Monday, July 25, 2016

So the evidence that those DNC e-mail hacks were the work of the Russians seems to be insurmountable at this point.

If you still have any doubts about this take a look at this post from a technology site which goes into great deal concerning the evidence.

So taking all of that into consideration it now appears that Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook was right all along.

Which also means that those who are suggesting that Wikileaks is going the dirty work for Vladimir Putin and helping Donald Trump's campaign, are also likely on to something as well.

You know I looked through those leaked DNC e-mails and I have to say that I think the media and Sanders supporters are  really exaggerating what's contained in them.

The e-mails that are being used to smear the DNC and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz all happened in May, when most establishment Democrats knew the race was over and were looking for Sanders to drop out before he hurt Hillary's chances in the general. It is not at all surprising that they were becoming impatient with the fact that Bernie refused to read the writing on the wall.

Sure that whole pointing out that Sanders might be an Atheist thing was kind of ugly (Especially since they seem to have actually used it.) but in a political battlefield where you are worried that a primary challenger might hurt your party's eventual candidate in a general election, it is really not that hard to understand.

I would bet big money that if the Russians had hacked the RNC that there are plenty of e-mails going back and forth about how to stop Donald Trump.

So if these leaked e-mails DO actually end up hurting the Clinton campaign and the DNC, then I guess ole Vladimir Putin and his puppet Donald Trump will be thrilled with how easily the so-called Democrats are to manipulate.


  1. Anonymous8:41 AM

    O/T Speaking of manipulative (and disingenuous)...

    1. Anonymous9:40 AM

      Not to worry. According to Trump, the Hispanics love him.

    2. Anonymous10:26 AM

      The only time a large group of Hispanics loves Trump is when he gives out the xmas bonuses to the staff at Mar-a-Lago.

    3. Anonymous12:28 PM

      Trump thinks the Hispanics will come out in full force and vote for him? His ego is just that HUGE!

      I can hardly wait to watch (and his family) handle the MASSIVE defeat he is going to experience. He isn't going to know what hit him!

  2. 66gardeners8:42 AM

    If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck.....

    Why isn't the story about compromised e-mail servers by people in the Sanders' campaign.

  3. Anonymous8:46 AM

    There are many, many ties to Russia

    "When it comes to the documents from the DNC server that were leaked, the fact that they came through Wikileaks is also a significant part of the story. That is because Julian Assange – the founder and director of Wikileaks – has demonstrated close ties to Putin and Russia as well.

    For example, in 2012, Assange was given his own talk show on Russia Today (RT) – which is described like this by Alessandra Stanley.

    RT, first known as Russia Today, is an English-language news network created by the Russian leader Vladimir V. Putin in 2005 to promote the Kremlin line abroad. (It also broadcasts in Spanish and Arabic.) It’s like the Voice of America, only with more money and a zesty anti-American slant."

    1. Anonymous8:55 AM

      Why do I think of Manafort everytime I hear something involves Russia. Doesn't he have a history with politics in Russia?

    2. Anonymous9:34 AM

      Yeah, I'd hate to see us all get caught up in the emails to the extent that we don't spotlight all the other ties to Putin. There's a lot there and it can't be dismissed.

    3. Anonymous12:25 PM

      Manafort has that same facial look - stare/glare - as does Putin. There is no doubt to me that they would - or could - kill another in a heart beat!

      Donald has surrounded himself with thugs - but, he is one too, so what should we expect?

      Can't help but wonder how many contracts have been put out on Trump in the past month? And, just how good are the Secret Service that surround the asshole? (Our tax dollars are going to protect this jerk? Unbelievable!)

  4. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Link for earlier comment about Assange

  5. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Comrade Trump.

    1. Anonymous10:08 AM

      The Russian money men own the Cheetos Jesus lock stock and two smoking barrels. Putin is an extremely wealthy man and has purchased Trump debt so he can yank that chain any time he wants something and trump will deliver. Manchurian candidate in deed.

    2. Anonymous12:50 PM

      Putin spends money that is not his...shrug

  6. eclecticsandra9:00 AM

    Any interest that Putin would have in a Trump presidency is not for ideological reasons but simply because the prestige and power of the US would crumple with Trump in charge. Also, a point I don't see made is that although the insiders may have considered Sanders' religion or lack of it a point to consider, they didn't act on it. It's one thing to consider something, and another to use it.

    1. Anonymous12:39 PM

      ... and then, there's Russerica: The biggest country in the world, along with the most powerful military ~ hands down...

  7. Anonymous9:02 AM

    All-Ailes included are Circle jerking white wankers with squinty eyes and my bet tiny dicks. They ALL RAPE what the sow and will reap it in the end:

    1. Anonymous12:51 PM

      well then by God hire a helicopter and drop them in a volcano! there! problem solved! lol

  8. Anonymous9:09 AM

    And we don't want to forget the loans that Russian "banks" have given to Trump. Since nothing in this world is free, there must be some quid pro quo going on between Putin and Trump. I would think that the GOP would be distraught about that given their history.

