Saturday, July 09, 2016

A message from Sunny Johnston.

This was sent to me this morning to share with all of you.

We feel so grateful for you all right now! 

This will help us so much. Thank you for taking the time to see what we were up against and how over 7 years this was so draining, financially and emotionally to both of us. We appreciate each and every one of you. 

If you look on court view we are scheduled to be back in court , but this has nothing to do with the custody situation or child support. 

I'm going to raise the goal because of what these future costs might be, which as of right now we simply cannot predict.

We have always felt so alone in this. But now thanks to you all we feel less overwhelmed. 

And that is the greatest feeling. 

Thank you so much from the bottom of mine and Levi's heart.

As alluded to above Sunny just raised the limit to $10,000 which is the amount I wanted her to post in the first place.

However she really did not believe that people would help so she chose a smaller number so she would not be disappointed.

I guess she just failed to realize how awesome all of you are, didn't she?

It is important to once again note that in Sunny's message she points out that going back to court has NOTHING to do with custody or child support. That is important because what it signifies is that this is simply an ongoing attempt to bankrupt them and force them into compliance with the Palin's demands.

Somehow I have the feeling that after what they witnessed last night they are rethinking that strategy.

Once again here is the link to the Johnston's Go Fund Me page.


  1. I donated 100 to these lovely people. I would do so every month. I think that all the IMers could easily donate enough monthly to cover that insane $1,700.
    With love from Georgia USA

    1. A. J. Billings11:21 AM

      Beth, that's exactly what I've been thinking. A lot of us can afford to give 10,20, or 50 per month.

      If 300 of us gave $20 a month, we could wipe out all their debt in a year!

      This would have to be thought about and planned for carefully by Levi and Sunny with a lawyer.

      They would need a trust or something for the funds, to avoid paying heavy taxes, and to keep the Palins from getting their grifty hands on it.

      What say you all??

    2. Anonymous11:37 AM

      I think that's an excellent idea, and I was thinking the same thing about a monthly amount to take care of that huge burden imposed by the fucking asshole team of Bristol and Sarah.

      Count me in.

      R in NC

    3. Anonymous11:40 AM

      I'm in!

    4. Anonymous11:46 AM

      I would help monthly for a year. No problem.

    5. Balzafiar11:47 AM

      A.J., the entire amount does not go to the Johnsons. GoFundMe takes 5% and the payment agents take about 3%, so when figuring I would allow 10% off the top in total. They will have to pay taxes on it after a certain point, also.

    6. Anonymous11:52 AM

      I'm in for $150 a month. But I do realize that not everyone would be able to give monthly and should not be pressured to do so, they can just send their good wishes. And I say that because I do realize that some people's $10 donation was more of a sacrifice than my donation.
      But when we were young and poor when we needed to get custody to get my oldest( stepson) away from his drug addict Mom, it cost us money we didn't have and it's a shame in 2016 that Dad's still have to struggle for their share of time with their children. I can easily give without changing my lifestyle one bit, but I remember the bills incurred when we needed to protect our oldest, it can and does break many young families.

    7. Anonymous11:53 AM

      BTW If Sunny and Levi filed married separate Sunny can have the funds and no one outside of the family can touch them :)

    8. Anonymous12:02 PM

      Count me in!

    9. A. J. Billings12:02 PM

      The IRS allows you to receive a one time $14,000 tax free gift every year, so
      we could certainly swing this annually.

      I wrote Sunny a small note to this effect.

      Doing this monthly would be more complicated due to legal and tax issues, and might require a trust to keep the funds away from the Palin syndicate.

      I think it's great that Raw Story has picked this up, and it's got to gnaw at $arah!

      $7460 RIGHT NOW!!

    10. Caroll P. Thompson, CPA12:32 PM

      AJ Billings is correct. The first $14,000 from any one of us is not taxable. Since I doubt any of us will donate 14k each year, all the funds received by the Johnstons are not taxable. These funds are considered a gift.

      Also, the gift tax is paid by the giver, not the one who gets the gift. So, actually, none of the funds will ever be taxable income to the Johnstons.

    11. I guess I'll give up some of my "stripper" money for the Johnston...I was just gonna spend it on Pepsi and popcorn anyway��

      This is exactly how they treated Wooten...he didn't give up the fight and neither should Levi.

      Beefy and Baldy will pay for this shit...ya best believe that! Two stupid bitches with no brains and too much time on their hands!

    12. Anonymous12:55 PM

      That is what I also thought. The $14K/year are the gift limits from ONE person, and TO ONE person. Not a combined gift from hundreds or thousands of people.
      This is a tax free gift. The great thing is also, that, yes, Sunny has set this up in her name, so Bar$tool cannot touch it either! It is in SUNNY'S name, NOT in Levi's! HAHAHA!

    13. Anonymous1:24 PM

      Gifts, no matter how large, are always tax free to the recipient.

      The $14K limit refers to amounts that don't have to be reported to the IRS. Amount over $14K are reported for information purposes only. They aren't taxed when given but may effect estate taxes of the giver after they've died.

    14. Anonymous1:59 PM

      That is no solution. It's no better than giving the money to SarahPAC every month.

      The solution is to get a reasonable child support settlement and Levi's custody carved in stone and inviolable. Until that happens, the Palins will just continue to extort money from the Johnsons.

    15. Gift Tax: Do I have to pay gift tax when someone gives me money?

    16. Anonymous3:08 PM

      I'm in for $25 a month.

      1:59, Levi's custody amount is carved in stone. He pays $600 a month for the current amount and apparently $1100 a month toward the back amount he got stuck with due to Tank and Rex. This is why some of us want to help montly to chip away at the $60,000 (which accrues 6% interest in Alaska). Then Levi and Sunny will be left with the more manageable $600 a month Joint custody is now also carved in stone and approved by the court. However, the Palins will just continue to rack up legal bills for other issues, like the motion currently before the court.

    17. AKRNHSNC4:44 PM

      I think with all of us putting in whatever we can monthly for a few months or so, we can eliminate the back payment of $60K. Jesse, I'm sure there are hundreds of readers here who will be willing to give at least a small amount monthly and for those that can't, that is understandable. Many of us know what it is like to do without at times in our life and that's why so many are willing to step up and help this young family with this huge burden they don't deserve and never should have had to face to begin with! It's all due to the greed of the horrible Palin family. I can't wait until Tripp is old enough to live with Levi and Bristol has to pay him support every month!

