Sunday, July 17, 2016

A round up of news stories dealing with Track Palin's plea deal to avoid facing justice for punching his girlfriend in the face.

So I figured I would let a day or so go by and then gather up the majority of the news coverage over the dropping of charges in the Track Palin case.

First thing to note is that it was covered quite extensively. And most of them did not let Track off very easily.

Almost all of them include an account from the original police report describing Track's alcohol intake and exactly what he did to Jordan.

Courtesy of Raw Story: 

Track Palin, 27, was arrested back on Jan. 18 at the Palin compound after a woman said he had punched and kicked her during an argument over an ex-boyfriend. According to the woman, Palin punched her in the face, then threw her phone away before pulling a gun and threatening to commit suicide. 

When police arrived, Palin had marks on his face and claimed the woman hit him with her elbow. According to police, Palin was given a breathalyzer test that measured his blood alcohol level at .189.

Alaska Dispatch is the source many of the papers used to describe the plea deal:  

"As a condition of his entry into that court the state dismissed the first two counts," Fitzgerald said. "Track pled to misconduct involving weapons (in the fourth degree), concerning being under the influence and having a firearm." 

Track Palin will have to complete a regime of "alcohol-related" treatment under the terms of this week's agreement, Fitzgerald said. Upon successful completion of the treatment, the weapons-misconduct charge will be expunged from his record. But if that doesn't happen, Palin will receive a 180-day suspended jail sentence and be placed under informal probation for two years.

It should be noted that almost all of the news coverage shied away from giving Track a free pass.

In fact the Daily Mail wrote this right below their headline: 

Track Palin agrees to rehab and avoids jail for 'punching his girlfriend in the face and drunkenly threatening to shoot himself dead with an AR-15' 

Yeah, no free pass there.

The Mail also added this:

The charges were filed on the same day his mother Sarah Palin, who was the GOP vice presidential candidate in 2008, endorsed Donald Trump before primary voting began with the Iowa caucuses. 

As media covered her son's arrest, she told reporters her son returned from Iraq 'a bit different' and blamed the incident on post-traumatic stress disorder. 

She also used the opportunity to criticize the Obama administration's policies towards veterans for her son's problems. 

Other news outlets which covered the story included Radar Online, USA Today, Talking Points Memo, Mediaite, and a handful of others. (By the way if you want to see what people really think about Sarah Palin, and her violent drunken offspring these days just spend a little time at the comment sections on those sites. To put it bluntly they are no longer buying her shit.)

However it should be noted that only here on IM, and over at Joe My God, did the story of the changes on Court View receive coverage.

Though we were the only ones to note that the remanded portions was removed, and the July 11th additions did not show up, until July 14th, only as the story of Track's incarceration started to spread across the internet.

Which means that for all intents and purposes Sarah Palin was able to change the narrative again.

And that is really too bad because as all of us here know Track Palin has a long history of violent behaviors, predating his time in the military, and he really DOES need to face some consequences and to get professional help.

Because the next time it might be a whole lot worse than simply punching his girlfriend in the face and kicking her while she lay at his feet.

Next time somebody could be killed.

And I don't think that even Sarah Palin can snap her fingers and make that go away.


  1. Anonymous8:04 AM

    Track could do a O.J. on Sara.

    1. Anonymous10:38 AM

      The only way $ara likes OJ is with 5-fingers of vodka, adderall garnish.

  2. Lindsay8:06 AM

    I might be paranoid but Sarah's Facebook page yesterday felt like a veiled threat towards Gryph or Gino. The one about the Yahoo hacker kid getting sentenced? And making mention of other people also tried/convicted. That and her use of the phrase "bring us down". Am I the only one?

    1. Anonymous8:27 AM

      Is that different from @8:04am?

    2. Anonymous8:34 AM

      No, you are not.

    3. Anonymous8:35 AM

      Gino's dad is someone the palins dont want to cross. Better not touch his son and they fucking well know that.

    4. Anonymous8:39 AM

      Can you copy that here? Some of us don't do Facebook.

    5. Anonymous8:52 AM

      8:35, I've heard the two families are friends. Can you expand on your post?

    6. Anonymous9:41 AM

      >>Can you copy that here? Some of us don't do Facebook.

      Just go to this link, you don't have to be on FB to see the post.

    7. Anonymous9:59 AM
      Facebook post is as follows:

      Sarah Palin
      July 15 at 6:25pm ·

      Always nice to share some victory and justice with you all. Perhaps you remember a few years ago a website illegally published my private & financial information. The disturbed "hactivist" who did it finally got busted and is now sentenced. He certainly adversely impacted my family, but doesn't it seem these issues that continually crop up to try to bring us down merely strengthen our spine as we win the battles against the haters time after time after time? Thank the Lord! I hope you're looking at your challenges that same way... what doesn't kill 'ya makes you stronger!…/serial-swatter-stalker-and-do…/…/ny-man-sentenced-for-federal……/mir-islam-hacker-sentenced-…/

    8. Anonymous10:11 AM

      The Paolettis are in the same tax bracket as the palins are, that's not the same as being friends, Anon852.

      Track threatened Gino(and fam) because Gino was chatting with Trax ex, Britta--the mother of his first kid. These texts were published in a previous IM post. Gryph's got a GREAT archive, look up the Gino stuff. It's all there. Track knows all he can do is threaten Gino. He can't back any of those threats up, or he may have the next snowmachine accident.

    9. Anonymous10:33 AM

      More petty punk ass thuggery, from miss blm aren't people. What bullshit.

    10. Anonymous10:42 AM

      The hacker kid should have held a gun to his head and whined PTSD and he would have gotten off.

    11. Anonymous11:12 AM

      Track Menard Palin is a mentally challenged pussy just like his pretend Dad, the injured, retired pimp.

    12. Anonymous11:16 AM

      @10:11 AM Was the Paoletti family responsible for Todd's phantom snow machine accident?

  3. Anonymous8:10 AM

    And c4P can't connect that facts that Pence has a son in the Marines, and Sarah has a son with a 180-day suspended jail sentence and court-ordered rehab?

    The Pence family, for all its political positions, seem to be bringing up three pretty regular kids: Marine, Purdue graduate, a teenager with a big smile. No need to make excuses for them on the campaign trail.

    See, Sarah. That's what happens in the big leagues.

    1. Anonymous8:29 AM

      Expert Explains How Mike Pence Is The Worst Candidate For Women’s Rights There Has Ever Been (VIDEO)

    2. Anonymous9:11 AM

      More on the Pence kids.

      Their 24-year-old son Michael was made a Marine Corps officer last year after he graduated from Purdue University.

      Charlotte, 23, just graduated from DePaul University, where she double majored in English and Digital Cinema.

      Audrey, 21, is known for being 'socially liberal', but her differing views have never been a source of tension with her dad.

      Hmm. Where are the high school dropouts; the knocked-up at 17; the thug who beats his girlfriend; the drunken midnight brawls; the Exotic Russian Ho' BFF; the weight-loss shake; the . . . you get the picture.

    3. Anonymous9:42 AM

      @8:29 -- I don't know, did he even make women pay for their own rape kits?

      And then claim that the reason that he let go of the state's top law enforcement officer was because he had tried to get more money for investigating sexual assault?

