Friday, June 17, 2016

Ardent Hillary hater reads her e-mails, and it changes her mind completely.

Courtesy of Blue Nation Review:  

Her tenure as Secretary of State, of course, led to the bogus email scandal, which in turn led to the slow-drip release of the emails on her home server. I decided I was going to read them. 

In those emails, I discovered a Hillary Clinton I didn’t even know existed. I found a woman who cared about employees who lost loved ones. 

I found a woman who, without exception, took time to write notes of condolence and notes of congratulations, no matter how busy she was. I found a woman who could be a tough negotiator and firm in her expectations, but still had a moment to write a friend with encouragement in tough times. She worried over people she didn’t know, and she worried over those she did. 

And everywhere she went, her concern for women and children was clearly the first and foremost thing on her mind. 

In those emails, I also found a woman who seemed to understand power and how to use it wisely. A woman of formidable intellect who actually understood the nuances of a thing, and how to strike a tough bargain. 

I read every single one of the emails released in August, and what I found was someone who actually gave a damn about the country, the Democratic party, and all of our futures.

You know you hear it all of the time from reporters and pundits that the REAL Hillary Clinton is nothing like she is portrayed in the media, and that in private she is warm, humorous, and very personable.

However it seems our image of her is often one shaped not by anything that she has shown us about herself, but more by what others have said about her.

More specifically what the Right Wing has been saying about her for the last thirty or more years.

Such as that she is conniving, dishonest, warlike, secretive, and entitled.

Of course we know that if they were describing a man, especially a conservative man, they would choose an entirely different vocabulary.

"Conniving" would be "ambitious."

"Dishonest" would be "politically adept."

"Warlike" would be "focused on national security."

"Secretive" would be "circumspect."

And "entitled" would of course translate into "confident."

And I can all but guarantee that if Hillary were not Hillary that nobody would be claiming that she was about to be indicted and thrown in prison over her private e-mail server. Which has now become the conspiracy theory that will not die.

No trolls, Hillary Clinton is not my "Queen," but I do think she will be a fine President.

And just wait and see, perhaps your mind will be changed as well. 


  1. Thank you, G, I posted this on my FB page.

  2. Anonymous4:19 PM

    I am a 70 year-old white woman that has always liked Hillary Clinton. (Registered as non partisan!) I've followed her for eons and admired her - through all her trials and tribulations. (And, successes!)

    She's a 'stand out' and has my vote for POTUS. She is far better qualified for the position than any Republican in the mix - especially Donald Trump!

    She's going to make him cream his jeans!!!

    1. Anonymous4:42 AM

      Cute, "cream". Lol

    2. To 4:19
      It has been the same for me. In the 90s when my niece was a teen, I used Hillary Clinton as one of three role models. And, while the VRWC was vilifying the Clintons, I used that as a reason we women need role models. Her intelligence, ability to express herself, quick thinking, sense of fairness, among other things threatened men and the old culture where a woman should know her place in society. She threatened their medieval concept that women should be two paces behind her man, remain silent, and service his demands. Fuck that!
      Since the 90s, I've said this about both Clintons: they show grace under fire. I respect that. I don't always agree with her, but I respect and admire her. I hate that after all these years that the lies and hate from the right has absorbed itself into the minds of the left. Something today, I have to dispel in my own family because in their 20-some years of life the old RW lies, and innuendo has filtered through as the norm. I find that exasperating. Argh ...

  3. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Thank you for this post!

  4. Anonymous4:23 PM

    The one that makes me the craziest is "what does it matter?" from the hearings.

    None of the haters I know even bother to read that sentence IN CONTEXT. And of course they couldn't bother to actually listen to the hearings, they had to have information fed to them by rush or hannity.

  5. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Thank you for this post!

  6. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Let's see what James Comey says about the "deleted" ones...

    1. Anonymous4:38 PM

      Mr. Comey has moved onto more urgent and serious security issues in the wake of Orlando. At least, that's what they say on cable news.

    2. Anonymous4:50 PM

      4:36PM - hold your breath while you wait.

    3. Anonymous4:50 PM

      @4:36 PM Yeah, let's see, and while we are waiting, FUCK OFF TROLL!!!

    4. Anonymous5:19 PM

      The whole FBI is working on the Orlando issue?
      A bit manic are we?

    5. Anonymous5:26 PM

      5:19 - Yes. You should watch more regular news. The FBI is currently stretched quite thin. They are still trying to catch up after damage from the sequester--something that is never discussed, how the GOP government shutdown hurt our national security. They have to carefully allocate resources. The FBI is very upset over missing the Orlando shooter signs; they are going to take years to figure out his case alone. Keep up!

    6. Anonymous6:20 PM

      "damage from the sequester'
      Please explain.

    7. Anonymous6:27 PM

      The Orlando shooter has been found by the FBI to be a classic "mass murderer" and not actually having ties to ISIS or any other group.

