winger. The Daily Caller is nothing but RW crap. No thinking informed person would cite it as a source to be taken seriously.

    15. Anonymous6:43 PM

      @6:18 & 6:21
      The emails are quoted and pdf provided in the article.
      You can shoot the messenger(s) all day long and it won't change the fact that Hillary exchanged emails with Blumenthal and asked aides to cover the fact before forwarding those correspondence to the WH. Her words.
      Read it for yourself.

    16. That does not constitute criminality which is the point of this post.

    17. Anonymous6:59 PM

      6:43 - please comment on the conclusion of the OIG report that mentions the longstanding issues of cyber security at the State Department that predate SoS Clinton. Read it at 6:21.

    18. Anonymous7:05 PM

      The FBI is looking into the "criminality" aspect of all the emails and surely has plenty of interesting reading.
      Datto turned over all the emails that Hillary thought were deleted.
      "Like with a cloth or something?"
      We'll see what was in the emails between Hillary and Blumenthal...

    19. Anonymous7:29 PM

      7:05 - I can tell you that Sidney B. is not at all worried. He's been on TV many times talking about it this year and has already spoken to the FBI. He predicts nothing will happen.

    20. Anonymous8:21 PM

      Anonymous 4:41, 5:14, 6"11, and others apparently do not realize that the State Department rules he or she relies on were implemented in 2014, and that Hillary left her post there in January of 2013. Moreover, Sydney Blumenthal, because he was merely a friend of Hillary's and NOT a person in possession of any classified information, could not by definition be capable of passing classified information to Hillary – any more than one of her gossipy high school classmates would have been. There is no way Obama is embarassed, angry, or humiliated by a non-scandal, except perhaps for exasperation at republicans and their shills who insist on seeing a scandal where none exists. I am a retired lawyer whose former speciality was working with classified documents (at the Justice Department), and I know first-hand of what I speak. Moreover, Hillary has said publicly for going on a year that she is more than willing to talk to the FBI and answer any questions they have – hardly the response of any one who has any criminal behavior to hide. Thus, there is no crime, and there is no cover-up.

      Too bad for the GOP that they are nothing more than a dog chasing a car, and that this fall, when it will be too late for them to come up with another distracting children's game, there will literally be no car left for them to chase – and they will finally prove without exception to all the American people that their sole agenda is/was 'let's get Hillary', rather than 'here's what are we going to do that will tangibly benefit 99 percent of the American people'.

    21. Anonymous8:25 PM

      To quote Senator Bernard>
      “I think the secretary of state is right, the American people are sick and tired about hearing about your damn emails,”

    22. Anonymous8:41 PM

      Thank you, @8:21! Great post.

    23. Anonymous6:37 AM


      What I find tedious and wrong is that people have been jailed for less than Clinton and others who have mishandled sensitive and classified material. Please see the case of Jeffrey Sterling for one example.

      And to be accurate, the Justice Department does not have to prove malicious intent to charge Clinton;
      I highly doubt they will charge her as she is too powerful, like General Petraeus who also got a slap on the wrist, unlike Sterling. Clinton will probably skate away.

      The message here is that the less powerful are held to a different standard. All should be equal under the law. Sadly, this is not the case.

    24. Anonymous8:32 AM

      I notice than no one here who is against Clinton will address the OIG official conclusion that I posted above. Why is that? Please comment on it. It's at 6:21.

    25. Anonymous10:11 AM

      @6:21, I don't know what comment you're looking for--the OIG section you quote is recommending that the State Dept. get itself up-to-date with cyber-security, etc. The FBI investigation and any criminal charges are a separate matter.

      There were 22 top secret documents (SAP) found on Clinton's private server. If she didn't know that, the best we can say of her is she was guilty of gross negligence. Those documents weren't "retroactively" classified. Clinton's testimony on that is not accurate. They were always classified top secret. Documents classified top secret are by law NEVER transferred to an unsecured server. Any intelligence officer would have been fired immediately for mishandling top secret documents in such a way. And don't forget her server WAS hacked by "Guccifer."