    18. Jayken Knotstirred4:57 PM

      I'll always support the good fight. Levi and Sunny are fighting a damn good one.

      I donated.

    19. I'm in for 10-15 a month. I'd do more but we have 1 incomes & 2 kids w/health issues. I think we could pay the debt down quickly :-)

    20. Anonymous5:54 PM

      Bless all the hearts of the kind donors.

    21. Anonymous7:06 PM

      My sew imperfect life, if it's bad to give don't. I am willing to pay an extra $10 for up to 10 people that are not able to give monthly and want to. No harm, no foul, I'm in a good place right now but I've been where you are. Please put you and yours first, that is your first responsibility :)

  2. Anonymous11:09 AM

    I thought the original amount was low! Enter the "gritting" trolls in 3...2...1...

    1. Anonymous12:37 PM

      to any and all paymes, SarahPAC is going broke for a reason. You ALL suck

  3. Sent a $20 donation just now! Payday, I'll send more. I've been waiting a long time to help Levi. He was/is so thoroughly screwed by the Palins, it borders on criminal. Fuck that family and DOUBLE for the downright EVIL Sarah.

  4. What is Levi being hauled back into court for? Tell us! We will make their GoFundMe sing with joy!!

    1. Anonymous11:16 AM

      Maybe it's none of our business.

    2. Levi being brought back to court has been publicly posted about at least twice. If it is a truly private matter, why then has it been brought up and for what purpose at all?

    3. Anonymous12:18 PM

      I suspect it's an attempt to stop the Johnstons from discussing Bristol negatively -- in the child's interests. In fact, that WOULD have been in Tripp's best interests all along, but since Bristol has spent 7 years trashing Tripp's father (causing the kid untold harm), she's not really in a moral position to complain about the Johnstons finally publicly defending themselves.

    4. Anonymous12:26 PM

      Frustration is a good bet, mcamp.
      It would be tiring to anyone.

    5. Anonymous2:02 PM

      It's easily dismissed if badmouthing Bristol is the purpose of the court appearance. She's shot herself in the foot more than once on that regard with her Facebook posts, selfies and that reality TV. What they're trying to do is hide any MORE negativity or more likely TRUTH they would like to suppress. This is basically an attempt on a universal gag. Which is unconstitutional under that damned amendment the right keeps forgetting. You know, the one that comes before the second.

      A reminder: it isn't slander or libel if it's the TRUTH.

    6. Anonymous3:11 PM

      Close. It's an attempt to make everyone, i.e. **nonparties** stop telling the truth about Bristol's despicable prior actions. There is no indication Levi is or has disclosed anything about his custody settlement with Bristol. But Bristol wants to put a lid on everyone else who has knowledge, and try to do it by harming Levi and Sunny.

    7. Anonymous3:49 PM

      12:18 I would hope that the televised video from her reality show in which Brisket used a picture of her son's father as a shooting target (as said child stands there watching) is offered to the judge as evidence of her warm and loving concern for her child. If that isn't enough they could also show the made-up drama of Levi not showing up to meet Tripp at a fun zone. Levi had already told brissy he wouldn't participate in the 'reality' show taping but she set it up to hurt her child anyway.

      Quite 'heroic' of the new hubby to sponsor her vicious frivolous lawsuits attempting to separate another man from his child when he just had a little run at that himself with her.

    8. Anonymous7:16 PM

      The newest filing is a "motion to show cause". Could be regarding lowering the child support judgment or a breach of an afore agreed to confidentiality agreement.

      The "events" on court view is not clear and I'm quite frankly having trouble following the entire filing saga from the beginning to end.

      My paralegal days are long past!

  5. Anonymous11:14 AM

    I donated $50, and received a nice Thank You from Sunny. Radar has an article about this, and some of the comments are horrible. Bristles propoganda reached too many people. They claim Levi should get a job, pay his own bills. Some are saying he DOES have a job, and has been a victim of the PayMe family. WE KNOW THE TRUTH, and we are showing this young couple that we understand their problems with this vile family of grifters. Hold your heads high guys, we are with you. So very happy this fund is so successful, they deserve all the help we can give.

    1. Anonymous11:36 AM

      I put no cred in comment sections of those sites. We all know what we're doing here and "someone" doesn't like it much, so out come the flying monkeys.

      It's no different than when DWTS allowed people to vote multiple times and a very pregnant Bristol lasted longer than she should have. She sucked! That little ordeal also made them change their rules the next season; they knew she did, too, and unfair to other contestants.

      c4p - "Hey, I'm being beaten up in this comments section; come help me," with accompanying link, and off they go.

      Trolling. No significance whatsoever.

    2. Anonymous11:55 AM

      It doesn't matter, what internet trolls say isn't going to stop the good people from IM from doing what they want with their own money.

    3. Anonymous1:57 PM

      If all the friends you have in life are Radar Online and TMZ trolls then your last name must start with Pali

  6. Lindsay11:14 AM

    Many of you may have seen in the last post that I posted a defense of Levi on TMZ. It wasn't offensive at all. It did contain links to this blog. It was removed. Twice. I was mad but now I am bewildered. Bristol and her surrogates must be really scared of the truth coming out and have a ton of time on their hands.

    1. Anonymous11:19 AM

      I hope they didn't sleep a wink last night, Lindsay, serves 'em right. Two can play this game; and IM will NOT be bullied!

    2. Anonymous11:25 AM

      Don't believe for a minute the Palins have any kind of real influence any longer. They do not. Trust me on this--they're busy finding out just how low their stock has sunk. Keep spreading the word about the gofundme page.

    3. Balzafiar11:50 AM

      Harvey Levin, producer of TMZ, is a good friend of the Palins so having the link removed doesn't surprise me at all.

    4. Thesis Schmesis3:21 PM

      This is the real story here- we need to email every OTHER news site besides TMZ/radar/DAILY MAIL and tell them TMZ won't let any positive comments toward the Johnston family. They allow the most profane, vitriolic comments that denigrate the family, but near immediately delete any supportive comment. This is bullshit.

    5. Anonymous3:38 PM

      TMZ doesn't accept links. Report your comment, eliminating the links. Find a way to tell people how to googl what you want them to see.

  7. Anonymous11:14 AM

    7k in 19 hrs!

  8. Crystal Sage11:16 AM

    I donated as well. I have seen how vexatious lawsuits have ruined people financially and emotionally. It happened to me and to a couple of people I care about and all we did is try to stop corruption in our local government. I am grateful to the people who helped us and wanted to "play it forward." Best of Luck to the Johnston Family.

