Saturday, June 11, 2016

Longtime Bernie Sanders supporter Bill Maher informs his audience that the primary is over and Hillary won. Bernie Bros respond as usual.

Now as you can see by watching that Maher is very kind to Bernie Sanders and gives him numerous compliments and credit for a lot of things for which I am not completely convinced he deserves credit.

He also says that Sanders should stay in the race just as long as he wants, which is something else I disagree with.

However in the end he also points out the obvious, which is that Bernie lost and Hillary is the duly nominated Democratic candidate.

Well apparently THAT is an unforgivable slight to Bernie and his supporters.

Courtesy of the YouTube comment section:

sorry Bill you are wrong! the election was not fair and square..just ridiculous. there was blatant voter fraud, complete and total media bias, DNC coronation and I can go on and on..she even paid millions to have trolls to spread propaganda on social media.. 

Bernie Sanders was "fair and square" and he and his supporters were screwed over at every turn..Bernie or Bust. 

Bill maher was always an establishment clown. 

Thank you Bill Maher. We need more Bernie supporters voting for Trump. Keep pretending Hillary won fair and square! Trump 2016! 

She won fair and square? Fuck you, Maher. She cheated. We all know that. Congratulations on endorsing a war criminal. 

of course he's gonna say fair and square. he doesn't wana get crucified by the media now does he? he just wants to keep his image folks. 

Fair & Square? I don't know what type of weed you're smoking Bill, but you better stop smoking the type of weed that make you think Hillary won fair & square. it was not FAIR! 

why r u not reporting all the election fraud?? they r still counting in california and bernie is flipping counties as we speak! do some research

Actually I did do the research and that last part is not true.

Does anybody else think that some of these comments sound oddly familiar?

By the way today Jesse Jackson endorsed Hillary Clinton as well:

Jackson, speaking in Chicago, said he trusts that Clinton will look out for the interests of marginalized communities including refugees, immigrants and the poor. 

"We trust her to work on health care, to fight for the poor ... for the willingness to fight for civil rights," Jackson said.

Yeah, well we all know what a shill for corporate America Jesse Jackson is don't we?

You know how they talk about going from the sublime to the ridiculous? Well we are chin deep in the ridiculous right now. 


  1. Anonymous4:58 PM

    Yes, these sore loser Bernie comments sound just like the poor woman who posts here incessantly every hour saying the exact same things over and over and over and over and over...

    1. Anonymous9:56 PM

      I didn't realize Gryphon was female.

      On a more reasonable note, there would be sore looser on any side. It will be a test of Hillary's leadership to pull us all together. I wish Gryphon would stop sabotaging that effort and acknowledge that even those who disagree with him deserve respect. He sounds like a Hillabro.

    2. Anonymous2:31 AM

      I was just thinking that, too. Rmemeber how the most shrill idiots screaming that Obama's supporters were paid? And they were paid trolls of Palin? The projection is strong in these fools.

  2. Anita Winecooler5:01 PM

    Look on the bright side, Hillary won AND showed class and grace with her support for her opponent when she got shellacked by Candidate Obama.

    1. I was often pissed at Clinton in the 2008 primary--and usually that was because her critiques of Obama were too close to the mark. But I really thought Obama was the better choice.

      But when Clinton made her unity appearance with Obama AND put him name in nomination AND campaigned her heart out for him AND agreed to be Secretary of State--I felt such admiration for her and was so grateful she was on our team.

    2. Anonymous5:44 PM

      Yep, in 2008 she accepted her defeat graciously, and nominated Barack Obama at the convention.

    3. Anonymous6:21 PM

      @Liz I5:20 PM

      I cosign your entire post. You said exactly how I felt about the 2008 experience. And then I too was able to forgive Hillary for her 2008 campaign, move pass it, and today I support Hillary full-force.
      She graciously endorsed and nominated Barack Obama.

    4. The same graciousness was not displayed by Clinton's supporters. As of the end of May, 72 per cent of Bernie's supporters polled said they'd support Clinton compared to only 60 per cent of Clinton sopporters who said they'd support Obama when polled at the end of May in 2008. No high-stakes politics has ever been short of knuckleheads. What's present this year that was absent from the 2008 election is the very legitimate battle over the Dem platform, and yes, that is a reason for Sanders to get every delegate he can before the convention. Trump is not a reason for the Dems to keep masquerading as Republican-lite.