      I'm not "against" anyone but I am for the truth and justice in our system and equal treatment for all under the law.

    26. Anonymous10:50 AM

      10:11 - The comment I'm looking for is a rational response to the Official OIG Conclusion--one that acknowledges the the OIG found no more wrongdoing for Clinton than any other Sec. of State and that they have a longterm issue with cybersecurity. A rational response would also acknowledged that the FBI certainly will use the OIG report as a major factor in their assessment.

      No, a former First Lady, former Senator and former Sec. of State will not be treated the same way as you would be, but let's face it: neither you nor I have ever been First Lady, Senator, and Sec. of State. We're just private citizens. It's President Obama's DOJ and HRC is his hand-picked successor. There will be nothing more than a wristslap. Personally, I think we have far more important issues to address in this nation than 22 e-mails from the last decade.

    27. Anonymous4:15 PM

      Not when others are doing jail time for far less, re top secret documents. (See Jeffrey Sterling case) A two-tiered justice system is something fueling the ongoing rebellion by Trump and Sanders voters against the ruling
      Hillary is either grossly negligent or incompetent at best to insist on a private server where she had top secret documents stored and after repeated warnings from the State Department.

      Saying others did it is no excuse under the law, moreover politicians, especially politicians, should be held to the same standard as all citizens--otherwise what do we have but we have but a tyranny not a republic of laws.

      The criminal investigation is ongoing and we still don't know who transferred the classified documents to her server.

  3. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Hillary Clinton IS going to be the next President of the United States.
    Not so sure, Gryph!
    Wish in one hand......

    1. Anonymous5:13 PM

      @4:49 PM Ugly thought as to what is in your other hand.

    2. Anonymous5:45 PM

      5:13 PM - I cannot believe people would be this stupid, but it seems they are.

  4. Anonymous4:50 PM

    And, kudos to you, Gryphen. Most people can't spell y'all.

  5. Anita Winecooler4:58 PM

    I caught the show, and you're right. If the DNC, POTUS, etc. saw something "there" there, she damned sure wouldn't be running. Since she became SOS, they've thrown everything plus the kitchen sink, desperately hoping something would stick. She's explained and apologized immediately, and moved on, so should the rest of us and get our platform together, gotv and stop Donald from buying his way to the white house.

  6. Anonymous5:30 PM

    O/T but Gryphen, are you going?

    DC police warn proselytizing Christians not to hound atheists at Reason Rally or face arrest

    Later this week, an estimated 20,000 “free-thinking” atheists will gather in Washington, D.C. for the Reason Rally. Perhaps predictably, Christian evangelists saw this as a ripe opportunity to try converting them.

    But that won’t happen now, because D.C. police won’t let Christians hold their own gathering without a separate permit, ChristianNewsWire reports. Author Ray Comfort had registered about 1,000 fellow Christians to join him at the Reason Rally to hand out copies of Comfort’s new book and $25,000-worth of Subway gift cards to non-believers “as a gesture of Christian love.”

    But authorities put the kibosh on the proselytizing scheme.

    This made me laugh out loud. If you know millennials, they're laughing too!

    Desperate Christians try luring millennials to faith with ’emoji’ Bible

    "Bible Emoji: Scripture 4 Millennials" was released Sunday in the iBooks store. It's exactly what it sounds like: an adaptation of the King James Version of the Bible using internet slang and emoji, the adorable emoticons frequently used in text messages and tweets. Translated over the past six months by a person who identifies himself or herself only as the sunglasses-guy emoji, the objective of the emoji Bible is to make the text more appealing to people of various backgrounds and age groups.

    1. No my job has me locked down pretty tight.

      I don't see any kind of a vacation in my near future.

    2. Anonymous5:56 PM

      Time for a MONEY BOMB for Gryphen!

    3. Anonymous6:12 PM

      He prefers to pound his chest from in front of a keyboard. So Palin like is our cocky little Grift.