    4. Anonymous1:25 PM

      He has the same attitude as $arah, just more adept at trying to officially implement the outcomes.

  4. Anonymous8:12 AM

    "And I don think that even Sarah Palin can snap her fingers and make that go away."

    Scary thing is that she just might - the Palins seem to have enough dirt on people still to get their messes cleaned up, hidden away, buried... here's hoping Jordan wises up and gets the hell out of there.

    1. Anonymous8:45 AM

      Dirt? Yes they do; it is normally known as Todd's washrag collection -- of DNA samples.

    2. Anonymous1:41 PM

      Now that Jordan is about to give birth to another Palin spawn that's going to be very difficult for her to EVER cut ties.

    3. Anonymous4:47 PM

      Jordan will need to do what Britta did. Get a life and a deal in court. Once a month 6 hour supervision is more than enough. Jordan is going to need speed if she wants to continue working after little Tacky is born.

  5. Anonymous8:12 AM

    So, Gryphen, do you believe Track was in custody until you revealed that he was?

    1. Anonymous8:20 AM

      Yes, please Uncle G., can you answer the question
      Is Track still in custody("remanded to custody" until the trial) or is he out now?
      Frankly, G's answer would be the only one I'd trust.

    2. I'm an Atheist.

      Atheists don't "believe" things they follow the evidence.

      The other day on Court View it said that Track Palin was remanded to custody.

      Media outlets started reporting that and by the next day the entry had been scrubbed and was replaced with new entries telling a completely different story.

      In my experience that has never happened before.

      Along with that was a bunch of information from Track's lawyer saying that the assault charges had been dropped and suggesting that Track would probably skate on the other charges as well.

      That is what we know.

    3. Anonymous8:27 AM

      Hey Uncle G., thanks for reporting what you found out--you have better access to this kinda shit than the rest of us and I really appreciate your keeping me up to speed on this...and keeping palins feet to the fire.

      So do you know, or can you find out, if Tracks is cooling his heels in the clinker until trial here in a couple weeks or is he home in mommy's garage?
      None of the reports on this indicate where that alcoholic is.

    4. Anonymous8:43 AM

      As you proudly proclaim you're an atheist, Gryph, as far as I'm concerned the Palins and Duh can cease and desist with the God stuff. They emulate NOTHING of Christianity. Not one thing.

    5. Anonymous9:00 AM

      Sometimes a typo is just a typo but if it generates clicks then sure, it's all a conspiracy.

    6. Anonymous9:50 AM

      Track may be hiding out with the old Navy Seals in a faux 'jail' rehab situation. You know like a do it yourself. Since they are hardcore military they think they can control him. They can do a rehab more like Chris Kyle. Track would agree to that.

      Sarah does not want Track to be photographed unless she is in charge. I can't see him going to the clinker unless they arranged for him to go in and out so no one would see him. No pictures. We know there is no mugshot released from the original arrest because Track Palin is almost always getting special treatment. By now all his tattoos should be documented and in a data base.

      Track Palin should be treated like a missing person. We know how the corrupt are handling his violence and the danger he is to the community. It is still certain he needs to be under the watch of Homeland security. It is outrageous to leave things as they are now. There needs to be some kind of watch for such a lose nut case.

      "See something, say something"

    7. Anonymous10:12 AM

      "Atheists don't "believe" things they follow the evidence."

      I'm an atheist, but that is a really broad statement. Atheists are human and often follow their emotion, gut feelings, and passion about something. Being atheist doesn't mean you are automatically totally fact-oriented. Even being a purist as a scientist doesn't guarantee that you are free from "I believe." Although, one would hope the "I believe" had a fact background.

    8. Anonymous10:13 AM

      Of course atheists believe things. Sometimes they even believe things that aren't evidence-based. Not all atheists are the same. The question wasn't faith-based so why the insertion of non-religion.

    9. Anonymous11:06 AM

      10:13 AM Are you passing the collection plate for that sermon? Religion is all about money and brainwashing your rubes.

    10. Anonymous12:13 PM

      Thank you for pointing that out 10:12 and 10:13. Gryphen is such an insecure atheist. He has to shout it from the rooftops all of the time, even when it's not relevant. Similar to Trump's protestations about his penis size or Sarah's blathering on Obama. There is no difference!

    11. Anonymous1:18 PM

      @11:06, religion may be about money and brainwashing, but @10:13 made a very valid point. Obnoxious behavior is not limited to the religious, as you clearly demonstrated.

    12. Anonymous1:28 PM

      Duh... can't you see a semi-sarcastic remark for what it is? Where's your humor meter? defunct?

  6. Anonymous8:20 AM

    What about Dar Miller's death? Seems like someone snapped fingers and no real report on that fire and her death ever appeared.

    1. Anonymous10:44 AM

      That one bothers me too.
      Palin must be paying out a lot of hush money.

    2. Anonymous11:27 AM

      I don't think palins are having to pay the people pulling these legal strings for her son. Don't dismiss those 'rumors' of Tawwd pimping out Shailey Tripp(she wrote a book about it). They used that poor woman and manipulated her into selling herself(& a few others) to the very individuals they get to control now. If it hadn't been for Tawwd's side business into the sex industry they wouldn't still have half the weight they do(they do NOT have the money they once did). Being a quitter Gov who's now a political pariah and national laughingstock doesn't carry the kind of bargaining influence as sexual blackmail to those conservatives.

    3. Anonymous12:35 PM

      Mr and Mrs Serror probably never paid anyone to organize her rise to power.

      It was probably a mutually parasitic bargain from hell.

      Alaska and the nation are still paying the bill and suffering for it.

      The same people responsible for Serror and Toad are probably still covering for her and her family.

      While they launch new Serrors and Toads on the road to power.

      Serror's not an exception,she's the repubican average anymore.

      This is how it's been done for more than 30 years.
      Just like Regent University School of Law. Proudly producing graduates like Monica Goodling and the conservative xtian future US Supreme Court Justices you haven't heard of yet. In operation for more than 30 years.

  7. Are judges able to be recalled in Alaska?

    1. Anonymous8:44 AM

      He would never be recalled in AK. Alaska has an extremely high rate of domestic abuse and apparently it is acceptable there.

    2. Anonymous8:50 AM

    3. Anonymous10:50 AM

      When I moved to Alaska, I went to the unemployment office which was next door to a social service agency. I met my first domestic abuse victim. She was barely 5 feet tall covered in bruises; her face was grossly disfigured from the bruises and breaks. I will never forget it and I can barely write about it now.

    4. Anonymous11:30 AM

      THAT, 10:50, that is the reality of DV. Yeah, I make jokes about Trax and his latest baby mama but that is chilling and I feel so sorry for that poor woman

  8. Anonymous8:36 AM

    When Micah Johnson returned from the military, his mom said he came home "different". Like Track. Only Track was nuts and angry before that.

    1. Anonymous9:28 AM

      It is still unclear what kind of military Track returned from.

      I know what Sarah claims and all the early press about how he was not getting special treatments. He was in more danger than McCain and Biden sons.

      It is impossible to believe any of that. It is imperative the truth comes to light about Track Palin and his handlers. The mistakes they made are still effecting and harming this country.