  9. Anonymous11:23 AM

    My first donation was to this lovely family just because they deserve a break.

    My second donation (next payday) will be as a big f/u to the Palins. Who hoo - a two-fer!

    1. A. J. Billings12:18 PM


    2. Caroll Thompson2:53 PM

      I just made my second donation and it was as a big old Fuck You to the Palins. It is time we all stood up and hollered bullshit.

      Thank you Johnstons for giving us this opportunity. I am have been waiting almost eight years for this.

  10. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Georgia as lovely as it is for you to be able donate $100 a month to the Johnston's on a regular basis, it's kind of insulting to imply that ALL IM'ers can do so and the implied should. I'd like to but I am in deep financial doo-doo, probably worse than the Johnston's. Perhaps SOME of the faithful following here could donate enough on a rolling basis to help them out and cover Levi's babby daddy obligations, but those of us who can't shouldn't feel shamed. Hopefully not your intent. Not sure why you felt compelled to make that comment, but it is what it is. Most folks don't want congrats for being charitable. If I could donate, I would, and wouldn't brag about it. Just sayin.

    1. A. J. Billings11:44 AM

      I don't think she implied that.

    2. Anonymous11:47 AM

      I think she is saying that if we all chip in, we can collectively cover his $1700 a month obligation.

      I don't think it was meant to shame anyone at all- there's a lot of excitement and enthusiasm for this cause.

      I myself stayed up till 1 am last night, refreshing the page constantly and thrilled to see the donations. And so glad to be able to do this.

    3. Anonymous11:57 AM

      Most of us have been poor/ or in a bad place at some point in our lives and we understand that not everyone can give, and that sometimes people's small donations are more of a sacrifice, but everyone can cheer this young family on for free :)

    4. Anonymous12:13 PM

      AJ Billings, no it wan't an implication it was an outright statement and I quote:
      "I think that all the IMers could easily donate..." did you miss the word ALL...????????????????????????????

    5. Anonymous12:24 PM

      ^^ This, 11:25 AM! All good!

    6. I am so sorry-I did not mean to brag about my donation-but I totally se it came off that way. I did not mean to imply that everyone could afford the same donation (if we could, it would only take 17 people!!!) But every good wish and dollar that we can give will support these kids. I am lucky-I want to pay it forward. And AJ Billings-thanks for reading between my-probably ill stated lines.
      Love from Georgia USA

    7. Anonymous4:46 PM


      I thought the "complaining" comment was a Palin bot, but apparently is a regular here?

      I am poor as a church mouse in an outhouse right now and I wasn't offended by the comments and am quite thrilled to see

      1) so many contributing what they can
      2) the comment earlier about not everyone can afford, nor should they feel they have to donate
      3) Encouragement to those who only give $20 or a token sum
      4) Several comments about if all you want or can give is a good thought that's great, also, too.

      Please, don't be so thin-skinned. Walk away from the computer.

      It is not about you. They are not attacking you. You are choosing to read their comments as attacks.

      It's all O.K.

      No one will even know who did or did not give. And most IM regulars really don't care who gives or how much.

      This is a personal thing. Do it if it works for you. Ignore it if it doesn't.

      Just like my comment.

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Anonymous11:25 AM

    get a job maybe?

    1. Anonymous11:33 AM

      well that was helpful. I DID just get one. First paycheck this week. paying my own bills, sorry can't pay strangers' bills.

    2. A. J. Billings11:34 AM

      Look, I think you want the C4pee website, don't you?

    3. Anonymous11:48 AM

      If that was meant for the Palins (any of them, all of them!) try Barstool's insta account or Sarah's Facebook page.

      R in NC

    4. Anonymous11:59 AM

      Why do you care what the rest of us do with our own money? Because it's really none of your damned business who or what I choose to donate to today, tomorrow, or any day. Now run along and post more duck lip photos.

    5. Anonymous12:00 PM

      Learn how to capitalize letters maybe?

    6. Anonymous12:10 PM

      AJ BILLINGS, no not confused where I am. Trolls like you need to get a life.

    7. Anonymous12:43 PM

      Wow, AJ, you were just called a troll! hahaha

    8. A. J. Billings1:22 PM

      Must have hit a weak spot!

    9. Anonymous1:48 PM

      Haha - AJ is no troll - has been a regular reader of IM for at least 8 years or so?Go AJ! Buh bye, troll @12:10.

    10. Anonymous2:06 PM

      Ah, and there's that post Bernie Bashing nastiness that that camel's nose let in.

      No stopping it now.

      This used to be a nice place.

    11. Anonymous3:15 PM

      2:06 - thanks for doing your part. Your civility helps a lot!

    12. "Get a job"? Hardly. I'm medically disabled, but blessed with a generous husband who understands my desire to help others.

  12. Anonymous11:28 AM

    I donated as well and received a thank you from Sunny. I usually never donate to these kind of things because you can't trust anyone but there is something so incredibly heartbreaking about what is being done to this young family. I hope they get all the money they need to be free of these people who are trying to financially ruin them.

    What could they possibly be going back to court for now? That just says it all.

  13. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Glad you are re-posting this, G. Don't want it to let lost.

    Apart from just helping, my wish is that the total sum goes into the stratosphere, because that will mean another look with the fresh eyes of a new audience at the whole bankrupt Palin political saga. Esp appropriate at election time.

    Thank you, Sunny, Levi, and G for making it possible for each of us to do something concrete to make the story more visible.

    Yes, I hate that some of the money could go to you-know-who for unwarranted child support.

    Yes, I hope the end total is enough to cover EVERYTHING so that Sunny and Levi have a little windfall -- the windfall he should have had from a tell-all book, but he declined.

    Yes, I am pleased that every contribution, large or small, is a rebuke to SPalin.

    And mainly, I hope this will result in a fresh look by a new audience at the "family values" that the GOP runs on. And the practical realities of how they implement those values.

    And yes, the hoax. The hoax. An important but ignored political reality.

    1. Good post! The hoax! Yeah, keep our eyes on the prize. The biggest fraud ever perpetrated in this country's political history! I want to see her forever disgraced and humiliated to the dustbin of history. Gone and good riddance!

