Sunday, June 12, 2016

Anti-gay minister busted over child pornography. Your feel good story of the day.

Courtesy of United Humanists:  

The 40-year-old pastor regularly preached that marriage is between a man and a woman and that all homosexual activity is a sin. 

He was arrested after police received a tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which claimed that a social media account in Sherwood was storing pages and pages of child pornography. 

In March, Reynolds informed elders at Cornerstone Bible Fellowship that he was under investigation for child porn possession. 

When they asked if he had engaged in viewing the material, Reynolds told them he had “not knowingly done so.”

He did not "knowingly do so?"

Well for somebody who did not knowingly do something the cops sure found a hell of a lot of child porn on his computer.

In fact he is facing 70 counts distributing, possessing, or viewing child pornography.

Now somebody please explain to me again why we are supposed to be afraid of transgender folks sharing our public bathrooms with young children, but have no problem with 40 year old pastors doing so.


  1. Anonymous2:29 AM

    These stories practically write themselves. Patriarchal, man-is-the-HEAD-of-women-and-children? Anti-gay? Guaranteed, he's into kiddie porn or some other unsavory sexual kink.

  2. Anonymous3:06 AM

    About a year ago, a youth pastor in my town was arrested for posting his picture on some gay site-he had two small kids, and the Lutheran congregation was 'shocked.' As far as I heard, he hadn't tried to convert any of the little Lutheran boys to homosexuality, because you know, that doesn't happen anyway, but they were all bereft because he seemed like such a swell dad and husband.

  3. Anonymous3:47 AM

    Is this part of arrested development sexually repressive behavior advocated by specific pseudo-christiany theocratic dominionism?

    Or for that matter religiosity, period (no matter the specific religious and/or traditional 'spiritual' beliefs)? Is this what suffer the little children...(red words of Jesus) means to some?

    Lord have mercy on us all.


  4. 66gardeners3:53 AM

    The leading anti-gay crusader in Maryland used to be Don Dwyer, legislator in Anne Arundel County.

    Dwyer's claim to fame now is that he seriously harmed several people while driving a speed boat drunk (boat's name "Legislator"), plowing into children who were tubing from another boat. At that time he was accompanied by the most recent former republican candidate for sheriff of Anne Arundel County.

    Less than a year later Dwyer was again arrest for driving drunk after leaving a Baltimore City night club that caters to the gay community.

    Dwyer was found to have solicited dates on a dating website as "Toolbox". Dwyer was married with two children, but left his wife just months before the boating accident, and he moved in with his father who lived in a waterfront house.

  5. Marthe5:06 AM

    The more a person wants to appear against homosexuality, the more that person is trying to hide something. It's been demonstrated time and time again. People who have no conflict have no problem accepting homosexuality since it does not present a threat to their carefully crafted image.

  6. Anonymous5:10 AM

    And, he lies! Another sin. How else could he "distribute" it without knowingly selecting which pictures to send? All around bad guy.

  7. WA Skeptic6:39 AM

    So, there's a group that tracks which IP address is receiving child porn??? And then reports to the Feds???

    While I applaud the thought of shielding children from this awful harm, I have to wonder at the amount of intrusion on others. Will "they" begin tracking even innocent visits to adult sites, by adults, which don't involve children???

    I guess Edward Snowden was right...

    1. Leland7:20 AM

      WA Skeptic, welcome to the world opened by The Patriot Act!

    2. Anonymous11:55 AM

      WA Skeptic...
      There's a huge difference between tracking child porn which is illegal and tracking the 100% percent legal access to adult porn by consenting adults. And, really, you are just now figuring out that people track the child pornography trade? Thank dog that they do....

    3. Anonymous1:09 PM

      I don't think everyone understands what exactly child pornography is. Most think it's just naked children posing for pictures. Wow!

  8. Randall7:05 AM

    More and more it seems that we are finding the pastors, priests, and preachers are the wolves in sheep's clothing that the Bible warned us about.

  9. Anonymous8:04 AM

    And the "squeaky clean" Dennis Hastert whose rule was implemented while he was chosen Speaker of the House to impeach Clinton for consensual sex has tied up everything Obama tried to do for eight years, is now headed to prison for sexually molesting his wrestling teams young boys when he was high school coach.

    Gotta hand it to those right wing nut jobs choices.

  10. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Invariably, these types are also republicans.

  11. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Those anti-gay, anti-transgender laws always hide some bill rider to remove what remains of worker's rights in that state. These bills favor employers who unfairly discriminate(including the gov't), and remove workers' bargaining power and legal power.

    It's the public and media prudishly gasping over sex, esp. gay sex, that's the carefully crafted front which smokescreens the worker's rights takeaway of these bills.

    THAT is the real point of these HB's. So that workers who are discriminated against for any reason have no legal recourse.

    Both GOP and Dem's in my ugh conservative state (NC) are mos def for worker/gay/trans discrimination. The few Dems here who put up a 'fight', it's an act to get re-elected by the xtian base.

  12. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Gays are child molesters you fag.

    1. Anonymous4:00 PM

      Ok Pastor, whatever you say.

    2. Anonymous11:04 PM

      It's been shown all to often that the most virulent homophobes are hiding something. Wonder what's in your closet? Or is it just you?

  13. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Feel good story? There is nothing NOTHING! "feel good" about anything having to do with child porn. You're a sick bastard to have put that together. Fuck the hell off.

  14. Anonymous12:01 PM

    11:56. You have absolutely no concept of sarcasm, do you? Life must be so difficult for you as you trip over your own misunderstandings every day...,

    1. Leland1:26 PM

      @ 12:01

      WHAT 11:56? I see an 11:36, but no 11:56.

    2. Anonymous3:20 PM

      12:01 has no concept of numbers. Time stamps are hard!

  15. Anita Winecooler4:05 PM

    No religion has a monopoly on practicing what they preach, but the Catholic Church is almost Wal Mart status for these perverts.
    He has child porn on his limp drive, and says he didn't knowingly look at it. How does that work? Does he peek with one eye, squint? At least come up with something really dumb like "I've been hacked by the devil"

  16. Our Lad4:13 PM

    Every. Fuckin.Time. Anti gay,fifteen minutes, caught with a cock in his jaw. Each.And.Every.


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