Monday, June 27, 2016

2016's Miss Missouri becomes the first openly gay woman to compete for Miss America. Wait, did that say Miss Missouri?

Courtesy of ABC News:

Erin O'Flaherty has been crowned the 2016 Miss Missouri, becoming the first openly gay woman to win a state pageant leading to the coveted Miss America competition. 

“It’s certainly making history and I’m not sure I set out to do that, but I am the first openly gay Miss Missouri and contestant to head to Miss America so I am excited about that. But, mainly, I’m excited to represent the LGBT community,” O'Flaherty, 23, said on “Good Morning America” today live from St. Louis. 

“We’re underrepresented in public in positions of influence. So I’m excited to take that on and I hope that my presence will help with visibility for the community.”

Wow! I have to say that I would never have expected the first openly gay Miss America contestant to have come from Missouri.

Good for you Missouri! 


  1. Anonymous4:05 AM

    The reason you didn't expect such a thing is because you live in a little Alaskan bubble just like the Palins who you live to criticize for being close minded. Sarah and Co are not the only people in an ivory tower who deign to give their opinions and pronouncements on current events whenever they believe that they have something worthwhile to say.

    1. Anonymous5:12 AM

      Don't like don't listen. No one professes to be the end all be all of opinions. Gryphen spouts opinions everyday. No one lives in an ivory tower. ??

    2. Anonymous8:01 AM

      And yet here you are reading every word that Gryphen has to say...Hmmmmm, you must really have an unfulfilled life.

    3. Anonymous8:28 AM

      8:01 - and commenting over and over and over again. 4:05 is probably that mentally ill stalker who tries to police folks on the internet while defending the Palins.

  2. Anonymous4:56 AM

    Ugh. Given that beauty pageants were created by men for men, she probably won't get too far beyond the novelty of it all. Icwould admire her more if she would participate in a feminist activity rather than go the route of trying to show that lezbians can be hawt too. Who cares, besides the girl/girl porn producers?!

  3. Missouri is the "Show-Me State." Or so I was told in grade school.

    Miss Missouri is showing us.

  4. Anonymous6:15 AM

    Considering she's in a beauty pageant she might have been better looking....even for a gal from Missouri.

    1. Anonymous6:50 AM

      Pray tell, what state has the best looking women, oh misogynistic one?

    2. Anonymous9:21 AM

      She does look a little like a horse. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

  5. Anonymous7:29 AM

    OT? Ted Stevens?

  6. Anita Winecooler3:45 PM

    It's about time! One small step for the LGBT community, a giant leap for humanity. Watch the RWNJ'S blow a fuse.


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