  14. Anonymous11:34 AM

    The story is now posted at Raw Story:

    I hope that it will bring even more donations. There is something else that needs to be said. Bristol's blog is usually ghost written by the Good Christian Ghost Writer, Nancy French. What is Christian about attacking the father of your child, trying to drive him into bankruptcy, insulting him publicly, against court orders? It reminds me of the attack that Sarah and Todd launched their attack on their former brother-in-law, Trooper Wooten. The judge admonished them to stop insulting the Trooper in front of his children since it amounted to emotional abuse. This is where Bristol learned how to be so cruel.

    There is nothing good and Christian about conceiving children out of wedlock when Bristol was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to preach abstinence.

    1. Anonymous2:19 PM

      I never put much stock in the commenters at Raw Story. It's more like amusement to them & hardly serious dialogue. They jump on whoever an article is about and make fun of them.

  15. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Let's be grateful for the negative commenters: they just call more attention to the real story, for those who care to google it.

    Also, just as with Bernie's campaign, it's the NUMBER of contributions as well as the total amount. So even $1 is a big help IMHO.

  16. Kaspersky wouldn't let me complete my donation, so I sent $20 by way of Jesse's PayPal button. Hang in there, guys!

    1. A. J. Billings12:21 PM

      You can disable Kaspersky Antivirus temporarily to make a donation.

      If it's blocking a website you can also add an exception to make the gofundme page a "whitelist" site.

  17. Anonymous11:41 AM

    I just donated $100 to Levi and Sunny and plan to do so again - in each upcoming month!

    I am so behind these beautiful young people! Stay safe kids (I'm a senior citizen!) and be happy. There are many, many of us that love and support you here in Alaska!

  18. Anonymous11:43 AM

    $7,300 of $10k goal!

  19. Anonymous11:44 AM

    All of us in Alaska know that the Palins are one nasty bunch!

    Love the fact everyone is coming to the support of Levi and Sunny (and their darling family)! Thank you Gryphen! It feels wonderful helping them!

    1. Anonymous12:41 PM

      What I loved best, 11:44 AM? Gryph's (paraphrasing) title: "Let's see if you were serious." Of course we were, as he watches the total go higher. Tickled me half to death -- "I may or may not have had some wine" as the hours grow later. hahaha

      Love ya, Gryph, we're here!

    2. Caroll Thompson1:06 PM

      12:41, it's 5:02 on the East Coast. I was getting ready to fix myself a rum and coke. The Palins can haul Levi into court every month. We IMer's will happily pay the legal fees.

      Seems the Palins thought they would drive Levi to bankruptcy. No more. We will step up each and every time Levi and Sunny. And you can take that to the bank

    3. Anonymous5:04 PM

      How much does it cost the Palins each time they go to court? Maybe there will be blowback and they will be the ones going bankrupt.
      btw I think he's getting hauled back to court because of what Gryphen has promised to unleash on his blog every time Barstool gets pissy with Levi. I hope Gryphen's next reveal will be even worse than the first one from Gino.

    4. Anonymous8:35 PM

      $8,925 of $10k goal

  20. Anonymous11:51 AM

    There are laws against what the Palins are doing:

    Vexatious litigation - is legal action which is brought, regardless of its merits, solely to harass or subdue an adversary. It may take the form of a primary frivolous lawsuit or may be the repetitive, burdensome, and unwarranted filing of meritless motions in a matter which is otherwise a meritorious cause of action. Filing vexatious litigation is considered an abuse of the judicial process and may result in sanctions against the offender.

    1. Anonymous12:09 PM

      But it's Alassssska.

    2. Anonymous12:59 PM

      Your words in the judge's ears!

    3. Anonymous2:12 PM

      And if Levi has a good lawyer and wasn't such a wimp, he would have taken that path years ago. He needs to stop being such a nice guy and start doing to the Palins what they are doing to him. Enough excuses. They've had more than enough forgiveness from the Johnsons. It's time to lower the hammer and put a stop to this once and for all.

    4. Anonymous2:55 PM

      2:12 You have no idea what you are saying when you call Levi a wimp.

      The Palin's are not your typical disgusting humans. They are dangerous and I'm sure he worries about the LIVES of his loved ones.

      They had his mother set up. What's to stop them from doing it to Sunny? What's to stop them from ensuring that one of the daughters has a "little accident".

      Until you go up against these gangster bitches yourself, keep your mouth shut.

    5. Anonymous8:40 PM

      11:51 AM-
      Is there a way to get that information to Levi & Sunny??

  21. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Dear Sunny,
    No thanks to me is needed, just doing a bit of "pay it forward" to a deserving young family.

  22. I donated as well. I also see the media is picking up on this.

    1. Anonymous1:01 PM

      Yes, the media is picking it up, and I also posted it on FB... If anyone here is on FB and/or Twitter or other social networks, please post the link to the gofundme page of Sunny and Levi!

    2. Anonymous1:02 PM

      When you post the link, also give a bit background info about the massive amount that they owe and have incurred over time in legal fees!

    3. Anonymous2:56 PM

      The media seems to think Bristol is the happy co-parent and all the legal harassing was from the past.

      Can't they find out Bristol is not about to stop. She is still using the courts.

      Sarah got off paying her legal bills and now she has Dakota Meyer's attorney.

      As long as other people enable her she can go on and on harassing with her legal games.

    4. Perhaps the bloggers at Celebitchy will hear about as well.

    5. Anonymous7:19 PM

      1:01 PM-

  23. Anonymous12:19 PM

    One day I would like to read the story or stories of what turned Bristol into such a litigious nutcase?

    1. Anonymous12:52 PM

      Because Levi moved on with someone beautiful on the inside and out. She lost Levi forever. She will never let him forget it.

    2. Anonymous12:55 PM

      Her mother's example!

    3. Anonymous1:18 PM

      What anonymous 12:52 said. And now, someone's married her out of obligation... great concern for his child mostly. Well who wouldn't be. Here's where she gets confused: true love & boners. One lasts a lifetime, the other...not so much.

    4. Anonymous2:29 PM

      IMO Dakota Meyer didn't have many options for his future anyway: no qualifications, knocked up Bristol Palin, endorsed Ted Cruz, unsafe with guns around children, etc. It's clear he has no talent and no brains- add that to his drinking problem and he makes a perfect Palin. And Bristol will never let his daughter leave Alaska, he knows that.

      But to stand drunkenly by while his "wife" fucks over another man for money is what really shows he has no self-respect.