      Just a crazy nut who happens to be Islamic, which yes, are 90% nuts, but this one was motivated by something else besides jihad.

    8. Anonymous6:40 PM

      Here you go, 6:20 -

    9. Anonymous8:43 AM

      Citing the Ibtimes: LOL.

      So worried about FBI's criminal investigation of Clinton's email that you wish the agents were redeployed to Orlando. Bwahaha

    10. Anonymous9:00 AM

      8:43 - that story linked above was published everywhere in 2015. You know nothing about the FBI as you prove here every day. I can only hope you are not an American citizen, because your willful ignorance about national security is truly astounding.

    11. Anonymous9:05 AM

  7. Anonymous4:36 PM

    My very first internet purchase was a Hillary for President T-shirt in 2004. I'm a patient woman but I could hardly complain about the Barack Obama interruption. ;)

    1. Anonymous5:35 PM

      Your grace & charm is awe inspiring :)

    2. To 4:36
      :) ... you made me smile.

  8. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Hillary, like many less known intelligent, strong, compassionate women, has been pilloried by those intimidated by her brilliance. I'm not afraid of her light. I am grateful. And it will delight me to vote for her.

    1. Anonymous11:18 AM

      intimidated, lol...

      afraid of her light? What is she mother Mary lol?

  9. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Thank God we have Hillary Clinton on our political stage! I look forward to her being our next POTUS!

    Compare her to the likes of Sarah Palin! OMG! What a difference! Hillary Clinton is the winner hands down! She is so much more level headed, educated, smart, experienced and thoughtful as to how she communicates.

    The idiot, Sarah, should take some lessons, from her, but we know she won't! She'll go to her grave being the most unqualified and stupid woman in Alaska and America!

    1. Anonymous8:05 PM

      Sara Pee>"She'll go to her grave being the most unqualified and stupid REPREHENSIBLE woman in Alaska and America! "BAR NONE"

  10. Anonymous4:54 PM

    The desperate person who wants her indicted has arrived.

  11. That's my candidate!

    I didn't pay attention to the Right Wing spin against her in the 90's and I don't pay attention to it now.

    I so admire Clinton's compassion AND her competence and her tenacity is unparalleled.

  12. Anonymous5:12 PM

    This is a great post. Thank you, Gryph.

  13. Anonymous5:16 PM

    I am a seventy year old black woman ( a fact that should not matter ). I have been a fan and a supporter of Mrs. Clinton always. And I was very disappointed when she did not become President in 2008. I appreciate how she has gotten stronger. She is a true patriot and as President Obama said in his endorsement of her, she is more qualified to be president than any other candidate. I live in a red state, but it does not stop me from being an extremely loyal Democrat. Thank you Karoli for having the courage to admit publicly your change of heart.

  14. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Emails that were released last August?

    1. Anonymous6:09 PM

      Karoli reads them all. You should follow her to find out more!

    2. Anonymous11:26 PM

      She cares so much about women and children-except when she doesn't. In other countries, they can all go to hell. Cluster bombs, drones, women and children fleeing war torn Central American countries that she sent back "to set an example". Young black men "run to ground" and put away for years while she makes money from private prisons, never making one bit of effort as a member of the Walmart board of directors to make the lives of the employees better. Being part of the "end to welfare" her husband mandated, putting MORE women and children into poverty-some of them the families of the "predators" she pushed prison sentences for-dream on folks. You can find whatever you want to find in her background. Just don't try to push the rosy stuff as the norm for her. It's not.

    3. Anonymous8:57 AM

      11:26 hearts propaganda.

    4. To 11:26 .... aw, gee, I didn't know Hillary or anybody has all that power you think she does. What's she suppose to do, wave a magic wand and make all the world's ills go away? You're just fishing for things to vilify her. Just admit it.

  15. Thank you! And your comparing how a GOP man would be described with the same traits is spot on. Compare Hillary Clinton to $arah Palin. Ms. Clinton has been involved in public service for most of her adult life. She and her husband raised a well-educated, confident, articulate daughter. I actually think her losing in 2008 was a blessing in disguise. Her service as SofS gave her more experience that will benefit the US. And then there is $arah. She doesn't belong in the same paragraph as Hillary Clinton. No comparison. At. All.

  16. Anonymous7:07 PM

    I had the very great honor of meeting HRC.She is very smart, warm and funny and down to earth.A class act all the way.

  17. Anonymous7:26 PM

    An ardent, FORMER Bernie supporter here. Now I am an as ardent supporter of Hillary. I liked the views Bernie had in the beginning, but he lost me at the latest when he decided to charter a 747 to fly his family and a few friends to see the Pope on taxpayer money. I was not against Hillary, but thought Bernie's ideas were more like mine. In reality, Bernie and Hillary are very similar - except Hillary's are more viable and probable to succeed.
    Thanks for the post, Gryphen!

