Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Sarah Palin congratulates the House Republicans for their failed Benghazi witch hunt and accuses the Obama administration of "wrapping America's children in a suicide vest."

Courtesy of Queen of the Wingnuts' Facebook page:  



(Putting it in all caps just in case you didn't notice it was the rantings of a crazy person.)

Listening to the Benghazi Committee reveal what we knew - the Obama Administration's devastating lies cost lives, and at any point it just doesn't matter to them. Thank you to Congressional investigators for their report. (Yes what better way to waste over seven million tax payer dollars could there be? You know besides repairing our infrastructure, improving our schools, expanding healthcare, etc..)

The Administration's deception is beyond shameful. They sat back and allowed our peacekeepers to die during what they witnessed becoming a suicide mission. In command of the greatest military in the world, yet officials sat back in Washington's comfort, not allowing our troops to do their job to protect fellow Americans. (Uh, what fucking report did you read lady?) Hillary left our men behind. Hillary is disqualified from serving as Commander in Chief. (Actually that is not even remotely what it said in the report.)

The Administration lies and denies in places like Benghazi, which cost innocent American lives. Much like today's refusal to believe real threats -denying Islam put the "I" in ISIS - they are wrapping America's children in a suicide vest. (WTF?)

 - Sarah Palin

And that my friends is why you do not wash your methamphetamine's down with a Red Bull chaser.

The crazy has now got such a strangle hold on Palin that I literally think she might start lining her wigs with tinfoil any day now.

While we are on the topic of Sarah Palin let me address the comments that pop up several times a week asking me when I am going to "take this woman down?"

My question back to that commenter would be "Down from where?"

Exactly where do you see that she is up?

Let's remember that when I first started blogging about Sarah Palin she was the Governor of Alaska.

Then she was running to be the Vice President of this country. Which of course failed.

Then she was an ex-VP candidate as well as an ex-governor, but suddenly a famous book author. Not to mention a paid talking head for Fox News.

That gave her the juice to help promote the Tea Party which is now blamed for much of the division within the Republican party.

Then she was on a reality show, which received terrible ratings and was not renewed.

After that there was quite a bit of talk about her running for the Republican nomination in 2012, but of course she didn't.

Then there were some hit and miss political endorsements, her Fox News contract was not renewed,  a number of her ghostwritten books failed spectacularly, her ill conceived internet channel choked to death on its own stupidity, another reality show died due to viewer disinterest, the police responded to a drunken brawl that involved virtually every member of her family, her husband damned near died in a snowmachine accident, and she has now tied herself to a conspiracy theory believing nutjob with no hope of winning this upcoming election, so I ask you once again, "Down from where?"

To be clear no, nothing I am going to share on this blog is going to "bring Sarah Palin down." Essentially because there is no up from which she can fall.

For all intents and purposes Sarah Palin was "brought down" by Sarah Palin, with a little help from those of us who chronicled that fall.

Now I am not saying that I don't have very interesting or provocative things to share, because I do.

But even if I were to expose her biggest secrets, there simply is no longer an audience who will care enough for it to matter to any significant degree. Those are just the facts.

For most of America she is remembered as that crazy ex who keyed the side of their car and left those insane voice mail messages on their answering machine.

As long as she does not show back up on their doorstep they could not care less what happens to her.


  1. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Yep. She done fizzled in her own crazy. Couldn't be happier.

    1. Anonymous6:48 PM

      "My question back to that commenter would be "Down from where?"

      I think what they mean is: make her run around like her butt is on fire scream the fuck, you know like she was shittin' her pants on the plane hit by lightning.
      That way.
      Expose the TriG Hoax.
      Expose the Pimps wife that she is.
      Expose her!!!
      I do believe there are those on the Right ready to hear this because they do say (on Red State) "we should of listened to the Left about her, they were right".
      Yes I want to see her walking the perp walk in PINK handcuffs with the Terd and Bichol, Trackmarks all of 'em any of 'em!
      II want to see her screaming with her butt on fire! Scared shitless!

      She may be tapped for Trumps VP slot, nobody else wants it, but "if gawd opens that door, she'll step up to the plate, you betcha"!
      And then people will be interested in ALL y'all been working hard these many years, yes indeedy!

    2. Anonymous9:09 PM

      May be that is why the worlds open insane asylum – hollywood – keeps making hangover movies…any correlations? lol…just kidding…well sort of…

    3. Anonymous10:13 PM

      The media is beginning to question her mental health. That's how out of control she is.

    4. Anonymous4:55 AM

      The media is beginning to question her mental health.
      Where have they been the last 8 years? If they had been doing their job, we would have been rid of her, for good, long ago.

  2. Cracklin Charlie4:44 PM

    How low can she go?

    Don't worry,'ve done great work here!

  3. Anonymous4:46 PM

    You're absolutely right, Gryphen, the world has left Sarah Palin behind, remembered only as a punchline.

    That's why Trump isn't ever going to ask her to run with him- which is very sad, because the whole world could use a few laughs.

    1. Anonymous7:12 PM

      She won't be remembered as just a punchline.
      "Crosshairs" Palin is at least partially responsible for the 2011 Tucson shooting, and don't forget it!

    2. Anonymous7:55 PM

      She knew she was, 7:12 PM, hence the blood libel diatribe afterward when Ailes told her not to.

    3. Anonymous8:46 PM

      Yes, IMHO, $he will be remembered for starting to 'out' all the gun nuts and racists. We had them before, but they kept to themselves. Now they feel emboldened. Just like those Brexit guys over the pond.

    4. Anonymous11:07 PM

      Trump has lot of arrested development issues going too. I will not be surprised is Sarah is 'veep-tapped' by another old man. This time, 2016, Trump the loved 'poorly educated' (Donald's words) to get to the White House. Sarah fits that bill (maybe).


  4. I just wish she would sit down & shut up!

  5. Caroll Thompson4:54 PM

    I agree that it was Sarah who took down Sarah. Like Trump, Sarah is her own worst enemy.

    You did your part Gryphen. Don't sell yourself short.

  6. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Well said Gryphen . I look forward to her self implosions!
    May she always be herself. Which is nothingness.

