Saturday, July 09, 2016

Some Donald Trump supporters are not satisfied with merely defeating Hillary Clinton, they want her dead.

Courtesy of the New Republic:

They’ve got murder on their minds now. 

At the previous Donald Trump rally I’d attended, in Greensboro, North Carolina, Hillary Clinton was called a “bitch” more times that I could count. “Trump That Bitch” was the most common refrain. They shouted it from the rafters, wore T-shirts emblazoned with it. But at a rally in Raleigh on Tuesday night, a new cry rang out: 

“Hang that bitch!” 

The anger among Trump supporters toward the presumptive Democratic nominee apparently had escalated in the past month, perhaps especially so after FBI Director James Comey announced on Tuesday morning that he would not seek criminal charges against Clinton over her email scandal. This was a travesty against justice, obvious proof of corruption. As Trump said on stage, “Today is the best evidence ever, that we’ve seen, that our system is absolutely, totally rigged.” 

Clinton might have escaped criminal justice, but this mob had a different kind of justice in mind. Trumping that bitch was no longer good enough. Now they wanted her dead.

Of course this can be discounted by the Trump supporters as simply one or two overzealous supporters, much like McCain and Palin did back in 2008 when their rallies erupted in racist epithets and calls for the murder of then Democratic nominee Barack Obama.

However it should be remembered that after he was elected President Obama was on the receiving end of more death threats and hate mail than any other president before him.

I imagine the same will probably hold true for Hillary Clinton.

This kind of hate does not simply dissipate at the end of an election. It festers and grows until it becomes impossible to contain.

A growing number of people do not simply want to keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House, they want her to disappear for good.

And they don't all call themselves Republicans either.


  1. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Good thing Obama has all those FEMA camps just waiting for these folk. ;)

    1. Anonymous10:44 AM

      They need to be shipped of to Somalia. Let them trumpet their white pride anti government stupidity there while they are dodging incoming.

  2. Anonymous2:20 PM

    The Republicans are doing a huge disservice to The United States by letting this crap go on unchecked. It's bad for all of us and bad for the country.

    1. Anonymous3:41 PM

      +1 - thanks, Paul Ryan. Thanks, Mitch McConnell.

    2. Anonymous5:05 PM

      Oh? Bloney...

    3. Anonymous6:33 PM

      What is Bloney? An Irish term, perhaps? :-)

    4. Anonymous8:20 PM

      I think commenter @5:05 meant to blow him as in: "Oh, blow me!"

  3. Anonymous2:22 PM

    I'm not surprised given how much Trump admires Putin. Isn't that how every totalitarian regime deals with opposition?

    I'd just like to revisit a Hillary supporter talking point.

    What baggage does Bernie have that is as bad as this? Worse than this?

    Time and again we were told that this was nothing, would go away, and that Bernie was unvetted and had much more baggage that would come to light and damage his chances should he be the nominee.

    Really? Enough that the Republicans would call for the death of Bernie Sanders if he were the nominee?

    Because I don't care how many hearings are held or how many reports come out. This isn't going away. It's going to continue, it's going to get worse and it will drag on for the next four years if Hillary is elected.

    Trump is going to change from Lyin' Hillary to Criminal Hillary.

    Just sayin'.

    1. Anonymous2:49 PM

      Agreed. Many others would, too, if they hadn't left IM till this election blows over.

    2. Anonymous3:44 PM

      Oh, please. What whiners and sore losers. Trump already labeled him "Crazy Bernie." Did you miss that? That was just the start. But since Bernie and Trump have not released their taxes...

    3. Anonymous3:45 PM

      I understand your point, but Hillary won the nomination. Don't understand rehashing what could've been.

    4. Anonymous5:50 PM

      Stop being stupid.Socialism,Communism,Fascism,are all one word to Trump supporters.Trump would roll over Bernie like a steamroller,get him foaming like a mad dog,and post pics of Jane next to Melania along with calling her out for her grifting,something Hillary would never do.

    5. Anonymous3:26 PM

      What's worse? Being labeled Crazy or Criminal?