    4. Anonymous6:25 PM


      He lets you post here you ungrateful little shit. You then attack him. If anyone here is limited like Palin, it's you. You are an idiot.

    5. Anonymous6:26 PM

      ‘Loving’ Christians Make Plans To Harass Thousands Of People At DC Rally

      Since the Reason Rally is free and open to the public, Comfort is now encouraging Christians to go as individuals, and not as a group, so they can still proselytize to the atheists there. That’s their M.O. – force their religion down the throats of anyone who doesn’t believe in any way possible.

      I just booked my tickets to Washington, D.C. to join a group of amazing people who will be witnessing to the largest gathering of Atheists in the history of the world. How thoughtful of them to get together so that we can share with them the love of Christ all at one time!! *Thank you God for making our job easier!

    6. Anonymous7:03 PM

      And i am glad he does 6:12. This blog has given out a lot of truth. Unlike old Sarah he is not looking to make money he is stating his principles. He allows dissent unless is beyond the pale.

      He takes the time to maintain this blog and i am sure it's not a moneymaker. That is called standing by what you feel is right.

    7. Anonymous8:28 PM

      @7:03, you are a fool if you believe someone who solicits donations in the form of a "search for truth" is not looking to make money.

    8. Anonymous9:45 PM

      Amen, 7:03 PM....AMEN!!

    9. Anonymous6:29 AM

      Hey 6:12 Did you get your orgasm by posting that bullshit?

    10. Anonymous10:53 AM

      Here's the christianist training manual:

  7. Anonymous5:42 PM

    I can't until DiFi, Boxer, and Pelosi are all campaigning for Hillary. And the first two would make for excellent Hillary White House personnel.

    1. Anonymous6:02 PM

      I also love Pelosi's daughter! She's a great Democrat, too!

    2. Anonymous7:51 PM

      Yes, her kids are all great, doing things that give back. Such a contrast to the self-centered Palin types out there.

  8. Anonymous6:23 PM

    Lol, Feinstein?

    Oh the great Feinstein has spoken. Oooooh.

    You'd better get used to having your ass handed to you. Hillary will never be president.

    1. Anonymous6:48 PM

      The ass that is going to be handed to you is yours.

    2. Anonymous6:56 PM

      One thing is obvious: you are a right winger.

    3. Anonymous8:05 PM

      Oh you sound so angry 6:23. Hillary Clinton will be the next President. Your hero Donald Trump has feet made of clay.

      Let's do a fantasy scenario where MR. Trump actually wins and then disappoints all his believers when he can't deliver "THE WALL" that Mexico is supposed to pay for and jobs will just magically appear because he wrote a book about his greatness and so he must be great!

      Muslims and Mexicans will not be tolerated and the Statue Of Liberty's face will now be replaced by Melania Trumps, because lets face it the current Statue Of Liberty's face is not a 10 in the looks department. In fact now that i think about it, it looks kind of transgender! Trump should change that.

      Lady Liberty should also be holding an ak47 instead of a torch you know so no one mistakes us for a bunch of libtard living in Mama's basement pajama boy wimps.

      A new stamp should be made in honor of Melania Trump, perhaps one of her nude photos tastefully done mind you can be used in honor of an immigrant who bonked a millionaire and made it in the USA.

      Somehow i don't think my "ass" will be handed to me.

    4. Anonymous8:29 PM

      8:05, great post.

      Come to think of it, Trump must be pleased that the Statue of Liberty has boobs. But while he's having the face changed he'll probably want a boob job done too. (How ironic, stone-faced Melania in stone.)

    5. Anonymous6:25 AM

      6:23 PM The lol troll strikes again. We are trembling in fear of your tidbits of misinformation. You are obviously a graduate of the defunct Trump University who majored in grifting. How's that lawsuit treating the Donald? Bwahahahaha, fools following a fool.

  9. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Vince Foster murder.