    Wash your hair Sara?

    1. Anonymous5:23 PM

      I believe her final self implosion is going to be spectacular, of wmd level of derp

  7. Down from where indeed - it's tough to topple out of the gutter.

    Reading that I found myself back in 2008, the night before the election, watching Palin wave the final report filed by the Special Legislative Commission (or some such name) thwt clearly found her guilty of abusing the power of the office of governor, and with a straight face declaring, "I've been completely exonerated." If she ever fails in her current role as spokesmodel for the Ignorant and Proud of It cult, it won't be from not being ignorant enough for them.

  8. Anonymous5:02 PM

    She's just using incendiary language to rile up her "base" aka scared, ignorant people. It attracts them like flies, especially if they've had a steady diet of Fox News screeching similar edicts.

    1. Anonymous9:27 PM

      Koch Brothers…and Murdoch and Rothchilds…but from the Far North comes a force that brought down the Catholic Church that will re-define the meaning of Kingdom of Heaven…and there is nothing anyone can do about it…it’s happening…the body never lies…but governments do…;)
      Thank God for the internet so humanity can say – hey we got the same issues…example Egypt…see how bad management has become…grin…

  9. While I am immensely relieved I will NEVER have to worry about Palin being anywhere near the White House, I have to confess that I will never feel fully satisfied until the entire world knows that she did NOT give birth to Trig.

    I can't tell you how many times over the years, I've had to endure scorn because I insisted she never gave birth to Trig. I was called a left-wing Alex Jones more times than I can tell you. Even photos didn't convince them.

    For me...the fake birth is the "Holy Grail"..

    That being said...

    I love the fact this blog exists. It takes a LOT of guts for Jesse to stand up against the Palins in a town where they're used to manipulating the system to their advantage..

    And knowing that every one of these posts is driving them nuts makes me smile...

    Are your fingers numb from all the texting to Gino you did today Bristol? No? Then take your middle finger and shove it right up your ass honey.

    1. Anonymous11:12 PM


      What is Sarah's connection to NOLA and maybe Houma LA? Who supports Sarah there?


    2. TwoBlueJays5:03 AM

      Agree. I want to know the truth about Trig and the fake birth. I don't care what effect it has on Sarah Palin - I just can't stand it that she got away with it. So Jesse, please do share information on this, if you have it. Many of us care a lot about the truth.

    3. Anonymous7:05 AM

      Here Here!
      I agree.
      I want it exposed.
      I want her humiliated.
      I want her on the news 24/7.
      I want the Elan Frank tight abs video played across the globe.
      She is fucking nuts.
      I want her lies exposed and then I want her taken away to jail or the rest home for psych patients.

    4. Anonymous8:11 AM

      Anon 11:12, I live in Houma. I do not hear anything at all about Sarah Palin here. Are you asking because my town shows up as a visitor to IM or is there another reason? We have a strong Trump support here.

    5. Well, I can tell you that the Jason Reichert guy lives literally 4 streets away from mine. He works out of his house which is why his home address was listed on one of her PAC filings.

      I walk past his house quite frequently when I'm walking my dogs. He always has 2 flags flying on either side of the porch. They change depending on the statement he wants to make or the season. During football season, 1 is a Saints flag of course. I do find it funny that whenever Sarah comes to town, Jason flies his yellow "Don't tread on me" flag on his porch. PUKE.

      I did see Sarah getting out of a Lincoln once and heading inside a few years back. I could kick myself for not having the chance to yell to her and ask why she lied about giving birth to Trig. I'd have loved to have seen her face.

      Me being a General Manager of a restaurant, I hear lots of good gossip tho...

      Which is why I know that when she comes to town, she doesn't stay at the ritziest hotels like the Roosevelt. She's more the Marriott, Hilton type. And she pretty much steals anything not nailed down in the room when she checks out. The room looks like a tornado hit it and she never tips the maids. Believe me, I know this for a FACT.

      She's also not the sight-seeing type when she comes here. Never once heard of her being spotted in the Quarter. She'd probably feel very uncomfortable with the pro-gay vibe and liberal attitude we're known for as she strolled the streets.

      Cool with me...Bourbon St smells bad enough without her stench adding to it...

  10. Anonymous5:05 PM

    She's such a ugly person, down to the bone. Still waiting for Karma to snatch that chip off her shoulder. She deserves a good ass whooping and I can't stand Hillary either.

    1. Anonymous5:24 PM

      Im waiting for somebody to snatch that wig off her head when she's screeching for Donald Trump

    2. Anonymous5:44 PM

      There is no comparison between Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton! Hillary would and could whoop her ass in so many situations!

      Hillary could run circles around Palin and Palin would melt and slither onto the ground or floor.

      Vote for Hillary Clinton! She is the ONLY experienced and qualified candidate on our horizon!

    3. Anonymous6:52 PM

      Palin's IQ is 83; Hillary's IQ is 183.

    4. Anonymous2:26 AM

      "Beauty fades, dumb is forever" I think of that when I see PayMe. Her mouth is morphing into Caitlyn Jenner's. Ugly from the inside has seeped out and it shows. Hillary has a kind of beauty that is classic. Self confidence, knowing she has her facts straight, and the intelligence to state them in a rational way. Also too Hillary, has taste in clothes, and a style that is not "teenage grab bag" like $carah has. Has Duh sobered up and flown the coop yet? Should not be too long.

  11. Anonymous5:17 PM

    She sounds bat-shit nuts in her above Facebook rant!

    I agree, Gryphen, she has fallen to the bottom of the pit and no one of substance wants anything to do with her!

    Trump is NOT a quality person and neither is Sarah Palin! Therefore, he is the ONLY supposed politician letting her 'sorta' near him!

    1. Anonymous2:28 AM

      Sort through the maze of people who are refusing to attend the gop convention, because they do not support tRump!!$carah will go anywhere, as long as she is paid and can escape from her mess of a family for a few days or weeks.

