Wednesday, June 01, 2016

North Korean state media is essentially endorsing Donald Trump.

Courtesy of The Guardian:  

North Korean state media has praised US presidential hopeful Donald Trump, describing him as a “wise politician” and “far-sighted candidate” who could help unify the Korean peninsula. 

An editorial in DPRK Today, an official media outlet, welcomed the Republican presidential candidate’s proposal to hold direct talks with Kim Jong-un, saying he could help bring about Pyongyang’s “Yankee go home” policy.

“There are many positive aspects to Trump’s ‘inflammatory policies’,” wrote Han Yong-mook, who described himself as a Chinese North Korean scholar. 

“Trump said he will not get involved in the war between the South and the North, isn’t this fortunate from North Korea’ perspective?”

The article goes on to explain that while this does not come from the North Korean leadership it definitely reflects their sentiment.

Gee, I wish I was surprised by this, but I'm not.

I imagine the ISIS endorsement is only days away.


  1. Anonymous6:42 AM

    Yes, tRump would be an authoritarian ruler, just like North Koreas.

    O/T: Gryphen, were you or anyone you know at the court hearings of Track Menard yesterday? Was Track Menard there, or was he AWOL, as usual?

  2. Anonymous7:06 AM

    Our friends, the North Koreans... Now what idiot would say that?

  3. Anonymous7:08 AM

    Color me not surprised. Just yesterday I was thinking how like Kim Jong-un Trump is with his bullying, tantrum-throwing and promising to be not transparent if he's president. Trump would just as well put certain press and judges in jail, wall off our country and bomb whoever he doesn't like. I could actually see the both of them hugging it out.

    1. Anonymous10:27 AM

      Bet Chicken Trump enview Putin's and Jong-un's ability to make dissenters just "disappear".

    2. Also too - they both have 'interesting' hair.

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    1. Anonymous8:03 AM

      Read it here first.

  5. Anonymous7:45 AM

    You are just upset they aren't endorsing your gal crooked Hillary.

    1. Anonymous8:18 AM


      You obviously have a malleable and simple mind. Trump said crooked, so crooked it is. Trump is the epitome of a crooked huckster. You have a typical low IQ authoritarian type personality. The republican base is made up of the simple minded like you. Trump is relying on the brain addled like you for votes. Or are you an equally naive Bernie Bro fresh out of diapers?

    2. Interesting that the nicknames Trump uses all apply to him: lyin', crazy, crooked, little, goofy.

    3. Anonymous4:20 PM

      Not mad at all. Glad the little shit isn't endorsing my candidate. They know Hilary would bitch slap them into place, and Donald is crazy enough to be on their level. The crazy know each other. You don't think that sick little bastard isn't always waving his imitation dick in the form of nuclear arsonal our way because his bone with us is legit? Everyone wants to take America down, and Donald will open the door for them.

  6. Anonymous7:45 AM

    " It’s not paranoid, looking at this history, to worry that he will topple the world economy to get back at some Chinese businessmen who didn’t let him sit in on a meeting."

  7. Anonymous7:50 AM


  8. Anonymous8:04 AM

    Gryphen it is understandable why the North Koreans called Donald Trump a wise politician.

    Who is Trump's best advocate?
    Who is North Korea's best advocate?

    Makes sense why the North Koreans are siding with Trump.

    "We've got to stand with our North Korean allies"
    -Sarah Palin
    2008 Republican Party
    Vice-president Nominee

  9. Anonymous8:16 AM

    According to an “unnamed source standing in the room” during Trump’s storied meeting with House Speaker Paul Ryan, Trump told Ryan that he is in favor of gutting Social Security like most Republicans. But, like most Republicans he is terrified of saying so on the campaign trail because it would be the death knell for his electoral chances in November. Now, Trump did not say he wants to gut Social Security for budgetary reasons, or because he will ever get any of the Trust’s trillions of dollars in reserve; trillions, by the way, that belong lock, stock and barrel to the American people. No, Trump’s reason is actually worse; if that is even possible.

    According to the person in the room, Trump said he would gut Social Security because like lying about his intent to steal Americans’ retirement savings; it was the morally upright thing to do. Trump told Ryan that,

    “From a moral standpoint, I believe in it. But you also have to get elected. And there’s no way a Republican is going to beat a Democrat when the Republican is saying, ‘We’re going to cut your Social Security’ and the Democrat is saying, ‘We’re going to keep it and give you more.’ ”

  10. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Laws? What Law? dRump's a$$>

  11. Anonymous8:19 AM


  12. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Scarah finally tweeted. Had to use arcane grammar again. The media "still know not how distrusted they are." Eye roll. Embarrassment.