    I was sure Jerry Falwell had the proof that Hillary or Bill did it. Didn't he have a movie to prove it?

    1. Anonymous6:56 PM

      Hi, sad right winger using talking points from the 90's!

    2. Anonymous8:25 PM

      The movie proved nothing, any more than a movie about Robin Hood proves that there is a group of 'merry men' roving about in our forests. Republican prosecutors TRIED, with a budget of $70 million in taxpayer money, to prove that the Clintons did something – anything – and apart from consensual sex, came up empty-handed.

    3. Anonymous8:25 PM

      The Falwell connection
      How the Rev. Jerry Falwell and a California political organization helped finance and orchestrate an extensive anti-Clinton propaganda campaign.

      Here Come the Crazy Clinton Conspiracies of the 1990s

      The Clinton Chronicles (1994 Video) Director: Patrick Matrisciana

      The Matrisciana dude is not a quitter. He moved on to the e-mails.

      The dark and dangerous side of Hillary Clinton - URGENT message from Pat Matrisciana by Jeremiah Films 2016-05-17
      URGENT message from Pat Matrisciana

    4. Anonymous10:14 PM

      What about Hillary's connection to The Family?

    5. Anonymous11:10 AM

      The Family?

  10. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Feinstein can suck my nads. I don't give two shits what her partisan opinion is.

    Feds are going to inict.

    1. Anonymous6:49 PM

      Clairvoyant or just dumb?

    2. Anonymous6:57 PM

      How do you "inict"?

    3. Anonymous1:01 AM

      Clairvoyont I guess. You'll see.

    4. Anonymous6:14 AM

      6:28 PM Grow some first, kid. Please stay in school, an uneducated mind is a terrible thing to live with.

    5. Anonymous10:41 AM

      @6:57 ~ Realizing you post from a Compaq running Windows 95, let me explain that typos are common when one is typing with thumbs and most brains can decipher what the typist meant without attacking the format, rather than the message.

    6. Anonymous11:51 AM

      10:41 - Excuses, excuses. Big Hug.

    7. Anonymous1:24 PM

      @11:51 ~ Please, please tell me you knew the original poster meant 'indict' and you're being petty for the sake of argument.

  11. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Watch Trump Complain that His Event Wasn’t as Big as MLK’s March on Washington

    Donald Trump was upset because his speech before the Rolling Thunder motorcycle riders didn’t look enough like one of the most famous events of the Civil Rights Movement.

    CBS reported that Trump bragged about how big his crowd was as he went through the usual elements of his stump speech. Unfortunately, despite “hundreds of thousands” riding on “the most beautiful bikes I’ve ever seen,” Trump was dismayed that his self-estimated 600,000 attendees didn’t manage a crowd that stretched from the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument.

    1. Anonymous7:41 PM

      I can't believe this joker. He hasn't a clue how to act. Bringing up MLK was just yet another sign of who he really is inside and how horribly lacking he is.

      So, the crowd was about 5,000. Too small for Trump, and outdoors it must have looked smaller than indoors even in a big venue. he sounds like he had to have a bit of an embarrassed fit. He sounds like he even regrets bothering to have shown up at the bikers' event. And lying about 600,000 waiting to get in?! Hilarious. At his biggest events the crowd has been between 15,000 and 20,000. And he has had outdoor events--many more people could have attended those if they'd wanted to.

      He really expected that 600,000 people were going to want to do nothing more this weekend than head to DC to see him?! Of course he couldn't accept that they didn't, and he had to lie about people being prevented from coming.


  12. Anonymous6:40 PM

    Hillary did nothing wrong. That is in fact a lie. The FBI report stated that Hillary broke State dept. rules - a federal crime. Now it's up to the Obama administration to file charges. I wounder if Hillary's best buddy, the president of the United States, will allow charges to be filed. Typical of G to use biased political hacks to get his facts from.

    1. Anonymous6:47 PM

      You have nothing.

    2. Anonymous6:50 PM

      You are losing it. Poor baby.