  12. Anita Winecooler5:23 PM

    Sarah, time to add water, you're overstewed in your own juices and your ligaments are separating. Where the fuck were YOU when this went down? You could have rented a stretch limo, zipped over at the speed of light and plucked the four dead people you're skidding over and over again. How many millions of dollars did it cost to find the goose egg? Even Trey Dowdy can't look the camera in the eye, she's barely mentioned. Congress woulda coulda funded for more security, but they didn't, wanna know why? Obama and the democrats asked. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    1. Anonymous11:23 AM

      she was busy funding the film that caused it

  13. Anonymous5:23 PM

    I'm just still stunned that Gino thinks Bristol is a terrible mother. I am so afraid that Track will threaten to kill Levi and his beautiful little family. Thankfully Levi has married a smart, educated and beautiful woman who is not shallow or petty like Bristol. If it weren't for Sunny, Bristol would be terrorizing everyone in Wasilla. I hope that Gryphen has security cameras and calls the police if he gets scared. Who knows what those people would try to do.

    1. Anonymous2:34 AM

      Levi does not "get scared" He is am experienced hunter, knows how to handle danger. Track is a deranged nutcase. Even his own family is in danger with him around. I am confident that Levi will see to it that his family is well protected against insane Trick.Track. Does Track fire his weapons with an upraised middle finger, the way he does in every photo? What an angry coward he is.

  14. Apparently $arah did her usual amount of research - none - before writing her nonsense. This is how far $arah has fallen - ranting on Facebook and the occasional ghost-written article on Brietbart. And I am hoping that John McCain FINALLY pays for bringing this twit onto the world stage and loses his election. Losing the primary would be great, but losing in November - to a Democratic woman - would be even better!

  15. Anonymous5:32 PM

    Honestly, "wrapping America's children in a suicide vest" is the stupidest simile I have heard in a dog's age! Except I'm sure she has no idea what a simile is.

    And you know, I try not to harp on looks, because I'm, as Ambrose Bierce would have said, "Imperfectly beautiful." But I've noticed recently she's showing some signs of sun damage or alcohol damage.

    >>> Tom, in FL

    1. Anonymous5:58 PM

      Track is her adviser.

      How could she go any further down. Look at her kids,

      Oops, the Supreme Court has some potential bad news for Track Palin.

      Bristol Palin's ex on her mothering skills: "She's the worst mom EVER! I'd be f**ckin' devastated if I had a kid with her."

      She needs to be exposed for the record.

    2. Anonymous6:19 PM

      Tom, she knows enough to tell you there aren't TWO 'i's in 'smile'!!!

      "That woman is an idiot."
      Keith Olbermann

    3. Anonymous6:32 PM

      $arah has ALWAYS projected her issues onto others.

    4. Anonymous2:39 AM

      We should remind PayMe that it was because of DOMESTIC, white terrorists that those safety backpacks were invented. Imagine, bakcpacks with bullet proof covers to protect kids from gun nuts in THIS country. Why weren't the gop concerned about the "brave American diplomats" who died during raids on their compounds during W/Cheney's rein? Many more than 4. The gop is steeped in stupidity.

  16. Anonymous5:42 PM

    Even if "taking her down" isn't the objective, we'd still really like to know everything you know, Gryphen. Or as much as you can tell us. Even if no one else in the world cares anymore, a lot of us here still really want to know what really happened with Trig, why she really quit, and if there's any chance of her ever being charged with a crime.

    1. Anonymous6:39 PM

      And, is she really wealthy?

    2. Jesse,

      (Speculation>) Most of us here reading your blog have been hoping for the last eight years give or take that your efforts would expose the fact that she faked the birth of Trig. (<end Speculation) Whether she's still an important player is largely irrelevant. She perpetrated a huge fraud and to date has gotten away with it, and as a result, is still someone that a shrinking population of idiots holds in high esteem. This is why we're here, and I suspect you know that, so I'm a little surprised to now here this rationale that she's so low already that it doesn't matter.

    3. Anonymous7:07 PM

      Eight years later, Sandy M, with the state of media today? I highly doubt it matters anymore.

    4. Sandy that is a misrepresentation of what I said.

      I have every intention of trying to gather and reveal more facts about the fake pregnancy.

      However I would argue that my "No longer a conspiracy, Babygate is real" post that I provided enough evidence to convince just about anyone that she faked her last pregnancy.

      But as you know that did not get any real coverage by new outlets or even gossip sites, and the reason for that is because at some point everybody was convinced that it was a conspiracy theory. So a lot of people simply dismiss it out of hand.

      So ask yourself, what would it take to really get people to listen to new evidence that Trig is not Sarah Palin's child, and that she faked the pregnancy for political gain?

    5. Sorry, and I certainly understand your frustration - you're right, a lot of the evidence presented by you and others should have been enough. But I guess I don't entirely agree with your statement that, "Essentially...there is no up from which she can fall". As long as anyone is giving her a platform, even the lowly Breitbart, then she can be further and deservedly discredited. What would it take? Someone credible who was in on the hoax standing up and saying, "I was there and can say (with proof) that this was completely staged." I know that this is unlikely to occur; nevertheless, hope springs eternal.

      Thank you for your efforts - no disrespect intended.

    6. Anonymous9:57 PM

      G, My opinion is that it was not lack of interest that the hoax was never revealed in MSM but that the high-level owners of the MSM did not want it revealed because of what it would say about McCain and the other VIP enablers.

      So, what it would take to catch fire?

      -- A new photo, along the lines of previous photos.

      -- New documentation that the "Three Amigos" photos and the "Live at Five" televised news supposedly taken in April 2008 were actually taken in Aug 2008 with the collusion of the GOP convention staff.

      -- Someone up there knows more about the details and implications of the Dar Miller fire. I bet Dar's partner knows the whole thing.

      -- a $100 dna test of Sarah and Trig, while needing the more expensive chain-of-custody version of the test to confirm a bootleg version of the test -- that would be a start. And we know the dna testing would not confirm the Trig/Sarah bio-child allegation.

      -- The Alaska newspaper that was going to publish the article on the hoax, but decided not to, at the last moment: there must be a copy of that article somewhere.

      -- Andrew Sullivan prob has scuttlebutt from a different angle: I bet it's v interesting.

      -- Remember the video of Sarah lecturing to a church audience, holding a "re-born" doll in her sling: someone in addition to the pastor must have noticed it too.