      How hard can it be to document that he did go to Kuwait and on to Iraq? There are many photos somewhere if he was in either place.

      Also Afghanistan.

      Why was he continually coming back to Wasilla when the other men had to stay for the duration?

    2. Anonymous10:15 AM

      You must have come late to this party. It is a proven fact that Track NEVER saw combat. His discharge papers were readily available and have been posted here. NO COMBAT. Eye witness reports from people who served with him also verify that he was a driver for officers and never left the fence line of the compound. It isn't disputable.

    3. Anonymous10:31 AM

      So much for his "warrior body," eh $arah? Maybe about time you give that up.
      Looks to me like you've got a thug.
      You know, the kind you rail against?

    4. Anonymous3:56 PM

      "Eye witness reports from people who served with him also verify that he was a driver for officers and never left the fence line of the compound. It isn't disputable."

      That is not true at all. If it isn't disputable, name your witnesses. There are no eye witnesses that Track Palin was a driver. There is nothing to show he was in Iraq or did anything there. He may have been somewhere that nothing was going on, but he was not a driver.

      That rumor started with his superiors before he left Alaska. The officer that said that later said he was mistaken.

      If you say eye witness you must have a link and name the eye witness or it means nothing.

      People at Conservatives4Palin have said many things. They always have inside sources and eye witnesses without names is right up their ally.

      If you are going the way of the cons4Palins you would know that Track was also part of a tank team. Track has been doing black ops. Track went back to Iraq again after Afghanistan. I can't keep up with all the no name witnesses that know all the fighting and hero stuff Track did while fighting for US.

  9. Anonymous8:40 AM

    O/T but Elizabeth is taking Trump to task in a big way...

    Elizabeth Warren Goes Off And Takes a Flamethrower to Donald Trump’s Lies

    After Donald Trump indulged himself in another racist rant against Senator Elizabeth Warren, she took a flamethrower to his lies with a binge of tweets that are quite simply devastating for Trump.

    Donald Trump Can't Stop Angry Tweeting Like A 10 Year Old

  10. Anonymous8:43 AM

    In the cartoon above, one gets the impression that Track was in Iraq for 4 years. However, we know that he was not and that he's been a civilian for years now.

    1. Anonymous8:55 AM

      He was also messed up mentally before she shipped him off, yet she blames it on our President.

      Sorry, $arah, this is all on you. You suck as a mother, pure and simple. Your kids aren't going to amount to a hill of beans; be soooo proud of them all you want.

  11. Anonymous8:47 AM

    I do support other avenues for non violent criminals, such as substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment, counseling or whatever.
    But criminals getting a walk. All violent criminals should serve their full sentences for their crimes no matter what.

    1. Anonymous9:51 AM

      In a civilian's court, there would have been an insanity plea. At least temporary insanity brought on by Jordan screaming at him and maybe a drink or two.

    2. Anonymous3:03 PM

      One of the requirements for eligibility for the Anchorage Veterans Court is that one must live within the municipality of Anchorage? Who knew that Track could see 44 miles away from his mother's basement in Wasilla?

  12. Anonymous9:01 AM

    She is one of the more egregious examples of hypocrisy and delusion.

  13. Anonymous9:02 AM

    The cartoon is really good. But was Track actually in the army for 4 years? How much of that was active duty? I think the cartoonist is being generous with that drunken loser asshole. This all makes Sarah look like an ever bigger loser asshole too, if that's possible. Any real moral leader would have wanted to say her son is taking responsibility for his actions and paying the consequences without special treatment. Detestable cesspool of a family.

    1. Anonymous10:18 AM

      Maybe. He was in the National Guard in Alaska. That might be part of the alleged 4 years.

    2. Anonymous10:25 AM

      Where's ANY evidence that Trax actually got shipped out overseas? I'm believing more and more the rumour that he never even left Indiana.
      WHy no photos of Warrior Body Trax opening the door for, and saluting, his commanding officer? And who the hell was his CO? Why not even bullshit anecdotes from men who went thru boot or served with Traax( It's not as if he did special ops and his service is super-shhh). This is a family that can't NOT publish a fart that one of them let, why don't we have any 'active duty Trax' photos? Hmmmm

      So that alcoholic is going to skate away again. Scott-free. I hope like hell that at least all the negative attention will spotlight his lack of service. And will show what he was really up to when much better men and women than he is were getting maimed and killed performing their duty. That last part is what makes my blood boil.

    3. Anonymous11:26 AM

      He may skate but the negative publicity damaged sarah.

    4. Cracklin Charlie1:26 PM

      Those are body blows his mother is taking for him. Won't knock her out, but can do serious internal damage.

      Track, you're worthless.

    5. Anonymous2:42 PM

      There was a photo op, I think Indiana, where Track played football and like he was one of the boys. Suddenly, he goes to Kuwait (so they say) and Iraq, and he has zero comradeship with his fellow soldiers? All ranks of soldiers have multitudes of photos. They take them together, of each other and there are media and professionals. There are no shortage of photos. I would think it would almost be impossible not to be in several photos.

      It seems too strange that after Indiana Track had no more comradeship and there was not one photo to leak when (if) he was in Kuwait. Or if he made it to Iraq. No photo? Nothing?

      How likely is that?

      There is also Afghanistan. Same deal. No photos. Only photos that show him back in Wasilla when his platoon did not have the same special treatment Track gets.

      When he returned to Wasilla, Bristol would do his propaganda. Her deal was to say what a good father he was. He was so good with her stud boy. The part about father turned out to be a lie. She also did the obligatory thank you for serving. She probably knew he did not serve like others. What was he serving?

      One of her posts regarding Track was about beer. What did he do when we thought he was in Iraq and Afghanistan? Clean toilets? Was Track hospitalized for the anger and mental illness he went into the military with?

      Bush sure did need a poster boy and they really screwed over Americans with the damage done by these Palin lies. Think of all that this has cost tax payers. Not only money but the danger when this bad boy gets a pass and goes back to his same old lifestyle.

  14. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Sarah has been making excuses for Track long before this incident. When he was a teen, he was involved in that vandalism incident. The other three kids may have been punished, but Track went off to play hockey in Michigan. What, no hockey in Alaska? When he was injured and returned home, he was sent off to the military. That way, Sarah could claim that she was the mother of a combat vet. She said, "You can't take that away from me." It is no honor that Track was in combat, probably fighting with other people or fighting his own demons.

    When there was that Big Brawl in Anchorage, it was clear from the police reports that Track charged in, looking for a fight. He said that he took off his shirt because it was new and he didn't want to get it messed up. Sarah defended him again, shouting, "Do you know who he, is, he is a combat vet?" Later she changed it to "Do you know who he is, he has PTSD." It still does not excuse the fact that Track charged in, spoiling for a fight. The way that he pulled off his shirt and complained about a chain being torn off of him that this was not his first fight. The words Combat Vet does make it sound as if Track, who was in the military, so he is a vet has been in combat, fighting others and himself, for a long time.

    Then we have this case where the police report describes a guy who is a danger to himself and others. His trial was postponed for 6 months until Sarah could find a good deal for Track. She has claimed in the past that he prayed away the PTSD in one week and that he counseled others about their PTSD. It is doubtful, judging from Track's actions.

