Tuesday, May 24, 2016

So whatever happened to that six million dollars that Donald Trump claims to have raised for veterans? Some of them would like to know that as well.

Courtesy of MSNBC:

In January, the New York Republican skipped a debate in Iowa to instead hold a fundraiser for veterans. Trump repeatedly boasted at the time that, thanks to his bold leadership, he’s raised $6 million for vets. Trump added that he’d contributed $1 million out of his own pocket. 

Whatever happened to all of that money? The Washington Post took a closer look. 

Campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said the fundraiser actually netted about $4.5 million, or 75 percent of the total that Trump announced. 

Lewandowski blamed the shortfall on Trump’s own wealthy acquaintances. He said some of them had promised big donations that Trump was counting on when he said he had raised $6 million. But Lewandowski said those donors backed out and gave nothing. […] 

Lewandowski also said he did not know whether a $1 million pledge from Trump himself was counted as part of the $4.5 million total. He said Trump has given that amount, but he declined to identify any recipients. 

The number of questions, which the campaign does not want to answer, represents a real problem. Exactly how much did Trump raise for veterans? His campaign doesn’t know. How much of it has been allocated? His campaign doesn’t know that, either. Who were the beneficiaries of Trump’s $1 million contribution? The campaign doesn’t want to talk about it.

Well as my daughter would say, "That's pretty sketchy."

And I am not the only one who thinks so.

Courtesy of Yahoo News:

A group of veterans went to Donald Trump’s headquarters in midtown Manhattan on Monday to demand an apology and answers after the presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s campaign admitted a veterans fundraiser did not raise as much money as he had initially claimed.

Alexander McCoy, who said he was a Marine Corps veteran who helped organize the protest, described Trump’s handling of the January fundraiser as “unacceptable.” 

“We’re here as a group of veterans to reject Donald Trump,” McCoy said. “It is unacceptable that he made a commitment and failed to live up to it. He said he raised $6 million for veterans and claimed to have done so, and yet there has been no accountability for that money.”

As you an imagine this did not sit well with the Donald.
Aww, hims got his feelings hurted.


  1. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Anonymous10:50 AM

    Trump getting beat up today by the media.

    Part 1 of Cuomo vs Cohan


    Part 2


  2. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Were you one of the millions who lost your home, job or both in 2008 when the housing market crashed? It shouldn't surprise you to discover that Donald Trump was one of the guys sitting on the sidelines waiting to profit from your misery.

    This happened while he was peddling his bogus Trump University courses to teach folks how to scam the markets and their neighbors.

    "The real estate markets crashed. Now, I don't want to blame the real estate markets, because I always made a lot of money in bad markets. I love bad markets. You can do very well in a bad market," he said.

    According to NBC News, he then advised his Trump University scam targets that a bursting housing bubble represented "a remarkable opportunity."


    1. Sure. If you've got millions you can buy up a lot of desirable property dirt cheap. Pennies on the dollar.

      Such is the case in any tragedy or disaster.

      Those that have can take away from the injured and victims for dirt cheap, then just wait a year or two and unload at a significant profit.

      It's what sub prime, balloon payment loans were created for.

      It's also what hedge funds are for.

  3. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Coulter Says Trump's Taxes Self-Incriminate So Nevermind

    ...However, she did make the only case why Donald Trump is refusing to release his tax returns. They will be heavily scrutinized by the public, just like every other presidential candidate has before him. That's too dangerous for the Dapper Don.

    Please note that the Clintons have released 33 years of tax returns. They've been married 41 years this October. Two things Donald can never say about his pathetic self. .

    David Corn quickly jumped into the debate, mocking her and Trump over his refusal and her defense.

    Coulter: "If he releases his tax returns...what he is doing is releasing every tax attorney in America to pour through his tax returns....(Corn off camera: "Ohhhh") ...to do Pro bono work for the IRS..."



  4. Anonymous11:52 AM

    When asked for accountability for 6 million dollars donated to the veterans, Trump hides the money and calls the Marine Corps veterans "..dishonest and disgusting..".

  5. Anonymous11:52 AM

    To put it bluntly, calm the fuck down, some Democrats, about Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton right now in the polls. Who the fuck cares? Most of recent history tells us that they aren't worth shit. If you believe that November is a done deal because of May, you need to take a drink, masturbate to Palin punishment porn, and relax.