    5. Anonymous2:54 PM

      12:19 Why is Bristol such a litigious nutcase? Look at her mother! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Sarah has lawyers on retainer, paid by her PAC, and she regularly threatens to sue people if they do or say something that she doesn't like. Sarah's attitude is that she will go on doing whatever she is doing until the courts tell her to stop, and even then, she doesn't stop. She and Todd threatened their former brother-in-law, Trooper Wooten, trying to get him fired which doesn't make much sense, depriving his kids of his child support.

      Where did Sarah learn to be such a bitch? Her father contributed. When Chuck Heath was a teacher, another teacher in the school abused some children. It was reported to the principal, a god friend of Chuck Heath. The principal did not fire the child abusing teacher, so the school board fired the principal. Chuck didn't like the way that the board had treated his pal, so he gave out the addresses and phone numbers of the people on the school board, encouraging the public to give the school board a hard time for doing their business. Chuck Heath bragged about rounding up friends and family to game the Alaska polls so that Sarah was a governor with an artificially high approval rating. His friends and family flooded the letters to the editor and every poll with glowing comments about Governor Palin, who looked good because other people did all of the hard work, for which she took all of the credit. It runs in the family.

    6. Anonymous3:26 PM

      2:54 PM

      Thank you.

    7. Anonymous3:29 PM

      Right you are 2:29. DuhKota is especially dense if he can so willingly be a party to a scheme to block another man from having an equitable role in his child's life.

      Seems he recently had to go thru a similar scenario establishing rights to his own child with the same devious, spiteful baby mama.

      I keep wondering what is about palin women hating men so much that they are willing to sacrifice the feelings and futures of their children. $P was so able to control and emasculate the men in her life she infected her own children with the inability to form and maintain loving and healthy adult relationships.

  24. Anonymous12:20 PM

    I have no doubt Levi and Sunny will pay this forward. Seems like just the kind of people they are. Must just frost someone's behind and I love it!

  25. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Less Than 24 Hours After Dallas, Hillary Delivers One of the Most Important Speeches of the Election

  26. Anonymous12:23 PM

    And while all the horrors were going on in the street, these horrors happened behind closed doors:

    Which House Dems Voted against Consumer Protection, Good Governance, and Basic Rights This Week?

    On Thursday, the House passed the FY 2017 financial appropriations bill.

    As you can probably guess, it’s bad—filled with cuts to vital regulatory agencies and dangerous policy riders. Here’s an overview of what’s in it:

  27. Anonymous12:37 PM

    $7,560 of $10k goal

  28. Anonymous12:48 PM

    1700 a month is awful high for a young teen age father, that now has a real family. The court should have considered his age at time, his education level and ability to make an income. Looks like he was set up by getting him to do the photo shoot= bogus income. And should not be used to base his child support. As soon as possible, trip should say he wants to live with levi and child support reversed. It is wrong for the court to order unreasonable support when other parent is proclaimed famous VIP.

  29. Anonymous1:00 PM

    I also sent a small "gift"
    pay it forward

    I'll try and send a plug to the pee-pond, maybe it might stay up for a few min's

    1. Anonymous1:19 PM

      Oh good luck with that, DrLager, you are soooo loved there! hahahaha
      They hate Levi, also too.
      More power to you!

    2. Anonymous1:20 PM

      Good luck with that.

      They haven't heard about it yet, I checked 15 minutes ago.

      They probably won't believe it at first, but then will have 1000 nasty things to say about in the first 2 seconds

    3. DrLager6:53 PM

      Ha! almost a record, 3:20 seconds for a "real" drlager post....over at the peepond
      I posted the gofundme, and 3 of the peeponders upvoted it before I got zapped
      we have them on the ropes, every time they see my name, facts have no choice but to crawl into their brains, and poor foodstamp and VG are having palins sploldy heads....


  30. Anonymous1:01 PM

    I rarely comment here, but I just read some of the comments at TMZ. I hope the Johnstons know that those vile people are a minority. Levi and Sunny are made of strong stuff and deserve the help and good wishes from those of us who comprehend the evil they're battling.
    --one Canadian friend

    1. Anonymous1:45 PM

      I donated to them today and plan to do so each month for a number of them. Want to see them back on their feet and free of the bitch, Bristol, as well as Sarah and Todd!

      Levi and Sunny are a stand up couple and we are proud they are fellow Alaskans! Sad to say, but we cannot say the same thing about the Palins. Most of us wish they'd get their asses out of Alaska forever!

    2. Caroll Thompson2:09 PM

      We don't want them 1:45. You can keep them, but thank you anyway.

  31. Anonymous1:06 PM

    The articles make it sound like it is about the past. They don't actually get into the fact that Bristol is not letting up.

    I hope the stories are told more and in more detail about what it is all about.
    Sarah is itching to rehash the experience with Wooten and Monegan. She reminded everyone here

    "More so, I empathize if we find out any cop involved was in the wrong, for I abhor bad cops. I abhor police union leadership that regularly protects bad cops and discredits citizens voicing concern over bad actors in authority. I've been there. Many of you know my own experience with well-publicized, constant, frightening encounters and threats to my family to "bring us down" via a badge and gun. We suffered an exhausting era knowing we were defenseless against a bad cop, his union, and a gleefully politicized media never reporting the truth. Threats that included the promise we'd be pulled over for whatever reason, destroyed, and "any judge will believe the badge over the citizen." The decade-long situation nearly devastated us. Political opponents still get off on all the situation cost us. So believe me, my personal experience won't let me throw a blanket of blind approval over all law enforcement and those in authority." Sarah Palin

    Heath Palin family values history.

    1. Anonymous1:58 PM

      Sarah Palin's kids have been pulled over countless times, and it's never been for nothing. But of their non-driving crimes it seems there is no record... in the same way that Track Palin has disappeared from court view.

    2. Anonymous2:46 PM

      Sarah Palin never forgets an insult or an perceived attack on her. OMG how that poor woman has suffered, and she cannot let any of it go. Let me think about that Big Brawl in Anchorage when the Palins crashed a party. We heard the police tapes of drunken, disorderly Palins, screaming about getting into fights with everyone. They did not face any consequences, no tickets, no court appearance, no punishment. Probably just a warning. Is Sarah talking about drunken Track waving around a gun, threatening his girl friend and beating her up, attempting suicide? What a nerve they had to arrest him as a dangerous person when the poor guy is suffering from PTSD, and it was all Obama's fault.