    I am sorry for the many vets who do have serious problems and the long lines at the VA have made it hard for them to get treatment for real problems. Track had these problems before he went into the military and one of the problems is the way that Sarah has been covering up for him instead of getting him the help that he needed. But then, we are talking about Sarah Palin who thought that young Bristol might be pregnant (in 2007) so as a punishment, she took away Bristol's cell phone for a few days (according to Bristol's My Space). That's not how a mother should talk to her daughter about being pregnant.

    1. Anonymous10:21 AM

      The entire Palin family is mentally challenged.

    2. Anonymous10:27 AM

      We the Taxpayers got to pay the Army for Trax babysitting so his mommy could go run off and play Guvnah when she felt like it, instead of having to worry about his next fuck-up she was gonna havta fix.

    3. Anonymous10:56 AM

      The next track episode could be a family member. Who is his father, how did he die? Might explain some unresolved anger issues.

    4. Anonymous11:03 AM

      Just like when Willow led the brigade of "Colony Girls" and trashed the Morlock's house. Willow was never charged but the boys involved were hauled through the legal system.

    5. Anonymous1:38 PM

      His high school hockey "career" was one of such violence beyond the pale for even a sport such as hockey. He was often kicked out for most of the game.

      What kids who has played hockey at a high level willingly lets go an NHL spot? Using the excuse of a shoulder injury - TO ENLIST IN THE MILITARY - if the shoulder was too bad for hockey, why wasn't it too bad for the military? Hmmmmmmm.......

  15. Anonymous9:16 AM

    This is how Sarah's fans deal with reality. This has been posted in the Open Thread yesterday and the day before. If there is problem, we will not talk about it and therefore, it doesn't exist.

    On Thursday, we asked folks not to speculate on a story that was circulating via a blogsite that was very unfriendly to the Palin family. A story regarding Track Palin and the charges that were filed against him last January.

    We now have more reliable information.

    All charges against Track Palin have been dismissed, save for one alcohol related misdemeanor. That remaining charge has been adjudicated, and pending rehab treatment, that remaining charge will be expunged from his record.

    In hindsight, it now seems clear that a private family matter is what guided Governor Palin's decision not to attend the Republican National Convention.

    It also is now also very clear that Donald Trump's remarks on Thursday regarding Governor Palin's absence at the RNC was a sincere, if clumsy effort to protect the privacy of Governor Palin and her family.

    There is ZERO evidence that the Trump campaign was marginalizing the contributions Governor Palin has made during this campaign on behalf of Donald Trump.

    We ask that any further discussion regarding this private family matter be offered with the utmost respect toward Governor Palin, Track, and the entire Palin family.

    1. Anonymous9:52 AM

      Answer> FUCK THAT!

    2. Anonymous10:06 AM

      An "unfriendly blogsite". Hmmmm. Sorry G - I think they are on to you.

      Pat Padrnos

    3. Anonymous10:21 AM

      Maybe the entire fam damily could take it upon themselves to quit sending stories to various publications, for publicity? Go live quietly and "vibrantly" out of sight for the first time in 8 years. Most of us hav seen and heard enough of their dirty deeds. Class is sadly missing for this clan. Education also, too.

    4. Anonymous10:49 AM

      They should vibrantly FUCK OFF out of the public eye. Then the public will have absolutely nothing to say about them, not good not bad but nothing will be said about the palins if they just went away. PLEASE GO AWAY!!

    5. Anonymous10:49 AM

      Back in 2008 she had a supposedly 5 month old DS child she supposedly was breastfeeding. That did not prompt her to say no to McCain for "private family matter."

      So why should an adult child dealing with a crime prompt her to say no now?

      The disconnect is wide with that one.

    6. Anonymous10:50 AM

      Oh wait, I get it.

      The DS child, which she forever abused and ignored, was her one "Qualification" for VP.

      Track, on the other hand, is a liability.

      Big difference.

    7. Anonymous11:01 AM

      Fool me once blame on me, fool me a thousand times? That's on you, C4P.

    8. Anonymous11:30 AM

      Everyone knows you were "marginalised."

      The trump campaign has no use for you.

      Trump chose "Chachi" over you!!!

    9. Anonymous2:00 PM

      10:50 AM

      Spot on! At the eldests' ages, she should be crowing about graduated here, graduated there, but it's sweatshirts/tee selling and avoiding sentencing she's proud of. The stupid in that tribe is beyond reason!

      Can't wait for your next Facebook post/patheos rant to tell us all how to live, Palins! Holy crap.

  16. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Track's attorney is Kevin Fitzgerald. No free pass there. Track worked hard to pay for a high profile lawyer. It must have cost him plenty.

    Kevin Fitzgerald



    Boo hoo

    1. Anonymous9:41 AM

      Track worked hard to pay for?

    2. Anonymous9:49 AM

      It must have cost him plenty. Track can't afford to pay for a lawyer. What kind of job does he have? Sarah doesn't have a job either, but I can think of one place where she can get her hands on enough money to pay the lawyer. Please be sure to donate to SarahPAC.

  17. Anonymous9:19 AM

    WTF? Did you know this, Gryphen?

    The Finance Chair of the 2016 Democratic National Convention has donated tens of thousands of dollars to Republicans—candidates, PACs, and the NRCC—in the 2016 election cycle.

    ...Well, Reclaim Philadelphia is drawing attention to the fact that Daniel Hilferty—the finance chair of the 2016 Dem. Convention and CEO of Independence Blue Cross—is a donor to the GOP and Republican candidates (plural) in this very election cycle.

    The article reports that he gave the maximum allowable individual contributions to Chris Christie and Jeb Bush, as well as $2k to John Kasich. He also contributed $10k to a PAC supporting the Republican Senator of PA, the odious Pat Toomey.

    It also appears, based on a quick search, that Hilferty—again, the finance chair for the 2016 Democratic Party Convention—gave a whopping $32,600 to the National Republican Congressional Committee in June 2015.

    1. Anonymous9:48 AM

      Not defending the guy but this might be how insurance companies like the one he heads deal with the GOP - with dollars that could go to benefit, in this case, the thousands of people who pay high insurance premiums. One of the main sources of GOP candidates is the US insurance industry.

      He is not someone I would want as head of finance for the Democratic Party!

    2. Anonymous10:31 AM

      Thuh Fuhhck?
      Thanks for this link, I'm goin over to Kos now and check this out-cant be true

    3. Anonymous10:53 AM

      Beaglemom, I was going to say something similar.

      It's not uncommon for people high in corporate, financial, or other positions to donate to BOTH party candidates.

      It's a way of hedging their bets.

      That way they can say they "donated to your campaign" no matter which one wins the election.

    4. Anonymous10:59 AM

      No surprise there. The oligarchs cover ALL the bases in national elections. Have to make sure that you are in the good graces of the candidate elected, regardless of party.

      Greed and corporate control supersede ALL political affiliations.

      People tend to forget that money runs America, not political parties, not elected government officials but MONEY and INFLUENCE.

      Sure we pretend to be a Democracy on the surface but scratch that surface but a little and you'll find out who really controls things.

      The democratic process is only used to distract the masses and make us think that we make a difference when in fact we could all stay home on election day and things would be no different.

