Friday, July 22, 2016

Jon Stewart returns to late night with the help of his good friend Stephen Colbert.

Courtesy of TPM: 

Jon Stewart made a triumphant return to late night Thursday to eviscerate the newly-christened GOP nominee and his Fox News hype man, Sean Hannity. Stewart took Stephen Colbert's seat on "The Late Show” to repeatedly slam “angry groundhog” Donald Trump, who he said embodies the same values that "Lumpy" Hannity has spent years decrying from President Obama. 

“You just want that person to give you your country back. Because you feel that you’re this country’s rightful owners,” Stewart said. 

“There’s only one problem with that. This country isn’t yours. You don’t own it. It never was.”

Boy seeing Stewart on the air talking about the GOP convention, Roger Ailes, and politics in general just feels right doesn't it?


  1. Anonymous5:48 PM

    Watched that skit. It was funny. Stewart could always nail those politicians and what they stand for. But wait! This just in! Republicans were expecting thin skin Donny to tackle the issues, and lo and behold they are befuddled as to why he has spent the day attacking Cruz. Hahahahaha. You guys wanted nutty Donny as your leader now just suck it up and grin and bear it. He is what he is.

    1. Anonymous6:16 PM

      I spoke to two republican women today who were persuaded by Trump's speech (or reassured to vote R) and Ivanka's speech how good he is for women. A nominee convention speech can grab votes of people who do not pay attention except on one night.

      Trump being Trump on Friday may not cost him votes. People I know who have been following the campaign season are more horrified about the Trump convention.

      OT one woman revealed the ACA "Obamacare" is only a sales marketing site to charge more for insurance people can buy cheaper off the site. She knows nothing factual about the ACA. Another Trump voter!

  2. Love those guys - miss Jon Stewart - why can't they do a late show as a team?! ! That would kick ass!! Lol

    But, they're both such stars and have such a strong presence on their ow!

    1. Anonymous9:08 PM

      Stewart wanted to retire from the daily grind.

      With Colbert he'll always have an outlet when he really has to get something off his chest.

      The fact that it isn't every day just makes his appearances more special.

      I can't help wanting more this election season.

      I also find that The Late Show is more entertaining when Colbert does the political stuff. The interviews that follow tend to be a let down.

  3. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Lumpy is a good nickname for Hannity but I prefer Limpy! As in limpy cajones!

    1. Anonymous10:35 PM

      LOL. Hannity just got branded.

      Wonder how much he likes Trump's kind of politicking now.

    2. Anonymous10:36 PM

      Well, to be honest, we already have Rush Limpballs...

  4. Anonymous6:57 PM


  5. Anonymous6:59 PM

    just because

  6. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Mr. President, on behalf of an ungrateful nation, thank you

    ...I’ve never written a column like this. Readers rarely believe it, but I am not on any political team. Generosity toward the high and mighty isn’t among my few virtues. But this needs to be said: Americans are lucky to have Barack Obama as president and we should wake up and appreciate it while we can.

    President Obama will go down in history as an extraordinary president, probably a great one. He will have done this in an era that doesn’t aggrandize leaders and presidents, but shrinks them. All presidents have had profound opposition, vicious enemies and colossal failures. A few were beloved and others deeply respected in their day, but none in the modern era and certainly not Obama.

    Why? Marcus Aurelius said, “Man is puny in the face of destiny.” If the stoic king were writing about modern, democratic sovereigns, he might say, “Kings are puny in a world blind to destiny, a world seen through the sacred screens of televisions and computers that can view only the puny.”

    Many presidents fared better in history than in office. But it would be a morale booster and a sign of civic maturity if more Americans appreciated what an exceptional president they have right now. It could be a long wait for the next one.

    One can hate Democrats, disagree with Obama on big issues, dislike his style or be disappointed the excitement of his election didn’t last. But his accomplishments, ambitious goals, dignity and honesty under tough circumstances demand admiration and appreciation.


  7. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Trump campaign hits ‘Corrupt Kaine’ right out of the gate

    Donald Trump’s campaign wasted little time depicting Hillary Clinton’s new running mate as a continuation of the “rigged system,” casting Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine as “Corrupt Tim” and attacking him for supporting President Barack Obama’s policies.

