Thursday, August 25, 2016

Donald Trump claims that top Chicago cops told him that they could put an end to the violence in one week. Chicago police spokesman responds with "WTF?"

Courtesy of the Chicago Tribune:

In an interview Monday night on the Fox News show "The O'Reilly Factor," Trump reiterated his past comments about Chicago violence being "out of control" and added that the Chicago police force does not have "the right people in charge." 

Fox host Bill O'Reilly asked Trump how to solve the city's crime problem, with homicides up nearly 50 percent. 

"How? By being very much tougher than they are right now. They're right now not tough. I could tell you this very long and quite boring story. But when I was in Chicago, I got to meet a couple of very top police. I said, 'How do you stop this? How do you stop this? If you were put in charge — to a specific person — do you think you could stop it?' He said, 'Mr. Trump, I'd be able to stop it in one week.' And I believed him 100 percent," Trump said. 

When O'Reilly asked whether the unnamed officer told him how, Trump said: "No, he wants to use tough police tactics, which is OK when you have people being killed." 

But Chicago police said Tuesday that Trump has not met with top brass. 

"No one in the senior command at CPD has ever met with Donald Trump or a member of his campaign," Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said. 

Guglielmi clarified later that since at least March, when a Trump rally at the University of Illinois at Chicago was planned and ultimately canceled, none of the department's deputy superintendents, commanders of the city's 22 districts, chiefs of patrol or chiefs of detectives has met with Trump.

I imagine that after reading that a number of you thought, 'Big deal Donald Trump lies all of the time. We have come to expect it."

But that's the thing.

He DOES lie all of the time, and we HAVE come to expect it.

People are literally chalking it off to Donald being Donald.

And that is bullshit!

This man just lied about having a conversation with a top police official, that he did not have, in order to push his claim that the cops will magically be more effective once he is elected. And that as a result crime will go down.

And in response this news received very little media coverage, because, you know, it happens all of the time.

By contrast if Hillary had said this it would be on the front page of every major paper in the country and cable news would be covering it 24/7.

You know that's true.

Currently Trump and the conservative media are pushing the narrative that Hillary Clinton lies and that she cannot be trusted.

That is not a campaign strategy, that is projection. And EVERYBODY, and I mean EVERYBODY, needs to be calling them out over it.


  1. Anonymous2:22 PM

    The closed, un-educated ignorance of the Trump followers is beyond comprehension. Some of the responses I get when mentioning anything about Trump to people who should know better is mind-boggling.

    One Mexican, citizen here for over 50 years, listens only to Faux News. "Mrs. Trump could not pose for naked pictures because she has a son."

    Long time Jewish friend saved from the Holocaust, " I never knew Trump said that or that he owed Deutsche Bank millions. Where did you see that?"

    Good Catholic lady friend, retired, "A rape case coming to court accusing Trump, really?"

    Too many people only watch Faux News, never read the newspaper, nor listen to the radio, and refuse to discuss anything about the campaigns, except how they hate Hillary. That includes the person I live with and his grifting kids who will all vote for Drumpf, BUT are unemployed and use the food bank, county medical services, and their dad provides their housing. Go figure. Stupid without goals.

    1. Anonymous2:42 PM

      America is full up of morons, sure, some are catholic, some are jews some are christian, some a black, some are white some are asian and everything in between....need we go on?

      They are from all walks of life and the rest of us must walk amongst them but for fuck's sake, why talk to them?

    2. Anonymous2:47 PM

      They also hear what they want to hear, and twist themselves into knots justifying what he says when it is a bit controversial. Check the idiots at the pond. They frantically rush to post something he said, then they discuss it until they have it figured out that he "meant" something else, or if all else fails the "lame stream" media made it up.

    3. In our post-literate world, it's feelings not words that count. Trump & Faux Nws are playing these low-education people like a violin.

      Are there enough of them to vote in Trump. Hope not. But how many have guns to "do something about the illegal guvment" when Trump loses?

      Hang on, America, it's gonna be a bumpy ride.

  2. Anonymous2:25 PM

    "Liar Hillary"? So says the world class liar.
    Trump projects more than anyone I know.

    1. I read he is such a textbook case of narcasistic sociopathology, he is being studied in a university course.

      75 days and counting... A very long time in politics.

  3. Anonymous2:40 PM

    I think many us hit max saturation on political news eons ago and there is no need to follow any of it any longer.

    Those who will vote for one of the POTUS candidates already have their minds made up, but the circus itself became extremely tedious back in the early part of 2016.

    1. Anonymous4:12 PM

      I don't understand the mentality of people who believe that news they don't want to read should not be reported. Can't you just not read it?

  4. Anonymous2:44 PM

    The problem isn't Drumpf. The problem is people like YOU, Gryphen, who still foolishly believe a bullshit artist like Drumpf should stop slinging his patented trademark brand of bullshit(TM). Lying isn't just a thing he does, it's who he is. It's a lifestyle. Let Drumpf be Drumpf!!!