      What's more defensible? Proving you're not Crazy or proving you're not a Criminal?

      I think Bernie would have an easier time proving he isn't crazy than Hillary would have proving she is not a criminal. Her "untrustworthy"ness numbers are very high. When people don't trust you it's hard to convince them you're not a criminal no matter how lame the attacks and evidence is. You can tell them until you're blue in the face but since they don't trust you they won't believe you.

      Yeah, it's over. She won.

      Just saying this has overtones of the Brexit Lies and I would hate for regret to set in if Hillary loses because of this specific weakness. (That was dismissed by TPTB that anointed her before the first vote was cast.) We were told the e-mails weren't important, it would blow over, nothing to see here, don't worry.

      Well, it's not over, it's not going to be over and it's just going to get worse.

      I don't want to hear "We should have gone with Bernie" when President Trump is being sworn in. If that happens I will not stop rubbing noses in ITOLDYOUSO.

  4. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Those ugly, red faced, Trump Republicans are a sick bunch to behold! They match Trump perfectly! Just look at that photo! Yuck!

    Thank God we have Hillary Clinton in our midst who IS qualified and able to be POTUS.

    She has my vote and many others from folks I know. Thank God she has fantastic security around her - as does and as has President and First Lady Obama!

    1. Anonymous3:45 PM

      The GOP is a racist violent cesspool. I pity those going to Cleveland.

  5. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Bernie is unelectable in the US because of political choices he made in the past being quite unpopular, fairly or not, with the majority of Americans. And if you don't think his nomination would have resulted in an entire fringe of the GOP suddenly announcing that Hitler had the the right idea, you don't know the Republicans.


    No surprise. You've proven you don't know Democrats, either.

    Stop blaming the victims of hate for the hate. No doubt you think BLM is causing cops to slaughter black citizens, too.

  6. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Conversely, I'm sure there are many that wish the same fate for Trump!!! Those folks just keep their mouths shut!

  7. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Hillary Clinton has my vote!!! Trump would be a disaster as the leader of our country!

  8. Anonymous2:58 PM

    2:22: If Bernie was the nominee you would see immediate Jew-baiting, he'd be called out as a Commie Socialist America-hater, and that would be just the beginning.
    What you call baggage, I call experience.

    1. Anonymous3:47 PM

      @Anonymous 2:58 PM

      ''What you call baggage, I call experience.''
      Well put. I ägree.

  9. O/T: From The Weekly Sift, June 20th: Our gun problem IS a terrorism problem

    ISIS has found the biggest hole in America’s defenses: our lax gun laws.

    When Democrats in Congress responded to the Pulse nightclub shooting by renewing calls for gun control, Ted Cruz made a sharp distinction:
          This is not a gun control issue; it’s a terrorism issue.
    In other words, if it’s one it can’t be the other. Gallup implicitly endorsed that framing by making its respondents choose. The result was the usual partisan polarization: 79% of Republicans described the Pulse attack as “Islamic terrorism”, while 60% of Democrats called it “domestic gun violence”.

    But following just half a year after the San Bernardino shooting, the Orlando shooting makes the guns-or-terrorism argument obsolete. It’s all one issue now. ISIS is actively encouraging lone-wolf attacks, and the easy availability of AR-15s and other military-style weapons makes the United States uniquely vulnerable to lone-wolf terrorism. Our political inability to control or track even the most destructive guns keeps that hole in our defenses open.

    I’m amazed it took Islamic State strategists so long to figure that out. About a year after 9-11, the Washington metro area was terrorized by someone the press called “the D.C. sniper“. Over a three-week period he shot 13 people apparently at random, ten of whom died. Rather than a mass killing, these were individual attacks that seemed completely unpatterned and unpredictable: one victim was sitting at a bus stop reading a book, another was pumping gas at a self-service station, and a third was walking down a street.

    That’s what made the attacks so terrifying: Wherever you were in the D.C. area and whatever you happened to be doing, if you were out in public you had to consider the possibility that you might suddenly be killed.