    1. Anonymous8:46 AM

      "charter a 747 to fly his family and a few friends to see the Pope on taxpayer money"

      This is a patently false statement.

  18. Anonymous7:58 PM


  19. Thank you. :)

    Even I'm not such an ardent Hillary fan that I don't admit there is something formidable there, something that makes you hesitant to approach. Good.

    I'll never mistake her for Aunt Hillary, just pulling a pan of finished muffins out of the oven, and that's not who I want. You think she's a tough-as-nails bitch? I sure hope so.

    President Obama lost some precious momentum his first year with sincere overtures to recalcitrant Republicans, but he hadn't been eight years witness as they tried to destroy his spouse in the same job.

    Hillary approach will be noticeably different, and she's my president. Watch. Her. Go.

  20. Anonymous10:50 PM

    America is made up of a variety of people with a variety of lifestyles and beliefs. Candidates like Trump and Sanders represent/understand certain segments. Secretary Clinton is a consensus maker, and very good at seeing the big picture. She is smart, and will still listen to expert advice, and make decisions for the greater good. IMO. And I too, was never an ardent Hillary supporter. Yes, I believe she is the most qualified presidential candidate in modern times. And it is all from her endeavor, not her husband. She is brilliant and has a big heart.

  21. Anonymous1:20 AM

    Good article on how even if (when) Trump goes downs in flames in the general election, we (as a nation) have already Lost
    "Fifty million — pulling the lever for a pathological liar, peddler of vile racist, misogynist, xenophobic ravings and sneering trampler of our most fundamental American values. Not to mention the Constitution, with which he seems unfamiliar. Not to mention a personality I’d call infantile, if I weren’t afraid of insulting infants. And tiles.

    Fifty million Americans are for that."

  22. Randall1:46 AM

    "Yeah, Randall, but I just don't trust her..."
    That's what I hear from some folks I know around here.
    And when I tell them that Hillary Clinton is the most investigated woman on the planet
    ...that the Conservative Political machine has spent over $100 million investigating her over the last thirty-or-so years and have found nothing
    ...that Benghazi hearing after Benghazi hearing has cleared her time and again
    ...they say, "but Randall, I just don't trust her!"

    ...don't tell ME propaganda doesn't work.

  23. Can't stand extremists on the Right or Left7:12 AM

    "Hillary is a saint, more ethical than Jesus. She has never mistreated anyone. She has never slandered anyone in her entire life. She has never been verbally abusive. She has never broken the law. She hasn't lied once about her email server, nor about any other matter, ever. Secret Service all loved her in actuality.

    If you claim otherwise, it's clear you're a jealous liar who's motivated by the politics of personal destruction."

    You leftist cultists are hilarious. I love it when you open your big narcissistic mouths, Please, don't shut up.

    1. Anonymous8:15 AM


    2. Can't stand extremists on the Right or Left8:31 AM

      @Anonymous8:15 AM:

      You're very honest and intellectual. You bring a lot to the table. You should be proud of yourself!

      No, you're the kook if you deny the obvious truth that Hillary is a saint, who is almost obsessesed with following the rule of law and treats everyone with perfect respect.

    3. Anonymous9:58 AM

      8:31 - idiotic kook^

    4. Can't stand extremists on the Right or Left4:37 PM

      @Anonymous9:58 AM:

      So, thinking Hillary is perfect and not a bureaucrat/corruptocrat/oligarch, demonizer, or hypocrite means I'm an idiotic kook in your book? Good, I'm glad to know it! :)

  24. Anonymous8:40 AM

    Unlike the blind, addled, low-information adherents of Donald Trump, those of us who support Secretary Clinton have been exposed to the most negative, most hateful, most virulent, most vitriolic misogyny, and that was just from the so-called progressive, liberal, and Democratic sites! I am a 59 year old, African-American lifelong Democrat who only began supporting Mrs. Clinton this year. The way she has been villified is shocking, primarily because it's totally unjustified. Has she ever made mistakes? Of course, EVERYONE who's graduated kindergarten has! But she is, without reservation, highly qualified to be POTUS. By any standard. Historically and contemporaneously.

    Despite his blatant lies, horrific racism, low-caliber xenophobia, and repulsive misogyny, Donald Trump has been treated by the media as if he were the political savior of the world. What is so revealing to me is that Hillary Clinton only has to create ads using Trump's words to annihilate him. Good! He has to place in the political arena.

    I have visited this site daily for the past year, and this is my first time ever commenting. I love the work you do, G!

  25. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Criticizing Clinton/Not being for Clinton ≠ Misogyny

  26. Can't stand extremists on the Right or Left9:07 AM

    @Anonymous8:44 AM:

    Sure it does. If you don't believe Hillary is the greatest presidential candidate ever, the only possible reason is misogyny. Ok, I grant that anti-white racism is a possible explanation as well.


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