    "Tim Kaine is Hillary's VP pick. The ultimate insiders - Obama, Hillary, and Kaine. Don't let Obama have a 3rd Term. Contribute,” Trump said in a text message to supporters.

    Trump spokesman Jason Miller followed up with a statement emailed to reporters that described Kaine as an “ethically challenged insider.”

    "It's only fitting that Hillary Clinton would select an ethically challenged insider like Tim Kaine who's personally benefited from the rigged system,” Miller said. “While serving in government, Kaine has taken tens of thousands of dollars in freebies - more than $160,000 in fact - on free vacations, free clothes, and free tickets,” pointing to a POLITICO story that described the Virginia governor as taking advantage of his state’s “lax gift laws.”

    1. Anonymous9:15 PM

      And so it starts. They've been christened with there marketing labels. Crooked and Corrupt. They'll be forever branded from this point on.

      Don't even try to defend them. It's useless. That's not how marketing works. The only way to win at this juvenile schoolyard bully game is to fight fire with fire.

      I doubt either Hillary or Kaine would stoop so low. Democrats are too polite.

      And that is how elections are lost.

    2. Anonymous9:49 PM

      Just like Kerry allowing himself to be swiftboated by a bunch of draft dodgers and coke heads.

      Fight fire with fire or get burned.

    3. Anonymous6:09 AM

      @ 9:15 and 9:49
      I agree, that is what happened with Obama also, should have shut them up at the first “your a liar” at the State of the Union with sanctions.

      Nip it in the bud with humor that seems to really get under Donnie’s skin.

      Ignoring it completely gives credibility to Donnie's lies.

    4. Anonymous7:32 AM

      Cheapo Donnie doesn't pay his vendors or contractors.

  8. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Phil Robertson Says He’ll Go Into Hiding if Trump Loses as if Anyone Would Want to Find Him

    “If the Republicans and the evangelicals do not get off their posteriors and vote, I think I’m going to head back to the woods and hide out.”

    1. Anonymous7:22 PM

      Please do, Phil. And stsy gone.

    2. WA Skeptic7:45 PM

      Oh, good. And shave when you get there.

      What a moran.

    3. Anonymous8:49 PM

      Yeah, yeah, yeah, just like Nugent was supposed to be dead or in jail if Obama won, and guess what, that prick is still alive and running his mouth.

      Back to old duck face, isn't Papa Duck always in hiding? I mean, he's always wearing camo, right?

      Theses old guys just like to spew hyperbole if they don't get their way...


    4. Anonymous9:22 PM


    5. Anonymous9:47 PM

      Howe Phil takes his dumbklukkk family with him when he goes into hiding.

      It would be like a reverse rapture.

    6. Anonymous10:03 PM

      Whatever happened to dear ol' Nuge anyway?
      So much for the big gun freedom fighter.

    7. Anonymous10:37 PM

      If Phil really wants to hide, all he'd have to do is get a haircut, shave, take a shower and put on a suit. No one would recognize him.

    8. Anonymous6:11 AM

      Promises, Promises

      Here they go again promising things they will never fulfill, in fact I am still waiting for Poopy pants Nugent to kill himself after Obama was elected not once but twice .

  9. Anonymous8:01 PM

    Joe Arpaio about to be indicted? Finally?

    Final hearing today!

    If Joe Arpaio is indicted who will look for President Obama's birth certificate?

    Sarah Palin? Bristol Palin? Mr Bristol Palin aka Dakota what's his name?

  10. Anonymous10:30 PM

    Keith Olbermann has a piece about Donald Trump flunking a Psychopathy test. Or maybe I should say passing? He scored 32 out of 40. 30 is passing for being mental.

    BTW isn't there some sort of red flag about someone saying they are the only ones that understand a problem so they are the only ones that can fix it? Donald Trump said exactly that in his acceptance speech.

    I also find it interesting that is speech when on for 76 min. Not only a personal best but he made sure it was the longest acceptance speech in the more or less recent history of conventions. He made sure to be longer than Bill Clinton. So now he can boast he gave the bestest, longest, greatest, most intelligent speech in the history of politics. It was YUUGE. No one gave a better speech. I gave the longest speech there has ever been. No one gives speeches better than me.

    At any rate, I'm sure I read somewhere about the red flag of that "I'm the only one that can...." but I can't remember where or specifically what it was about. But it had to do with mental problems. Like Trump doesn't have enough of them.


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