Sunday, July 24, 2016

Just a reminder that Nazism and Christianity were not polar opposites.

I hate it when people blame Atheists for the Nazi movement.

Everybody knows that for a movement of any real and lasting harm it needs to marry itself to a religion. And that religious folks are drawn to dictators like flies to shit.

That's why the Fundamentalists are jumping on the Trump train by the thousands.


  1. Anonymous2:56 AM

    The image of Hitler popping into your head every time you watch Trump at one of his rallies is no coincidence.

    1. Anonymous3:55 PM

      That 'vision' should keep Americans from voting for the son of a bitch! Hopefully, they are paying attention!

    2. Anonymous1:00 AM

      Donald loves the uneducated. Probably because they didn't learn from history and don't recognize hi for the Chancellor Fuhrer he wants to be.

      And they'll defend him to the death and accuse the liberal elites of character assassination and smear campaigns to even imply that Donald is a bigoted, racist, fascist cut from the same cloth as Der Fuhrer.

      They'll never see it.

      Our job is to get as many as possible to see it and go to the polls and vote against Donald "brown shirt" Drumpf.

  2. Anonymous3:52 AM

    Ok, we have the list of lies that Donnie is going to repeat ad nauseum about Kaine, I am already bored

    1. the “illegal gifts” that were not illegal
    2. slap in the face to bernie bros
    3. he is for TPP, even though he is not
    4. he's bought and owned by the banks – where is this coming from? Is Donnie confused with himself and Deutch Bank?

    Also little dictator Donnie said the only criticism about his speech was from “haters”; gosh is Sarah/Bristol running his campaign now, they are the only ones I know that continually use the word “ haters”.

    Read more:

  3. Anonymous4:29 AM

    Hitler used his own brand of fake Christianity to coerce cooperation. He wasn't in any way a Christian.

    1. Anonymous6:22 AM

      The point is that Nazism wasn't an atheistic ideology, as is constantly being falsely argued by the right.

  4. Anonymous5:45 AM

    NOW!!I "an Americanized version of the brutally effective propaganda of fear and hatred that Vladimir Putin blankets Russia with today." Winter storm-Nuclear War in Ukraine. It Isis expendable>Chernobyl.

  5. Anonymous6:04 AM

  6. Anonymous6:11 AM

    Hitler was a perversion of real Christianity.

    1. Anonymous6:37 AM

      Real Christianity?="Oxy-Moron!

  7. Anonymous6:59 AM

    We lost 'real' Christianity 2000 years ago.

    1. Anonymous7:45 AM

      Said fundamentalists never made it out of the Old Testament. Christians? Hardly!

  8. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Hitler was an idiot. Jesus was a Jew. People take religions and use them for their own purposes all the time. It is so easy to use religion to further their agendas, thereby, pulling in people who lack critical thinking skills. Lack of critical thinking is what they depend on and what most Republicans of today depend on.

  9. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Hitler, Mussolini, dRUMPf - 3 fascists. Two already did terrible harm to the world. The last one is poised to do more if elected POTUS.

    The only religion any of them have/had is the overwhelming greed for power and wealth.

    If 'rill murkins' are stupid enough to elect a fuhrer, then they deserve what they get.

    Fascism will come to America wrapped in a flag and carrying a bible.

    1. Anita Winecooler5:35 PM

      My family fled Italy after enduring war under Moussellini. People either were for him, or disappeared and found weeks later shot, beheaded, etc. Widows with children were frowned upon and not helped at all.
      Don't know how my grandmother did it, she got her kids married off, one to an american soldier, and the others "inherited" his citizenship, shortly after, that loophole was closed. Could any of us find the courage to put all your kids on a ship, not knowing if or when you'll see them again? I couldn't do it. Some ended up in new york, pennsylvania, canada and new jersey, and they DID find each other and got my grandmother to get here legally. I had uncles who disappeared and were never mentioned again. I'm sure others had the same experience or similar, but when I see hitler and trump photos, the same fear bubbles up.

  10. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Fundamentalists are authoritarians. They need a strong authority(dictator) to tell them what to think. It's the nature of the RW. They are like babies. They are the slow kids in the class. No critical thinking skills whatsoever.

  11. Anonymous12:23 PM

    We are about to repeat history again. We never learn, do we? Micheal Moore advises us Democrats to get proactive in this shit cuz it about to hit the fan.
    Also, note that Hitler believed in the occult and was hooked on drugs. Look into Donnie's habits. He may be holding dark seances with his master in his basement. He seems other worldly, and his followers are like the Jim Jones followers. Mesmerized. I watched him during the RNC and noticed that the whole thing was cultish. And it doesn't surprise me that Roger Ailes and he are buds. They probably have some child porn on their internet. Horny old toads. Hitler couldn't get it up unless his victim was youngish. It's on us to make sure he doesn't get in cuz our other fellow Americans are in a trance.

  12. Anita Winecooler5:25 PM

    One of the leaked DNC emails references Bernie's religion , because the author's southern baptists would never vote for a jew nor an atheist.
    That's a glass ceiling I'd love to see crumble and swept out to the dead lake in Wasilla.
    What happened to "there shall be no religious test,,,," ?
    I'm no fan of Bernie's, felt the bern for a few seconds, but he just didn't do it for me, and not once did his religion cross my mind.

    Gryph, you gotta keep the gif with Donald trying desperately to find Ivanka's G spot. That was the BEST part of the RNC for me. He's checking his investment in implants and silicone. All the while she's smiling, as if it's normal behavior in public or private between fathers and their daughters. Yeah, Don, it's all still there, stop pleasuring yourself, i'm embarrassed for her.


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