Thursday, July 07, 2016

Darrell Issa, you may remember him from the sixth or seventh Benghazi witch hunt, is now threatening to shut down the government if Hillary Clinton is not indicted.

Courtesy of Think Progress:  

In an interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily, Issa blasted FBI Director James Comey’s decision as “simply choosing to ignore a law.” 

“We should be willing to shut down the government if the president won’t limit his power,” he said, noting that his party had repeatedly been “willing to shut down the government over ending Obamacare and these other things.” Those things, according to Issa, are “small points compared to the actual balance of our republic.” 

Issa said the leadership would agree to a shutdown only if there was a clear example, like this, where “we cannot enforce criminal charges against a criminal… because the people responsible are simply choosing to ignore a law.”

Always such a reasonable guy isn't he?

But he's not the only Republican in Washington completely overreacting to the news that Hillary will not be charged, get a load of Speaker Ryan: 

House Speaker Paul Ryan sent a letter to Director of National Intelligence James Clapper Wednesday requesting he deny any classified information to Hillary Clinton for the rest of the 2016 campaign. 

After FBI Director James Comey called Clinton's handling of classified material "extremely careless," Ryan argued in an interview on Fox on Tuesday that the Democratic nominee shouldn't be permitted to get top secret briefings, but the letter formalizes that recommendation. 

Ryan cites his own experience receiving classified intelligence briefings as his party's vice presidential nominee in 2012 in his letter, saying he understands Clinton is set to begin getting similar briefings after her party formally nominates her at the Democratic convention later this month. 

"There is no legal requirement for you to provide Secretary Clinton with classified information, and it would send the wrong signal to all those charged with safeguarding our nation's secrets if you choose to provide her access to this information despite the FBI's findings," Ryan writes.

Clearly the Republicans see this is their last best hope of stopping Hillary Clinton before she destroys their disastrously unqualified candidate and ascends to the White House.

But in their furor to destroy this woman they have decided to ignore the facts. There is simply no way that she could have been indicted.

Courtesy of Slate:  

Did she commit a crime? Would anyone else—a lower-ranking official, someone who’s not a presidential candidate, someone who’s not named Clinton—have been charged with a crime? Absolutely not. And Comey said as much. “Our judgment,” he said, “is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.” In the annals of the Justice Department’s history, he went on, “we cannot find a case that would support bringing criminal charges on these facts.” 

There are a few federal statutes dealing with the mishandling of classified information. Some are defined as misdemeanors, some as felonies. But all of them require the finding of an “intent” to mishandle information—and most of them involve an intent to share the information with people (usually, but not always, foreign agents) who are not cleared to see it. As Comey said of the Clinton case, “We do not see these things here.”

It is becoming abundantly clear that the Republicans REALLY did pin all of their hopes on Hillary being indicted over her e-mail server.
Now that they no longer have that to cling to they care losing their minds over this, and reacting in a childish and incredibly unprofessional manner.

There is literally NO doubt that if this investigation had been directed at a Republican leader the GOP standard bearers would have poo poo'd  from the very beginning.

But when it involves Hillary Clinton......well for her the rules are always going to be different.


  1. Karl Rove deleted 5,000,000 messages from a yahoo account they did business with on a private server in the fu*king White House. No big deal 'cus IOKIYAR.

  2. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Yeah, let's shut down the government! Like that worked so well the last time, and who paid for it? WE did. Asswipe.

    1. Anonymous10:52 PM

      I say yes. Please let them shut down the government.

      It will ensure a Democratic majority in the House and Senate, plus get Hillary elected.

      So, you go Darrell, you schmuck.

  3. Anonymous11:44 AM

    If Issa doesn't get his way he should take his "Frozen" sticker book and so home.

  4. 66gardeners11:48 AM

    Splodey heads asplodin
    Good times. Youbetcha!

    1. Anonymous12:49 PM

      I thought of Darrell Issa just the other day!

      There were some stolen cars in the neighborhood, and then some car alarms were going off.

      Then, there were sirens and fire trucks, someone had lit an office on fire. Next thing you know, arson is suspected.