    1. Anonymous9:35 AM

      This is a critical piece of the damning evidence -- it needs to stay front and center.

    2. Anonymous11:04 AM

      I want the media to start to call out Trump on his bullSH*T nickname game. With Clinton and Kaine it's not only nasty and totally juvenile, it's also a textbook case of projection. "Crooked" and "corrupt" clear as day applies to one of the four people on the two tickets. Clinton, Pence, and Kaine might not be pure as the driven snow, but they are paragons of virtue compared to a man who lies, cheats, and bullies as casually as he breathes.

    3. Anonymous12:19 PM

      Democrats are too nice, but I think they should get nasty!

      How about we give each one of his kids (who is speaking publically) a cute little name? Or, how about doing it to those supposedly close to him in his endeavors to be POTUS?

      I recommend we play his nasty bullshit game right back at him. You can bet it will piss him off and he'll come out swinging!

      Please do it Democrats - do it on the national stage just as he does! Cream his fat ass!

    4. Anonymous2:03 PM

      The danger of getting down in the mud with the pig is the danger of being Rubioed. Elizabeth Warren seems uniquely able to throw Trump's BS back in his fat face. Clinton and Kaine need to stay above the fray.

  9. Anonymous9:11 AM

    O/T John Oliver and some of America’s favorite recording artists remind politicians not to use their songs without permission on the campaign trail.

  10. Anonymous9:15 AM

    No wonder Donnie Jr was acting like a rabid dog when asked about Trump/Russian ties.

    I think there is more to come out and it doesn't look good for little Donnie.

    1. Anonymous9:38 AM

      He's an idiot like he's father. Junior's on record as having said years ago that Russians are now the chief investors in Trump properties. This fucked-up family apparently believes there's no way of preserving their statements for later airing.

    2. Anonymous10:21 AM

      And here's a good link:

    3. Anonymous12:52 PM

      Yeah how's that Judge sister of his doing?

    4. Anonymous2:19 PM

      THIS is why Comrade Trump-ski-a-stan must NEVER be the President of the United States of America.

      His Russian connection MUST be thoroughly investigated. It smells BAD. Because it IS BAD.

      I am sick to my stomach over this dangerous and corrupt demagogue.

      Nixon was brought down for a lot less. The Watergate break in at the DNC is a Teddy Bear Picnic compared to this crap and its future implications.

      Back in the day, we asked: How high does it go? Now, with Trump, we must ask: How LOW does it go? And, of course: What did he know and when did he know it?

      We must insist on an investigation. We must insist on indictments.

  11. Anonymous9:18 AM

    If Trump wins, maybe we can at least have a Democratic majority in the House and Senate and Trump can be stymied ~ but then there's that dang Executive Order thingy...

    1. Anonymous9:59 AM

      Don't worry too much about that Executive Order thingy.

      If Trump becomes president we will have a dictatorship and there will be no Congress,Supreme Court or press.

    2. Anonymous12:36 PM

      I have a bad feeling that Trump will betray and impoverish us.

    3. Anonymous12:53 PM

      as some say 'rabid dogs' will eat Trump!

  12. Marthe9:19 AM

    I wish Anonymous would take a peek at the RNC, promiment Republicans, Paul Manager and Donald Trump and his family of mini-mes' emails. I bet the Trump campaign would not want us to see what really goes on behind the scene to make Trump so friendly (fearful?) with Putin. I wonder what Putin has on Trumpelthinskin.

    1. Marthe11:39 AM

      It's Paul Manafort, not Manager. It's the auto-correct. Sorry.

    2. Marthe11:55 AM

      It's Paul Manafort, not Manager. It's the auto-correct. Sorry.

  13. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Insurmountable?? or Indisputable

  14. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Trump said early on that he could not be bought because he was so wealthy, but we now are thinking that he is nowhere near as rich as he says he is, and we are hearing that he is heavily in debt to Russian lenders who are pals of Putin.

    Who would have guessed the the ones who could buy him are Russians?? Better Wall Street than Putin.

    1. Anonymous10:04 AM

      He has no Wall Street options. Every bank except Deutschebank has refused to lend to him since his bankruptcies. The Russians are the ones bankrolling him now.

    2. Anonymous10:19 AM

      He can't be bought because he already sold out to the Russians.

    3. Anonymous10:54 AM

      All Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party have to do is constantly talk about this Russian issue w/Trump. Putin has him exactly where he'd want him were he elected POTUS!

      Factual info has to be provided and I'll wager Hillary Clinton - when Secretary of State - was privy to it already as was/is President Obama and VP Biden! They knew Trump was scum, a liar and fraud!

      I'll bet President Obama could hardly contain himself when chiding Trump at those huge annual Correspondence Dinners that were televised nationally.

      We've got a slimy asshole with Trump - no doubt about it!

      I feel sorry for his kids - bet they had no clue their father was such a rat! A Russian one at that!

    4. Anonymous12:54 PM

      Gee Sarah why aren't you 'expalining' what all this about! I mean your in it knee deep!
      Why not tell the world about it! HUGE!