    5. Anonymous11:50 AM

      @10:59>Answer>Alaska Gov and Sec of the Interior had it "RIGHT":

      Published in 1971

    6. Anonymous12:03 PM

      It's really too bad we can't cancel all the insurance coverage most of us feel the need/safe keeping we secure! It is costly! Alaskan pay larger premiums than most in other states. (Verified w/friends living in the lower 48!)

      As an example, I carry insurance for my secondary policy to my Medicare on a monthly basis, paying for both on a monthly basis. I have carried life insurance for years that I pay for monthly. Auto insurance for which I pay a premium twice a year and homeowners insurance to include earthquake coverage (annual premium).

      The premiums go up annually even though I've never had a car accident, put very little mileage on my SUV annually and have no citations for speeding. I've not called for a claim on any of my insurance with the exception of Medicare and Blue Cross (secondary)! Thank God, I had them both!

      All I'm saying is that insurance coverage is a big output as a senior citizen and people need to prepare for it! I so feel for the seniors that will not be able to afford it!

    7. Anonymous2:02 PM

      Life insurance, beyond burial expenses is a choice, and if you have no dependents,is fricking silly. You would do better to cash it out, buy a burial policy and then travel or live on the extra cash.

      I have no clue what insurance fro your secondary coverage is - you either have part b, or you don't.

      Paying more for auto insurance in AK makes sense - large animals frequently on the highway, lots of snow and from what I've heard, less than phenomenal snow removal. Stats likely show you all have more accidents. But if you are carrying collision on an older paid off car - again, drop it, it's just silly if you have the cash to pay for repairs. You won't get more than the bluebook value out if it anyway - so look up what your car is worth. You can also raise you deductible.

      Homeowners - it is a choice to pay for earthquake insurance. Some people have to pay for flood insurance. Others hurricane. SoCal? wildfire insurance. Again, look at your deductible. Sounds like you are a bit naive about insurance. Many people are, and seniors especially are easily targeted by less than ethical insurance salespeople.

  18. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Maybe Sarah's fans were right. How could she go to the convention with all of the Track stuff going on. Not that she was concerned about him. No,she would face questions about him, questions that she wouldn't want to answer. Karma is a bitch.

    1. Anonymous10:16 AM

      Got that right. 9:48 AM, remember when she was on The Today Show shortly after this happened, and Matt and Natalie asked her about it? She was visibly agitated and said something to the effect of, "this question was not agreed to ahead of time." Too bad, so sad.

      This will always be my rebuttal to the trolls who visit here. She made herself a public figure politically, and their "privacy" crap is just that. Crap.

      We know who they are, and we have no rights to speak out? Like hell we don't. Miss "I Have All The Answers" real life is a mess, and her opinion on anything means squat. She's no leader; she's a calculating bitch.

    2. Anonymous2:00 PM

      Matt and Savannah Guthrie.

    3. Anonymous2:27 PM

      I stand corrected! Thank you, 2:00 PM.
      The question remains, just who the heck do they think they are? Nothing.

  19. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Blowing 0.189 at his weight means well over 10 drinks!

    1. Anonymous10:48 AM

      YESSSSS, I've been wondering how big is he? His mom is a shrimp and so is Tawwwwd. How tall was his father, Curtis Menard Jr.?

    2. Anonymous11:12 AM

      14 years ago I got my first and last DWI. I blew a .089, legal limit was .08. I for sure "earned" the dwi as I was guilty as hell, and I was for sure doing the wrong thing. Never did it again, the danger to others is terrible, and the insurance is $$$ as hell, take a damn cab instead! But, I was 5'6" and weighed about 130lbs then. I'd had 5 short rum/soda in about 6 hours and didn't feel very tipsy, or I would've ridden home with friends. How the hell much did this palin Loser have to drink? And according to the GIno text from yesterday's post Trax was lying to Jordan about being drunk and that's what set off the fight that got her pregnant ass beat down that night. Also too, they had been over at Brissy's where there were 3 minor children at this where the secret drinking took place? Did he sneak off to the bathroom with some of Bri's booze stash and have a quick glugfest thinking nobody would know? Idiot!

    3. Anonymous2:37 PM

      10:48 - Menard was short. He got the short genes from both sides of his family.

  20. Anonymous10:04 AM

    3 cops shot dead today in Baton Rouge.


    Nice work liberals and liberal bloggers. Blood is on your hands again.

    1. That's right it's the fault of liberal bloggers.

      Could not have anything to do with police killing unarmed black folks for decades, right?

    2. Anonymous10:12 AM

      You are aware that more white people are shot by black people every year aren't you? Where is the outrage? Doesn't fit your political agenda of carrying water for Obama, who interjected himself AGAIN in another matter pushing racial divide and mistrust before any reports or facts had been released. Bullshit dude.

    3. Anonymous10:14 AM

      @10:04 AM You must be drunk. Cops can only 'ride herd' on a minority group for so long before they decide to fight back. You conservatards are bigoted liars with no compassion for others.

    4. Anonymous10:15 AM

      So you are justifying the ambush and shooting of Police Gryph? That is what I am reading.

    5. Anonymous10:18 AM

      And the blood of black men shot dead across the country? Whose hands is that on? You bigots and bigot bloggers?

    6. Anonymous10:18 AM

      Go fuck yourself you sanctimonious b*tch, Sarah or Bristol. We know your penchant for guns, guns, guns has so much to do with so many of our citizens blowing each other up, especially all the children who have been killed due to all the guns in circulation in this country!

    7. Anonymous10:23 AM

      WTF? You're going to have to explain that as it defies all logic. What a random, stupid, epic fail of a remark you posted. Go take your meds. Maybe we should blame all RWNJ for every minority executed by rogue police. Makes just as much sense. What a dweeb.

    8. "That is what I am reading."

      Ah the purposefully ignorant approach to trolling.

      The methodology utilized by the less intellectual acute among the conservative internet trolls.

      For the record there is never a justification for murdering cops, or anybody else.

      And that includes men and women pulled over by the police for a simple traffic stop, or brought in for questioning.

    9. Anonymous10:34 AM

      10:14 , more white people are killed by police every year than black people. Where is your outrage?

    10. Anonymous10:36 AM

      The stupidity of trolls here boggles the mind.

    11. Anonymous10:38 AM

      "For the record there is never a justification for murdering cops, or anybody else."

      and yet you wrote:

      "Could not have anything to do with police killing unarmed black folks for decades, right?"

      That pretty much sounds like justification on your part. Incorrect and misleading justification, but still you are giving cover.

    12. Anonymous10:49 AM

      Watch it happen:

    13. Anonymous10:50 AM

      Y'all, 10:04 troll has GOT to be Duh.

    14. Anonymous10:53 AM

      @10:04 AM Read it and enlighten your uninformed mind;

    15. Anonymous11:00 AM

      @10:38 AM Could this have anything to do with the Dallas Police shootings?

    16. Anonymous11:15 AM

      You have enlightened NOTHING 10:53/11:00. Trying to looseley justify the murder of police from some no-name liberal blog pushing total random bs? It would be laughable, but really just leaves intelligent people shaking their heads at rampant stupidity like yours.

      Grow the eff up kiddo.