    Shit will get real sometime around July or August. Enjoy yourself before then. Say all the mean things about Trump you can come up with. And if he is still leading post-convention, you can freak the fuck out.


    1. Anonymous12:25 PM

      Thank you for stressing this. If everyone thinks back to 2008 when McCain announced Palin as his VP candidate, the polls took a big bounce, too. That sure didn't last. And in 2012, many polls showed Romney leading Obama. Just ignore the "far too numerous" polls - they change every day.

    2. At risk of repeating myself:
      Hedge the bet! If you're truly scared of a Trump presidency or if you in particular have lots to lose, bet on Trump.

      Trump pays around 3 to 1 on any betting site and maybe more on prediction site.

  6. Anonymous12:00 PM


    ...So when Trump starts peddling stories cooked up by the guy who tells us that Hillary Clinton is an angry radical lesbian whose only child was conceived via marital rape, I suppose everyone in the media will take the allegations seriously and spread them around by asking other Republicans what they think about them, even though Klein's work has been justifiably dismissed as garbage by the media in recent years.

    So isDonald Trump is becoming the new "puke funnel" -- a one-man conduit directing (or redirecting) sleazy stories from the fringe to the legitimate press? "Puke funnel" was James Carville's term for a process that was described this way in a memo from Clinton World in the days of Bill's administration:


  7. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Soon It Will Suck to Be Donald Trump

    ...Most of all, if the worm ever turns on Donald Trump's immensely lucky 2016 campaign, it's likely to turn fast and hard. Much of his party will abandon him in a heartbeat if that's the best way to preserve Republican control of Congress and state governments. The media folk he despises and seeks to threaten and intimidate will be unforgiving if he begins to stumble. It could get very ugly very fast.

    Perhaps Trump will be luckier and more skillful than I suspect in the very different context of a general election. But anyway you cut it, he's going to have a lot of white-knuckle moments from here on out. And it just isn't going to be as much fun.


  8. Anonymous12:13 PM

    What a doofus. For all his business experience, he can't find the money. He won't berate his staff to look for it. Yet blames the media. I do see how stupid people are voting for him. These people will get even less under his rule.

    1. Anonymous3:39 PM

      According to him, he's so rich that is petty cash. Why can't he just give them $6 million until he finally gets around to "finding" it?

  9. Anonymous12:25 PM

    When either little donnie boy or the tundra turd open their yaps, lies(shit) fall out. Never fails.

  10. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Trump is a lying asshole. He isn't used to having to prove what he says or does. He's been operating in a Donald Trump world of everyone bowing to his demands and he is very bristly about having to explain himself, because he just isn't used to doing that to anyone, about anything. It's only gonna get tougher on him as the media digs deeper and deeper into his dealings. He will malign, attack, fume, spit and whine about it, non stop, because that's just the kind of guy he is. Hopefully, the media will grow some balls and go after him double barrelled the way they have gone after other candidates. We'll see. But there's no question in my mind that he pocketed that money with no intention of surrendering it, laughing all the way to the bank and the gullible people who thought he had a single cell of integrity in his body and would do the right thing. Not hardly. He is incapable of doing the right thing. It's all about Trump. Period.

    1. Anonymous2:54 PM

      TPM<<<<<<<< "Lion" donny dRumpf.

  11. Crystal Sage12:37 PM

    Why is Trump getting away with any of this? Can you imagine what the pundits and so-called news-people would do to Hillary in this instance? The so-called media is accusing the Clinton Foundation of all sorts of nefarious deeds, ignoring the good that has been done by the foundation.

    Trump gives new meaning to Teflon® as it seems to apply to him with regards to everything he says and does. Scary.

    1. Crystal Sage1:10 PM

      And then there's THIS Our future First Lady in a very classy pose.

    2. Excellent points all, Crystal Sage; the picture speaks more than the traditional thousand words. Here's a parlor game: "Can you imagine [insert past or potential First Lady] striking that pose?"

      My favorite mental images: a tie between Dolley Madison and Bess Truman.

    3. Anonymous5:00 PM

      "Oh Donald, your dental floss is varmed up"

  12. Anonymous12:37 PM

    Trump henchman Corey said on a show this am that they will be dispersing the money by/on Memorial Day.

    ahhh, right

    1. Anonymous3:03 PM


      DOUBT IT!!!!

