Friday, July 29, 2016

David Daleiden, the guy behind those doctored Planned Parenthood videos, has felony charges dropped in Texas. No surprise there.

Courtesy of HuffPo:

A Texas judge on Tuesday dismissed a felony charge brought against two anti-abortion activists who produced controversial sting videos about Planned Parenthood. The county prosecutor’s office requested the dismissal. 

 A grand jury, which was originally investigating allegations of wrongdoing by Planned Parenthood, indicted David Daleiden, a self-proclaimed citizen journalist, and Sandra Merritt, another anti-abortion activist, in January. They were accused of tampering with a government record, which is a felony offense, and Daleiden was charged with attempting to purchase human organs, a misdemeanor. 

 “The grand jury took the investigation where the facts led it,” said Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson. However, she said Texas law limits what can be investigated after a grand jury’s time is extended ― which happened in this case ― and “in light of this and after careful research and review,” the indictments were dismissed. (Apparently the misdemeanor charges had been dropped earlier.)

Get a load of how Deleiden and his supporters are representing this news:

Daleiden and his supporters framed Tuesday’s news as a First Amendment win. “Daleiden used standard undercover journalism techniques and followed all applicable laws in doing so,” said Peter Breen, an attorney with the Thomas More Society who is representing Daleiden. “Planned Parenthood did wrong here, not David Daleiden,” he added.

Well they should not celebrate too soon because there is still an investigation underway in California, not to mention all of the civil cases filed against them.

The guy is a manipulative POS and I certainly hope that SOMEBODY sends his ass to prison.


  1. Anonymous4:02 AM

    I hope somebody gives him the George Tiller treatment.

    1. Anonymous4:54 PM

      No. The pro-choice crowd doesn't swing that way.

      It's the "pro-LIFE" people who are all about assassination and murder.

  2. Anonymous4:45 AM

    David Dandelion belongs with creepy pimp impersonator wannabe journalist who started all this, behind bars. Was hs name O'Keefe?

    1. Anonymous7:25 AM

      James O'Keefe, Breitbart acolyte was at the DNC convention in Philly, decorated with Hillary paraphernalia. He works at Breitbart.

      Young James did serve a short sentence (maybe community service or some such light sentence). He is still stinging for his dead hero. Maybe he'll marry Willow.


    2. It was O'Keefe, but he was just a Breitbart sidekick.

  3. Anonymous5:55 AM


  4. Anonymous6:12 AM

    OT>This Manwoman is a piece of SHIT:

  5. Anonymous7:32 AM

    DCCC>"A U.S. intelligence official told CBS News that the signature of the breach is Russian and the U.S. government has identified methods and techniques used by Russia in past hacks that mirror those used in the DNC incursion."

  6. Anonymous7:39 AM

    Tre-Tri-G>Say "MOM"? heh mom, mom dad look!" WTF?

  7. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Thanks to the call from the unnamed governor: h=HIT HRC.

  8. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Buy, it's OK to lie in texass.

    1. Anonymous4:52 PM

      But not in California. They're up on charges in California too and they are not going away.

  9. Anonymous4:52 PM

    California will succeed where Texas fails. (We have a better school system too. Just read *our* history text books.)

    Kamala Harris will nail Daleiden & Co. If she doesn't before we elect her to congress, then her successor will.

    Texas dropped the remaining charges on a technicality (wusses) but Daleiden and his minions are gloating on their websites that they were dismissed because Daleiden was innocent, the charges were trumped up and the righteous shall prevail. They're making it sound like they won a first amendment case or something. It is just sick the way they've twisted everything. But then what to you expect from sick, twisted people who LIE for a living. ,

  10. Anita Winecooler5:22 PM

    Texas Justice is the problem, %his guy got a huge dose of Karma awaiting him.


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