    3. Anonymous2:50 PM

      Track has disappeared from civilization. Can they prep him to be ready for court or will everything be called in for him?

      Has anyone found that Navy Seal guy, another hero like the Palins admire, who is guiding him and playing lead wilderness team survivor?

      He will never be anyplace where there are not state of the art military gear and weapons. I bet he is having the time of his life and actually believes he is going to fight the enemy.

    4. Anonymous4:26 PM

      250 I am guessing Track is on the Kenai or in the Talkeetna area? If remote then tell the old man someone is going home without him okay? Thanks!

    5. Anonymous4:56 PM

      How she has suffered, 2:46 PM?
      She only has herself to point to.

  32. Anonymous1:42 PM

    Walt Monegan is a stellar guy and has recently been named head of the Alaska State Troopers! Sarah and Todd tried to do massive harm to him and I'm delighted to see him in the position he has now.

    Congratulations, Walt!!! You deserve the position and Alaska is proud to have you as one of ours. The majority of us never believed one word of the Palins and know them to be nothing more than liars and friggin' jerks!

    1. Anonymous2:04 PM

      Walt Monegan is my friend- and a model of decency. Sarah Palin offered him the commissioner's job in spite of the fact that he had declined to endorse her when asked. Walt recognized her for what she is.

    2. Anonymous3:16 PM

      Alaska's former top cop Monegan, ousted in Troopergate, gets second crack at job-

  33. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Thank you for donating Britta.

  34. Anonymous1:54 PM


    You know the hell Bristol has put you through. Now is the time to help out one of your own.

    One way of getting even with Bristol and the Palins is by helping Levi and donating to Levi's and Sunny's Go Fund Me Account.


    Former Trial Husbands or Fuc_ buddies:

    Las Vegas Lounge Lizard
    And all the other ones not known to us.

    1. Anonymous5:52 PM

      Maybe Dakota Meyer will donate a couple grand to Levi and Sunny's Gofundme site.

    2. Anonymous6:48 PM

      Maybe Dakota is going to get what's coming to him down the road for being so stupid. I think that's the better odds.

  35. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Walt Mohegan and everybody else who was treated like shit by then Mayor and then Gov Sarah Palin, can we count on donations to Levi and Sunny's Go Fund Me account?

  36. Anonymous2:03 PM

    I think someone out to organize a lemonade stand to raise money for the Johnston's legal bills.

    1. Anonymous4:06 PM

      ...Bailey recalls in his memoir:

      Thoma was quoted as saying, “She is obvioulsy coming after me, and I’ve never met her before.” Our reaction to that line - aside from smiling at the man’s misery - was, “You betcha we’re coming after you.”

      For the days we wasted on discrediting Thoma, we cared about little else and nothing about him; critics ceased being human beings worthy of sympathy once we attacked. By the time we finished with our politics of destruction, he surely regretted ever mentioning the governor’s name. He learned firsthand why so few people were willing to speak out against Sarah Palin. The costs were enormous. At Sarah’s direction we had managed to construct a story with almost no basis in fact that painted her and her daughter Piper as victims. In what I can only now describe as a shameful waste, this is what we did more than anything in all our years together, go after those we didn’t agree with, or simply didn’t like. Alaska deserved better of us.

  37. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Sunny if some of this money is being used to pay former crappy lawyers who did Levi a disservice, offer them a 25% payout. If they don't accept tell them to stand in line with Bristol.

    1. Anonymous4:28 PM

      no Levi - file paperwork of judicial misconduct and he has to submit a bill to the judge reviewing the case!

  38. Caroll Thompson2:07 PM

    Just donated another $50 knowing I was really sticking it to the Palins. I am sure they are not happy with all of us who will not allow the Johnstons to go bankrupt over unnecessary legal bills.

    Talk about co parenting is cheap Palins. Taking Levi to court every time he turns around is not good for the child. But it quite obvious that you don't care about that.

  39. Anonymous2:25 PM

    What does Dakota think of all her games?Doesn't
    he think he might be next? He must be real stupid. If she gets pg again, he will be bankrupt.....

  40. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Thank you, Jesse. I sent a small donation and wish I could afford more right now.

  41. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Look at the shit Bristol has put them through....*rDdynBuezKcXMrrkG1Tmh3f0XyeCUkdQZbQ

  42. $8,005 of $10k goal
    Raised by 152 people in 1 day


    1. Anonymous4:59 PM

      And more $ to come. Better up that amount,sunny. :)

    2. Anonymous6:46 PM

      She doesn't have to up it.
      We can go over as high as we want! :)

  43. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Over $8K!
    I just chipped in my contribution. So happy to finally be able to put my money where my mouth is to help this lovely young family.

  44. Anonymous3:19 PM

    Hubby & I just added a small donation. Every little bit helps & we'll continue to add more $$ as long as the account stays open. So happy to help this fine young couple who have endured so much misery at the hands of Bristol & her shameful family. Westiemom

  45. Anonymous3:27 PM

    $8,145 of $10k goal

  46. Anonymous3:31 PM

    G -

    Have not read all of the comments - busy today and when I do read them I get bogged down and just wanted to say a couple of things.

    First and foremost I want to thank all of you who have helped Levi and Sunny.
    I know there are a couple of articles out there talking about the fact a fund has been set up for Levi and Sunny. I no longer read the articles about him as it is just too heart breaking. I have never understood the horrible things people say about him. He was a young, naive person who ended up in the midst of a whirlwind. He did the best he could - as he is doing now.
    The other thing I wanted to say is I hope he is successful in this latest challenge - and I have no idea what the heck it is as I do not recall any info about what this court date is about.
    OK - one parting comment - - - I do not think this "marriage" between B and D is going to last very long. I think it is a physical attraction as neither of them has two brain cells - so it is not academic. He is going to get bored soon and want to get out of what is developing into a strange spiders's web. Sorry Dak - you were warned many times.

    Pat Padrnos

    1. Anonymous5:04 PM

      Dakota has posted a photo of fishing with his father. I assume that Dad went up to Alaska. Did anyone else in Dakota's Kentucky family come to Alaska, too? How about Todd. Did he go fishing with his "new son-in-law"? Why not include Todd in the photo, Sailor's two grandpas-- or maybe Todd wasn't invited.

      Judging from Bristol's bored fish lips photo, that "marriage" doesn't have very much going for it. Married for a month and they look bored with each other.

    2. Anonymous5:43 PM

      I have a feeling it's going to become abundantly clear at the convention.