  15. Anonymous9:34 AM

    The media should remember that Trump said he admired how Putin deals with journalists.

    1. Anonymous10:45 AM

      Trump has already said that when he is elected POTUS that he will stifle our media/press. He only wants press that will speak well of him.

      Hope Americans are paying attention to his rhetoric. He would bring hate, racism, fear and a dictatorial way of governing to our country.

      The poor and middle class would be considered nothing more than peons to Trump as POTUS. His form of government would be fascist (dictatorship) like Mussolini during WWII!

  16. Anonymous9:37 AM

    The T-P logo works just as well in this case. A vote for Trump is a vote for Putin.
    (The ghosts of Nixon and Joe McCarthy are spinning in their graves....)

  17. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Bernie hasn't hurt Hillary against Trump. Hillary has hurt Hillary against Trump.
    What has Bernie said that would hurt Hillary?
    Schultz is out and rightfully so.
    You Clinton people have to cheat to win.
    Michael Moore, Bill Maher, and others are saying Trump will win.
    If he does we can blame people like you and your nasty, cheating ways. And Hillary will go down in history as the biggest political loser ever.

    1. Anonymous10:06 AM

      Girl, do you sit up night after night spitting tacks about Bernie losing? Wouldn't your time be better spent learning how the electoral map works? "Michael Moore says..." Listen to yo pathetic self.

    2. Anonymous10:17 AM

      Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah......

    3. Anonymous10:20 AM

      I will blame every traitor who votes for Trump. That is where the blame lies.

    4. Anonymous10:33 AM

      Aw, honey, don't make me so mad and I won't have to hit you.

      Take responsibility for your own vote. If you hate Clinton enough to vote against her, then you should be happy if she loses to Trump. You vote against you because you want her to lose.

    5. Anonymous10:35 AM

      I think Michael Moore and Bill Maher say that Trump will win to get the voters out in November to vote against Trump! It's a good ploy on their parts!

      I'm doing the same thing w/my friends and family members. Trump is un-American, he's tied in w/the Putin/Russia, he's racists and on and on...not hard to make each American that truly cares about our country to vote for Hillary Clinton!

      Can hardly wait to see her take the oath in January 2017 as our 'first woman' POTUS! She's more than ready to do the job and extremely capable!

    6. Anonymous10:49 AM

      Read Michael Moore. He believes Trump will win and he has 5 valid and thoughtful reasons to back it up.

    7. Anonymous11:15 AM

      Michael Moore is a Bernie Bro and said he would never vote for Hillary because of her Iraq vote. Then he turns around and says we better get use to it because Trump is going to win.

      Well we aren’t the problem, he and the bernie bros that refuse to vote for Hillary to spite their noses are the problem.

      By the way, you feed on Michael Moore’s opinions like he is some god, repeating on all the posts Moore said Trump is going to win so is must be true.

      Get some help. Your reading comprehension is lacking. Clinton did not cheat, she is not the DNC.

    8. Anonymous12:06 PM

      I did read Moore when the first piece came out. Four of his five "reasons" are based on completely erroneous assumptions. Happy to tell you why if you want details and have the attention span for it.

    9. Anonymous12:08 PM

      Anon. 10:33,
      Thanks for proving my point and threatening violence.

  18. Anonymous9:44 AM

    " It is not at all surprising that they were becoming impatient with the fact that Bernie refused to read the writing on the wall."

    This is specious. The DNC charter requires the DNC to remain neutral in the primary. The primaries weren't over in May. Being neutral means the DNC doesn't get impatient with candidates let alone have any views one way or another about the "writing on the wall."

    These contortions to defend DNC execs with big fat salaries are silly. They fucked up. They violated their charter and they were dumb enough to put the proof of it in writing. They tarnished the DNC's reputation. Fuck 'em.

    1. Anonymous10:54 AM

      They weren't neutral and impartial from the start. Witness the majority of the Superdelegates lined up for Hillary before the first vote was cast.

      They left a firewall down, then accused Bernie's people of hacking.

      They just got impatient and careless in May and left a digital trail.

      I'll bet there's more and earlier stuff. They're probably scrubbing it right now.

    2. Anonymous11:25 AM

      There were lots of superdelegates lined up for Hillary in the 2008 primary, too. They switched to B.O.. If Bernie was a better candidate, they would have switched to him.

      It's hardly a surprise that the DNC was in favor of the candidate who has been a Democrat for decades and has given consistent support to other dem candidates. Sanders was an independent who became a Democrat just so he could use them to run for president.

      Still, they would have switched to him in droves if he'd shown he could get the majority of primary votes.

  19. Anonymous9:44 AM

    "The FBI is investigating a cyber intrusion involving the DNC and are working to determine the nature and scope of the matter," the agency said in a statement. "A compromise of this nature is something we take very seriously, and the FBI will continue to investigate and hold accountable those who pose a threat in cyberspace."