    Terrorist plotters may be slow, but eventually they catch on. By now, as Pulse and San Bernadino make clear, ISIS understands very well: One disgruntled, alienated, or insane American (or permanent resident [2]) can easily kill dozens, without breaking any laws until the moment he or she opens fire. …

    Carrying out such an attack requires little planning or training, so such plans have very few points where they are vulnerable to detection or interruption. Omar Mateen, Rizwan Farook, and Tashfeen Malik did not have to spend weeks at some terrorist camp in Syria or Libya. They didn’t need to smuggle anything into the country or coordinate their plans with some handler from ISIS central command. They just had to buy guns, practice shooting them, and then go kill people.

    So it may have taken them a while, but the terrorists have adapted. The question is whether we will adapt, overcome the NRA’s resistance, and force our representatives to face the new reality. Will we find ways to reduce the number of the most lethal guns and make the existing ones easier to track? Will we limit guns’ mass-killing potential by banning high-capacity magazines? Will we allow authorities to track suspicious guns-and-ammunition purchasing patterns?

    That isn’t just a gun-control agenda any more. It’s an anti-terrorism agenda. Given what we’ve seen, any purported anti-terrorism agenda that does not include such gun-control measures is just not serious.

    The full article is at:

    So…… When is Congress going to get serious???

    1. Anonymous3:46 PM

      When we elect new people and turn the House Blue!

    2. If millions of us now have to take our shoes off after one failed shoe bomber, why can't Congress ban sniper/assault guns? Keeping Americans safe, my ass.

    3. Anonymous4:26 PM

      I agree with you, Barbara! The NRA rules us all. We sacrifice Americans at their altar each and every day. Sick!

    4. Anonymous8:25 AM

      The NRA certainly rules the GOP, that's for sure. Last week, wormy Mitch McConnell stated that any candidate for the Supreme Court must be approved by the NRA. God, just getting passed by the Republican senators means winning NRA approval!

  10. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Trump Jr has re-tweeted Joe Walsh re the Dallas shooting -

    "This is now war. Watch out Obama. Watch out Black Lives Matter. Real America is coming after you."

    Gee, wonder what "Real America" is code for .... the Trumps are disgusting racists - the whole bunch of them. Money cannot buy empathy or tolerance obviously.

    1. Anonymous3:47 PM

      Plus, they trophy hunt and kill beautiful animals on the verge of extinction.

    2. Anonymous4:40 PM

      As do Johnstons, 3:47

    3. Anonymous5:17 PM

      4:40 - do the Johnstons go on Safari on another continent to do it? Do they kill lions?

    4. Anonymous5:52 PM

      440pm, the Johnstons hunt to feed their family, you simple bastard.

  11. Anonymous3:37 PM

    This one's good - Hillary has found someone Donald Trump owes money to - (like she doesn't have to look hard LOL) -

  12. Crystal Sage3:37 PM

    As I said to my friend who is a Bernie supporter: "It does not matter what is in the platform; what you want; etc. it only matters that we defeat Trump and as many Republicans down ticket as possible."

    I am very afraid of a possible Trump victory.
    This is an election that will effect our future as a country. It is that simple, stupid.

    1. Anonymous3:49 PM

      It will never happen. Most of the GOP cannot stand him. He may be ousted after Cleveland

    2. Balzafiar7:31 PM

      @3:49 PM -- What is really scary is who he may pick as a running mate. Should he win, that person will become President when Donald resigns the position -- which I believe to be his game plan. He really doesn't want to be President; he is in it as a popularity contestant.

  13. Anonymous3:39 PM

    There are some VERY evil people in this country.

    1. Anonymous5:51 AM

      And probably a lot of angry adult undiagnosed-FAS-at-birth masquerading as violent human nature.

  14. I am an almost 60-year-old woman. I signed up for an Internet dating site. My profile is light-hearted, like I am. But I say, "If Donald Trump is your man, I am not your woman." You can see who has visited your profile and there was a man that visited numerous times. This week I got a email from him (at the site) that said I was a stupid, fu*king bitch and I should be in jail with Obama and Hillary. Yeah, some of Trump's supporters are kinda scary.