    1. Anita Winecooler3:21 PM

      She's so dang smart, she's a legend in her bathroom mirror!

  13. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Wayne Barrett covered Donald Trump for 40 years. Here's what he's learned.

  14. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Why I think Bernie Sanders will drop out and endorse Hillary Clinton soon

  15. Anonymous8:50 AM

    UPDATE 2:
    "North Korean state media is essentially endorsing Donald Trump."
    -Immoral Minority

    There's another Asian country essentially endorsing Donald Trump over Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

    From the CBS post below:
    "Trump is a businessman who puts his commercial interests above everything else," Wu said. Clinton, on the other hand, "might be the least friendly president toward China."...

    Why some in China might prefer Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton

    ... And although Chinese officials and state media have denounced Trump's threats of economic retaliation, many Chinese observers see a silver lining in his focus on economic issues to the near-total exclusion of human rights and political freedoms. That appears to make him an attractive alternative to his likely rival, Democrat Hillary Clinton, who is regarded as far more critical of China's communist system.

    Trump "could in fact be the best president for China," Hong Kong Phoenix Television political commentator Wu Jun said during a recent on-air discussion.

    "That's because the Republican Party is more practical and Trump is a businessman who puts his commercial interests above everything else," Wu said. Clinton, on the other hand, "might be the least friendly president toward China."...

    Chinese are, however, customers for Trump's hotel, golf course and real estate ventures, while Trump-branded clothing and accessories have been made in China...

    In contrast, many Chinese have qualms about Clinton that date from a speech she gave at a U.N. conference in Beijing in 1995 that focused heavily on human rights, to the displeasure of the hosts....


  16. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Bernie Sanders may not drop out until the DNC boots his ass out. I mean Sanders concedes.

    But Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) is giving all types of signals post Democratic Party Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton.

    Daily Mail:
    ● Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders - while still running against Hillary Clinton - is also pressuring her to pick a progressive as vice president

    ● Sanders said today on Meet the Press that he hoped the vice presidential candidate 'will not be from Wall Street'

    ● 'I like him very much,' Sanders said of Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, a folksy governor-turned-senator from a purple state

    1. Anonymous10:28 AM

      Fucker is already announcing he's not going to be the Democratic Party presidential nominee but he's willing to stick around until the end of the DNC to ruin Hillary Clinton's chances of winning against Donald Trump.

      Selfish old bastard.

    2. Anonymous3:26 PM

      That's when the DNC puts out the jumbo shrimp and filet mignon, gonna be pretty difficult to walk away from that!

  17. Anonymous9:22 AM

  18. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Random Observations on a Meltdown (Trump Edition)

    At his press conference today, Republican presidential nominee and anthropomorphic mold spore Donald Trump went full Rubio. From the very beginning of his appearance at Trump Tower, an ugly motherfucker of a building, Trump was so ludicrously repetitious and sweaty and barely comprehensible that the Florida senator must have been somewhere, thinking, "Aw, c'mon, where the fuck is Chris Christie now?" (Answer: trussed up on a bed in the penthouse, asshole lubed and ready.)

    Here is an actual quote from Trump's opening remarks: "I think it will be very exciting. It will add to the excitement in Cleveland and that's good. That's what we want because it's going to be an exciting period of time." That is not edited or elided or anything. This was followed up with, no shit, a moment later with "So that's something to me that's very exciting. And overall, it's just been a very exciting process."

    Didn't this human garbage compactor talk about his vocabulary? Can someone implant a fuckin' thesaurus in his brain? Or is he brain-damaged from all spray-tan chemicals?

  19. Can I just sleep through the rest of this "dramedy" and wake up when Hillary is taking the oath of office? Puleeeeeeze.

  20. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Yeah, nothing like amerika news cycle when drumf is prez, lies, child like tantrums at everyone's slight, shaming, questioning, and on and on. That is all he does the pig. Everyone will stop paying for tv. No profits, no business. Stupid people voting for the stupid.

  21. Anita Winecooler3:43 PM

    Will this be before or after Kim Gay Marries Dennis Rodman and invites Trump and klan to the wedding of the century?
    All joking aside, Donald got an inordinate amount of coverage just by calling the media and spouting his mouth, now they're a bunch of no good nicks, evildoers who can't be trusted. Can't have it both ways, Donnie boy. Can't wait for Trump U to explode in your face just to see how well you do under hours of interrogation and pressure.

  22. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Two angry men with little hands. OMG! The world will not be safe.


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