    3. The FBI investigation is ongoing they have stated nothing.

      And not following the State Department guidelines for e-mail is not a crime, as has been stated in virtually every responsible new outlet that has reported on this.

    4. Anonymous8:12 PM

      What about shielding her emails from FOIA requests? That is exactly what her private server allowed her to do. Who else do we know, Gryphen, who tried to do this?

    5. Anonymous8:24 PM

      8:12 - I hope you aren't dumb enough to compare Half-term Governor Sarah Palin to Secretary Clinton! Hahahaha.

    6. Anonymous8:27 PM

      "And not following the State Department guidelines for e-mail is not a crime"
      The guidelines *rules* were put in place to comply with federal law: the Federal Records Keeping Act and the Freedom of Information Act. Not following the rules IS not complying with the law. Fear not, oh Clintonites, those would be misdemeanors. The felony burger is whether Clinton or her minions using the homebrew server mishandled classifed information.

    7. Anonymous8:29 PM

      Anonymous 6:40, State Department rules are internal bureaucratic housekeeping guidelines, they are not federal criminal statutes – and they were not set up by the Department until 2014 – a year after Hillary left her position there. You really need to take a deep breath, learn how to read analytically, investigate independently instead of gullibly believing everything you are told by rightwing web sites and rightwing radio, and stop inhaling bath salts.

    8. Anonymous5:47 AM

      Not talking about following State dept. guidelines for emails, but for not, and even purposely evading requesting using an outside the State depts. email protocol, which is a violation of federal law. I thought you said you read the report liar.

    9. Anonymous8:28 AM

      5:47 - since you are not a lawyer, nor have you even read the OIG conclusion that does not single out Clinton, it's obvious that your Clinton hatred is blinding you from a proper assessment of all the facts at hand. Sad.

  13. Anonymous6:45 PM

    First Lady Michelle Obama Reveals Exact Moment She Fell in Love with the President

  14. Anonymous6:45 PM

    "And don't even bother bringing up the FBI investigation."
    Pretend it's not a real thing?

    1. Anonymous7:33 PM

      No one thinks she'll get anything but a warning, 6:45. Have you been asleep for a year or something? She's already admitted she made a mistake. The President said so, too. That's gonna be about it. Sorry to disappoint you! Look for the "warning" in June. The State Department's system was so antiquated anyway. The new policies went into place after she left.

    2. Anonymous6:09 AM

      You make it sound like a traffic stop: "I'm gonna let you off with a warning this time, ma'am." LOL That's not how FBI investigations work. FBI is going to conclude there's evidence crimes were committed by Clinton and others and refer it to the DOJ to prosecute, or they're not. DOJ will prosecute or not. We probably won't hear what FBI concluded until Comey appears in front of a House or Senate committee, or someone leaks.

    3. Anonymous8:25 AM

      6:09 - it's going to be a wristslap. If you think President Obama's DOJ is going to indict Hillary, you are nuttier than a fruitcake. Oh wait, you already have shown you are!

  15. Anonymous7:14 PM

    Congratulations, Gryphen. Your blog must be influencing hearts and minds, else we wouldn't have all these stupid trolls hanging out and shoveling shit. Sure wish they were critical thinkers who could recognize real news and differentiate emotion from journalism. Guess $arah's sending them. You must really be chapping her ass. Keep it up, please.

    1. Anonymous7:34 PM

      I agree, Georgia Peach. Clearly, Gryphen's blog is a major online influencer; otherwise, the political trolls would not be here. Congrats to Gryphen on the global importance of his progressive blog.

    2. Anonymous8:31 PM

      Global importance?! That is freakin hilarious!

    3. Anonymous9:09 PM

      8:31 - Do you see the stats on the right? -----> Yep, people do come here from other countries.

    4. Anonymous6:08 AM

      8:31 PM You are a silly lost troll.