    17. Anonymous11:24 AM

      Lets get this right 10:53/11:00, you are pushing a bullshit smear of a murdered police officer (and justifying his murder), who raced into danger and his own death, in order to protect the public, who were protesting police, who quite literally put their lives on the line.

      You are a fucking hypocrite, and beyond stupid.

    18. Anonymous11:35 AM

      And then besides beating up women, Alaska has a White domination problem.
      I love Alaska and pay my taxes but I think it is the State of lost souls.

    19. Anonymous11:38 AM

      The formal fallacy of false cause: "Every time I sneeze the phone rings; therefore my sneezing makes all phones ring". PHIL. 101. Did you take class and fail Say Ree?

    20. Anonymous11:42 AM

      You fear mongering conservatives have a bad habit of mouthing off, jumping to conclusions and placing blame before you get the FACTS.

      What is the matter, blaming liberals and liberal bloggers, did Obama and Hillary have an alibi today?

      Besides the shooters were only exercising their 2nd amendment rights, the holy grail of you conservatives and the blood is on your hands and your puppeteer the NRA!!!

    21. Anonymous1:32 PM

      10:34, right, and there are hella more white people living in the US, Einstein. Black people are 13% of the population and 30% of those killed by cops.

    22. Anonymous1:51 PM

      And it could never in a million years have anything at all to do with 2A nutters hoarding guns or politicians being bought off by the NRA when over 90% of Americans want background checks and gun sense.

    23. Anonymous2:08 PM

      The police at that exact moment were protecting the public. They or other officers were at other times attacking and killing minorities for at best misdemeanors, at worst, nothing at all. Even cops who play by the rules often protect cops who don't.

  21. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Track Palin is a violent thug. He has been a violent thug since he was a teenager. The only difference is he has stepped up his thuggery as an adult. One day soon, someone is going to be killed by this violent thug.

    Repeating the same thing (using your political influence to help poor wittle Track to get off scot free) over and over again and expect a different result is the definition of insanity. Track will drink, he will get violent and he will reach for a gun. Anyone can see this coming.

    1. Anonymous10:41 AM

      And why Queen Heifer gets to stay home from the ball. All dressed up, nowhere to go.

    2. Anonymous10:52 AM

      Even if they should soak the boy in antabuse, he'll still find a way to go on a binge. Wait and see.

  22. Anonymous10:36 AM

    OUTSTANDING! Police Officer:


  23. Anonymous10:36 AM

    Sara needed to be in town to apply pressure to the people she owns to make sure this thing with her #1 son goes away.

    She'd never admit it in a million years, what a disappointment her precious, precious son has become. And she thought she'd birthed the perfect little man, too! Yes, she really used to dote on her and Curtis's son. Her girls are secretly enjoying watching Trax go down the tubes, makes them look better and therefore more eligible for mommy's $$ handouts.

    1. Anonymous11:41 AM

      Her handouts that are getting slimmer and slimmer!

    2. Anonymous2:57 PM

      Well good. Maybe they'll grow up and move away from the queen of chaos.

  24. Anonymous10:51 AM

    BREAKING: Cleveland Police to Ask Ohio Governor to Ban Open Carry of Weapons During RNC

    “Police Union President Steve Loomis says he will ask Ohio’s governor to ban all open carrying of weapons in Cuyahoga County for this week.”

    1. Anonymous12:42 PM

      Are they finally coming to the conclusion that "open carry laws" are insane? Like Dallas police Chief Brown said, they can't tell who is doing the shooting. What's to prevent conceal carry? The proliferation of guns in this country is the root of the problem thanks to the NRA.

    2. Anonymous1:56 PM

      Track and Dakota won't be there if they can't carry concealed.

    3. Anonymous2:10 PM

      If nothing else, this puts Kasich in a wonderful bind. Twist John, twist.

  25. Anonymous10:55 AM

    This is absurd. It's ok to beat up someone but not ok to be drunk and have a gun. It pisses me off that the bitch still has control over these events. What in the hell has to happen before they get justice like the rest of us?

  26. Anonymous11:01 AM

    pending rehab treatment, that remaining charge will be expunged from his record.
    Is this normal procedure or another favor owed to Sarah?

    Why would the bother to expunge it from his record? he is never going to get a job, it won't count in three strikes your out because mommy will fix it again next time.

    Makes you wonder how many time Track has beaten a woman and gosh where could he have learned that it is ok to hit a woman.

    I just hope when he goes on his drunken killing spree, he kills his family members and not innocent by standers.

    1. Anonymous11:40 AM

      I'll bet he goes after his mother, Sarah Palin, first!

    2. Anonymous12:37 PM

      Right. Track is harboring unresolved issues about his father. There is a hell of a lot of hate simmering underneath the surface. He will blow without treatment. He probably thinks he doesn't need it. We will see...

    3. Anonymous1:39 PM

      My guess is that during an idiotic fight started by a drunk Track, Track will be shot by the also drunk, plus PTSD afflicted Dakota. Dead? Don't care. I don't care about either one them or any of the Palins (except for Trig).

    4. Anonymous1:54 PM

      If only Britta could talk! Then we'd all know why Track lost custody & isn't even allowed to be alone with his own child. But of course Sarah would never allow Britta to say one single word or else.....

    5. Anonymous3:29 PM

      "The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people but because of the silence of good people"


  27. Anonymous11:03 AM

    I am been following this trailer trash drama family since 2007 rwnj convention! Lipstick on a pit bull! HA!
    Thanks to this wonderful blog , I was informed and not alone.
    This stupid bunch of no bodies ( Palin's) have managed to stay in the limelight.
    I am so sick of them and their ignorance.
    I can on hope that someday they all will finally be absent forever!

  28. Anonymous11:06 AM

    One group is responsible for America’s culture of violence, and it isn’t cops, black Americans, Muslims or rednecks. It’s men

    1. Anonymous11:41 AM

      Bravo for posting again.

  29. Anonymous11:20 AM

    Sorry if this has been discussed, but does his successful attempt to get the DV charge dropped mean he gets to keep his guns? If so, how utterly sick and wrong that THAT was his goal in all this -- and, no doubt, that Sarah and crew supported the idea that a rage-prone addict should have firearms.

    1. Anonymous1:51 PM

      He will have all his guns. He will be able to be the one to watch all weapons when Sarah is out of town. He can carry concealed. If he doesn't have all that he won't want to live.

      Of course, his family, friends and the authorities they influence are going to be all about Track's Life Matters.

      They want him to live and that means he will end up with access to his guns and all the family weapons.

      The police should have done an inventory. Not that the Palins have anything similar to a militia but whatever their love of guns is about. It is far more than hunting. And protecting themselves from a bad government. Track is aggressive, he does attack and he may have those kinds of plans in his head.

  30. My heart soars!

    Despite all the hateful efforts of anonymous bloggers and haters and the lamestream media and all there never ending trumped up nonsense and attempted gotchas all of you who are our proud and patriotic supporters and donors can believe one thing which is that my whole family is full of hardass working winners! No matter what they say it’s been proven time and time again in courts of laws and elsewhere also too that our ch*t don't stink! Unlike Hillary's never ending email scandals!