  5. Balzafiar11:57 AM

    People like Issa just underscore for me my belief that every elected Republican is nothing more than an ignorant self-serving turd who should be run out of town on a rail.

    1. Anonymous6:19 PM

      Clearly a legend in his own mind. Another imbecile.

  6. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Issa is an ass and has always been. He's got an awful track record - cannot believe he's been reelected!

    Doing what Issa wants to do has to have more approval or disappoval than just his. What can President Obama do? Just asking! Haha! Doesn't he decide who actually gets the information? My take is that Donald Trump is the one that should get zero information about anything concerning our government.

    Hillary has been Secretary of State for crying out loud - she's known everything that has been going on for eons!

    Issa's crap won't mean a thing - she'll get it anyhow! What about her husband, President Clinton? Being an past POTUS, how much are the past POTUSs kept informed by the current POTUS? Questions, questions!

    Hillary WILL be in the know and should be our next POTUS!

  7. Anonymous12:01 PM

    What a baby. Like I said the controlling GOP won't be happy until they can probe her vagina just like they want to do to all women.

  8. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Comey tanks key GOP talking point, admits classified materials were not 'properly marked'

  9. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Republicans grill 'man of great integrity' for daring to defy them on Clinton emails

  10. Anonymous12:09 PM

    It is so important to elect Democrats in November. What has the House or Senate, for that matter, done for the American people since the GOP took control? Absolutely nothing. The GOP needs to be punished for its eight years of obstruction and sedition.

  11. 66gardeners12:17 PM

    Here's a thought. Paul Ryan really does not want Donald Trump to get classified information. When Trump is denied classified briefings, Paul Ryan can say, "Remember my letter where I stated there is no legal requirement to provide a presidential candidate classified info? Well Donald, apparently YOU don't pass the smell test, and there nothing I can do about it but write a letter." This actually makes sense if you think about it.

    1. Anonymous1:10 PM

      Isn't President Obama the one that has the say as to the government information the presidential candidates are given?

      I cannot see him providing Donald Trump one tiny bit of info for fear of what he'd do with it! First thing Trump would do is share it w/his creepy family!

      Remember, Trump would provide a dictatorship/fascist type of government on the USA IF he were ever elected, which I seriously doubt.

    2. Anonymous1:35 PM

      It makes even more sense in light of the latest Mrs. tRump potentially being a spy from Slovenia!

      BTW, there are people trying to push Ivanka, tRump's daughter, to become his running mate. What is the minimum age limit for a VP? Is she actually old enough (I am not talking about her IQ, which, combined with her father's, might add to 100...!)?

    3. Balzafiar4:13 PM

      @1:35PM -- 35 years of age minimum for either President or Vice President.

    4. Anonymous4:15 PM

      35 and her birthday is right around the corner. But it's going to be Gingrich.

    5. Anonymous6:29 PM

      She will be 35 later this year.

  12. Anonymous12:17 PM

    O/T - as in the links I left here yesterday, Betnie will endorse Hillaey in Tuesday.

    1. Anonymous12:35 PM

      Bernie who?

    2. Anonymous1:31 PM

      Who's "Betnie" and "Hillaey"??

    3. 12:172:46 PM

      Sorry for the typos - "Bernie and Hillary" - was typing on phone while being driven in a vehicle.

  13. Anonymous12:19 PM

    I saw one guy this am all snotty asking the FBI guy questions. EXCUSE me, please do that, ingrate, with Bush and his cronies!!!!

    1. Balzafiar4:15 PM

      If he was snotty and looked like an aging ferret, that was likely Trey Gowdy.

  14. Anonymous12:19 PM

    On topic - I just donated $25 to Colonel Applegate, Democrat, who is polling super well against Issa! Please donate! It all helps!

    1. Anonymous1:15 PM

  15. Anonymous12:22 PM

    O/T - Bernie to endorse HRC on Tuesday

    1. Anonymous12:36 PM

      At this point most of us don't give a shit what Bernie does.

    2. Anonymous1:04 PM

      Maybe not but the Bernie or Bust purists might want to start eating crow

    3. Anonymous5:14 PM

      Why do you gotta be a dick, 1:04?