      I've got other ideas. I bet you do too. But enuf for now.

      YOU CAN DO IT! Do an important public service and make a bundle too.

    7. Anonymous11:25 PM

      Sandy @8:16 pm
      Thank you for tying those specific Sarah odd-things together. Maybe it will jog someone's memory (young or old) enough to provide context for the oddities, eg old receipt for the living doll, seemingly random pictures that had Sarah and/or Bristol in the background, video, etc.

      Maybe there are those who have maybe wanted to provide context and did know what to do with the info, or were to young to do so at the time.


    8. TwoBlueJays5:07 AM

      The thing is - someone DOES know the truth! And they aren't necessarily in Sarah's corner [anymore]. I wish I could understand what the tipping point is for that person to come forward. And the probability is that MANY people know the truth, just in AK, not to mention people on the 2008 campaign.

    9. Anonymous7:14 AM

      Pressure on CBJ to explain how she ould induce a high risk pregnancy into labor at a hospital not equipped to do so. This needs to be done BY ALaskans as a complaint against CBJs medical license. I do not know the statutes of limitations, but it may have passed.
      The nurses in ancorage who took care of the premie TRig should grow some balls and simply state that it was impossible for Sarah to have birthed him as she stated on the date and place she stated. This reveals nothing HIPAA worthy, NOTHING. It can get questions rolling and all we need is a crack to get it rolling.
      Anurse says that...antoher person questions CBJ publicly, another person questions MatSu via their compliance officer publicly....this is shit that should have been done 8 years ago in Alaska.
      Believe me I tried from the lower 48 but am just one voice far away. The Alaskans need to come out en masse with pointed questions.

    10. TwoBlueJays7:59 AM

      The problem with someone coming forward - it would be a person who has had a personal interest in the Palins who has been pushed out and now wants to get back at them. It's been so long, and we hear that in AK people don't care about her, so it's not likely to be someone who knows something and just decides one day to tell what they know. The person will want revenge and getting even is a great motivator.

    11. Anonymous11:29 AM

      that is the Heath/Palin Mode of Operation
      don't say anything don't do anything and it might go away. if that doesn't work - kill em! all of em'

    12. Anonymous12:23 PM

      I wish it would be a medical professional, with no need for revenge on the Palins. Just a medical professional to vindicate how looney tunes the entire situation was/is. Sarah should NT be allowed to get away with this farce.

  17. Anonymous5:42 PM

    I am in disagreement with most here, as usual. AIP Palin is still a danger to America as long as she has a venue to rile her treasonous base. Just because she will probably never be seen as viable to most Americans, doesn't make her harmless. She needs and deserves to be fully exposed as the utter anti-government fraud that she is, including all the lies she has taunted us with.
    I can only assume that if you had anything of merit on her, you would expose her in a heartbeat. To pretend that it is unnecessary is a cop out and makes me question your claim of requiring roomy pajama pants...

    1. Anonymous6:25 PM

      I agree also, she has lowered the bar pretty low, however they are still giving her air time for her political lies, like she has the qualifications to speak about such matters.

      I want to know the truth about why she had to resign and who are Trig's bio parents.

    2. Anonymous6:28 PM

      Trump came from his successful television production. He can help her in teh teevee world. If she can make tons of money, that will be fine.

    3. Anonymous6:36 PM


    4. Anonymous6:47 PM

      "Agreed" poster who just read your last oaragraph, 5:42 PM. Apologies to Gryph that I read only the first.

      Have you not read what he's said from day one? This has been a long and drawn out process for him to expose the truth. It takes trust to build relationships; and the media wouldn't even touch it it WHICH IS WHY WE'RE HERE. Get it??

      It is not up to you to tell Gryph that just because he doesn't spill everything on YOUR personal must-know timeline makes him without credibility.

    5. Anonymous7:58 PM

      5:42 PM Then do your own research, and stop begging Gryphen to do it for you.

    6. Anonymous9:37 PM

      yeah why is that? Those ReTHUGlicans think they can still sell snake oil?
      so now what is with the trust account…why is it taking so long to get to the Birthright Owner as termed in some comments…that in itself is a felony…
      I will call my buds in DC to see if they can wrangle HC to look at the case!

    7. Anonymous12:21 PM

      The fact that Palin is still given a political voice, in any context, is a tragedy.
      That she is mentioned on TV at all is a tragedy.
      That she is still given credit for invigorating the repubs is a tragedy.

    8. Anonymous1:09 AM

      12:21, she is hardly a political voice or any of those other things you mention. But, guess what, when you have been a VP candidate, even the unmemorable ones get remembered to some degree. And Palin, while obviously a crash and burn candidate, is not unmemorable. So goofy as she may be, she will be around for the forseeable future. In a very low brow capacity, but she will be around.

      ps- The fake pregnancy story is dead. It aint happenin' at this point.

  18. Anonymous5:44 PM

    "Down from where?"

    How about laughing stock on a game show?

    ABC's Match Game with Alec Baldwin tomorrow.

    1. Anonymous6:03 PM

      films tomorrow and airs Sunday

    2. Anonymous5:00 AM

      Poor Sarah, they are going to have to give her the questions ahead of time, so she can answer something other than "Obama's fault".

    3. TwoBlueJays5:48 AM

      I thought this was a joke. Oh dear. Alec Baldwin is a shark.

  19. Anonymous6:00 PM

    It looks like Willow is Sarah's caretaker this trip.

    Sunday -- CA Politicon
    Wednesday/Thursday -- NY ABC's Match Game
    Friday -- CO Denver's Western Conservative Summit

    1. Anonymous7:51 PM

      So Willow the dwarf has one of those show up when you want jobs too?

  20. Anonymous6:00 PM

    Just saw on c4p that Sarah will be on the new Match Game panel this week. Hosted by Alec Baldwin. Interesting.

    1. Anonymous7:05 PM

      All she wanted to be.
      A has been somebody in her own mind.

    2. Anonymous9:26 PM

      Back in the day when those TV games shows were new and more popular, when an actress or actor appeared on the show, it kind of mean that their career was at the end of the line. I know, the actor Paul Lynde was more famous for being on the Hollywood Squares than he was for acting on Broadway, but on those game shows, all he got to do was deliver some scripted lines. It's not like a real acting part. And today, with so many different forms of entertainment, TV game shows are so yesterday, just like Sarah.