    The whole narrative has changed from Sanders getting his feelings hurt to Trump being in cahoots with the Russians to destroy America.

    1. Anonymous10:21 AM

      As it should. What Trump is attempting to do is turn over the US to a foreign dictator like a pimp turns a prostitute over to a john. Trump is a traitor to the United States of America.

    2. Anonymous10:56 AM

      Feelings hurt?

      Is that how you dismiss corruption of our basic Constitutional rights?

    3. Anonymous11:27 AM

      Where was the corruption of our basic constitutional rights? How does a couple DNC employees stupidly brainstorming about how to defeat Sanders (with no such action actually taken) threaten your constitutional rights?

  20. Anonymous9:47 AM

    The DNC siding with Hillary is now exaggerated? Splodey heads gonna splode.

  21. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Bernie being an atheist makes me like him better. I'm with Hillary, but I like Bernie. He has some good ideas.

    1. Anonymous10:29 AM

      The Christian rate is dropping in the USA and there are many more atheists out there than you know! They just don't publically flaunt it!

    2. Anonymous11:27 AM

      He says he isn't an Atheist.

  22. Anonymous9:49 AM

    "in a political battlefield where you are worried that a primary challenger might hurt your party's eventual candidate"

    Statements like these make it worse for the DNC and Clinton. The DNC is not supposed to decide who is the "eventual candidate." You're shooting your candidate in the foot. Expressing dismay and applauding the ouster of DWS and the other fools who exposed what the DNC was doing is the appropriate response even though you don't really have any regrets about it. Like Clinton, Obama et al are doing.

    1. Anonymous10:21 AM

      DWC, not gone, not forgotten, just gave a very poorly received speech. Now given job as HRC campaign co-chair. They needed to lock her in a closet, not court her!

    2. Anonymous10:31 AM

      She's an HONORARY co-chair. Don't make it sound like more than it is.

    3. Anonymous10:58 AM

      But they do and they did.

      And everyone is having a fit over the messenger.

    4. Anonymous12:07 PM

      She's not the campaign cochair. I literally cannot believe how uneducated you guys are.

    5. Anonymous12:09 PM

      No, she's not an honorary campaign co-chair either. Learn what the 50-state strategy is! Anyone who's been a Democrat for more than five minutes should know this.

  23. Anonymous9:53 AM

    The DNC didn't use the fact that Sanders might be an atheist, Gryph. The HuffPo article you link to shown nothing of the sort.

    1. Anonymous10:12 AM

      Because it's OK if you just talked about undermining a candidate in hopes of getting a "couple points" from your "peeps"? Nevermind your job is to remain neutral? If I was a big Clinton supporter I'd be hoping the next batch of emails doesn't contain the ones between DNCers and Clinton campaign staff that were surely in the DNC inboxes between Jan 2015 and May 2016 if DNCers were talking amongst themselves about how to hurt Sanders.

    2. Anonymous10:30 AM

      Talking about it (which is very bad) is different from actually do anything about it, which was what Gryphen wrote.

      If those other e-mails are there, we can discuss them when they are exposed. Until then, it's all speculation.

    3. Anonymous11:03 AM

      And if I solicit and hire a hitman, I'm OK as long as no one actually dies?

      BTW, we don't have any e-mails prior to May so we don't know what they in fact DID do to undermine Sanders.

      Sorry, but Hillary is even more tainted now and its not going away. Don't blame the Russians or Wikileaks. The blame lies with DWS and the Democratic Party Leadership that conspired in the first place.

    4. Anonymous11:32 AM

      Don't be ridiculous. They didn't do anything close to soliciting and hiring a hitman. Those things are against the law. Saying stupid things in e-mails may be unethical and distasteful and offensive, but it's not illegal.

    5. Anonymous11:54 AM

      "Saying stupid things in e-mails may be unethical and distasteful and offensive, but it's not illegal. "

      Right because doing unethical, distasteful and offensive things is A-OK if it doesn't break any laws. It DID violate the DNC's law: Its charter: "We are neutral."

    6. Anonymous12:10 PM

      Hillary Clinton didn't have a thing to do with it! Get real!

      She has it all over Trump for the position of POTUS! This 'hate Hillary' bullshit has been done by Republicans (for years) as well as the current press and media, day in and day out, for months.

      Fuck them and stop watching their rhetoric on CNN and MSNBC. Pure bullshit!

      Vote Hillary Clinton and keep our country on the right path. Don't vote for Trump and put in the second Hitler under his dictatorship of our government!

    7. Anonymous5:45 PM

      How do we know Hillary didn't have anything to do with it? Just because there were no e-mails between her and her BFF DWS? More like Hillary got smart and made sure there was no paper or digital trail leading back to her.

      All of you Hillary panty sniffers who are just dismissing this are as bad as the knuckle draggers blindly following Drumpf. Two sides of the same coin. No difference between the two except in the eyes of their blind and rabid supporters.

  24. Anonymous9:54 AM

    I just do not get how citizens who "love their country'" can be behind tRump. Take off the blinders, people!