    4. Anonymous5:35 PM

      Why did Bernie supporters call me a whore, bitch, slut, dumb, and a shill, 5:14, in these IM comments since January? Look to your own actions.

  16. Marthe12:32 PM

    Darrell Issa does not understand the separation of powers. It's not up to the legislators to tell the judicial whether to indict or not. It must really grate him to learn that they still haven't destroyed Hillary in spite of their best efforts for years and years and millions of dollars of waste.

  17. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Where is that Guccifer loving troll who was ranting like a fool the other day?

    Hack that, troll.

    1. Anonymous1:01 PM

      That troll is really dumb.

  18. Anonymous12:33 PM

    In Darrel "Dimebag" Issa's defense, it's not as if the Republican-led Congress gets much done even when the government isn't shut down.

    My prediction is that when Hillary is inaugurated next year the 'cons' will ask a special prosecutor - possibly Ken Starr? - to hound President Clinton throughout her entire 8 year term in office. What will they uncover? Nothing.

    And then, when she retires in 2025 they will call for a special Congressional investigative committer to begin 'getting to the bottom of" imaginary corruption of her administration. And what will they uncover? Nothing.

    See the pattern?

    Meanwhile unindicted war criminals Bush, Cheney and Rummy chuckle at the devastation they have wrought across the planet.

    1. Anonymous4:52 PM

      Reagan (owed Rumsfeld for his help in Reguns campaign)rewarded Rummy for firing the lead investigator in the aspartame investigation and continuing to hire and fire investigators until he got a bunch of patsies who voted for people to be exposed to the product that the FDA had twice refused to permit for public consumption. (aspartame also known as NutraSweet)

      The monkeys in the tests had brain tumors and seizures from the substance, mice had holes in their brains, masses were identified and neoplasms, Rummy got a chunk of change for putting a management group in place that allowed the product to be produced and provided to the public.

      Rummy bragged he would use his political pull in WA to get the product approved, rather than scientific data which did not support safety of the stuff for humans.

      Hayes, hand picked by Rummy approved NutraSweet over the group of FDA scientists who stated it was not safe for people.

      Many of us are aware that aspartame/ NutraSweet, changes to formaldehyde when it is used in liquids and the temperature rises above 85 degrees. Our bodies operate in that 98 degree range so go figure!

      When Monsanto absorbed Searle (the company that produced aspartame) Rummy got a 12 million dollar bonus.

      And we are chasing what kind of improprieties with our taxpayer money?

  19. He has a mean mouth. Never trust a man with a mean mouth.

  20. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Guccifer the hacker was lying:

    REP FARENTHOLD: "Can you confirm that he [Guccifer] never gained access to her, Secretary Clinton's, server?

    COMEY: Yeah, he admitted that was a lie.

  21. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Trump, Dominance Politics and the Limits of the Bullshit Production Model

  22. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Hillary Clinton Never Put National Security In Danger, But Guess Who Did?

  23. Anonymous12:54 PM


    'Guccifer' Lied To Fox News About Accessing Clinton's Server

    REP FARENTHOLD: "Can you confirm that he [Guccifer] never gained access to her, Secretary Clinton's, server?

    COMEY: Yeah, he admitted that was a lie.

    Today is turning out to be as bad for House Republicans as Clinton's 11 hours of Benghazi testimony. They will rue the day they decided to hold this show trial of the FBI director, just because he didn't give them the result they wanted on the email investigation.

  24. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Comey: The Petraeus case, to my mind, illustrates perfectly the kind of cases that the DOJ is willing to prosecute. Even there, they prosecuted him for a misdemeanor. In that case, you had vast quantities of highly classified information...codewords...not only shared with someone without authority to have it, but we found it in a search warrant hidden under the insulation in his attic, and then he lied to us about it during the investigation.

    So you have obstruction of justice, you have intentional misconduct, and a vast quantity of information. He admitted he knew that was the wrong thing to do. That is a perfect illustration of the kind of cases that get prosecuted. It illustrates, importantly, the distinction to this case.

    And the final nail in the coffin.

    Cummings: Do you agree that General Petraeus, and I quote, "got in trouble for far less"

    Comey: No, it is the reverse.

    Cummings: And what do you mean by that?