  21. Anonymous6:09 PM

    That woman is an idiot.

  22. That is some wig waving crazy coming out of Simple Sarah's pie hole. . . Again.

  23. Anonymous6:12 PM

    They sat back and allowed our peacekeepers.....
    Peacekeepers are the UN and the nitwit rallied against them yesterday’s post.

    Her rant is a perfect example of why a person with an IQ of 83 and should not be allowed anywhere near the White House, except maybe to clean toilets and that is still an insult to janitors everywhere.

    This should ruin Traitor Sarah’s day:

    O/T The Latest: Canada Parliament wishes Obama 'four more years'

    From The Associated Press

    Canada's Parliament broke into chants of "four more years" as President Barack Obama wrapped up the first address there by a U.S. leader since 1995.

    Four years for Obama amounts to wishful thinking. He's nearing the end of his second term in office and speaks fondly of life after the presidency. His term ends in mid-January 2017. The U.S. Constitution bars him from running for a third term.

    Canada's lawmakers also greeted Obama, who is popular in Canada, with a rousing standing ovation after he arrived in the House of Commons.

    The reception prompted Obama to joke that the "extraordinary welcome" tempted him to just "shut up and leave."

    1. Anonymous6:47 PM

      : a perfect example of why a person with an IQ of 83 and should not be allowed anywhere near the White House.."

      I believe an individual with the initials GWB would "tayke staong acdeptshun two thet".

    2. Anonymous6:51 PM

      Again, she doesn't have one clue of what she's talking about!

    3. Anonymous2:49 AM

      Great to hear about the welcome President Obama received in Canada. Too bad more people in this country could not see what a treasure he is. Thanks to the gop, obstructing everything he tried to do, now we have lunatics running for office.

  24. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Nice Riff, Gryph.


  25. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Yes, but we, your faithful readers, are an audience that cares and any interesting and provocative things you could share would just add to our summer enjoyment, like reading a trashy novel on the beach !!!!

  26. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Blather, rinse, repeat.

  27. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Will Sarah be working in the Champagne Room at the Republican Convention? Favors for delegates, whatever?

  28. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Ted Nugent has announced that he's just too busy to attend Trump's Cleveland coronation.
    Convicted felon and rapist Mike Tyson will be there.
    You can be sure Sarah will speak at some point. Maybe ten a.m. on Monday morning.
    After the convention, if she's gotten any traction, will be the time to take her down, finally. The Trumps will run away from her as fast as their little legs can carry them. And the press will have a field day, detailing the life of Trump's former favorite pal.
    See you soon, Sarah.

    1. A J Billings7:01 PM

      Good news friends: has two encouraging articles:

      1) Trump lost yet another speaker in Mike Ditka who turned him down. Shows you how desperate the Repubs are this time around.
      Apparently NOT ONE former PResident or VP will attend!

      Per the website, quote
      "The Trump campaign has realized that they have four nights worth of television to fill, and they are unable to attract the big names that Trump wanted in an attempt to make his convention more entertaining. Top Republicans won’t be at the convention. Trump can’t get the “celebrities” that he wanted, so it looks America is going to be treated to four nights of Sarah Palin, Chris Christie, Ben Carson, and an evening monologue with Donald Trump."

      2)FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver Gives Clinton An 80 Percent Chance Of Winning The Presidency

      “Trump faces longer odds and a bigger polling deficit than John McCain and Mitt Romney did at the same point in their respective races,” Silver wrote on Wednesday.

      "According to the new forecast, Clinton is favored to carry all of the so-called swing states. She also has a better than 50 percent chance of winning Arizona, something not done by a Democrat since 1996."

      Last time Quitter QUeen was at a convention she was actually a player, and was defeated This time she's just a drug addled mouthpiece for the skinheads and AIP factions, and will reap shame again for associating with the biggest LOSER!

      The Palin curse will strike yet again.

    2. Anonymous7:44 PM

      As c4p clutches their prayer beads. Been over there lately, AJB? Yikes.

    3. Anonymous7:57 PM

      Trump wants to turn the convention into 4 nights of "entertainment" hoping that no one will notice he has no platform or policies.

      It will be 4 long days of personal insults and twitter tantrums.

    4. Anonymous2:57 AM

      Maybe he could have Malaria and $carah wrestle in a pool of jello? That would draw customers!! He could promise to let everyone see how he looks when his hair is ready to "styled"?

    5. Anonymous6:30 AM

      As if Hillary Clinton will acknowledge this unhinged battleaxe (A woman, who is nasty, overbearing, mean, pompous, arrogant, a selfish busybody, aggressive, disagreeable, or any combination of these. A battleaxe is usually an older woman, and often somewhat unattractive. The standard dictionary definition does not address looks, but one seldom hears a beautiful woman being called a battleaxe, no matter how disagreeable she is) any more than the current president has, lol.
      Don't flatter yourself sarah, you're nothing more than a pesky boil on the ass of America these days.
      Another thing, quit your fucking whining about Benghazi. The ambassador's sister was quite clear yesterday in that he made his own choices and virtually no one is to blame. If you want to bitch and carry on about innocents being mowed down where the fuck were you after Sandy Hook, you fucking heartless bitch?

  29. Anonymous6:50 PM

    The violent imagery that Trump and Palin use is beyond disgusting. Rape, children in suicide vests, water boarding .... what kind of sick fantasies play out in these sociopathic minds.

    1. Anonymous7:51 PM

      Invoke fear...and millions will fall for it.
      Is that leadership? HARDLY.

    2. Anonymous9:08 PM

      I can't speak for Trump, but I'm pretty sure Sarah Palin is turned by hard core violence as long as it's not against a Far Right freak like herself- anyone else is acceptable.

      Sarah Palin is one of the world's biggest cowards. The only reason she's not hiding in her wardrobe is she is more desperate for attention right now. She wants that VP gig so badly....