  25. Anonymous10:13 AM

    MSNBC reported just now that Jane Sanders told Bernie on an open mike after his me me me revolution speech that the crowd doesn't know that his name will be put in nomination.

    Sneaky sons of bitches.

  26. Anonymous10:15 AM

    By the way, RNCers from the platform committee say TPM's Trump-Putin smoking gun - that Trump and his campaign only expressed influence on one platform issue, Russia - is untrue.

  27. Anonymous10:16 AM

    There's a definite desire in Putin to aid Trump, but the Dems need to be careful so that Trump's people can't make them look like a paranoid joke with accusations that involve the Trump campaign.

    My main concern right this moment is Debbie Wasserman Schultz gaveling in the convention. I have long been a fan and appreciate all she's done over the years, but I just cannot believe what is going on today after the decisions that were made yesterday and after that Florida breakfast. As much as I like her, the only way I can really live with DWS up there is if she gets the crowd to be quiet and says something in acknowledgment and unifying before she uses that gavel or even hands it to someone else who's standing next to her. Of course, the Dem lineup is insanely great and tonight will be exciting and make the gavel moment so much smaller, and maybe some in the DNC feel DWS deserves to not be completely humiliated, but I wish she'd step up by stepping back.

    That said, it's still morning here in San Francisco and I've already been sickened a few times by some of the Bernie people there. (There's this one big-mouth young woman with long dark hair with nerdy bangs and big nerdy glasses who is constantly exuding this I'll-kick-your-ass attitude that is under no circumstances attractive and she insisted today that the only acceptable thing to her will be--as if it would ever happen--Tim Kaine were removed as the veep candidate and Bernie were made veep.) I've long been liberal and have lived in such places as Eugene, Oregon, and here in SF. My own more vocal rebel and hipster days are over and I contribute more quietly now and I remain very liberal. I get that young people finding their voices get loud and part of the plan is to disrupt. But there's a certain degree of protestation that gets hard to stomach. What I can't bear seeing is a certain kind of look-at-me-listen-to-me arrogance. Watching some of the Bernie people at the mic reminds me so much of suffering through egotistical open mic poetry nights where everyone thinks they have so much to say and they are such amazing poets and they go on and on and on talking at listeners and there is barely anything of actual poetry there. But they know it all and they think the world needs to hear them. Years later, those who have stayed serious about writing will look back and shake their heads and say who the hell did I think I was. They'll give themselves credit for showing some amount of courage but their former arrogance, and crappy so-called poetry, will embarrass them.

    1. Anonymous10:59 AM

      Debbie will not be gaveling the convention.

    2. Anonymous11:30 AM

      10:16, so you lowered your voice, but you still just wrote long, rambling, listen-to-me" arrogant paragraphs. Perhaps you aren't so different from the young lady you described.

    3. Anonymous12:05 PM

      Proof, 10:59 AM?

    4. Anonymous12:57 PM

      They just announced it on CNN 1205

  28. Anonymous10:23 AM

    There's a lot of pretzel-twisting going on trying to make a case that the manner in which the wrongdoing was exposed somehow diminishes the wrongdoing. It's silliness. The DNCers did wrong. DWS did wrong. How their misdeeds were exposed doesn't excuse the wrongness of their wrongdoing. If you learned the DNC had put their thumb on the scale in this same way, you Clintonites would be howling like howler monkeys.

    1. Anonymous10:28 AM

      How did they put their thumb on the scale? Can you show me any e-mail that showed they actually did?

    2. Anonymous11:30 AM


      Not yet.

      What excuses are you going to use when we do?

    3. Anonymous12:03 PM

      10:28, The emails prove the bias of senior DNC execs against Sanders. Simply expressing their bias to each other and their underlings was putting a thumb on the scale.

    4. Anonymous12:58 PM

      Folks while I love Bernie - he is a grumpy old man and while that was entertaining - we need Hillary running the country not him!
      He can be as grumpy as he wants afterwards!

  29. Anonymous10:27 AM

    I sincerely hope Donald Trump has a major heart attack and dies!

    He is pure evil upon our country and uAmerican! It's even more frightening that some Americans don't see it.

    I seriously doubt he will be elected. The media/press has promoted Trump day in and day out for months. Now, it's time they do their job and 'unmake' him!

    Help get out the voters folks - promote Hillary Clinton. She knows exactly what is, and has been going on, and IS the ONE we need to follow President Obama as POTUS. She has the experience and can step into the job the day she wins the election.

    Hillary Clinton has my vote!

  30. Anonymous10:32 AM

    This is soooo depressing… Where is the press? What are they doing all day?

  31. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Good to hear just now that DWS won't be up there with the gavel. That task should've been given to Marcia Fudge yesterday when she was given the convention job.

  32. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Hey, Gryph! Have you seen Creepy Chuck Jr.'s Facebook post? Eight years later, they're still whining!

    1. Anonymous11:12 AM

      What's the flippin link?

      Some of us don't have all the wasillabillies social media bookmarked.

