Saturday, June 04, 2016

Harry Reid reviewing options to protect her Senate seat if Elizabeth Warren is chosen as Hillary Clinton's running mate.

Courtesy of the Boston Globe:  

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has been actively reviewing Massachusetts rules for filling a US Senate vacancy, another indication of the seriousness with which Democrats are gaming out the possibility of Elizabeth Warren joining likely presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s ticket. 

The upshot of Reid’s review is that Senate Democrats may have found an avenue to block or at least narrow GOP Governor Charlie Baker’s ability to name a temporary replacement and prevent the Senate from flipping to a Democratic majority if Warren were to leave the chamber. That suggests the issue is not as significant an obstacle as Reid previously feared.

Oh it is on like Donkey Kong.

Okay well to be fair we do not know with any level of certainty that this is going to happen, I am just personally certain that it is the best case scenario for winning the election in November.

The idea of two incredibly smart and successful women taking on the biggest misogynist on the planet has a very clash of the titans feel to it.

Not only that but watching Donald Trump lashing out erratically over and over again and then having his chubby ass handed back to him over and over again is going to be extraordinarily satisfying.

So yes here is where all of you naysayers start giving me all of the reasons why this is a bad idea, and where I dismiss you out of hand as being narrow minded, unimaginative, political neophytes who are letting your own prejudices and insecurities terrify you into refusing to see how unbeatable this ticket will be in the general.

Or you are simply trolls, who are desperate to convince us this is a terrible idea because you realize that it is in fact an idea too awesome for your side to overcome.

Now if you will excuse me I have to go back to doing the Snoopy dance around my desk.


  1. Anonymous11:38 AM

    Sounds pretty perfect to me!

    1. I admire Senator Warren but don't feel it's worth the risk of her vacating her seat.

    2. Anonymous12:37 PM

      It sounds like a waste of talent to me to run Elizabeth as VP just to win the race.

      As VP, Elizabeth would be shackled by protocol.

  2. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Oh, so this is the direction MSNBC is gonna go, suggesting a woman can't be powerful without attributing it to a male perspective. Disgusting.

    'Feminist' MSNBC Guest Says Hillary’s Domination of Donald Trump is ‘Almost Masculine’

    1. Pffffft!!! [Blows raspberry Snoopy-style]

      Now resuming my Snoopy dance with Gryphen!

  3. Anonymous11:46 AM

    I get your enthusiasm for Warren. I'm begining to agree. My concern is that Warren is far more effective in the Senate. No one has her knowledge and understanding. Plus, Elizabeth is only a couple years younger than Hillary. Unless Elizabeth only wants to work for 4-8 more years (a possibility) or has presidential ambitions it doesnt' make sense for Elizabeth. She can help the country better by staying in the Senate (except, of course, for the issues of making sure Hillary gets elected).

    Even if she has Presidential ambitions, 74 at her first chance to run. It's not too old, but it's not that young either.

    I'm thinking maybe the best is for Hillary to ask Elizabeth, Elizabeth decline, and campaign hard, almost as hard as whoever is the VP selection.

    I have mixed feelings about Elizabeth as V.P. Not because I think she'd be a bad V.P, or hurt the ticket - but because she is sooooooooooo valuable in the Senate.

    I'd love thoughts on this. (not that it matters what I think. I don't think Hillary is going to call me and ask for my recommendation.)

    1. Anonymous11:55 AM

      I totally agree with your take here, Lucy! I would simply *love* to see Elizabeth running as VP, but she most likely is - right now - more valuable where she is.
      But that should not prevent her from helping/supporting Hillary with everything she got. Both women together
      are a force to behold, though, anywhich way!

    2. Anonymous11:59 AM

      Lucy, thanks for your thoughtful reply. Warren is quite wealthy. She may not want to work longer than 4-8 more years. What better way to spend it than as the first US VP. She'll still preside over the Senate. If anything, because of her age, I doubt she's planning a presidential run for the future. But maybe HRC would hand it off to her (by not running again in 2020). Who knows? Warren would have a much better shot as an incumbent VP anyway.

      The Democrats think they can win her MA seat in a special election. Also, they think they might pick up a lot more Senate seats this time due to Trump's lack of down-ballot coattails.

      Great discussion points, Lucy.

    3. Correction 11:5912:22 PM

      ^^ should be "first US female VP"

    4. Anonymous12:31 PM

      I love Warren in any capacity but I am also hesitant to lose her from the Senate, especially now that she has acquired some seniority and a lot of influence. I would love to see her as Majority Leader and think she could get an enormous amount accomplished with Hillary in the White House. If we can retake the majority in the House as well, there's no telling what we could get done.