    3. Anonymous9:22 PM

      they play to emotion, not reason. But, I am being sensible and giving a thoughtful answer when people want a joke, a quip, something short and funny that they can remember. So here goes, Rape, Suicide, Water boarding, Torture, it's fantasy time, their sexual fantasies.

    4. Anonymous6:35 AM

      9:08, lol, one must be aligned with someone who will be president to be considered for vice president. The next president of the US doesn't waste one second of her time thinking about that loser, sarah palin. She's nothing more than a shit stain on the underpants of America.

    5. Anonymous10:36 AM

      I find it hard to believe that she really wants the VP job. Wouldn't her secrets finally be revealed? I think some AK folks who know the truth would step up at that point. Maybe I am wrong.

    6. Anonymous5:04 PM

      Of course she doesn't want the VP nod. She doesn't want to work, and she also knows it would be beyond ridiculous in the public eye, but that doesn't even come into play because, again, she doesn't want to work.

      The only people that really dream about her being a VP pick are the Palin Obsessed IMers.

  30. Sarah really, really is a fucktard. She must be shitting in her panties, knowing that the "bitch" is going to be our next POTUS.

  31. Anonymous7:02 PM

    She took her own self down. She's an international joke known for her stupidity and word salad. People laugh at her not with her.

    1. Anonymous8:51 PM

      As the "Scotch" would say (a la Trump): $arah is a 'bloviating flesh bag.' LOL

    2. Anonymous3:01 AM

      Too bad she got where she is by lying, and pretending. She lied about Trig, pretended her family was normal, that her son has PTSD, that her husband is a big tough Alaskan heavyweight. Non of that is true. $carah let me tell you "What happens in Alaska does NOT stay in Alaska" The truth is slowly coming out.

  32. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Ok,crazy lady!

  33. Anonymous7:24 PM

    When you say ". . . if I WERE to expose her secrets, . . ." -- does that mean you are not going to?

    It's true that Reuters or the NYT might not pick them up now, but those of us who have been reading you from the start would be very interested. Not that interested in the boyfriend troubles of her daughter, but VERY interested to have your take and your proof re the crimes and ethical lapses we have discussed endlessly here. But concerning the wannabe vp, not her low-life family,

    1. Anonymous7:47 PM

      Maybe it's not his place to, 7:24 PM? Gryph is choosing his words carefully, which is why I respect him.

    2. Anonymous8:03 PM

      Gryph has posted his take on the wannabe many times. He even helped you linking past posts, and (gasp) keeps an archive you can search! Geez.

    3. "Were" is used as a subjunctive here, not as a tense.

    4. Anonymous6:49 AM

      Careful with those big words, Nefer. LOL

  34. Anonymous7:43 PM

    7:24 PM When the rah rahs for the Palin family was pushing into the public eye, they were all for it. In fact, Bristol Palin was all over the tabloids preaching abstinence, and bragging about her 'hot' Mom. She begged for attention, so now that she is getting it you want us to stop?

    1. Anonymous9:03 PM


    2. Anonymous3:05 AM

      Until we saw how pregnant she was during DWTS. Another scam they pulled on the public. Ask Gino what happened to that baby.

    3. Anonymous10:38 AM

      My guess-Bristol got an abortion and used the name as Heather for the appointment. SarahPac paid for the abortion.

    4. Anonymous2:46 AM

      Very interesting theory.
      But I think that baby was born. The Arizona house interview with Rancic showed a very preggo Bristle. Again. Just like the JLo show in late 07 or early o8 showed a very preggo Bristle in maternity skirt and top that clearly no normal teen would be wearing unless preggo.

    5. Anonymous6:47 AM

  35. Anonymous7:45 PM

    She is a sick person and should actually be on the FBI watch list. Seriously, she shows so much hate towards America and attacks the government every chance she gets. And sadly, when she attacks, her facts are wrong and filled with hate. She's an utter fraud and she knows it. The media should be ashamed of itself for continuing to give her public appearances.

  36. Anonymous7:45 PM

    The report was 800 pages - we know $arah can barely read anythignglonger than a comic strip.

    1. Anonymous9:19 PM

      A comic strip usually has four panels. Sarah's limit is 140 characters, one screen.

  37. Anonymous7:59 PM

    O/T Those of us including Gryph said how we're going to miss President Obama when he leaves office, we're not the only ones. It did my heart good when the President finished his speech in Canada, they all stood and chanted over and over FOUR MORE YEARS!

  38. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Here we go again with the suicide vests. First political correctness was the suicide vest and now it's how the Admin denies. lies/denies/innocent American lives--she also had to throw in some of that so-called poetry.

  39. Anonymous8:13 PM

    WTF, why are the palms of her hands spray-tanned? Did Willow attempt to help her with her makeup?

    1. Anonymous9:04 PM

      Told you she would wipe her stool and forget to clean her hands again.

    2. "Anonymous8:13 PM

      WTF, why are the palms of her hands spray-tanned? Did Willow attempt to help her with her makeup?"

      I wanna know why her nose is a different color than her face. It almost looks like a poorly-matched prosthesis.

  40. Anonymous8:23 PM

    If you go to this link and click on the video titled "Donald Trump's incoherence on trade," you'll see him turning into Palin. More and more, I think she'll be a key speaker at the GOP convention:

    1. Anonymous8:48 PM

      8:23 -- The GOP can't get anyone else to speak at the convention so it would be no surprise if $creech was invited, along with Mike Tyson and Bobby Knight. Now there's an impressive line-up. Freedumb!

    2. Anonymous9:25 PM

      8:23, you're so right. I've checked out the GOP conventions a little over the years, but I think I'll be glued to this one--it's gonna be so godawful!

  41. Anonymous8:44 PM

    Palin fails to note the "painful deception" of Dubya for 9/11.

  42. Anonymous8:47 PM

    Why is it that so many of PayMe's Facebook posts are picked up as "news" by media outlets. I mean, I know it's because $he is click bait because of her absurdities - -but how lazy has the media become when they can't even pick up a phone and call for personal questions/comments! Oh wait - I forget: the media has degenerated into news by Tweets in 140 characters or less. Sad ...

    1. Anonymous9:12 PM

      Seems they're becoming fewer and far between to me. She's a has been struggling for air.