    2. Anonymous12:02 PM

      Why even look at his crap? He's already proven that he is exactly like his sister! They truly are white trash.

      I remain amazed that people are even interested in them! Don't waste your time - they ain't worth it!

  33. Anonymous10:34 AM


    Sarah Palin Is Very Angry at Conservatives Who Betrayed Trump (and Her)
    by Sam Reisman | 12:30 pm, July 25th, 2016

    Sarah Palin Is Very Angry at Conservatives Who Betrayed Trump (and Her)
    by Sam Reisman | 12:30 pm, July 25th, 2016 69

    Former Republican Veep candidate Sarah Palin penned a blistering op-ed Monday morning, assailing Republicans who had been disloyal to Donald Trump and the “nationalist revolution” that he represents — and also disloyal to her...

    1. Anonymous11:02 AM

      Meow, pussy!

    2. Anonymous11:07 AM

      Ah, the one-two punch today from Miss Priss and her alduterer brother. Alrighty then.

    3. Anonymous11:13 AM

      God and family, eh $arah? Yeah, because you've done such a bang up job yourself; a role model to all. Pffft!

      People turned on you for a darned good reason, and you know why.

    4. Anonymous11:24 AM

      Call the Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahmbulance!

    5. Anonymous11:26 AM

      such a bang up job

      Isn't that what Skidmark Trackmark Palomino 8 Track did on his fiancee baby mama?

      Or what someone has done to Barstool several times at least?

    6. Anonymous1:02 PM

      Sarah - that HUGE secret you hold hostage in Alaska will be revealed! Then you and Trump and Company will be charged with Treason! Ask the Centurion how he feels about that! After your lap dance of course!

  34. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Anyone else concerned that Trump and Manafort will recieve US top secret security briefings?

    1. Anonymous11:16 AM

      Yes, who knows what they will sell to the Russians.

    2. Anonymous11:28 AM


    3. Anonymous11:49 AM

      Meanwhile the bernie bros are more concerned about making up conspiracy theories that the DNC managed to take over the ballot "boxes" and rig the election for Hillary.

      The fact that they would rather have Trump win and could careless about his ties to Putin is mind boggling.

    4. Anonymous11:58 AM

      Doesn't President Obama have control of that information being given to Donald Trump? I'll wager under the current circumstances (with Trump's Russian connections that I'm sure Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was aware when she served in that role) as well as President Obama and VP Biden!) no information will be supplied to Trump. He has too many 'bad' connections he could funnel it to - to the detriment of our country!

      I'll bet Secretary of State Kerry does NOT want to provide ANY information he has to Trump, et al!

      How can we find out about this? Verification one way or the other?

    5. Anonymous12:11 PM

      Meh, the briefers get to decide what info to share. They aren't going to give Trump anything he can use.

    6. Anonymous1:03 PM

      1211 oh they are going to have FUN with it!

  35. Anonymous10:44 AM

    I don't give a shit who hacked the DNC or who released them.

    You are all playing into their hands and missing the point.

    That these e-mails exist in the first place. That DWS and the Democratic leadership were NOT impartial and in fact did RIG THE PRIMARY in Hillary's favor.

    You don't see the corruption? Just because you like Hillary you have no problem that it is the Democratic Party that rigged the Democratic primary.

    The Russians didn't do it. They just stole the PROOF.

    Wikileaks didn't do it. They just EXPOSED it.

    People better get their shit together and identify the primary problem here.

    Cyber security and whistleblowers are the SECONDARY problem.

    The primary problem is the Democratic Leadership rigging a primary. If you are going to accept that, than why bother to vote at all? Your votes don't count for anything. And it won't matter who is elected president. They're both essentially the same.

    1. Anonymous10:55 AM

      The DNC did not rig the primaries, that is your wishful thinking.

      BERNIE lost get over it.

    2. Anonymous11:31 AM

      Thank you, 10:44.

    3. Anonymous11:34 AM

      Congratulations. You are a Trump puppet.

    4. Anonymous11:50 AM

      You are whacked off 10:44 AM and you're allowing your trumped up hate of Hillary Clinton to show!

      No one in the DNC rigged the primary. Hillary won by a landslide and Bernie's folks just couldn't handle the loss.

      Plus, Bernie joined the Democratic party with zero invitation - he put himself there and has done nothing but cause trouble and divide. And, now he 'followers' are acting like idiots!

      Hillary Clinton will be POTUS and will be a good one to follow in the footsteps of President Obama! She's experienced, knowledgeable, calm, decisive and knows foreign affairs AND she is NOT a racist!

      Trump has none of those qualities and would be a disaster for our country if by any chance he became POTUS.

      He's declared himself to be a racist, would use nuclear warfare, is a proponent of war and wants more war, would increase taxes on the poor and middle class, decrease taxation on the wealthy, etc.

      Plus he'd rule as a dictator and quiet the press/media that dare say anything negative about him!

      He, Donald Trump, is Satan himself - who resides in every pore and inch of his obese face and body as well as his black soul! May he rot in Hell soon!