    3. Anonymous5:48 PM

      Pat, I don't think it is a physical attraction. The photos and videos we've seen don't even show any affection radiating off either of them toward the other. Even when Sailor Grace is with them.

      I think it's a business agreement of some sort. It will go awry when it's obvious that Sarah isn't going to be some bigwig in the White House...if Dakota can last till fall.

      Looks like he's already bored.

      The whole thing is like the original "wedding," so many things are not right.

      I think then (and now they) were hoping for a reality TV show and that's why we never and are not hearing about the wedding.

      They expected to get an all expense paid Big Wedding and didn't.

      Then they had to scramble to make it look like a wedding was planned and paid for.

      Now tell me, anyone, who would have had a doughnut truck for snacks at an over the top wedding if it had been planned and paid for months or even weeks ahead?

    4. Anonymous6:05 PM

      I still say that they're not married.

    5. Anonymous7:37 PM

      @5:48 I like your description. The quickie engagement last year looked like a set up, especially since Sarah's official professional photographer was on the scene to capture all of those loving moments. Surprise, here's a ring at rock concert, after a few weeks of visiting back and forth.

      Bristol sold her house, uprooted Tripp and moved to Kentucky, boom. She must have been bored out of her mind. No shopping for a pretty wedding dress. No teasing with photos of a flower arrangement, table decorations, saying, "Guess the colors I have chosen for my wedding." No real shower, not from Dakota's family and friends. It looked set up in 2015, only to be followed by Bristol bolting, and announcing her huge disappointment.

      Then, after months of insulting Dakota, and making sure that she was out of town when Dakota wanted to visit Sailor, suddenly, he's living in her house, and Bristol is flashing the ring set that her mother bought. Oooo, look, there's a second ring. They must have gotten married. For a girl who took a selfie during every month of her pregnancy, there was no wedding photo. Just a photo of Bristol leaving deep finger marks on Dakota's arm on their honeymoon in Hawaii.

      Reality show? I thought the plan was for Dakota to enter politics, with Sarah's help, connections and promotion. Never mind that she is hanging onto Trump with frayed fingernails because he is her last chance at anything. Are they all heading to the convention? Will Bristol be marched across the stage this time, with a husband and children, a "respectable married woman."

      Maybe Dakota was lured back and a deal was made because Bristol is pregnant again, and this time, she has to look dignified just in case Sarah shows up at Trump's convention. Sarah also needs someone in the family in the military since Track needs to go to rehab. MOH will look good. I think that they are trying to groom him to be a LOL talking head on TV is because he is posting a lot of political comments on his facebook. He actually appeared on Fox once or twice. His speaking voice is awful, and like his mother-in-law, he has not done anything to get better. Reality show? Dumb and dumber. But there is no accounting for the taste of reality TV viewers. Look how long Honey Boo Boo seemed to last.

  47. Anonymous3:35 PM

    I smile every time I refresh and see the GoFundMe total go up. :))

    1. Anonymous4:30 PM

      I am sure Sarah and Bristol are too! You KNOW they will cry about 'I need that money more than you do' as they perch duck lips? Shallow!

  48. Anita Winecooler3:48 PM

    Sunny, please know this- You've shown a lot of class and have been a fantastic influence to a good young man, but even more important, I'm glad for the opportunity to help, and will do it again in a heartbeat.

  49. Anonymous3:50 PM

    After scanning the Internet for articles relating to Levi and Sunny and their GoFundMe page, it's very obvious Palin's PR consultants, funded by Sarahpac, have been summoned to duty.

    Sunny, don't be discouraged by their games. Palin pays these firms huge amounts of money every month to keep up the charade. Sites like TMZ are OWNED by these consulting firms. You, on the other hand, are being backed by real people who are not looking for anything other than the satisfaction of helping a deserving family. In that regard, the Palin's are LOSERS.

    Isn't life grand!!!

    1. Anonymous6:07 PM

      THIS. Thanks, 3:50 PM!

  50. Anonymous3:52 PM

    oh boy, this is posted on the TMZ site
    DrLager • 31 minutes ago

    oh, and speaking of dogfood, has anyone else out here on the internets noticed that the Palin foot stool, (also known as the "service dog" "Jill" is MIA?) I guess no one told the palins that you don't toss a tennis ball out of Toads plane at 500ft and say........ "fetch"



    Share ›

    1. Anonymous4:17 PM

      Oh that comment left skid marks :)

    2. Anonymous4:52 PM

      Go, Dr. Lager! Excellent.

    3. Anonymous6:21 PM

      What happened to the dog Joey Junker loved? Bristol had it for awhile. It was a cute little dear.

  51. Anonymous3:54 PM

    Best wishes to Levi and Sunny from Orlando!

    The world reached out to us here and I see people everywhere reaching out to help one another. I've reached out to Wasilla on GFM and hope to continue doing so. #KeepDancing

  52. Anonymous3:57 PM

    I don't understand why the Johnston's attorney hasn't sued the Palins for court costs. Clearly the Palins are being vindictive.

    1. Anonymous4:11 PM

      Ask Sean Parnell about that one!

  53. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Does Dakota live in Alaska now?

    1. Anonymous5:46 PM

      Does Dakota live in Alaska? Looks like it, doesn't it? He really sold his soul to move up there. The video with Mrs. Fish Lips and her bored husband in the background doesn't look like the video of a happily married couple. I'm guessing that Bristol was just as bored in Kentucky. Those two don't look as if they have very much going on in their lives. Bristol looks as if she is waiting for fame and fortune for doing nothing.

    2. Anonymous7:11 PM

      You can bet your life he does. He has no choice and he never did from the moment he inseminated his little cow. Bristol Palin is leading him around by the ..... nose.

    3. Anonymous8:42 PM

      I think Dakota at first tried to assert some influence, i.e. preventing Bristol from posting Sailor's photo for the baby's safety. Bristol's cackling at Dakota's reaction to her fish lips video shows how successful that's going to be.

  54. Anonymous4:11 PM

    In an article I just read, Levi had legal fees of over $100,000. Maybe $10,000 isn't enough. $10,000 is a lot, and feels like more than a drop in the bucket, but also seems like a small amount in comparison to legal fees.

    I hope the judge slaps Bristol with legal fees for frivolous allegations or suit (whichever it is).