    Comey: His conduct...was clearly intentional conduct. He knew what he was doing was in violation of the effort to obstruct justice.

    And that is the whole point. So many want to make this more complicated than it is, when what the Clinton case boils down to is criminal intent. Did Hillary Clinton intend to give classified information to someone who did not have clearance to receive it? The answer, overwhelmingly, is no. No criminal intent, no indictment. The opposite of General Petraeus.

  25. Anonymous1:20 PM

    So right after the Comey hearing, the Republicans have put in a formal request to the FBI to have Hillary investigated for lying in her testimony to Congress on the e mail issue.

    They will never f-ing give up. Win at any cost but what cost really if Trump becomes president. Cut off your nose to spite your face politics.

    1. I don't know how they think they can win.

      If this is what they are trying to fry her with:

      CLINTON: There was nothing marked classified on my e-mails, either sent or received. And I want to respond...

      JORDAN: You used the write term there. Used "marked". That's the one -- that's what you -- you used the revised statement there.

      CLINTON: ...well -- but that's -- well, Congressman, there was a lot of confusion because many -- many Americans have no idea how the classification process works. And therefore I wanted to make it clear that there is a system within our government, certainly within the State Department...

      JORDAN: (inaudible) one more question (inaudible).

      CLINTON: ...where material that is thought to be classified is marked such, so that people have the opportunity to know how they are supposed to be handling those materials...

      JORDAN: I got -- I got one second.

      CLINTON: ...and that's why it became clearer, I believe, to say that nothing was marked classified at the time I sent or received it.

      (about 4/5s of the way down)

      Only 3 emails were found that were marked classified (and I think even those were found to have been mismarked). She didn't lie, she honestly, like any regular human being, did not remember those three.

      I am seriously this weekend going to prepare letters, postcards, emails, phone call scripts to all my state representatives and tell them to knock off this crap, stop wasting MY money on partisan politics, and get back to work.

  26. Anonymous1:22 PM

    On the tv that the formal request has now been made. Republicans giddy they can say Hillary still under FBI investigation as election looms. F*ckers.

    1. I think they may have gone one too far. Even people who don't like Hillary have to see now what's going on. This is totally inappropriate for our elected representatives (and one of our LEAs) to be spending their time and OUR MONEY on.

      The more they attack her, the more I want to defend her. Funny how that works sometimes, huh?

  27. Anonymous1:27 PM

  28. Anonymous1:29 PM

    When will this come out in the MSM or on Faux Noose?

  29. Anonymous1:47 PM

    It’s important to watch this video to the end, where Comey puts Gowdy, the Entire GOP and Bernie or Bust millennials in their place with the truth:

  30. Anonymous1:48 PM

    ‘Look me in the eye and listen’: Watch as FBI director Comey squashes GOP’s Clinton conspiracy theory

  31. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Bristol Palin’s Response To The FBI’s Clinton Investigation Is The Dumbest Thing You’ll See All Day

    It takes a lot to outdo the stupidity of Sarah Palin. As a matter of fact, it takes another Palin altogether. Teen mom turned abstinence counselor turned twice unwed mom turned denier that she was an abstinence counselor turned wife to the guy she lost a custody battle to, Bristol Palin, has decided to weigh in on the issue of emails, Benghazi, FBI investigations and good old fashioned temper tantrums.

    The response is actually something her new husband, Dakota Meyer, posted on Instagram. Bristol couldn’t be bothered to offer her own thoughts, which by conservative law now belong to the man of the house anyway. From Bristol’s Patheos blog:

    1. Anonymous2:27 PM

      Bristol can take her "new husband" and put his balls in her purse as Mommy did Daddy's.

    2. Anonymous2:58 PM

      The response is actually something her new husband, Dakota Meyer, posted on Instagram. Bristol couldn’t be bothered to offer her own thoughts, which by conservative law now belong to the man of the house anyway.

  32. Anonymous2:53 PM

    FBI Director Just Smacked The Smug Look Off Trey Gowdy’s Face And Left Him Speechless (VIDEO)

    1. Balzafiar4:27 PM

      Trey Gowdy needs to retrieve his banjo and go back to his front porch.