    5. Anonymous11:56 AM

      You have it exactly right 10:44. They don't care what it takes to get their candidate elected. If I learned that in 2012 the DNC discussed trying to do something with Romney's Mormon-ness, I'd be as disgusted as I am today. We are better than this.

    6. Anonymous12:05 PM

      Being disgusted about a couple employees talking about something is one thing. Claiming that this disgusting conversation led to anything is another.

    7. Anonymous12:15 PM

      Here's the flip side of that: I want us to stop focusing on Russians hacking the DNC servers because it takes away from the REAL issue: all the other, more dangerous ties between Putin and Trump. You guys freak out about the emails while the grownups worry about a strong-arm, murderous dictator working with a major-party candidate to sway the US election.

    8. Anonymous1:04 PM

      Actually - this is already done! Hillary will win and Putin will be punted down the road and someone else will step in Russia!
      THAT is what is making Sarah cray cray! lol

  36. Anonymous10:54 AM

    I finally understand why Dictator Donnie is always saying Wall Street owns Crooked Hillary and Kaine is owned by the banks. Duh !! The banks hurt his little feelings.

    Wall Street refuses to lend him money !!! Not only because he goes bankruptcy and they lose out, but also he also sues the banks that lend him money.

    More on his campaign manager, what a gem:

    On Paul Manafort's work in Ukraine ... "Paul Manafort‘s DC lobbying firm has taken so much money from so many despots, dictators, and human rights abusers ($900,000/yr from Ferdinand Marcos alone) that it’s been named as a top five firm in The Torturer’s Lobby(.pdf). He was paid $700,000 in an ISI operation (Pakistan’s Intelligence service) during the 90’s. And yes, Manafort was one of many political campaign advisors to deposed Ukrainian Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych from 2004–2010, and made at least $63,750 during a six-month period."

    1. Anonymous11:39 AM

      Talk about Trump being as corrupt as they come! Plus, I deem him to be un-American and a traitor!

      How in the Hell is the Republican party letting him stand as their candidate? Fucking bullshit. Ryan (U.S.Congress) - you are going to go down with him too when you next come up for reelection!
      Especially when supporting Trump's racist commentary!

      We need to rid ourselves of Republicans holding current offices when and if they run for reelection! (If you notice, many of them are dropping like barflies in the Alaska Legislature because they know they are in trouble - after having run our state into massive debt!)

      I plan to name the ones in the Alaska Legislature that need to lose their seats due to their shoddy ways and spending our money into oblivion!

  37. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Did these same hackers hack Serror's medical records and leak them??

    This seems suspicious! Why would she post this xray online?

    1. Anonymous1:05 PM

      too bad they can't get Sarah's medical records

  38. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Is RNC Chief Privy To Hacked DNC Emails?

    The head of the RNC, Reince Priebus was discussing the hacked DNC emails that have had a big impact on the beginning of the Democratic Convention in Philly today and was ask by MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell if he was worried that the Russians might very well have been the hackers and are trying to influence the election?

    He boasted that if the RNC was hacked, there wouldn't be anything there that would cause them any harm. OK, Reince. Release all of your emails and let's see.
    Sure, that will happen about as fast as Donald Trump releases his tax returns.
    And Priebus downplayed the whole Russia connection to the hacks of the DNC said that it wasn't the Russians who wrote the emails so- no harm no foul.

    He then followed up with a very curious prediction.

    Reince said, "I believe that here are more emails coming. I think this is just the beginning. I don't believe Wikileaks or these folks, whoever they are, simply released the emails all at once without more to come. I think there's more to come and I think they should be prepared for more excitement in the email world this week."

    Mitchell followed up,"Do you know something about it?"

    Priebus denied knowing anything, but speculated on the motives of people that "like to play games" and said usually more do follow.

    But not always, Reince. Not always.

    This is very odd to me. Republicans and the media are getting miles and miles of traction out of this story after the horrific sh*t show the RNC put on last week so why make this pronouncement at all unless you have an idea of what's to come?

    Don't you wonder if mother Russia is tipping off their boy, Comrade Trump?

    I know I'm having a little fun with this, but it still was an odd statement to make by the RNC chief.

  39. Anonymous11:47 AM


    Go fuck yourself Jane and Bernie.
    Haven't you heard you lost? Tell your supporters it is done and over with.

    1. Anonymous12:03 PM

      They speak for "the people," whoever that is.

  40. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Here's some frightening reality about Trump & Putin:

  41. Anonymous11:58 AM

    I told you these people are sneaky bastards.

    "The volunteers said they were asked by the Sanders campaign to collect signatures; whether there will be a roll-call vote has also been the subject of negotiations between Clinton and Sanders representatives."

    Bernie Sanders supporters push to make sure he gets a roll-call vote

    Bernie Sanders volunteers fanned out across Philadelphia on Monday morning, collecting signatures to ensure the Vermont senator gets a roll call vote on the convention floor.