    5. " As of the end of May, 72 per cent of Bernie's supporters polled said they'd support Clinton compared to only 60 per cent of Clinton sopporters who said they'd support Obama when polled at the end of May in 2008."

      Because eight years between 2008 and 2016 can't possibly have changed the voting demographics, or shown people what the differences between two candidates might be.

      Obama, although brilliant and running a smart campaign, was largely an unknown quality in 2008. I voted for him because no way in hell could I ever vote repugnant, plus I could recognize his brilliance. Had the candidate been Clinton, I would have voted for her. This year, I was all for Clinton, but if Sanders had been the candidate, I'd have voted (rather reluctantly) for him.

      But don't pretend that 8 years makes no difference in how people see candidates. Clinton has spent that time wisely and well. Sanders... well, same old same old. He's better than a repugnant.

  3. Anonymous5:31 PM

    I have been surprised by some of my "friends" that have gone off the rails, alleging fraud and conspiracy by the Clinton campaign.

  4. Anonymous5:42 PM

    She did win fair and square. It's over. The fat lady has song, Bernie.

  5. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Quoting youtube comments...
    Hey,about that "nothingburger",I'll take a side order of lies with that.

    1. Anonymous6:20 PM

      @5:44 Since you are here as much as you are, why not admit your troll status?

    2. Anonymous6:20 PM

      They ALL lie, 5:44 PM.

    3. Anonymous6:39 PM

      Why, here's a quote from CNN just yesterday: "As CNN first reported, investigators have not found evidence to support criminal charges against Clinton and none are expected"

  6. Anonymous6:05 PM

    "She attracts different crowds. They're older; they're women."

    Now THERE'S a misogynist. He's always been one.

    1. You really need to buy a dictionary.

    2. Anonymous7:11 PM

      If you say so, meghan. I love Bill Maher, but he could have gone all day and not said that. To each their own.

    3. Anonymous7:34 PM


      You really need to shut up.

    4. Anonymous7:50 PM

      7:34 pm You really need to Go Fuck Yourself, troll.

    5. Anonymous8:04 PM

      Meghan, you rock! They just like to pick on registered females. They've gone after all of them as an intimidation technique. Next week they'll move to another female and gang up on her. Sick.

    6. Anonymous8:11 PM

      I'm a female and not picking on anyone.

    7. Telling people to shut up isn't picking on anyone? You really don't know how words work, do you?

    8. Anonymous8:57 PM

      News flash, Meghan...
      YOU are always trashing people here whose opinions don't mirror yours. I suggest that you learn about how words work. Soon.

    9. Anonymous9:34 PM

      8:57 - woman hater

    10. Anonymous10:24 PM

      Most the women still here are man haters, very vocally so. The only "men" (larf) they tolerate are the neutered liberal women ass-kissers.

      You, "men", need to grow some sack, explore how much stronger and attractive real women are. But really you are a bunch of pussies that are going to continue to hide behind your loud ugly liberal man haters. Pathetic.

    11. Anonymous11:07 PM

      10:24 - wah, wah. Cry elsewhere. Stop changing the subject. The subject is misogyny towards HRC and her followers.

    12. Anonymous5:30 AM

      Anonymous10:24 PM,

      Poor little fee fees hurt?

  7. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Nope. Burn supporters will stay with him until he joins Hilary and only when Hilary will overturn citizen united. period.

    1. Anonymous6:40 PM

      Redditors are now planning to protest Elizabeth Warren in MA. Disgusting! First it was up on the Bernie event site, then moved to Reddit.

    2. Anonymous6:44 PM

    3. Anonymous7:25 PM

      EXACTLY how is Hillary supposed to overturn Citizens United, a decision of the Supreme Court? And what is Bernie's plan to overturn CU? and how does it differ from HIllary's?

    4. Anonymous7:41 PM

      Spot on, 7:25 PM. Exactly HOW? Like tRump saying, "on my first day after taking the oath, I'm going to do this, I'm going to do that." Bullshit. Anyone ever take a civics course?

    5. Anonymous7:57 PM

      Apparently you were a child left behind, no president or presidential nominee can change CU.