    2. Anonymous7:01 PM

      Dowdy Gowdy looks and sounds like a Dork! How did he get elected? Makes me wonder!

  33. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Who the fuck is this lame ass! Some satalite radio star? None of them will dare shut down the government in an election year. Mark my words.

    1. Anonymous4:16 PM

      >>Who the fuck is this lame ass!

      Now that we're all being treated to the sight of Darrell Issa puffing up and bloviating about his work as chairman of the House Oversight Committee, this clip with Ari Melber and Martin Bashir is an excellent reminder of which fox currently chairs the henhouse. Ryan Lizza's 2011 profile of Issa served as the basis for today's discussion.

      There is the car theft, for example. Oh, alleged car theft, I should say. After all, the man who made his fortune from a car alarm company was accused of auto theft at one point:

      A member of Issa’s Army unit, Jay Bergey, told Williams that his most vivid recollection of the young Issa was that in December, 1971, Issa stole his car, a yellow Dodge Charger. “I confronted Issa,” Bergey said in 1998. “I got in his face and threatened to kill him, and magically my car reappeared the next day, abandoned on the turnpike.”

      Ok, maybe that was a prank, but after that, there was this:

      On March 15, 1972, three months after Issa allegedly stole Jay Bergey’s car and one month after he left the Army for the first time, Ohio police arrested Issa and his older brother, William, and charged them with stealing a red Maserati from a Cleveland showroom. The judge eventually dismissed the case.

      While the Maserati case was pending, Issa went to college. Just before 11 p.m. on Friday, December 1, 1972, two police officers on patrol in the small town of Adrian noticed Issa driving a yellow Volkswagen the wrong way down a one-way street. The police pulled him over, and, as Issa retrieved the car registration, an officer saw something peculiar in the glove compartment. He searched it, and, according to the police report, found a .25-calibre Colt automatic inside a box of ammunition, along with a “military pouch” that contained “44 rounds of ammo and a tear gas gun and two rounds of ammo for it.” Issa was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon. The policeman asked why he was armed. “He stated in Ohio you could carry a gun as long as you had a justifiable reason,” the report said. “His justifiable reason was for his car’s protection and his.” Issa pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of possession of an unregistered gun. He paid a small fine and was sentenced to six months’ probation.

      When Issa ran for the Senate in 1998, he rewrote his past:

      "He had been a soldier, and he claimed that he was part of an elite bomb detecting unit that guarded President Nixon at the 1971 World Series," said Williams.

      Williams called up the Nixon Presidential Library, and was told that Nixon hadn't gone to any World Series games that year. Then Williams looked into Issa's purportedly stellar career in the Army.

      "The biography that he was providing the press in the context of his campaign was all wrong. He had a bad conduct rating. He was demoted, and a fellow soldier accused him of stealing his car," said Williams.

      But probably the most suspicious and most uninvestigated event in Issa's checkered past is the mysterious 1982 fire at his factory at a time where he was buying out the owner of Steal Stopper, the predecessor to Issa's car alarm company. Issa quadrupled his insurance coverage and then boom! The place burned down. Lizza:

    2. Anonymous7:00 PM

      Issa sounds like slime bucket! How in the hell has he been elected and reelected? Makes no sense. Who has been his competition and why haven't they gone after him with his very public record of dastardly deeds?

      The guy is 'another' one that needs to be brought down in the Republican party. Boy, are they a bunch to draw from! Barf!

  34. Anonymous4:14 PM

    We're gonna GET so much DONE under a Clinton presidency!

  35. Anita Winecooler4:36 PM

    Well, Chavitz is calling for MORE hearings.

    1. Anonymous8:00 PM

      I hope he's going to pay for them out of his pocket.

    2. Anonymous5:00 AM

      Did he email that to everyone from his GMail account?

  36. WA Skeptic5:56 PM

    "Lyin' Ryan" and "Scuzzy" Issa don't have a lot of space on that old Righteous Iceberg. Watch out, guys, when that thing flips you'll regret it.

  37. Randall7:17 PM

    Without Benghazi or Hillary's email "indictment" for further distractions - the GOP is just going to have to run on the issues...

    oh man, are they fucked.


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