      If she is drafted for VP, I do feel less concerned about it than I did a few months ago since Trump's numbers are dropping like a rock and that is bound to impact the down ballot candidates.

    5. except, of course, for the issues of making sure Hillary gets elected

      .....which, right now, is the consideration that outweighs all else. If Warren as VP would be more helpful in keeping the fascist orangutan out of the White House than any other pick would, then VP she must be.

    6. Crystalwolf Lady12:39 PM

      "Elizabeth"? That's Senator Warren. Her age is the only thing that gets your fucktard attention! You are 2 cups stupid, 2 cups ignorance, 2 cups sour vinegar, 1 cup METH mixed and placed in oven for 50 years. You can take your 'concern' and just FOAD. And take all the rest of your concern trolls with you.

    7. Anonymous2:54 PM

      Crystalwolf - I'm confused as to your purpose in posting this. Perhaps you could explain why what has been said is stupid, ignorant, sour vinegar and METH.

    8. Anonymous4:23 PM

      Have you overreacted just a teeny bit?

    9. Anonymous5:15 PM

      Crystalwolf. Perhaps you are right, and I can't see it. What suggests to you an overreaction? And still curious as to what was stupid, ignorant, sour vinegar or METH, to explain previous posts.

    10. Anonymous5:17 PM

      Crystalwolf often over-reacts and has penchant for thinking people are trolls when they are not and treating them rudely.

    11. Anonymous7:31 PM

      @5:17. LOL (not at you. just at the situation) That makes sense. Thanks.

    12. Also, that may not be Crystalwolflady. Hard to tell with all the anonymouses and unverified usernames here.

    13. Anonymous9:09 AM

      @KaJo - you may be right. I guess All we know is that someone who represented herself (or himself) as CrystalWolf Lady said things that caused curiosity and a wish for more information and clarity - and that another poster said someone called CrystalWolf Lady frequently overreacts and that made some sense to yet another poster/reader.

  4. Olivia12:03 PM

    When you do the Snoopy dance, could you please post a short video? It would totally make my day!

    1. Yeah right, so you can point and laugh like my daughter does when she catches me?

      I don't think so.

    2. Anonymous1:38 PM

      I'll betcha you are a great dancer, Gryphen! A Snoopy dance would make us all smile!

    3. Olivia2:36 PM

      I wouldn't point but anyone doing a Snoopy dance would make me laugh.

  5. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Warren could focus on the economic side and Hillary more on foreign policy.

    The part that is disheartening is that even liberal MASSACHUSETTS!! had people foolish enough to get suckered into a GOP Gov. In state after state voters elect the GOP and the inevitable scandals and handout to their cronies while screwing over the citizens and the economic problems follow. The voters never learn from the experience in tons of other states......

    1. Anonymous12:00 AM

      Clinton already said she's going to have Bill working on economics.

      Warren and Hillary do not agree on policy.

      Plus, I doubt Warren would agree to run as VP. It would be a step down for her and would do nothing to fulfill her agenda. She would be less effective along with losing a Democratic seat to Republicans in her state.

  6. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Gryphen and Trump are neck and neck for the biggest misogynist on the planet.

    1. Anonymous12:34 PM


    2. Anonymous12:43 PM

      Actually,I had just clicked to post about Gryphen being a great supporter of women.Not someone who just decided it would be cool,but someone who obviously values and respects women,and has maybe not always done so as much,but now seems to have come a long way in his older years.He respects female politicians and business leaders,and evaluates them as people. He also respects the choices of others like his daughter and others in their lives.

    3. Anonymous1:01 PM

      @12:14 - ridiculous nonsense detached from reality. Stick to words you understand. Or do you enjoy acting the fool?

    4. Crystalwolf Lady1:18 PM

      Who asked your ignorant opinion troll? Gryphen has his own blog. You have a big cup of stupid. So FOAD.

    5. Anonymous3:38 PM

      12:14 PM You are in the lead for biggest uninformed troll on the planet. How about you paying attention to the Palin standard phrase, "go fuck yourself"!

    6. Anonymous4:26 PM

      Crystalwolf and others,
      Only decaf for you from now on.

  7. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Howard Dean says Elizabeth is too old. It kills my soul to admit that Bernie is too old, also.

    The vice presidency slot really needs to be filled by someone who could withstand the strain of whatever scenario triggered that person to become acting president.

    1. So Joe Biden is unfit to be the VP?


    2. Anonymous12:32 PM

      If age really is going to be Howard Dean's barometer, then - yes - apparently Joe Biden is too old to have been the vice president.

      Maybe Howard hasn't heard that 70 is the new 50.

