Sunday, July 03, 2016

California Governor Jerry Brown signs sweeping new gun control legislation into law.

Courtesy of HuffPo: 

California Governor Jerry Brown on Friday signed a sweeping package of gun control bills, banning high-capacity ammunition magazines and expanding the definition of prohibited assault weapons in the wake of mass shootings in San Bernardino and Orlando. 

Democrats in the legislature rushed the measures through in hopes of passing them before their summer break, in part to try to forestall a competing gun control proposal headed for the November ballot. 

California already has some of the toughest gun control laws in the nation, but after the shooting spree in the Southern California city of San Bernardino last December, lawmakers began work on measures they said would close unintended loopholes. 

“My goal in signing these bills is to enhance public safety by tightening our existing laws in a responsible and focused manner, while protecting the rights of law-abiding gun owners,” Brown said in a signing measure.

The bills signed by Brown ban so-called bullet buttons, which allow quick changes in the magazine of a military-style weapon, and require background checks for purchasers of ammunition. 

Ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 bullets at a time will also be banned, and background checks will be needed for people borrowing guns from non-family members. 

Brown also vetoed several bills, including one that would have allowed co-workers, educators and mental health professionals to request restraining orders forbidding people deemed dangerous from owning guns.

Leave it to California to always be on the cutting edge of where this country is going.

Of course it's going there at a fucking snail's pace, but I have confidence that we will all get there eventually.

I just hope I actually live long enough to actually see it.


  1. Anonymous6:22 AM

    There are already a bunch of gun fanatics who say they will refuse to obey the laws.

    I hope they end up all getting arrested and banned for life from owning firearms.

    1. Anonymous7:29 AM

      They do not want to prevent unnecessary death and cripples.

      One more point for gun nuts and one more dead 3-year-old.

      “These horrific tragedies are 100 percent preventable. They are not accidents,” said Beth Joslin Roth, policy director for The Safe Tennessee Project.

  2. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Its a good start.

    1. Anonymous8:15 AM

      Looks like "Moon Beam" has done it again.
      This guy is like the Energizer bunny.
      Keep it up, Governor.

  3. Anonymous6:52 AM

    The microstamping law that went into effect a couple years ago is crippling the handgun business here in CA. Manufacturers are refusing so they cannot sell new pistols here unless they have the microstamping technology.

    1. Anonymous8:10 AM

      Bull-fucking-shit! That is absolutely untrue. Hyperbole much? Gun sales here in CA are robust, I'm sorry to say.

    2. Anonymous8:24 AM

      Why won't they microstamp their pistols ... cuts into the profit margin?

  4. Anonymous7:04 AM

    Why shouldn't guns be traceble to owners? Why shouldn't they have to buy liability insurance? Now there are more gun deaths in the USA per year than automobile deaths. Can we even imagine letting irresponsible drivers get off completely free?

    1. Anonymous11:02 AM

      Irresponsible drivers get off completely free every day. Also, thousands drive daily with no insurance.

      If they cause damage with their car, you can sue them (that costs money). They can be ordered to pay. Have you ever tried to get something from nothing?

      How many Bundylike guys do you think would actually pay for insurance? There are thousands of them. The only thing insurance would accomplish is punishing the responsible and making many more insurance companies (the fuckers) richer.

      Don't take me wrong. I am all for some changes. They are way overdue. There are several that would help and I think most reasonable humans could come together on them.

      I honestly thought after Sandy Hook changes would be made. I was wrong. If THAT couldn't do it, I have no hope at all that anything will. It just goes to show you how much money, greed and power control this country. No lives matter.

  5. O/T Thought Gryph would get a real kick out of this. Happy 4th!

  6. Anonymous7:19 AM

    The Donald has his own security, he just wants to be safe.

  7. To the tune of Sgt. Pepper:
    It was 7 years ago today, grifter granny decided to walk away. And though she has gone way out of style, she will always travel the extra mile, to pull a little grifteroo for another pair of jimmy choo's. Saggy grifter's loser white trash clan.

    1. Well done, Tiny, well done.

    2. Anonymous12:12 AM

      At a Blues Festival today so missed this.

  8. Anonymous8:09 AM

    "Tell your story. No one else can."

    Perfect words for a holiday weekend. The world would be a nicer place is more people were respectful and nice and less judgmental. No one has credibility to tell another person's story. We feel with out hearts and minds and are constantly evolving until we die. No one should be judged while they're in process of becoming their best self.

    Who cares what people think as long as you're improving.

    1. Anonymous4:43 PM

      Yeah, life's too short. Everyone drop your guns and start farting rainbows and shitting skittles. That's what the world needs now.

  9. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Good on CA and Moonbeam. CA seems to lead the country in laws to keep people safe.

    1. Anonymous7:14 PM

      As California goes, so goes the nation, mostly. We led in clean air, car emmission reductions, climate change, etc. and the country followed.

      I'm sorry we weren't first in gay marriage and GMO labeling. We did pass cage free.

      A lot of money is spent to defeat bills because of it. That's why gay marriage and GMO labeling was defeated. I'm glad they pushed this gun legislation through before overwhelming opposition could block it. Despite Charlton Heston, Clint Eastwood and Tom Selleck I don't think the NRA has the pull in California it has in other states or DC.

  10. Anonymous8:56 AM

    We don't have a GOP in the legislature here that can obstruct(there aren't enough of them) so good things get done rather than things done to bolster the profits of the gun/ammo manufacturers. The NRA hates it when that happens ... you know, freedumb!

    1. Anonymous7:18 PM


      See what you can accomplish with both a Democratic legislature and administration?

  11. Proud to be born and raised a Cali Girl! :) That's our Hippie Governor! :)

  12. Anita Winecooler4:47 PM

    If it wasn't so damned expensive, I'd consider moving to California. For the most part, the people are fantastic, so many beautiful sites to see. Even the median strips are covered in Blooming oleander trees. And Jerry Brown is Governor, his bill is a step in the right direction.


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