    5. Anonymous6:10 AM

      Someone who disagrees with you ≠Troll

    6. Anonymous10:32 AM

      However, there is one person reading here (since 2008) who likes the way Bernie is keeping Hillary on her toes.

      Yes... me, against the grain... a party-pooping turd in the punch bowl. I ain't skeered of you all and will not be bullied in to not posting, or worse, not reading IM.

      It feels to me that Gryphen and the bots are close-minded AS HELL, but at least leads to interesting discussion.

  16. Anonymous8:04 PM

    This is breaking news. Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein saying what she always says, doing what she always does.

    Thanks for all the laughs folks!

    1. Anonymous8:24 PM

      Hm. Sounds like you're worried that Clinton will take California in both the primary and the general election: and she will.

    2. Anonymous6:07 AM

      8:04 PM We are laughing at your stupidity.

  17. Anonymous8:23 PM

    President Hillary Clinton!

  18. Anonymous10:20 PM
    Their gesture shows that “unity, solidarity and pride,” are the elements of thriving in a space that doesn’t quite accept you" BWLDM.

  19. Anonymous10:24 PM

    I helped to get Feinstein elected when Arianna Huffington was a beard for her husband. We shared a lover when he was playing family man. None of that was a problem. Nannygate and much more was.

    I like Feinstein, but no one agrees with anyone on everything and she is not all knowing. I do agree with her about this "Enough is enough!" It is all well and good she said it. But she is saying the same old thing and no one cares what she says about it. This is typical of what she says as a politician. I doubt it has much bite with those who are familiar with her.

    I can still remember the 90s. I knew enough Republicans and was sick of Whitewater, Bill's penis, Mena Arkansas, Vince Foster and all of it in the 90s.

    If Clinton had been proven guilty of anything and also shot JFK, I would have voted for him after being so disgusted for all the Republican garbage being rammed down people's throats or was it hitting throats? Republican overkill is what kills them off. I hope this is the political suicide that is long overdue. Sad if they go away only to reload and come back.

    1. Anonymous8:23 AM

      They will never stop because that's all they have. They cannot govern; look at the House!

  20. Anonymous10:44 PM

    It's like high school all over again. Except that the mean girls are Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Hilary is what our country needs right now, and these two drama mamas make the news every day with some other outrageous behavior and statement. Right in the here and now, we need a tough sensible leader. Not a crazed wild haired, wild eyed, animals spewing hatred for every citizen that isn't white here in America. And I mean Donald, and Sarah. Bernie, he's just wild haired but I think he's a pawn of Donald Trump and too senile to see it. We will have his old ass to thank if Donald gets elected.

  21. Anonymous10:47 PM

    Gryphen, there was an article that appeared on the Huffington Post (that was pulled several hours ago) stating that the FBI was going to indict Hillary Clinton on RICO charges. Do you have any details or is this just political BS?

    1. Anonymous8:21 AM

      BS! It also says they will indict Bill. Everyone says it's a joke. HuffPo is not what it used to be; I say that as a former HuffPo writer.

  22. Anonymous3:34 AM

    "I read all 42 pages of the report."
    Feinstein math.
    The 83 page IG report, written by an Obama appointee, has clearly shown that Hillary Clinton has been lying for the last year we should all just forget about it and move on, right?

    1. Anonymous6:04 AM

      3:34 AM Should we ignore all of the lies emitting from Donald Trump's mouth?

    2. Anonymous6:49 AM

      He's a lying sack of shit.
      Feinstein said she read "all 42 pages of the report".
      It's clearly 83 pages long.
      And Hillary has been lying also.

  23. Anonymous4:12 AM

    Here it is:

    1. Anonymous6:06 AM

      4:12 AM It has been removed already, false negative.

  24. Anonymous5:31 AM

    Track is supposed to come out of hiding and show his face

    Previous comment:
    Anonymous7:32 AM
    Anybody want to see Sarah's mightier than though smug face or Track finally cleaned up for once?