    3. Anonymous12:34 PM

      Howard Dean is trying to walk it back:

    4. Anonymous12:35 PM

      Apparantly you only think this applies to women VP candidates?

    5. Anonymous12:35 PM

      Warren isn't too old, though I do personally think Bernie has some dementia and is not fit for any office. BTW where are Bernie's medical records?

    6. Anonymous1:28 PM

      It's not that she's too old for the job. It's about having two senior citizens on the same ticket.

    7. Anonymous1:40 PM

      Here you go 12:35,

      But the real fun is with Donnie's:

      "If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual elected to the presidency"

      And this is his doctor:

      Probably name him Surgeon General. ;)

    8. Anonymous11:49 AM

      Does it matter what screamin' Dean says?

      They are all just opinions.

  8. Anonymous12:37 PM

    My Dad is a really, really old white guy(94) and he is all for an all female ticket and would like to see it this election since he doesn't know if he can hold out for 4 more yrs.
    Also married to an old white guy and he is all for it.
    If you wonder why I stated they were both white I did so because the higher bigotry and racism in that demographic.

  9. SallyinMI12:49 PM

    IF this happens, it forces the GOP to name a female VP, doesn't it? I mean, I have heard NO white male names tossed out there. He's already instead Haley and Martinez..the two probables. Who's next? Crazy Angle? Crazier Bachmann? You know who?

    1. Anonymous1:10 PM

      I agree, Sally. And they will pick Iowa's Jodi Ernst. Trump/Ernst = yuckville.

    2. Anonymous5:18 PM

      Isn't Martinez the governor he totally dissed. and Haley has refused to climb on board his wagon. or have I missed something?

    3. Anonymous8:23 PM

      I cannot for the life of me imagine ANY Republican woman agreeing to run w/Trump as his VP.

      Reason: He can't handle smart, strong women. He has way too much ego! One would intimidate him. He has to be top dog and in total control. Plus, he's not a team player!

      I just don't see him being elected to the top spot of leading our country. American voters aren't that stupid!

    4. Anonymous12:04 AM

      Neither Haley nor Martinez will agree to be his VP.

      And Newt Gingrich has burned his bridge. Regarding Trump's statements about Judge Curiel:

      “I don’t know what Trump’s reasoning was, and I don’t care,” former House speaker Newt Gingrich, who has been supportive of Trump, said in an email. “His description of the judge in terms of his parentage is completely unacceptable.”

      It's coming down to Chris Christie being the only one left that will agree to share the ticket with him. And I'll bet right now Christie is questioning how badly he wants to be President in 4-8 year. Can he put up with 4-8 years of being VP to this narcissistic bigot.

  10. I'll see your Snoopy dance and add in a Hokey Pokey followed by the Conga Line. I can't even imagine a Clinton/Warren ticket. OMG, the Donald wouldn't even know what hit him.
    We can dream Gryphen, we can dream.
    And cross all of our fingers and toes that this is the way it goes!!!
    (How was that for rhyming, eh?)

    1. Donald Trump seems to be a manifestation of the worst of us. The republican party is and has been so far to the crazy for what seems like an eon now.

      They have never shown in any way, shape or form that they care about this country, much less the world and this country's relation to other human beings.. It is far more than likely these pitiful out of touch weirdos didn't even understand it when it them.

      They have gotten what they deserve at a very dear cost to our country and the world.

  11. Anonymous1:35 PM

    “If we have a Republican governor in any of those states the answer is not only no, but hell no,” Reid said in an MSNBC interview last month. “I would do whatever I can and I think most of my Democratic colleagues here would say the same thing.”
    I don't believe Warren will do it out of principle.
    She has it,Hillary don't.

  12. Anonymous1:36 PM

    I so love the idea of a Clinton/Warren ticket. They'd mess with The Donald so badly he'd not know which end was up!! And, I believe they'd beat him!

    I'd do everything I can to get them elected in Alaska in spite of Republicans currently being in the majority. I doubt their majority is going to hold after this upcoming election.

    Have you noticed some in our Legislature are not going to run again - having announced their retirements? I'd like to see each of their audited financial statements - from when they took office - to when they leave office and verify the differences.

    I think each of them knows they don't stand a chance of being reelected?

    The Republican led Alaska Legislature has done a horrible job in having run our state into financial chaos!

    Much of the blame for that can be placed at the feet of that Republican woman from Eagle River who currently holds a a committee chair of one that has helped create the deficit spending. I never can think of her name! It just never seems to stick w/me for some reason!

    Come to think of it, is the woman from Juneau or Eagle River? She married a guy from Juneau in the past year or so, but I want to know where she actually resides the majority of the time? Do you?