    And stop reporting his loopy bullshit as news! JUST STOP IT!!

    1. Anonymous4:13 PM

      Just stop reading! JUST STOP IT!!!

    2. Anonymous5:19 PM

      Blogs aren't necessarily news reports. You are free to your interpretations, right or wrong.

  5. Anonymous2:48 PM

    There's not even a word to describe what Trump is full of. It's not just shit or bullshit, it's something worse.

    1. Anonymous9:24 PM

      @2:48 pm
      Evil shit?


  6. Anonymous2:53 PM

    They say "it can't happen here."
    Nope, fascism can't happen in America.
    Now, imagine that story with nuclear weapons.

    1. Anonymous3:38 PM

      "The alt right regard mainstream conservatives as impotent, even corrupt, “cuckservatives,” whose stances for compromise and lack of firm opposition to multiculturalism as traitorous. The term alt right is often credited to an ardent Trump supporter, Richard Spencer, a white nationalist, who runs the D.C. based National Policy Institute."

    2. Anonymous3:52 PM

  7. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Today>"Trump’s address was a preemptive effort to turn the tables on Clinton""Trump called Clinton’s speech “one of the most brazen attempts at distraction in the history of politics.”" “pushing her to spread her smears and her lies about decent people, I have three words: Shame On You.”
    SHAME on ALL of US that this is acceptable talk.

  8. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Kelly is the most prized anchor in cable news at the moment., in other words "She is HOT"
    Vanity fair tells it>

  9. Anonymous4:06 PM

    Why does Trump always get a pass? Why is it that Republicans are always held to a different standard? They are loudmouthed criminals half the time and they get away with murder.

  10. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Is it true that Sarah Palin is going to be Bill O'Really's guest? Tonight? I might watch that if I had a TV. I have to go to see at relative I rather not see.

    1. Anonymous5:51 PM

      Very short, over the phone, and she rambled and stumbled so badly Bolling kept interrupting and moving on to the next question. She had no idea what she was saying, trying so hard not to dis trump!

    2. Anonymous7:18 PM

      Over the phone, $arah? Now THERE'S a laugh! What happened your studio? It's not like you're "that far away," amirite? Too busy with your family is an excuse; hmmmm....never thought twice to leave them before.

      I still see no one has actual jobs, but foisting products over the interwebs. Go with it; the jobs of no education.

      Could it be that you're just too stupid, as we all knew you were in 2008, to still shake your tassels and everyone is done with you?

      I saw it in Iowa with your yuuuuuge endorsement speech, you know, the one where The Donald stood beside you onstage and made the craziest faces at everything you said? Two guards at the airport getting no attention, so you confronted a high school club on their way to where you weren't to remain "relevant." Oh, look, it's $arah Palin! hahaha

      Once in Oklahoma, Trump stood offstage from your diatribe, and he has never asked you to go on the road for him again. WHY do you think that is, and you're reduced to a phone in?

      Another question for you, $arah dear, are you going to root for Ryan Lochte on DWTS, for as much as you could not get enough of the Olympics, because he lied and made an @ss out of true Olympians in this country in sportsmanship?

      Isn't that speshul? Like Mark Ballas had to haul Bristol's pregnant body around, so is a female professional now trying to change the reputation of an asshole.

  11. Anonymous5:02 AM

    Trump organization has not spent money on tv ads. He spent millions hiring criminals to attack innocent people that do not accept his criminal behavior. He hired snowdin, assauage, mafia, undys, pootin, doke, coke,rooty, hooty, Melissa, hoes, angs, thangs, ink, stank, ugly, its, and "fox nation". This stupid man and his organization is the ultimate pathetic septic system.

  12. Anonymous5:05 AM

    Trump has a very small closet of dummies reading "this site" to advise him what to say. His cheap, lusty, lousy, group of losers have no brains. What a disgraceful circus.

  13. Anonymous5:11 AM

    So. This was an organized effort by BAGS of criminals to advance their crimes and it has failed. Bad actors perhaps but regardless are accountable and liable for their actions.

  14. Anonymous5:50 AM

    Unsecured America was hacked. How? lack of infrastructure funding? Why? Republican T bags. So. beginning with internet routers such as Cisco sold at Walmart, officemax. Then, communication, our beloved Apple. Count in angry ceo's, insurance corporations and the flood of new apps, many gamey apps, 23 and me DNA geneology, gps tracking, security programs such as pc matic, Norton. Add in hackers snowdy and a sauage. Then Bribe, extort, steal, ruin, and set up anyone and everyone that are not inline with this crime. An organized effort by corrupt politicians, fueled by nra, a few law enforcement and public service employees, smalltime media internet owners, failed business owners, failed robo broker realtors, corrupt lawyers,judges, angry doctors, healthcare workers, elected city, county, state, federal workers and just plain bad humans. The signature on this outrageous international crime is clear. And America and the world is watching each of them everyday and hour. Trojan rump turds galore exposed.

  15. "My first lie is I will never lie to you."


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