    The next Veterans Court hearing date is Tuesday, he said. "My client intends on attending that.
    -Track's Lawyer
    At the last recent trial

    The Anchorage Veterans Court hearings are open to the public and are held on alternate
    Tuesdays, at 1:00 P.M. in the Boney Courthouse, courtroom #29, 303 K Street,
    Anchorage, Alaska 9950

    Immoral Minority
    Friday, May 27, 2016
    Now why is Track Palin's attorney talking about moving his case to a Veterans Court in Anchorage?

    1. Anonymous10:32 AM

      Oops my mistake. Today is Monday. Track is supposed to appear tomorrow, Tuesday.

    2. Anonymous10:38 AM

      That is more interesting than Scarah Rulz.

      Scarah is a pac o' lies, another bad show to prove US media is screwy. No wonder so many are turning away from that crap.

      I guess Track will dress for his court occasion. Maybe we can see a picture of the back of his head. I like to see how those things go. Always fascinating to check out the latest delay or any crap the attorney can come up with.

      In a normal family Track will be there and not a shrinking violet. His girlfriend will be there. They will be questioned and interviewed by media. Yes, hilarious to think of Palins being like everyone else. So we can see how special the are treated.

  25. Anonymous6:25 AM

    Of course Feinstein will say whatever is necessary to keep Hillary afloat. Hillary may get away with what others have been jailed for. Contrary to the current meme that she did not have "malicious intent," the Justice Dept. could still charge her.

    What bothers me is that there appears to be two separate justice systems at work: one for the powerful and one for everyone else. Hillary will probably get a slap on the wrist, as did Gen. Petraeus. for mishandling and giving classified information to his mistress and lying about it to the FBI, while, for much less, Jeffrey Sterling is currently in prison for years based on weak circumstantial evidence.

    According to veteran intelligence officers: “Secretary Clinton’s demonstrable infractions, on the one hand, and the very sketchy, circumstantial evidence used to convict and imprison Jeffrey Sterling, on the other, lend weight to the suspicion that there is one law for the rich and powerful in the United States and another for the rest of us.

    “Failing to take steps against a politically powerful presidential candidate and letting her off unscathed for crimes of her own making, while an institutionally unprotected Jeffrey Sterling sits in prison would be a travesty of justice not dissimilar to the gentle wrist-slap given Gen. David Petraeus for giving his mistress extremely sensitive information and then lying to the FBI about it.

    “Your order [Pres. Obama’s] to then-Attorney General Eric Holder to let Gen. David Petraeus off easy created a noxious – and demoralizing – precedent in the national security community indicating that, whatever the pains taken at lower levels to prevent compromise of duly classified information, top officials are almost never held accountable for disregarding well-established rules. These are some of the reasons we are so concerned that this is precisely the direction in which you seem to be leaning on the Clinton email issue.

    1. Anonymous8:15 AM

      Colin Powell deleted ALL his SoS e-mails. That's right; ALL of them. This is a far bigger story than HRC, as hundreds of thousands of people died during the Bush phony Iraq war.

    2. Anonymous9:02 AM

      Were Powell's on an unsecure server?
      Did Powell use an unsecure Blackberry?
      Did Powell comingle State Dept. with a mega million dollar foundation and pay employees to work for both simultaneously?
      And I'll never forgive or forget his douche appearance at the UN.
      Fuck him and Bush/Cheney!
      Prison would be letting them off too easy...
      Here's his speech at the UN.

    3. Anonymous9:47 AM

      Colin Powell is not running for POTUS. He is not the subject at present.

      Hillary's actions are in violation of laws concerning the protection of classified and top secret US documents. Here:

      And did you not read that people like Jeffrey Sterling are currently in jail for less regarding classified information. I suggest you read about his case and NY Times reporter James Risen and then offer valid reasons why Sterling should be prosecuted and imprisoned and Hillary given a pass.

      Hillary will probably emerge with no real penalties: some of her assistants will probably pay the price for transferring top secret documents to a private server and deleting emails.