    She's been elected by Eagle River voters and they need to delve into ALL the facts about the woman as she comes up for reelection. Be sure and verify how she's voted vs her public speechifying about the same subject. Is she honest? What lobbyist are supporting her? Who is backing her financially? Is the oil industry backing her in any manner?

    "Change" is badly needed in Alaska as to how our state is being run. Bless Governor Walker - he's trying, but is being blocked by the majority.

    Term limits need to be voted on by Alaskans too. Our legislators are becoming rich while holding office and that was NOT the intent in sending them to Juneau.

    1. Anonymous9:16 PM

      Would term limits really matter in AK when the populous continually votes republican?

  13. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Clinton/Warren 2016! I'm in!

    Shores up the left & proves the Democrats are serious about gender parity.

    Yes, yes, yes!

  14. Anonymous1:47 PM

    Likewise, Gryphen. This would be my Dream Team!


  15. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Twitter King Trut Tweets Photo Featuring Fake Photo of Black Trump Supporters

  16. Anonymous4:56 PM

    It isn't the best scenario. The best would be Clinton as POTUS and Warren as Senate Majority Leader. Now ya got somethin'.

    1. Anonymous12:07 AM

      Not even sure Warren would agree to that.

      She is really focused on what she is doing. VP or Majority leader would simply take her away from that.

  17. Anonymous7:26 PM

    This is just a fake out.
    It throws the GOP on tilt.

    Senator Warren is not going to accept VP. It won't even be officially offered. This way she won't be put in a position of having to turn it down publicly.

    1) If she wanted to be in the Executive branch, she would've run for president herself.

    2) She's shootin' for Majority Leader = BIG fish/little pond. A real power player to muscle thru Democratic issues while being the check/balance needed if HRC & her big money backers try to go too far right. Senator Warren, give up that kind of political influence to play 2nd fiddle, with no real future in 4/8 years? I don't think so.

    3) She will full throatily back the Democratic nominee...once that person is officially chosen at the convention in July. Not a day before. It shows her commitment to the democratic process and the importance of including everyone who wants to participate. The ultimate uniter. She knows the only real way she could accomplish her agenda is with a Democratic trifecta and she will do everything in her power to see that happen.

    4) To be HRC's running mate, she would have to swallow, and I mean swallow, the many deep-seated ideals she has advocated all these years. Taking that kind of hit to her pride and losing all that earned street/senate cred to be a back-bencher doesn't seem like her style or in anyone's best interest.

    5) There are a lot of issues/opinions she has in common with HRC, but the chasm between the two in the financial sector (Warren's wheelhouse) precludes her from 'sitting back, smiling, and shutting up'. In the immortal words of Joe Biden: This is a Big F*ckin' Deal!

    IF she does get offered and accepts a VP nomination, it'll mean one thing; HRC is going to get indited and will be replaced by Uncle Joe to save the party from destruction. A Biden/Warren ticket will scoop up both Clinton and Sanders voters and everyone else who isn't insane. Win by a landslide, retake the House and setup the Senate for 2018.

    I could be wrong. (ʘʖʘ)

    1. Anonymous8:54 PM

      I totally agree, I think you're absolutely right on the money.

    2. Anonymous10:03 PM

      She wants it & she'll take it! She would never do it if HRC was going to be indicted! It's the exact opposite! (Who would want a connection to that? It's a righted fantasy anyway, where the far left meets the far right.)

      Bernie peeps have been awful to Warren on FB. Take a look.

    3. Correction 10:0310:19 PM

      ^^ rightwing fantasy...

    4. Anonymous11:47 AM

      There is no doubt Biden should have put his hat in the ring, even when the clock was ticking down for a decision from him. The democratic party would not be in the unfortunate Hillary situation they face. Biden could have walked away with it no problemo, he is well liked.

      And there is still the possibility he will be the last minute replacement savior.

  18. Anonymous8:13 PM

    Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren would be a dynamic team and have my vote. No Republican will do well against them - especially The Donald! This is going to be fun to watch - down w/the duck!

  19. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Hillary is not going to pick a woman VP. She wouldn't want to lift another woman up to share her spot in history. She doesn't want a more likeable woman to steal the attention from her.

  20. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Everyone ignores the fact that politically, Clinton and Warren are NOT a good match. They may both be Democrats but they have very different views on many issues.

    Warren will be stifled and pigeonholed since Hillary has already said she is putting Bill in charge of the economy since he is an "expert".

    And that leaves Warren where?

  21. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Not only are they not a good match, it seems to me that Elizabeth Warren would be seen as selling her soul which would take all of her credibility away.


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