    Hoping and praying that I'll once again be soon able to again proudly proclaim that my oldest son is a court certified Certified Didn't Do Nothing! Again I think! All that BS which the haters have manipulated and which has been in the lamestream news and on the hateblogs without verification or convictions whatsoever will go away just like all those bogus ethics accusations which also too drove me and my family out of Juneau and away from that highly profitable lemonade stand! If there hadn’t been Fox News and that book dill to make us a soft landing and a high degree of influencing than I don’t know what I would have done for work.

    We have a long tradition of everyone in the whole family being a Didn't Do Nothing as far as actually really getting caught and thankful as always for legal retainers and the occasional fruitful referrals and appointments bearing their fruit also too and so eagerly we await that latest certified status which we have prayed and paid so hard for.

    Through our many trials and tribulations and late night stretch limo rides home my family and me try so durn hard to remain focused on selling tshirts and progressing Merican politics thorough $aray PAC and our other good works while at the same time abstaining as much as we can from some of those things which people shouldn’t get caught doing, or which will give the haters fuel for the blog bonfires and creeping reporters. We attempt sometimes that we live private lives and much as we can’t, not trying to be Ricky Hollywoods and bogus reality stars.

    Also too Alaska is too far away for some things apparently and that’s the kind of thing which is so very hard to win an argument with about when it’s people like that Donald and so we also are continuing to battle to go upstream and that is one reason why we still have hopes of selling that Arizona senate run and vacation house and does anyone have any good ideas where in Murica is not too far away but which is still far enough away that my family and I won't have to lose sleep worrying that the well known haters such as Charlie Gibson and Katie KorRRRRRic can't rear their heads into the airspace and be peeping over our fences?

    1. Anonymous12:19 PM

      Pure genius. High artistry.

    2. Anonymous1:24 PM

      The paragraph starting "We have a long tradition..." is so precisely like her voice it's scary. Well done!

    3. Anonymous1:25 PM

      My head hurts.

      I need some recovery time.

  31. Anonymous11:35 AM

    And, least we not forget the presiding judge is none other than David R. Wallace who was appointed by Sarah Palin in January 2009.

    I'm still reeling from what has happened to the Johnstons. It is unbelievable that CSSD came in and scooped money out of their accounts even though it was set aside for Levi's mother, Sherry, future home. Was it her money? If so, how could CSSD take her money? Was it enough to pay off the child support owed? I have heard of this happening to people who owe the IRS, but this is a new one for me. .

    I hope Bris-tard is slapped with a copyright infringement lawsuit for copying the Pro Life, Pro God, Pro Gun design for the cheap sweatshirt she is selling for a charity!

    1. Anonymous1:55 PM

      How could they do that? Well you'd have to ask Sarah.

    2. Anonymous3:04 PM

      Or her personal friend Gov. Walker...splain that dude...

    3. Anonymous3:15 PM

      Or her personal friend Gov. Walker...splain that dude...

  32. Anonymous12:09 PM

    The Track Palin story was mentioned on the local news here in Cleveland as well.

  33. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Sarah thought that by getting Track off completely & whiting-out records was going to make things go away. Well she thought wrong. Since this story has hit all media it's only confirmed the worst about her and her entire family. She's done neither herself nor Track any favors.

    So Sarah - Once again you publicly screwed up by trying to cover up and now EVERYONE knows it! Another backfire for you. You make the most horrible decisions and are your own worst enemy. Carry on.

    1. Anonymous1:11 PM

      The one who gets the worst of this is Track. As long as they keep covering up for him and pretending that there's no problem or not much of a problem, he won't change. Track has to understand the seriousness of the charges and want to get help. That's not likely to happen when Sarah is busy getting him off.

    2. Anonymous1:21 PM

      Borrowing the words from one of my favorite moments of 2012

      "Please proceed. Please proceed governor."

      That the words were spoken by one of Sarah Palin's least favorite people only adds to it.

      So yes, please proceed please proceed Sarah Palin.

      PS Did Bristol ever get that call her ghostwriter claimed she was waiting for?


    3. Anonymous1:57 PM

      If Track gets the worst of it then that means the entire Palin compound is an accident waiting to happen. It means worse and worser for anyone connected.

  34. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Well that cartoon shows, and this next round of shootings shows how we got here. Killing black people for no real reasons, and so it begins with push back due to unfairness.

  35. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Silly me, I hear old First Blood movie, "they started it." I do send condolences to officers and family.

  36. Anonymous12:22 PM

    The officers need to get inside "their family" and move out the rogue. Outside can't do it.

  37. Anonymous12:34 PM

    So, how fucked is that?

    The first two charges involving the beating just go away.

    If he does his rehab successfully (and you know Sarah will make sure it's successful) everything goes away.

    If he doesn't he has a suspended sentence and probation.

    This is affluenza.

    He'll fail his rehab but nothing will happen.

    He'll violate his probation but nothing will happen.

    I wonder if now that this is all tied up in a neat little bow, Sarah will haul ass to Cleveland so she can be a surprise guest speaker?

    1. Anonymous1:10 PM

      I think that they had to get rid of domestic violence as a charge because that would limit Track's ability to own guns. They had to pick something safe, like being drunk. Just a guess.

    2. Anonymous1:19 PM

      This is affluenza.

  38. Anonymous12:42 PM

    1. He punched her in the face.
    2. She fell to the ground.
    3. He then kicked her while she was lying on the ground.

    #3 is the part that tells you all about Track Palin.

    Yet people keep leaving that part out.

    1. Anonymous1:22 PM

      Dead on. He can do time, he can not do time, but either way, he's a characterless piece of human garbage.

      Great parenting, Sarah and Todd.

    2. Anonymous1:59 PM

      And the coward pussy complained because she hit him with her elbow. I'd like to see a recreation of that in court.

    3. Anonymous2:05 PM

      A guy kicks a woman? After putting her on the ground?

      Somewhere in here there is a line that he allegedly crossed.

      The line between "petty, punk-ass little thuggery stuff"

      and the "straight up ought to be locked up for a significant amount of time in jail thuggery".

      Maybe the Palin's ghostwriters will post about this soon. Or not.

    4. Anonymous3:23 PM

      Sarah will let things chill for a time. When she has someone write about Track it will be like that crappy back porch story telling her family does.

      Track will be a changed man with the baby on the way or now that he is breastfeeding at night only... that kind of crap and learning a lesson yada yada.

  39. Anonymous1:15 PM

    And Sarah wonders why she wasn't welcome at the Republican convention in 2012 and in 2016. Tabloid Trouble follows her around like a piece of toilet paper stuck on her shoe. Trump already brings enough drama that they didn't need another crazy person spouting uncontrolled hatred.

  40. Anonymous1:16 PM

    To our Alaska friends, have any of you seen Jordan around Anchorage lately? Is she in school? At home waiting for her little bundle of joy? Dating the former boy friend which seemed to bring out the anger in a drunken Track? No, seriously, where is Jordan in all of this?

    1. Anonymous3:18 PM

      I heard she was working and looking frumpy. That is a good thing for her. She may be off alcohol. It is hard to know about the drugs since she hangs with druggies.

      She likes fixing people and cutting or sewing up flesh. If you are in an accident and wake up in surgery you may see her face grinning at you.