      "The Espionage Act states that whoever is “entrusted” with state secrets must ensure this data isn’t “removed from its proper place of custody” and that “gross negligence” isn’t a defense:

      ...Clinton’s 22 Top Secret emails were “illegally removed from [their] proper place.”

      Who will be the fall guy or gal for that? The issue here is faith that our justice system is fair with all treated equally under the law. Hillary has not be open about this issue at all. It does not inspire confidence in voters--many of whom already distrust her. She has shown very poor judgment here and her almost paranoid desire for secrecy and non-transparency in her political dealings is exactly the wrong note to strike now when people want more openness and accountability from politicians.

      And BTW, Hillary voted in favor of the phony Bush war.

    4. Former Sanders Supporter10:42 AM

      9:47 - you can say that Powell's e-mails don't matter, but who was Sec. of State during Bush's Iraq war from 2001 - 2005? Also, I hope you are protesting Sec. of State John Kerry and Sen. Chuck Schemer, as they also voted for the phony Bush war with Clinton. By the way, they didn't vote for "war." That's far too simplistic. Bush reneged on his offer to use diplomacy.

      From Slate, Feb. 2016: "But she also offered an explanation for her vote, something she has rarely done in the past. President Bush, she told the audience, had made a 'very explicit appeal' that 'getting this vote would be a strong piece of leverage in order to finish the inspections.' In other words, a resolution to use force would prod Saddam Hussein into readmitting U.N. inspectors, so they could continue their mission of verifying whether or not he had destroyed his chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons sites."

      They hoped that it would force a diplomatic solution. But Bush lied about that, too.

  26. Anonymous7:22 AM

    I'm a Clinton supporter. I am worried and am asking should I be?

    If you look at where Sanders has been in California for the past few weeks, he is on a relentless mission to win California. Has Hillary been motivated to win California?

    One of the comnents a loyal Immoral Minority reader will submit will be,

    "Hillary Clinton will have enough delegates by the time California votes are counted. Hillary will be the Democratic Party presidential nominee without winning California "

    I agree with the above paragraph that Sanders will not have enough delegates to win the nomination. Sanders will not be the president but he will use the California win to get on his soapbox at the DNC and demand the super delegates back him. Sanders is an angry old man that believes he should be POTUS.

    Sanders will aggregate his followers and they will not vote Democrat.

    1. Former Sanders Supporter7:59 AM

      You have no need to worry. Hillary will be in CA on June 6. She's already running here for the General. Bernie is going through the motions to "save face," after he sued the State of CA. I guess it matters to him more than actually serving the people of VT.

    2. Anonymous12:34 PM

      June 6th?

      I mailed in my ballot a week ago.

      My Mom mailed hers in a week before that.

      If she's waiting until June 6th she's wasting her time

      (Oh, and Bernie didn't sue the state of California. Some people who claim to be his supporters did.)

    3. Former Sanders Supporter12:50 PM

      12:34 - She's going to win before CA is even called. She will officially win with New Jersey. She's here campaigning for the general on June 6! I have tix to see her at the Greek. Very excited!

  27. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Sanders vs. the DNC: Will convention committee appointments backfire?
    05/30/16 10:05 AM

    ... Meanwhile, Clinton holds what appears to be an insurmountable lead in pledged delegates, and Sanders may be beginning to see the writing on the wall. He recently suggested that the Democratic front-runner’s VP pick will play a crucial role in winning his voters’ support and didn’t take his own name out of consideration for the second spot on a general election ticket.

    ... While Sanders has suggested the party’s convention will be “messy,” he is still holding out hope that he will win the Democratic nomination outright through semi-traditional means. Besides winning the major primary in California on June 7 (a race that appears to be tightening), Sanders will be forced to persuade hundreds of superdelegates (who overwhelmingly favor Clinton) to switch over to his side....

    Read more at:

  28. Anonymous12:32 PM

    FINALLY someone said it?

    Didn't Bernie say this in the first debate?


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