    2. Anonymous4:46 PM

      Didn't we hear that same refrain some time back?
      thefederalist.com/.../trumps-new-pro-veterans-website-directs-all-donations-to-trumps personal foundation 1/28/16
      donaldtrumpforvets.com - 100% of the funds raised on the site goes directly to Drumpf's foundation

      Over a million and half have been raised on that site and the total is said to go into Drumpf's foundation. It is a one page apparently no longer available, no info, no other info except surfing shows statements that it has gone to his foundation. Drumpf says basically the records are no ones business. Heard that before?

  13. Anonymous1:05 PM

    Leading White Nationalist Predicts Trump Administration Will Be Stacked With 'People Who Think The Way We Do'

    ...On the other hand, there is an aspect of this that very few people are talking about. If there actually is a Trump presidency, he will attract, at all sorts of levels in his administration, people who do think the way we do. Even though they’re not publicly associated with racial dissidents, or white advocacy. He will attract people who read our web pages, who listen to our podcasts, and they will work in all sorts of very, very useful ways in all levels of his administration to bring about sensible policies.

    I think I can also imagine that some of them, they will be caught out, oh, saying rude things about blacks or rude things about Mexico, and there will be little scandals here and there. But there will be a great number who will infiltrate his administration, his campaign, his advisers in ways that cannot but be extremely useful both to Trump and to us.


  14. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Veterans are sooooo tired of being used as political chew toys when it's expedient for just another douchebag politician. Especially the Orange Oompah Loompah


  15. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Also, too: guess what! He does not pay any taxes! Not only did it turn out he did not pay taxes in the 1980s, but even more recently, he did not pay taxes. I guess, he does it legally, hiring the best lawyers and accountants he can. But the gist of it is: HE IS PAYING NO TAXES! That is why he does not want to publish his tax returns.

    1. Anonymous2:11 PM

      Notice he has not denied the allegation?

  16. Anonymous3:24 PM

    President Trump!

    Thank you DNC.

  17. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Ken Starr OUT>

    1. Anonymous9:03 PM

      Wow, I didn't know he was at Baylor. I hadn't paid attention to Starr since he announced he'd be teaching at Pepperdine years back. How ironic, that he could put so much time and energy into pursuing the Clinton-Lewinsky story and go on and on about ethical standards, but he couldn't be bothered to protect the students who trust their faculty to keep them safe. When I teach at summer camp we on the staff are acting In loco parentis, in place of the parents. We work with kids up through high school, but even when children reach eighteen and are in their early twenties, they need to have that kind of support from their college faculty and to feel and be safe on campus. Shame on Ken Starr. But at least everyone can now see who he really is.

  18. Anita Winecooler5:04 PM

    Not cool using the Vets as pawns in your political wet dreams, not cool at all. This is a man with vast business acumen, who knows a lot of big words, if he were any other millionaire, he'd put up his amount plus more than the questioned amount. And this vile, sick bastaaad wants to be POTUS.

  19. Anonymous6:52 PM

    Bet the check bounces..

  20. Anonymous7:05 PM

    Donald Trump is acting out everyone who thinks and acts like him, wet dream. For eight years the white guys had to bite their tongue and obstruct the government with the half black guy in the White House. Donald Trump is their ticket to taking back "their" country. It never belonged to those of us minorities. He basically has been telling it like it is. We are just thinking he means in that all inclusive way. And he doesn't have to show his taxes because in his mind he is God. He doesn't have to disclose what he did with the money he made off the veterans. He's above us, and when he's elected President we shall see more of his blatant behavior. And we have been trained to be politically correct that we won't over question a damn thing he does until we look back in the history books and as "Why?" Or our children will.

  21. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Loved reading this on Elizabeth Warren:


  22. Anonymous9:33 PM

    Too funny. My husband and I are watching CNN. A few minutes ago they were talking about the way Trump tweeted post-rally about how great the New Mexico rally had gone and now he was in Anaheim. There was, they pointed out, no mention of the protesting both inside the rally and outside. They showed an enlarged Trump Twitter page on the TV screen with Trump's comment. Right below it everyone watching could read a comment asking, "Does your cock match your skin color? Like, is it orange?"


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