  41. Anonymous1:32 PM

    The original sin of Todd and Sarah's marriage is this: Track's biological father was Curtis Menard, Jr. Everything stems from the success of that initial deception, including: Trig's birth hoax; numerous out-of-wedlock (and even unacknowledged) pregnancies; Sailor's real birthdate and bio-dad; etc.

    But much, much worse than those frauds and lies is Todd's pimping enterprise, which has enabled him to extort powerful men, even now.

    People say, oh, forget about Sarah, she's a laughingstock, she's finished. Maybe so. But that corrupt and vicious family will survive and continue to exercise power in Alaska as long as Todd possesses his blackmail records.

    P. S. to Gryph: I'm an atheist, too, but I strongly believe what I've written here. :-)

  42. Anonymous1:36 PM

    I wouldn't be at all surprised that Todd's "snow machine accident" was actually a severe beatdown by someone who refused to submit to a blackmail attempt.

    1. Anonymous1:44 PM

      I've thought that from the beginning.

    2. Anonymous2:30 PM

      Another theory was drunk driving, out to pick up some more booze. Could be either.

  43. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Another "preemie" on the way to hide the fact he did this to her when she was pregnant.

    1. Anonymous3:40 PM

      It could have been some hot make-up sex. Palin style of course.

  44. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Hey, Sarah,
    You are always writing the most outrageous things on your facebook with the hopes of being noticed in the media. So, when you son does something pretty outrageous, look what happens. You get media attention, whether you want it or not. You have been chasing the media for years, planting your stories. Surprise.

    1. Anonymous2:59 PM

      The only work she ever did was getting her kids out of the mess they were in.

      By all means, stay in the media, $arah, tell us exactly how we're supposed to live.

      Wait....what's that? They don't care unless you feed them info?

      While the 4pees pray for a cabinet position for you in a tRump presidency, I laugh! I'll bet you don't get out of bed before noon.

  45. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Track will have court-ordered treatment related to alcohol. There's no mention of PTSD coming from his court case and it's doubtful that came up in court. PTSD is just Sarah-spouted nonsense unrelated to reality.

  46. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Let us hope that the wall Dakota, Sarah & Todd are building is around their Wasilla compound what with all the boozing, drugging, procreating and gun hugging going on. They are all a menace to society.

  47. Anonymous3:07 PM

    ‘My son, a combat veteran … was fighting for you all, America, in the war zone. My son, like so many others, came back a bit different, they come back hardened.’

    ‘So when my own son is going through what he goes through coming back, I can certainly relate with other families who kind of feel these ramifications of some PTSD and some of the woundedness that our soldiers do return with.’

  48. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Track needs psychological help for destructive behavior and his mother seems to only care about maintaining her family's fake public image.

    I wonder about the odds that Track will benefit from the alcohol-related treatment. I hope he'll be able to participate honestly in the program and recover. Maybe he'll be one to provide the 'tell-all' to bust his narcissistic sociopath mother's bubble.

    1. Anonymous3:45 PM

      Like Sarah would ever allow that to happen. Getting any kind of outside counseling from anyone other than mommy is to her an admission that she did anything wrong. Remember she's the "Undefeated" and will never listen to anyone else. That's been her major downfall all along.

    2. Anonymous4:02 PM

      The treatment will only work if Track wants to get clean. So far, he hasn't shown any interested in straightening out his life.

  49. Anonymous3:13 PM

    I would sincerely like to have the facts and the truth. Does Track Palin deserve to stand with honorable men and women that wear uniforms like his? How much of his military history stands up to scrutiny?

    Is this a very public matter of stolen valor?

  50. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Did Track pistol whip Jordan because her unborn baby belongs to her ex boyfriend?

    1. Anonymous4:01 PM

      Maybe Track should insist on a DNA test when the baby is born. He is going to be on the hook for 18 years. What job does he work at to pay for his kid?

  51. Anonymous3:23 PM

    ...ooopsie...NYMagazine got the story but not the right arm candy for Ms Palin!

    1. Anonymous4:00 PM

      It's a fine photo showing Sarah's hand smeared with her tanning color. Her nephew, the wannabe comedian, is carrying her furry Alaska purse. Classy.

    2. Anonymous4:06 PM

      Dang it won't let me comment!

  52. Anonymous3:37 PM

    America please stop the violence

    Police officers in Dallas killed

    Police officers in Baton Rouge killed

    Police officers in Wasilla could have been killed when called to the scene where an armed drunk man ass whooped a pregnant woman.

    The first two gunmen are dead

    The third gunman will go to rehab and have his armed while drunk domestic violence case expunged as if it never happened and will be able to keep his arsenal. So the next time this happens again Track will be charged with a first offense and given another lenient ruling because you know, it was Obama's fault.

  53. Anonymous3:42 PM

    I wonder if Sarah is paying Duhkota to build a fenced in compound on Sarah's property so when Sarah lets Track walk the yard he won't be able to escape and beat other women in Wasilla?

  54. Anonymous3:48 PM

    The next time Track beats a mother (Jordan) and her infant son and they bleed out and die, Sarah, the prosecutor, District Attorney and the judge who was appointed by Gov Sarah Palin will all have blood on their hands.

  55. Anonymous4:10 PM

    The Alaska Statutes is rigged in favor of the Palin's. Especially in (i) below.

    A defendant convicted of attempted murder in the first degree, solicitation to commit murder in the first degree, conspiracy to commit murder in the first degree, kidnapping, or misconduct involving a controlled substance in the first degree shall be sentenced to a definite term of imprisonment of at least five years but not more than 99 years.

    A defendant convicted of murder in the second degree or murder of an unborn child under AS 11.41.150 (a)(2) - (4) shall be sentenced to a definite term of imprisonment of at least 20 years but not more than 99 years.

    Except as provided in (i) of this section, if the defendant is Sarah Palin's son and is convicted of a class A beating of a mother and her unborn child, he will be able to receive rehab and have his record expunged because the prosecutor, District Attorney and the judge who owes his job to Sarah will all look the other way.

    1. Anonymous4:48 PM

      Well, you're being a little hyperbolic there. The charge was not a felony, hence not murder one or murder two, it was a domestic violence case.

      He threatened to kill no one but himself, and really what was Jordan thinking getting knocked up with this half-wit's spawn?

      Do the Palins and those who associate with them know nothing of birth control?

      Most of their fights she gives as good as she gets but it just happened that mommy Sarah and "Daddy" Todd were out of town this time and the cops were called. That doesn't happen when they are around as they diffuse the famous Jordan and Track drunken brawls; those two get wasted and beat each other up all the time.

      If this girl is dumb enough to take this pregnancy to term then she deserves everything coming to her being tied to this dysfunctional bunch.

  56. Anonymous4:28 PM


    Track Palin will have to complete a regime of "alcohol-related" treatment under the terms of this week's agreement, Fitzgerald said. Upon successful completion of the treatment, the weapons-misconduct charge will be expunged from his record. But if that doesn't happen, Palin will receive a 180-day suspended jail sentence and be placed under informal probation for two years.


  57. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Track Menard Palin will be the next Baton Rouge type shooter in Wasilla, Alaska. Sarah Palin and the D.A. have blood on their hands.


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