    2. So many? I remember when she had a page of her own and her every stupid pronouncement was actually taken seriously and discussed.

      When one of her blatherings is picked up now, it is just to point and laugh at her.

  43. Anonymous9:12 PM

    Where is Duhkota? Back in Alaska babysitting?

    Sarah's Facebook page features a photo of herself, Bristol, and an unnamed young man, at a pricey restaurant in NYC, where she is "loading up on protein" in preparation for appearing on a TV show.

    Where is Dakota? I thought Bristol was breastfeeding Sailor? Who is the guy in the photo -- has Bristol dropped Dumbkota this quickly?


    Sarah's comment identifies the location as "Benjamin Steakhouse" in NYC.
    Porterhouse for Two: $95.90

    1. Anonymous9:29 PM

      I think that's Willow. Willow has fangs.

    2. Anonymous10:10 PM

      The kid is the nephew who lives in NYC and is trying to get work as a comedian. In that family, Sarah is the biggest joke. Somehow I remember Sarah eating at Benjamin's Steak House on one of her fist trips to NYC, bragging about being in one of New York's finest restaurants and getting a window seat so people could see her and admire her.

      The address is 52 E. 51st street, and while the website says that they are the best steak house, they are on the wrong side of 42nd street to even be in the theater district. Their website says that dinner is $85, cheap for such an important restaurant. If Sarah was SOMEBODY she should have been able to get a table at the last minute at Per Se or Le Bernardin, for example.

    3. Anonymous10:28 PM

      Thanks for everyone's input. Yes, that likely is Willow, though she certainly does resemble Bristol.

    4. Anonymous11:39 PM

      It is Willow Palin . Old Redneck is a conspiracy nut like some of the retard liberals on this site . You losers are pathetic.

    5. Anonymous11:41 PM

      Old Redneck9:12 PM at is RETARDED .

    6. Anonymous4:38 AM

      All paid for with the couch cushion change of Sarah-pac'ers ! Nothing like bragging that you can afford a high-end NYC steakhouse on somebody else's dime.

    7. Anonymous5:07 AM

      Kudos to you, Old Redneck, you sure get under the bots' skin.

      The "retard librul" who's done, and continues to do, more for his fellow man than $arah or her putrid ilk ever have or even cared to.

    8. Anonymous5:36 AM

      All of which begs the question:

      Sarah is in NYC dining at a third-rate steakhouse with Willow and a nephew.

      Why isn't she at Trump tower dining on Trump Steak and Trump Whine?? (OOOPPSSS -- that should read "Trump Wine.")

    9. Anonymous5:55 AM

      11:39 PM The loser is Chucktard Heath Jr, who abandoned his wife and family for a workplace whore.

    10. Anonymous6:27 AM

      @11:39 pm The pathetic troll loser here is A VISITOR FROM UNITED STATES. Do you have a life? You troll this blog non-stop.

    11. Anonymous6:29 AM

      11:39/11:41 PM is a sick troll/stalker.

    12. Anonymous8:11 AM

      11:39 Is that you, Bristles? If so, GO F**K Yourself!!

    13. Anonymous2:41 PM

      Pretty sure old redneck wants to be a woman on the inside, seeing as how his favorite thing to do is stalk a 25 year old on her instagram, and then gab about it all day.

    14. Anonymous8:34 PM

      Sarah is a man trapped in a woman's body!

  44. Anonymous9:17 PM

    Keith Olbermann said it best, "That woman is an idiot." Come on, Sarah, let's see Trig wearing his suicide vest. Does that mean that all of our children will blow themselves up? I'll tell you why that is a stupid and heartless comment. There are kids who are bullied in school, there are kids who have serious issues with depression or other conditions, there are kids whose parents abuse them-- and these kids do commit suicide, as a senseless act because they cannot cope with the world and they don't think that there is any support or love for them.

    You, of all people Dear Sarah, ought to tread very carefully around the subject of suicide,whether it's meant as a terrorist warning or it was just some dumb remark. Dakota, your new "son-in-law" (why don't we think that it's a real marriage instead of a 'marriage of convenience'?) Dakota did attempt suicide. He had and well may have issues with PTSD. So does your son, Track. He attempted suicide, or at least his anger and gun issues caused Jordan Loewe, his girl friend at the time, to call the police, fearing for her life (and maybe his). Is Track getting treatment THIS time, or are you too busy stalling his court cases and moving them to other courts? Suicide and suicide vests on children are not a joking matter. Not in your family, or are you completely tone deaf?

  45. Anonymous10:08 PM

    She's still wearing that cheap ugly bracelet..geez sarah, do you know how stupid you are? I know, you don't care, you narcissistic bitch.

    1. Anonymous11:44 AM

      sex gift for sucking a old old old dick!

    2. Anonymous8:35 PM

      that one on the Kenai? Toss him to sea!

  46. Anonymous10:11 PM

    Sarah Palin's Rants are Becoming Darker More Cynical & Very Worrying #mentalhealth #drugs

  47. Anonymous10:20 PM

    She's pretty much reached the bottom of the barrel and the media is taking note of it. Apparently Donald hasn't noticed hahahha and that's a good thing. Even Sarah thinks she can keep going on like this and "win" something.

    Dakota - really bad bad decision to hitch your wagon to the Palin family to ensure your get father's rights. Yes you might have save years of money litigating in court but in the meantime rest assured your reputation will be ruined. Palins will make sure of it if you don't fall in line. That's how they roll. Either way you are screwed.

    1. Anonymous5:01 AM

      If she's in NYC today for the Match Game taping, where's her appearances on network morning shows? No takers, $arah? Oh how you have fallen, toots.

    2. Anonymous8:24 AM

      What happened to Sarah's Judge Judy look alike TV show?

    3. Anonymous10:29 AM

      I guess Alec Baldwin is getting as desperate as sarah, a game show host? Lol.

  48. Anonymous11:05 PM

    This photo shows her sheer ugliness....inside and out. She is morphing into a man.

  49. Anonymous11:06 PM

    Sounds like a threat to me.