    6. Anonymous8:15 PM

      Lessig>"SuperPACs — can be overturned without overturning Citizens United. SuperPACs were created by a lower court decision, grounded on Citizens United. That lower court decision is vulnerable. I predict the Court will overturn that when it gets the chance, and that will remove 90% of the problems created by Citizens United.

      To overturn Citizens United will require either a change of the Court (not implausible, if a Democrat wins, not possible for a generation, if a Republican wins), or a constitutional amendment (unlikely through Congress, possible through an Article V convention).

    7. Anonymous5:31 AM

      And some Sanders supporters think everyone must respect their comments even when they are this idiotic??????

  8. Anonymous7:36 PM

    I just hope that Levi and Sunny didn't have to babysit while Bristol was on her honeymoon. They are always having to sacrifice for Bristol's children.

    1. Anonymous7:51 PM

      FFS who cares.

    2. Anonymous10:40 PM

      My goodness this not a thread about the Palins. Some of you so obsessed with the Palins you incorporate them into every thread.

    3. Anonymous5:32 AM

      GO away, dumdum.

  9. Crystal Sage7:56 PM

    Just heard an interview with a Bernie supporter who believes that the Clintons put Trump up to running so she would have no opposition in the election. They didn't account for Bernie, according to the interviewee, so they had to resort to fraud to win the primaries. This came from someone I once regarded as being intelligent and well-informed. Not any more. I must have been in a coma in 2008. I supported Hillary and was disappointed that she lost to Obama - for about a half hour. Was impressed that she not only nominated him but went on to work for him in the election. I don't remember, nor did I participate in the nastiness of the Hillary supporters in 2008. I figured it was a win-win situation. What a sellout I was!

  10. Anonymous8:38 PM

    They're viciously attacking Liz Warren (who up until she endorsed Clinton was one of exactly two women in America these troglodytes ("Of course I'd vote for a woman, just not this one") would actually support. They're going after Jeff Merkley. They're even starting to screech at Cornel West.

    When Bernie finally concedes, they'll call him a sellout and threaten him as well. Extreme purity movements always eat themselves. This is the mirror image of the tea party.

    1. Anonymous9:36 PM

      Someone needs to rein in the Sanders' libertarians who have gone off the rails.

    2. Anonymous3:20 AM

      Last I heard it was still a free country.

    3. Anonymous5:34 AM

      Anonymous3:20 AM,

      Yes, they are free to be stupid. Too bad it affects everyone else.

    4. Anonymous6:20 AM

      Yes, 3:20, you are free to make a towering ass of yourself on the intertubes. We're all enjoying watching you exercise that liberty.

  11. Anonymous7:17 AM

    He (Sanders) said he doesn't think Clinton can lead a "political revolution,



    ... Sanders said it's "very unlikely" that Clinton would choose him as her running mate, "but we will see what happens after this whole campaign winds down."


    Beware President Hillary Clinton. If Sanders is your vp your life may be in endanger because Jane, Bernie and his followers still want Bernie to be president.


    Speaking on ABC's "This Week" on Sunday, Sanders said is focused on defeating GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump and ensuring that Democrats become a grassroots party that helps working people.
    He said he will meet Tuesday evening with Clinton to discuss the Democratic Party platform and, "if she wins," what kind of an administration she'll have.
    He said he doesn't think Clinton can lead a "political revolution," but she's smart and understands "good policy." People want to see what kind of a commitment she has to transforming the party, he said.
    Sanders said it's "very unlikely" that Clinton would choose him as her running mate, "but we will see what happens after this whole campaign winds down."
    He said he wants to see Clinton appoint a progressive and become a champion of the needs of working families.

  12. Anonymous7:26 AM

    "I think we do need to change the primary and caucus system in a profound way," he said. "I think the idea that 400 super delegates were on board Secretary Clinton's campaign eight months or nine months before the first ballot was cast in Iowa is totally absurd."

    Does that dumbass Sanders realize if there were no such thing as as a Caucus during the primary elections, Sanders would have lost by a larger margin?

  13. Anonymous11:18 AM

    "Yeah, well we all know what a shill for corporate America Jesse Jackson is don't we?"

    Really? You are really trying to use an endorsement from charlitain Jesse Jackson, as some kind of proof that Hillary is not a corporate shill?? Beyond silly. Jackson will jump on whatever train serves his best interest 100% of the time. He is pure scum thru and thru.


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