Saturday, May 21, 2016

Starting to really love the Liberal Redneck.

"Crazier than Michele Bachmann on bath salts."

Oh yeah, this guy's going places.


  1. Anonymous4:19 AM

    The Redneck Liberal Trae Crowder is not only hysterically funny, he is spot on with his treatment of this subject.


  2. "Starting to" ??? Are you shittin' me? This guy is the bomb (or what the word is now for perfect)!

    Could bare stop laughing at his take on American Family Association boycotting Target over the bathroom nonsense.

    “...Your comfort? Have you even thought about other people’s comfort? What about gay people? or black people.? Hell, me?! I’m a non-Christian liven’ in the south. I cain’t go to a god damn picnic without having to pray to some space fairy for the broccoli casserole…."

    American Family Association Boycotts Target.

  3. Here is the link to all of his vids:

  4. Anonymous5:14 AM


  5. 66gardeners5:40 AM

    Sign him up!

    My youngest son, age 18 years, is a liberal redneck wanna be.

  6. Anonymous5:42 AM

    I need to use, "Fake Lord Have Mercy"

  7. Anonymous5:43 AM

    What you believe is irrelevant when it comes to other peoples' rights. Amen

  8. Anonymous5:44 AM

    We need to tell right wing Christian radicals they fit right in with the Islamic extremists

    1. Call them Christianists -- Andrew Sullivan used that term first, years ago. Still more than apt.

  9. Anonymous6:08 AM

    Interesting post from gawker about instagram endorsements. Heads up, Bristol!

  10. Anonymous6:41 AM

    Fake Lord have mercy indeedπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  11. Anonymous6:48 AM

    Beer/Jack Summit: Liberal Redneck and our very own Old Redneck. I'd pay to see that. :)

  12. Anonymous7:19 AM


  13. Anonymous7:50 AM

    Wow! This guy is good! And funny!

  14. Anonymous8:04 AM


  15. Anonymous8:14 AM

    Bless your heart.... LOL.

  16. Anonymous8:41 AM

    This Hilariously Brilliant Commentary On White Privilege Is Something Everyone Needs To See (VIDEO)

  17. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Meh, not funny. The redneck comedian thing has been done plenty of times before. The guy is sporting a gay man beard, explains a lot.

    1. Hang on I have to take a damp cloth and wipe the homophobia off of the blog.

      There, I think that's all of it.

    2. Anonymous10:09 AM

      Uh oh, I think that maybe my husband has occasionally sported a gay man beard too. I always thought that it was because he was of Finnish descent and couldn't actually grow a full beard, but now I know.............he's secretly been homo these past 30 years. Guess I'll have to break it to the kids now, and pray that our 14 year old can grow a full beard when the time comes. I'll be watching his facial hairs very very closely!

    3. Anonymous10:55 AM

      "gay man beard"


    4. Anonymous11:30 AM

      I would be the first one to call 'shenanigans' if Trae Crowder was faking a hick accent; however, he's from my neck of the woods (Knoxville, TN) and i declare him to be authentic.

  18. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Trae is absolutely spot-on and funny!

  19. Anita Winecooler11:57 AM

    Thanks for introducing him to us. What a funny guy! Check out some of his other clips, he doesn't dissappoint!

  20. Anonymous12:31 PM

    OMG, I laughed until I nearly peed in my pants! I so want to have a beer with this guy, he is brilliantly funny, completely on point and I can't get enough of him. I want more videos and he only has a few. Just made my day listening to his homegrown wisdom. Thanks for posting him, Gryphen.

  21. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Recently earning national attention (or notoriety, depending on your viewpoint) for his "Liberal Redneck" series of viral videos, Trae Crowder has been performing his particular brand of Southern-fried intellectual comedy in the Southeast and beyond for the past six years. Trae is also a writer and is currently a member of NBC Universal's Talent Infusion Program after being invited to their prestigious Late Night Writer's Workshop in 2015.

  22. Anonymous12:38 PM

    ‘Liberal Redneck’ Trae Crowder Reveals Who He Is in New Interview: WATCH

    Crowder says “it’s just a character in that it’s an exaggeration of who I actually am. I did grow up super redneck, I have always been very liberal in terms of ideology or whatever, so really the only thing that makes it different is that in person I’m not as aggressive or in your face about my beliefs or whatever. I did that because I feel like that’s how a lot of rednecks are though….and so I wanted to turn that around on them.”

    Crowder says he grew up in “abject poverty” and he thinks it “should be the natural inclination of most really poor people to be liberal – otherwise, you’re going against your self interests” but that most “rednecks” are not liberal because of Jesus.

    Why isn’t Crowder that way? “I just ain’t been particularly down with Jesus, and most of the reason for that is because my uncle, whom I love dearly, is gay, and so I just didn’t appreciate a lot of the things the church had to say about him growing up.”

    Crowder goes on to talk about his comedy career, his upcoming tour, the 2016 election, and the other issues that upset the Liberal Redneck.

    “You name it I’ve got an opinion about it.”


  23. Anonymous12:42 PM

    “The Liberal Redneck”

  24. Anonymous12:55 PM

    So funny!


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