    1. Anonymous7:18 PM

      I am willing to give monthly, as are a few others. I know due to family/personal hardships that not everyone that wants to can...but every team needs a cheering section :) and I know we have that at IM. But I do challenge those that can to cover an extra 10 people at 10 bucks a piece next month on top of what we already chose to donate. I just need some IM spirit to push me to donate extra in other peeps names :)

    2. Anonymous7:51 PM

      I'll do $10 next month

  55. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Levi and Sunny, THIS is all you should be paying attention to! Thanks Anonymous 3:50 for the spot on reality check.
    "You, on the other hand, are being backed by real people who are not looking for anything other than the satisfaction of helping a deserving family."

  56. Anonymous5:02 PM

    When you think about the strain that has been put on Levi and Sunny since day one it is a testament to their srength as a couple.How many much older couples could withstand the constant worry of paying bills and court battles. It has made them stronger as a couple. This is not what Bristol wanted, she wanted to break them.

    Stuff it Bristol! You could learn a lesson from Levi and Sunny about what it means to face difficult situations and remain true to your convictions and your marriage and tough it out.

    1. Anonymous6:18 PM

      Love is healing.

  57. Thesis Schmesis5:06 PM

    Nice to see my fellow IM'ers out in force over at that Palincentric cesspool TMZ. I'd say there's about one IM-er/supportive comment for every five comments Alicia is frenetically posting, trying to rewrite Bristol's history.

    1. Anonymous6:09 PM

      She's really losing it. I can almost see her yelling at the computer, while crying and pulling her hair out that people are refuting all the bull she's dishing.

    2. Anonymous8:46 PM

      Yup. Alicia is on the loose and even admits it's her under the false name she's using when she got called out.

  58. Anonymous5:10 PM

    FINALLY a way to actually help. Now we can all put our money where our comments are!

  59. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Gryphen, keep on sticking it to the Palins. They are so deserving of anything bad coming their way. Corgimom

  60. 8700! Getting close, folks.

  61. Sunny has now made her Facebook private.

    1. Anonymous7:21 PM

      Don't most people have private face books, for friends only? I deleted my account many years ago but it was always private as were most of the people that I corresponded with. I think it's best that people exercise a high level of privacy on their social media, if they use it.

    2. Anonymous7:23 PM

      When it was public, she showed lovely photos of their two daughters and Tripp. The children looked so pretty and natural. There was a real warmth expressed in the photos and comments for them as a family, and between Sunny and Levi.

      Funny, Bristol does not even try to create a lovely, artistic pose. Sunny worked as a photographer because she had that artistic touch and attention to sweet detail. Sunny and Levi look happy with each other. In Bristol's recent video, she is bored and trying to get Dakota's attention. He reacts, saying something nasty. Cackle laughter, too shrill and too loud. They don't look like happy newlyweds.

    3. Anonymous7:33 PM

      Goof for her! Smart woman!

    4. Anonymous7:42 PM

      She's had to do that regularly over the years, just until Palin's flying monkeys go back to their pond.

    5. Anonymous8:04 PM

      Sounds prudent, considering the way the insanity is ratcheting up on the Palin side of things.
      M from MD

    6. Anonymous8:42 PM

      Good for her she does not need to hear the negative things.

      She and Levi are a family that just cant seem to shake the stench that is the Palin's. Everything and everybody the Palin's touch turns to crap, they are vindictive white trash who came into money just because Mama at one time had some looks and was a newcomer that no one really knew anything about.

      Sarah's downfall was really brought on by her own kids getting into drunken brawls that was a real turning point for many it cracked her whole fake persona of the "great Mom' . Look at Trig am i the only one who notices that Sarah the multi millionaire dresses that kid in cheap clothes? or clothes that make some kind of statement like his Alaska Grown sweat shirt. At this point i am only surprised that she doe's not stick an Make America Great Again hat on his head.

      Her agenda when she was running for VP was being a champion for downs syndrome children and their families what has she ever done to help them? Nothing at all and that tells me everything i need to know about this lying stupid self centered fool.

      Good luck Dakota dealing with the real Bristol and Sarah either you bought their act or you are cut from the same cloth.Did you ever wonder how a single Mom who works when she feels like it has the money to buy her designer purses and jeans and goes on vacations to Hawaii? Or did you think you can tap into that lifestyle and sit on your butt while Mama Sarah pays the bills. You bought a pig in the poke Dakota because the well will run dry while you watch your intellectually challenged wife take fish lip selfies and your pride goes out the window and you finally realize looks may fade but stupid is forever and you married it and the sex is already starting to get old.

      Meanwhile their are a lot of people out there who have struggled and know what Levi and Sunny are going through and we don't have a lot of money but we know an injustice when we see it and if we can give only 10 dollars we know it's for a cause beyond sticking it to Bristol[ Although it gives satisfaction] It is about letting a family get rid of your sorry asses and live their lives without your interference and Tripp not being caught in the crossfire so he can just be a normal kid going to see hid Dad and step sisters away from the camera.

      Tripp is the factor here as far as i'm concerned if Barstool is paid off he can no longer be used as tool for her pity party and she can shut up and sit down while she lives in her paid for house wearing her expensive shoes and getting her numb botox fish lips on Dakotas dime.

  62. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Go ahead Bristol, try to bankrupt Levi. Throw your money away. You won't win. You'll never win. We have way more money than you.

  63. Anonymous7:26 PM

    I think she did it last night.

    1. Anonymous7:50 PM

      did what?

  64. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Just donated and will do it again. I can last as long as Bristol can. F-U Palins.

  65. Anonymous7:46 PM

    "I keep wondering what is about palin women hating men so much that they are willing to sacrifice the feelings and futures of their children."

    I'm almost sure it began from Papa Heath.

  66. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Just got my donation done in time to go grab a slice of pie and settle in to Watch Hell On Wheels. Can't wait to read all of today's posts later.

  67. Anonymous8:03 PM

    8,900 folks! 1,100 to go to reach their goal.
    M from MD

  68. I appreciate due process. However, when does a judge call out the unreasonable actions as demonstrated by Ms. BPM? None of this seems right beyond the standard child custody/support issues.

  69. Anonymous8:30 PM

    Go to TMZ for some new fun. The "ridiculous" troll has arrived. Very familiar...

  70. Anonymous8:39 PM

    Almost Nine Thousand Dollars in Two days! There ya go,pretty lady! Keep it coming,IMers!

  71. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Better raise it to $15000 Sunny. We're not done yet! ;o)


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