    1. Anonymous4:25 PM

      Deni, I am so sorry to hear this! How frightening! I hope a better man will come your way soon! Can you report it?

    2. Anonymous7:35 PM

      "“Every piece of data, every survey, every study we have, suggests this sort of behavior is still rampant,” she said. “In general, you should expect this is going on at high and low levels across the workforce.”"

  15. Anita Winecooler3:57 PM

    What's "the silent majority"? All they've done is spread hate, threats, and their own poo Hillary's way. Better get used to it, she's already got the windows measured, paint chips picked out, and a security detail so huuuuuuuuge, Trump couldn't match it. Bill Clinton's got his, and she'll get her own, Start practicing now. "Madame President" repeat it and increase the reps. Trump is going nowhere but down, and not in a good way.

  16. Anonymous4:18 PM

    Did you see the reports of Sanders getting what he wanted from the Democratic party?
    He wasn't just being an asshole, as an asshole like you claimed. He was fighting for his policies and principles. Seems he got what he wanted!

    1. Anonymous4:23 PM

      On topic - Did you see the reports that they won't even let Trump pick his own VP candidate now? He is such an a-hole that they don't trust his ability to pick!

    2. Anonymous4:40 PM

      Oh darn. I was so hoping for Gingrich so he could explain his support for NAFTA back in the day during one of the vice-presidential debates.

    3. Anonymous7:11 PM

      He can "get what he wanted" all he wants, doesn't mean that it will happen. I'll bet what he really wanted was $$.

  17. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Damn, those asshat clowns are really scared of her to resort to this. This is the only way they can defeat her in their little warped minds.

  18. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Damn,those asshat clowns must be scared of her!

  19. Anonymous5:00 PM


    Crazy that Republicans aren't asking for Roger Ailes head on a platter for sexually harassing women at Fox. But if he was seeking blow jobs from Bill O'Reilly or Sheppard Smith and they'd be going ape shit!

  20. Anonymous6:10 PM

    Breaking News:

    Jesus Christ just appeared on Fox News and said there was no fucking way he'd be Donald Trump's VP.
    He went on to say Sarah Palin was a complete idiot but don't blame God because there was only so much he could do.

  21. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Hillary Clinton has been getting a lot of death threats from the moment she announced, which should surprise no one.

    She didn't just suddenly put on weight, if you know what I mean.

    1. Anonymous8:08 AM

      Hillary's fat. Kevlar lining for clothing is very lightweight now. See Barack and Michelle Obama's coats from the first inaug. Lined in Kevlar.

  22. Anonymous11:03 PM

    You people are utterly scary and so misled do you really think Obama is Doing good and for Hillary she is so corrupt and incompetent we are not racists in the GOP but we are tired of not being able to be proud to be white EVERY other race can have racial pride but if we do we are called racists.
    You Liberals/progressives are selling our country away to the rest of the world.
    I want all legal(not obama pen job) US citizens to live free and safe and prosperous all shades and colors all genders and sexual preferences all ages where I am going here if you love this Country we love you and we need to unite but we cannot be the worlds police any longer we have problems at home and while Syrian refuges sleep in Government housing our vets die in the streets.
    Sad and more tragic is you people do not see it you have blinders on.

    1. Anonymous3:40 AM

      Listen up there sparky.... Evangelical Christians have run this country into the gutter. You blame Liberals for everything. Why does the country prosper most under Democratic leadership? And one last thing, yes, you folks on the right are racists, if someone doesn't fit into your narrow minded brain you make laws to control them.

    2. "we are not racists in the GOP"
      Yes. You are. Through and through. You are an insult to every principle this country holds dear.

    3. Anonymous5:14 AM

      You can't be proud to be white?! Give me a damned break. Sounds like a personal issue; not the result of government.

    4. Anonymous9:36 AM

      11:03 is the problem. Too dumb to have any sense of how dumb they are. Tries to claim the GOP isn't racist. What a laugh. Racist knuckle dragging idiot.

    5. Anonymous7:30 PM

      What is scary, is how ignorant you are.


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