    They staked out hotel breakfasts, waiting to catch delegates as they finished their eggs or grabbed coffee. Some of the volunteers hope Sanders will find a way to bypass Hillary Clinton and become the Democratic nominee; others just want to ensure Sanders gets a prominent show of support.

    "I think this will help further the things that he's fighting for," said Frank Burns, 58, who lives nearby in Pennsylvania.

    He was making the rounds at a hotel near the airport where state delegations from New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont and Maine, all strongholds of Sanders support, were staying. The volunteers said they were asked by the Sanders campaign to collect signatures; whether there will be a roll-call vote has also been the subject of negotiations between Clinton and Sanders representatives.

  42. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Trump Tweet"
    Donald J. Trump –
    Verified account

    An analysis showed that Bernie Sanders would have won the Democratic nomination if it were not for the Super Delegates.
    5:30 AM - 24 Jul 2016

  43. Anonymous12:01 PM

    It ain't over until Jane Sanders says it is over.

    1. Anonymous1:23 PM

      If that ain't the truth! As long as he pocketed the $10M, right? "Jane, his wife." Hands her a bill, she takes his wallet.

  44. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Bernie Sanders' followers are upset Hillary didn't pick Bernie as her VP.

    1. Hillary needs a VP she can trust.

    2. Hillary doesn't want to hire a 24/7 food tester.

    3. Hillary doesn't want a backstabber as her vp.

    Hillary doesn't want Sanders.
    Is it clear to everybody?

  45. Anonymous12:45 PM

    The Russian mafia's presence in Alaaaasssska is huuge. Wonder how bad it is in other states. Ole Cranky Crone better watch her step.

  46. Anonymous12:57 PM

    It would be interesting if we could get truths here. Who is really behind the protestors? Donald? Real, for reals Bernie people, Putin? I wonder what's the payment to be a disrupter at this convention. Donald doesn't really have money so Putin must be paying. Putin believes that America has gotten to where it is now up for sale. With Donald, that might be true.

  47. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Russian Connections in 2014 Article

    Snowden, Greenwald, and Assange

  48. Anonymous1:22 PM

    This is coming thanks to the Donald.

    Senate Hopeful David Duke: 'Freedom Of Speech Is A White Thing'

  49. Anonymous2:05 PM

    "... at the end of a losing campaign, you line up behind the person who won. That's just how things work."



    Washington Post:
    Bernie Sanders started a political revolution. Now he can’t stop it.

    Bernie Sanders spoke to a large group of his supporters on Monday in Philadelphia. The crowd cheered as Sanders ran through all of the successes he and his self-professed "political revolution" had run up this year: the millions of votes he won, the reduction in superdelegates, the takeover of state parties by Sanders supporters.

    Then came time for the pivot. Sanders tried to tell the crowd that now was the time to line up behind Hillary Clinton and her running mate, Timothy M. Kaine. Boos cascaded down. Shouts of "no!" And then a Sanders chant started up.

    Sanders was at a loss. Here he was telling his most loyal supporters what needed to happen next in order to unify the party and beat Donald Trump. And they weren't listening. They wanted revolution. Now, not later.

    What was clear for anyone watching Sanders's unsuccessful attempts to calm the churning among his supporters is that the revolution he started is no longer one he can totally control. Or maybe even control at all.

    This is the nature of centering a presidential campaign — or any campaign, really — on the absolute necessity of radical political change. Sanders, who has been working within the political system — albeit it on the outskirts — for decades, gets that at the end of a losing campaign, you line up behind the person who won. That's just how things work.

    But for many of his supporters who took the time to attend the Democratic convention in Philadelphia, that's not enough. They campaigned for him, voted for him, gave money to him and now have come to Philadelphia for him. They aren't ready to give up — and don't think they have to. "Bernie or Bust" T-shirts are everywhere. One woman interviewed by MSNBC insisted that the only way the problems surrounding the Democratic National Committee's email leak scandal could be solved is if Kaine was removed as VP and Sanders was installed. (Breaking news: That isn't going to happen!)...

  50. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Zeke Miller Tweet

    Zeke Miller –
    Verified account ‏

    Sounded like Jane Sanders got caught on hot mic to Bernie: "They don’t know your name is being put in nomination"
    10:34 AM - 25 Jul 2016

    Who is Zeke J. Miller?

    Zeke J Miller | TIME
    Time Magazine › author › zeke-j-miller
    Read the latest stories written by Zeke J Miller on TIME.

  51. Anonymous3:27 PM

    There is a God. It is raining in Philadelphia and Sanders' protesters are not in the streets from what I can see.

  52. Anonymous3:34 PM

    MSNBC: Bernie Sanders' voters are hurt.

    Don't worry they will get over it.

  53. Anonymous3:55 PM

    I noticed after Sanders gave his speech to his delegates and followers today in Philadelphia, he had what appears to Secret Service following and protecting him. Sanders is not a presidential candidate, how come he has Secret Service protection which we are paying $38,000 a day?

  54. Anonymous7:55 PM

    And now, the real answer before his treason trisl tomorrow.


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