  50. Anonymous1:55 AM

    Cut the Crap!! Bengazi is the perfect example of the Republican party pledge and promise to isis. To Hate America. Defund America Destroy America. and trump is their face. The face of the ugly American. The united states will not be destroyed by evil but by those who watch and do nothing.

    1. Anonymous11:46 AM

      yup and Sarry funded that film that caused the killings! CIA is ISIS peoples get it right!

  51. Anonymous2:05 AM

    Classless, heartless, tasteless, clueless and brainless. The 2016 Republican party.

  52. Anonymous2:09 AM

    Empty chair empty stage empty soul. The Republican party of ignorance, ugly, selfish, hateful and empty.

  53. Anonymous3:44 AM

    Does Sarah Palin not realize that the proliferation of loaded guns in homes across this country puts the "suicide vests" on our children? Does she really think that her grandchildren are safe living in homes where parents drink, take drugs and carry loaded guns?

    President Obama has done much more to protect the children of America than Sarah Palin or any member of the GOP ever has.
    PS. I think you've done a great job, Gryphen, over the past eight years. Thank you for your part in saving us all from Sarah Palin.
    Beaglemom again

  54. Anonymous5:45 AM

    In anyone is enveloping children in a suicide vest, it's the bitch herself.

  55. This is funny... A 10 years old boy put Palin in her place with a question she didn't know how to answer.

  56. Anonymous6:59 AM

    Don't be coy.
    By take her down, we mean the Elan Frank video of her patting her Spongebob Squarecushion belly and stating her abs were tight, on the news 24/7 for 3 days.
    Expose how fucking crazy she was to fake a pregnancy for pro life cred.
    That is what we mean.
    Shame on all who know and enabled her and remain silent, too.

    1. TwoBlueJays8:10 AM

      ^^^ YES. The state of Alaska and its citizens are not ALL subject to a confidentiality agreement or statute of limitations regarding their information on the Palins. News crews, medical workers, government workers, neighbors, ANYONE who had contact with Sarah Palin in 2008 and knows for a fact that she was not pregnant AND where the infant Trig came from should be able to be heard, speaking the truth.

    2. Anonymous10:28 AM

      Too bad 99.9% of Alaskans are big pussies and scared to death of a 98 lb. sea hag.

    3. Anonymous12:14 PM

      Well, that still leaves 0.1% or about 740 Alaskans who could be brave. It just takes 1-2 of the right ones to speak up.
      CBJ I'm talking to YOU.
      Otherwise you are just a disgrace to the UW School of Medicine.

    4. Anonymous2:40 PM

      You people are so hopeless.

      Give it up. You think a (retired at this point I think) doctor is going to discuss publicly the private medical information of a patient? My god how stupid are you people, this really does make you look like a bunch of nutters.

    5. Anonymous4:39 PM

      2:40 WHAT are you afraid of??
      a retired doctor could absolutely reveal crucial info without violating HIPAA.
      You are uninformed and clearly afraid.

    6. Anonymous4:41 PM

      Also, too cbJ is NOT retired. She works at Alaska Cares doing, you know, her specialty which is ABUSED KIDS and not, of course, high risk obstetrics.

      I love love love that the CBJ pressure comments have some people in a tizzy.

    7. Anonymous5:02 PM

      Oh yes I'm clearly afraid 4:39 lol.

      lololol. lolololol. lololololol.

      Go for it, pressure her, retired or not, good luck getting her to release personal doctor/patient information to a bunch of nut jobs lol.

      Ohhh I'm so afraids and scared lol.

    8. Anonymous8:38 PM

      Country Song 'My Daddy liked to rape the baby' lololololol

    9. Anonymous2:41 AM

      CBJ is a dominionist nutjob who has been buoght and paid off, or has a restraining order against Sarah...but the nicu nurses in anchrage know a thing or two, as does environmental services, PAs, RTs, MDs, desk clerks, insurance specialists.
      Just admit that Sarah didn't birth TriG at MatSu on 4/18. Ask the question...gets the ball rolling.
      Look, people poo-poo this idea is EXACTLY what happened in 08 when I suggested going after MatSus and BJs license. Afraid people screamed HIPAA and this farce was not nipped in the bud as it should have been.
      Statute of limitations is over or will be soon.
      Be vert very afraid.

  57. Anonymous8:47 AM

    What time does the Mike Tyson/Sarah Palin Republican Convention comedy show start this weekend?

  58. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Sarry is going harry carry cuz something is coming and she can't stop it and she can't control it!
    darn that's the end!

  59. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Is there anything we can do to put public pressure on CBJ?

    1. Anonymous2:37 PM

      LOL. Can you get any dumber?

    2. Anonymous4:38 PM

      Her facebook is open. Anyone can ask her a question!

      2:37 What are you afraid of??

    3. Anonymous4:59 PM

      Ohhhhh I'm soooo afraaaaaid 4:38!! So afraid! lol.

      You think a Doctor is going to talk about or release personal information about a patient because a bunch of nut jobs seem to think they can demand it lol!?

      So, can you get any dumber?

    4. Anonymous9:40 PM

      4:59 PM Dumb is stalking comments at a blog that you claim to dislike. Do you enjoy being an ass? Grow up, kid. Your immaturity is showing.

    5. Anonymous9:44 PM

      @2:37 PM Are you taking your meds? You seem to enjoy being ignorant.

    6. Anonymous1:03 AM

      Who said anything about disliking this blog 9:40? Frankly, it is highly amusing to poke at you little hyper children of Palin, expose your obsession for all to see, and deflate your little immature dreams of grandeur.

    7. Anonymous2:38 AM

      again 4:59, I realize you are araid and have a learning disability...but a doctr or nurse stating that Sarah did not birth TriG at MatSu on 4/18 violates no HIPAA issues. It reveals nothing about anyone's medical history. It just cracks a hole in Sarah's facade.
      This obvi mkaes people very afraid.

    8. Anonymous6:37 AM

      1:03 AM is obviously an obsessed all day and night troll. Get a job, kid.

  60. Anonymous3:37 PM

    The reason some can't give up "taking her down" is because her and her family won't STFU! "THEY" need to know she's finished and nothing short of a very public humiliation will accomplish that. In my opinion she is showing up on our doorstep with Donald J. Trump!


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